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#6656433 9 Tennyson Park PNCC 00050B:65:E6648
1712 Keith Street pt Sec 1712 PNCC 00050B:16:E6154
577 Ferguson Street (no copy of title) PNCC 00050B:36:T3318A
A and B Patience – Civic Complex Competition Designs Agreement PNCC 00050B:24:MD8034 1974-1974
A and G Price Ltd – Lift Maintenance New Library Building PNCC 00050B:14:MD7152 1966-1966
A Hopwood Charitable Trust original deed (2 copies) PNCC 00050B:8:MD7085 1949-1949
Abattoir agreement with Feilding Borough Council PNCC 00050B:30:MD8162 1978-1978
Access – D H Kingsbeer/Nolan Concrete Products Man Ltd Napier Road PNCC 00050B:24:MD8037 1974-1974
Advantage Group Lease IRD Building Cnr Ferguson, Ashley, Cross Sts PNCC 00050B:31:L2147
Aerodrome - O Whittaker Richardson Line PNCC 00050B:12:MD7121 1960-1960
Agreement - advertise on Terminal at Airport – Primesite Outdoor Advertising PNCC 00050B:53:MD8453 1988-1988
Agreement - PNCC & Central Festival Trust PNCC 00050B:37:L2260 2010-2010
Agreement - PNCC Vision Manawatu PNCC 00050B:40:L2427 2009-2012
Agreement - Rangiora Community Centre PNCC 00050B:78:MD8705 1997-1997
Agreement advertising on parking meters – Visual Motivations Ltd PNCC 00050B:48:MD8406 1986-1986
Agreement Bletchley Developments – Woodgate subdivision Pacific Drive PNCC 00050B:74:MD8660 1995-1995
Agreement Civil Defence – between PNCC and KCC PNCC 00050B:26:MD8098 1975-1975
Agreement for fulfillment of Contract Palmerston North Enterprise Trust Board PNCC 00050B:54:MD8466 1989-1989
Agreement for library computers – Ultimate Computer Ltd PNCC 00050B:51:MD8434 1987-1987
Agreement for Sale & Purchase of Real Estate - PNCC & Manawatu Rugby Union Inc PNCC 00050B:41:L2466 2015-2015
Agreement For Sale and Purchase - Kiwi Property Holdings Ltd PNCC 00050B:106:MD8990 2004-2004
Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Real Estate - PNCC & T R Developments PNCC 00050B:40:L2430 2014-2014
Agreement For The Provision Of Safety Quality Assurance Audit Services - Palmerston North Airport Ltd and PNCC PNCC 00050B:107:MD9001 2011-2011
Agreement Freyberg Aquatic Centre – Freyberg High School BOT/Crown/PNCC PNCC 00050B:78:MD8703 1997-1997
Agreement in Relation to the Re-Establishment of the Manawatu District and Palmerston North City Joint Strategic Planning Committee - Manawatu District Council & PNCC PNCC 00050B:41:L2468 2015-2015
Agreement in Relation to the Re-Establishment of the Manawatu District and Palmerston North City Joint Strategic Planning Committee - Manawatu District Council & PNCC PNCC 00050B:41:L2469 2015-2015
Agreement Regarding Roadside MobileTelecommunications Site - Two Degrees Mobile Ltd PNCC 00050B:108:MD9005 2012-2012
Agreement to collect fees – Progas Systems Ltd PNCC 00050B:69:MD8610 1994-1994
Agreement to Grant Esplanade Strip Instrument - PNCC & J D Hopkins, E S Hopkins & A M Larsen PNCC 00050B:41:L2474 2015-2015
Agreement to Grant Right to Install 125mm Waster Water Pipe - Kiwirail & PNCC PNCC 00050B:40:L2452 2015-2015
Agreement to Grant Walkway Rights - PNCC & Blackley Group Ltd PNCC 00050B:41:L2472 2013-2013
Agreement To Provide Cleaning Services At PNCC - Balfour Cleaning Services PNCC 00050B:109:MD9011 2013-2013
Agreement to provide electronic sales data - NZ Institute of Valuers PNCC 00050B:52:MD8441 1988-1988
Agreement to provide sales data NZ Institute of Valuers PNCC 00050B:38:MD8273 1981-1981
Agreement to sell - E J McHardy Bledisloe Park PNCC 00050B:1:MD7001 1927-1927
Agreement to sell Milson Aerodrome PNCC 00050B:2:MD7016 1932-1932
Agreement to widen and alter various owners Kawau Drain Contract to widen – James Hucking Contractor Kawau Drain PNCC 00050B:11:MD7116 1906-1907
Agreement – Ashhurst Village Valley Community Centre PNCC 00050B:78:MD8708 1997-1997
Agreement – Awapuni Community Centre PNCC 00050B:79:MD8710 1997-1997
Agreement – Highbury Whanau Community Centre PNCC 00050B:78:MD8706 1997-1997
Agreement – Kelvin Grove Community Centre PNCC 00050B:78:MD8707 1997-1997
Agreement – Milson Community Centre PNCC 00050B:78:MD8704 1997-1997
Agreement – Westbrook Community Centre PNCC 00050B:78:MD8709 1997-1997
Agreements - Manawatu - Oroua Electric Power Board PNCC 00050B:3:MD7032 1930-1968
Albert Street Depot - DP 3201, DP 5819, Sec 910, Pt Sec 912 PNCC 00050B:1:T2506
All Saints / Square Edge – R O W PNCC 00050B:3:T2548
All-Of-Government Office Consumables Contract - Ministry Of Business Innovation and Employment PNCC 00050B:110:MD9020 2015-2015
Alteration to rules – Caccia Birch Trust PNCC 00050B:68:MD8609 1993-1993
Amendment of Rules – Regent Theatre Trust Board PNCC 00050B:82:MD8742 1999-1999
Annual Report Year Ended 30-06-2012 - PNCC PNCC 00050B:108:MD9007 2012-2012