Kairanga County Council District Scheme Documents

PNCC K3/10/5
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Printed copies of Scheme Statements, codes of Ordinances and planning maps. For correspondance relating to creation of first District Scheme (1959 – 1960) and Variation No. 1 and No. 2 (1969-71) see Series KCC3/4/5, file 21/5 (A-C) . For correspondence relating to Review of District Scheme (1982-1983) see Series KCC3/4/8, folders 20-21. For pre-review statement (1979-1980) see Series KCC3/4/9, folder 17.

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created by (RiC-R027): Kairanga County Council
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Ian Matheson City Archives
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County of Kairanga District Scheme PNCC K3/10/5:1:2 1960
County of Kairanga District Scheme PNCC K3/10/5:1:1 1960
District Scheme PNCC K3/10/5:1:4 1971
District Scheme Review No.1 PNCC K3/10/5:1:7
District Scheme Reviews No. 1 PNCC K3/10/5:1:9 1984
District Scheme Reviews No.1: PNCC K3/10/5:1:8 1984
District Scheme Variation No.2 PNCC K3/10/5:1:1 1969-1970
District Scheme Variations No.1 PNCC K3/10/5:1:3 1969
District Scheme, Review No.1 PNCC K3/10/5:1:10 1989
Operative District Scheme PNCC K3/10/5:1:5 1978
Operative District Scheme PNCC K3/10/5:1:6 1978