Card Index to Council Minute Books, A-Z

RDC 00262:1:1
Descriptive Note

This contains the following cards (the Notes record any specific issues recorded, but don't always reflect the full contents of the card):

Card Title Notes
Abattoir District - Abattoirs (Local) Inspection abattoir slaughterhouse; Establishment of abattoir at Marton; Taihape and Feilding abattoirs; Mr Marshall; Fence abattoir section
Accidents Blackledge; McDougall; Signal St tarring; Simpson Civic Theatre; Witney; Witney; Wilson; Borough truck
Acclimatisation Society  
Accounts For Payment  
Accounts Written Off  
Ambulance Marton Junior Chamber
Anzac Day  
Appeal Board Bushby; Holden
Arbor Day  
Armed Forces Travelling permits; Prime Minister; Civic welcome; Government subsidy; Subsidy; Welcome home; Recruiting drive
Assessment Court Valuations; Appointment Assessor; Brice re Borough valuations; Appointment Assessor
Audit Department Balance Sheet; 1942; Land owned by Council
Authorisation Cheques J R Howard
Automatic Flusher Production engineering
Automobile Association Motor taxation; Visit - representatives; Hedge - Junction School; Junction School
Awards Dispute Local Bodies; Renewal General Workers; Driver's Award; Shops and Offices
Balance Sheet Trading percent Gasworks; 1942-43; 1943; 1944-45; 1945-46; 1946-47; 1946-47 Final; Certified 1947-48; 1948-49
Band Disbandment of; Custodians of property; Reforming of; Instruments; Instruments; Instruments; Grant; Grant; Subsidy; Subsidy
Baths - Use Of Repairs to; Greatford School; Western Rangitikei School; New Zealand Amateur Swimming Club
Bitumen and Colas Colfix To purchase; Colas; Colas
Borough Buildings - Painting and Repairs Convenience - Follett St; Tenders; Abbatoir house; Pavilion; Gasworks; Office; Gasworks; Restroom; Theatre, Conveniences; Fire station; Painting; Hunia St house; Rira St, Septic tank; Rira St; Tender Rira St; Abattoir house; Borough office; Gasworks house; Borough fire station; Fire station; Hunia St house; E Light Gasworks house; Fire station; Fire station; Council Chambers; Spray painting; Rira St; Gasworks house; Gasworks house; Men's quarters gasworks; Bath and basin gasworks; Ellis and Calkin gasworks contract; Fence Mill St; Civic Theatre; Abattoir dwelling
Borough By Laws Standard Institutes; By Laws; Te Kuiti Borough Council re standard By Laws
Borough Land - Lease Klitscher; Bailey; Johnstone; Pollington; Meyer; Still; Still; Hegglun; Lower Reservoir; Gardiner; Still; Abattoir; Abattoir; Still; Hegglun, Cemetery; Kreegher; Cemetery; Waterworks; Waterworks; Lower Reservoir; Stilll Lower Reservoir; Gorse, Klitscher; Abattoir section; Mount View; Pollington, King St; A Still; L McLean Cemetery; Abattoir section; Still; Watson; Abattoir section; A Still; McLean, Cemetery; Klitscher cancelled; Klitscher Mill St reserve; Rented septic tank paddock; McLean leasee Cemetery; Kreegher reservoir; Cemetery land; Andrews cemetery; Inspection abattoir section; Watson's lease terminated; Watson monthly tenancy; Abattoir; Kenzie abattoir land; Klitscher Mill St; Klitscher Mill St; Gardiner section VII Ngareta St; Gravel reserve Henderson's LIne; Klitscher road; Russell St for lease; Mill St reserve
Borough Land - Purchases and Sales See also Sections etc; Russell St; Section 107 King St; Old reservoir land; McIlwaine gravel reserve; Unpaid rates; Sale; Tenders; Section Wellington Road; Sale land for street purposes; Street Henderson's Line; Russell St; Centennial Park J Hannan; Russell St sections
Borough Valuations Re-valuation; Appointment of assessor; New valuations
Boundary Roads Rangitikei County Council
Bowsers Fees, Shifting etc Farmers Distribution Company; C H Campbell
Bridges Calico Line; Kensington Rd; Kensington Rd; Kensington Rd
Building Controller Granville - Smith; Granville - Smith; Cement; Cement; Policy; Pinus Insignus, Director Forestry; Policy
Building Permits Miss Cash; Emergency regulations; Archibald; Inspector appointed; Archibald; Sash and Door; Production engineer; Sanders; Factory production engineer; C H Campbell; Temporary cottage Sec 3 Blk XIV; Creagh; Hotter; Returns; Towa Timber; Building line Broadway; C H Campbell; Tanalized Timber; M T Archibald; M T Archibald; Combined Sports; Rounding off corners; Barraud and Abraham; Abraham Williams; Martoncrete weatherboard; Archibald; Barrand and Abraham; Tanalized Timber; Tanalized Timber
Bus Services - Bus Stops Bus stand
Camp Site Contribution by AA; Buildings; Subsidy; Kitchen building; Custodian; Entrance; Road; Tar seal; Automobile Association [AA] re camp site; Horan £10; Heating points; Tar sealing; Tar sealing; Camp caretaker 
Canterbury Progress League  
Cemtery Boundary fence; Allowance Whitney; New area; New area observer post; Witney; Air post; Soldier's plots; McNamara; Report; Burial regulations; Rangitikei County Council grant; Fees; Cemetery fees; Maintenance; Fees; Rangitikei County Council; Report; Survey; Plan; Harper; McLean; Headstones; Rangitikei County Council; Grave Philpotts
Centennial Committee Souvenirs
Centennial Committee Formation of; Expenditure under act; Acquire and Equip [Centennial Park]; Historical data; Zone E; Payments; Memorial Hall; Subsidies
Centennial Exhibition Gas Association; Grant; Gas exhibit
Centennial Park See Drill Hall Site; Visit Town Planner; Buildings; Buildings; Boundary fence; Dornbusch; Title; Dornbusch; Dornbusch; Dornbusch; Hockey Association; Hockey Association; Hockey grounds; Drain; Buckland; Drain; Grass; Hockey deputation; History; Cutting grass; Shed from filters; Deputation Combined Sports; Sewerage main; Mower - Combined Sports; Triplex mowers; Flood damage; Sewerage; Buildings; Mowing; Land J Hannan
Children's Playground Rotary Club; Victory Hall site; Rotary; Convenience; Convenience; Donations; Junior Chamber of Commerce; Fence; Donation seat; Seating
Civic Theatre See also J C Williamson; Lighting; Exit lights; School ball; Ball; Lights outside; Fire control; Water; Repairs foundations; Report foundations; Exits; Marton District High School ball; Otaki Borough Council; Keystone contract; Civic Theatre caretaker; Keystone; Marton District High School; Keystone contract; Repairs Musical Society; Repairs; Hunt Club; Boxing Association; Christmas party Marton District High School; Concert; Keystone; Title reference; Keystone; A and P Association and Hunt Club balls; Knight's Empire; Marton District High School; Painting roof; Insurance; Insurance; Dispersal steps; Insurance; Alterations; Bookings; New lease; Post and Telegraph ball; Kerridge Odeon; Cleaning arrangements; Milk bars; Agreement; Milk bar; Band use of Theatre; Inspector; Carnival Committee; Milk bars in Theatre; Theatre milk bar; RSA ball; Band concert; Band; Repairs to stage; Painting; National Party; Keystone, caretaker; Rent and repairs; Sunday concerts; Care carpets; Repairs Kerridge Odeon; Hunt ball; Repairs; Agreement
Combined Sports Carnival; Hire theatre; Use of park; Building; Triplex motor top-dressing; Gas fittings at park; Running track park; Adjoining section; Community Centre
Council Council 1938: Mayor F Purnell, Councillors: G B Gregory, A J B Sicely, K A Williams, W J Mogridge, J R Howard, W B Winchcombe, T E Barton; Council 1941: Mayor F Purnell, Councillors: G B Gregory, T Barton, K H Fowler, W J Mogridge, W B Winchcombe, A J B Sicely, K A Williams, J R Howard; Council 1944: Mayor F Purnell, Councillors: WIlliams, Howard, Mogridge, Todd, Fogelberg, Caithness, Fowler, Gracie; Council 1947: F Purnell (Mayor), Councillors: Barton, Deputy Fowler; Mogridge; Gracie, Todd, Fogelberg, Caithness, Howard, Committees: Finance and Gas: Mayor, Barton, Howard, Parks and Town Hall and Reserves: Mogridge, Gracie, Caithness, Library: Barton, Mr Gregory, K A Williams, A Thompson, McDonald, Water: Howard, Fowler, Fogelberg, Todd, Works: Fowler, Gracie, Fogelberg, Todd; 1948 Mayor: T E Barton, Finance and Gas and Town Hall: Mayor, Howard, Gracie, Gregory (Co-opted), Parks, Reserves, Baths and Fire: Mogridge, Gracie, Caithness, Scott (Co-opted), Library: Mayor, Co-opted, Miss McDonald, Gregory, Williams, Thompson, Water: J R Howard, Fowler, Fogelberg, Todd, Works: Fowler, Gracie, Fogelberg, Todd, Election: A S Blackledge; Resignation Todd; Councillor Meads
Council Councillor Fowler's resignation, Councillor Charlton appointed; Committees 1950 - Finance: Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Councillor Gracie, Gregory, Gas: Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Charlton, Gregory, Town Hall: Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Councillor Gracie, Charlton, Mr Gregory, Water: Deputy Mayor, Councillor Fogelberg, Meads, Gracie, Parks and Reserves: Councillor Mogridge, Gracie, Caithness, Blackledge, Mr Scott, Works: Councillor Fogelberg, Gracie, Blackledge, Councillor Meads, Library: Mayor, Councillor Charlton, Miss McDonald, Gregory, Williams, Thompson; Committees defined
Council Chambers - General Lighting of
Council Dwellings Grey
Council Sections  
Country Library Services Books military camps; Particulars of service; Marton Junction
Crippled Children  
Culverts French St; Morris St; Station Rd; Kensington Rd; Station Rd; Kensington Rd; McIlwaine; Signal and Grey St, Station Rd; Station Rd; Campbell; Station Rd; Orgias; Flooding Potaka St; Station Rd; Alexandra St; Lyon St; Bond St; Pukepapa Rd and Mill St; Robinson Pukepapa Rd; Signal St; Bridle Track; Follett St
Cycle Allowance Hooper; Blackler
Cycle Stands, Cyclists Bicycle nuisance; Damage to Thorley windows; Parking, theatre
Defence Office Recruiting rally, farewell soldiers
Dental Clinic Lighting
Deputy Mayor Gregory 1940, G Gregory 1941
Disabled Soldiers Products Dog collars; Dog collars
District Electors Roll List submitted; Printing
Dog Collars: Disabled Soldiers Product Arecoline; Appointment of Registrar; Collars; Appointment Registrar; 1940/1941; 1940
Drainage Schultz; Kitchener; Follett St; Edward St New Zealand Rail; Pukepapa Rd; Wellington Rd; Morris St; Stewart St; Grey St; Hair St; Ngahina St; Open drain; Main drain; Signal and Skerman St; French St; Humphreys; Hunia St; Hunia St; Hunia St; Terrace St; Prince Estate; Centennial Park - J Hannon; Auckland Drainage League; Alexandra St; Centennial Park; Drainage Queen St; Well, Lot 18 Blk XXVII; Grey and Skerman St; Kitchener and French St; Auckland Drainage Board; Beaven St; Harris and Ross; Upper Reservoir; Drainage well, Warden and Murray; Hegglun, Mill Street; Modern Motors; Drainage excavator; Main drain clearance; Pukepapa Rd; Beaven St
Drill Hall Site Exchange of sites; Bowen St transfer; Title transfer
Earthquake and War Commission and Precautions Scheme Ministry of Works; Flood relief
Electoral District and District Electors List Deputation; List approved
Emergency Precautions Scheme Under Secretary letter; Telegraph Department; Williams; Vital points; School children; Postmaster; Injuries; Signals; Sirens; Meeting; Blackout; Patrol; Wardens; Rangitikei County Council; Signals; Appointed; Petrol storage; Fire unit; Badges; Evacuation Scheme; First aid posts; Nga Tawa; Emergency hospital; Home Guard; District Controller; Conference; Air raid shelters; Impressed vehicles; Practice alert; Transfer Home Guard; Hospital posts; Supplies; Signals; Bulls Emergency Precautions Scheme; Hospital T Valley; District Controller; Alert; Report; Signallers; Water and fire; Light restrictions; Crooke; Bayley; Expenditure; Expenditure; Civil Defence; Cracroft; Operational School; Expenditure; Fire control; Whangaehu; Epidemic Committee; Emergency Precautions Scheme Benzine; Blankets
Estimates 1946-47; 1946-47; 1947-48; 1948-49; 1950-51
Evacuated Children See also Internal Affairs Department; N Hyde; Frost children; British children
Exemption From Provision of Section 128 of Public Works Act 1928 Signal St; Cubbabballa [Cuba] St; Robert St; Hair and Lambert Streets; Lambert and Hair Streets; Stewart St; Grey St; Grey St; Signal St; Blackwell St; Signal St; Morris St; Oxford St
Farm Lands See Urban Farm Lands; Roll - approval of; New roll
Filter Station and Filters Mrs Potts; Potts; Cleaning; Cleaning; Gardiner; Leak; Brant payment; Emergency Precautions Scheme; A D Riley re filters; New filters; Filter plant; Caretaker; Filter plant plans; Filter plant; Filter plant; Filter plant; Filter house; Alarm system; Spare parts; Gardiner; Gardiner; Agitator; Chlorination plant; Chlorination plant; Chlorination plant; Analysis; Marton Baths
Finance Committee 1938 [also 1941, 1944, 1947 and 1948] Councillors Gregory, Williams, Sicely, Howard; Office alterations; Finance Committee 1941: Councillors Gregory, Howard, Williams, Sicely; Finance Committee 1944: Councillors Williams, Howard, Mogridge; 1947: Mayor, Barton, Howard; 1948: Mayor, Howard, Gracie, Gregory (co-opted)
Fire Calls and Brigade Attendance outside Borough; Upper reservoir; Diamond Jubilee; Grant; Railway - attendance to; Fire Inspector's report; Inspection of quarters; Sprinkler at Sash and Door; Subsidy; Smoko; Reunion; Report fire escape; Engine repairs; Fire engine; Wind screen; Superintendent full time job; Grant; Auxiliary Fire Service; Dominion Fire Controller; Insurance cover; Conference; Sunday concert; Bulls, Hunterville; Fire escapes; Davenport's Buildings; Re-organisation Fire Service; Rubbish fires; Sash and Door; Meeting; Conference; Fire plugs; Kakariki Wool Store; Fire plugs; Sash and Door; Registration of trailer pumps and engines; Fire escapes Braeside; Braeside; Braeside; Fire precautions; Fire plugs; Congratulations; Foam extinguisher; Fire at pit; Pit fire; Expenditure; New hose; Fire plugs; Fire Services Bill; Purchase bell; Fire plugs cleaned; Urban Fire Authority; Fire Committee; Fire plugs; Shed Sash and Door
Fire Committee 1941 and Baths Mogridge, Winchcombe and Fowler; Executive meeting; Fire Committee 1944, Williams; Report; Fire Committee: Grey, Gallagher, Stott, Gracie, Blackledge; Fire Service Council; Fire Council; Fire Council; Fire Services Act; Fire Service Council re instalment 
Fire Inspector Appointment of G Grey
Fire Plugs: Maintenance, Installations Hereford St; Hereford St; Hereford St; Hereford St; Maintenance; Painting
Flood Damage Government subsidy; Flood relief; Flood relief; Flood Relief Committee; A C M Parkinson
Footpaths Robert St; Morris St; Hereford St; Seats on footpaths; Ward Motors; North Broadway, Toia St; Seat at Post Office; French St; Seats Post Office; Seats Station Rd; Willis St; Skerman St; Lower High St; Skerman St; Hereford St; Hereford St; Junction School; Crofton Rd; Bredin's Line; Wellington Rd; Ngarino St; Hotter, Stewart St; Parkinson, Wellington Rd; Oiroa St; Humphrey St; H J Higham, Follett St; Grantham, Bell St
Footpaths General Crossing to government houses; Half costs by Council; Footpath Russell St; Lambert St; Tar sealing Railway Settlement; Charlton, King St; Junction School; Skerman St; Hawkins; Housing Department; Goldings Line tarsealing
Foreman's Report  
Forty Hour Week  
Frontages - Clearing Of (Hedges Cut)
Furnace Sale of
Gas Committee 1938: Councillors Gregory, Williams, Sicely, Howard; 1944: Caithness, Todd, Fowler; 1947: Mayor, Councillors Barton and Howard; 1948: Mayor, Councillors Howard, Gracie, Gregory (Co-opted); 1950: Mayor, Charlton, Howard, Gregory (Co-opted); Report new retorts; Report; Gas Institute: Conference
Gas Companies Association Gas in state houses; Municipal Association; Small gas works; Membership; Subsidies removal; State houses
Gas General Holder; Pelton Wheel; Holder repairs; Purchase of scales; Radiation demonstration; Increase of price on coal; Discounts; Report on gas changes; Fees and small Gas Works; Charges increase; Demonstration; Retort house roof; Dental clinic installation; Staff; Gas appliances government houses; Charges water heaters; Cooking demonstration; Increase in charges; Coke crusher; Coal storage; Exhauster inlet; State houses; Crushed coke; Crushed coke; Conditional purchase; Andrew; Hill; Coal; Subsidy; Director stabilization; Trading accounts; Stoker; Subsidy; Exhauster; Coal; Subsidy; Subsidy; Subsidy; Coal supplies; Manager; Manager position; Vehicle gas works; Gas works section, horse paddock; Horse paddock; Price Tribunal; Retort renewal; Charges; Retorts A Parker's tender; Retorts; Coke; Retorts; Coke; Coke supplies; Price Tribunal; Report; Stoker's wages; Gas rates; Retort setting; Price control; Gas complaint; Coal Chenille Tufting
Gas General Gas meters; Holdaway's gas; Coke; Coke; Wanganui Rd gas service; Complaint; Appointment Manager; Applications Manager; Complaint Hawkins; Retorts; Accounts; Purifier lids; Gas truck; Increase prices; Commer truck; Sale Chrysler truck; Truck sold; Gasworks award; Charges increased; New house; Flood damage; New gasworks house; E B Gordon; Dwelling; Increase prices; Price control
Gas Holders Gas Loan
Gas Mains Russell St; Bond St; Broadway; Plan; Extra labour; Report; Wellington Rd; Pipe line indicator
Gas Managers Reports Special; 
Gas Meters Purchase of; Gas meter rented; Gas meter rental
Gas Retorts Earthquake damage; Damage; Exhauster; Exhauster; Retorts; Report Mr Stone; A Parker; Parker contract; Parker contract
Gasworks House Painting
Gasworks Loan State Fire; Special meeting re loan; Debentures printed
Gorse Clearing Marton Junction; Lower Reservoir; Toia St; Upper Reservoir; Marumaru St; Ngareta St; Reservoir; Mt View; Septic tank; J J Wilson; Reservoir; Upper Reservoir
Government Stock  
Governor General Visit to Marton; Vice Regal Programme; Invitation schools; Appreciation; Gracie's land, Lower High St
Grants Athletic and Cycling Club
Health Inspector and Department Correspondence Braeside; Health Inspector's room; Hohepa, Braeside; Closing Order; Braeside; Braeside; Health camp; Closing Order; Fire escapes; Marr Estate; Russell Estate; Refuse; Fish; Haughey, drains; Haughey; Water analysis; Rats; Report, Bright and Anderson; National disaster control; Food regulations; Health Department; Health Department; Contribution; Levy; Braeside; Inspector's transfer; Haddock's dwelling; Lovett; Water chlorinating; Water analysis; Dwellings; Water analysis; Eating regulations; Sanitary Inspector trainees; Complaint - night soil; Stubbs dwelling; Stubbs Dwelling; Dalley's house; Health Department allocations; Dalley and Stubbs; Water supply analysis; Eating houses; Stubbs; Ornstein; Report on water; Whitford's Bakery; Rubbish pit Beaven St; Pit Beaven St; Whitford's Bakery
Health Inspector's Report Borough water
Health Stamps  
Heavy Traffic Fees conference on; (Basis made); Conference; Audit; Minutes and delegate
Heavy Traffic Distribution; Allocation; Pool
Hedges Cutters
Highways Board Expenditure authorised; Estimates; Plant hire; Subsidy; Subsidies; Statistics; Expenditure; Estimates; Road magnet; Approval; Tar sealing; Authorising expenditure; Estimates; Estimates; Estimates; Claims; Annual review; Additional proposals; Estimates; Annual tour
Home Guard Inaugural meeting; Committee, Duputy Mayor, Town Clerk, J B Thorp, H Grut, J B S Dudding, A C Birch, Rangitikei County Council - two members, J T Fisher, Chamber of Commerce - one member, December 1940; Enrolments; Rangitikei County Council share; Committee
Hosing Restrictions F T Harper; Illegal water use; Restrictions; Holder Birch; Birch; Prohibited; Hours; Restrictions; Restrictions; Restrictions; Follett
Hospital (Marton) Chamber of Commerce delegates; Public meeting; Appeal launched; Deputation; Ladies Committee; Project; Public meeting; Deputation; Report Hospital project; Strathaven Hospital; Project; Alterations Strathaven; Hospital representation
Hospital and Charitable Aid  
Hospital Board - Estimates and Balance Sheet 1943-44; 1944-45; Board meeting; Meeting; 1946-47; Kincaid resignation; Appointment Barton; 31/8/1947; Balance sheet; Representative; Representation
Hospital Levy Social security payment to hospital; Hospital rating; Reduction levy; 1948-49; 1949-50
Housing Construction  
Housing Department: Water Application Etc Payment of rates government houses; Charges for inspection; Car crossings; Purchase gas ranges; Water heating; Drainage Pukepapa Rd; Stormwater; Stormwater; Subdivision; Street alignment; Drain; Sewer Main St; Director Housing; Pinus Radiata; Transit Camp; Subdivision; Fences Bell St; Lot 1 Blk X; Housing Department ; Specifications Roading and Sewerage; Gas appliances; Ahuru St
Housing Survey  
Industrial Dispute  
Industrial Efficiency Removal of kerbside pumps
Industries [Bureau of]: Department of Industry and Commerce Plant available from Germany and Japan; Kerbside pumps; Kerbside pumps Hammond St
Inspector of Explosives Abraham and Williams License; Ward Motors; C H Campbell; Kerbside pumps Mensforth; Industrial Efficiency Act; Pumps A S Blackledge
Inspector of Factories and Inspector of Machinery  
Installations of Councillors  
Insurance - Borough Property Increase; Increase; Blenheim Borough Council; Public Risk Policy; Civic Theatre
Internal Affairs Department Coat of Arms; Vital points; Subsidies, Centennial; Evacuated children; Subsidies; Legislation, Local bodies; War memorials; Loan proposals; Subsidy, war memorials
Kain Avenue Maintenance - Gardens; Women's Institute
Kerb and Channelling Follett St; Stewart - Pukepapa, Grey St, Signal St; Witney; Station Rd
Kerbside Pumps Policy; Hammond St; Installation; Blackledge - pumps
Kerridge - Odeon Theatre fittings
Labour Department Vegetable export
Land Valuations G B Gregory
Lease - Gravel Reserve See Borough Land Lease; Klitscher
Lease - Water Reserve See Borough Land Lease; Granted T Gardiner
Liberty Loan  
Library Committee 1938 Councillors Gregory, Williams; 1941 Gregory Gregory and Williams; Report
Library General Herald; Alterations; Covers; Paper rates; Paper cancelled; Grant; NZ Magazine; Library Association; Library Association; Library Association; Library Association; Books Waiouru; Book Drive Forces; War volumes; Conference; Import license; Import license; Advocate files; Junior Secretary Book Drive; Book week; Southern Cross; Southern Cross; Applications Librarian; McColvin visit; Kitcat Librarian; Re-organization; Adoption National Library Service; National Library Service; Rangitikei County Council; Salary Librarian; Committee Miss McDonald and Mr A Thompson; Book imports; Report; Librarian; Maloney and Strauch; Request service; Books war; Charges; Kitcat resignation; Reservoir, Digest; Richardson book; Resignation Miss McDonald; Salaries, Local body records
Licenses Billiard Saloon; Drain layers
Licensing Committee  
Loans Board - Loans etc Gas Works see Gas Loan; Waterworks Loan; Lower Reservoir; Reservoir; Voting paper; Water Loan; £4,500 Loans Board; Gas Loan; Sanction Gas Loan; £7,000 Gas Loan; £3,000 Gas Loan; Loan approved; Special Loan balances; £2,350 Gas Loan; Sanction for loan; £2,350 loan; £2,350 Loan; Special Order; £2,350 Loan; State Fire Office; Public Trustee re £2,350 Loan; Gisborne City; Water filter
Local Bodies Auckland Suburban; Executives classification
Magnetic Unit McNicol; Annual visit
Man Power Committee Also Armed Forces Appeal Board; Appeals; Sutton; Hooper; Holden McCallum; McCallum; Appeals; Bushby; Holden
Marton Jockey Club Tar Sealing Racecourse
Marton Park - Application For Use Of  
Maunder St - Fence, Entrance etc  
Mayor - Correspondence etc Leave of absence; Report, water; Leave of absence; Mayor's resignation; Installation of T E Barton
Mayor's Honorarium £75 per annum
Mayor's Relief Fund Grants; Granville-Smith; Granville-Smith; Fittler; Hooper; Dalley family; Flood Relief Fund; Flood Relief Committee (Howard and Fogelberg); Flood Relief Committee; Flood Relief Committee; Mr and Mrs Seeberg; Administration
Mayor's Soldier Entertainment - Presentation Fund  
Metal Pit Rangitikei County Council; Hammond, supply metal
Military Service - Staff, Farewells etc Harper
Milk Supply - Vendors etc T B tests; Report; Zoning Scheme; Milk conference; Milk Authority
Ministry of Supply Galvanised iron
Mount Stewart Memorial Grant
Municipal Association Motor taxation; Housing rates; Remit Hospital rates; Conference; Local Body Officers Award; Labourers dispute; Driver's dispute; Shifting poles
Municipal Association - Minutes etc Conference; Admission to membership; Conference 1940; Subscriptions; Taxis and town carriers; Emergency plans; Employees military service; Labourer's dispute; Conference; Drivers Licenses; Dominion Drivers Dispute; Local Authorities Officers Award; Conference 1941; Minutes; Rates liability; Delegate; Shops and Offices Act; Conference cancelled; Removal poles; Hospital taxation; Local elections; Conference; Poles; Travelling expenses; Essential industries; Conference; Poles; Rates Army Department; Electoral roll; Court decision; Fire service; Rolls; Retirement T Jordan; Williams K A delegate; Labourer's dispute; Agreement re poles; Labourer's Award; Conference; Legal opinions; Traffic control; Conference; Subscription; Subscriptions; Tribute to London; Unauthorised expenditure; Housing regulation; Returning Officer's fees; Judgement on rates
Municipal Employees Award  
National Art Gallery  
National Council for Waste Material Re meeting; Waste rubber; Rubber; Sacks for paper; Tyres and tubes
National Development Regional areas
National Fund Board  
National Patriotic Fund Board  
National Provident Fund  
National Service Director Motor vehicles; Advisory Committee; Emergency Precautions Scheme; Petrol; Emergency Precautions Scheme; Essential works; Scheme No. 13; Lee; Badges; Stores Emergency Precautions Scheme; Arm bands; Arm bands; Enemy resources; Waste paper depot; Emergency Precautions Scheme expenses; Expenses; Street lighting; Emergency Precautions Scheme; Ex service men
National Survey Under Secretary
NZ Blind Institute  
NZ Defence League  
NZ Famine Emergency Committee Rationing fat for Britain
NZ Institutes Architects; Standards; Standards; Standards; Standards, weather boards; Standards; Fire By-law; Standards re By-Laws; Building By-Laws; Standards Institute - taps; Standards Institute re fire prevention; Standards non-ferrous traps; Standards re boarding houses; Re chimneys; Chimneys; Fire resisting construction; Septic Tank By-Law; Mixed paints
New Zealand Railways - Closing Of Crossings, Signs etc Land taken for railways; Golding's Line; Golding's Line; French St; Station Rd crossing; Kensington Rd; Kensington Rd; Oiroa St crossing; Oiroa St; Crossing tar sealed
New Zealand Railways - Gas Supply Meters Agreements
New Zealand Railways - General Library; Rubbish removal; Rubbish collection; Rubbish removal; Rubbish removal; Wandering stock; Gas agreement; Gas agreement; Gas agreement; Gas agreement; Footpaths settlement; Main Trunk; Land Railway purposes; Re land purchased; Gas; Land Railway purposes; Land taken; Railway buses; Compensation to Borough £50; Payment to Borough; Sewer main; Gas charges; Terms varied; Gas charges; Railway buses; Bus depot; Bus depot
New Zealand Railways - Subway  
New Zealand Railways - Water Agreement Fire purposes; Fire purposes; Water connection; Renewal agreement; Hardie's connection; Water Phippen; Water Phippen; Phippen; Lurajud's water; P Lurajud
Nightwatchman Contribution; Contribution; Contribution
Notices of Motion Water connections; Gas meter rental; Water connections; Motion rescinded re Russell St sections
Noxious Weeds Galpin and Brice; Rangitikei County Council; Conference; Reservoir; Septic tank; Gorse - reservoir
Office - General Hours of attendance; Saturday opening of; Adding machine; Typewriter; Office hours; Holidays; Holidays; Local Body Officers Award
Oil Boring Operations Water; Water; Water; Water
Overdraft Loans Board
Parks - Committee Councillor Winchcombe; 1941 Councillor Winchcombe
Parks - General Lean to; Pavilion seats; Trellising; Repairs to pavilion seats; Mower; Drainage complaint J W Gibson; Grass catcher; Not available on Sundays for games; Plants; Motor mower; Lawnmower; Fence; Footpaths; Painting seats; Painting; Tar footpaths; Tiles; Power poles; Caretaker; Caretaker; Caretaker; Vandalism; Vandalism; Trees; Mower; Fence; Camping ground; Cycle track; Playing grounds; Cycle track; Mower; Boundary fence Ensom; G Grey; Ticket box; Mowing; Hedge trimmer; Hedge trimmer; Graveley mower; Hawkestone Golf Club mower; Graveley Mower etc; Cutting trees, boundary fence; Trees boundary Presbyterian Hall; Pavilion conveniences; Hedge clippers; Hedge clippers electric; Electric clippers; Triplex mowers hired out; Hedge clippers
Parks - Tree Planting Gift of trees
Park - Use Of and Light etc Cricket; Rugby Union; Hockey Club; Lighting repairs; Marching teams ten percent gate; Hockey Association; Band; Railway; Marching Girls; St John Ambulance; Cricket Club; Athletic Club; Rugby Union; Hockey Association; Railways Sunday football; Marton Band; Football Club; Protests against Sunday sport; Soft Ball and Athletic Club; Band; Marching Team; Lights football clubs; Railway Football; Sunday football; Softball Association; Band, Boy Scouts; Rugby Union; Football clubs; Railway Football; Marching teams; Marching teams
Parking Maunder St; Follett St prohibited; Follett St report of sub-committee; All night; Lutheran Church
Patriotic Appeals Sports gear; 22nd Battalion; St John and Red Cross; Greek Community; Welfare appeal; Maori Concert; YMCA; Salvation Army; Concert
Patriotic Committee Formation
Patriotic Guild (Internal Affairs Department) Forming Guild; Navy League representative
Pedestrian Crossings High St
Pipe Band Formation; Street Day
Pipes Hume Steel four inch concrete pipes; Spiral pipes; Pipes; 12 inch pipes; Hume Steel four inch water pipes
Police Department Additional Constable
Post Office Account Telegraph Office re posts shifting; Fire engine for flooding; Cables; Poles; Poles; Poles; Cables damage; Poles; Poles; Fire engine; Cables; Underground cables; Telephone charges increased; Underground cables; Cables
Presentations etc  
Primary Production Council Weighbridge
Provincial Court Executive - Appointment Of Centennial Park 
Provincial Memorial Fund  
Public Conveniences Tenders alterations; Damage; Lower High St; G Grey re land Lower High St; Health Department
Public Works Department Rates; Railway land; Defence works; Hire plant; Decentralization
Rangitikei Catchment Board Soil conservation;; Rate one sixteenth; Rates; Costs; Commission; Collection rates; Control water courses; Drains; Rates authorised; By-Laws; Erosion Tutaenui; Removal metal and sand; Girl Guide Training School; Special Order rates; Tutaenui Stream; Stopbank
Rangitikei Scenery Preservation Society Land exemption; Re Jockey Club land; Jockey Club
Rate Book - Signing Of  
Ratepayers Correspondence F Stewart; Russell Estate; Wandering stock; Brice re section; Forlong Estate; Section 100 Fell; Galpin Estate; Mulvay; Pownall; Te Kuiti Borough Council; Mulvay
Rates Increase and Exempt List Borough Land; St Stephen's
Rates Last Day of Payment and Rates Arrears Penalty; 1948; 1949; Goddard; Kensington; Report; Eketahuna Brick and Tile
Rates Notice of Intention to Strike 1938; 1939; 1940; 1941; 1942; 1943; 1944; 1945; 1946; 1947/48; 1948/49; 1949/50; 1950/51; Consolidated Rate; Two and a half percent rebate
Rates Outstanding and Rates Action Taken Robinson; Robinson; Paurini; Galpin Estate; Schedule; Lyon Estate; Railway rates; Holdaway, Kendrick, Marsh, Parkinson, Scott, Absentees; Soljak; Land sold absentee owners; Hiroti
Rates 10 Percent Penalty 1941; 1942; 1943; 1944; 31st March 1950
Rates Remittance Of Blackler; Lyon Estate; Cricket Association J Robson; Sanitation charge, Brenchley, Johnston; Snellgrove; Sanitation Jarvis, Gower; John Anderson; Sutcliffe; Watts; Runciman, Blackler; Cricket Association; Stellin; Cricket Association; Horgan septic tank; Cricket Association; Education Board
Rates Reports Rate consolidation
Rates Special Sewerage; Foreign Special Rate; Rangitikei County Council; Foreign Special; Special Gas Rate; Foreign Special
Rates Striking Of 1938; 1940; 1941; 1942; 1943; 1944; 1945; 1946-47; 1947-48; 1948-49; 1949-50; 1950-51
Rates Written Off, Penalty Written Off Lyon Estate and W A Kimpton; 
Rehabilitation Returned Servicemen homes
Reservoir Lower and Upper Removal of grass; Trespassers; Shooting; Boundary fence; Drainage; Noxious weeds; Gorse; Fences; Gorse Lower Waterworks; Strainer arm; Gorse hedges; Fences; Shifting fence; Fence; Kreegher; Spillway; Spillway; Spillway; Spillway; Fence; Trees; Excavation western side; Spillway; Tree planting; Fencing Lower Reservoir; Clearing gorse; Floating arm; Swivel arm; Syphon; Stock grazing; Syphon; Cleaning reservoir; Pump reservoir; Survey; Kreegher fencing; Filter Lower Reservoir; Spillway Lower Reservoir; Lower Reservoir; Cleaning Lower Reservoir; Lower Reservoir; Blueprint; Drainer arm; Pipes Lower Reservoir; Report Howard; Drain Upper Reservoir; Soil and gravel from spillway; Cleaning reservoir; Carryall machine; Poppe lease; Report Reserves Committee; New reservoir survey; Culvert reservoir; Bulk head; 12 inch main embankment; 12 inch valves; Trees; Flooding Smith Brothers; Catchment area; Fire damage; Filling of cut over tunnel; Fire Upper Reservoir; Fire damage; Boundary fence; Gorse; Repairs to spillway; Repairs McIlwaine
Reservoir Lower and Upper Shooting notices Pukeko; Report Pinus plantation; Stop-bank Upper Reservoir; Survey proposed new dam; Gorse
Residuals Tar
Rest Room Gas fires; Caretaker; Allen; Attendant; Plunket Society; Lighting; Painting; Painting; Penny-in-slot; Plunket Society
Rights of Way Remington McCully; Pukepapa Road; Sash and Door Broadway; C H Campbell; Cobham Sons; Sash and Door; Waterworks; Holder; Band room; Kindergarten; Kindergarten
Riparian Rights Deeds of Covenant; Thompson and Taite; Humphries; Legal opinion; Re installing meters; Water Committee report
Road Services Railway buses; Buses; Depot; Depot
Roads General Use of Johnson; Hammond and Hair St
Royal Tour Display Bunting
RSA Deputation; Roll of Honour; Compulsory training; Ball - Civic Theatre
Rubbish Collections Rubbish receptacles; Receptacles; Clean up; Collection laws; Rubbish collection procedure; Supply dustbins; Rubbish tins quote
Rubbish Disposal Scheme Dannevirke; Dannevirke; Dumping rubbish; Henderson's Line pit; Dumping rubbish Henderson's Line; Dumping rubbish gasworks pit; Maori Girls rubbish tip
Sale Yards  
Sanitary Rate Discontinued Davies; Greenwood; Henderson, Hunter, Price; Hunter; Simcox; Luders; Moss; McHugh; Whale; Illing; Thompson and Cox; Meehan; Gibbons
Sanitation Contractor Grübner complaint; Explanation complaint; Hegglun; D I Gore; Agreement Gore; Complaint
Scheme 13 Labour Government subsidy; Government extension; Government curtailment; District Employment Officer; Cancellation
Sections - Leasing or Renting Of or Sale No. 107 Armstrong; Paddock septictank - A Still; Abattoir section - Watson; Abattoir section - Watson; Fence; Part Beaven St - Decke; Fence erected Ngarino St; Ngarino St; Gillies; Rankin, Hunter, Gillies; Potaka and Oiroa Streets; Johnston; Blair Crofton section; Ngahina St; Ngahina St; Ngahina St; Secs 16 and 17; Hereford St; Section Follett St; Section Follett St; Gravel reserve; Sec 12 Main St; Bowling Club Hereford St; Seager; Bowling Club; Sec 12 Main St; Sale sections unpaid rates; Russell St; Sale of sections; Tenders for purchase, Sec 107 King St etc; Russell St pit; Main St; Land held for street purposes Wellington Rd; Ngarino St Johnstone; Eagle Sec 18 Lot 4; Russell St section
Septic Tank Cohen; Repairs property; Pollution; Action Phippen; Trees; Installations; Paddock concrete trough; A D Riley and Co re purification
Sewerage Harris St; Beaven St; Beaven St; Winter; Winter; Mill St; Mill St; Mill St; Mill St; Wellington Rd; Mill St; Marton Junction; C H Campbell; O'Connor; Henderson's Line; Housing Department Lambert St; Sewer to camp site; Railway septic tanks; William St; Seager; System to be revised; Auckland Drainage Board; Sewer main Hegglun, £100 Council share; Sewer main Railways; Sewerage disposal; Hegglun; Lambert St; G Hegglun; Lambert St; Hegglun; Beaven St; Sewage disposal; Lambert St; Ahuru St; Mr Fox appointed; Rira St; Ahuru St sewer; New Zealand Railways
Small Gasworks Association Donations re gas exhibit; Agreement
Social Security Department Marton representative; Sick benefits; McCallum; Branch office
Spanish Refugee Children  
Special Meeting Date Estimates; By-law Amendment (Water Supply 1949); Hospital project; (£2,350 Loan); £2,350 Loan; Speical Order extension Hair St and Broadway; Sale land Hair St; Land sale Hair St and Russell St
Sprayer Authority of purchase
St John Ambulance Mobilisation Scheme; Stretcher in Fire Station; Trailer; Trailer; Deputation re land for Scouts and Ambulance
Staff Appointment M Lound; J V E Flowers; E Walters; A Foster; Re Grey; McCallum; Rewiti; Hill; Bosselman 1947, Nicol 1947; Grey, Custodian Baths, Dog tax, gas meter reader
Staff Congratulations Grey; Holden; McIndoe; Mayor; Mayor; Mayor; Gregory; Grey
Staff Increase Salary Library; Library; Allen Thompson; Car allowance; Staff 5/- and 2/6; Grant Holden; Car allowance; Arbitration Court; Payments special; Award rates etc; Award rates 40 hour week 3 1/2d per hour gasworks; Grants Holden and Brant; Holden; Holden and Brant; Town Clerk; Town Clerk, foreman, gas manager
Staff Resignations R Room; Allen; Sutton; Sherriff; Lound; Ingle; Mr Purnell; Holden; Mainwaring; Kitcat
State Advances Corporation Rates; Re Catchment Board rate; Housing rates; Housing conditions; Re rates; Allocation Government house
Stock Route, Stock Wandering  
Street Days St Johns Ambulance; St Stephens; Plunket Society; Sailors Society; Plunket Society; Sailors Society; Plunket Society; Plunket Society; Sailors Society; Salvation Army; Plunket; Saliors Mission; Street appeal; Plunket Society; Seaman's Mission; Seaman's appeal; Band; Seaman's Mission; Plunket Society; Women's Division of Farmers Union; Women's Division of Federated Farmers; Scottish Society; Plunket Society; Fire carnival; Seaman's Institute; Hockey clubs; Sailors Mission; Women's Division of the Federated Farmers; Seaman's Mission; Seaman's Mission; Plunket Society; Maori Welfare; Basketball; Golf Club; Scottish Society; Women's Division of Federated Farmers Navy League; Hockey Club; SPCA; Band; Fire Brigade
Street Lighting Sub-way; Hair Street; Additional; Feilding; Restricted lighting; Toin Street; Charges; Hair Street; Hair Street; Humphrey Street; Brethren re special light Broadway; Extra lighting
Street Maintenance General Horse; Horse; Bridge Canteen St; Beaven St; Steam roller; Steam roller; Hawkestone Rd Bridge; Clearing weeds; Clearing trees; Purchase of lorry; Purchase lorry; Truck driver; Campbell lorry driver; Truck; Cutting trenches; Hedges; Metal pit Beaven St; Steam roller; Stone crusher; Metal; Hereford St; Metal pit; Road roller sale; Road breaker; Hedge trimmer; Tractor; Car allowance Brant; Cutting poplars Skerman St; Steam roller; Hair St; Tractor; Fence Mill St
Streets - Alignment and Closing, Declaration Of and Opening Grey St; Hair St; F H R Brice Hair and Humphrey; Johnston's Road; Johnston Road; Johnston Road; Hair St; Hair St; Blackwell, Morris and Stewart Streets; Hair St; Hair St; Lower High St; Broadway; Grey St; Gracie, High St; Farmers Distribution Company Broadway and Hair St; Henderson's Line; Henderson's Line; Gracie, Lower High St; Costs Gracie; Hair St extension; Special meeting Hair St; Willis St
Streets - Sealing Of Wellington Rd; Jockey Club; Main St; Race course gates; Oxford St; Hereford St; Lyon St; Milne St; 1941 Programme; Part French St; Canteen and Alexandra; Golding's Line; Lambert St
Subdivisional Plans Market Square; Sec 14 Pukepapa Rd; Sec 332 Ross St; Lots 3 and 4 Wellington Rd; Lots 89, 90 and 91 pt sec 17; 17 Grey St; Pt Lot 38 Blk XV; Mill St; Bell and Morris Sts; Lot 18 Blk VI; Lots 33 and 34 Sec 16 Stewart St; Pt sec 16 Cuba and Bell Sts; Cuba and Bell; Bell St and Pukepapa Rd and Wellington Rd; Beaven St, Wellington Rd; Beaven St, Wellington Rd; Lot 50 Bond and Skerman St; Ross and Lyon Sts; Pukepapa Rd; Lot 87 and 86 Cuba St; Grey and Follett Sts; Morris St; William and Follett Sts; Pukepapa, Morris and Bell; Marr Estate; Toin St; Bond St; High St; High and Hereford; French St; Pt Sec 121 Broadway; Lot 80 Sec 17 Grey St; Lots 85 and 87 Grey St; Lot 46 Harris St; Lot 19 Wanganui Rd; Hawkstone Rd; Sec 16 Hereford St; Lot 19 Wanganui Rd; Golding's Line; Lot 50 Beaven St; Lots 9 and 10 Lambert St; Russell and Beaven St; Lot 11 Pt sec 12 Blk VII Henderson's Line; Sec 14 Pukepapa Road; Lot 2 Blk IX; Lot 115 Blackwell St; Signal St; Beaven St; Mill St; 77/79 High St; Pt Sec 19 Milne St; 9 and 10 Lambert St; Beaven St, Signal St, Russell St, Pukepapa Rd, Hair St, Lot 6, Pt Lot 7; Follett St; Harris St; Hawkestone Rd, Station Rd; Follett St; Henderson's Line; Potaka St; Robert St; Ngahina St
Subdivisional Plans Marumaru St; Lots 10 and 11 Blk XIX; Sec 19 Wanganui Rd; Lots 5 Har and Lambert Sts; Blackwell St; Bond St; Marumaru St; Kensington Rd; Ahuru St; Beaven St; Cuba St; Terrace St; Ahuru St; Harris and Ross St; Bond St; Stewart, Morris and Blackwell St; Pukepapa Rd and Harris St; Broadway; Broadway, Campbell; Lower High St; Alexandra St; Vera St; Broadway; Hutton to Tolley; North to Aitken and Watson, Roberstson to Jones; Lot 8 Humphrey St; Hotter, Stewart St; Davis to Bending; Lodge Ruapehu to Illing; Adams to Sash and Door; Sash and Door to Adams; Sash and Door to Adams; Wellington Rd and Kensington Rd; Lot 20 Signal St; Lot 1 to 6 Lower High St; Housing Department Blk IX; Hannan; Rira St; Beaven St and Lyon St; Lot 6 Hair St; Pukepapa Rd; Innes, Signal St; Lot 8 Humphrey St; Ireland to Ireland; Sash and Door to Thompson; Hegglun's property; Ahuru St; Vera St; Morris and Blackwell St; Lots 1 and 13 Ngahina St; Hair St; Lots 7 and 8 Hair St; Griffen to Cohen; McCully, France; Hammond to Campbell - Bond St; Concrete Works to Smith; Gibbons - Terrace St; O'Shaughnessy to St Stephen's; Parkinson to Von Hartitzsch; Mill St; Morris St; Beaven St; Gower - Wellington Rd; Keeble to Anderson; Harris St
Subdivisional Plans Hair St Lot 3; Marumaru St; Lyon and Cuba St; Pukepapa Rd Lot2; Lot 3 Mill St; Golding's Line and Kensington Rd; Marumaru and Waitere St; Oxford St; Stanford - Wanganui Rd; Hotter to Stuart - Morris St; Wellington Rd - Symes to Doull; Holder to Beckett; Pt Sec 13 Wellington Rd; Lot 1 Pukepapa Rd; Lot 16 Mill St; Marumaru St; Hammond St; Morris and Bell Sts (Upchurch); Proposed subdivision Tutaenui Rd; Lot 121; Proposed subdivsion Tutaenui Rd; Willis St; Blk VII Wellington Rd; Kindergarten; Ingle to Yin, Nielson to Mensforth; Marshall - High St; Nitschke to Wisker, Johnston; Benseman - Tutaenui Rd
Swimming Bath - General Painting of; Department of Health report; Contract Grey; Visit Professor Anderson; Custodian; Lewis; Repairs; Lawn mower; Report; Committee 1941: Mogridge, Caithness and Gracie; Report; Junction School; Club members; Lighting; Caretaker; Swimming club; Junction School; Junior Chamber seats; Seating; Seating; Seating; Club nights; Junction School; Swimming Club; Junction School and Whangaehu; Swimming club; Repairs
Tar Sealing Private Ward Motors; Forlong; Junction School; Marton District High School; Jockey Club; Railway platform; Racecourse; Presbyterian Church; Railway platform; R T Blackler
Tar - Supply of etc, Prices Levin Borough Council; Petone and Lower Hutt quote; Prices
Taxi Services Service to late trains; Archibald taxi stand; Taxi telephone; Telephone booth
Town Clerk Conference; Institute; Workers Union; Report waste; Salary
Town Hall Purchase gas engine; Tack prohibited; Painting; Grant to McIndoe; Use of Scott; Painting tender accepted; Use of Christian convention; Use of Paap; Lighting; Renovations; Extra pay caretaker; Keystone contract; Hire; Kindergarten use of piano; Keystone caretaker
Town Hall Caretaker etc Walters; Electric generator; Repairs to stage
Town Planning, Regional Planning Regional planning; Regional planning; Regional planning; New committee; Projected works 1948/1949
Transit Camp  
Transport and Traffic Constructions £50 pa; Driver licenses draft regulations; Pedestrian crossings; Vehicle restricted to 10 miles per hour from side roads; Road Safety Week; Town carriers no further licences; Re cyclists, Amendments; Bulls traffic bridge; Rental vehicles; Road signs; Glass on road; Heavy traffic fees; Aliens and petrol; Alien's drivers licenses; Regulations; Domes removed; Bus services; Archibald; Drivers licenses; Cyclists; Transport meeting; Crossings; Licenses; Drivers licenses; Mr Horniblow; Transport license race buses; Hereford St; Parking; Parking; Road marking; Drivers licenses; Angle parking; Traffic signs; Speed limit; Parking bus stops; Railway buses; Railway buses; Road signs; Axle loads; Railway buses license; Car parking; Pedestrian crossings; Report; Transport Department; Traffic control; Paint road; Road services through Marton; Angle parking; Road classification; Russell St; Parking
Treasury Loan matures £1,723.2s; Authorisation £3,000 loan
Trees, Streets, Planting etc Signal St; Removal of - Chase; Donation - Pryce; Removal of - Cricket Club; Station Road; Tree planting; Trees donations; Trees Centennial Park; Supply; W G Tolley; Honeyman; Trees Gasworks; Cobber Kain Avenue; Donations; Tolley; Donation trees; Tree planting scheme; Nitschke; Pinus; Duncun and Davies; Duncan and Davies; Duncan and Davies; Duncan and Davies; Sash and Door; Sash and Door trees; Russell St property
Tutaenui Stream Erosion  
Under Secretary Stream pollution
Union (Workers) Gasfitter's dispute
United Nations Association; Children's Appeal; Children's Appeal; Children's Appeal; Children's Appeal
Urban Farm Lands Roll Fyfe; Objections; Objection re Duncan; Hegglun; Committee appointed
V Day  
Valuer General Appointment Assessor; Land Sales Act; Valuation Roll; Land values; J R Howard to vote in County; Objections; Valuation objections
Valution Roll  
Victory Hall Plans; Water and sewerage; Fence line; Resolutions; Balance sheet; Rotary; Accounts; Convenience; Convenience; Drawings
Vote of Thanks Ormond Wilson; W S Steel; A Way; A Way; Carnival; McHugh; McIndoe; Fullerton Smith; Black out Ohakea; Scott; Winchcombe; Cracoft; McIlwaine; Deputy Mayor and Town Clerk; McChesney; Mairs; A P Howard; Retiring Councillors; Eves; K A Williams; Payne; Sash and Door; Mr Watson, Mr Brant and staff, Mr Atkinson Wanganui
Vote Sympathy Beckett; Dr Skerman; Robson and Hilton; Sutcliffe; Richardson; Duckworth; Wilde; Brant; Wilson; Mogridge; J Brice; Peter Fraser; Jordan; Bush; Lloyd; Miles; Sullivan; Way; McEldowney
Wages 5% increase; Wages Commission; Saturday morning overtime
Wandering Stocks Mulvay
Wanganui Eduction Board Bus garage; Hereford St; School asphalting
Wanganui Employers Association Labourer's dispute; Re labourers; Minimum wage
Wanganui-Rangitikei Electirc Power Board Extension Line; Power Line Russell St; Light at reservoir; R McKay for voting; Lighting hours; Otore St; Street lighting
War Emergency Committee Executive: Mayor, Gregory, Town Clerk, Sargeant Brenchley, A Committee: Law, order, transport: Sargeant Brenchley, Inspector Hartigan, Stationmaster White, Councillor Howard, B Committee: Hospital, health, first aid: Councillor Sicely, Drs Church, Dick, Harpur, Ingle, McCuly, St John, Red Cross, C Committee: Post and telegraph: Postmaster Sawyer and assistant, Councillor Williams, D: Gas, Water, Electric Light, Sewerage: Councillor McIndoe, Mogridge, Foreman Brant, Works Manager Holden, Winstonley, Howers, E: Food and Housing: Councillor Barton, Butchers, Bakers, Grocers, A Way, H H Richardson; F Committee: Fire: Superintendant Gray and Deputy, Nightwatchman Brown, Councillor Winchcombe, G Committee: General Assistance: Councillor Gregory, M C Fenwicke, J B Thorpe (RSA), Councillor WIlliams for sports bodies, Boy Scouts
War Memorials Subsidy, Subsidies, Subsidies
Water Connections Boneham, Sudopp, J C Hardie, Hyde Home; Cobham; Wilson; Stent; Stent; Fantham; Oldfield; Bredin's Line; Gardiner; Voss; Outside Borough; Campbell; Gardiner; Lurajud; Andrews; Nitschke; Nitschke; Water, sewerage, rates; Haddock; Dempsey; Production Engineer; Alumina Ferric; Pacific Chenille; Discharge into Tutaenui Stream; Filton; Chenille tufting; Little; Chenille; Astolat; Disposal dye water; Racecourse; Jockey Club; Pilet; Smith; Jockey Club; Phippen; Pilet; Stubbs; Pickford; Christian Camp; Maori Girls College; White Hart; Hewer; Nicol; Lurajud; Phippen; Lurajud; Jockey Club; Marton District High School; SUmmerton; Phippen; Seager; Emergency supply Summerton and Humphries; Sinclair; Coleman; R G Smith; Phippen; Lurajud; L J Blackler; Nga Tawa School; Hickson's Timber; Strawbridge; Experimental Farm; Govenlock; Openshaw; Slade - Innes; H Lunn; Lunn; Govenlock; Phippen; Pearson; Sinclair; North; No connections; North; R G Smith; Additional connection Marton District High School; Sinclair
Water Connections  
Water Disconnections Gibbs; Follett and Andrews; Water disconnection fee; Jurgens; Osborn and McDonald; Hegglun; Beckett; D R Pearson
Water Extensions Wing; Cobham; Tidy; Bunn and Sons; Geo. Woods; Rangitikei County Council stock; Saunders
Water General Alumina Sulphate; Alumina Sulphate; Report; Report adopted; Electric pump; Water tables Lyon St; Alumina Ferric; Alumina; Report; Engineer; A D Riley and Co; Survey; Fox survey; Water survey; Fox survey; Alumina; Alumina; Mr Fox; Analysis soil; New reservoir survey; Alumina; Committees report; Holes for geological survey; Phippen; Alumina; Water scheme report; Phippen; Alumina; Pollution stream; S C Andrews; Report Mayor; Committee's report; Valves; Water inspector; Mayor's report; Recommendations adopted; Bye-law amendment; Water meters; Maori Girls College; Huntley School
Water Mains Flushing; Lifting old mains; Nga Tawa; Calico Line; Nga Tawa; Calico Line; Nga Tawa; Wanganui Rd; Skerman St; Calico Line; Tate Process; Calico Line; Hume Steel Co re pipes
Water Meters A McLeod
Water Scheme - New Mr Fox; Survey new dam; Fox's visit; Dam site; Survey - Gould; Proposed new reservoir
Wellington Harbour Board Voting power
Wellington Provincial Council Memorial; Minutes; Minutes
Wellington Provincial Court Provincial Memorial; Minutes
Wellington Provincial Historical Committee  
Wellington Provincial Patriotic Coucil Copies of history; Wool; Waste material; Cakes; Christmas parcels; Raffles; Appeal; Waste metal
Williamson J C Application; Change of nights; Public safety; Emergency lighting; Verandah; Theatre workers; Christmas Day; Insurance; Christmas Day; Lease; Seating; New agreement; Lease; Lease; Agreement; Lease; Lease; Lease; Lease; Christmas Day; Repairs theatre; Christmas Day; Christmas Day; Christmas Day; Insurance; Christmas Day; Sunday pictures; Terms payment for repairs
Work Committee 1938 Councillors Barton, McIndoe; Winchcombe; Report Ward Motors; Report Cemetery; Chairman; Works Committee; Councillors Barton, Mogridge, Fowler; Report; Report; 1944 Committee; Fowler, Fogelberg, Gracie; Report; Report re crossings etc; Report; Report; Report; 1947: Fowler, Gracie, Fogelberg, Todd; 1948: Same; 1950: Fogelberg, Gracie, Blackledge, Meads; Report; Report tar sealing; Reports
Zone E Supply wool; Meeting; Minutes; Meeting; Boundaries
Zone M Donation watch, Committee: Councillors Williams and Barton; Quota 1944


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