Palmerston North City Council

Palmerston North City Council logoThe Palmerston North City Council (PNCC) was originally formed in 1877 as a Borough Council. In 1930 it became a City Council and in the local government reorganisation of the 1980s the boundaries were expanded to take in parts of Oroua County Council and most of Kairanga County Council.

The PNCC Collection is one arm of the Ian Matheson City Archives (IMCA) and is digitally hosted by Archives Central. The Collection contains the records of the City Council and numerous predecessor organisations, such as the County Councils, Road Boards, Town Boards and Domain Boards, that operated within the current Palmerston North City Boundaries from 1872-1989. Also incorporated into IMCA, but hosted on other sites, are the IMCA Community Archives and IMCA Photograph Collection.

 The types of records found in the PNCC archives include:

  • Accounts records;
  • Aerial Photographs;
  • Bylaws;
  • Correspondence files;
  • Electoral rolls;
  • Engineering plans;
  • Minute books, report books and meeting papers;
  • Rate books and valuation rolls;
  • Subdivision files;
  • Survey plans;
  • Town planning records


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Title Sort descending Identifier (RiC-A22) Dates
Cadastral Maps of Counties PNCC K3/14/5 1903-1904
Car Pennant PNCC 1/24/2 1975 (year approximate)
Card Index to Plan Filing System: PNCC K3/14/1 1955 (year approximate)-1965 (year approximate)
Card Indexes of Registered Subject Files (Alpha/Numeric System) PNCC 4/4/1 1950-1965
Cash Book of the Ashhurst Public Hall PNCC O3/20/6 1964-1966
Cash Books PNCC K3/16/3 1922-1971
Cash Books - Fitzherbert Road Board PNCC K2/6/1 1889-1902
Cash Books - Manawatu Road Board PNCC K1/4/1 1879-1902
Cash Books of the Linton Domain Board PNCC K3/21/4 1920-1977
Cemeteries - Certificate of Purchase of Burial Site PNCC 2/11/10 1945-1961
Cemetery - Burial Papers PNCC 00066 1991-2011
Cemetery - Cremation Papers PNCC 00065 1990-2011
Cemetery - Permit to Erect Tombstone PNCC 00067 1986-2011
Cemetery Plans PNCC 00070 1929-2008
Cemetery rubber stamps PNCC 5/6/1
Certificates PNCC 6/4/1 1970-1989
Certificates of Compliance for a Land Use Consent PNCC 00056 1992-1996
Charitable Aid Board PNCC 00072 1981-2007
Cheque Book - Fitzherbert Road Board PNCC K2/6/7 1899-1901
Chronological Indexes of Minutes PNCC 1/2/1 1889-1920
Circulars and Publications PNCC 13/6/1 1978-1989
City Badge: Printed copies PNCC 1/23/2
City Badge: Painted metal copies PNCC 1/23/1
City Corporation Photographs PNCC 00059
City Manager's Speeches PNCC 00068 1990-1999
City Planner's Department - Miscellaneous Items PNCC 7/11/1 1980
Civil Defence (Including Disaster recovery) PNCC 00073 1992-1998
Civil Defence Section Records: "The Palmerston North Civil Defencer" magazine PNCC 1/22/20 1985-1990
Civil Defence Section Records: Armbands PNCC 1/22/14 1945 (year approximate)-1985 (year approximate)
Civil Defence Section Records: Civil Defence Plans PNCC 1/22/9 1964-1981
Civil Defence Section Records: Emergency of July 1988 PNCC 1/22/11 1988
Civil Defence Section Records: History of Civil Defence PNCC 1/22/8 1983-1984
Civil Defence Section Records: Identification cards PNCC 1/22/17 1975 (year approximate)
Civil Defence Section Records: Newspaper cuttings PNCC 1/22/12 1959-1990
Civil Defence Section Records: Paper Flags PNCC 1/22/16 1985 (year approximate)
Civil Defence Section Records: Patrol Warden sticker PNCC 1/22/18 1985 (year approximate)
Civil Defence Section Records: Photographs PNCC 1/22/13 1981
Civil Defence Section Records: Publications issued by Ministry of Civil Defence PNCC 1/22/10 1966-1981
Civil Defence Section Records: Publicity sticker PNCC 1/22/19 1985 (year approximate)
Civil Defence Section Records: Registered subject files - multiple number system PNCC 1/22/2 1967-1990
Civil Defence Section Records: Registered subject files-alphabetical system PNCC 1/22/1 1974-1986
Civil Defence Section Records: Training Certificates PNCC 1/22/15 1970 (year approximate)-1986
Civil Defence Section Records: Unregistered subject files - Ashhurst PNCC 1/22/7 1980-1988
Civil Defence Section Records: Unregistered subject files - exercises and training courses. PNCC 1/22/4 1966-1988
Civil Defence Section Records: Unregistered subject files - printed circulars and reports PNCC 1/22/6 1966
Civil Defence Section Records: Unregistered subject files - rescue PNCC 1/22/5 1966-1975
Civil Defence Section Records: Unregistered subject files - welfare PNCC 1/22/3 1966-1985
Classification List of Lands and Ratepayers Roll PNCC K3/16/4 1918
Coat of Arms: Grant of Arms PNCC 1/25/1 1988
Code of Compliance Certificates PNCC 00034 1993-1995