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PNCC 3/3/1
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This system was created by David Trudgeon (City Librarian) during the 1960s and consists of inwards and outwards correspondence, newspaper cuttings and working papers. The system was discontinued during the 1980s and replaced by series 3/3/2. Many files in this series were destroyed during the 1980s and some papers transferred to files in series 3/3/2

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Ian Matheson City Archives
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Borrowers and Borrowing PNCC 3/3/1:1:B 1961-1981
Children's Book Week and Booklists PNCC 3/3/1:3:E/4 1958-1967
David Pryor Memorial Collection PNCC 3/3/1:1:A/1/B/1 1965-1973
Enquiries from Borrowers PNCC 3/3/1:2:B/4 1944-1980
Gifts to Library PNCC 3/3/1:1:A/1/B 1957-1974
Library Exhibitions PNCC 3/3/1:2:E/3 1969-1971
Library Personnel and Appointments PNCC 3/3/1:2:C/4 1938-1972
Manawatu Society of Arts PNCC 3/3/1:3:E/6 1963-1974
Memorial Books PNCC 3/3/1:1:A/1/B/2 1966-1978
Opening of New Library Building PNCC 3/3/1:2:D/6 1965
School Extension Work (Children's Library) PNCC 3/3/1:3:E/4/A 1966-1985