Kairanga County Council Correspondence and Subject Files

PNCC K3/4/5
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Numbered Subject Files including inward and outward correspondence, reports, newspaper cuttings and working papers. (Consisting of loose papers in manila folders). This series of files appears to have been created by Mr J A Gregg, County Clerk, about 1963. It remained in use until 1988, but appears to have operated simultaneously with series 3/4/7 and 3/4/8. Series 3/4/5 incorporates an earlier series of numbered files which appear to have been operated by Mr R Milligan, County Clerk, from about 1958 – 1962. This earlier series can be identified by a "File" stamp which appears on many of the letters prior to 1963. No classification plan or index system has survived from this earlier series. An alphabetical index to this series can be found in series 3/4/6.

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created by (RiC-R027): Kairanga County Council
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Ian Matheson City Archives
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Records in Kairanga County Council Correspondence and Subject Files

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Amalgamation Proposals PNCC K3/4/5:77:25/2 1970
Amalgamation Proposals - General PNCC K3/4/5:75:25/1 1968-1973
Amalgamation Proposals - General PNCC K3/4/5:76:25/1 1974-1980
Amalgamation Proposals - Local Government Bill PNCC K3/4/5:77:25/1A 1973-1974
Annual Grants PNCC K3/4/5:5:2/3 1959-1981
Arrears of Rates PNCC K3/4/5:54:18/2 1957-1981
Arrears of Rates PNCC K3/4/5:55:18/2A 1978-1979
Atkinson's Reserve, Pahiatua/Aokautere Road PNCC K3/4/5:58:19/9 1977-1981
Automobile Association (Manawatu) Inc PNCC K3/4/5:6:2/7 1959-1981
Awapuni Depot, Racecourse Road PNCC K3/4/5:51:16/7 1973-1982
Awapuni Gravel Pit Reserve, Racecourse Road PNCC K3/4/5:57:19/5 1971
Balance Sheets PNCC K3/4/5:1:1/2 1958-1981
Bank Accounts PNCC K3/4/5:1:1/1 1959-1987
Bridges - General PNCC K3/4/5:22:5/14 1968-1981
Bunnythorpe Cemetery Trust Board PNCC K3/4/5:8:2/12 1959-1981
Bunnythorpe Recreation Reserve PNCC K3/4/5:58:19/8 1961-1981
Bunnythorpe Township Water and Sewerage Reticulation PNCC K3/4/5:7:2/9A 1971-1981
By-Laws PNCC K3/4/5:12:3/5 1959-1982
By-Laws - Animals, Poultry and Bees PNCC K3/4/5:11:3/3 1963-1979
By-Laws - Buildings PNCC K3/4/5:11:3/2 1959-1980
By-Laws - Fire PNCC K3/4/5:12:3/5A 1973-1974
By-Laws - General PNCC K3/4/5:11:3/1 1961-1980
By-Laws - Hoardings and Signs PNCC K3/4/5:12:3/4 1960-1979
By-Laws - Midhurst Boarding Kennels PNCC K3/4/5:11:3/3A 1975-1976
Clearance of Noxious Weeds PNCC K3/4/5:49:15/2 1958-1979
Correspondence with Government Departments (M-W) PNCC K3/4/5:26:7/2 1959-1982
Council Chairman PNCC K3/4/5:14:4/2 1959-1980
County Council Officers Award PNCC K3/4/5:60:20/4B 1954-1972
County Council Officers Award PNCC K3/4/5:61:20/4C 1973-1981
County Office Building, Cuba Street, Palmerston North PNCC K3/4/5:51:16/6 1957-1983
County Roads "A - D" PNCC K3/4/5:17:5/4 1959-1982
County Roads "E - H" PNCC K3/4/5:18:5/5 1959-1982
County Roads "I - L" PNCC K3/4/5:18:5/6 1959-1982
County Roads "M - P" PNCC K3/4/5:19:5/7 1959-1982
County Roads "R - S" PNCC K3/4/5:20:5/8 1959-1982
County Roads "T - W" PNCC K3/4/5:21:5/9 1959-1982
County Roads - Flood Damage PNCC K3/4/5:17:5/3 1961-1977
County Roads - General PNCC K3/4/5:16:5/1 1963-1982
County Roads - Names PNCC K3/4/5:17:5/2 1957-1976
County Roads - Sealing PNCC K3/4/5:22:5/11 1957-1977
Declarations by Councillors PNCC K3/4/5:15:4/3 1959-1980
Declarations of Noxious Weeds PNCC K3/4/5:50:15/6 1963-1978
Drainage - Bunnythorpe Sewer Drainage PNCC K3/4/5:24:6/4 1981-1982
Drainage - General PNCC K3/4/5:23:6/1 1958-1982
Drainage - Longburn Sewerage System PNCC K3/4/5:24:6/3A 1979-1982
Drainage - Longburn Township PNCC K3/4/5:24:6/3 1960-1977
Estate of C T Keeble/Keeble's Bush Trust Board PNCC K3/4/5:15:4/8 1971-1980
Feilding Borough Council PNCC K3/4/5:39:12/3 1969-1982
Fire Safety Certificates for Factories PNCC K3/4/5:44:12/12A 1973-1975
Fitzherbert West Water Race PNCC K3/4/5:74:23/2 1983