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PNCC K3/14/1
Descriptive Note

To Plan Filing System. A series of Index cards created by the engineering staff of the Kairanga County Council to describe the original classification system of the maps and plans now arranged as Series KCC3/14/2. The plans were arranged by Drawer Number (1-23) and then assigned a Plan Number within each drawer. Each drawer represented a separate subject area and plan numbers were assigned to individual drawings or to sets of drawings on the same engineering project. The index cards do not describe the final arrangement of the filing system, therefore, they only provide an indication of the probable location of a specific subject area or a specific document.

Has beginning date
1955 (year approximate)
Has end date
1965 (year approximate)
Linked Agent
created by (RiC-R027): Kairanga County Council
Has location
Ian Matheson City Archives
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