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PNCC 7/6/7
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1. Printed plans of the Survey and Purchase by the New Zealand Government of Te Ahuaturanga Block or Upper Manawatu Block. 2. Printed copies of sale plans of land subdivisions produced by the subdivider (or his auctioneer) for advertising purposes. Some of the drawings in this series originated in the City Engineer’s Department prior to the creation of the City Planner’s Department. The series INCLUDES drawings produced by Council staff and outside consultants (engineers, surveyors and architects). The series EXCLUDES maps relating to Town Planning Schemes (prepared under the Town Planning Act 1926) and District Schemes (prepared under the Town & Country Planning Act 1953). These maps can be found in subseries 7/3/1 and 7/3/4

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Ian Matheson City Archives
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"Sale of First Class Sections" PNCC 7/6/7:0:15 1916 (year approximate)
"Map of the Country Sections in the District of Manawatu and Orewenua" PNCC 7/6/7:0:19 1842-1842
Auction Notice - Between Ferguson, Cook, Hereford and Worcester Street PNCC 7/6/7:0:8 1903-11-14
Auction Notice - Broad, Grey, Rangitikei, Duke, King and Queen Streets PNCC 7/6/7:0:3 1881-11-23
Auction Notice - Carow and College Streets PNCC 7/6/7:0:5 1892
Auction Notice - Clifton Estate PNCC 7/6/7:0:13 1910-04-07
Auction Notice - Fitzherbert Property PNCC 7/6/7:0:6 1900-01-31
Auction Notice - Glen Oroua PNCC 7/6/7:0:12 1909-06-12
Auction Notice - Kairanga Properties PNCC 7/6/7:0:7 1900-01-30
Auction Notice - Main, Short, David, Featherston, Kairanga, Cuba, Lombard, Grey, Queen, King and Broad Streets PNCC 7/6/7:0:4 1889-09-11
Boundary Road Suburban Subdivision PNCC 7/6/7:0:18 1920
Deed of Sale of Te Ahuaturanga Block PNCC 7/6/7:0:2 1864
Plan of Lands - Milsons Line, Boundary Road and Setters Line PNCC 7/6/7:0:10 1906
Plan of Suburban Sections - Monrad Street and Ronberg Street PNCC 7/6/7:0:11 1908
Purchase of Te Ahuaturanga or Upper Manawatu Block PNCC 7/6/7:0:1 1859
Sale Plan - Ferguson, Cook, Hereford and Worcester Streets PNCC 7/6/7:0:9 1905 (year approximate)
Sale Plan - Fitzherbert Property PNCC 7/6/7:0:16 1919
Subdivision of Ferguson Street West, Moore, Douglas and Thomson Streets PNCC 7/6/7:0:14 1914 (year approximate)
Waitohi Estate, Rongotea PNCC 7/6/7:0:17 1920-05-12