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PNCC 12/1/1
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Correspondence relating to application for approval to subdivide land. The classification number of each file is prefixed by the letter “M”. Other files in this series are held by the Manawatu District Council.

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created by (RiC-R027): Manawatu District Council [I]
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Ian Matheson City Archives
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Records in Manawatu District Council - Subdivisional Approval Files

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Clausen Bros / G Kenny, Rongotea Road PNCC 12/1/1:1:M 594 1888-1889
Clausen Bros Ltd (Port), No. 1 Line PNCC 12/1/1:2:M 706 1988-1989
Clausen Bros Ltd./G Fraser, No. 1 Line PNCC 12/1/1:2:M 742 1988-1989
Clausen Bros Ltd/ Ball, No. 1 Line PNCC 12/1/1:2:M 758 1988-1989
Clausen Bros Ltd/Arlidge, Anders Road PNCC 12/1/1:4:M 855 1988-1989
Clausen Bros Ltd/Holdaway/Archibald - Kairanga S.D. - No.1 Line and Anders Road PNCC 12/1/1:2:M 731 1988-1989
Clausen Bros Ltd/Moffat, Anders Road PNCC 12/1/1:3:M 850 1988-1989
Clausen Bros Ltd/Morris, Longburn-Rongotea Road PNCC 12/1/1:4:M 879 1988-1989
Clausen Bros Ltd/R H Brown, Anders Road PNCC 12/1/1:4:M 852 1988-1989
Clausen Bros Ltd/Savage, Anders Road PNCC 12/1/1:4:M 853 1988-1989
Clausen Bros Ltd/Turnbull, Anders Road PNCC 12/1/1:4:M 851 1988-1989
Clausen Bros Ltd/Yeoman, Anders Road PNCC 12/1/1:4:M 854 1988-1989
Clausen Bros. Ltd/G & R McIntosh, Anders Road PNCC 12/1/1:4:M 860 1988-1989
Subdivision: A and J Pettigrew, Fitzherbert Road East PNCC 12/1/1:2:M 771 1988-1989
Subdivision: A B and A L Kirk, SH 57, Linton PNCC 12/1/1:2:M 798 1988-1989
Subdivision: A G Craw, Lochmoigh Road PNCC 12/1/1:3:M 830 1988-1989
Subdivision: A Miers, Aokautere Road PNCC 12/1/1:2:M 780 1988-1989
Subdivision: Allan H Ireland - P Rae PNCC 12/1/1:4:M 873 1988-1989
Subdivision: AWA Land Ltd, Te Puna Road PNCC 12/1/1:1:M 690 1988-1989
Subdivision: B J Whitelock, Linton Drain Road PNCC 12/1/1:3:M 806 1988-1989
Subdivision: Binshaw Farm Ltd, Richardsons Line and Setters Line PNCC 12/1/1:2:M 732 1988-1989
Subdivision: Brinkburn Farm Ltd, Aokautere Road PNCC 12/1/1:2:M 759 1988-1989
Subdivision: C H Phillips, Stoney Creek Road PNCC 12/1/1:3:M 804 1988-1989
Subdivision: C J Davey, Lochmoigh Road PNCC 12/1/1:3:M 843 1988-1989
Subdivision: C P Hart, Tiritea Road/Old West Road PNCC 12/1/1:3:M 808 1988-1989
Subdivision: Christian Fellowship Trust, Kelvin Grove Road PNCC 12/1/1:4:M 866 1988-1989
Subdivision: Clausen Bros Ltd, - Drayton, Kelly, Wiseman PNCC 12/1/1:1:M 685 1988-1989
Subdivision: Clausen Bros Ltd, (Pearce), SH 56 PNCC 12/1/1:1:M 686 1988-1989
Subdivision: D and H Rix, Akers Road Ltd PNCC 12/1/1:3:M 829 1988-1989
Subdivision: D M Galloway (Sinclair), Kendalls Line SH 57 PNCC 12/1/1:2:M 717 1988-1989
Subdivision: D P and J E Harrison, Hewitts Road PNCC 12/1/1:1:M 659 1988-1989
Subdivision: Department of Education Activity Centre, Napier Road PNCC 12/1/1:1:M 211 1987-1988
Subdivision: E and C Brill, Fitzherbert Road East PNCC 12/1/1:2:M 705 1988-1989
Subdivision: E L and J A Cowley, Te Matai Road PNCC 12/1/1:2:M 728 1988-1989
Subdivision: Estate of E and K Barber (Mrs M A Howitt), Summerhill Drive PNCC 12/1/1:2:M 772 1988-1989
Subdivision: G and J Blackley, Stoney Creek Road PNCC 12/1/1:3:M 837 1988-1989
Subdivision: G C Davis, Aokautere Drive PNCC 12/1/1:2:M 751 1988-1989
Subdivision: G L and A K Wall, State Highway 57 PNCC 12/1/1:1:M 226 1988-1989
Subdivision: H O Oxenham (J Adams), Kahuterawa Road PNCC 12/1/1:4:M 868 1988-1989
Subdivision: I and M Howitt, Kahuterawa Road PNCC 12/1/1:3:M 800 1988-1989
Subdivision: J B and A T Meyler, Kelvin Grove Road PNCC 12/1/1:3:M 812 1988-1989
Subdivision: J S Hunt, James Line PNCC 12/1/1:1:M 576 1988-1989
Subdivision: J S Hunt, Kelvin Grove Road, James Line PNCC 12/1/1:1:M 689 1988-1989
Subdivision: J Spall, Te Matai Road PNCC 12/1/1:1:M 655 1988-1989
Subdivision: Joe Yue Sing and Partners, Napier Road SH 3 PNCC 12/1/1:2:M 747 1988-1989
Subdivision: John Budge, Scotts Road Linton PNCC 12/1/1:1:M 216 1988
Subdivision: K D Craw, Linton Station Road PNCC 12/1/1:3:M 848 1988-1989
Subdivision: Lawrence Gardens Ltd, Te Matai Road/SH 3 PNCC 12/1/1:4:M 864 1988-1989
Subdivision: Linton Park Stud Ltd, Camp Road PNCC 12/1/1:3:M 846 1988-1989
Subdivision: M T and J M McEvedy, Whitmore Road PNCC 12/1/1:2:M 715 1988-1989