Palmerston North City Council

Palmerston North City Council logoThe Palmerston North City Council (PNCC) was originally formed in 1877 as a Borough Council. In 1930 it became a City Council and in the local government reorganisation of the 1980s the boundaries were expanded to take in parts of Oroua County Council and most of Kairanga County Council.

The PNCC Collection is one arm of the Ian Matheson City Archives (IMCA) and is digitally hosted by Archives Central. The Collection contains the records of the City Council and numerous predecessor organisations, such as the County Councils, Road Boards, Town Boards and Domain Boards, that operated within the current Palmerston North City Boundaries from 1872-1989. Also incorporated into IMCA, but hosted on other sites, are the IMCA Community Archives and IMCA Photograph Collection.

 The types of records found in the PNCC archives include:

  • Accounts records;
  • Aerial Photographs;
  • Bylaws;
  • Correspondence files;
  • Electoral rolls;
  • Engineering plans;
  • Minute books, report books and meeting papers;
  • Rate books and valuation rolls;
  • Subdivision files;
  • Survey plans;
  • Town planning records


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Title Sort descending Identifier (RiC-A22) Dates
Balance Sheets of Manawatu Road Board PNCC K1/3/1 1888-1902
Bank Account Books PNCC K3/24/1 1902-1913
Bank Account Books - Fitzherbert Road Board PNCC K2/6/2 1889-1898
Banking Records - Manawatu Road Board PNCC K1/9/1 1891-1902
Banking Records - Manawatu Road Board PNCC K1/9/2 1884-1889
Booklets on Road Construction (1920s - 1940s) PNCC K3/17/2 1925 (year approximate)-1945 (year approximate)
Bookplate PNCC 3/5/1 1964
Bound copies of Annual Accounts and balance sheets PNCC 2/1/1B 1892-1973
Bound copies of annual estimates and quarterly accounts PNCC 2/2/1 1931-1981
Bronze Horse PNCC 1/38/4 1983
Budget Summaries of annual estimates and quarterly accounts PNCC 2/2/3 1987-1989
Building Consents PNCC 00032 1992-1994
Building Permit Books PNCC K3/17/6 1936-1988
Building Permit Books PNCC 4/13/4 1932-1993
Building Permit Books PNCC O3/14/6 1973-1982
Building Permit Books PNCC O3/14/7 1982-1987
Building Permit Files PNCC O3/14/2 1955-1978
Building Permit Inspection Sheets PNCC 4/13/5 1957-1978
Building Permit Records - Building plans - New Telephone Exchange buildings PNCC 4/13/18 1958-1968
Building Permit Records: Building Plans - Government Life Insurance Department PNCC 4/13/12 1937
Building Permit Records: Building Plans - Hospital Buildings (numbered series) PNCC 4/13/9
Building Permit Records: Building Plans - Soldiers’ Club (RSA Building) PNCC 4/13/16 1969-1952
Building Permit Records: Building Plans - State Houses PNCC 4/13/11
Building Permit Records: Fire Safety Certificates PNCC 4/13/19 1973-1991
Building Permit Records: Graphs of building statistics PNCC 4/13/14 1969-1978
Building Permit Records: Register Of Building Permits (Rates Office Copy) PNCC 4/13/2 1918-1941
Building Permit Records: Building Plans - New Railway station and engine sheds. PNCC 4/13/17 1961-1963
Building Permit Records: Inspection Registers PNCC 4/13/15
Building Permit Records: Plans - University College (Hokowhitu Campus) PNCC 4/13/13 1959-1966
Building Permit Records: Registers PNCC 4/13/1 1904-1987
Building Permits: Plans - Numbered Series (Microfilmed) PNCC 4/13/6 1915-1950
Building Permits: Index (Rates Office Copy) PNCC 4/13/3 1904-1921
Building Plans PNCC 00045
Building Plans - Buildings demolished between 1965 and 1989 (sample) PNCC 4/13/8
Building Plans - Hospital Buildings (unnumbered series) PNCC 4/13/10 1927-1946
Building Plans - Showgrounds buildings PNCC 4/13/7 1913-1983
Bus Pass PNCC 6/2/2 1925
By-Laws PNCC K3/11/1 1956-1984
By-laws PNCC K3/16/7 1920
By-Laws PNCC K1/7/1 1899
By-Laws PNCC K1/7/2 1893
By-Laws and Regulations - Electrical Regulations PNCC 1/9/4 1921
By-Laws and Regulations - Numbered By-Laws PNCC 1/9/2 1920-1961
By-Laws and Regulations - Un-numbered By-Laws PNCC 1/9/1 1911-1928
By-Laws and Regulations - Un-Numbered By-Laws PNCC 1/9/3 1961
By-Laws of the Ashhurst Domain Board PNCC O3/16/14 1912
By-Laws of the Ashhurst Public Cemetery. PNCC O3/16/13 1901
Bylaws PNCC 00053 1920
Caccia Birch Trust Board PNCC 00046 1989-1993
Cadastral Maps PNCC 2/23/10 1950 (year approximate)-1953