Kairanga County Council Correspondence/Subject Files

PNCC K3/4/1
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Un-numbered files (alphabetical series) created by the County Clerk. Includes inward and outward correspondence considered at meetings, order papers, annual estimates, rangers and engineers reports, applications for permits and licences, contract tenders etc.

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created by (RiC-R027): Kairanga County Council
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Ian Matheson City Archives
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Records in Kairanga County Council Correspondence/Subject Files

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Abrahams & Williams re Auctioneers Licences PNCC K3/4/1:1:3 1922-1927
Accommodation - Counties Conference PNCC K3/4/1:74:1 1953-1957
Accommodation - Counties Conference PNCC K3/4/1:74:2 1953-1957
Agricultural Department PNCC K3/4/1:1:1 1922-1927
Air Department - Rates PNCC K3/4/1:52:1 1944-1947
Akuira Te Rangi - Rates PNCC K3/4/1:45:3 1941-1943
Ambulance Conference PNCC K3/4/1:31:1 1935-1938
Anderson L E - Rates PNCC K3/4/1:45:1 1941-1943
Annual Election 1926 PNCC K3/4/1:2:4 1922-1927
ANZ Bank (Union Bank of Australia) PNCC K3/4/1:67:3 1950-1953
Application for Truck Drive PNCC K3/4/1:24:2 1933-1935
Arnott, G J - Metal Concession PNCC K3/4/1:67:2 1950-1953
Auctioneers Licences PNCC K3/4/1:9:2 1927-1930
Audit Department PNCC K3/4/1:1:2 1922-1927
Average Value of Rating PNCC K3/4/1:67:1 1950-1953
Awapuni Social Hall Proposal PNCC K3/4/1:52:2 1944-1947
Baker, AC - Rates PNCC K3/4/1:45:9 1941-1943
Balance Sheet PNCC K3/4/1:31:7 1935-1938
Balance Sheet Printing and Publication PNCC K3/4/1:74:5 1953-1957
Baldwin - Deputy Dog Registrar PNCC K3/4/1:24:4 1933-1935
Baldwin - Ranger PNCC K3/4/1:16:5 1930-1933
Baldwin - Rates PNCC K3/4/1:38:3 1938-1941
Baldwin - Sundry PNCC K3/4/1:38:2 1938-1941
Baldwin, I PNCC K3/4/1:31:6 1935-1938
Ballinger, L F - Rates PNCC K3/4/1:9:5 1927-1930
Batchelar, J PNCC K3/4/1:9:3 1927-1930
Batchelar, J PNCC K3/4/1:16:6 1930-1933
Beazley, GA & PI - Rates PNCC K3/4/1:45:10 1941-1943
Bergman, J J - Water Supply PNCC K3/4/1:67:6 1950-1953
Billiard Room Licence PNCC K3/4/1:52:5 1944-1947
Billiard Room Licences PNCC K3/4/1:67:7 1950-1953
Bledisloe Park - Rates Liability PNCC K3/4/1:60:3 1947-1950
Bridges - Weight and Speed PNCC K3/4/1:67:5 1950-1953
Brooke, P M - Annotator of Statutes PNCC K3/4/1:31:4 1935-1938
Brown, A C - Collision Claim PNCC K3/4/1:45:6 1941-1943
Brown, F - Rates PNCC K3/4/1:16:3 1930-1933
Brown, F - Rates PNCC K3/4/1:16:4 1930-1933
Budd, J - Rates PNCC K3/4/1:45:4 1941-1943
Buick, A - Rates PNCC K3/4/1:45:5 1941-1943
Building Permits PNCC K3/4/1:38:4 1938-1941
Building Permits PNCC K3/4/1:1:6 1922-1927
Building Permits PNCC K3/4/1:31:5 1935-1938
Building Permits PNCC K3/4/1:60:4 1947-1950
Building Permits PNCC K3/4/1:45:8 1941-1943
Building Permits PNCC K3/4/1:9:4 1927-1930
Building Permits PNCC K3/4/1:16:7 1934-1935
Building Permits PNCC K3/4/1:16:8 1931-1932
Building Permits PNCC K3/4/1:52:4 1944-1947
Bunnythorpe Sections PNCC K3/4/1:36:6 1935
Candy, A C - Rates PNCC K3/4/1:24:8 1933-1935