Palmerston North City Council

Palmerston North City Council logoThe Palmerston North City Council (PNCC) was originally formed in 1877 as a Borough Council. In 1930 it became a City Council and in the local government reorganisation of the 1980s the boundaries were expanded to take in parts of Oroua County Council and most of Kairanga County Council.

The PNCC Collection is one arm of the Ian Matheson City Archives (IMCA) and is digitally hosted by Archives Central. The Collection contains the records of the City Council and numerous predecessor organisations, such as the County Councils, Road Boards, Town Boards and Domain Boards, that operated within the current Palmerston North City Boundaries from 1872-1989. Also incorporated into IMCA, but hosted on other sites, are the IMCA Community Archives and IMCA Photograph Collection.

 The types of records found in the PNCC archives include:

  • Accounts records;
  • Aerial Photographs;
  • Bylaws;
  • Correspondence files;
  • Electoral rolls;
  • Engineering plans;
  • Minute books, report books and meeting papers;
  • Rate books and valuation rolls;
  • Subdivision files;
  • Survey plans;
  • Town planning records


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Title Sort descending Identifier (RiC-A22) Dates
Transit Department Register of Buses in Fleet PNCC 2/26/4 1953-1971
Transitional Committee - Guidelines PNCC 16/2/1 1989
Trophies PNCC 1/37/1 1934-1970
Unregistered subject file kept by J E (Jim) Gavey, Rates Supervisor PNCC 2/4/3 1956-1972
Unregistered Subject File of (Peter) Hall, City Treasurer PNCC 2/4/1 1947-1954
Unregistered Subject Files PNCC 3/3/3 1939-1994
Unregistered Subject Files PNCC 5/1/1 1974-1990
Unregistered subject files - loans PNCC 2/4/2 1951-1969
Unregistered Subject Files of E. Persson PNCC 4/3/6 1921-1958
Urban Renewal Maps PNCC 7/6/4 1971-1973
Valuation and Rating PNCC 2/23/1 1897-1986
Valuation Maps PNCC 2/23/16
Valuation Maps (New Series) PNCC 2/23/12 1975
Valuation Maps (Old Series) PNCC 2/23/11
Vertical Aerial Photographs PNCC 4/21/1 1945-1985
Video Tapes PNCC 00030 1952-2001
Vouchers - Miscellaneous payments PNCC 2/6/3 1918-1943
Vouchers - Payments relating to Municipal Electricity Department PNCC 2/6/2 1922-1937
Vouchers - Payments to Manawatu-Oroua Electric Power Board PNCC 2/6/1 1925-1963
W. H. Collingwood - Outward Correspondence PNCC 11/3/1 1896-1917
Water, Waste Water and Storm Water Management PNCC 00089 1973
Waterworks Foreman's Records - Monthly Report Books PNCC 4/25/2 1951-1957
Waterworks Foreman's Records - Wages and Overtime Book PNCC 4/25/1 1932-1936
Wateworks Foreman's Records - River Well Log Book PNCC 4/25/3 1947-1961
Weighbridge Cash books PNCC 2/28/1 1951-1952
Weighbridge Receipts PNCC 2/28/2 1967
Wellington Provincial Patriotic Zone D Committee PNCC 11/13/1 1939-1949
West End Progressive Association PNCC 11/11/1 1935-1967
Workers Compensation Claims PNCC 2/25/5 1929-1955
Writing Materials PNCC 1/36/2