Card Index to Minutes [2nd Sequence]

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This series contains a set of cards that acts as an index to the council minutes for 1966-1989. The cards are organised alphabetically by subject. The cards appear reliable back to 1968, but prior to that entries are less consistant. A small number of cards contain references earlier than 1966.

The cards provide an index to both council and committee minute books. For 1966-1982 the page references are prefixed with the first letter of the committee name, eg:

  • O - Ordinary Council (Main Meetings)
  • W - Works Committee
  • F - Finance Committee
  • R - Reserves Committee

For 1983-1989 each committee was assigned a number to indicate which minute book the page is in:

  • 1 - Ordinary Council (Main Meetings)
  • 2 - Finance Committee
  • 3 - Works Committee
  • 4 - Reserves Committee
  • 5 - Town Plan Committee
  • 6 - Miscellaneous Committees
  • 7 - In Committee Items

The cards also record the file numbers of related subject files.

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