City of Auckland Centennial Medal

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Issued to mark the centennial of Auckland, April 24 1971. The Auckland coat of arms in relief on one side and inscribed with ‘City of Auckland Centennial Medal 1871 – 1971’ on the other. Produced by the Auckland City Council. Struck at Waitangi Mint, Auckland. Silver. 42mm in diameter.

Includes small pamphlet with the text:

"The City of Auckland Centennial Medal

This Medal was issued to mark the Centennial of the City of Auckland, April 24, 1971. The obverse shows the full emblazon of the Arms of the City of Auckland, in high relief. The reverse consists of the inscription AUCKLAND CITY CENTENNIAL 1871 1971 and the Centennial Symbol, which has been used to promote all the festivities and celebrations held to mark the occasion. This is the official Centennial Medal and from the same dies as those presented by the City to the Mayor and visiting dignitaries at the Centennial Celebrations. Produced by the Auckland City Council in conjunction with the Numismatic Society of Auckland (Inc). Dies engraved by Max Elbe. Struck at the Waitangi Mint, Auckland, in 18 carat gold, sterling silver, copper and aluminum. Diameter: 42mm."


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