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RDC 00192
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This series concerns the Rangitikei County Council Engineer's diaries for 1948-1953. H Reid was the County Engineer using the diaries until March 1952 when O D Bell took over as the County Engineer and continued to use them. The diaries capture meetings, discussions with other staff and organisations, work that was undertaken in the office and around the region. The diaries are complete from 1947-1953 but it is unknown if there were any before or after this time. There is no index, however the volumes are by year and are arranged chronologically.


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County Engineer's Diary RDC 00192:3:7 1953-1953
County Engineer's Diary RDC 00192:1:1 1947-1948
County Engineer's Diary RDC 00192:1:2 1948-1948
County Engineer's Diary RDC 00192:2:3 1949-1949
County Engineer's Diary RDC 00192:2:4 1950-1950
County Engineer's Diary RDC 00192:3:5 1951-1951
County Engineer's Diary RDC 00192:3:6 1952-1952