Kairanga County Council Legal Documents

PNCC K3/12/3
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Road and Bridge Loans. Includes agreement of ratepayers to raise loan, resolutions striking the special rates, ratepayers consent to special rate, special orders authorising loan, special rolls, depentures, resolutions authorising signing of debentures and coupons, agreements with Public Trust Office.

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created by (RiC-R027): Kairanga County Council
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Ian Matheson City Archives
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Records in Kairanga County Council Legal Documents

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Aorangi Block Loan PNCC K3/12/3:1:3 1914
Bridges Loan PNCC K3/12/3:2:8 1928
Gillespie's Line Contract 79 PNCC K3/12/3:2:14 1906-1908
Hilltop Road Loan PNCC K3/12/3:1:5 1916
Kahuterawa Bridge Loan PNCC K3/12/3:1:6 1920
Lockwood Estate Loan PNCC K3/12/3:1:4 1914
Longburn Road Loan PNCC K3/12/3:1:2 1913
Melford Street Loan PNCC K3/12/3:2:7 1920
New Fitzherbert Bridge Loan PNCC K3/12/3:2:9 1933
Range Road Loan PNCC K3/12/3:2:12 1905 (year approximate)
Siberia Road Loan PNCC K3/12/3:1:1 1912
Sinking Funds Deed PNCC K3/12/3:2:10 1935
Special Roll of Awapuni Rating District PNCC K3/12/3:2:13 1950
Tiritea Bridge Loan PNCC K3/12/3:2:11 1906