Palmerston North City Council

Palmerston North City Council logoThe Palmerston North City Council (PNCC) was originally formed in 1877 as a Borough Council. In 1930 it became a City Council and in the local government reorganisation of the 1980s the boundaries were expanded to take in parts of Oroua County Council and most of Kairanga County Council.

The PNCC Collection is one arm of the Ian Matheson City Archives (IMCA) and is digitally hosted by Archives Central. The Collection contains the records of the City Council and numerous predecessor organisations, such as the County Councils, Road Boards, Town Boards and Domain Boards, that operated within the current Palmerston North City Boundaries from 1872-1989. Also incorporated into IMCA, but hosted on other sites, are the IMCA Community Archives and IMCA Photograph Collection.

 The types of records found in the PNCC archives include:

  • Accounts records;
  • Aerial Photographs;
  • Bylaws;
  • Correspondence files;
  • Electoral rolls;
  • Engineering plans;
  • Minute books, report books and meeting papers;
  • Rate books and valuation rolls;
  • Subdivision files;
  • Survey plans;
  • Town planning records


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Title Sort descending Identifier (RiC-A22) Dates
District Planning Schemes - Notified Applications PNCC K3/10/2 1965-1988
District Planning Schemes - Notified Applications PNCC K3/10/3 1988
District Planning Schemes - Subdivision Applications PNCC K3/10/1
District Scheme Documents PNCC K3/10/5 1960-1988
District Schemes and District Plans PNCC 00028 1990-2010
Dog Registration PNCC K1/11/1 1888-1889
Dog Registration Receipt Book - Fitzherbert Road Board PNCC K2/10/2 1892
Dog Tags PNCC 2/33/1
Draft by-laws PNCC K3/11/2 1914
Draft Minutes PNCC 1/1/8 1884
Drainage Pemit Records: Register of Drainage Permits PNCC 4/12/1 1918-1942
Drainage Permit Records: Drainage Plans PNCC 4/12/3 1905-1912
Drainage Permit Records: Register of Sewer and Stormwater Permits PNCC 4/12/2 1959-1972
Drainage Permit Records: Plumbing and Drainage Permits Books PNCC 4/12/4 1978-1993
Effluent Flow Charts - Miscellaneous PNCC 4/20/1 1959-1963
Election Records - Miscellaneous PNCC 1/13/1 1905-1968
Election Records - Voting Papers and Results Book PNCC 1/13/2 1902
Electoral Map PNCC K3/14/7 1896
Electoral Rolls PNCC 00049 1992
Electoral Rolls and Supplementary Rolls PNCC K3/9/1 1938-1986
Electors' Roll - Printed Copies of Rolls PNCC 1/12/1 1894-1989
Electricity Department Private Ledgers PNCC 2/12/3 1924-1967
Electricity Department Cash Books PNCC 2/12/2 1924-1930
Electricity Department Hire Purchase Agreements PNCC 2/12/7 1926-1927
Electricity Department Journals PNCC 2/12/5 1924-1939
Electricity Department Statements of Accounts PNCC 2/12/1 1932-1943
Electricity Department Sundry Debtors and Consumers Deposits Ledgers PNCC 2/12/4 1929-1934
Electricity Department Voucher Registers PNCC 2/12/6 1932-1939
Emergency Precautions Scheme Badge PNCC 1/41/1 1939-1945
Employee Earnings Records PNCC K3/20/2 1964-1983
Employee Profiles PNCC 00039
Engineer's Department Ledger Cards PNCC 2/14/1 1960 (year approximate)-1974
Engineering Contracts PNCC 00027 1992-2009
Engineering Department Photographs - General PNCC 4/21/11 1984-1988
Engineering Subdivisional Applications PNCC 00058
Engineers Numbered Plans PNCC 00060
Environmental Health - Albert Street Flea Market PNCC 00069
Estimates of General Account and Riding accounts PNCC K3/27/1 1926-1935
Excess Consumption of Electricity Cards PNCC 10/4/1 1948
Executive Officers Project Committee: Order papers and attachments PNCC 1/26/2 1982-1989
Executive Officers Project Committee: Summaries of decisions PNCC 1/26/1 1982-1989
Extension Mains and Service Register PNCC 9/6/1 1915-1922
Field Notebooks - Surveyors' Level Books PNCC K3/17/4 1925-1976
Files of Garry Goodman, City Engineer PNCC 00062 1964-2008
Filing Brush for Seal Press PNCC 1/34/4
Financial Records PNCC 11/8/2 1923-1927
Fire Underwriter's Plans PNCC 2/23/14 1939-1967
Fitzherbert Bridge , PNCC 4/10/1 1933-1935
Fitzherbert Bridge, PNCC 4/10/2 1933-1935
Fitzherbert Road Board - Rates and Valuation PNCC K2/5/1 1893-1898