Learning Exchange Correspondence and Subject Files

PNCC 3/10/1
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Inwards and outwards correspondence, working papers and newspaper cuttings. The majority of these files were created by Mr. M.A. (Merve) Nixon, a retired teacher from Palmerston North Boys’ High School, who was part-time (paid) co-ordinator of the Learning Exchange from 1980 – 1982. The Learning Exchange was established in 1978 to match up people who wished to learn a new skill with people who wished to teach that skill

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Ian Matheson City Archives
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Learning Exchange Applications PNCC 3/10/1:1:5
Learning Exchange Correspondence PNCC 3/10/1:1:4 1981-1982
Learning Exchange Notes PNCC 3/10/1:1:8 1982
Learning Exchange Publicity PNCC 3/10/1:1:6
Learning Exchange Site PNCC 3/10/1:1:1 1978-1979
Learning Exchange Site PNCC 3/10/1:1:2 1980
Learning Exchange Site PNCC 3/10/1:1:3 1980
Learning Exchange Talks PNCC 3/10/1:1:7
Publicity Material from other Learning Exchanges PNCC 3/10/1:1:9 1974-1981