Card Index to Council Minute Books, A-Z

RDC 00262:1:2
Descriptive Note

This contains the following cards (the Notes record any specific issues recorded, but don't always reflect the full contents of the card):

Card Title Notes
Abattoir Districts Reports re two meeting re abattoir Districts; Ministry of Agriculture re extende time to comply with Act; Palmerston North City Council re proceeding with new abottoir
Accidents see also Insurance; Barton and Brant; A S Campbell in truck; Truck; Mrs Honeyman; Truck; H Thorley; Claim, Thorley; Claim, L E B Klitscher; Liability, Thorley; Claim, Kiltscher; Thorley; Klitscher; Council yards; R N Coleman re Chlorine Poisoning
Accommodation Paddock Wright Stephenson
Accounts Outstanding Action taken; re Feilding Gas Co; T F Rutherford; List approved; Evans, Easther and Harris re Water Account M O Hammond; Water Account of J C Hardie in hands of Borough Solicitor; Account of A D Booker in hands of Borough Solicitor; A D Brooker offered to pay £31-16-6; Evans Easter and Harris re M O Hammond's Account; R J Simonds Rates and Water (Bankrupt); Mr Elgor re accounts charged to him from previous owner; Evans, Easther and Harris re report on all
Accounts W/O signing of cheques; Final Account Hume Industries; St Stephen's School Water W/O; Water Conrad.
Accounts and Salaries Statement of Balance
Acts New Soil Conservation Amendment Act; Nelson City Council re test case
Advertisements Universal Almanac; Universal Directories; Width of Kensington Road Bridge; re Advertising from Air T B Furse; National Womens Council re against advertising by Air; Non use of Sprinklers; N Z Broadcasting 2ZA News Items; Prohibiting shooting on Reservoirs
Air Race Contest  
Anniversary 75th Booklet; Council Representatives; Committee Report Adopted; Draft Legislation; Local Legislation; Church Service; Meeting; Booklet; Meeting; Coloured Lights; Fireworks Display; Report approved; Jubilee Booklet Distribution; Report; Procession; Jaycee Booklet; Employees vehicle in Procession; Planting of Tree; Old Photographs; Platform for 30 players ; re R S McDonald; Assistance from Local organisations; Marton Players; Re legislation; Screening of Jubilee Events; Ball Committee; Statement of Accounts re Booklet; Jaycee re grant; Mrs Simpson re Marton in Cleveland
Anti Litter Campaign Mayor re conducting Camaign; Recommendations for Anti-litter camaign; Jaycee re no speaker and poster competition for school children; Mayor's report re success of the campaign
Anzac Day Dawn Parade; Service arrangements; Wreath; Service arrangements; R S A  re parade; Minister's Association re Guest Speaker and Council representative of Anzac Committee; Kerridge Odean re films on Anzac Day and Town Clerk to convene meeting re Anzac services; Report; re letters of thanks; Council members for committee; report; Civic theatre re films on Anzac Day; Report; T C re nomination for speaker
Appeals Palmerston North Research re receipt books at Council; Bagnall and Keeble re Awapuni Hospital Chapel Appeal; Catchment Board re Tutaenui Street bank, part cost Council; contribution T B Association
Appeals C O R S O ; Search and Rescue Organisation; C O R S O Drive 10th April; Harry Squires Memorial; Tuberculosis Seals; Olympic games; A W I re chairs and piano; St Johns Demonstrations; St John out of Recess; Plunket Society re Stall; Public Relation N Z re Calendar of coming events; Cancer Society Thanking Council; Mrs Robinson re Driving Tuition; Rangitikiei Rugby Union re applications Sunday Football; Re Air Force Houses built in Marton; St John re House to House Canvass; Plunket Society re House to House Canvass; Ohakea Houses to be erected in Marton; Scouts re House  to House Canvass; Lynskey Motors re sign; T Hartley re Fish and chip Stall; Amateur Radio Emergency Corp.; T B Christmas Seals; Brass Band re Concert Broadway; Royal Humane Society; R N Z A re Parade in Broadway; National Art Gallery and Domain Museum Board; C O R S O appeal through Office; P N Medical Research Foundation Fund; St John Ambulance re Sub-Centre organisation
Appeals Corso re use of Council Chambers
Assessment Court Harris and Whittington; Assessor's Fees; Borough appointee, McFarlane; re Nielson
Audit Department Return of 1958/59 Balance Sheet; re Mayoral Allowance; Audit Department re changing title of account; Limit placed on orders
Automobile Association Subsidy; re Mill street Corner; Authorising Contribution to Street Signs; Donating to Memorial Hall; Complimented on condition of camp grounds
Balance Sheet Report year ended 31/3/1951; Adoption Balance Sheet 1950/51; 1951/52; 1953; Year ending 31st March 1954; Year ending 31st March 1955; 1956/57; 1957/58; 1958/59; 1959/60; 1960/61; 1961/62; final settlement of 1962/63 Balance sheet
Bank Overdraft  
Bitumen  Colas Colfix Ministry of Works; Bitumen Pavements Ltd; Bitumen Pavements; Tar Sealing programme
Borough Council Date of next meeting; Special Meeting; Agreement, Highway Services; Agreement, Anderson Motors; Agreement re Anderson Motors; Agreement accepted Anderson Motors; Results form Inspection of the Borough; Re Borough meetings at County Council while Repairs; re cheques from bank
Borough Crest Alexander Turnbull Library; Internal Affairs; Competition results
Borough Properties Rira Street House up for market; Bishop re removal of car from Rira Street; Cobhams re price for table tops; Marumaru re rental of Hunia Street House and Hunia Street House up for sale; Draft Conditions Rira Street; Sutton re Client for Rira Street; Rira Street House placed in all agents hands; re Marumaru not sufficient funds; Kovoheki re Boundary Fence; Scottish Society excepting Section; Agreement re sale Rira Street; Scottish Society re Survey of Section; Section cleared next to Rest Room; Sselling of Old Fire Station section to Rugby Union; Pals Car Exchange re using driveway next to Council Yard; Shooting at Borough Pit; J A Howell re Lambert Street; Sale Broadway Section; Selling Section Upper Broadway; Sale Waterworks Land; A Dam for sale re dividing fence, Poppe; Meeting re play area High Street; Tenders for No 2 House, Beaven Street; re Walls at Rest Room Toilats; Beaven Street House Rent £4; Scottish Society re Section; Beaven Street house rental and carshed
Borough Buildings, Repairs Rira Street; New Council Offices; Abattoir House, Gasworks shed; Rira Street house; Engineers House; Alterarions to Engineers house; Plans of new Council Chambers; Tenders to Engineers house; Mr Talboys Plans of Office; Alterations Mrs Close; Painting; Blinds; Lining Rira Street house; Engineer's house, Alteration; Progress Payment; Renewal spouting at Library; Councillor Gracie Re Repairs Pavilon Road; Reading Room closed; MacKinnon Re White Hart property (Alterations); telephone System in Council Chambers; Talboys re Alterations to Library; F W Donaldson re Borough House; re selling of Hunia Street House; Councillor Sutton  and Mayor report re Borough dwellings; Concreting re Bowen Street House; Repairs to Rira Street House; Repainting bus shelter Wellington Road Station Road
Borough Equipment Analysis of Plant Vehicles; Report re micro-strainer a second payment to McIwaines; re replacing mowers; re replacement of motor mowers; meeting with Truebridge re micro-strainer
Borough Equipment Purchase of Pipe Pusher; M D H S Jubilee re use of bunting; Repairs to Tractor; Painting Truck; Hodder and Tolley Re Bluestone; I MacDonald re Dag Crushing Plant; Purchase of Austin van; re Buting testing Equipment; Specifications re Truck; Tenders for Truck; Vibrating Roller; Vibrating Roller ordered; Government Stores re Grader; T C and Overseer re report, Grader; Re New Tractor; New Tractor; Tractor Equipment Company re reduction overhead of Loader; Cost of Loader equipment; Mr /truebridge re Micro-strainer; Richardson and McCade accepting order for Micro-Strainer; Suction Sweeper; Richardson and McCabe re amended cost re Micro-Strainer; Order placed for Micro-strainer; Town Clerk re purchase of Adding Machine; Richardson and McCabe re micro-strainer shipped from England; Wanganui City Council re Rubbish truck; re Bedford Tip truck be purchased as quoted by Bill Anderson Motors; re strainer shipped; Invoice for micro-strainer; Mr Truebridge meets committee and Lynsky Motors re purchase of truck; Ireland and Hock re fence S J W [Park}; Bill Anderson Motors re Account for new truck
Borough Properties R S A re Section in Hair Street; Bus Tour of properties suggested
Borough Properties Sale of High Street Section; Sale of Broadway Section; Lots 4,5,6; Valuer's Report re Broadway; Sale of High Street property; Sale Broadway Sections; Proceeds from Sale; Special Order; Memorandum of Transfer; Purchase of Sections at Junction; Re Anderson Motors; Katherine Duncan Estate re gift of sections; Re Mrs Kerr; gap T A B Building-Town Hall; Broadway Property Auction Sale; Fence Klitscher; Hillsdon's property; Section High Street; Rear Rest Room; R G Smith re planting lawsonianas; Children Prohibited in Council yards; Christensen and Stanford Re Property in Broadway; Christensen and Stanford Re land at Back of Rest Rooms; Warren Motors accepting offer; S G Harris re property in Robert Street  Re property in Robert Street; Lyon /Cuba Street section sold to Boy Scouts; Selling to Kaikoura Amusements Ltd; Scouts re Grant of £20; Army Hall not required; C G Seager Re Hammond Street Section; Councillor Christensen re sale of High Street section; Selling Section re Anderson Motors, Rest Room (Back of); Special Order re Hammond Street as Street
Borough Property Lease Abattoir Section; new Cemetery Area; Henderson's Line Exempt List; Upper Lambert Street, W Klitscher, Mill Street; Still Septic Tank; House Abattoir Section; S I W M Park, L Waterworks; Rugby Union re land, Follet Street; Ratana Youth Club
Bridges Private Bridge Re S G Harris; Mr Sampson's Re Kensington Road Bridge; Repairs to St Road footbridge; Proposal Bridge Lower High Street; Load Restriction, Kensington Street Bridge; Proposal of Lower High StreetBridge, Round Table Meeting; Lower High Street Bridge; Discussion Re Tutaenui Stream Bridge; Traffic and Foot Bridge across Tutaenui Stream end of Hereford Street; Hereford Street Bridge Contract; College re use of footbridge, Hammond Street; O D Bell re Station Road Footbridge; Station Road footbridge; Mr Johns re plans Folly Stream Bridge Kensington Road; I R Poppelwell re rail along bridge, Kensington Road; Education Board re Footbridge, Hammond Street; Tenders for Folly Stream Bridge; Contract sealed; Education Board re footbridge Hammond Street; Sampson and Johns re Notice on Lankow; Station Road bridge contract signed; Petition for Bridge Toia Street; re Toia Street Bridge; Wall, Bogle and Payne re Hawkestone Station and Canteen Street Bridges; W B and P re Hawkestone Road Bridge; Mr Payne asked to inspect bridge
Bridges Station Road and Folly Bridge; Kensington Road; Folly Bridge; Timber for bridge , Kensington Road; Calico Line; High Street; Subsidy; Reflectors on Calico Line Bridge; County re control of Calico Line Bridge; Calico Line; Bridge over Tutaenui; Tutaenui Bridge Kensington Road; Repairs Hand Rails; Footbridge, Sash and Door; Decking, Calico Line Bridge; Calico Line Bridge; Mr Harris; Footbridge, Kensington Road; Kensington Road Bridge; Kensington Road footbridge; Calico Line; Bridge across Tutaenui S G Harris; closing Kensington Rod bridge; Shell Oil Co re crossing Kensington Road Bridge; Sign to be erected; County Council re tenders, Calico Line Bridge; Netting Station Road Bridge; Calico Line Tender; Harris re Bridge Lower High Street; Kensington Road Bridge; R C C re Calico Line bridge; Tenders re Kensington Road Bridge; Re Kensington Road Bridge; Closing of Kensington Road Bridge; Borough share Calico Line Bridge; Kensington Road Bridge re footbridge; Calico Line Bridge; Estimates
Borough Property Rented Mrs Green; Rira Street house; Kennedy Abattoir house; I Mainwaring, King Street; Rira Street house; N M Stevens, Rira Street; Tenancy Agreement; E W Quirk 5 months; Labour Department; Lower Waterworks, Bergen; Ngarino Street; Rutherford Car Sales; Beaven Street, Mr Walsh; Gas Manager's house; Fence line Klitchers; Lease Hillsdon; Dwelling occupied by Mr Watson; Rira Street House; Hampson's house vacated; Employee to occupy house; House Abattoir; Tenancy Agreement re Abbott; Pacific Chenille re Council selling land Wellington Road; Anderson Motors Penalty clause; C Aiken re grazing Beavan Street; Doach or Spence, Beaven Street House; F Bishop, Rira Street house
Building Controller Cement; Broadway Building; Appointment; Building Inspector appointed; Broome and Scott re build over open space in Hair Street
Bus Services Welds Bus; Bus stop milk bar; Marton Motor Services; M W Stembridge re washing buses; Phillips Est Re bus depot; Shelter corner Bond Street and Broadway for children waiting for bus
Borough Solicitor Agreement Council and R G Smith; Agreement Council and Tennis/Croquet Clubs; Report on all matters pertaining to Borough Affairs for Evans, Easther and Harris to be made to date; Full report from Solicitor to hand; Evans Easther and Harris re Bond for completion of Kelly subdivision; re J Satherley
Building Permits Tours Bureau re sign; Rose Society re banner; Marton Service Station re exemption from fire rating; Hancock re Garage site; Mr Payne re applications; Mr Payne re building requirements concrete block walls; Decision for monthly list building permits; Terraced houses Totara Street; Re C H Campbell Limited permit; C Marr application to extend carshed
Building Permits Letter from Mr Gabitas re Brome and Scott; Webster re sun porch; Foot re sign; Mrs Rubery objecting; Stokes rebuild; Harvey and Calkin re extensions; Rotary re sign; Hoarding re McCullys; Rose Society re banner; Mrs Rubery re objection; R G Stewart re Pharmacy; Ward Motors re sign; re Hayman re spouting out to bondary; Centennial Committee re banner; R G Stewart re temporary wall; Shell re sign for Whites Gorge; Old Folks home; Mr Webster Wellington Road; Pipe and Wire Works and St Francis Bowling Club; McCarthy and Hodder and Tolley re demolish old building; A Hudson re Production Building; Rangitikei Rose Society re sign across Broadway; Broome and Scott re build on Balance of Section and St Stephens re shift chapel into borough; Evans Easther and Harris re Production Building; Catholic Presbytery approved; Town Clerk to write to Town Planner re Broome and Scott permit
Building Permits. By-Laws etc T C wrote to W Wade re urgent action on removing fence - Morris Street W; Boerboom re sign on Lis Building; Grant of £15.10s to T M G College; Mrs Blackwell - extensions on Wellington Road; R W Adamson re sign over footpath; Education Board re High Street house; Davidson's not complying with standards; Est F Jones re demolition order; E Forde re Frosty Jack sign; Geutjens re building in Harris Street; Water By-Law Amendment; Calkin re Dairy/Grocery; C F Calkin re Grocery/Dairy; C F Calkin re living quarters on grocery; Mill Street Poultry farm re explanation of fowlhouses and runs and requiring permit before building; McCowley re car port; McIlwainere re building of Bond's Store; I Calkin sign High Street; Marton Players re banner across Broadway; Banner re Dulux Cycle Race across Wellington Road; Rangitikei Rose Society re sign across Broadway; Kos re fruit stall on property in Mill Street; Friendship Club
Building Permits. By-Laws etc Beckett; Dixon; Close Building Inspector; Brick area; Building Code Building districts; McChesney Est; Amendment By-Laws; McChesney; McChesney; Brick area; Marton Motor Services; Methodist Church; Methodist Church; Footpath damage; L A Groves; C H Campbell; Marton Motors; Celcurised Timber; Sincox; S G Goebel; Sasha Door; Adams Bruce; Warren Motors; Stables; Jarrett; Mr Close inspector; Brick area; Septic tanks; Demolition orders; Stables Goldingshine; Building Line Queen Street; Building Line Stewart Street; Building permits legal actions; Lean to Campbell's; Highway Services re brick wall; Highway Services scaffolding; Mr Spooner re refund; Hodder and Tolley; Building Line Totara Street; Re ANZ Bank; E L Filton re radio workshop; J Harris re list building sites; Municipal Association re fees etc; Permits building controller; Harris re Domett Company Broadway; Maintenance; By-Law re distance between buildings and boundary; Enforcing regulations; Land Bredin's Line; No permit hours in Robert Street; Mr Ellis no permit
Building Permits. By-Laws etc C H Campbell re refund on Scouts Den fee; Permit W Karera; Youth Club Hall; £5 and £10 Deposits re footway; Mrs M E Blackwell extent building; Wellington Road; R G Talboys re plan for Highcourt Buildings approved; Resolution - 33ft from Centre line Maunder Street; T M G College re remission on permit for hall; W Sutton's Garage doesn't comply with regulations; Centre line building restriction - Blackwell Street; R Blackler - Main Street no permit; Mr Andrews re carshed to house; Building of Council shed; Ellis and Calkin tender accepted; Marton Lawn Tennis Club re reducing fees; Permit Andrews Pukepapa Road; Mrs Shingleton Pukepapa Road; Andrews Pukepapa Road; G Sutton re sign over footpath; J V Wills re Seed Cleaning Factory; Mr D Harn re building Stewart Street; E E and H re Mrs Gorringe - Memorandum re building line restriction; McIlwaine's re prefabricated houses factory; P J Boerboom re fish and chip shop; Marton Seed Cleaning extension; Hatchem Chicken Company re cages; J Janus re poultry farm W Voyce re poutlry houses; B P Ltd; re sign; Adams Bruce Ltd re sign; Highcourt Buildings re sign 
By-Laws Building By-Law; Building by-laws; Food hygiene; Food hygiene; Resolution Food Hygiene By-Law; Cycles; Dogs on street; Standard general by-laws; Control of dogs; Dogs; Dogs; Stock on streets; Control of dogs; Wandering stock; Standard by-laws; Milk; Milk by-laws; Wandering stock; Cemetery; Resolution re Cemetery; Water By-Law amendment; By-law re dogs; By-law re dogs to Borough Solicitor; By-law re dogs; Fire prevention by-laws; Fire by-laws confirmed; Draft dog by-law; Dog by-law; Harbett re dog and socilitor too restrictive 
Camp Site AA re draft plan; AA re plan; Prince and McCallum Architects for new block; AA re alterations; Draft plans; AA approving grant; Mayor re AA grant; Re meeting with Mr Prince; Road widened; Tar sealing; AA Jarring; Letter appreciated; Slot meter; Badges caretaker; Boundary fence; Boundary fence; Increased fees; Mrs Johnsen re sign on display in cook house; Dominion re feature page; AA comments; Power Board re four caravan points; Overseer re plants taken from park; AA re annual inspection; Mr Mauli re camping disturbed by cars; McIlwainere sketch plan for ablution block; Prince and McCallum re plan; Draft plan kitchen and toilet block AA
Centennial Park Basketball courts; Tennis Club re hard courts; Re sump at courts; Tennis Club re hard courts; Basketball Association re courts; Councillors report; Councillors report; Councillors report; Councillors report
Centennial Park Hockey; Trees; Hockey Association; Model Aeroplane Club; Model Aeroplanes; Model Aeroplane Club; Cleaning up entrance; Conveniences; New area levelling; Johnson; Marton Lawn Tennis Club; Sheep on hockey ground; Centennial Tennis Club; Lawn Tennis Club; Allocation to sports bodies; Tennis Club; Hockey Club rental; Hockey Club; Bowling Club, Basketball, Hockey Club; Damage Wysoki Fence; Marton Tennis Club; Report Reserves Committee; Lease pavilion; New pavilion additions; Bowling green; Hockey pavilion; Open drain; Hockey Pavilion; Police supervision; Land defined for Lawn Tennis Club; Hockey lavatories; Guy Fawkes bonfire; Land Ladies Bowling Club; Ladies Bowling Club land - Legal opinion; Land legal opinion; Tennis Club; Park account; Fence and gates; Martonian Marching Team; Marton District High School; Suburbs Cricket Club; Jaycees re bonfire; Centennial Tennis Club; Suburb Cricket Club; Marton Lawn Tennis Club re agreement; Marton District High School re use of court; Ladies bowling green; Ladies Bowling Club water sewer connection; Taking of land Ladies Bowling Green; Land Ladies Bowling Club; Cricket Pavilion
Centennial Park Land adjacent to; Pavilion position; Re pavilion; Ladies Bowling Club re seats; Hockey Association re Zip heater; Mrs Luders and Basketball Association re conveniences; Hockey Association re cycling across grounds; Hockey Association re contribution; Basketball Association re 1957 Tournament; Re entrance; Re locking gates Hockey Association; Re entrance; Cricket Club annual rental; Entrance; Basketball Association re pavilion; Lawn Tennis re courts; Lawn Tennis re lease of grounds Centennial Park; Agreements re Centennial Park; Re entrance; Suburbs Cricket re concrete pitch; Suburbs Cricket re wire fence around bowling green; Hockey Association re 1/3 cost of top dressing; Hockey Association re playing of golf in park; Tennis Club re reduction in rental; Bowling, Hockey and Cricket Clubs re protection fence; Tennis Club re finance difficulties; The Intellectually Handicapped Children's Parents' Association re use of park if they get band hall; Lawn Tennis re hard courts; Re hard courts; Report; Report R Forde; Marton Lawn Tennis re ashphalt courts; Re netting on hard courts; Rangitikei Basketball re courts 
Cemetery Burial fees; Macrocarpa trees; Old cemetery closed; Tool shed; Tenders for surplus land; Report G Bond; Tenders for cemetery land; Removal of hedge and build new shed; Mrs Hickman; Mr McLeay and paddock and complaints re sheep in cemetery; Mrs Davies re Rose killed at cemetery and re child burial; Councillors report; Councillors report; Rotary hoes grass; Councillors report; Councillors report; Councillors report; Fisher and Company; Fisher and Company; Highways damage; Plots; Leasee J Andrew; Wreaths at Cemetery; Frontage; Frontage; HRCC Administration; Plot McLeay; Plots available; Damage to Humphrey's graves; NZ Master Memorial Masons; Highways Board re draining roadside; Review charges; Cobham re mortuary chapel; By-laws amended; Fees amended; Motor mower; Fees new cemetery; Cemetery by-laws; Re 2 burials in 1 grave; Cemetery by-laws; Paddock be re-let
Chamber of Commerce Rehousing in Marton Ohakea staff; Supporting parking meters; Thanking Council re street improvement; Report re cycle stands; Re account re community lighting approved; Re Tutaenui Road condition
Children's Playground Light; Refund convenience; Light; Womens Division Federated Farmers; Lyon Street; Cuba Street; Jaycees; Maintenance
Christmas Carnival Meeting with Chamber of Commerce; Committee meeting; Coloured lights Xmas; Bunting and coloured lighting put up prior 5th December; Use of coloured lights and bunting; Erection of Christmas tree; Bunting not being erected but extra lights; Coloured lights; Coloured lights; Coloured lights
Civic Centre Special meeting; Special requests; Gabites re Civic Centre; General meeting; Meeting; Newspaper reports; Minutes re meeting; Anderson re change of site; Written suggestions wanted by Council; Newspaper report; Report; Gabites re submitted amended plan
Civic Theatre General Kerridge re opening doors 11.30pm-midnight pictures; New flooring; Re permission to advertise Fast Lady re vintage car; Re lifting of General Exhibition of Films Ban on Sundays; Fire escapes; Cleaning; Crockery; Kitchen; Insurance; Verandah; Agreement J C Williamson; Footlights; Seats repaired; Caretaker; Tenders for rewiring; Leaks in roof; Caretaker tenders; Contract re Theatre Rogers; Caretaker re painting; Cleaning contract - Rogers; Kerridge Odeon re cleaning/caretaking Civic Theatre; Kerridge re cleaning/caretaking; Kerridge Odeon re lease; Purchase of theatre; Councillor Evans R K O; Employing staff to hirers; St Stephens protesting against charges of hire
Civic Theatre Sale of Kerridge Odeon re sale; Kerridge Odeon re sale; Kerridge Odeon re sale; Councillor Evans thanked re sale Civic Theatre; Seal of Council re sale of Civic Theatre; Proceeds to go to Sub-Committee; E E and Harris re Memorandum of Satisfaction re Mortgage; Release of Mortgage
Civic Theatre Use of Marton CAS 7-6-60; CAS variation of date
Civic Theatre Use of McCaul Dancing; NZ National Party; RSA; Rangitikei Hunting Club; RSA; National Party; CAS; Daffodil Show; CAS; Transfer of CAS reservation; Kerridge re Sunday screening; Gospel Hall and Ministers Association re Sunday screening; Renewing of license re Sunday Screening; McCaul Academy of Dancing; Sunday screening; Film Early Morning cancelled; Hunting Club re altering floor; Anzac service; Turakina Young Maori Club; Scouts; Turakina Young Maori Club; Maori Tribal Committee; Re Loyalty Dinner; Maori Tribal Committee; Rangitikei Hunting Club; Scottish Society re chairs; Scouts re Council to remit charges; RSA; CAS; Rose Society; St Stephens Daffodil Show; Gospel Hall re screening B Graham religious films; Marton District High School; Miss R A Gorrie; RSA; RSA and Marton CAS; RSA theatre not needed; Rangitikei Hunting Club; Rangitikei College; St Stephens Daffodil Show; Rangitikei Rose Society; Use of bunting etc
Civic Theatre Use of Marton District High School; Marton Players; National Party and RSA; Hunting Club; Charges Rentals; Rose Show; St Stephen's; Rugby Union; Marton Players; Marton Players; RSA; Hunting Club ball; Marton Players; Brethren; Daffodil Show; Kindergarten; Verandah; Dancing School; Marton Band; Marton Players; Hunting Club ball; Rose Society and Marton Players; Jehovah Witnesses; RSA rental; Daffodil Show; Marton Band; Rangitikei Rose Society; Carnival Committee; Marton District High School and Dancing; National Party 3rd June; Hunting Club 29th July; Users to have firemen; High School on 13th July; Junior Chamber 24th August; Rona Wilson 6th December; Rose Society 17th and 18th November; Daffodil Show; Miss R Wilson 7th December; National Party 10th November; Labour Party 28th October; Municipal Band 10th October; McCaul Acadamy of Dancing December 12th and 16th; Marton Players 15th and 16th November; Marton District High School 15th December; NZ National Party 9th December; RSA 1st June 1955; Humic Compost Club 23rd and 24th February 1965; Cancellation by Humic Compost Club; Trapp Family; Hunting Club 28th July; Marton Players 13th and 14th June; Performing rights 
Civic Theatre Use of Performing rights; School jubilee; School jubilee; performing rights; St Stephens Church; Marton Players; Marton Players; Conditions of letting; M D H S Jubilee; School break up; McCaul Acadamy; RSA December; Sports Queen 29th February; Central Committee 14th February; RSA ball 30th May; Kerridge Odeon re Great Benyon Show; Marton Players; Sports Queen change of date to 8th March; Kotahangi Maori Social Club; Sports Queen committee; Country Queen committee; Kotahitangi Maori Club; Marton Players 6th June; RSA re Crowning Ceremony; Marton Jaycee 18th July; Rangitikei Rose Society 13th and 14th November; Hunting Club Ball; Band; St Stephen's Daffodil Show; Marching Association; Brethren; Miss R Gorrie; Marton Players; Players cancelling bookings; Re screening on Christmas Day; Rangitikei Labour representation; Discusiion re lease; Re tenancy; McCaul Acadamy; M D H S; Gospel Hall; Scouts Jamboree; Australasian Performing Rights; Turakina Young Maori Social Club; C A S Society; National Party
Civil Defence Committee 8 Stretches; 20 Army dixies; Rangitikei County Council re joining with Council; Course at Massey College; Rangitikei County Council re combined meeting; Report Civil Defense for this area; Meeting with Council; Re Civil defence plan for approval; Regional Committee re conference; Civil Defense Ministry congratulating overseer re talk; Overseer trip to Australia; Overseer report re Australia trip
Community Centre RSA re community centre; RSA held over; Re public meeting; Meeting; Suggestions received; Gabites; Section; Forsythe inspection; Re Gabites and Walker; Report; Report; Sketch plans Mr Gabites; Report; Gabites re plans; Jaycees re plans; Report
Complaints Williams re damaged gate; Mrs Williams re gate; Mr Cacia Birch re Bond Street; 14 ratepayers petition re smoke Brick and Tile Company; Drew re long grass; Petition of 5 residents Edward and Alexandra Street re road work at present being carried out; Complaint re dead sheep now cleaned up; Maori Girls College re frontage after sewer had passed; McIndoe and Phillipson re cycle stands; Mr Murphy re dog; Quinn's Store re dust; Pacific Chenille re Tutaenui Stream; Mainwaring re old cars; Pacific Chenille re dye; Deputation re low lying sections; Mr Murphy re dog
Complaints Mr Geary and Mrs Miles re rubbish at frontage; G Grey re wasps; Destruction of wasps nests; Whyte re objection removal of metal; Mrs Maike - Rifle Club Hall; Complaint Mrs Maike - Statement re Benseman; Mrs Wilson Bowen Street; Mrs Watts re 'Braeside'; K M Crabbre condition of street; Ministers Association re Sunday football; Open drain through Winecombe's property; Mrs Higham re earth dumped; Re quality of raw milk; Mrs Campbell damaged car tyre; Mr Humphrey re broken car spring High Street; Public Trust re leaking spouting Mrs Maude's building; Stock trucks Station Road; re Council meeting too long hours; Milne Street residents re roadway; Cricket ball landing on bowling green during play; Mrs E M McChesney re condition of road frontage; H Lunn re water charge; Miss K Crabbe re sisters injury through rough footway - Broadway; J Daglish and others re Thompson's loading yard - Cuba Street; Mrs Carey re damage caused to her car; Miss B Wilson re washout in creek; Henderson's Line residents re sawdust; Smoke from laundry chimney; L E B Klitscher re state of rubbish dump
Consulting Engineer Account for fees; Requesting further instruction; Conditions of employment; Accepting position; Re employment of; Approach made Wall, Bogle and Payne; Re estimates for Toia Street Bridge; Plan re Bond - Skerman - Milne Street corner; Re Bond Street kerb and report re Toia Street Bridge and cost of street widening; Account; Drawing attention to work; Report re Marton Service Station Building; Account to September; Payne to attend Works meeting 9-11-65
Coronation Celebrations Tentative programme; Tree Planting  Committee meeting; Committee Meeting; Road closing; Posters; Ceremony invitations; Advertising; Appreciation; Social evening; Brisbane City Council, Lights v Bunting; Wanganui Collegiate Old Boys, Bunting v Lights; Jaycees re coloured lighting
Council - November 1950 and November 11th 1953 SIDE ONE - Installation - Mayor W Meads, Councillors Fogelberg, Gracie, Blackledge, Howard, Charlton, McConachie, Grantham, Caithness, Works - Fogelberg, Grantham, Blackledge, Caithness, Gas - Grantham, McConachie, Howard, Charlton, Water - Howard, Fogelberg, Grantham, Gracie, Reserves - Blackledge, Gracie, Caithness, Charlton, Library - Charlton, McConachie, Finance - Whole Council, Executive, Mayor, Howard, McConachie, Town Hall - Gracie, Howard, McConachie, Fire - Gracie, Blackledge, SIDE TWO - Mayor W Meads, Deputy Fogelberg, Atkinson, Benseman, Christensen, Gracie, Harris, Hindson, Howard, Works - Chairman Fogelberg, Harris Benseman, Gracie, Water - Chairman J R Howard, Councillors Christensen, Harris, Fogelberg, Park by Reserves - Chairman A Gracie, Benseman, Hindson, Atkinson, Town Hall - Chairman A Gracie, Howard, Hindson, Library - Chairman F C Christensen, Hindson, Atkinson, Gas - Chairman M N Atkinson, whole Council, Finance - Chairman whole Council, Executive, Mayor, Howard, Christensen, Queen's Visit - Chairman the Mayor, Councillors Howard, Gracie, Fogelberg with power to co-opt
Council - 1965 Installation - Mayor E V Calkin, Councillors Bond, Cohen, Cooper, McLeod, Simons, Sutton, Walbran and Witford, Works - Simons, McLeod, Cooper, Cohen, Reserves - Sutton Bond, Walbran, Witford, Finance - Mayor, Sutton, Cohen, Memorial Hall - Mayor, Bond, Tillick, Fire - Mayor, C Calkin, Milk - Mayor, McLeod
Council Chambers Plans; Application for loan; Sanction for new Council Chambers; Loan offered to Commissioner of Works; Re loan; Chambers - use of, Chamber of Commerce; Loan; Loan new Chambers; Mr Talboys re new council chambers; Plunket Society re use of Council room for meetings; National Council of Women re use of; Marton Development Council thanking for use of Chambers; Marton Development Council and Crippled Children thanking Council for use of rooms
Council Chambers (New) Talboys re tablet for opening; Invitation to opening; Mr Millward re gift of rose tree; Re staff parking; Loan; Loan; Report re plans and specifications; Mr Talboys re new Council Chambers; Council Chambers loan; Tenders for new Council Chambers; Account made with Bank of New Zealand Council Chambers loan; Telephone system in new buildings; Talboys re wiring and heating; Copper instead of galvanised; Talboys re electric heaters; Re furnishing; New desks (Tenders); Re new furniture; Talboys re Council room furniture; Cleaning of new buildings; Mr Talboys re occupation of new building; Cleaning contractor accepted
Council Meetings etc Meeting every 3 weeks; Change of meeting dates; Dates of meeting; Meeting of Doctor Ulric Williams; Council to attend Machinarama; Meeting dates 1959; Thanks to Rangitikei County Council re use of meeting room; Meeting postponed; Installation of Council; A Turner re endorsing of cheques; Wanganui-Rangitikei Electric Power Board re tour of power stations; Dates of meetings in December 1960 and January 1961; Mr Bishop re Council can grant any leave of absence they considered reasonable; December 1961 meeting dates; Council re inspection of Borough; Meeting dates for January and December; Meeting septic tank site; Works meeting 26th September; Next meeting ladies to attend; Not available on 11th October; Power Board re able to meet on 16-11-1965; Authority for signing cheques
Councillors Mr Lynskey was approached to fill the vacancy on Council but declined; Rangitikei College re Board of Governors; Councillor Bond declared councillor; Cos inspect different reserves etc; Installation of new councillors; Resignation from Hall Committee of Evans and Glasgow, new committees; Resignation of Councillor Green and photo to be taken of councillors; Declaration of new councillors; T C re refresher course; Actions of Councillors approved during Mayors absence; Councillor Sutton leave of absence; Payment; Photograph; Creltindsons resignation; Extraordinary vacancy Councillor Calkin elected; Councillor Hindson's resignation; Repayment; Payment; Councillor Fogelberg installing officer; Retiring councillors; Councillor Joll Council representative Post Primary School; Councillor Joll resignation of chairmanship; Councillor Sinclair taking Councillor Jolls place; Invitation re ambulance handed over; Resignation of Councillors Joll and Christensen; Councillor Calkin re management Committee Rangitikei College; Welcoming of Councillors Gudopp and Setford, Appointments to committees; Councillor Calkin elected on Water Committee
Culverts Catchment Board re Signal Street culvert; Pals Car Exchange re dish culvert in Blackwell Street; Pals Car Exchange re double vehicle crossing in Blackwell Street; Overseer re High Street culvert; Mr Harris re culverting drain and Mrs Harris re the same; Re Wellington Rd dish culverts; Cuba and Bell Street; Fifteen inch pipe culvert Follett Street; Central service station; Tender McFlwaine Follett Street; Highways re culverts; Lambert Street; Oxford and Signal Street; Follett Street; Low's Corner; Farmers to White Hart; Subsidy; F M Wes Canteen Street; Grey Street; Potaka Street; Grey Street; F J Soler; Stewart Street and Wellington Road; Harvey and Calkin - Cuba Street; Culvert through Police Station; Culvert in Broadway; Size of culvert at railway loop; Culvert under railway loop; Enlarge Culvert St Stephens School Signal Street
Cycle Stands H Cockburn; Methodist Church; Methodist Church; Report on cycle parking; Methodist Church; Kerb type stands; Kerb type stands; ANZ Bank re cycles against walls; Stands in Broadway adjusted; In front of White Hart - Farmers blockk; Additional stands in Broadway; Farmers Distributing Company and Sutcliffes Limited re protesting against cycle stands in Broadway
Dangerous Goods McKenzies Pumps; T and J McIlwaine; Highway Services; Re regulations
Demolition Orders A J Goulds property; Hunia Street 1, Pukepapa Road 1, French Street 1 and no; Re J F Meyer Estate; E E and H re building on French Street corner
Depot Light and heat points
Development Council and Civil Defence SIDE ONE: Re progress in Borough; Re use of Council Chambers; Representation from Council; Re use of Council Chambers; Thanking Council re use of Council Chambers. SIDE TWO: Course at Massey College
Digger and Tractor Tenders called; Tenders received; Demonstration; Purchase decided; Types altered; Mr Worleys approval; Hire of digger; Hire of digger; Kakariki Wools
District Electors Roll Certified correct; Correct
District Licensing Committee Nomination from Council
District Roads Board Mayor as representative; Re farewell to Mr Gooseman; Nominations from Council
Dogs Cure for hydatids; Re Dog By-laws; Re eradication of hydatids; Rangitikei County Council re control of hydatids; Department of Agriculture re training of Hydatids Control Officers; Dog impounded - By-laws; Dogs at large re enforcement of by-laws. 
Dog Registration Appointment; G Grey Registrar; G Lewis Registrar; T Tarry; T Tarry; Fees fixed; Dog collars; Appointment Mr Tarry; Dog collars; Fees; Appointment for 1956; Fees for 1956; Fees; Fees for 1958; Fees for 1959; County Council re fees; County re resolution; County Council 1961; County 1962; County Council re regulations amended
Drainage Davies re piping drainage on section; Re drain pipes; Account for digging drain; St Stephens drain Main Street; Mrs Horgan re drain by section blocked
Drainage Henderson's Line; Harris Street; Harris Street; Davies; Edward Street; Main drain; M Watts; Hegglun - Mill Street; Wade - Tutaenui Road; Cleaning main drain; Tutaenui Road drain; Covering main drain; Henderson's Line; Main drain; Drain Henderson's Line; Beaven Street; Main drain clearance; Lyon Street Bracewell; A Stuart's; Dukeson main drain; Dukeson drainage; Report Mayor; Public drains; Main drain; Henderson's Line, Dukeson Follett Street; Subsidy drainage; Stormwater Bowen Street; Drain Pukepapa Road cleared; Mr Brant re storm water drains; Park Rugby Union; A D Partridge - Stormwater; Hammond and McFlwaine - Stormwater outlet; Railways drain cleared; Miss Phippen; Forde's Store; Re levels; Mrs Gray; Father Phillips; R K Bryers; Common drain declared Ahuru Street; Drainage Ahuru Street; Jockey Club drain; Common drain Ahuru Street; Clearing of drain estimate Andrea and Miss Cash; Clearing of drain Mrs Grey; Alteration of course of drain - Harris Street; Drain - Young and Riddell; Highway services re clearing drain; Winchcombe Station Road
Drainage Blockage Klitscher; Drainage Station Road - Marton Sash Door complaint; Wanganui Hospital Board re drain; Re draining of flats; Demonstrations of pipe pusher; Drain in Follett Street ; Drainage re Ahuru Street; Drainage Lower Beavan Street; Armstrong re drainage Henderson's Line property; Ongley Ongley and Dean re drain through Council property; Taite; B Forrest re common drain, Mr Osborne; Armstrong letter; Stormwater and drainage at Marton School; R Burgess re drainage Waitere Street; Drainage re Mr Carey; Waterway - Armstrong's - Henderson's Line; S J and W Martin re deepening drain; Condition of Borough drains; Pipe drain in Follett Street; Health report on Waitere Street drainage; Miss R Hall re creek at rear of her section; King Street and Edward Street re Christian Convention Camp; Mr Whisker re pay 2/3 of culvert; Drain through Cook estimate Howlett and Kindergarten be cleaned; P Hart street water going into property - divert overflow from roadway to stormwater drain; McIndoe and Phillipson re Hardies drains; G R Palmer re piping section in Skerman Street
Drainage Maori Affairs Department re Mr Kumeroa's property; Declared public drains - Gordon Crescent - Harris subdivision; Catchment Board re clearing of Tutaenui Stream Rangitikei County; Convention Camp; R Davies re drain filled in; Kindergarten re filling in drain; Notice on R Eskrick re guttering; Mr Blampied re 4 inch pipes Lower High Street; Account to A Wisker re piping of stormwater drain; Mr Oldfield re stormwater outlet; St Francis section; Mrs Skipper re deepening of drain; Small re cleaning of drain serving top dam; Re Kelly subdivision; Report from Wall, Bogle and Payne re Kelly subdivision; Miss Hall property Bowen Street; re Mrs Halls drain; Deputation re Bond for Kelly subdivision; Wall, Bogle and Payne re account; Jeal re drain through property; Childrens Home thanking Council re drainage; Sutton re drain on property; Plumbing and drainage fees
Elections Borough, Loan Polls etc Voting paper; Electoral roll; Roll approved; Modernise electoral roll; List approved
Emergency Volunteer Organisation County representatives
Engineer Foreman Reports Appointment; Mr Close resume work; Pollington's Appointment; Report re widening of streets; Duties Foreman and Engineer; Re water loan work; Appointment; Mr Lupton appointed Engineer; New Zealand Institute re conference in February; V8 engine installed in Ford truck; Septic tank report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Engineer re increase in salary; Report; Report; Pollington resignation; Report; Borough Foreman applications; Report; New Foreman's rentals; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Increase in Foreman's salary; Report; Report; Engineer's general report; Report; Report of services in the Borough
Engineer Foreman Reports Engineers plan re overhead bridge at Toia Street; Report; Report; Report; Report ;Report ;Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report;Report; Report re rubbish tins; Report on water flow; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report;
Estimates Year ending 1952; 1952 to 1956; 1953 to 1956; 1956/1957 Ministry of Works; Estimates approved; Ministry of Works;; 1957/1958; Submitted; Approved; Approved; Draft estimates approved; Provisionally approved; Approval of estimates; Consideration of; Discussed
Exemptions Public Works Act 1928 Morris Street; Stewart Street; Stewart Street; Hair Street; Grey and Follet Street; Cuba Street; Lower High Street; Maunder Street; Follett Street; Maunder Street; Follett and Stewart Streets
Fences, Boundary Fences etc Marumaru Street; TAB Fence; TAB Fence; Fence at baths; L E B Klitscher; L E B Klitscher half cost; Repair fence Bowen Street; Share cost TAB; Evans and Easther; Hunt re fence in Ahuru Street; Re fence at pensioners flats; Mr Spelman's fence re-erection; R D Elgar re boundary fence his property and waterworks; Waterworks fence repairs; Netting fence at Tutaenui Stream in Baths section; L Klitscher re half cost fence; Mr Rush; Cemetery; Evans Easther and Harris re position regards Ingle Estate; Mr Andrews re half cost of fence at A dam; Mr Kelsey re boundary fence; Elgar re renewal of fence
Filter Station Tools; Knight's wages; Filter sieves; Worley re filters; Report re sieves; New filter house plan; Tenders for filterhouse; Final filter parts; Worley and Downey re filter system; Channels at filter house; Chemical for filters; Phones at filters; Bird proofing filter house; Mr Pollington and Mr Gardiner re bulldozing; Filter attendant be confirmed; Kendrick re filter attendant wage; Appointment Filter Attendant; Interview applicants for attendant; Suggested hours; Purchase of a boat and trailer; Micro-strainer inspection; Plans and estimate micro-strainer; The Wanganui Rangitikei Electric Power Board re work to be done at old filter house; Re visit of Maori Girls; Salterthwaite amend quote; Re dismantle old filter shells and Dr Boucher and Mr SImmer's inspect micro-strainer and Mr Truebridge account re microstrainer
Filters Draft report; Coleman re chlorine poisoning; Holding tanks referred to Ministry of Works; Special meeting re Attendant; Propsed clear water tank; Mr Truebridge's report; Christensen and Stanford re washing water silting up drain at Mr Gaisford's property; Education Board re 20ft strip for filtration plant; Dannevirke Borough Council re water treatment plant; Overseer re tenders for supplies
Finance Committee Report; Committee re acting in cases of emergency; Report Wages Committee; Re Rod Rees Motors in receivership; Report re meeting of Rod Rees Motors; Evans Easther and Harris re Satherley; Re Satherley; Deposit money used for Wilson Park toilets;
Finance Committee Authority to sign cheques; March 1950 Mayor, Councillors Howard and Gracie and Mr Gregory Labourers award and Mountview Cemetery; Increase coal costs; Financial report for five months; Town Clerks statement; Re fire station and house tenders; Re tenders for fire station and house; Seal of Council Chambers and library section; Vacancy on Council; Report; Jockey Club water supply; Report; Report; Reports; Reports; Reports; Reports; Reports; Reports; Reports; Reports; Report; Reports; Reports; Reports; Reports; Reports; Reports; Reports; Reports; Reports; Reports; Reports; Reports; Reports; Reports; Reports; Reports; Reports; Reports; Reports; Reports; Reports; Reports; Reports; Reports; Councillors invited re meeting to discuss breakdown of cost; Report
Financial Statements Annual report; Statement and report; Report; Report; Annual report; Report; Bank of NZ re retain limit re overdraft - cancelled; Statement for half year
Fire Brigade and Service Fire plugs; Fire Brigade duties Grey; Plugs; Fire plug Children's Home; Fire plugs; Report on exits; Purchase hydrant; Installantion Centre Road; 75th Anniversary; Grey leave to visit conference; Gorse in metal pit; Hazard of Eskericks; Complaint re siren; Nga Tawa re fire hydrant; McIlwaine 2 inch connection; Fire Committee Councillor Calkin; Fire Station Loan; G Grey re leave; Fire hydrants; Re loan; Hydrants; Offers put forward, A. Clean fire hydrants and repaint, B. Batter back bank and keep in order; Joll and Eskrick re fire hazards; Mr Grey leave of absence re conference; Underwriters Association re new fire tariff- map enclosed; Chief Fire Officer re empty crates at rear of Rangitikei Refrigeration; Extend brick area; Kensington Road main connected to King Street; Building High Street clearing notice; Chief Fire Officer re main Bredin's Line; Re poor water flow Totara and Lambert Street reticulation
Fire Engines Rod Sinclair
Fire Service Council - Fire Authority Payment to Councillor; Audit Department; Withdrawal terms; Annual payment and depreciation fund; Mr Tillick secretary; Hydrants; Insurance tariff; Fire and accident underwriters; Representatives to Fire Committee; Charges for fireman at theatre; G W Grey re leave for fire conference; Councillor Calkin appointed; Loan confirmed; Loan; G W Grey re leave of absence; Fire Committee; Loan money for new station; Committee approve of fire station and house plans; Fire service re withdrawal £3,450 for house; Tender for old fire station £1,000; Wanganui Reference Committee re action tariff for Marton re Fire and Accident Underwriters Association; Extension of brick area; Fire By-laws; Fire Committees requests to Council; County Clerk and Engineer re fire protection Bredin's Line; Fire Committee re adoption of standard code; Re fire prevention by-laws; Re 6 inch main in Broadway; Re recommendation re Fire Service Council for radio equipment in fire engine
New Fire Station and House Tenders called; T Ensor re payment fire station and house; McIlwaines recommendation; T Ensor re red brick and copper pipe; Signing of contract; Architects fee
Flooding Mr McIvor- Henderson's Line; Racecourse grounds; Re creeks at Junction; Deputation re flooding in junction area; J D Jackson re Folly Streams; M Ingle re water - Follett Street; Vera Street; Mr deRidder re flooding; H H Wale re flooding; Messrs deRidder and Bolton re flooding of properties; Action be taken re Blackwell Street flooding; Chanelling by Forde's store; B Hobbs- Kensington Road; Miss R Hall Bowen Street drain in section, Mrs Barry Cuba Street; Recent storm; Overseer re estimate of lowering Hammond Street; Valley and Boyle re flooding Pukepapa Road and Russell Street; Kidston Bell Street; Rira Street; Rangitikei New Building; Bond and Fawekner; deRidder Grey Street; Ross Street; Stormwater; Circular re stormwater; Hawkestone Road; Mill Street; Folly Stream; Re stormwater; Forde's store; Folly Stream; Junction area; Mill Street; Mill-Russell Street; Rangitikei Catchment Board re Folly Stream; Channel reconstruction Folly Stream; Councillor Benseman re Folly Stream reconstruction; Duncan and McIndoe re Broadway; Flood warning report; Folly Stream flooding - 23 residents; Reconstruction Folly Stream; F Hotter Lambert Street
Flower Day Date set - 13th October semi official opening 2.30pm, Jaycee and Rotary re transport for elderly and Lake Alice persons, IHC Association re tea room arrangements in Motor Camp grounds; Flower carpet; Replies re flower carpets and replies from bands; Date for Flower Day 22nd November and IHC Society re afternoon tea; His worship re report on Flower Sunday and Rose Society and RSA Women re flower carpet; To be held 14-11-1965; Shelton unable to attend
Flouridation Town Clerk referedum; Resolution be rescinded; Fluoridation panel to meet Council; Jaycee congratulating Council and letters from Anti-Fluoridation Association and Health Department; Fluoridation discussed; Films re fluoridation; Re fluoridation
Footpaths Main Street; Repairs Alexandra Street; French Street; Grantham half cost; Terrace Street; Skerman Street; Highway services; W S Hawkins; Follett Street; Footpath Highway Services; Terrace Street; Hereford Street; Water tables etc; Sealing programme; C H Campbell Broadway; C H Campbell; A O Partridge; Tutaenui Road; Morris Street (Campbell Gordon and Andrews); Junction School; C H Campbell; Applicants in Morris Street; One and a half miles to tarseal - Estimates; Cinder track, Edward Street; Money from royalties towards footpaths; Wanganui Road footpath - Griffiths; Refund of deposits, Beavan Street; Re crossings; Damage - Jones; Footpaths in Ahuru Street; Junction residents re footpaths; Asphalting; Re Gay Gardens; Mr McBeth re driving to entrance; Mr Poppelwell re footway outside premises; R W Adamson re sign over footway; Footpath Tutaenui Road; Potaka and Harris Streets; Re construction of footways, re Harris, Morris and Potaka Streets; Pathway for Beavan Street house; Lynskey Motors re sign over pathway; Pedestrian crossing at kindergarten; St Stephen's pathway memorial gardens; Wanganui Road residents
Footways Wanganui Road residents no footway; Footpath outside Police Station; Concrete footway outside Police Station; Pacific Chenille Company reinstating of footpaths and verges of their property; Tenders for Potaka Street path; Mr Dempsey re four foot strip concrete along frontage; J B Watt re his frontage; Charge of crossings; Tenders called for Wanganui Road; Henderson's Line residents writing in; Notice to Mr R W Adamson re condition of footway; Extend Hereford Street; Notice re Wanganui Road construction of; Bredin's Line and Hereford Street; A F Middleton footway Maunder Street; W Simpson re half cost; Railways re footway from Racecourse Avenue to Rimu Street; J B Holdaway and others re footway - Maunder Street; Pals Car Exchange re dish culvert; Maunder Street; Re charges; Road Safety re Tutaenui Road; Tenders re Henderson's Line; Brethren Church re pedestrian crossing Hereford Street; C Hunt re final account for Henderson's Line footpath; Road Safety Organisation re Tutaenui Road footpath; Evans, Easther and Harris re J Herdman proportion cost of footway; Chamber of Commerce re state of Broadway footpath; Re charge to J Herdman; Re offer from J Herdman
Footways Harvey and Calkin re slabs at entrance; Road Safety Committee re Tutaenui Road footway; Overseer re list urgent for construction; Rangitikei County Council thanking Council for contributing to cost; His worship re meeting residents of Tutaenui Road re footway; Re Blackwell Street footpath; Forward Motors re painting entrance ways; Footpath sealing schedule; Safety footway Calico Line; Re Calico Line; Re wall for protection of footpath railway bridge; Tenders called Calico Line footpath; Referred to Works Committee
Foreman's Report see Engineers Foreman's duties and control; Borough Foreman appointed; Re lighting on obstructions
Gas Association Increased wages and coal costs; Grant government; Rebate to consumers; Rail freights; Annual conference; Gas undertakings; Gas Association vote; Postal ballot; Gas accounts sent; Conference; Subsidy; Subsidy; Subsidy; Price control; Nomination form; Subsidy; Eltham nominee; Representatives; Election and conference; Nomination form; Conference etc; Legislation and amalgamation; Gas Co-ordination Committee Act; Gas Co-ordination Committee Act; Feilding Gas re unsecured creditors;
Gas Committee Prices gas etc, tenders carting coal; Gas situation, loans etc; Report; Report adopted; Supervising manager; Motion lost; Re congratulations to M J Kennedy
Gas General Fitter; Fitter's house gas; Purchase truck; Refund car allowance Watson; Increased prices; Rebate gas; Price control; Price control; Complaint gas; Gas prices approved; Subsidy; Coal bunker; Report on gas; Gas prices; Taking over by Power Board; Disposal of tar; Tar price - Auckland Gas Company; Tar sold; Subsidy; Roof; Roof repaired; Public Trust re Gasworks Department Fund; New manager appointed; New prices; Auckland Gas Company; A J McKenzie - gas refrigerator; Ministry of Works re tar; Re stoker; Mobile laboratory; Deputation; Re gas position; Minister of Industries and Commerce; Notice of motion; Feilding Gas Company; Friendly Cafe; Sale of coke; Sale of coke; Friendly Café; Sale of coke; Resignation manager; Gas report, mobile unit; Report; Bankruptcy Friendly Cafe; Sale of bends, Hawera Gasworks; Hire purchase agreements - Power Board; Sale parts - Waipawa Borough; Gas Loan - State Fire; Flood re gas account; Flood re gas account; Gasworks Loan; Gasometer for sale; Re Rutherford; Re locking of gates 
Gas Main Rira Street
Gas Manager - Report Managers resignation, Sub committee for new manager
Gas - Power Board Preliminary discussion; Closing of gasworks; Special meeting; Chamber of Commerce; Deputation re gasworks; Minister's offer; Gas Report from Minister; Special meeting; Gas committee investigation; Re taking over of gasworks; Taking over of gasworks; Statement by Mayor; Special meeting; Minute re gasworks; Closing gasworks August 31st; Circular to consumers; Agreement; Monthly report on gas; Hardships to consumers; Circular to consumers
Gas Retorts Retort house roof; Retort house roof; Loan for repairs
Gasworks Houses, Tenancies Etc Quirk's house; Repairs Quirks; Repairs Quirk; Lind
Gorse Clearance Abattoir Section; Marumaru Street; F H Ashwell; J Smith; Borough property
Government Departments Treasury; Re Deaf and Dumb School; Valuation Department re revaluing of Borough; Hartnell re meeting Council
Government General Prime Minister's visit
Grants and Subsidies Made By Council Band; Royal Humane Society; Marton Band; Royal Horticulture Society; Marton Players; Highland Band; New Zealand Brass Bands Association; Re Highland Band; New Zealand Brass Bands Association; Re Highland Band; Legion of Frontiersmen; Letter of thanks Legion of Frontiersmen; Marton Players; Cheque for £25 - Mrs Harper; Rangitikei County Council re contribution from Marton Borough Council towards Frae-Ona Park - Council cannot see its way clear; Wanganui Museum re grant; £10 to Centennial School
Gudopp's Lake His Worship statement; Mr Dudding re Council's kind remarks; Re provisional approval re work at lake; Marton Sash Door and Timber Company re fire hazard to plantation at lake; Draft agreement; Lions report; Matters re lake; Evans Esther and Harris re survey fees
Hall Management Committee Mr Gabites present to discuss plan; Agreements between RSA and Council were being made; Committee approves plan; Crockery and piano, heating; Sound proofing ceiling, basketball targets; ventilation; Water heater, carport; Cutlery order; Kitchen layout; Draft agreement; Tenders re seats, Young Farmers Club use of; Tenders for lino laying; Colour scheme mens showers; Forecourt; Caretaker per annum; Draft conditions; Secretary appointed; Ball Committee; Hall additions; Furniture and fittings; Dance charges, Sunday bowls, St Andrews Badminton Club; First aid box; Financial statement re construction, statement of extras, quote re telephone; Conditions of hire; Poppe wedding; Discussion re acoustics; Ventilators, Jaycees donation; Rangitikei Indoor Basketball re ladies afternoons; Colour of drapes; RSA - cleaning of rooms
Hall Management Committee and Hire of Hall Mrs George Caretaker; Emergency Lighting; RSA windows cracked; Rose Society re charges; Amplifier; Prices re rubbish tin shelter; Girl Guides booking in January 1963, Badminton Club; Report; Re Council members to Committee; Mr Gabites final account; Girl Guides thanking Committee for their assistance; Telephone in hall; Cupboard in east wall; Mr Rillstone re shrubs; Election of chairman; Annual accounts; Reports; Re site of rubbish dump; Report; Nominations re next ten months from Council; Report; Nominations and report; Report; Report
Hall Management Committee Reports  
Health Department Correspondence Chlorination; Eating house licenses; Demolition order; Building on the corner of Wellington Road and Hereford Street; Septic tanks; Contribution; Food Hygiene Act; Whitford's Bakery; Marton Bakery; Water analysis; Medical officer health; Water analysis; Whitford's Bakery; Housing Improvement Act; Inspector's salary; Golding's Line dwelling and Willis Street; Closing notices served, Moral Brothers and Johnson; Re pasteurised milk; Food hygiene regulations; Food hygiene by-law; Eating houses open on Sunday; Increase in inspectors salary; Dye water, Chenille; Re Bredin Estate; Public Trust re Bredin Estate; Hairdresser's regulations; Hairdresser's regulations; Mobile X-ray; Hairdresser's regulations; Housing Improvement Act; Re Council's contribution for services; Closing order - C Hood; Condition of milk; Re poor milk; M P Watson; Council's contributions; Visit by Minister for Health; Fogelberg interviewed with Minister of Health; Tuberculosis; Re subsidy on flats; Building demolition; Inspectors salary; Rat campaign; Drainage Taite; Health Department hygiene regulations steps; Flouridation of water
Health Department Correspondence R McMurray re fish license; Wanganui Meat Traders re travelling van in Marton; Lynskey Motors protesting against above; State Advances Corporation dwelling in Kensington Road; Derelict house - 15 Ahuru Street; Mrs Shingleton's building in Pukepapa Road; Report; Enforcement of food regulations re Hepatitis; J I Gardner re pie cart; Closing order to C T Hardie; Formation of Health Committee; Department of Maori Affairs re Reweti - Rimu Street; K J Reweti's house Rimu Street; Health Committee; Closing order - K J Reweti; Closing order F Jones Estate; Re circular flouridation of water; Health inspectors salary contributions; Re dwelling in Morris Street; Substandard dwelling - Otore Street; Dwellings without necessary drainage wells; Report re Broadway Milk Bar; Langley re Broadway Milk Bar; Representation on the Wanganui Hospital Board; Re stormwater at Marton School; Re amended district; House for W Karena - Finishing date; Demolition order re Karena; Final notice to W Karena; Inspector's salary same rate as last year £239.19s.2d
Health Department Correspondence Closing orders Reweti and Meyers; Marton in Wanganui District now; C T Hardie repair notice; J Janus re poultry farm; Report; New inspector; Health Inspector re Mr Pretty; Health Inspector re dwelling; Broadway; Re contribution; Re transfer of officer; Appointment of Health Inspector; Health Officer re invitation to attend meetings and present his report; Re charge for inspection services; B Parkinson on Milk Committee; Re Water Treatment School; Health Inspector to report re demolish of building in Borough; Re notice served on property in Grey Street re Cook Estate; Health Inspector's salary; Knight re permit; To inspect Billiard Saloon; To report on dwellings Wellington Road
Health Inspectors Reports Rat week; Report; Water supply; Backyard clean up; Report on flats at 9 Grey Street; Septic Tank - Stanford's; Mr Gardner re pie cart approved; Mr Johassen's dwelling Ross Street; Inspector's fees
Health Inspectors Reports Re Janus turning bakehouse into fowl sheds; Analysis water samples; Verbal report; Re Sargeant and Kimpton Estate; Report re eating house licenses, rubbish pit, chlorine in water; Report Billiard Saloon
Heavy Traffic Mill Street; Wanganui City Council; Cutting up roads; Commission for collection; Referred to Works Committee; Alterations re Municipal Association; Plates increased to 1/6; Municipal Association re Heavy Traffic Regulations; Rangitikei Catchment Board re over 6 and a half ton axle weight over Borough roads; Truck washing - Septic tank paddock; Dommett Tractor Company re exemption from license on vehicles carrying D plates
Highways Estimates; Overtime; Subsidy; Damage cemetery frontage; Declarations; Farewell Sampson; Estimates; Sampson's retirement; Estimates; Pukepapa Road; Wellington Road; Curls Bridge Upper Tutaenui; Highway Representative meet Borough; Report on interview; Schedule of work; Folly Bridge; Pukepapa Road to be a highway; Declaration Ministry of Works; Centre line marking; Main HighwayForde's Store; County re support - roads adjacent to Borough; Ministry of Works
No 8 Highways District Mayors report
Hosing Restrictions Re Mrs Czepanski
Hospital (Marton) Deputation; Prime Minister; Associate Minister; Hon Minister Health; Name; Medical surgical wing; Letter Minister of Health; Re Strathaven; Representation; Deputation to meet Minister of Health; Deputation; Mr Purnell; Result of deputation; Re new hospital; Hospital entrance; Hospital entrance; Putting Rira Street in order; Hospital Board re formation of Rira Street; Plan for Peace Memorial Hospital; Hospital Board re open drain - Ahuru Street; Peace Memorial Hospital Committee; Re nomination Hospital Board; Progress made re Peace Memorial Hospital; Re Hospital meeting; Hospital Board re tenders too high; Re Marton Peace Memorial Hospital; Report on progress; Wanganui Hospital Board re sealing of entrance to hospital Rira Street; Wanganui Health Board re Rira Street
Hospital Levy Estimates etc Levy; Estimates approved; Re name; Agreement; Opening date; Levy; Hospital Board Wanganui; Sewer connection; Balance sheet; Levy; Cutting grass for hay; Assurance re taking over Rira Street; Contribution; Representative for Rangitikei re death Mr Fogelberg
Housing Committee Mayor and two councillors; Transfer of money to account; Advisory Committee; Report; Report; Report; Street Extension Ahuru
Housing Department and Housing SIDE ONE: Beaven and Ahuru Streets; Allocation; Beaven Street; Water connections; Need state houses; Pinus; Ahuru Street; State houses; Additional houses; Pensioner's flat; Beaven Street formation; Ahuru Street sewer; Ahuru Street water connection; Sewer and water (Winchcombe Group Buildings); Mill Street; Housing entrances damaged; Nicholson re living in house while doing repairs; Additional accomodation in High Street; Price per square yard for concrete footpaths February 1956; Re sewer from Ahure Street to Rira Street; Accessway- Gordon Crescent taken over by Council; SIDE TWO: Maori Affairs Department re groups of six houses; Re Lake Alice Hospital houses for staff
Hume Industries Progress payment
Hydatid Control etc Rangitikei County Council re appointing two officers; Meeting; J C Hardie on Committee; Rangitikei County Council re strip of land - Waterworks; Old roadway C Dam opposed for hydatid strip; Taihape Bourough Council supporting hydatid nomination for the Rangitikei; Mangaweka Town Board re Rangitikei County Council nomination approved; Rangitikei County Council continued services; J C Hardie appointed official representative
Insurance National Insurance Company re Brant's Car; Borough buildings; Civic Theatre Sun Insurance; Duncan's McIndoe; Borough insurance; Finance executive re schedule; General Insurance Company; Fogelberg re insurance rate; Councillors while on Council business; Councillor's insurance; Municipal insurance scheme signed; Re fire at depot; Insurance against flooding at detention dams; NZ Municipal Insurance re name of representative
Internal Affairs Department Statutes amendment; Cash Estate; Re hydatids cures; Re hydatids cures for dogs
Invitations, entertainments etc Plaque St Stephens; Pahiatua Borough Council; Opening of Wanganui airport and Homes week; Lecture by T Lennie; Scottish Society re banquet and dance; Women's Bowling Club re opening day; Crusade inviting Council; Visit of Governor General; National Orchestra; IHC invitation to school opening
Jaycee Re better driving contest; Re erection of tree Broadway
Jaycees Working at weekends; Working on Council; Community projects; Entrance to Centennial Park; Annual meeting; Re Christmas tree in Broadway; Cleaning childrens playground, cycle stand at Centennial Park; Cycle stand and Centennial Park entrance; Re street signs; Report re RSA; Palmerston North Jaycess re Art Gallery fund; Main Street not suitable for project; £30 for childrens library books; Christmas tree; Park for Carols by Candlelight; Wheelbarrow race in Broadway; Bus shelter - Wellington/Station Road; Bus shelter Wellington Road; Street map given to Council; Re rubbish clean up; Rubbish clean up; Wheelbarrow race Broadway - Chopping in Broadway; Painting bus shelter; Magazine box for Lake Alice; Christmas tree; Re baths filtration; Christmas tree 1962 - closing Broadway - Carols by Candlelight; Carols by Candlelight; Banner Wellington Road; Re filtration of baths; Complimented on condition of motor camp; Jaycees re filtration of baths; Baths lottery fund; Mobile PA system to advertise rodeo; Re Christmas tree in Broadway
Jaycees Re assistance re play play area Sir James Wilson Park; Re play area Victory Hall; Re charge and teenage rodeo; Report on progress re filtrationat baths; Re fancy dress Broadway Christmas Eve; Christmas tree in Broadway; Re Teenage Safe Driving Contest; Re wheel of fortune raffle in Broadway
Kerb and Channelling Blackwell Street; T J McIlwaine; Ahuru Street; Seager Hammond Street; J B Holdaway; Scout Group re kerb and channelling Lyon Street; City engineer re moulded concrete blocks for kerb and channelling; Engineer re Vera Street Kerb and Channelling cost of; Lyon Street; Tender for Lyon Street; Kerb and channelling outside Barrouds and Abraham lower High Street; Kerb and channelling on streets; Rangitikei County Council re kerb and channelling Tutaenui Road; Rangitikei County Council re meeting half cost of kerb and channelling Tutaenui Road; Overseer re cost of Tutaenui kerb and channelling; Wall, Bogle and Payne re Calico Line and Bond Street; Rangitikei County Council re kerb and channelling Tutaenui Road; Wall, Bogle and Payne re tenders Calico Line kerb and channelling; radii of corners kerb and channelling; Re contract Lankow; Mr Lankow re commencing contract
Kerbside pumps Hodder and Tolley; Control service station; Brick area; Moving of pump at McKenzie's; Marton Service Station re pumps; Gardiner re pumps
Kerridge - Odeon Pictures Christmas Day; Damage to loud speakers; License; License; License; Panic By-laws; License and insurance; Renovations; Insurance town hall; Insurance; Caretakers; Sale theatre; Alteration expenses; New heating; Christmas Day; Offer for theatre; Christmas Day; Re meeting Town Hall Committee
Labourers - Street pay sheet Hillsdon re absenteeism; Re hire general labourers; Increase of 1d per hour; Labourers Award 24 percent COL allowance; Labourers Union re Public Service increase
Land Taken by Proclamation Lots 17, 18 and 19 Blk VIII; Borough Solicitor re plan
Legal Opinions Evans Easther and Harris re hawkers; Evans, Easther and Harris re consulting engineer
Library General Conference delegate; Letter appreciation; Report; Conference librarians report; Charge school children; Report; Report; Library conference; Mrs Challis; Report; Report; Report; Report; Library report; Report; Report; Report Assistant appointed children's fees; Rental books, Literary Club; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Alterations; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Granted leave re conference; Report; Report; Report; Report; Librarians salary; Report;  Librarians report; Librarians report; Librarians report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Letters to helpers; Librarians report; Librarians report; Librarians report; Librarians report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Librarians report; Librarians report; Report; Librarians report; Catholic papers displayed; Rangitikei County Council no contribution to library; Report; Library Committee report; Report; Report
Library General Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Committee report; Increase in salary; Report; Report; Report, Report; Report; Sugar Company re booklet; Report; Report; Miss Straud re conference; Report, report; Report; Report; Library Association re borrowing facilities; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Committee report; Major R Wilson and Mayor presented books to the library; Laying of lino; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Library to be plastered; Report; Report; Report; Report; Meeting re services Manawatu, Rangitikei. Wairarapa; Report; National Library Service re address to County - regional library co-operation; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report (1687 National Library Service re regional planning)
Library General and Library Reports SIDE ONE: Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Library Covers re Kraft jackets; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Annual report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Annual report; Estimates; Library hours change; Report; Annual and monthly reports; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; SIDE TWO: Annual report; Report; Report; Annual report
Licenses Thorley; Sanitary and drainage; Eating house; Licences; Drivers licences; Sunday eating houses; Taxi licence; Taxi; Five year licences; Omnibus licence Svenson; Refund multi year drivers licences; Mr O'Neill re extension drivers licence; Hall license Wright Stephenson old building; Public hall licence - Old Wright Stephenson buildings; C Hyde re omnibus licence; Mrs A Gibson - drivers licence; G H Chambers re taxi licence; Licensing Amendment Act; Justice Department vacancies; Licensing Committee vacancies; McKinnon re secondhand furniture business; Draft by-laws re hawkers; Refund unexpired multi drivers licences; Applications omnibus licences H R Marumaru and G H Stembridge; Natusch re taxi licence; Mr Ashford re omnibus licence; Mr Snelgar re omnibus licence; Foote re omnibus licence; Anderson re snack bar; Pie cart re J Hatzen; Ramsay re omnibus licence
Loans Re Transfer £58.0s.8d; Loan money report; Application Supplementary Loan; Re further flats; Pensioners flats; Supplementary Loan to be raised; Rates for loan; Pensioners Flats loan; Pensioners Flats Loan; Fire Station Loan; Fire Station Loan; Council Chambers; Life Assurance re loan arrangements; Government Life Insurance re Fire Station Loan; Government Life Insurance cheque Fire Station Loan; Pensioners Flats Loan; Fire Station Loan account opened in Bank NZ; Borough solicitor re Fire Station Loan debenture; Flats Loan accepted by the State Advances Corporation; Borough Council re new loan account Bank of NZ; Mr Sampson re Russell and Alexandra Streets; Raising loan for RSA hall; Resolution re RSA Citizens Hall Loan; Memorial Hall Loan approved; Town Clerk re paying off Gasworks Loan; Public Trustee re Gasworks Depreciation Fund release of; Special loan re hall; Pledging rate re Memorial Hall Loan; £7,000 Micro strainer; Water Filter Loan sanctioned; Water Filter Loan; Passed by special order; Town Clerk re requirements of Reserve Bank to issue stock in lieu of debentures when raising loan money
Loans Reserve Bank re Registrar of Stock; Loand Board re terms of £63,000 renewal loan; Loans Board re loan repayment; Resolution to raise Water Loan; Resolution of interest Water Loan; Prospectus approved re Water Loan and interest re cash deposits; Reserve Bank re prospectus and issue of Local Authority Stock; Resolution re water filter loan; Raising of loan for £3600 re install stormwater and drainage Tutaenui Road; Re sanction Stormawater Drainage Loan 1964; National Provident Fund to subscribe all amount to Filter Loan and all steps taken re Filter Loan by Council; Wanganui Savings Bank to subscribe full amount to Stormwater Loan; Town Clerk re expiration of Water Loan; Stormwater Drainage Loan; Stormwater Loan confirmed; Resolution pledging Stormwater Drainage Loan
Loan Polls £12,000 Street widening
Loans Board Notice of intention to apply; £3,500 loan; £3,500 loan; £3,500 special meeting; Workers dwelling; £165,000 Water Loan; £2,370 free interest loan gas retorts; £2,370 loan; £20,000 Council Chambers and tarsealing; £165,000 loan; Authority to hold poll; Water Improvement Loan; £85,000 loan; Re reconditioned pipes; Re new fire station; Council Chambers Loan; Fire Station Loan; Treasury re Fire Station Loan; Board re Council Chambers and fire station; Unsold debentures; Sanction for Fire Loan; Transfer of stock to J H Francis; Variation of interest Council Chambers Loan; Water Supply Loan flat rate; Fire Station Loan confirmed; Re Borough Chambers Loan; Gasworks Loan; Variation of loan; Special Order re transfer of £56.0s.8d credit; Town Clerk and borough solictor to wait on Board re Memorial Hall; Loan of £15,000 re Memorial Hall confirmed; Further loan monies re Hall Loan; Town Clerk to raise £6,000; Re comments on objection to Stormwater Loan; Loans Board advising diversion loan moneys; Advising approval to expend £1,350; Applied to for sanction re unexpended money Stormwater Drainage Loan
Local Bodies Administration Training course; Municipal Association re Local Officer's Awards; Local body amended award; Officers Award; Re hire charge; Levin Printing Works; Local bodies officers re hearing 30th July; Local Bodies Loans Act 1926; Award of Conciliation Commissions Office
Main Drain Erosion Bowen Street; Erosion Wilson's Bowen Street; Main drain Racecourse Avenue
Main Highways Roads Board re declaration of highways; Re bridges; Ministry of Works re increased subsidy
Marton Development Council Future industry; Depuation met Council; Re pamphlets on Marton; Re street lighting in winter; Re nominations for Committee; Re entrance welcome signs to Borough; Re representation on committee; Representation
Marton Lions Club Re land for play area
Marton Municipal Band New instrument appeal, land made available; Section accepted; Gala day; New instruments; New instruments; Annual meeting; Deputation re grant; Councillor on Band Committee; Notice boards for band; Re selling tickets on street
Marton Police Hon N Shelton upgrading Marton Police Station
Mayor Honorarium; Honorarium; Statement of stewardship; Honorarium; District Coroner congratulated; Re honorarium; Appointed building inspector; Honorarium; Report re conference; Re channel correspondence; Mayor re meeting re new high school area; Mayor's phone; Mr Meads visit from Sir William Bodkin; Report re St Kilda Borough Council Meeting; Mayor and town clerk Municipal Conference 1960; Mayoral honorarium increased; Honorarium increased; Mayor and town clerk report on Greymouth Street beautifying programme; Mayor and town clerk report on Regional Planning Authority meeting in Wanganui
Mayor Invite re Vet College Palmerston North; Documentary 2XA not accepted; Mayor's photo hung in chambers; Amendment to honorarium; Mayor's honorarium increase rescinded; Installation of Mayor; New Mayor to take place of late Mayor on committees; Municipal Conference report; Municipal Conference report; Re Polgreen's Hill accident; Mayor thanking Councillors for work in term
Metal Pits Mill Street; Crushing at Borough pit; Bowen Street pit; Jones metal pit; Beaven Street Gronn; Mosquito nuisance; Mill Street; Beaven Street; Sash and Door 2/- yard; J S Gordon additional metal; Hammond - Henderson's Line; Crusher; Contractors charges; Jones Beavan Street; Bradford System; Hammond - metal royalty; A H Hammond; A H Hammond; Fire hazard in gorse; A H Hammond; Complaint re B Whyte; Agreement Hammond; Hammond vacating pit; Offer re Hammond; Re weekly returns; Royalty - Hammond; Rumoured vacation - Mr Hammond; Evans and Easther re contract with Hammond; Contract with Hammond; Works Committee re Hammond; Dragline employed; Sale of metal; Metal supply to county; Marton Sash and Door crushed metal; Lutheran Church re spreading of metal; Mr Hammond re metal; Mr Pollington re inspection of pit; Mr Hammond re accounts rendered; Mr Hammond keeping pit in order; Mr Vincent and Mr Bell re stripped top soil; 1,000 yards crushed by Mr Hammond; Ward Motors - metal for car park
Milk Authority Special meeting; District; Health Department Dr Taylors Visit; Milk Authority; Dr Derek Taylor's address; Application re Milk Board; Approval of establishment; Gazette forwarded by Milk Board; By-laws; Opening new milk plant; Duties and powers; County representative; Special meeting re special order; Milk by-laws; By-law committee; NZ Milk Board by-laws; Duncan and McIndoe milk by-laws; County representative; County re Gudopp; Report; Milk Assurance given; Invitation to join association; Re opening of milk bottles; Health Inspectors re milk tests; Re milk tests; Nomination for NZ Milk Board; Re milk room at rear of library; Milk Committee visited Feilding; Rangitikei County Council re G B Benseman on Committee; Report; Report; Agreement - Marton Borough Council and Cheltenham Dairy Company; Report; Schools re bottled milk; Milk Board re milk sold less one gallon in sealed bottles; New milk cooler room; Rangitikei County Council re H W Gudopp on Milk Committee; Report
Milk Vendors Pasteurised milk; Cheltenham Dairy Company; Pasteurised milk; Public meeting; Medical Officer of Health to attend meeting; Address by Dr Derek Taylor; Elgar - milk supply; Re milk prices; Not taking surplus milk back Cheltenham; School lorry re bottle breakage; Moving of milk shed; Re night delivery; Revert to morning delivery
Ministry of Works Re request that no meter on the fire main at new high school; Forecast of bridge requirements; Re street corner splays; Legalisation of roadway off Mill Street; Overseer's course; Public drain - Christensen Block; Opening Cobham Bridge; Re forecast of expenditure 1963-1964; Plans of micro-strainer; Housing Division re subdivision of Klitscher, Henderson's Line; Re requesting progress on town plan; Re Overseer's course; Re authority to connect house to college sewer; Re half year review; Re exception of claim for grant; Re approval of grant; Re Council approval re staff house to college sewer; Re accessway on Klitscher subdivision; 1964-1965 Roading Programme; Fencing of accessway in Klitscher subdivision; Roading expenditure five year forecast; Re subsidies re level crosssings over bridges; Re deposited Town Plan
Mount Stewart Memorial Particulars of last meeting; Manawatu County Council re increased contribution; Manawatu County Council re building
Municipal Association Hospital levy; Payment Councillors; Conference; Minutes; Loan moneys; Loan money; Public hospitals; Speed limits; Re conference; Local authorities member contracts; Report re conference; Conference; One Tree Hill Borough Council re remit; Payment Councillors; Conference; Municipal Corporations Act 1954; Conference in Christchurch; Conference re report; Conference Napier; Enquiry into local government; Poll for payment of Councillors; Particulars of Municipal Insurance Company; Town Clerk and Mayor re conference in Dunedin; Re Municipal Insurance Company; Re Insurance Comapny Ltd; Council shares in Insurance Company; Thanking Council re insurance; Auckland City Council re bookings for conference; Conference 1962; Insurance Company Annual General meeting representative; Payment of honoraria to Mayor and Councillors; Delegater for conference; Representative; Meat Amendment Act; Re lighting pedestrian crossings; Mayoral allowances; Conference; Re Mayoral allowance; Re Municipal Association and Education Board re pans and urinals on school properties
Municipal Association Bookings for conference; Re rating of Crown property; Town Clerk and Mayor to attend conference; Re protest to nuclear weapons tests; Re names of delegates to conference; Requesting Council to make effort re roads spending; Re alteration of Borough boundaries; Circular re food disposal units; Municipal Insurance Company shares; Discussion re remits; Re Health Inspector's salary and conference and flashing lights of cars; Bonding rates contracts
Municipal Association Re signs hung over roadway; Request for figures re Transport Bill
National Historic Places Trust Election of one member
National Provident Fund Monies to lend; Loan finances; Signed certificate re Water Loan; Re Water Loan; Memorial Hall Loan approved; Re £5,000 Loan - Hall; Urban Fire Authority Capital Reserves Account Sole Commissioner etc
National Roads Board Special grants; G W Sampson re nomination; Corbett withdrawing his nomination; Report re financing of loan from National Road Board; Forecast of expenditure 1961/1962; Estimates 1961/1962; Half yearly review of expenditure; Estimates 1962/1963; Estimates 1962/1963; No. 8 Roads District re nomination; Estimates 1963/1964; Re estimates; Re half yearly review and forecast 1965-1966; Five yearly statutory survey; Re allocation and spending of; 1966-1967 estimates; 1966-1967 estimates; Estimates
Naturalization Ceremony Ceremony arrangements; Completion of Naturalization Ceremony; Naturalization Ceremony; Internal Affairs thanking Council; Internal Affairs Naturalization Ceremony; Brethren Hall Committee thanked; Councillor Ritchie apologising for not attending; Ceremony; Internal Affairs Department re ceremony
New Zealand Railways General Gas supply; Gas supply; Loading Pukepapa; Railway trucking yards; Crossing sealing; Sewer; Water; Water Agreement; Sealing and crossings; Crossing surfaces Matai Street; New main under railway; Extension of eight inch watermain; Re removal of bus depot to Wellington Road; Re work on Matai Street crossing
New Zealand Standards Institute Standards By-laws; Drainlayers; Basic loads and stresses
Nightwatchman Chamber of Commerce; Chamber of Commerce; Labour Department; Expenses
Notices of Motion Lyon Street section; Lyon Street; Lyon Street section; Motion rescinded; Tar; Price of tar deleted; Water and sewer charges; Works Committee; Gas Committee; Re gasworks; Re half cost footpaths; Postponed notice; Notice of Motion no 140; Repairs footway A Lynskey
Noxious Weeds Inspector; Lyon Estate; Lyon Estate; Rangitikei County Council; Railway property; Court case; Railway; Tenders called for clearance; Lyon Estate; Gorse spraying; Inspector appointed; Inspector's report; To spray J Smith's property; Weeds on streets; J Robinson and I G Hunt re prices for spraying noxious weeds; Report; Re service of Inspector; Sash and Door; Letters re McKinnon Estate and Greagh Engineering; Spraying at waterworks; Spraying of blackberry; Inspector re report; Council roadways; Mr H S Harbott; Noxious weeds in Borough; Rangitikei County Council unable to assume control of noxious weeds in Borough; Mr Hunt Noxious Weeds Inspector for Borough; Noxious weeds New Zealand Railways; Mr Hunt re Borough weeds; Mr Hillsdon appointed officially Noxious Weeds Inspector and Ranger; Re notice to clear blackberry; Junction School re drain; Re paper reports noxious weeds; Rangitikei County Council re advising of Noxious Weeds Committee meeting
Office General Holidays; Remodelling office buildings; Borough solicitor; Borough plans; Office filing cabinet; Labourer's award; Local body officers; New Borough plans; Appreciation of staff; New Council Chambers; Annual holidays; Annual holidays; Demonstration of helicopter; Holidays; Re Vulcan aircraft; New desks; Evans Easther and Harris re contract - Mr C Patterson and Marton Borough Council; Additional office cleaning; Holidays 1959/1960; Holidays 1960/1961; Cashiers Risk Allowance made
Old People's Home Reply; Rangitikei County Council; Re Strathaven; Re Strathaven; Thorley offering home
Olympic Appeal National appeal for funds
Option on Land B and W McCaul Lambert and Totara Streets
Organisations Youth club re Advisory Committee; Social cricket teams re use of grounds
Overseer Appointment of Borough Overseer; Report; Report infiltration water into sewer; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report on fire; Report re Ahura Street; Report, Report re fire at depot; Re sealing programme; Report; Report on two sewer connections; Re roading programme; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Nomination re instructions; Report; Report; Re invitation to technical discussion; Re position of water; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Re cost of connection water main to Pokata and French Street; Report; Report re Marumaru Street Bridge; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Re course of instruction
Overseer Report; Re course in Wellington; Overseer re Marumaru Street bridge and Fordson truck; Report re Marumaru Street bridge, current water position and report; Re weed killer course and report; Report; Report; Ministry of Works sale Gracefield; Report; Report ;Report; Report; Report; Report; Report and report re Bristol dozer; Tenders re sealing and canned night soil collection and width of Potaka Street; Report; Report; Reports; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Re cycle stands and report; Report and plumbing in Henderson Line without permit, clean up French Street footpath, Alexandra Street residents re field tile drain and tenders for kerb and channeling; Report re Mr Veal's property and ordinary report; Report; List of street works; Re water main Bredin's Line; Report; Report and progress on streets; Report; Report; Report; Report; Admitted to Institute of Technicians; Report
Overseer Re attending 'C' Grade Treatment course
Overseer's Reports Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report water main extensions; Complimented on work Wellington Road
Park General Boundary fence; New gates; Plants £25; Park fence; Boundary fence; Howlett's entrance; Engine in mower; Boundary fence; Boundary fence; Hot dog stand; Rugby Union clock; Top dressing; Mowers purchased; Mowers Lake Alice; Gang mower; Gang mower; Rotary mower; Mowers Levin and Co; Hockey Club; Running track; Drainage Rugby Union; Marton Athletic and Cycling Club; Broadway Marching Team; Park seats; Price of park seats; Marching charges; Buying of park seats; Parks and Reserves Report; Hot showers - Rugby Union; Cutting of grass re kindergarten; Mrs Davies; Buckendahl re boundary fence; Donation Harrison and Co; Association Football re mowing grass at Openshaw's; Playing field; Tree planting Rotary; Football grounds cultivating; Vandalism; Ahtletic and Cycling Club re lighting; Lighting in park; Mrs N Davies re extension of path; Association Football Club re ground; Proposed new gates; Minister's Association re meeting; Vandalism; Specifications re pavilion; Minister's Association re Sunday sport; Repairs to pavilion; Entrance tenders; New gates; Rugby grounds mowed; Ticket boxes; Hunt re payment on gates; Re speeding in camp site
Park General Re no charge on gates; Shelter belt of trees; RSA inscribing names of those who served in second World War; Electricity charges; First aid cupboard; Band contest charge; Junior member employed; A Cobham and Son re service land; G Grey losing glasses at flood; Sign boards replaced on trees; Footballers using 'ladies'; Plaques for trees; Vandalism at Marton Park; Overseer re grand stand; Rangitikei Rugby Sub Union re gatekeepers box; AA re replacement of cookhouse at campsite and Marton Bands re Flower Day; Marton Brownies re planting of trees; Rugby Union re broken lamps; Town Clerk re lighting charges for oval; Rugby Union re broken lamps; Overseer re damage to park; Wanganui AA re plan for cookhouse; Brownie pack re planting of tree; Children not permitted to ride in park grounds; Town Clerk to write to Rugby Union if posts not down by 30th September; Athletic and Cycling Club re storage shed north east corner; Re children cycling in Marton Park; Caretaker re persons in park without authority; Mr Cooper re lighting; Deputation re lighting from Rugby Union; Rangitikei Rugby Union re marshall
Park General Re hedge replaced by fence; Re marshall; Councillor Cohen report; Rugby Union re sub-soiler and expert re analysis of soil; Lighting used by football clubs; Councillor Cooper re switch box; Lighting of oval; Report; Kindergarten re fence between park and their property and Councillors report; Councillors report; Councillors report re removing Oxford Street trees; Councillors report; Rugby Union re charge; Sub Union re sub-soil; Councillors report
Marton Park - Use Of Old Boys 30th March; Athletic 31st March; Old Boys 19th May; Rangitikei Rugby Sub Union use of park for 1963 season; Old Boys re Tuesday and Thursday nights; Rangitikei College for football; Hockey club; League Football Club Tuesday nights; United Hockey Club re one night only; Rugby Sub Union re dressing shed; Marton Rugby League for 16th June; Farmers Co-op 1st September; Old Boys re 7th July; Rep practice 8th September; Intellectually Handicapped Children's Society re selling teas on Flower Day; Hockey Club re use of one night a week; Rangitikei Rugby Union re both dressings sheds in pavilion; Convent Home and School re 28th June, 26th July, 2nd August and 9th August; Old Boys 21st July, St Matthews 8th August; Rugby League re Sir James Wilson Park 4th August; Old Boys 14 July; Old Boys 1964 season; Old Boys 22nd September; Softball organisers re use of No 2 Ground; Scottish Society re No 2 Ground for car park; Athletic and Cycling Club re park for 1965/1964 season; Marching Association re 1st December 1963; St Stephens re 10th December 1963; Scottish Society re 14th March 1964; Softball, no charge and Axeman's Club and Women's Division of Federated Farmers [WDFF] re east side for Christmas party
Marton Park - Use Of Rangitikei Rugby Sub-Union; Woolworths; St Stephens School and confirmation re college use of park; Old Boys Club; Sutton report and Marching Association re use of No 2 Ground for parking; Athletic Club and St Stephen's re planting of shrubs; Midget Football Club re park; Convent school; Old Boys Football Club; Wright Stephensen and Councillor Bond report and Rangitikei Axemen's Centre; Rugby Union; Amateur Athletic and Cycling Club 1964-1965 season and Councillor Sutton's report; Marching Girls; St Stephen's Association; Women's Division of Federated Farmers [WDFF] Bonny Glen; St Stephens; Rugby Union games and charge; Primary Rugby Union; Old Boys re park on Thursday and Tuesday and Rangitikei Rugby Union for 1965 season; Midget Football on Saturday mornings; ICI [IHC] for picnic; Primary School; Old Boys; Old Boys No 2 Ground; Kindergarten 20 November 1965; Marching Association on 5-12-1965; WDFF 4-12-1965
Park - Sir James Wilson Memorial Purchase of land Main Street; Conditions for use Misses Wilson; Milking shed Oldfield; Laying out of grounds; Athletic Football Club; Association Football; Address to Misses Wilson; Oldfield's tenancy; Appreciation presented to Misses Wilson; Transfer; Report re rose garden; Councillor Evans re resignation as Chairman; Combined Sports Inc offer of £1960; Meeting; Sports organisations protesting re Combined Sports Inc; Chairman elected; Report; Report; Rent re grazing; Rental £70 per annum; Report; Lack of progress; Straightening of Folly Stream; Report; Tenders received, rented to Mr E Pickford; Contract between J D Loader and Marton Borough Council; Rugby League re playing field; D Elliot unable to landscape park; Development; Massey College re drainage plan; Rugby League Club re use of park; Athletic Football re use of centre ground; Rangitikei Cricket Association; Athletic Club re meeting; Athletic Club re park requirements; RSA re use of park; Post Office Social Club re use of park
Park - Sir James Wilson Memorial Report Councillor Bond; Deputation re Oval; Athletic Football Club re use of ground; Applications for grounds re advertisement; Report Councillor Green; Jaycees re play area; Girl Guides re ceremony and planting of oak trees; Rangitikei County Council re provision for reserves fund; Councillor Bond's report; Athletic and Cycling Club re proposals; Rangitikei Catchment Board re plans for Folly Stream; Mr Robertson re boundary fence; Overseer re owners agreeing to boundary fence; Deputation re matters at Sir James Wilson Park; Overseer re boundary fence; Re boundary fence; Councillor Bond report; Deputation from Cycling Club re Sir James Wilson Park; Re changing facilities; Athletic Club re changing facilities and Old Boys; Railway Club on Sunday; Marton Rugby League re 1964 season and Cycling Club re grazing sheep and 440 yard track; Cycling Club re track and rental; Rangitikei Rugby Sub-Union 5th July 1964; Charge for fence approved for payment; M Bary re donation of roses; Catchment Board re drop structure; Meeting at Park re reconstruction of Folly Stream
Sir James Wilson Memorial Park Re changing of Folly; Conveniences; Duncan and Davies re trees; Old Boys Football Club re use of and Councillors report and Athletic re facilities; Deputation re park; Councillors report; Old Boys use of; Old Boys use of; Councillors report; Councillors report; Railway Football Club use of; Re conveniences; Brown Built roofing for conveniences; Councillors report; Union re charge excessive; Councillors report and kerb and channel referred to 1966-1967 estimates; Councillors report and Rangitikei County Council re grant towards trees; Rangitikei County Council re grant for conveniences
Park - Use Of Athletic Club; Rugby Union; Band; Football Clubs; Hockey; Railways Sunday; Junior Chamber of Commerce; Railway; Broadway Marching Team; Athletic Club, Kindergarten; RSA; Marton Band; Athletic Club; Marching Association; Marching Association; Carnival; Athletic Club; Rugby Union; Railway Football; Marching Association; Railway Football; Marching; Athletic Club; Highland Band; RSA; Athletic Football; Rugby Union; Band; Referees Association, Marching Girls; Football Club; Railway Football; RSA Christmas Fair; Athletic Club; Carnival Committee; Marching Association; Athletic and Cycling Club; Broadway Marching Association; Rugby Union; Marching Team charges; Association Football for practices; Athletic Club and lights; Athletic Women's Hockey; Railways Football; Broadway Marching Team; Primary School Football; Amateur Athletic and Cycling Club; Marching Association; RSA Christmas party; Re Rangitikei Rugby Sub-Union; Athletic Football Club; Athletic Football Club; Athletic Hockey Club; Old Boys Football Club; Railway Football Club; Minister Association re Sunday football; Vampire Hockey Club; Young Farmers
Park - Use Of Nomads Football; Marching Teams charges; Rugby Referees; Marching Girls Season 1955/1956; Jaycees; Centennial Park Marching Girls; Athletic Club season 1955-1956; RSA; Marton Cricket Club; Marton Cricket Club housing; Marching Girls; RSA Carnival 11th February; Presbyterian Young Women's Bible Class - Easter Saturday; Rangitikei Rugby Sub-Union 1956 season; Athletic Football Club 1956 season; Athletic Hockey Club 1956 season; Association Football Club; Old Boys Football Club; Rangitikei Rugby Sub-Union; Sports Queen Committee; Railway Football Club; Marton and District Axemen's Club; Caravan Rally; Primary Schools Rugby; Marching Association; Broadway Marching Team; Marching Association re erection of Builders Pole; Marton District Axemen's Club; Soft Ball Club; Amateur Athletic and Cycling Club; RSA; Scottish Society; Rugby Sub-Union; Axemen's carnival; Power Board; Football night practices; Rangitikei Primary School Rugby; Marton Marching Association; Kowhai Basketball Club; Railway re football match, Scottish Society
Park - Use Of Marton Band; Athletic and Cycling Club; Young Farmers; Marching Team; Fire Brigade and Axemens Association; Marton Marching Association; Carols by Candlelight; Rangitikei Rugby Sub-Union; Old Boys Football Association; Scottish Society; Athletic Football; Rugby League; Athletic Hockey and Marching Team (Kiwi); Railway Football Club; Marching Association; Scottish Society; Cricket Club; Scouts; Athletic and Cycling Club; Carols by Candlelight; Athletic and Cycling Club; Rugby Union; Railway Football; Old Boys Football Club; Athletic Football Club; Vintage Car Club; Rugby League; College for football practice; Athletic Football Club; Fire Brigade; Scottish Society; Marching Association; Rugby League Club; Girl Guides; Marton Band; Marton Scottish Society; Rangitikei Cricket re use of No 2 Ground; Marton Amateur Athletic and Cycling Club; Scottish Society Sunday mornings; Jaycees re Carols by Candlelight; Herald manager re softball demonstration; Softball team Demons; Rangitikei Rugby Union; Rugby League
Park - Use Of Old Boys Football and Athletic Football; Rangitikei Rugby Union re rep practice; Railway Football; Rangitikei College; Rugby League; Railway Football Club re charity match; Marton Marching Association; Axeman's Club; Rangitikei Cricket Association; Rangitikei Rugby Sub-Union; Sunday approved; Old Boys Football Club; Athletic Football Club; Rugby League Club; Rangitikei College; Young Farmers Club; Axemen's Carnival; Marching Association; Marton and District Scottish Society; Axemen's Carnival re rental of park; Marching re use of western ground; Rangitikei Rugby use of grounds; Wanganui Rangitikei Electric Power Board re picnic; Old Boys Football; Rangitikei College; Vintage Car Club; Scottish Society; St Stephen's School Parents Association re sports; 10 percent of gate takings to Council where charge is made; Athletic and Old Boys Football Clubs; Railway Football Club; Plunket Society; Bonny Glen Makirikiri Women's Division of Federated Farmers [WDFF]; Athletic and Cycling Club; Scottish Society; Athletic Football Club
Parking Areas Re-metalling High Street and Broadway; Broadway; Area in Broadway for Royal New Zealand Air Force; 60 minute parking; Anderson Motors re parking area; D Hanson re bread trailer; Bank of New South Wales re no parking; C C Griffin re no parking sign; Re parking areas; Stewart Street; BNZ Re no parking; Woolworths re no parking; Re Hereford Street; Re Father Phillips; Re No Parking main gate; Re parking and bus depot; Double parking in Broadway; Woolworths re parking area; Public carpark Broadway; By Mortuary Chapel; Stewart Street; Re parking in Broadway/High Street; Chamber Commerce re parking meters; Womens Bowling Club re parking areas; Additional parking in Humphrey Street; Stewart Street carpark; Stewart Street parking area open; More signs - Stewart Street carpark; Chamber of Commerce re two hour parking; Quotations for 60 minute parking; By-laws for parking limits; Policing of new parking; Anglican Church re additional parking; St Stephen's Church carpark; Gorrie and Whitford re off street parking; No Parking South Follett Street
Parking Areas Woolworths Ltd condition of parking area; Engineer re plans car parking area in Broadway; Lutheran Church; Martin and Vernon bus stop - Civic Milk Bar; Woolworths re Ree's land, Stewart Street; Woolworths re carpark - Stewart Street; Marton Bowling Club re angle parking Hereford Street; Woolworths re sealing car park; NZ Farmers No Parking signs re opening of building; Elmcourt Gardens re limited parking; Cycle park Dalgety's NZ Loan and Mercantile section Wellington Road; Elmcourt Gardens; Lutheran Church re parking area; Re parking of trucks and trailers on streets overnight; 'No Parking' signs near Christmas tree
Pasteurised Milk Address Dr Taylor; Combined meeting; Re ballot; Voting papers; Result of vote; Re Jaycee; Mrs A R Morman objecting; Taranaki Hospital Board; Milk supply start; Re chiller room
Peace Memorial Hospital etc Funds to Wanganui; C E Fogelberg thanked; Hospital Trustees payment to Press; Wanganui Hospital Board thanking citizens of Marton for donations; Rangitikei County Council re opening; Hospital Board congratulating on erection of the wing
Pedestrian Crossing Lighting Quotation for poles and fittings; Tenders
Pensioners Flats Re subsidy; Proceed with erection; Re purchase of sections; Mr Wade's sections; Defense Department; Minister of Housing; Plans; £8,600 loan; Materials to be used; Loan; Congratulations by Minister of Housing; Approval of Loan; Loan; Subsidy; State Advances re loan; Special Order re loan; Special Order re loan; Loan re State Advances; Tenders; Subsidy available; Purchase of land; Mayors Report; Changes in plan; Treasury re interest; Re walls flats; Fire grates; Site second unit hand rail; Alterations in fittings etc; Contract re flats; Baths; Recommendations re roofing external walls, timber, paths, fences; Purchase five ton truck; Recommendations; Re amended price; Re contract; Progress payments; Allocation Committee; Labour Department re rents; Blinds - tender; Letter boxes and trellis - Ellis and Calkin; Extension of invitation list; Ellis and Calkin - Donation; Re kerb fence; Block of two; Tenders called; Contract signed; Re awning over porch-way; Minister of Lands re purchase of section; Building of; Lands and Survey re section; Health Department re flats; Tenancy of
Pensioners Flats Medical Officer re more flats; Hon N Shelton re Bowen Street section; Applications for vacant flat; Power Board re minor electrical maintenance; Occupiers re children passing through grounds; Advertise to fill vacant flat; Rev Prouse tennent of vacant flat; Tenders re painting of flats
Pipes and Fittings Sash and Door three inch pipes; Mangaweka Athletic Club re pipe ends, reconditioned pipes; Re pipe pusher; P R Boyes re piping drain; Hume Industries re surplus fittings; Dipping C I pipes
Plant Hire Tar sprayer
Plant Renewal and Replacement Account Beaven Street pipes and footpath; C H Hunt; Worley and Downey re filter plant
Poles Shifting Of Beaven Street; Beaven Street; Repair costs to roads; Tutaenui; Telephone new road; Beaven Street; Underground cables; Poles in Armagh Terrace
Police Force Extra constable; Extra not available; Sale Police Station; Re upgrading Marton Police Station; Shelton re upgrading
Post and Telegraph Office Harper's phone; Duct in High Street; Clock; Telephone booths; Taxi stand phone; Re postal box Bank of New South Wales corner; Cable system Broadway; Telephone re Harper; Re new cable ducts; Telephone for His Worship; Phone for the Mayor; N Shelton re phone for the Mayor; New cable ducts; Underground lines in Broadway; Power Board re underground lines; Post and Telegraph Department re underground lines; Power Board re underground cables; Plans of proposed service lines; Damaged cable Mill Street; Laying cable in new street in Mill Street area; Telephone in vicinity of Main Street not agreed to; Approval of lighting on poles
Pound Joint; Impounding Bill; Suitable pound; Appointment of Keeper; Warning Simmonds re horse; Seymour's animals in Centennial Park; Moved to pit section; Situation of pound and dog pound and appointment of Keeper
Public Conveniences High Street; Land adjoining High Street; Sexton re Lower High Street; Centennial Park
Public Trust Office Re A S Dewhirst Estate; Dewhirst Estate; Termination of Gasworks Loan; Rates J F Meyer Estate
Queen Carnival Allocation of dates; Dates for park and theatre; Closing Broadway 11th February; AWI re use of truck; Country Queen Committee re 'Mock Court' Broadway; Re 'No Parking' signs - Broadway
Railway Department Inspection of level crossings, erection of overhead footbridge from Mill Street to Toia/Ross Streets; Town Clerk re Borough boundary in railway area; Footbridge Toia Street; Clearing of noxious weeds in Borough; Renewal of Water Agreement; Re state of roadway re Station Road - Kensington Road; Re no work to be done in Matai Street and work on Railway crossing soon to begin; Re crossing alarms install Matai Street; Water Agreement for signature; Re water charge; Re Kensington Road - Station Road crossing
Rangitikei Catchment Board Subsidy drain improvements; Main drain; Main drain subsidy; Rates; Tutaenui Stream banks; Special Order; Special Order levelling rate; Tutaenui Stream; New cut Tutaenui Strea; Re rates; Folly Stream; Folly Stream subsidy; Stream behind Slade's. Tohara Street; Metal from streams; One representative; Re administrative rate; Work exceeded limit - Tutaenui Stream; Re flooding; Catchment Board re detention dams; Detention dam costs; Striking rates; Increase re flood protection; Cleaning Folly and Tutaenui Streams; Henderson Line subdivision; Clearing Folly and Tutaenui Streams; Detention Dams; Re cost of altering channel Sir James Wilson Park; Notice re striking of rate in Borough; Account R600-14-5 re half share detention dams; Re striking of rate; Re build line restriction adjacent to major water ways
Rangitikei College (New) Re water and sewer connection; J D Joll re Interim Committee. Wanganui Education re Management Committee; Pupils to help old folk; Thanking Council re footbridge Hammond Street; Re representativeon Board
Rangitikei County Council Re nomination Wanganui District Licensing Committee
Rangitikei District Electoral Roll Magistrate's Court
Ratana Youth Club Re section in Waitere Street; Evans Easther and Harris re section in Waitere Street; Deed of lease held over; Re 28 days to make decision re future of building; Re proposed lease to be terminated and money refunded; Re dances on Sunday; Re dances to be held and Sunday afternoon in Victory Hall
Ratepayers Correspondence Hawkins; St Stephen's sections; Stock route; Girl Guides; Mill Street ratepayers re water supply; J D Gorrie; H V Winter; Eketahuna Brick and Tile Company; H V Winter re book; Protests Rubbish Rate; Gilshnan re discount; Mrs B Wilson - Fence; Re Rutherford; Rangitikei Cricket Association re concession on rates; Marton Players remission on rates; Cricket Club remission on rates; McDonald rebate on rates; Rifle Club re reduction on rates; Miniature Rifle Club re reduction on rates; Marton Players rebate; Rates; Cricket Association rebate rates;Weld Motors reduction in rates; Estate I E Evans remission of rates; Town Clerk of Thames re rates per capita in New Zealand; Miniature Rifle Club and Marton Players rebate on rates; Cricket Association rebate rates; Rangitikei Cricket, Marton Players and Marton Scouts re rebate on rates; Miniature Rifle Club re rebate; Estate Meyer remission on rates; Rebates; Rangitikei Cricket Club re rebate on rates; Catholic Presbytery re rebate rates 1959/1960 - 1960/1961; Rangitikei Cricket Association re further reduction; RSA section Hair Street
Ratepayers Correspondence Baptist Fellowship re reduction; Baptist Fellowship re Borough Solicitor report; Marton Players re reduction; Marton Players re 25% reduction; Rangitikei Cricket Association re reduction in rates; Scout Group re reduction
Rates 10% Penalty 1950/1951; 1951/1952; Penalty written off; Hill penalty written off; Thorley penalty; Asking for remission of penalty; 1958/1959; 1959/1960; 1960/1961; Evans Easther and Harris re Estate of W Baker 10% off; 1961/1962; 1962/1963; S G Harris; S G Harris re penalty on rates 1962/1963; % penalty on 1964-1965 rates
Rates General Water closet fees; Water closet; Increase general rate; Consolidated rate; Sale sections for rates; Water Rate; Anglican Church; Water closet rate not collected; Special; Rangiora Borough Council; Remission of rates Marton Players and Cricket Club; Rate statement; Seeberg's rates; Rates Pritchard; Marton Players rebate on rates; Levying rates 1959/1960; Rangitikei Cricket re reduction in 1960/1961 rates; Town Clerk re rates collected before end of discount - 52.9 percent; Percent of rates received; Rates levied 1964/1965; Society for Rating Relief re rate reductions; Signing of Rate Book; Players re exemption; Players not granted exemption; Penalty 10% added
Rates - Last Day For Payment 1951
Rates - Legal Actions Section 47 Kitchener Street; E Steeve re bankruptcy
Rate Book Signing Atkinson and Calkin 1965/1957; 1957/1958 re Howard and Mayor; 1958/1959 Councillors Atkinson and Calkin; 1959/1960 Councillors Howard and Setford; 1962/1963 Councillors Bond and Glasgow; Councillors Sinclair and Sutton
Rates Notice of Intention to Strike 1953/1954; 1954-1955; 1957/1958
Rates Outstanding Action taken; Action taken; R A Griffin; Borough Solicitor re arrears; L M Sims; Evans Easther and Harris re J V Satherley 
Rates Reports Rate collection to date
Rates Selling of Sections Russell Estate High Street
Rates Striking 1951-52; 1952-53; Special rate Waterworks Loan; 1955-56; Water, Rubbish and Sanitation charges; 1956-57; Graph to go with demands; Confirmation of rates; Re printing graph; 1958-59; 1959-60; 1960-61; 1962-63
Records Palmerston North City Council re archives
Regional Plannning Meeting in Marton 11-5-61; Mayor of Wellington thanking Council re meeting arrangements; Palmerston North City Council re Regional Planning; Palmerston North City Council re Regional Planning
Rehabilitation Mayor appointed
Reserve Bank - Local Body Stock Agreement now finished
Reserves Committee Re Ladies Bowling Club and Lawn Tennis Club; Centennial Parkalloted to sports bodies; Lease sports bodies Centennial Park; Children's area Grey Foreman; Road camp site gang mowers; Verbal report; Ladies Bowling green; Minutes of meeting; Association Football re field; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Evans and Easther re slaughter house; Unloading wood over fence; Motor mower for use; Report; Report; Report; Basketball Association re depuation to Council re renting and insurance of pavilion; Report; Report; Report
Reserves Committee Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Reports; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Estimates; Report; Re removal of park hedge; To meeting with Prince re campsite and baths
Reservoir: Upper and Lower Drain (upper) shooting; Boundary fence; Dornbusch; Lower Reservoir right of way; Boundary fence Dornbusch; Bergen Lower Reservoir; Concrete stop bank; Re taking of land; T Bergen re share of hay cut; Use of hill Motor Car Club; Leak in old dam; T Bergen re share of hay crop; F Pallington report re fencing at waterworks; Candy Filters; Gorse; Reservoirs re A B C; Wellington Acclimatisation re no shooting on three reservoirs; R P Worley re screens; Shooting on reservoir; No shooting; No shooting; R P Worley re increase in spillway 'C' Dam; Overseer and Chairman re meeting with Miss Proctor re use of reservoir; Mr Hogwood re collection of pine cones
Rest Room Caretaker; Painting walls; Hand basins; Electricity entrance; Caretaker; Re alterations; Plunket Society re accomodation for nurse; Alterations; District Nurse re hot point; Replacement of tiles; Plunket Society gate; Highway Services re right of way; Plunket Society re garden; McIver and Abbott re price for painting; Painting of rooms, R Jarrets tender accepted; Plunket Society re heater in flat; Towel cabinet; National Council of Women re conveniences open all the time and additional signs; Isolated convenience at rest room; National Council of Women thanking Council on work carried out; K Smith re killing moss on rest room; Bell on front door; Use of flat; Repainting; Sub-let rest room; Plunket Society re returning flat to Council; Tenders re painting exterior; Rental of flat; Plunket Society re agreeing to proposals made by Council; Cleaning of; Rest room flat re Annie Anderson; Plunket Society re doing up of; Toilet signs
Returning Officer Fees election
Rights of Way Kindergarten; Kindergarten; Kindergarten; Stewart Street; L H Bishop; Lower reservoir; Kindergarten; Baths; Right of Way Bishop; Draft re Wanganui Road; Re Duncan's property Skerman Street 
Riparian Rights R G Smith
Roads Board Re bridges; Main highways limited number to be declared; Appointment of Mr Johns; Representatives for Roads District Council; Report; Annual meeting 10th April; Estimates 1960/61; Five year statutory survey
Roads - Closing Of Rangitikei Motor Club; Approval of closing county roads; Road Race Committee; Old Road Tutaenui; Rangitikei County re road race; Rangitikei motor cycle race; Queen Carnival - closing Broadway; Road race cancelled; Rangitikei Motor Club road race; Rangitikei County Council re no motor cycle races on county roads; Rangitikei Motor Club races; Rangitikei County Council re no racing on Crofton Circuit; Closing the old Makahou Road; Broadway Christmas Eve; Broadway Christmas Eve; Railways re Station Road Kinsington Road crossing
Roads - Frontages etc M S Marston and Ingle; W C Smith; Road safety re 30 mph markings; Footway crossings and charge etc; Roading programme; Insurance Co re drive in; Mayor re meeting with Insurance Co representatives
Road Safety Meeting; Meeting; Safety film; Town Hall corner; Corner of Mill Street; Tutaenui Road; AA to see Mill Street corner; Tutaenui Road sign 30mph; 'Side Road' sign at Mill Street Corner; Annual meeting of Road Safety Organisation Committee; Disused crossing and kindergaerten; Re corner Pukepapu Road and Henderson's Line; Re meeting; Hereford Street parking; Re executive; Re compulsory stops; No 8 Roads Council; Angle parking Hereford Street; Re annual meeting; Re 30mph markings; Road Safety Organisation re 30mph painting signs; Compulsory stop Henderson's Line - Goebel's Line - Pukepapa Road; Marton Road Safety re giveway sign at Pukepapa - Henderson's Line; Roadmarking price not accepted - Hansen and McNicol; Re invitation to quiz
Road Signs etc Maori Girls College; Tutaenui Road 30mph sign; 'Side Road' at Mill Street corner; Hospital sign; St Andrews cross signs; Compulsory stop sign; No parking sign Evans Easther and Harris; Re 'stop sign' Station Road, Wanganui, Pukepapa Road, High Street, Tutaenui, Calico Line and Bond Street; Re bus depot; Stop sign Station/Wellington Roads; Stop signs Pukepapa/High Street, Broadway/Calico Line; Glasgow and Davidson re no parking signs; Marton School re pedestrian crossing; Automobile Association re white line in middle of road from fire station to 'Arihina'; No parking signs to be placed outside saleyards; L T Ritche no parking signs in Broadway; Re undulating surface Wellington Road; 'Give Way' sign at corner Goebel's Line, Henderson's Line and Pukepapa Road; A and H Osborne re road markings; Marton School re 'School' painted on road; Road race Nga Tawa block; Give way sign at Wellington Road, Kensington Road; Municipal Association re signs hung over roadway
Ross Sea Committee Appeal to be launched; Further appeal; Re launcing appeal; Motor races; Motor races
Rotary Club Re intertown visits; Intertown visits; Deputation re new name for Junction Area
Royal Tours Committee; Station provision; School Committee complaints; Director re arrangements; List of Representatives; Camera men; Committee report; Mr Winchcombe bouquet, elderly people, committees for visit set up; Meeting Winchcombe, army orders; St John Ambulance; Red Cross; Department of Internal Affairs re order of presentation; Sub-committees, traffic and parking, gifts for royal visitors; Letter thanks from Queen's secretary; Letter from the Prime Minister; Letters sent to organisations helping; Photographs from the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh; Letters of thanks from old people; Letter from Queen's secretary; Letter from Prime Minister; Letters of thanks to helpers; Letter from Wanganui Education Board of thanks; Chamber of Commerce; Greatford; Bulls Town Board; His Worship re Queen Mother passing through Marton ; Hon Shelton re not possible for Queen Mother to pass through Marton; Wanganui Education Board re train for children to see Queen Mother
RSA and Citizens Memorial Hall Land for hall; Protest from Scouts; Complaints; Position; Kendrick re siting; Report sub-committee; Report sub-committee; Deputation that waited on the Department of Internal Affairs - Report; RSA agree to plans; Report sub-committee; A L Gabites re plan; Report; Sub-committee report; Mr Gabites - Plans ready; Tenders opened; Report; Debenture signed and sealed; RSA Social Committee re holding ball; Wanganui Rangitikei Electric Power Board re donation; Wanganui Rangitikei Electric Power Board re £250 contribution; Evans Easther and Harris re draft agreement - RSA and Council; Feilding - Rangitikei Wrestling Association re ring in hall; Finance Committee and three RSA members re building a committee; Report; Mr Gabites re sound through floor; Report; Report; Donation from Woolworths; Report; Agreement; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; County unable to contribute to hall; Report; Report; Roll of Honour; Cobble stone panels in the forecourt
RSA and Citizens Memorial Hall Councillor Ritchie free use of hall; Labour Department use of hall - Exhibition; Report; Three Councillors appointed for Committee; RSA section Hair Street; Reports; Reports; Report; Report; Report; Mr Gabites re contract RSA and Citizens Memorial Hall; Games on Sunday evenings; Report; Report
Rubbish Collections Xmas cleanup; Railways; Lounge Tea-rooms; Lounge Tea-rooms; Compulsory collection; Fish offal; Slade - Collections; S G Hooper; List of rubbish tins; Charges; Mr Bourke; Purchase rubbish tins; Rubbish composting - Bourke; Mr Bourke; Mr Bourke; Mrs Carlyle; Broadway collection; Free collection; Compulsory roll; Recommendations; Mr Bourke; Railways; Railway rubbish; Todd - Re rubbish Centennial Park; Compulsory collection; Compulsory collection; L Humphrey; Refunds; Jaycees clean up; Re pits; Compulsory; Report - held; Date of compulsory collection; Quinn's Store re paper; Compulsory collection; Compulsory collection; Notice to Mr Dornbusch to remove rubbish; Higham Rubbish Collection; Jaycees re clean up day; Miss Cash collection; M Blackledge and A G Brock re rubbish charge; H Thorley; G H Mallett re rubbish charge; Mr Ruddick; New dust bins; Shepherd and Walters re refuse collection; Remission collection - Mrs Honeyman; L V McKinnon re rubbish receptacle; Town dump moved to old Fire Station
Rubbish Collections Peter Pan Ice Cream Company rubbish containers; Railway settlement; Alterations of days; Railway settlement; Miss Dommett re rebate on rubbish charge; Condition of rubbish tins; Increase of charges re railway settlement; Kleensack re survey; NZ Forest Products report re paper bay R E; National Council of Women re 30/- towards rubbish recepticle; Quotations re bag holders; Town Clerk re draft publicity re new system and tenders for holders and bags and NZ Forest Products re printing in bags; National Council of Women re rubbish receptacle; CWI donation; Publicity re bags continued; Rubbish units re donations; Re rubbish collection; Position of bag units and Town Clerk to order more bags; Pitzac re drums for rubbish; Overseer re more receptacles; Compulosry bag method
Rubbish Pit Beaven Street; Beaven Street pit; Highway Services; Transfer to Russell Street; Henderson's Line rubbish dump; Henderson's Line re L Klitscher; Re Mrs I Brice; Rubbish tins; V C Smith re dumping of rubbish; Quinn's Store; Pit controlled; Quinns re rubbish disposal; Re clearing pit; Mr Hammond re bulldozing; Pit to be controlled to the public; Re unauthorised persons entering in closed hours; Mr Klitscher re condition of dump; State of dump; County Council re residents use of borough dump; Re state of; Re notice 'no rubbish' at end of Hammond Street
Salary Increases - Staff T Gardiner; Town Clerk and gas manager; Bonuses Bosselman and McDonald; Bosselman; Petrol Mr Tillick; G Grey camp ground; Rates of pay increased; Increase engineer, caretaker filters; Town Clerk, outside staff; Davies; Town Clerk's salary; Overseer's salary; Town Clerk
Sale Yards Cleaning; Improvements; Erection of sheep pens
Sanitary Contract and Nightsoil Collections Complaints; D I Gore resignations; Nightsoil collection; Gore, Hooper
Santiation Rate and Sanitation Fees Remitted Taite; Slight's garage and house; McBeth; M Roger; Lewis; Whitmore; L T Ritchie; H G Jurgens; Rate rescinded
Sections - Sale and Purchase Lyon and Cuba Street; Beaven Street pit; Metal pit, Beaven Pit; Auction of sections; Sections sold for rates; Section R Sexton; Russell Street; Lyon and Russell Street; Lyon Street; Sections J Hannan; 120 square foot Lower High Street; Henderson's Line section; Section Broadway Ingle; Section Henderson's Line; M Gray; Section High Street; Strip of land Grey Street; Russell Street; Sale sections; Sale of section Broadway; Sections given to Council; Evans and Easther re section B, Harrison; Rugby League re playing field; Pacific Chenille re purchase land Russell Street; Christensen and Stanford re land Anderson Motors Ltd; Scouts re section corner Lyon and Cuba Street; Marton Friendship Club re Council section High Street; Evans and Easther re transfer of section to Boy Scouts; Civic Theatre property to Kaikoura Amusuments Ltd; Sale of section to Anderson Motors; RSA re Hair Street section
Septic Tank Effluent; New flumes; Lurujud; Mr Fox report; Completion plans urgent; Mr Worley; Septic tank paddock. H E Price wanting to rent; Septic tank paddock re still; H E Price; Railway re septic tank; Rental; R Cameron re washing of trucks; Paddock offered by Mr Bushby; W Taite re Borough Solicitor; Mayor on valuation roll re septic tank paddock; Engineer's report septic tank; Tenders for septic tank paddock; Re dwellings without drainage wells; G McG Mowat re extend term of tenancy; Tenders for; Mowat re fence; Overflow - Stanford's Wanganui Road; Mowat re give up paddock; Filling from sludge Juction School
Sewer Improvement Loan Interim report to Loans Board; Mr Downey re interim loan
Sewerage Mr Fox; Re septic tank Tutaenui Stream; Connection Calkin; Henderson's Line; Connection Calkin; Extension Mill Street; Henderson's Line; Ahuru Street; Connecting fees increased; Beaven Street; Increase connection fees; Beaven Street; Grey Street; Nesbit; Lyon Street Bracewell; Bracewell Lyon Street; Nesbit; Sewer connections; G Benseman objections; Sewer bond of Tuataenui Road, Ahuru Street main; Worley sewer connections; Henderson's Line; Applications for connections; Enforcement of regulations; Sewer extended Tutaenui Road; Railway sewer Govenlock's property; Benseman; Henderson's Line; Henderson's Line; Railway; Pacific Chenille; Re Ahuru Street; Pacific Chenille re blockage; Blackwell Street; Sewer in Henderson's Line; Increase of fees; Connection TAB; Marton Women's Bowling Club; Ministry of Works re sewerage for new school; Sewerage Mill Street; A G Harris sewerage in Grey and Skerman Streets; Polluting stream; High Street; Mr Winchcombe  re sewerage; Fitlon re sewerage; Ministry of Works re sewer main to new school; Sewer connections to new school; NZ Railways re future sewerage scheme; Connection to new school
Sewerage F Taylor re connection; Grundy re public sewer Grey/Skerman Streets; Mill Street residents re sewer to properties; Housing Division re installation of sewer; Mill Street; Rira Street residents; C Grundy re sewer Skerman/Grey Street; Evans and Easther re public sewer - Skerman/Grey Street; Sewer to College; Housing Division re Ahuru to Rira Street sewer; Public drain Rira Street and Ahuru Street; Ministry of Works agreeing to sewer service Rangitikei College; Repairs to sewer at 505 Wellington Road; C H Taylor re sewer connection; Sewer extended (D B Sladden); Extending Harris Street sewer, cost of; Sewer to serve Mr Sladden's property Bond Street; Evans Easther and Harris re sewer in Bond Street prior to 30/6/60; Extension in Bond Street; C H Taylor - Harris Street; Blackwell Street - laid 15 feet deeper, Harris Street sewerage; C H Taylor re half cost connection - Harris Street; Chenille Flock re blockage in main sewer; R H P Bending - Skerman Street; Turakina Maori Girls College re sewer extension; Turakina Maori Girls College extension of sewer; Henderson's Line sewer; Christensen and Stanford re sewerage of back section in Wellington Road; Installation fee £20
Sewerage W J Matheson re extension of sewer in Skerman Street; G N Keith re sewer damage in pipe; N Speirs re extensions to sewer; Nelson Speirs re extension of sewer; The IHC [Intellectually Handicapped Children's] Society re new building to be connected to sewer; Samuel Parker re commisiions for night soil; Installation of sewer in Skerman Street; Re food waste disposal units; Howards re disposal units; Ken Henry re disposal units; Management on site of proposed sewerage treatment plant; Mr Downeys comments; Plans displayed in library window; Downey re discussions - sewerage
Sick Pay Applications; N M Stevens; Policy re sick pay; Accident compensation re Price
South African War Veterans Association Re visit
Special Meeting Borough foreman; Borough foreman; Balance sheet; Cash Estate street naming; Consulting Engineer; Volunteer Day; Noxious weeds; Worley; McChesney; Amending By-Laws; McChesney and hospital; McChesney; Building By-Laws; G Grey; £3,500 Dwelling Loan; Balance sheet; Town Clerk's resignation; Special Order £3,500 loan; Town Clerk applications; £3,500 Worker's Dwelling Loan; £3,500 Loan; Rates struck; Declaration Lyon Street; Lyon Street; Power Board re gas; Balance sheet; Gas undertaking; Water scheme; Food Hygiene By-law; Sale Broadway sections; Committee report; Re Borough Engineer; Re proposed road Kelly subdivision; Re consulting engineer; Balance sheet; Estimates 65-66; Striking rate 65-66; Meeting with Town Planner; Meeting with Mr Downey; NZ Insurance Company re special meeting; Meeting with Power Board; Town Clerk to arrange meeting with Power Board
Special Orders Re orders confirmed; Re Hammond Street as street; Re Pals Car Exchange; Burnett  and Hulbert High Street section; Loan - RSA and Citizens Memorial Hall; Water Filter Loan 1962; Re Tuataenui Road - new street
Staff Presentation - Harper; Presentation - Harper; Welcome to Mr Lupton; Mr Gardiner and D Kendrick on a salary basis; Mr T Gardiner re superannuation scheme; Shepherd and Walters re refuse collection; Pollington resignation; W G Grey re conference; McChesney, Hillsdon and Boerboom increase; Increase - C.O.L; Discussion outside staff; W Grey leave for conference; Messrs Gilligan , Price and McChesney increase in wages; Staff training course; Wedding gift H Davies; Assistant Town Clerk re training course; Wages increase; Increase; Holidays for 1962/63; Mr Rillstone re 7/- raise; Christmas holidays; Mr T Baker 7/- rise; 2d per hour Searancke and Reardon; Chairman of Parks and Reserves and Works and Water Committees consider wages salaries of staff once a year; Start of holidays for 1963-1964; NZ superannuation re permission to interview outside staff; Local Labourers Union re shortened hours and increased pay; Employees Association re Labourers award; Christmas holidays; Drivers Union re three weeks holidays and Wanganui Employers Association re 6% wage order; Letter to Mr Price; P Calkin employed re filters; Price re paying full time while sick
Staff Christmas holidays 1965
Staff Applications Fitter; Overseers; Conditions appointment - foreman; Conditions appointment foreman Gardiner; Labourers for reserves; Clerk; Assistant foreman; Office clerk; Assistant Town Clerk; Assistant Town Clerk; Town Clerk; Re filter attendant
Staff Appointments Quirk; R Close - Ranger; R Challis; R Hillsdon; Bosselman acting Town Clerk; A Bosselman Assistant Town Clerk; General labourer; Re Pollington in charge; Discussion filling Mr Close's position; Mr Lupton re employment; W G Grey re leave for conference; Foreman's salary etc; Wages for student engineer approved; R Harvey - Filters; Junior employed - Marton Park; W A Price - Filters
Staff Resignations W R Brant; Horan; D I Gore; J Griffin; G Grey cancelled agreement; L Nicol; R Challis; Mrs Challis; E W Quirk; Miss A N Bosselman; H Harper; Gift to Miss Bosselman; Mr E B Lupton; E B Lupton; R G Harvey
State Advances L Hurgan state house; Pinus Timber; £3,500 loan; Pensioner's flats; Re sheds on state houses; Buildings without permits; Re model specifications; Unauthorised buildings; Re state houses; Department Reserves re 4 Robert Street; Requirements re garages - siting of; Mayor re more state houses; Mr Shelton re receipt of letter; Town Clerk re letters regarding more state houses
Street Appeals (shop days) Plunket Society and Lepers; Seamen's Mission; Maori Missions; Basketball; Basketball; Women's Division; St John Ambulance; Hockey clubs; Methodist Church; Leper's Fund; Marton Band; Crippled Children; Tennis Club Makirikiri; Basketball; Hockey Club; Hockey Club; Hockey Club; Girl Guides; Tutaenui Social Club; Homey School Association; Plunket; No further shop days; Paddy's Market Rotary; Plunket Society; Plunket Society Street Day; Scottish Society mass parade of bands in Broadway; Kindergarten re raffle tickets selling in streets; 2XA re 'Marton Market'; Rotary Club re quick auction; Maori Concert Band re march up Broadway; Catholic Community re march from Victory Hall to church; Young Farmers Club shearing sheep in Broadway; Raukawa District Maori Battalion ; Swimming Club and Rangitikei College; Re carol singing on Christmas Eve
Street Lighting Chamber of Commerce; Additional lights; Street lighting; Blackwell Street; Claude neon lights; Bond Street - Station Road; Marumaru and Otore Streets; Gorrie Station Road; Fluorescent lights; Additional lights; Additional lighting; Additional lights; Additional lights; Delay; Potaka Street; Community lighting; Community lighting charge; Draft agreement; Xmas [Christmas] lights; Community lighting charge; Consideration of charges; Community lighting alterations; Power Board re charge; Community lighting; Ahuru Street; Community lighting; Electro magnetics erections etc; Agreement re community lighting; Turning on community lights; Jaycee re coloured lighting; Coloured lighting confirmed; Chamber of Commerce re community lighting hours; Extended community lighting; Additional street lighting; Coloured lights and bunting - hiring; Additional street lighting; Ahuru Street lighting; Additional Street lighting; Wanganui Rangitikei Electric Power Board re lighting charge; Lamps at intersections; Complaint of darkness park entrance; Lighting park entrance, light Maunder Street increased; Maunder Street - outside church; Additional lights in Henderson's Line and Matai Street
Street Lighting Coloured lights; Wanganui Rangitikei Electric Power Board re power lines in Alexandra, Edward and King Streets; R V P Smith re light Totara Street / Calico Line corner; Corner Ngarino Street and Racecourse Avenue; Elmcourt Gardens re moving light; Parking area, Stewart Street; Elmcourt Gardens re additional street lighting; Coloured lights 1962; Elmcourt Gardens; Elmcourt Gardens - Follett Street; Ruseell Street; Re pedestrian crossing lighting; Re pedestrian crossing lighting; Traffic island, Main Street / Station Road corner; Sutcliffes re flood light on parking area; St Stephen's re lighting of right of way; W Gazenbeek re light between Henderson's Line and Mill Street; Councillor Cooper re St Stephen's Garden; Wanganui Rangitikei Electric Power Board re all night street lighting; St Stephen's re thanks to Council re light; Mrs S Hardie re street light keeping her awake at night; Power Board re Christmas coloured ighting; Mrs Hardie re cost of moving light; Power Board re street lighting Broadway; Town Clerk to approach Power Board re charges; Post and Telegraph re telephone line in Boardway; Power Board re selling lighting system; Wanganui Rangitikei Electric Power Board re reduction in street lighting; Marton Development Council re improvement in street lighting; Cooper re fluorescent light; Gordon Crescent; Power Board inspect lighting Station Road
Street Lighting Bowling Club re sell lights; Proposed lighting plan; Power Board re proposals; Power Board re increased charges Wellington Road; Replacement by fluorescent lights; St Stephens Vestry re light in front of Hall - Main Street; Wanganui Rangitikei Electric Power Board requested to install coloured lights; Wanganui Rangitikei Electric Power Board re lighting Calico Line
Street Maintenance Tender for truck, concrete mixer; Austin A70; Refund on truck; Damage manhole; Road roller; Mechanical digger; Wellington Road; Road maintenance; Pump tar sprayer; Borough truck accident; Colour Borough vehicles; Tar sealing Bitumen Pavements Ltd; Cleaning up gutter; Mr Quirk's employment; Farmall Cub; Tenders for tractor; Hair Street; Humphrey Street; Street clean up schedule; Dept gasworks; Formation Lambrot Street, tractor; Purchase tractor and lorry; Estimates tar sealing and metalling; Grass on roadside; Cub tractor; Manhole - Blackwell Street; Soft patch Bond Street; McKenzie and Son; Mrs Baines; Mr Gronn; Purchase of truck; Subsidy re footpaths; Highway services; Mr Close re truch; Mr Close re use of truck; Blenhiem Borough Council re street sweeper; Re new truck; R G Whitney re tar on house; PB Easther re tar on house; Steampipes and road Shash and Door; Waikanae Asphalters; Appointment of Foreman - Mr Close's illness; Street sweeping machine; Cost of Texemul; Water trench, Stewart Street; Re Mr McIlwaine; Racecourse Avenue; 'Welcome' sign Rotary; Increase - Waikanae Asphalters; A F Know re formation of Beaven Street; Mrs Close re Hunia Street house
Street Maintenance Report re loss of petrol; Depot yards; Metal Hereford Street; R Goebel re metal road frontage; Hillsdon  re Hendersons Line section; Ministry of Works re taking over Ahuru Street as a public; Hospital Board re Rira Street as roadway; Thorley use of truck; Damage in Hendersons Line; Raising of Smiths boundary fence; Warning of trespassing; New fire station; Smith re boundary fence; Ministry of Works re Hendersons Line repairs; Ministry of Works re Ahuru Street Treasury loan; Councillor Benseman re condition of roadways; Legalisation of Kensington Road; Re sections in Marumaru Street; Improvement to Folly; Mrs Harrison re section in Marumaru Street; Sanders re abattoir section; Watson re abattoir section; Cobham and Sons re roadway by new chapel; Vera Street condition; L H Luders re Ngarino Street; Councillor Benseman re pipes in Cuba Street; Re power lines in Henderson's Line; Painting of Lower Beaven Street; Pukepapa Road; R A Bowness renting of Ngarino Street; Painting in Beaven Street; Reconstruction Pukepapa Road; J Harris and Son re property in Lower High Street; Mr Sampson; Girl Guides re digging of trenches; Vintage car run; Girl Guides charges and digging of trenches; Warren Motors re section in Broadway
Street Maintenance Painting in Beaven Street; Rental for Hunia Street house; Painting in Beaven Street; Broome and Scott re section Lower High Street; Flushing of gutters; Removal of hedges Russell Street; Ahure Street re public Road; Vera Street frontages; Mr O D Bell re inspection Ahuru Street; Tenders called for painting in Beaven Street; Sealing Puketapu Road; Vera Streetand Hawkestone road re lowering culvert; Painting Beaven Street house; Street lighting; Mrs Fisher re removal of tree; Marton District High School entrance repairs; Metalling Lower Beaven Street; Marton District High School re no parking in Hereford Street; Footpath by kindergarten entrance; Club Hotel re sign across footpath; Hole in Council Yard; Wanganui Chronicle re 'Honesty Box' on street;  Jaycess re re-signing streets; Re cleaning of streets; Junction School re footpaths; Cleaning of streets; Gaisford re clear drain on roadside; Lower Hammond Street into roadway; Northern Broadway re skidding in wet weather; Jaycees re illuminated map of Borough to be erected; Misses Burrell and Beckett re car entrance; Mr Poppelwell re entrance to section; T and J McIlwaine contribute to repairs
Street Maintenance End of Hammond Street as roadway; Rangitikei Motor Club re use of Hair and lower High Street; End of Hammond Street as roadway; Regular cleaning of streets; McIlwaine re roadway; J A Howell re buy part of Lambert Street; Pedestrian crossing Hereford Street; Jaycees re Main Street; R Coleman remove spoil from verges; C H Saywell re condition Bond Street; Overhanging branches Wellington Road; Mr Ousey re parking damaging his sheds; Mr E Forde condition of roadway outside his shop; Reflection of road, Wellington Road; Evans, Easther and Harris re dedication of roadway Hereford Street; Automobile Association; Re lumpy nature of Wellington Road; A S Blackledge re construction and charge of crossing; H McLean re topsoil; P Gronn re Beaven Street adjacent to pit; Mr Fogelberg reporting on Vera and Terrace Streets; Mr Lynskey against charge re roadway damage; McIlwaine re road metalling - Lyon Street and Russell Street; Reconstruction of Wellington Road; Marton School re rough edges of Wellington Road; Tenders re reconstruction of Wellington Road; Wellington Road reconstruction; School wrote re condition of Wellington Road, edge of; Sign for 'Mac's Dairy'; Borough Greymouth written to re beautifying streets
Street Maintenance A L Lynskey re tar sealing footway; Alteration re Wellington Road contract; Police re removing of bike stand; Road safety organisation re unlit drums on streets; NZ Magnetic Service demonstration; Drew and Ruddell re sealing of French Street; B Klitcher re sign over footway; Overseer authorised to clean - metal verges - Follett Street; R G Cooper re shrubs on verges of his property; Marton Jockey Club re Wings Line and Racecourse Avenue; Marton Scout Group re clearing of long grass on roadside; Osborne and Co; Wanganui Asphalts Ltd re sealing; Re sweeping footpaths; Long grass, French and Wings Line; Roading programme; 'Give Way' sign Henderson Line; Residents Lyon Street, re verges; Armagh Terrace completion; Re road verges; Junction School re state of roads
Street Maintenance Sealing tenders; Maori Girls College re state of their frontage; Mrs Hook re damage done to frontage by fire brigade and Scout Group re property in Lyon Street; Sealing Old Folks grounds; Formation of Bond Street; Overseer re cost of Old Folks sealing; Sealing Programme 65/66; Wright Stephenson re rail siding; Re road work in Bond Street; Re Bond Street; Re widening of Follett Street; Junction School re Canteen and Terrace Street; Marton School re frontage and Wall, Bogle and Payne re street work in Main Street; Power Board re Follett Street; Junction School re Canteen Street; Mr Payne to plan Junction Street's development; Councillor Simons report re Lyon Street
Street Names - Folio 861 (Renaming) Renaming; County Council no objections; Special meeting confirming renaming; "Give Way" sign; Jaycees project; Jaycees re signs excess cost; Jaycees re No Exit and street indicators to be erected; Police station signs; Completion of signs Jaycees; 'City Guide' in Marton approved; Cobber Kain Ave a street; A and NZ Bank re sign, L S Woolridge re sign; A Sutton re street in Kelly subdivision; Armagh Crescent given to Kelly sub street; Re name of Kelly sub street
Streets - Closing Of, Alignment, Corners etc, Setting Back, Declaration Harris Street; Hawkestone Road; Hammond Street; Corners Wellington Road; Renaming streets; Renaming; Rounding corner Morris Street; Street numbering; Street numbering; Ahuru Street proclamation; Lyon Street; Junior Chamber, house numbering; Benseman's corner; Broadway and Lambert Street; Park-O-Meters; Hendersons Line - Pukepapa Road; Hodder and Tolley; A G Harris; Street numbering; Realignment of Stewart Street; Street Numbering; Change of names; Railway crossings; Wysocki setting back; Wysocki; Corner Hendersons Line and Pukepapa Road; Ahuru Street declaration; Dedication of Ahuru Street; Re A G Harris; A G Harris; Closing Broadway - Chirstmas Eve; Broadway - Christmas Eve; Scout Den opening; Broadway - opening new Power Board shop; Closing of Broadway for Christmas Eve; Marton Band re closing of Hammond Street re hall opening; Broadway closing Christmas Eve; Rangitikei County Council re naming of new street; Closing Broadway
Stock Route By-Laws; Feilding Borough Council; Saleyards; Routes; By-Law adopted
Storm Water A Stuart; K K Wiilton - Jones; A A Ellis; H A Thompson; DeRidder; Soler - Culvert; McIver; Ahuru Street; Notice to divert from Sewer; Mill Street - Pukepapa Road; Re Mr Partridge; Culvert; Storm water drain Follett Street, Russell and Harris Street; Drain price; Borough Engineer's Report re storm water; By-laws re stormwater; Report by Engineer and Councillor Harris; Flooding in Broadway - Farmer's Distributing Company; Stormwater - Ahuru Street; Russell Street; Ahuru Street; Mr Gibbons re 12 inch pipe; Drainage - Pensioner's flats; Ministry of Works re Town Planner re drains; Drain through Winchcombe's Station Road; Mill Street; William Street; Mr deRidder re stormwater drainage; Mr Armstrong against alterations; Re Ahuru Street; Re Ahuru Street; Mrs Hegglun re stormwater; Flood and Boaler re blockage of stormwater culvert; Mr Barsanti re diverting; Mr Gibbons re stormwater entering his septic tank; 12 inch pipe across milk cooler entrance; Six inch drain through Mr Gordon's property in Morris Street; Railway yard; Oldfield re outlet; St Francis Church re stormwater in their section; Re Mr Skipper; Wall, Bogle and Payne re plans re Kelly subdivision; Aldrich and Smith re stormwater Wellington Road properties
Stormwater Evans Easther and Harris re no easement re drain through Sinclair and Holder; Miss B Wilson re drain in Power Board property; Grey Street residents re stormwater; Overseer report re Grey Street; Mr Payne re Bond, Calico Line and Tuataenui Road stormwater; Mr Payne re Hawkestone area scheme; Disposal of stormwater Klitscher subdivision
Subdivisions Follett Street; Lots 11 and 15 Rira Street; Hegglun; Lots 18 and 19 Wellington Road; Maori Affairs Department; Hair Street transfers; Pt Sec 15, Pt Lot 39; Wellington Road C/T 151/4; Pt Sec 26; Pt Sec 11412 Wellington Road; Cedar Hill; Hammond Street; Hegglun; Lots 3 and 4 Ohuru Street; Secs 16 and 17 Henderson's Line; Blackwell Street; Woolworths; Oxford and Grey Streets; Lower High Street; Broadway; Wanganui Road; Beckett Estate; Hair Street; Goldings Line; Cuba Street Sec 16; Lots 12 to 15 Mill Street; L H Bishop; Russell Street; Milne Street; Hair Street; Maunder Street; Broadway, Gould; Ahuru Street; Davis to Robinson; Jensen to Whale; Kindergarten; Higham; A G Harris; Nitschke; Bryan to Gardiner; Bredin Estate; Angilican Church; Price to Gibbins, Beaven Street and Wellington Road, Bredin Estate; Marks - Pukepapa Road; Simpson - Hunt; McChesney to Todd; Marks; High Street; Goile; Jurgens; Knox to Riddell; Bredin Estate; Osborne, Wellington Road; Osborne - Wellington Road; Hogan; Osborne; Symes Wellington Road; The By-Law; Thimbleby , Milne Street; Ahuru Street; Symes Cofton - Kensington Road; E W Tolley, Cuba and Stewart Street; E W Tolley; T C Ward Bond Street; C M Holdaway
Subdivisions Girl Guides property; Marton Lime Co; Johnson to Rowe; Symes; Weld; Purnell to Sash and Door; Holdaway; F W Osborn; Girl Guides; Weld Motors; Taking of land for reserves; Fogelberg; Setting aside of land in subdivisions; Osborn and Taite; Cook; Osborn; Housing Construction Division re Ahuru Street; Thimbleby; McChesney Estate; R A Griffin; T E Johnsen; Robinson - Knox; R A Griffin; Herdman; McChesney; J and N Wilson; F J McMurtrie; County sub-division; W S Hammond; Holdaway; Rich; Robinson - Knox - McIlwaine; T C Ward; M Wysocki; Memorandum Wysocki; H W Gudopp; Mrs Christina Johnson; T E Johnsen; Rira Street - Housing Construction; Follett and Stewart - C Johnsen; Mary Morris (deceased) and George Morris; Re County - Tutaenui Road; Girl Guides Association; George Morris; Re McKinnon; Wadman; Wadman; A G Harris; F W Osborn; Ministry of Works re W R Hamond; Evans and Easther re E H deRidder; Public Trustee re Estate A J B Sicely; Ministry of Works; Lease France to Jones; Amendment re F W Osborne
Subdivisions Housing Division in Mill Street; Re Mrs Peachey's property; Re Max Wysocki; Re Gater Rangitikei Ltd; Re Max Wysocki; Re L H Bishop; L H Bishop; Max Wysocki; L H Dalley; A G Harris; A G Harris; Evans and Easther re property of Mrs L A Symes; Re property Tutaenui from High Street; Re Mrs E M Murray; Re Mrs Murray Hawkestone Road; Re R J Gardiner to Miss Knight; Deposit Murray; Enquiries re Borough's requirements, subdivision streets; S Blackledge; A Blackledge; E B Klitcher; T.A.B; Estate A M Cook; S Blackledge; Lots 108 to 113; T.A.B; S Blackledge; Water to residents re proposed subdivision adjacent to new school; Messrs C and A Hegglun re requirements re subdivision; L V McKinnon and D J Willis; L V McKinnon and Mrs D J Willis; C J Seager lower Hammond Street; Brick and Tile Ltd to P J G Eggels and Memorandum of Transfer; Subdivision standards; Seager subdivision; Re Housing Construction Division re property in Mill Street; Subdivision methods; Amendment future subdivsions; F B Osborne
Subdivisions L V McKinnon; Mrs H T E Willis; Mrs A McLeod; Mr McCully; Christensen Block; Eagan and Corrigan; Eagan and Corrigan; Christensen and Stanford re Marton Meat Company; Estate A M Cook; Re M C I Blackledge; L E B Klitscher; L E B Klitscher; Housing Division re Christensen Block , Mill Street; Mrs E L Whale; L E B Klitscher; Evans and Easther re exemption re W McCully subdivision; S Rich re subdivision L A Wishnowsky; L A Wishnowsky; C Davis; M W Stembridge; M W Stembridge; Resolution re Bowen Street; Evans and Easther re Mr N Hair. Maunder and Signal Streets; Mr Trezona; Bergin and Cleary re Estate A A Cook; R Simons re Mrs Curries property; S Rich re R Cameron; S Rich re W F Towler; Evans, Easther and Harris not previously recorded; W F Towler approved; Evans Easther and Harris re St Stephen's Church property; Fullerton - Smith and Miles re W G Wade; B P Forrest; Mrs E V Gray property; Christensen and Stanford re property owned by Mr R Cameron; Evans Easther and Harris re T S Dixon Harris Street
Subdivisions Evans, Easther and Harris re Estate J McChesney; Wanganui Rangitikei Electric Power Board re information of future subdivisions; Evans, Easther and Harris re C H Campbell; Re C and A Hegglun; D B Sladden approved; Evans Easther and Harris re B P Forrest; C A Hegglun re report fromTown Planner; Mrs M Bland re S A Tassell Estate; State Advances Corporation re 4 Robert Street; S Rich re H Gorringe; State Advances Corporation re Robert Street; T Broad re Wanganui Road; Evans Easther and Harris re Holder's property Wellington Road; Evans Easther and Harris re Holder's property Wellington Road; Subdivision, Mrs Lumsden - Wellington Road; Memorandum Transfer re Bergin and Cleary - Estate A A Cook; Evans Easther and Harris re Mrs M A Lumsden; A Morrison; W F Towler; R H P Bending; Mr Gabites report re Towler subdivision; A O Scott - Skerman Street; S Rich - Follett Street; Christensen and Stanford re Follett Street Estate McDonald; S Rich - W F Towler; W O Griffiths; Marton Sash and Door; S Rich - R Bending - Warren Motors Ltd - Wishnowsky, Pukepapa Road; Evans Easther and Harris re Marton Sash and Door; Fullerton - Smith and Hammond re MIss Beckett; S Rich - Ireland; J M Burberry; L A Wishnowshy; L G Vowell; Bashford Estate
Subdivisions T P Broad - Wanganui Road; N Ireland - Pukepapa Road; S Rich re H T E Willis; Evans Easther and Harris re Mrs M E A Blackwell; Coombe and Fisher; P I Woolley; Mrs M E Byres; L Wishnowsky; Town Clerk re subdivide frontage Henderson's Line; Mrs Ward; H W Gudopp; Council - Henderson's Line; Christensen and Stanford re Miss Beckett's property; Evans Easther and Harris subdivision Leersnyder to White; Crown land Robert Street; S A C Blackwell and Morris Streets; 'A' Dam value placed at £1,000; M A Lumsden; F H R Gorringe; Evans Easther and Harris re W F Towler; Christensen and Stanford, A O Scott; Misses Beckett; Estate R Bashford; Memorandum of Lease France to McCully Ltd; Memorandum of Lease France to Prujean; C M Holdaway; N H Ireland; Christensen and Stanford re R H P Bending; Evans Easther and Harris re St Stephen's School Trustees to H T Miles; Christensen and Stanford re H T Willis; Coombe and Fisher; T Broad, Wanganui Rd; Christensen and Stanford re P I Wooley; Henderson Bros Ltd; Mrs Byres, Wellington Road; Evans Easther and Harris re H W Gudopp; Marton Sash, Door and Timber Company property in Broadway; Mrs M H Byres; Evans Easther and Harris re corner Skerman and Signal Streets; F M Mowatt; Harris, Humphrey Street; Copies to office; Works and Water Committee
Subdivisions Mr Johnsen's property; Surrounding councils re provision in respect of reserves; S Rich re Hatchem Chicken Co; deRidder to Hartley; C A Rofe; Mr Johnsen; S G Harris re frontage; McIlwaine; Mr C A Rofe; Hatchem Chicken Co; Tutaenui subdivision; Mr I E Johnsen; deRidder; K Harris; Dr M L Bensons; C H Campbell; Frederick and Hotter Welding; Mr A S Creagh; Subdivision requirements; Kelly subdivsion; Kelly Tutaenui Road; Mrs H T E Willis, Wanganui Road and Mill Street Poultry Farm; Christensen and Stanford re Mr Green subdivision Cuba Street; Memorandum of Transfer re J W Frederick; Christensen and Stanford re subdivision Mr Martin, Bond Street; Evans Easther and Harrris re Marton Sash and Door to I R Poppelwell; Openshaw, Duckworth and Sladden subdivision; Tutaenui Road Kelly; S Davis, Beaven Street; A G Greagh, Skerman Street; Re subdivision Bending Skerman St; Bending subdivision; Subdivision corner of Mill and Pukepapa Road
Subdivisions T E Johnsen's property, Pukepapa Rd; N Green, Cuba Street; R H P Bending, Skerman St; Bending subdivision provisional approval; Recommendations re disposal of stormwater re Kelly subdivision; Resubdivsion Bending in Skerman Street; Proposed subdivision Pukepapa Rd and Mill St corner, Mr McIlwaine re costs of Kelly subdivision; Mr Rich re M Gray subdivision Wellington Rd; M E A Blackwell, Wellington Rd; Mr Rich re Klitscher subdivision; L A Sherriff Pukepapa Road; Memorandum of building line Hotter Welding and J W Frederick; Mrs Hegglum; Kelly subdivision re bond; Griffiths Wanganui Rd; Grey; Klitscher; Klitscher amended plan; Klitscher approval and Mr M Gray; Councillor Forde report; Mrs Hegglum; W C Griffiths Wanganui Road; Christensen and Stanford re subdivision Wanganui Rd and Evans Easther and Harris re necessary documents re Kelly subdivision; McNeill Wellington Rd; Mrs Hegglum; C Wright Hawkestone Rd; Bond re Kelly subdivision
Subdivisions Hegglun; Estrick provisional approval; L T Newman and sketch plan of subdivision re Estrick; Voss and Maher; Presbyterian Mance property; W C Smith; Haami - Marton Sash and Door; Satherley; Sheerin - Willis; Willis proposed road; Hegglun to Lutheran Church; Re watercourses on plans; Re Smith and Mrs Coleman; Re charges for Klitscher subdivision; Re Klitscher subdivision charges; Wanganui Rd; Presbyterian Church Wellington Road; Provisional approval re Grey and Signal Street; Kingsbeer to Forrest subdivision; Boerboom; Kelly subdivision bond; McIlwaine re extend time of bond; Evans Easther and Harris re subdivision at Kelly subdivision; Precis of Kelly bond; G G Hogan and Mary Rubery; Bond Kelly subdivision; Christensen and Stanford for Mary Rubery
Swimming Baths Report; Junction School; District High School; Girl Guides; Swimming club; Girl Guides; Girl Guides; Hogan; Gate removed; Girl Guides; Children's behaviour; Children's behaviour and new office; Clock at baths; Deputation; Caretaker; Report; Re Scouts; Re Girl Guides; Approval of accounts; Re opening 1955/56 season; School times; Girl Guides Association; Miss Hogan taking dog into swimming baths; Closing date; Re opening of baths; Re diving board; Re caretaking; Swimming centre; Closing date; St Stephens School re use of baths twice a week; Swimming Club re opening of baths; Mr G E Thomas custodian of baths; Swimming Club re use of baths Wednesday night;; Closing date; Opening date; Opening of baths; Emptying of baths; Half rates re children's camps; Closing of; Rangitikei College thanking Council; Artificial respiration and doctors phone number and address displayed at baths; Swimming club re use of baths; Girl Guides; Resuscitator purchased; Opening; Altering date for cleaning; Closing of 
Swimming Baths Nga Tawa notified Council filling of baths; Swimming Club re use of baths; Should parents have to pay when taking children to baths?; Club re starting blocks; Filtration, installing spring board; Wanganui Rangitikei Electric Power Board re repairs; Miss Jones, Auckland re swimming coach; Mrs S Barry as caretaker; Additional dressing sheds; Junction School re additional hours; Increase in fees; Deputation re Swimming Club agreement; Swimming Club re 'Baths Improvement Fund'; Swimming Club use of baths; Questions on filtration; Report - Councillor Forde; Re closing of; Re filtration; Trip to Wanganui re report on; Mr Shelton re 'Golden Kiwi Grant'; Report Councillor Sutton; Re location; Tenders; Councillor Sutton re public appeal; Candy Filters re breakdown of costs; Mr Shelton re Golden Kiwi funds; Candy re oder for baths filter in hand; Tender for filtration; Town Clerk re appeal money handed in by Jaycee; Plan of future development; Education Board re bus sheds; Education Board re land for filter house; Golden Kiwi re grant; Candy re plans and specifications sent forward next week
Swimming Baths Jaycee re progress made re filter and offering assistance; Mr Shelton re misunderstanding in Wellington re grant from 'Golden Kiwi'; Swimming Club re numbers on lanes; Girls Brigade 21st February for swimming tests; Swimming Club re baths for season; Allocation for schools same as last year and no change in charge for gear; Mrs Barry re caretaker 1963/64, St Stephens re baths February 26th 64, Mr Shelton  re grant application to be reconsidered, Councillor Sutton's report, P H Percival tender accepted for filter house; Candy Filters re plans and specifications to be sent forward next week; Jaycee re assistance with baths filter; Mr Shelton re grant for filter; Swimming Club re use of baths for season; Club re holes for warning flags; Wanganui Education Board re land adjacent to baths; Town Clerk re schedule of baths charges, Town Clerk re filtration cost to date and re closing of baths; Swimming Club re charge at Caltex Swimming Competition; Swimming Club re baths on 7th March; Junction School use of baths; Official turn on; Marton School re repair of gate; Swimming Club re charge for light and use of baths by Swimming Club
Swimming Baths Deputation from Swimming Club; Charges 64/65; Re hedge remove in front and cr; Re steel frames for seats; Re Baths Development Plan; Account for wall approved for payment and allocation to schools; Swimming Club re conditions for use 1964-65; Caretaker left in hands of Mayor and Chairman; Mr Clyde report and appointment of Custodian in Christmas period; Willis, Wanganui Rd; Swimming Club re use of baths from 19th; Re charges; Re charges; Re clock for; Prince and McCallum re plant for baths; Report Baths Caretaker and dates for swimming sports and Swimming Club re letter; Close on 28th March and Councillors report and Education Board re section; Swimming Club re members keeping to hours; Girl Guides use of and re extra assistance; Councillors report; Councillors report; Swimming Club re high dive
Swimming Baths Write Crown Lands re bus shed; Councillors report and season and tickets sold 64-65; Wanganui Education Board re meeting re bus shed; Draft plans; Councillors report and re family ticket and pigeon holes and advert re caretaker; Swimming Club thank Council for consideration; Jaycee re hours; Deputation from Swimming Club re baths and report re meeting with Wanganui Education Board man re bus shelter and Town Clerk re general points on baths and Councillors report; Re meeting with Mr Prince; Baths timetable approved and Jaycee re hours deferred and Department of Lands and Survey awaiting information; Mrs Castle appointed baths caretaker; Due to bad weather baths opening delayed; Swimming Club re use of baths for season
[Swimming] Baths Caretakers Reports etc Report
Tar Sealing - Frontages, Streets Ross and Russell Street; Father Phillips; Gorrie Station Road; Street sealing; Material road sealing etc; Tar sprayer engine; Vera Street; Alexandra Street; Post Office yards; Ahuru Street; Ahuru Street; Waikanae Asphalters; Tarring Racecourse Avenue; Ahuru Street; Ahuru Street; Council staff re tar sealing; Tender - Waikanae Asphalters; Housing Construction contribution - Ahuru Strett; Discussion with Housing Construction
Tar Sealing - Private Railways; Ford's store; Path St Stephen's Vestry Memorial Gardens
Taxi Stand, Taxi etc To move stand; Christensen and Stanford; L Jones License; C Thomas License; Shifting site - taxi phone; Phone extension; Extension phone; R Kendrick license; Booth telephone; Taxi phone; License to C G Thomas; License to A R Coles; License to W R Kaye; W H Rabe; Re telephone; Re dispute of drivers; License re R Whiford; Transfer of phone; License re R Whitelead; License J Osborne; No parking sign; License re M P Watson; Stand, Lower High Street moved back; Mr Grundy re license; Kendrick re license
Tenancy Agreements A B L Turner; Mrs Kennedy written to re state of house; Borough Overseer; Mayhew; Mr Martinovich; Reardon; Searancke; Overseer re Beaven St house; Harris re Rira St house; Fletcher septic tank paddock
Tenders Tenders for material Water Improvement Scheme; Candy Filters; Concrete and Earthworks; Three ton tip truck; Three ton truck; Anderson Motors re truck tender; Decking in Stewart St culvert; Work on streets Waikanae Asphalters; Tenders re metalling and sealing road, kerb and channelling; Tender form Waikanae Asphalters; Re sale of Blackler Buildings; Re Council Chambers building; Pensioners flats; Pensioners flats opened; Re Peace Memorial Hospital; N Gilchrist level for £15; Truck tenders; Tenders for Potaka St footpath; 
Tenders Wanganui Rd footpath; Wanganui Rd footpath; Station Rd footpath; Micro-strainer; Five yard truck; Concrete block wall at baths; Mr Truebridge re micro-strainer tenders; Re stormwater drain; Sir James Wilson Park fence; Swimming Baths wall; Purchase of dozer; Re kerb and channel; Resolution re opening of tenders; Wall Bogle and Payne re closing of tender for Kelly stormwater; Paint Hunia St house; Tar sealing 64-65; Re floodlights at Bahts; Mr Payne re stormwater tenders; Whitehead and Payne confirming price and signed; Tenders re Beaven and Hunia St houses; Kerb and channel tenders; Harvey and Calkin Ltd advising re increase of tender; Kerb and channel tenders; Car shed Beaven St; Tenders for filter chemicals
Tenders C F Calkin accepted Beaven St car shed; Septic tank paddock; Rira St house; Versey offer Rira St and Marumaru tender for Hunia St and tenders for a typewriter; C F Calkin High Street convenience; Signal Hunia St and Harvey and Calkin for baths; Tenders for truck; Contract between Percival and Marton Borough Council; Agreement re Signal; Re Baths; Sir James Wilson Park toilets and call tenders first coat sealing; Re tar sealing; Schedule of truck tenders; Calico Line kerb and channelling; Kerb and channelling tenders Calico Line, Bond and other streets; Mr Ritchie quote for conveniences
Town Clerk and Town Clerk's Reports SIDE ONE: Retiring allowance; Town Clerk applicants; Report; Report for half year; Report on finances; Finance report; Salary; Financial statement; Report; Salary; Salary increase Assistant Town Clerk; Treasurers report; Housing Council re survey; Report; Assistant Town Clerk's salary; Town Clerk's salary; Report; Channel correspondence; Report to National Roads Board; Chamber of Commerce re auctioneering; Re telephone new buildings; Report; Increase in salary; Re bank accounts; SIDE TWO: Statement; Report and statement; Report and statement; Increase in salary; Reporting that new Assistant Town Clerk has taken up his duties on 21/3/60, thanking his staff; Report and statement; Report and statement; Report and statement; Interview with Geoffrey Piren; Report and statement; Report and statement; Report and statement ;Report and statement; Town Clerk 10 year service; Report and statement; Report and statement; Annual report and statement of accounts; Report financial position
Town Clerk's Reports Annual
Town Hall Charges etc Charges; Kindergarten use of supper room; Marton Players; RSA; Rose Society; Verandah; Repairs etc 1950; Repairs to seats, crockery etc; Repairs to verandah and seats, stormwater 1953; Hired to Labour Party; Bookings to New Zealand Players; RSA ball; Report submitted; Marton Players use on 10th and 11th May; Town Hall report; Keystone - Charges on Sunday
Town Hall Committee Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report
Town Planning Mr Howard re rezoning; Re historic places; Mr Howard re rezoning; Ministry of Works re town planning requirements; Re firm interested in section down Junction Industrial 'B' zone; Re historic places meeting; Hicksons re changing of zone; Town Clerk re visit by Ministtry of Works; Evans Easther and Harris re land not changed re residential and unable to be sold; Mr Gabites re copies to Minister; Dr Holdaway re rebuilding and Mr Gabites re amended town plan; Mr Gabites re Mill and Pukepapa Rd section; County re Town and County Planning Scheme; Rangitikei County Council re Town and County Plan; Christensen and Stanford re old bakehouse; Mr Johnsen re zoning classification - motels and flats
Town Planning - Regional Planning D G Porter Consultant; Meeting; Available Town Planners; Address by Mr Nairn; Combined Planner (Town and county); Ministry of Works; Mr Gabites (Meeting); Report; Mr Gabites re position as Consultant; Rangitikei County Council; District Scheme Section B; County co-operation; Land Bredin's Line corner; Re land use survey of Borough; Jaycee - Suggestions; Catchment Board - No action; Rotary Club re suggestions; Mortuary chapel; Ministry of Works re Town Plan; Re RSA Hall position; Re entrance Centennial Park; Ministry of Works re stormwater; RSA Hall position; Gabites report adopted; Re Wysocki, Maunder St and Harris, Main St; Re Gabites report; Main and Maunder St area; Gabites re Civic Centre; Gabites plan of Community Centre; Christensen and Satnford re T E Forde; Gabites present on 18th June 1957; Mr Gabites re draft town plan; Town Planning Committee; Report; Report; Talboys re library building; Representatives elected re erection of school; Report; Approved site, primary school; Commercial boundary re moving of; M Robb re concrete business in Potaka Street; Wanaganui City Council re regional planning Patea, Waitotara, Rangitikei and Waimarino
Town Planning - Regional Planning Hickson's Timber Co re industrial area; Report - Regional Planning Authority; Widening of Follett St; Town Planning suggestions; Municipal circular re residential zoning; Gabites letter re scheme; Mr Gabites scheme to date; Land agents etc viewing plan; Zoning of Wellington Road; E J Zander re extension of workshop; Special meeting; Mr Gabites re E Zander and J M Janus; RSA re change zoning not granted; Town Clerk write re old folks section Morris St; Mr Gabites re amended Town Plan; Evans Easther and Harris re rezoning of block of land; Mrs M C Fisher re permission to build in industrial area; Discussion of Town Plan; Special meeting; Gates Rangitikei re Wellington Road section to residential; R S Gardiner re poultry farm; Mr Gabites re amended town plan; T E Johnsen re exception from industrial zoning; Hotter Welding re building line restriction; Kindergarten re suitable location for second kindergarten; Letter from Mr Gabites re kindergarten; T E Johnsen re zoning of property in Bowen St; deRidder subdivision re building line restriction; Henderson Brothers re rezoning; Re rezoning of flour mill section
Traffic Officer's Reports Report re Wellington Rd sign; Report August and September; October and November
Traffic and Transport Right of Way Broadway, Hair Street; Children's home; Heavy traffic, Mill Street; Bus stop; Dispersal school children; Parking Morris St; Restrictions Wellington Road; Driving tutors; Road marking; Parking Russell St; School patrol; School patrol; Parking Broadway; Report; Road safety; No parking, church; Report, painting signs; No parking area; Poster renewal drivers licenses; Hair St parking; Car park, Wright Stephenson; High Street parking; Crossing Follett St; Parking; No parking area Morris St; Dispersal school children; Crossing Potaka St; Parking Hair St; Closing Hawkestone Rd - Motor races; Re Wanganui Rd; Inspectors report, plain clothes offic ers; Plain clothes officers; Stop sign, Station Road; Report; Stop sign Station Road; Pedestrian crossing - Kindergarten; Re 'Give Way' sign; Re 'Give Way' sign; Centreline parking; Deputation carriers Wanganui - Marton Transport; Deputation carriers; Paykel Bros re Traficounter; Heavy traffic regulations; Levels proposed stormwater drain Follett St; Stormwater culverts Russell and Harris St; No parking signs; 60 minute parking; Purchase of a Traficounter; No Parking sign - Pals Car Exchange; Rotary 'Welcome' sign; Wright Stephenson re weighbridge 
Traffic and Transport Weighbridge - Wright Stephenson; Shifting 30 miles per hour sign; D M Watson re taxi license; Report re 30 miles per hour signs; Marton District High School crossing; 15 miles per hour restriction Hawkestone Rd Bridge; 50 miles per hour limit; Complaints about A S Blackledge; No Parking by school crossing; Rangitikei Motor Club re closing of roads; Painting 'Pause' on pedestrian crossings; Stop sign Station Rd intersection; Speeding in Borough; Bus station not likely to eventuate; Cycle race around Tutaenui Block; Restricted time parking to 1594; Tennis Club re removing of stumps from motor park; Railway cut grass at level crossings; Richmond and Richmond re land Stewart St carpark; Re heavy traffic through Broadway; Weld's bus double parking in Broadway; Traffic officer having trouble re Lankow - Wellington Road; Young Farmers re mobile loud speaker in Broadway; Traffic control fee; Traffic control increase; Department re increased contribution; Extra traffic control Friday nights; Traffic officer re signs; Control cycles in town area; Dulux Cycle Race; Pipe band street march; Road race
Traffic and Transport Rangitikei County Council re 'Stop' sign Broadway/Bond Street; Traffic Officer asked to attend next Works and Water meeting; Traffic Officer Aanensen re 'Keep Left' sign Main Street traffic island, limited speed zone; shifting of bus stop signs near Cambells; Road Safety Organisation re concealed road sign in Wellington Road; Recommendations of last meeting adopted; Traffic Officer re invitation to present report to Council; Transport Department re Henderson's Line - Wellington Road junction; Road Safety Committee re 'Give Way' sign at Calico Line corner; Traffic Officer re parking of wrecked vehicle in Broadway for Accident Free Day; Transport Department re stop signs Calico Line - Bond St intersection; Marton Transport re 'No Parking' signs outside McBeths shop; Marton Road Safe Committee re Accident Free Day; Re 'No Parking' sign outside Mawson's shop; Re stop signs Calico Line - Bond St and 'No Parking' sign in front of McBeths; Re carriageways; Traffic Officer re Follett St No Parking sign; Traffic Officer re Borough signs; Marton School re pedestrian crossing; C H Campbell re No Parking sign outside property in Broadway
Traffic and Transport Mawson re No Parking signs and No 7 Transport Authority re amended bus timetable and 5mph sign Borough right of way; Bus stop change re to Dalget and NZ Loan; Meeting re removal of bus stop; Kindergarten re No Parking sign and Marton Service Station removal of pumps and No Parking sign in Blackwell St; Ngatoa Omnibus Licence; O'Reilly re No Parking signs; Jaycee re advertising vehicle; Ngatoa bus licence; Report re kindergarten bus stop; O'Reilly re No Parking sign, Municipal Association re free traffic control; Re carriers to use other routes; Re shifting sign at Wellington Rd; Safety Organisation re Keep Left signs and Overseer to paint out old bus stop signs; Transport Department re comment on regulations; Ireland re Bus Licence
Transfers McMurtrie to Harris - Forrester; John Herdman; Extension Rira St; S A Tassell Estate to W S J Thompson; Thorley to Turner; Marton Junction Brick and Tile Ltd to Hainsworth; Evans Easther and Harris Memorandum of Transfer re Council to L Kan; Waterworks land; Davidson to Sutton; Solicitors written to re transfer notices as early as possible; Memorandum of Lease Rangitikei Rugby Sub-Union; Christensen and Stanford Memorandum of Transfer F Davies; Evans Easther and Harris St Stephen's Church; Evans Easther ans Harris re corner Signal and Skerman St; Vowell to Boyle; G G Holdaway Dr; Evans Easther and Harris re Wishnowsky; McWhinnie to Marton Borough Council; Kelly subdivision; Marton Borough Council to Signal; Marton Borough Council to Versey; Memorandum of Transfer (12ft)
Trees or Tree Planting Pryce donation; Sash and Door 10,000 trees; Gift trees; Trees in park to be removed; Cost of trees required; Pinus new water shed; Legal opinion re Sash and Door trees; Auditor General; Order placed Sash and Door; 20,000 trees only; Cutting back of trees Abbattoir paddock; Jaycees planting; Re Marton Sash and Door; Re Sash and Door extra trees; Post and Telegraph department re trees at Waterworks; Mr L W Ellery re removal of tree at Bond Street; Axeman's Association re land to plant cottonwoods; Main St residents re planting of trees; Rangitikei Catchment Board re danger of trees on dam face; Replant Main St trees; Rotary - Christmas trees; Kowhai tree in Wellington Road; State Forest Service re tree thinning; Presbyterian Church re tree obstructing light; Institute of Forests re tree planting; Re kowhai trees Wellington Rd; Re order for kowhais; Re trees in Bond St
Tractor - Trucks etc Farmall Club; Distribution of trucks; A70 being done up; Truck to replace one in fire; Town Clerk statement re motor vehicles running costs; Overseer report re Council vehicles; Overseer re light truck for foreman; Colour scheme re Council trucks; Mayor re colour proposals Council trucks; Magnus Motors re new pick up
Urban Farm Landss F H Cash; Cash Estate; Cash Estate; Cash Estate; Cash Estate; Preparation of roll; List approved; Campbell and Armstrong; Miss Cash; Report; Urban F Land's Assessment Court; Court sitting; Evans Easther and Harris re objections; List win accordance with instructions of Committee; Four objections; Town Clerk re approach Mr Shires and Mr W Matthew re court; Town Clerk re committee; Discussion re roll; List submitted to Council for adoption; Objections received
United Nations Children's appeal
Valuations Objections; Section Wellington Road; Section Broadway; Set of maps; Reductions of values; New rolls; Re Borough plans; Land Court sitting; Committee appointed; Land Valuation Committee; Marshall Izard and Wilson Lots 2, 3 and 14; Mr Hartnell re address on re-valuation; New valuations for inspection; Objections referred to Land Valuation Court; Mr Hartnell talk on valuation
Vice Regal Visit Reports Guides and Scouts re parade; Scots Guards re closing of Council office; Accepting of visit; Preliminary discussion; Invitation to Rangitikei County Council; Draft programme to Wellington; Official Secretary re further information; Progress report; Congratulations re visit success; Rangitikei County Council re £50 grant
Victory Hall Conveniences; Conveniences; Refund conveniences; Australian Performing Right Association; St Johns Ambulance agreement; Re kowhai trees
Vote of Confidence and Sympathy McIndoe; F R H Brice; R J Moore; R Meads; Councillor Mogridge - Tangiwai disaster; Councillor Gracie's sister; A J B Sicely; Mrs Meads; Sympathy Mr and Mrs Meads; Passing of Mr Close; Sympathy re late Mr Christensen; Re the late K Fowler; Death of Councillor Joll's mother; Re late Mrs Caithness; His Worship was accorded sympathy; Passing of Mrs Christensen; Passing of Mr M McConachie; Passing of Mr K A Williams; Passing of Mrs J D Gorrie; Passing of Mr Atkinson Senior; Passing of Mr T Gardiner; Passing of Jean Wilson; Passing of Mr C E Fogelberg; Passing of Mr G W Sampson; Passing of Mr Jenkins; Mr H H Meads; Passing of Mr Turner's father; Re passing of Owen Turner; Rangitikei County Council re sympathy for L Hammond; Miss Strauch re father
Vote of Thanks T E Barton; Councillor Grantham; A W I Association; Letter to Prime Minister; Thanks from Bishop (England); Brass Band past favours; Plunket Society; Thanks to installing officer; Thanks to Mr Richards; Thanks from Mrs Radford; Thanks from F Rubery; Scout R Campbell re presentation; Thanks from Plunket Society; Thanks to County Council; College re gang mowers; Mrs Eagle re light at park; Wanganui Rangitikei Electric Power Board re opening premisis in Broadway; Marton School thanking Council for swimming baths; Scout Committee re new den; Womens Bowling Club; NZ Foundation for the Blind; National Art Gallery and Dominion Museum - Contribution; Friendship Club re filter station trip; St John Ambulance thanking Council for contribution; A Turning re training course; Miss Wilkie re civic farewell; J Gordon re Gordon Crescent; Headmaster thanked re letters children out early; K Macauley thanking Council workmen; Wright Stephenson thanked re see-saw at play area; Mr Ron Kendrick's photo; NZ Broadcasting re National Orchestra's visit; Kerridge Odeon thanked re 'Ten Commandments' 
Vote of Thanks  
Wages Harper, A S Campbell; 10 percent wage increase; 10 percent staff bonus; New Clerical Award; Hampson's wages; N Stevens re accident compensation; Wage increases
Wandering Stock Legal Action; Visit by Mr Preston; Appointment of Ranger Mr Grey; W G Grey; Re By Law; Committee to examine cases; Case re Cameron; By Law; By Law; By Law; Cameron; Spindler; Report; Evans and Easther; Spindler court case; Spindler; R Cameron; Conviction - R Cameron; Mrs A M Cook; Mrs Cook; Te Huia; Evans and Easther; W Shepherd; Shepherd; H A Coles
Wanganui Harbour Board Taihape Borough Council re Harbour Board area; Rangitikei County Council re meeting; Report re meeting held in Taihape; Rangitikei County Council re solicitor to handle case; Re withdrawal of application for extension of harbour area; Re Council representative of fact finding committee; Mayor and Town Clerk representatives of fact finding committee; Harbour Board re nominations on fact finding committee; Rangitikei County Council re half cost of fees for dispute
Wanganui Rangitikei Electric Power Board Extension, Terrace St; Fluorescent lighting; Shifting poles; Signal St power line; Fluorescent; Lights burning till morning; Extended hours lighting; Fluorescent lighting; Fluorescent lighting; Lighting all night; Additional lighting; Morris St extension; New lighting; Additional lights; Extension Henderson's Line; Erection of coloured lights; Re coloured lights; Report - saving power ; Guarantee - Blackler's House
Wanganui Rangitikei Electric Power Board Re sub-station siting; Re draft plans sub-station; Request to install lighting - Tutaenui Rd; Re lighting Calico Line; Plan of sub-stations
Wanganui Savings Bank Re signature of Mayor and Town Clerk; Council invest £200 in Savings Bank
War Memorials Returns of funds 
Water Chlorination; Calico Line; Water supply Calico Line; Water supply to garages; Agreement Rangitikei County Council Calico Line; Water agreement Calico Line; Hickson's Timber; Hickson's Timber; Chlorination; R Worley; Huntley School; Henderson's Line main; Water charges District High School; Calico Line main; Jockey Club; Sludge pump; Chenille connection; Restrictions; Tutaenui Road corner; Cost of Chenille connections; Railway agreement; White Lambert St; Value indicators H V WInter; Pilet re connection; R G Smith - Connection; R G Smith - re trough; Reparian Rights; Tutaenui residents; D P Bell re connection; G T Sanders; Action re G T Sanders; Water trough re R G Smith; R G Smith; Grazing at Lower Dam; S N Whale re renewal; Re Calico Line pipe line; G T Sanders; Total restrictions; Water crisis; Mr Shelton re water situation; Club Hotel re board - Driver milk tanker; Letter of appreciation - staff; Kakariki Woods re water; K Whitford re drum of water; Fluoridation; County Council, no charge for use of workshop; Improvement in dam; S E Lawrence re location of water
Water Women's Division Federated Farmers re water crisis; Water restrictions lifted; Chamber of Commerce re water crisis; A D Brooker re account charges - Calico Line; Phone at filterhouse; Hickson's Timber three inch connection; R G Smith land and water rights; Cost of water lift; Three inch pipes Sash and Door; Connection to Pacific Chenille; Water Rights R G Smith; Water restrictions; G Pritchard re connection, Children's Home; Renewal G H Cawood; Use of water from Lower Dam; Taxi propriators re service; Restrictions lifted; Controlling flow in gutters; J V Wills re wider service; Film re water lift; Department of Scientific and Industrial Research sampled reservoir water; Mrs Radford re unsuitable water supply
Water Committee Reports August 1949; Installing meters, charges etc; Housing restrictions, railway draw off; Water restrictions; 1951 pipes for reticulation; Telephone Knight, Bond St main; 1951 Railway restrictions; Notice of meeting re water shortage; Report; Report; Report; Report; By law be revised; Report; Deputation - Prime Minister; Report; Report; Report re McIlwaine; Mr Howards resignation, Harris appointed; Reports; Reports; Report; Report and fencing contract; Report; Report Report; Reports; Report; Report; Works and Water rpoerts; Report; Report
Water Connections A H Coles; Klitscher; W Hill; S Harwood; Sash and Door extension; Bredin's Line; Whitford's Bakery; Ritchie; Knight; L Ridge; Lutheran Church; Gibbs; Connection fees increase; S E Gray; S E Gray; Mrs Gray; H W Gudopp; Reeves; Henderson - Hair St; Charges; Crofton residents; Chenille connection; Corner Tutaenui Road connections; Cost of Chenille connections; G Benseman's property; K K Wilton - Jones; H Dempsey Tutaenui Road; G T Sanders; H K Bellis; H S Harper and F E Archer; W R Stevens, L Voss; A E Conrad; Waters re renewal; Harkness; Renewal - Waters; A D Brooker; Special connection Pacific Chenille; Connection Sash and Door; R D Elgar water to farm; G Lockwood, Tutaenui Rd; G Pritchard, Children's Home; Domett Tractor Co; Re taxi proprietors; R H SInclair; G B Benseman; Sash and Door re eight inch water connection; J D Gibbs; F J T Poppe re water service; North re water connections Calico Line; Re water service Mr Grant; Pacific Chenille re water service; Mr North re water service; Blk 8 Bredins Line; Water connection to new school; Water to new school
Water Connections Mr Openshaw water service Milne St; Mr Woodridge re water service Tuataenui Rd; Mr Woodridge re water connection Tutaenui Rd; Mr G F Holder; K C Westropp water service; I and D Poppe Estate re three quarter inch water service; Water charges; W Jordan re water connection; A C J Poppe re water service and free trough; Water supply re subdivision eastern side of Tutaenui Stream; Water to Rangitikei College; Pacific Chenille; Two inch water service off Ahuru St main; A D Brooker re free trough; One inch service to Produce Packers Ltd; A D Brooker re free trough; H Lampen - Smith re water service Tutaenui Road; Elgar re free water; Children's Home water as schools; A C J Poppe re four extra troughs, inspection; Marton Bowling Club re three quarter inch service; J A O'Reilly; W B Tidy; V North; D T Sinclair; Rangitikei County Council agreeing A G Harris subdivision; C V North application; Plan of water supply system re Mr Maas property in Pukepapa Rd; H Scott application for water service Tutaenui Rd; One inch service - L Ritchie; W C Dillon - Tutaenui; A Quittenden
Water Connections Hargreaves; L Vincent; I MacEachen; C V North; W Shepherd; G B Swain; C V North; Rangitikei County Council; B Wigmore; NZ Farmers one inch connection; Woolworths one inch; Mr Puryer Crofton; J K Christensen; Old Broadway Milk Bar; G H Shannon; H C Webby not approved; County Council three quarter inch; G A Velvin; G T Death; C Kos; McIndoe and North subdivision; Outside Borough; V North; L Dales; Three quarter inch to Memorial Hall; R G Stewart Bredin's Line; Extension - H W Gudopp; Elmcourt Gardens one and a half inch water connections; D Poppe re shifting of water service; R McChesney re additional water service; R Peterson; B Lynskey - Tutaenui Rd; B G Bensemann and C D Hewlett agreements; B Bensemann re water service; B F Coleman; K K Campbell; Mrs M B Stokes; A E Henwood; K K Campbell; C D Hewlett
Water Connections Mr Gower; Women's Bowling Club re water meter to flood greens; H L Gower; B J Coleman, Tutaenui and K J Coombe and E H Purnell; Mr Miller re three quarter inch service; Mrs Butler; Mrs Butler re common seal; S W Robertson re temporary connection to Klitscher Block; W G Morris re extension of water main Crofton Rd; Rangitikei County Council re connection Frae-Ona Park; C V North re connection Bredin's LIne and Broome and Scott re one inch connection; G Jensen, Bredins Line; Brooker re charge; Wild bore re reconnection fee; Children's Home re connect to new sewer; Marton Sash and Door Bredin's Line; Carr and Martin Bredin's Line; Satherley; Oldfield re three quarter inch service; Hardie re three quarter service; Harris re supplies to Oakley Avenue; V J Satherley; Voyce; IHC and Braddley Brothers; Jarrett; Cornick; Jehovah Witness; Fisher; C M Fisher and W J Ireland; Carr  to Voyce
Water Mains Calico Line; Sluice valves; Calico Line; Four inch water main Milne St; Calico Line; Calico Line; Bond St; Calico Line; Calico Line; Chenille connection; Golf links; Mr Worley, sketch plans; Sash and Door re main in Station Rd; Re main under railway; Oliver re accounts; Tenders re old water main; New water main Wanganui Rd; P B Easther re main in Milne St; Water main in MIlne St; Calico Line re extension; Ministry of Works re water mains to new school; Extension water main Calico LIne (Nga Tawa); S G Harris re water mains to his subdivision; Water main to Harris subdivision; Connection to W B Tidy's section; Bredin's Line Extension; Water agreements re county; S G Harris re Council to test and take over water main; Overseer re North's subdivision, Calico Line; 2XA re charge re watermain breakdown; Rangitikei County Council re main in Bredins Ave; Fire Committee re six inch water main; Pacific Chenille re large water main; Whitehead and Pain to dig main
Water Meters Garages; Meter for new Rangitikei College; Rangitikei County Council re agreement water charges; Finance Committee re Jockey Club water supply; Nga Tawa Baths filled without permission from Council; Inspection; Water agreements signed and sealed; Nga Tawa re water account; Re farms extension of water to other parts of farm
Water Improvement - Loan Scheme Bashford; J H Francis and Company Ltd; Ilotts Ltd re advertising; J H Francis re prospectus; Tenders called and received; J H Francis - Brokerage; Bashford's £2,500; Bank guarantee; Bank guarantee; Tenders for water loan plant; Advertising; Taking of land; Debentures; J H Francis advertisement; J H Francis; Printing debentures; Makeou Road; Agreement re Tutaenui Road; Land to be taken; Health Department approval; Agreement between County and Borough; Elgars property, debenture coupons; Land to be taken; Mr Worleys report; J H Francis re loan; J H Francis re bank guarantee; Re 15 inch test pipe; Mr Hayward; County Council re new road; Road deviation; Letter of thanks to Christensen and Stanford; Pipes; Tenders re pipes; Junior Chamber re fluoridation water; Taking of land; Settlement of land; R D Elgar; Fencing of dam; Road deviation; Damage to pipe line; Hastings re fluoridation water; Land taken; Mr Blackler; Re Fibrolite pipe; Re £85,000 Loan; Mr Worley re loan position; New plan Mr Worley; Contract 'C'; Reconditioning pipes; Circular pent stock valve; Re use of reconditioned pipes
Water Improvement - Loan Scheme Saving on water main; Health Department re fluoridation; Elgar's fence; Spongy foundation, new road; Quotation for reconditioning; Re £85,000 loan; Delivery dates of nine and ten inch pipes; J H Francis; Re channelling; Grass seed, new road; Hume Industries; Mr Worley re fluoridation plant; New road deviation; County Council re disposal of stormwater; Fencing new road; J H Francis; Advertising for loan; Erection of fence; Re Bergen; Use of reconditioned pipes; Ilotts Ltd; Barb on road fence - Tutaenui; Fencing costs; Re reconditioned pipes; Topsoil from dam; Discussions with Mr Worley; Removal of spoil; Additional cost re metalling road; Re right of owners; Letter from R P Worley re Lower Dam; Tenders re excavation of lake; Payment re Evans; Pilet re gateway; Trespass notice; Audit re Evans; Printing of debentures; Urgent visit - Mr Worley; History of Top Dam; Notice of partnership, plans and specifications, new filter house; Re alteration to spillway, re account - Mr Worley; Loan certificate; State Advances re £16,000; Mr Worleys visits; Debentures; Reconditioned pipes; Debentures; Taking of land; Surplus funds J H Francis; Sketch plans main
Water Scheme - See Also R P Worley R P Worley Engineer; Plans; Preliminary Report; Report Worley; R P Worley sewer connections; Plans etc; R P Worley's report; R Worley plans; Chlorination mains; Use of chlorine gas; R P Worley reports; R P Worley; R P Worley re pipes and flumes; R Worley pipes; Tenders; Special meeting - Loan, Finance etc; Peg out area; Worley re filter plant; Extension tenders; Report on tenders, Candy Filters accepted; Renewal water services Tutaenui Rd; R P Worley re renewal water services; Agreement with County; Taking of land new watershed; Supply of pipes; Tenders for earthworks; Department of Scientific and Industrial Research; Clerk of Works appointed; Taking of land, Valuations McFarlane; Invoices paid; Agreement re Tutaenui Rd; Mr Worley's report; Tenders for bulldozing; McIlwain'es contract and Mr Evans contract; Fence on Mr Elgars property; Mr Worley's Clerk of Works; Mr Worley to order water meter; Land owners interest; Land taken claims T N Rodgers; Taking of land T M Rodgers; County re new road conditions; Worley re construction of dam; New road at reservoir; Culverts to be placed etc; New road reservoir; Compensation re land taken; Re letter to McIlwaine
Water Scheme - See Also R P Worley Slumps to be filled; Re water position outside Borough; Rangitikei County Council water charges to Borough solicitor; Water Supply By-laws; Water By laws; Mr Worley re increase in spillway 'C' Dam; All steps taken re water loan; Mr Payne commenting on 1965 scheme; Mr Worley available on 20th or 21st July; Re terms of agreement; Prices, aerial mapping; Consideration of map; Maps purchased from Aerosurveys; Aerosurveys re quote
Water Supply Improvement Loans Scheme Unsold debentures; Notice of hearing - taking of land; R Elgar - water; R G Smith; Treasury re additional loan; J V MacFarlane re account - valuation - compensation claim; County Council re taking over new road; Candy Filters; National Provident Fund re loan; Candy Filters re caretaker; Re hold up at filters; Candy Filters; Contract - G Oliver and Sons; Candy Filters re hold up; Humes re report by 'Herald'; Re reconditioned pipes; Re pipe line new dam; Break new dam pipe; Candy Filters re short parts; Loan of £16,500; Water Loan taken by National Provident Fund; Signing of necessary debentures; Fluoridation of water; Fluoridation of Marton water supply; Fluoridation report; Renewal Loan 1963; National Provident Fund re unsubscribed portion of loan; Common seal re single debenture; Re all steps taken; Re signing of debenture; Town Clerk re starting of new loan; Decision to raise loan; State Advances Corporation re all steps taken in new loan; Notification of Sanction to hand; Draft prospectus
Water Supply and Water Supply (Agreements etc) SIDE ONE: Department of Justice re annual charge; Engineer authority to purchase small boat for Dam; P K Simons against water outside Borough; Use of sprinklers; Water to County residents; Agreements authorised; W Gow re water to farm Goebel's Line; Water shortage; Resident losing car; 2XA water shortage; Hosing restriction lifted; V North; Agreements signed; Agreement for Estate H E Price; Agreement G Death; E Pickford  re water charge; Agreements Dales and Estate S Fullerton - Smith SIDE TWO: Agreements C W Aitken and Estate W G Aitken; Evans Easther and Harris re water bylaw; Micro-Strainer in two months; Amendments draft bylaw approved; McIlwaine, Tutaenui Rd; Benseman re water hours extended; Recommendations re watering and use of sprinklers in Borough; Councillor Sutton re fourth clause of water recommendations; P J Mitchell re extended watering hours; County Council re cost of installing four inch main in Bredin's Line; Water supply 1962/63 re Ellery; Restriction lifted; Re New Zealand Railways re water agreement expires; C Jensen; Girl Guides re foul water; Re unpaid accounts
Water Supply Mr Downey re washwater samples; Application County connection; Finance Committee re water situation
Waterworks Worley and Downey; Clearing waterway; Fire save of trees; Worley re waterworks; By Laws be drafted; Gorse sprayed by helicopter; Planting of 5,000 trees; Screens on water tower intakes installed; Mr Coleman re condition of gate to B Dam; Wormald Brothers re water level indicator; Platforms installed in valve tower at each valve level; Evans Easther and Harris re conditions of sale re Borough Waterworks reserve; Tenders received re sale of land; Mr Rush re asking land from 1/4/61; Coleman re fencing; Tree thinning Marton Sash and Door; Re Mr Davis requested for service and water sample be sent to Candys if not clear; Candys re lab tests; Tank you letters to Candys; Re condition of water
Westminster Abbey Appeal  
J C Williamson Picture Corporation Agreement; Agreement; Validating legislation
Worker's Dwelling New dwelling; Loan money; £3,500; New dwelling Foreman
Works and Water Committee Re Clause 9C; Deputation by White
Works Committee Report; Water meters; Report; Recommendations; Report; Stormwater; Re rubbish drainage; Report; Report - Stock route; Report; Gracie elected; 1948 Mill St Reserve; Stopbank - Flooding Ross St, Rubbish tip; Cemetery, sale of sections; Septic tanks pollutions Lurajud 1948; Sealing programme 1949; Lights, street formations etc 1950; Lights, tar sealing 1950; Taxi phone booth, Road classification 1950; Tar sealing programme 1950; Culvert, Dukeson, septic tank, report 1950; Septic tank, tractor, new lorry 1950; Culvert Follett St 1950; Gas Works shed, Kensington Road Bridge 1950; Kensington Road Bridge 1950; Borough Foreman appointment 1950; Improved lighting 1951; New foreman. footpaths, government housing 1951; Sewers; Crusher, cut back hedges, Folly Bridge Station Rd; Grading corners, setting back, metal; Drain, culverts, rubbish; Drainage, school children dispersal, bus stop; Power poles, noxious weeds, town planning; Sewer connections; Deputy foreman, Mr Worley, Beaven St pit; Lyon St corner. stock route, brick area; Hammond Metal; Brick area, poles; Gorse, Jockey Club, Beaven St sewer; Highways, septic tanks, Lower High St; Kerbside pumps, stormwater, public convenience; Rubbish, sewerage connection; Loan poll, trees, stormwater; Bourke Rubbish; Stock route; Demolition orders, open drain, Centennial Park; Water main Calico Line
Works Committee Tar sprayer, stormwater, taxi telephone; Tractor; New Council buildings; Report re rubbish; Statement re reports of public meeting; Resolution re water and sewer connections; Clauses amended; Report; 60 minute parking in Broadway; Report; Report; Notice of Motion; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Minister of Housing re property across Tutaenui; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Appointment Ganger and Turncock; Roadway, Forde's, Stormwater culvert, railway surfaces, building by-law; Stormwater culverts, heavy trade regulations, drain Wanganui Rd; S P Abbott tenders, cycle stands, loan Council Chambers; Austin truck overhaul; Stormwater By-Laws, Tutaenui Bridge, drain price; Bridges, Maramaru Bridge, Stewart St, culvert, Calico Line Bridge; Rubbish clean up; Coloured lights Christmas, Staff holidays; Taxi stand, water renewal Sanders; Compulsory rubbish collections, tenders, sealing roads, alterations, stormwater drain William St, Culvert Henderson's Line; Rira St dwelling, Noxious weeds; Five ton truck, MInistry of Works programme; Report; Report; Report; Special Report; Report; Report; Report re sewer; Inspections of Waterworks; Girl Guides Association re digging of trenches; Report
Works Committee Report; Report; Mechanical rammer; Report; Meeting Post Primary School; Report; Five ton truck, No parking, Works programme; Rubbish disposal for Quinns, Foot track for Junction residents, stormwater, McIlwaine re polluting pipes, Knox, Holdaway and Edlin clear drains, Railway clear culvert, enlargement of curbs, rubbish collection; Removal of power pole in Beaven St; Community lighting, TAB sewer connection; Patching of Wellington Rd, High St and Station Rd; 60 minute parking, compulsory rubbish collection; 1/6 Royalty, Mr Hammond re metal stripping, Jaycees clearing stormwater drains, Duncan and McIndoe re flooding, tenders called for Stewart St; Ellis re altering course of drain, Ahuru St tar sealing, Hospital stormwater, Calico Line Bridge, stormwater re Russell St, Royalty for metal; Widening streets, Ahuru St, housing, Mr T E Johnsen re sub-division, Ahuru St stormwater, culverts and drainage, erecting of bridge; Housing Construction Division, re footpaths and roads, sewer, water trench Stewart St, Hotter re flooding in Lambert St, Jockey Club re clearing of drain, New Zealand Roads Board, Gibbons re stormwater drain, McIvers re flooding in front of residence; McIlwaine re metal, pensioners flats; Mr Hindson leaving Marton, fencing between Klitscher's property and Council's, level plan for main drain
Works Committee Pensioners' flats, footbridge Kensington Rd, patching Racecourse Avenue; Flooding Racecourse grounds, subdivision re Rira St, Approach to hospital, septic tanks approved, Building By-laws; Women's Bowling Club re sewer and water; Flooding Station Road; Roads in order; Drainage re Ahuru St; Jones re footpath; Footpath signal, Maunder and Oxford Streets; Mr Hammond keeping pit in order; Increasing size of clear water storage tank; Mr Brown refused to pay; Daily flushing of streets; Septic tank installation; Report; Armstrong re drain Henderson's Line property; Marton District High School re damage to entrance; S G Harris re bridge, Lower High St; BP installation of petrol pump; Rat campaign; Report; Report; Report; New water charge outside Borough; Bristol dozer to be purchased; Report; Report; Clockwork motor operate water plow, Tutaenui Rd main, six inch main Skerman St; Report; Bridge to Rangitikei College; Report; Subdivision standards; A D Brooker re free trough; Report; Report; R J Carey re water blockage, Smith; S G Harris re completion of laying drain in subdivision, McIndoe and Phillipson re 300 yards metal for Borough roads, McIndoe and Phillipson re W McBeth re property in Morris St
Works Committee W B Parks re footway, skidding in northern Broadway; Mr Knight thanked re 'A' Dam filters; Report; Report; Worley re dam contract; Report; Karena property; Toby Taps; Re use of sprinklers; Report; Report re clearing site for proposed hall; Sprinklers not allowed; French St property re water wastage (agent W Fullerton Smith); Construction work by contract; Mr Sampson welcomed re developments under new National Road Board Act; Blackledge re culvert; Appointment of chairman; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Report; Re state of Marumaru St Bridge; Report; Report;
Worley R P - Water Sewer Scheme Sewer connections; Meeting; Reports; Pipes etc; Re prices; Pipes; Visit; Tenders for filters; Suggested visit to meet new Councillors; Report on County Road, formal permission etc; Mr Worley's report on progress; Plans and tenders; Hume Industries eight inch main; Contract 'C'; McIlwaine's amended contract; Engineering fees; Removing of soil; Re visit; New road conditions; Dam construction Mr Worley; Hume Industries £2,000 payment; Mr Worley re plans mains; County re new road; Water pressue summer months; Filter house; Progress payment; Laying of pipes in Borough; Water filtration etc; Contracts - Gurney - Oliver; Candy Filters; Report; Candy Filters; Worley and Downey re tenders for booster pump; Worley and Downey re final payment Candy Filters; Worley and Downey re final account with Hume Industries; Worley re repairs to dam and spillway; Report on 'C' Dam; Report on 'C' Dam; Mr Worley re meeting Council; Re finalising of the Dam contract; Report submitted; Worley and Downey re new 100,000 holding tank
Worley R P - Water Sewer Scheme Correspondence £682.15s engineering fees be paid to Mr Worley; Action re spillway on 'C' dam, raising of


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