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RDC 00256
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This series contains a set of maps and plans created by the Wanganui City Council in the course of their contract work for other councils. Only a small number of the total sequence is held.

It was common in the 1970s and 1980s for smaller councils to contract required expertise from companies or other larger councils. The Wanganui City Council offered Town Planning support services to numerous councils, including Marton Borough and Rangitikei County. These maps and plans  were created by the Wanganui City Council for Town Planning purposes for those councils.

Following the 1989 amalgamations the sequence of plans were split up and this group was inherited by the Rangitikei District Council.

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created by (RiC-R027): Rangitikei County Council
created by (RiC-R027): Marton Borough Council
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Bulls - High Street, Bridge Street Commercial Area RDC 00256:1:1 1974-1974
Bulls County Borough - Bulls Ward RDC 00256:1:2 1974-1974
Centennial Park, Plan of Centennial Park RDC 00256:1:50 1976-1976
Criterion Street - High Street, Basic block information and roading layout RDC 00256:1:27 1974 (year approximate)-1974 (year approximate)
Crofton Township map, Includes block numbers, sizes and locations Also show streets and the Tutaenui stream RDC 00256:1:23 1974 (year approximate)-1974 (year approximate)
Henderson Line Reserve boundaries RDC 00256:1:52 1975-1975
Historical Places - Captain Cook Cottage RDC 00256:1:60 1977-1977
Historical Places - Westoe - Kakariki Road RDC 00256:1:59 1976-1976
Kauangaroa Pa, Shows the block numbers RDC 00256:1:45 1975-1975
Lake Alice Mental Hospital Site Plan RDC 00256:1:44 1975-1975
Marton Borough Water Supply Reserve RDC 00256:1:32 1975-1975
Marton Central Commercial Area RDC 00256:1:47 1976-1976
Marton Cricket Ground, Size and basic layout of Marton Cricket ground RDC 00256:1:49 1976-1976
Marton Environs Dam site A RDC 00256:1:53 1976-1976
Marton Park, Basic layout RDC 00256:1:48 1976-1976
Moawhango Marae RDC 00256:1:83 1977 (year approximate)-1977 (year approximate)
Moawhango Township RDC 00256:1:20-1 1974-1974
Moawhango Township RDC 00256:1:20-2 1974-1974
Rangitikei County Base Map - Bulls, Marton RDC 00256:1:28-7 1975-1975
Rangitikei County Base Map - Napier Taihape Road RDC 00256:1:28-2 1976-1976
Rangitikei County Base Map - North East part of the Rangitikei District and the Western Ruahine State Forest RDC 00256:1:28-4 1975-1975
Rangitikei County Base Map - Ohingaiti, Mangaweka, Hunterville RDC 00256:1:28-5 1975-1975
Rangitikei County Base Map - Taihape, Mataroa, Utiku RDC 00256:1:28-3 1975-1975
Rangitikei County Base Map - Turakina Valley RDC 00256:1:28-6 1975-1975
Rangitikei County Base Map - Waiouru and Defence Zone RDC 00256:1:28-1 1976-1976
Rangitikei County Map RDC 00256:1:14 1974-1974
Ratana Community RDC 00256:1:11 1974-1974
Raumai Domain boundaries RDC 00256:1:46 1976-1976
Whangaehu Township Map RDC 00256:1:21 1974-1974
Wilson Park, Plan of Wilson Park RDC 00256:1:51 1976-1976