Minutes of the Council Meetings

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This series contains a complete set of minute books for the Marton Borough Council for 1879-1989. The minutes are a record of decisions reached on financing the Council’s work, correspondence received from outside organisations and people, the initial hiring of staff, reports on work undertaken and demands from the public and complaints dealt with. They provide a legal framework for the operation of the Council and underpin all other records kept. They are arranged in meeting date order. Meetings were run as formal committee meetings with notices of motion moved, seconded and voted on. Before 1949 the books include the minutes of the various council committees. For the years 1977-1983 the committee minutes are once again found with the main council minutes in this series. In 1983 they were split again into separate volumes.

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Minute Book RDC 00001:2:2 1892-1903
Minute Book RDC 00001:3:3 1903-1909
Minute Book RDC 00001:4:4 1909-1914
Minute Book RDC 00001:5:5 1914-1918
Minute Book RDC 00001:6:6 1917-1923
Minute Book RDC 00001:7:7 1923-1928
Minute Book RDC 00001:7:8 1928-1933
Minute Book RDC 00001:8:9 1933-1938
Minute Book RDC 00001:9:10 1938-1950
Minute Book RDC 00001:10:11 1950-1956
Minute Book RDC 00001:11:12 1956-1969
Minute Book RDC 00001:12:13 1969-1973
Minute Book RDC 00001:12:14 1973-1977
Minute Book RDC 00001:13:15 1977-1980
Minute Book RDC 00001:14:16 1980-1983
Minute Book RDC 00001:15:17 1983-1987
Minute Book RDC 00001:15:18 1987-1989
Minute Book RDC 00001:1:1 1879-1892