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Alterations to the Carnegie Library RDC 00215:1:M02
Apa Street Land RDC 00215:1:M24
Barton Street - House Number Change, Plan and Details RDC 00215:1:M40 1986-1986
Boundary Maps - Rangitikei District Council, LINZ original RDC 00215:1:M258 1997-1997
Boundary Maps - Rangitikei District Council, reduced copies RDC 00215:1:M259 1997-1997
Broadway - Parking RDC 00215:1:M05 1978-1978
Broadway High Street Intersection - Roundabout Proposal RDC 00215:1:M30 1986-1986
Building Layout - Memorial Hall, Beaven Street RDC 00215:1:M22
Bulls Road Marking RDC 00215:1:M255 1969-1982
Calico Line Walkway, Cross section RDC 00215:1:M107 1993-1993
Cantilever Wall, Plan, details and notes RDC 00215:1:M261 1992-1992
Follett Street Pedestrian Crossing, Plan and details RDC 00215:1:M108 1993-1993
Lake Alice - Dump Site, Plan and Details RDC 00215:1:M46 1969-1984
Mangaweka Road Making RDC 00215:1:M256 1993 (year approximate)-1993 (year approximate)
Marton Borough Road Marking RDC 00215:1:M251 1993 (year approximate)-1993 (year approximate)
Marton Cemetery Details of Crib Wall, Longitudinal section RDC 00215:1:M06 1969-1969
Marton Oxidation Ponds - Outlet Drain Proposed the - Notch Near Site, Cross sections, Long section and plan RDC 00215:1:M90 1992-1992
Marton Park Floor Plan Grandstand RDC 00215:1:M23
MBC Section - 11 Stewart Street in Relation to Woolworths and C E Marr, Plan and Details RDC 00215:1:M47 1987-1987
Memorial Hall - Flagpole Base, Plan and details RDC 00215:1:M07 1969-1969
Mount View Cemetery Land to be Leased, Plan and Details RDC 00215:1:M38 1986-1986
Never Mans Vehicle Crossing - Alexandra Street, Plan and Details RDC 00215:1:M60 1988-1988
New Wilson Park Drainage, Plan and Details RDC 00215:1:M57 1987-1987
Plan Pensioner Flats, Elevations and floor plan RDC 00215:1:M19
Plan Showing Rubbish Dump Boundary in Relation to Tutaenui Stream and Possible Fill, Plan and Details RDC 00215:1:M64 1988-1988
Proposal for Hunterville Road Sign, Plan and specifications RDC 00215:1:M240 1990-1990
Proposed Fence Around Plunket Playground High Street, Plan and Details RDC 00215:1:M48 1987-1987
Proposed Fence Replacement Marton Park, Plan and Details RDC 00215:1:M61 1988-1988
Pukepapa Road, Hendersons Line Proposed Speed Restrictions, Plan, and township map RDC 00215:1:M91 1992-1992
Ratana Water Filter Backwash Disposal, Longitudinal section RDC 00215:1:M92 1992-1992
Reduced Plan of Proposed Pool Covering, Cross section RDC 00215:1:M76
RSA Cemetery Layout RDC 00215:1:M67 1970-1970
Rubbish Dump Site Plan For Proposed Oxidation Pond Site, Plan and Details RDC 00215:1:M69 1988-1988
Russell /Ross Own Your Own Flats, Plan and Details RDC 00215:1:M58 1987-1987
Sewer Connection - Camping Amenities Building, Plan and details RDC 00215:1:M08 1969-1969
Standard Parking Details, Plan - Totara Street Extension RDC 00215:1:M33 1986-1986
Stewart Street Culvert RDC 00215:1:M01 1974-1974
Taihape Road Marking RDC 00215:1:M257 1993 (year approximate)-1993 (year approximate)
Totara Street Culvert Extension - Eastern Side, Plan and Details RDC 00215:1:M34 1986-1986
Traffic Islands - Ross Harris and Russell Streets, Plan and Details RDC 00215:1:M36 1986-1986
Turakina Beach Road - Scotts Road Land Boundary Maps, ex Linz RDC 00215:1:M118
Water Main Installation - Lower High Street, Cross section RDC 00215:1:M252
Watson Vehicle Crossing - Terrace Street, Plan and Details RDC 00215:1:M63 1988-1988