Inwards Correspondence: Correspondence found in Minute Books and Rates Books

PNCC 1/5/21
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Miscellaneous items of inwards and outwards correspondence found between the pages of minute books (series 1/1) and rate books (series 2/23) since 1980. These items may have been used as page markers at the time they were placed in the books.

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Ian Matheson City Archives
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Records in Inwards Correspondence: Correspondence found in Minute Books and Rates Books

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'Final Notice', for payment of rates. A printed form containing name of R N Keeling, Town Clerk, collector.
PNCC 1/5/21:0:7-2
Declaration by Henry Alexander W McKenzie, agreeing to perform duties of Deputy Returning Officer for No. 3 Ward.
PNCC 1/5/21:0:9 1893
Letter from C Hill (Foreman to the Borough Council) listing roadmen's wages. Contains names and rates of pay PNCC 1/5/21:0:1-2 1885
Letter from E. Grant Sim (Clerk of Palmerston North – Kairanga River Board) to Town Clerk, stating that board will refer certain matters to the Supreme Court for a declaratory judgement, 11th October 1913
PNCC 1/5/21:0:3 1913
Letter from Eliot Warburton, Palmerston North, to Mayor and Councillors, regarding leases of park reserves and monies owed by Snelson. PNCC 1/5/21:0:6 1887
Letter from F Loudon, Foxton, to R N Keeling, objecting to valuation notice and stating that he has sold five sections
PNCC 1/5/21:0:5 1880
Letter from George Wheeler, Chairman of Oroua County Council, to Mayor regarding raising of loans for reinstatement of the Manawatu Gorge bridge
PNCC 1/5/21:0:7-1 1904
Letter from James McMillan, Palmerston North, to Borough Council, enclosing tender, and asking for deposit to be deducted from contract monies if tender is accepted.
PNCC 1/5/21:0:4 1889
Letter from P.L Sim (on letterhead of Manawatu Club, Palmerston North), to Mayor, complaining about conduct of driver of Hackney No 35 PNCC 1/5/21:0:2-1 1905
Letter from Rogers & Spence, Palmerston North, to Mayor and Councillors requesting gas supply to Moerangi Street, where correspondent is building 15-16 houses.
PNCC 1/5/21:0:8-1 1919
Letter from W F Massey, Minister in Charge of Coal Control, Wellington, to J A Nash, M.P., Wellington, regarding supply of coal to Palmerston North gasworks
PNCC 1/5/21:0:8-2 1919
Letter from W L Luxford (Manager of Palmerston North Sash, Door & Timber Co. Ltd) for supply of building materials PNCC 1/5/21:0:1-3 1893
Rates Notice sent by R.N. Keeling (Collector) to William Hickson, July 9th 1883 PNCC 1/5/21:0:1-1 1883-1893
Report from George Healey, Assistant Manager, Gas Department, to Gas Committee regarding work of Gas Department during month of October.
PNCC 1/5/21:0:8-3 1919
Tender from Palmerston North Sash, Door & Timber Co. Ltd for supply of building materials PNCC 1/5/21:0:1-4 1893
Typewritten (carbon) copy of report by Kennedy C.E (Napier) to Town Clerk, reporting on riverbank erosion below Brightwater Terrace and proposals for stabilising bank PNCC 1/5/21:0:2-2 1905