Ian Matheson City Archives Management Files

PNCC 00075
Descriptive Note

Records of the management and history of the Ian Matheson City Archives for the Palmerston North City Council. Records necessarily relate to the management of the Records section of PNCC, particularly prior to the relocation of archives to the Library, and the creation of the role of Archivist (full time) in 1990. The file system was set up in 1993, but papers relate from 1971. Folder numbers refer to the original file number assigned in the system, prefixed by the letter "A" for Archives.

Kept by the Ian Matheson City Archives.

Predecessor Series: PNCC 3/3/2; 3/3/3.

Has beginning date
1970 (year approximate)
Has end date
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created by (RiC-R027): Palmerston North City Council
Has location
Ian Matheson City Archives
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Records in Ian Matheson City Archives Management Files

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"Council and Community: 125 years of Local Government in Palmerston North 1877 - 2002" PNCC 00075:9:A65/5 2002-2003
"Icon or Eyesore" Exhibition PNCC 00075:12:Tube 1
"Pride in Palmerston North" Competition PNCC 00075:10:A70/4/2 1990-1990
'Operation PR' PNCC 00075:17:A165/8 1989-1994
'Pataka Ipurangi' Digital Library PNCC 00075:16:A130/6 2006-2011
112 Years Exhibition PNCC 00075:10:A70/4/1 Folder 1 1989-1989
112 Years Exhibition PNCC 00075:10:A70/4/1 Folder 2 1989-1989
112 Years Exhibition PNCC 00075:10:A70/4/1 Folder 3 1989-1989
Archival Enquiries PNCC 00075:5:Folder 2 1991-1995
Archival Institutions and Associations PNCC 00075:15:A90/1 1976 (year approximate)-1999 (year approximate)
Archive Disposal Lists PNCC 00075:8:A25/7 1995-2010
Archives Budgets PNCC 00075:8:A35/3 1990-2008
Archives Disaster Preparedness PNCC 00075:9:A60/1 1983 (year approximate)-2010
Archives Disaster Recovery Operations PNCC 00075:8:A22/1 2007-2008
Archives Exhibition Files - A70/4/5 - A70/4/12 PNCC 00075:11:A70/4/5 1994-1999
Archives Exhibitions - General PNCC 00075:10:A70/4 1995-1996
Archives File Classification System PNCC 00075:1: 1993-2007 (year approximate)
Archives Index - Kairanga County Council PNCC 00075:20:Folder 1 1989 (year approximate)
Archives Index - Oroua County Council PNCC 00075:20:Folder 2 1986-12
Archives Information Leaflets for Users PNCC 00075:12:A70/7 1989-2004
Archives Management - General PNCC 00075:2:A1/1 1976-2005
Archives Management - General PNCC 00075:4:A1/9 1996-2000
Archives Management Plans PNCC 00075:3:A1/5 1990
Archives Management Programme PNCC 00075:2:A1/4 1978-1980
Archives Monthly Reports PNCC 00075:19:A180/4 1991-2010
Archives Promotion and Publicity PNCC 00075:9:A70/3 1981-2008
Archives Register of Correspondence PNCC 00075:4:A5/6 1993-2007
Archives Reports PNCC 00075:3:A1/8 1993-1996
Archives Staff - General PNCC 00075:20:A190/1 1971-1993
Archives Staff Positions PNCC 00075:20:A190/10 1980-2009
Archives Visitor Register PNCC 00075:4:5 2008-2015
Archives Visitor Register PNCC 00075:6:Volume 1 1979-1991
Archives Visitor Register PNCC 00075:6:Volume 2 1991-1996
Archives Visitor Register PNCC 00075:6:Volume 3 1996-2002
Archives Visitor Register PNCC 00075:6:Volume 4 2002-2008
Archives Weekly Reports PNCC 00075:18:A180/3 1991-1991
C M Ross building 80th Birthday Celebrations PNCC 00075:21:A70/10 2008-2008
C M Ross Building 80th Birthday Celebrations PNCC 00075:0:A70/10 2008-2008
C M Ross Building 80th Birthday Celebrations PNCC 00075:21A:A70/10 2008-2008
City Archives Bi-Monthly Reports PNCC 00075:18:A180/1 2011-2013
City Archivist PNCC 00075:20:A190/12/1 2002-2009
Co-Op/PDC Exhibition PNCC 00075:10:A70/4/3 1992-1992
Computer Systems PNCC 00075:9:A50/1 1971-2003
Conservation Information and Suppliers PNCC 00075:9:A55/1 1989-1996
Handout for Talk - Maori History of Manawatu PNCC 00075:13:A75/8 1970 (year approximate)-1991
Handout for Talk - Pakeha History of Manawatu PNCC 00075:13:A75/9 1971-1991
Handout for Talk - Records and Archives PNCC 00075:13:A75/7 1971-1992
Heritage Trails PNCC 00075:14:A85/2 1990 (year approximate)-2001
Heritage Trails, Manawatu District PNCC 00075:15:A85/6 1992-1995
Hill Medal Collection PNCC 00075:4:A1/17 2006-2006