Kairanga County Council Subdivision Applications

PNCC K3/10/1
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District Planning Schemes. A numerical sequence of files containing inward and outward correspondence relating to applications for subdivisional approval. Some files from this series were transferred to the Palmerston North City Council in 1967 (when the city and county boundaries were altered) and are now included in Series PNCC 7/2/1. (These transferred files still retain their original S.P. number allocated by the Kairanga County Council). For correspondance relating to creation of first District Scheme (1959 – 1960) and Variation No. 1 and No. 2 (1969-71) see Series KCC3/4/5, file 21/5 (A-C) . For correspondence realting to Reveiw of District Scheme (1982-1983) see Series KCC3/4/8, folders 20-21. For pre-review statement (1979-1980) see Series KCC3/4/9, folder 17. 

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created by (RiC-R027): Kairanga County Council
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Ian Matheson City Archives
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Records in Kairanga County Council Subdivision Applications

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Subdivision - Monrad and Ronberg Streets PNCC K3/10/1:1:2 1947
Subdivision - Napier Road and Roberts Line Corner PNCC K3/10/1:11:407
Subdivision - Roberts Line and Napier Road PNCC K3/10/1:11:412 B
Boundary Adjustments - Atawhai Rd PNCC K3/10/1:16:586
Boundary Adjustments - Rasmusson Block PNCC K3/10/1:8:326
Certificates of Title - Te Matai Road/Te Wai Maori Reserve PNCC K3/10/1:17:
Subdivision - Camp Road and State Highway No 57 Corner PNCC K3/10/1:15:562
Subdivision - Pioneer Highway PNCC K3/10/1:14:520
Subdivision - Te Matai Road PNCC K3/10/1:3:129
Subdivision - Te Matai Road PNCC K3/10/1:10:358
Subdivision - Te Puna Road PNCC K3/10/1:15:578
Subdivision - Turitea Road, Right of Way PNCC K3/10/1:3:145
Subdivision - Akers Road PNCC K3/10/1:10:397
Subdivision - Akers Road PNCC K3/10/1:14:547
Subdivision - Akers Road PNCC K3/10/1:13:512A
Subdivision - Armstrong Street PNCC K3/10/1:14:531
Subdivision - Armstrong Street PNCC K3/10/1:9:337
Subdivision - Armstrong Street/Railway Road PNCC K3/10/1:12:461
Subdivision - Atawhai Road PNCC K3/10/1:16:584
Subdivision - Atawhai Road PNCC K3/10/1:11:419
Subdivision - Bledisloe Park PNCC K3/10/1:14:526
Subdivision - Boundary Road PNCC K3/10/1:1:41
Subdivision - Boundary Road PNCC K3/10/1:8:320
Subdivision - Boundary Road PNCC K3/10/1:4:168
subdivision - Boundary Road PNCC K3/10/1:5:229
Subdivision - Boundary Road PNCC K3/10/1:2:74
Subdivision - Boundary Road PNCC K3/10/1:4:187
Subdivision - Camerons Line and State Highway Corner PNCC K3/10/1:3:125
Subdivision - Camp Road PNCC K3/10/1:14:536
Subdivision - Camp Road PNCC K3/10/1:9:356
Subdivision - Camp Road PNCC K3/10/1:6:251
Subdivision - Cliff Road PNCC K3/10/1:8:302
Subdivision - Cliff Road PNCC K3/10/1:2:88
Subdivision - Clifton Road PNCC K3/10/1:5:208
Subdivision - Clifton Road PNCC K3/10/1:6:271
Subdivision - Clifton Road PNCC K3/10/1:3:126
Subdivision - Clifton Road PNCC K3/10/1:1:25
Subdivision - Clifton Road and Mountain View Road PNCC K3/10/1:4:181
Subdivision - Clifton Road and Mountain View Road PNCC K3/10/1:7:299
Subdivision - College St PNCC K3/10/1:1:9
Subdivision - College Street PNCC K3/10/1:2:63
Subdivision - College Street PNCC K3/10/1:1:16
Subdivision - College Street PNCC K3/10/1:2:70
Subdivision - College Street PNCC K3/10/1:2:83
Subdivision - Eyre Road PNCC K3/10/1:13:508A
Subdivision - Eyre Road PNCC K3/10/1:5:247
Subdivision - Ferguson and Stafford Streets PNCC K3/10/1:5:242
Subdivision - Fitzherbert PNCC K3/10/1:4:165
Subdivision - Fitzherbert PNCC K3/10/1:1:3 1947
Subdivision - Fitzherbert PNCC K3/10/1:1:8