Card Index to Council Minute Books, A-C

RDC 00260:1:1
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Index to RDC 00009 Minutes to the Council Meetings

Contains the following cards:

Card Title Notes
Abolition of Riding Accounts  
Abrahams, A R  Private Telephone Concession
Abraham and Williams Ltd  for Maata Kotahi Estate forwarding £150 and Requesting metalling of Makokomiko Road 
Abstract of Duties Noxious Weeds Inspectors
Accident Compensation  H Bielski; D Thompson
Accident Insurance T Cameron; not claimable on subsidy claims from Public Works other than on highways
Accident to Public Works Departments Truck   
Accommodation Paddock Concrete Ford, Otairi; proper maintenance
Accommodation Paddock at Ohingaiti  
Accommodation Road Letter from Christensen and Stanford forwarding an ammended resolution re Accommodation Road embodying a building line restriction
Accommodation for Roadman on Taihape-Napier Road  
Accommodation of Staff at Kakariki  
Accountant position to be advertised at £400 pa; to be interviewed; commencing salary approved by Wages Committee; PR Boyes appointed; salary increased; Salary increase; refund of travelling expenses to Napier
Accounts Costing - conference; Double Entry System - County Clerks Institute; Ministry of Works to be written off; W Uru , Barwood and Co to be written off; FL Browning Contracts Account for extras, approved for payment; EA Peters objecting to payment of account for grading entrance; MM Robertson protesting against the account for Utiku metal- written off
Accounts Passed for Payment  
Accounts Passed for Payment - continued  
Accounts Committee Councillors Coleman, Smith and Chrystall; Crs Coleman, Smith , Chrystall and Mair; Cr Coleman, Engineer and Clerk to check metal accounts
Accounts  Written off; J L White, Kakariki metal; M M Robertson, Utiku metal; Account of Coutts Bros and Hare Ltd for Railway Freight on Bailey Bridge part written off
Accrued Thirds  
Acquisition of Land E G Wicks
Acquisition of Land for Protective Works above the Onepuhi Bridge
Acting Chairman  
Acting County Clerk F F Nicol; to attend County Clerks Conference; appointed Acting Secretary to Rangitikei Catchment Board
Acting Prime Minister  
Acting Rate Collector   
Acting Treasurer R McKenzie appointed
Adams, R L Asking remission of rates - portion
Adams, W Search Notes in regard to Native Lands
Adamson, R T Contract No 730
Adding Machine Additional
Addis, A O Rates - Trustee in Estate of W F Addis; Culverts
Addis, Rena  Public Revenue account
Additional General Rate (Legal Opinion)   
Additional Liability - Motor Vehicle Owners Part V Law Reform Act
Adjournments of Council  
Adjustment Committee  Salary of Chief Executive officers have increased
Adjustment Commission C M Jensen
Advance for Purchase Machinery Main Highways
Advance   £2000 from Main Highways Board; (reduced to £1400 from Main Highways Board); (Utiku-Mangaweka section Main Highway); Utiku - Councils share of M H Construction 
Advances £300 from General fund - Pukekoa Road
Afforestation Tree Nursery at Northern end of County; Conference at Wanganui
After-treatment of of Soldiers and Nurses NZ Counties Association
Aerial Photography  
Agar, G W (Atlas Products NZ Ltd
Agnew G E Fence on Otairi or Puketoa Road; Gates on Pukekoa Road, Fencing Pukekoa Road; 2 gates on Pukekoa Road; Permission granted to erection
Agreement Purchase land at Kakariki for Foremans Cottage
Agreement re Kakariki River and A P Howard; Amended; held over; to be signed; Motion put to Council and lost
Agreement with Rangitikei Catchment Board referred to Staff Committee; accepted subject to alterations; alterations agreed to by Board; copies of agreement for signature
Agreement Local Bodies Officers Union - NZ Employers Federation; NZ County Councils Industrial Union of Employers
Agreement  National Provident Fund Board; Report laid on table; new scheme accepted and to be adopted
Agriculture Department see under Department of Agriculture
Aid for Britain National Council letter from Wanganui Branch
Air Department re use of Coronation Hall by A T C  re release of L L Jones
Air Defence Enrolment of Civil Reserve  
Airgraph letters expressing regret at passing of Mr Brown, F W Jones and R McKenzie
Aitken, R C Change of Name on Roll
Aitken, T H  Application for Noxious Weeds Inspector
Akatarawa Timber Co Red birch to be purchased
Aldworth Road Loan; see Road - Aldworth
Allen, A  Namunui Stream crossing; Control No 721; Control No 745A; Wairano Road Tunnel, tender accepted; Otupae Tunnel
Alliance Assurance Co and Royal Exchange Co Public Risk Insurance; Okirae Cottage (Arawhata) destroyed by fire on 10th January
Allison, IC Compensation for land for road approach to new Tutaenui Stream Bridge at Crofton
Allium Triquetrum Wild Onion or Wild Garlic - see under Wild Garlic
Alteration to Public Room New County Offices
Amalgamation of Internal Local Bodies of the County  
Amalgamation of Local Authorities  
Amalgamation of Railway Servants at Hospital at Marton  
Ambulance Art Union Wanganui Hospital Board
Ambulance for Marton  
Amended Estimates  
Amending Legislation Circular from Dept of Internal Affairs; Advise of recent pending amendments to Legislation re Elections and Local Government Commission
Amon, N H W Okanagon; concrete culvert
Amon  Drains, improvement of
Amos, H Secretary NZ Counties Association
Anderson Brothers request for lease of Road Reserve in Block IX Hautapu Survey District by Major and Major; regret expressed by Major and Major that request not granted
Anderson, E A  and Family Road into Oruamatua - Kaimanawa Block; outstanding rates
Anderson, G E and three others (loan proposal); late GE Anderson
Anderson, G J Contract No 703
Andersen, H A Rakautaua Drains
Anderson, H Application for employment
Anderson, N deceased, gratuity to Widow; Wreath (Public Revenue Account)
Anderson, N D Gorse and Blackberry fronting his land at Upper Tutaenui
Anderson, R A G letter from re Reserve Sec 10 Blk VIII  Titiraukawa Survey District
Andersons Bend  
Anderton Roadman; Improvements to Turangarere Cottage
Anniversary - 75th Function to be held on 4th June; expenses
Andrews, C (Mrs) (Tamihana Anaru)
Andrews, C F Slaughter Licence
Andrews, S A (Manager P F Cavanagh dog nuisance at Ratana
Andrews, S C  Noxious Weeds - Variegated Thistle
Andrews, S C  Piggery at Crofton
Andrews, S C  Slaughter Licence
Anglican Archdeacon of Rangitikei Turakina Domain
Annual Holidays Act   
Annual Holidays Staff
Annual Meetings  
Annual Report of Chairman  
Annual Review of Main Highways District Highways Council
Anzac Day  
Aotea District Maori Land Board  Native Rates - Parewanui 5B; Adjustment of arrears on Parewanui 5B; Native Rates - M C C Fenwicks; Outstanding rates - Parewanui VB; Dead sheep and stock in Wangaehu Drains
Aotea District Maori Land Court E A Anderson and Family - rates; Rates on Tawaroa 1C3; rates on Awarua 2C12A 2C Blk and Motukawa 2B17A Blk on 50% basis
Apologies see Leave of Absence
Appeals Commissioner of Transport
Appeal Staff
Appeal Workmen
Applications for Orders in Council  under Section 128 0f Public Works Act
Appointment Members of Hospital Boards Watt G A; R Whillans; Noxious Weeds Inspectors; K W Sandford as Assistant Engineer
Appointment of Noxious Weeds Inspectors  
Appointment of R Dukeson and John McDonald as Testing Officer and Traffic Inspectors
Appointment of Rangers  
Apportionment Heavy Traffic License Fees
Approach Road New Bulls Bridge Site; Tutaenui Stream Bridge at Crofton
Arbritration Court Local Body Drivers Award; Local Body Officers Award under consideration
Arbitration Court Awards  
Arbour Day observation  
Archibald, W M  Fullerton Smith and Co re sale of house; offer of house refused
Arkwright, H F and J H From Evans and Easther asking Council to waive provisions of Section to enable transfer of 2 pieces of land from H F Arkwright to R R Arkwright; Resolution re above
Armagh House Property Rates  
Arms, A (Mrs) Ohotu Gravel Reserve (Torere Road); re right of transfer Reserve to C J Clark; Rent written off
Armstrong - Roadman sick pay
Armstrong,  K H  Member of Wellington Land Board; Proposed River Stop-bank , Lower Wangaehu Valley; Deputation re above; Farm sold, expresses appreciation of assistance from Council etc whilst he was a ratepayer
Armstrong, Barton and Armstrong Metal Pit - H G Playle Junior
Armstrong and Barton  re land for road approach to new Bridge site at Wangaehu; Drain - through Mrs Woodill's property, Wangaehu; T Hiroti's outstanding rates
Armstrong and Springhall Addressograph
Army Situation Reports  
Arsenical Sprays  
Arthur, H D Contract No 724
Arthur, H D Contract Nos 711; 715; 758;759
Arthur and Kendall Contract No 703
Articles of Apprenticeship Payne, Hill and Harris
Assessment Court  
Assessor P H Wood;  appointment; late P H Wood; F R H Brice
Assistant Engineer Appointment of Temporary position J H Tiffen; approval of salary by Stabilisation Commission; to be interviewed by Committee, (Messrs Sandford and Highfield); K W Sandford appointed; second to be approved by Wages Commission; R H Harris appointed second assistant engineer
Associated Auctioneers work at Taihape Sale Yards unable to be completed
Associated Chambers of Commerce  
Associated Contractors Ltd Contract No 789 Greatford-Ashhurst Main Highway Reconstruction; Acceptance of Contract No 783 Otupae Tunnel embankment
Associated Motorists Petrol Co Ltd  
Atkinson, late H D  
Atlacide B K Morton Property Ltd - Noxious Weeds Control; Atlacide and Sodium Chlorate
Atlantic Petrol  
Atlas Products (NZ) Ltd  
Attempted theft of Benzine at Hunterville Kronast Family
Attendance - continued  
Auckland and Suburban Drainage League letter from, re saving of Town wastes and enclosed copy of petition; letter from asking for support of petition in Parliament; letter from /e B Gordon re petition; establishment of "Pilot" Plant in Auckland; "Utilisation of Town and Country Wastes, Garbage and Sewerage" booklet; leaflet on Municipal composting at Dannevirke; sewerage disposal problems; appealing for support
Auckland Gas Co Ltd "Distar"
Auckland Provincial Patriotic Council  
Auckland Suburban Local Bodies Association  
Auditor-General  Compounding Rates; Sections 26 and 27 Finance Act (No 4); Section 45 The Finance Act (No 2) - Loan £1000 Watershed Road; Imprest Account; Stores Record; Rangiwaea and Silverhope Scenic Reserves
Auditor-General continued Dogs Registration; From above drawing attention of Council to signing of blank cheques; Cr Friedrich to call at office every Friday to sign cheques required for urgent payments
Audit Department  Wages tax; Charges; Chairmans Travel Allowance; re signing of cheques; re River Protection Works at Flock House; re approval of salaries to be paid to Marton Office Staff for extra work done
Audit Inspector E G Fuller; L J Hagan - Councillors Travelling to Meetings; re planting trees, shrubs, ets (Section 30 Finance Act 1922); ten percent penalty on J H Dalrymple's rates; Employment Promotion Works balances
Audit Office Rulings NZ Institute of County Clerks
Australasia, Bank of Report
Australia and New Zealand Bank Ltd from above asking for new authority for operating Imprest Account also a resolution re Overdraft; Two Motions passed re request of above Bank
Australian Mutual Provident Society re land taken from A H McGinniss
Australian Provincial Assurance Association Ltd Group Insurance Scheme
Automobile Association  case re Motor taxation and Highways Board Finance; replacement of signs by contractors; Wanganui - car parking outside Public Halls; Wanganui - re ramp at Greatford Calico Line- Norwood Corner; Gorse Hedges removed at Rangititikei Council; to ereect signs; Erect sign on Pukepapa Road; Thanking Council for Donation, reason for preferring totara to concrete posts; from Wanganui Automobile Association advising that Pukepapa hill be inspected and a report made in due course; Advising that sign has been placed at Pukepapa hill cross roads; letter from H J Livingston asking the Council to arrange with the above Association to erect signs at the Braemore Junction concerning the school bus; From A A suggesting Otairi School Committee and other such bodies should not be permitted to erect own signs on roads; From A A drawing attention to dangerous state Hautawa Cutting near Otairi School; From A A requesting Council make contribution instead subsidy for signposting;
Authorities four
Authority to endorse cheques Mrs O D Christopher
Autogyros resolution re
Auto-Patrol Caterpillar Power Grader  
Average Values Hawkes Bay Joint Counties
Avers, J F  telephone concession; superannuation
"Awake NZ Campaigm"  
Awards (2) Rates of Pay - Fractions; New Awards for Local Body Drivers, Labourers, Carpenters
Awarua  2C 13J7 Block Vvivi Ohinewairua Survey District owned by Pine Family and infested with Noxious Weeds
Awarua  1D 2B rates on; 4C 15F 1A 2G in Block XIV Ohinewairua Survey District; 4C 15F 1B in Blocks XIV Ohinewairua and II Hautapu Survey District; Releases of Rating Claims; 2C 12D - Releases of Rating Claims; 2C 12A 2C - Native Rates - 50% basis of compromise settlement; 4A 3C 4H £20 in full settlement
Awarua Farm Settlement approval of telephone installation
Axle Loading from NZ Counties Association
Back Country roading Patea County Council
Bacon, T re Stantiall's Corner deviation
Bailey, Miss Myra M appointed to staff
Bain and Fleming A N F Bignell's rates
Baker, M E  deduction from Drainage Rate, Wangaehu
Balance Sheet Non-Statutory separate accounts in
Balance Sheet years 1932 to 1945
Balance Sheet continued years 1946 to 1949; 31/3/52 duly certified as correct; be settled by Council; from Controller and Auditor General letter forwarding Balance Sheet for year ended 31st March 1953 duly certified as correct; Balance Sheet settled by Council for year ending 31st March 1953; Balance Sheet settled by Council for year ending 31st March 1954
Balance Sheet Printing of - cost; Publication of
Balance Sheets Kakariki and Utiku Ballast Pits
Balance Sheets Rangiwaea and Silverhope Scenic Reserves
Baldwin, R M (Mrs)  Noxious Weeds; offer of land at Turakina for Roadman Cottage; asking permission to take half inch pipe line across road; Kakapapa road; Requesting Council to spray sweet brier
Band of Dominion of NZ asking for donation
Bank of Australasia - Marton signing of cheques; Merging of the Banks
Bank of Australasia - Taihape Branch  
Bank of NZ Commission on Interest Coupons; Porewa and Te Ngei Roads (A H and H H Marshall); emphatic protest against intention of Government to acquire privately-owned shares
Bank of Australasia, Marton Bank Overdraft; signing of cheques etc, Banking Account - Rangitikei County Council Rural  Housing Loan Account; Annual Report; Souvenir Booklet of Bank's Melbourne Branch; War Loan support
Bank Overdraft Interest - compulsory reduction; Flood Damage; from Department Internal Affairs re Loan; Limit of £70, 000; Limit extended to £80, 000; Limit be extended to £60, 000; Limit of £70, 000; Limit of £100, 000; Increase to £100, 000 for current year; resolution re Overdraft; at request of A N Z Bank; application to be made to the A N Z  Bank Ltd for an Overdraft limit of £100, 000 for the year ending 31/3/56
Banks, J R Objecting to amended Loan Proposal to increase to £2, 500 for Mataroa-Kaweka-Naumai Roads
Banks, Miss Marjorie appointment to staff at salary of £195 per annum plus cost of living bonuses; salary increase; marriage - leave of absence; resignation
Barber-Greene Loading Machine C A Willis; Hire of by John Cummins of Napier at rate of £25; Reduce half charge for hire of; Engineers Report on Barber-Greene Machine; re repairs to; re Arbitration in Hawkes Bay with J Cummins; Engineer to bring machine back to Kakarikl
Barber-Greene Loading Machine removal from road; sale by tender to W C Wallace for £20 paid to  A Sadler for motor
Barberry Special Meeting; Proposed Order declaring Barberry (Berberis vulgaris) to be a Noxious Weed within the County of Rangitikei
Bardsley, E M NZ Centennial Exhibition - Photographs
Barker, Norman Removal of gates on Cooks Road
Barnett, W E (Mrs) Deputation - Stock Paddocks
Barnett and Cleary claiming for N Mako
Barnhill, Mrs W death of Edward Newman
Barr-Browns Ltd Letter re Nissen Huts
Barrett, E G Account for Medical Attention
Barry, S and E N Hunt contract No 700
Bartlett, T T Gorse hedge
Barton, A M application for private telephone concession
Bartrum, C B and others petition re Rakautau Drains
Bartrum, G N Rakautaua Road; Lower Wangaehu Drainage; Drainage woirk on road fronting his property
Bason, E A Improvements to Council's Roadman's Cottage; Account
Bastin, F H Contract, Hautapu Bridge
Batchelar and Co Ltd R D - contemplated sale of Pipeworks
Batley, A O P rates; 10% penalties - writing off
Batley, G W  
Batley, R E V (Mrs) Makokomiko Road Extension
Batley, R C pipelline across Moawhango-Pungataua Road
Batley's Estate Rates outstanding
Batt, E C  Estate of, objection to amended valuations; letter from Valuation Department; H J Duigan to act as Assessor; Mr B Haggitt to act in conjunction with Mr Ladley - Assessment Court to sit in Marton on 13/3/47; decision re Assessment Court
Baxter's  timber to be inspected
Bay of Islands County Council County Finance
Bayley Horse
B B and C Weedkiller Company  
Beauchamp, C D Water Pipe Line
Beckett, late Mrs R E Beckett, late Mr R E; Beckett, Miss
Beckett, R E Gravel Pit and Road purchase Bonny Glen; Beckett, Estate of R E - Trustees - Stock Paddock, Newman's Line; Newman's Line - Land for Road purposes
Beckett, R E Refund Deposit Scheme 5
Beckett, W J Senior Utiku Metal Pit - Water Supply
Beckman, A R Contract No 713
Bedford Motor Truck  
Beere, B Rent - written off
Beere, C and R Solicitors, Wellington
Belk, H A Private Telephone Concession; Nominal Occupier - Taihape Borough properties; Retirement from Council
Bell, Norman H Unclaimed Money
Bell, C D appointed Engineer to the Rangitikei County Council as from 1st April
Bell, R D application private telephone concession
Bell, R G  Complaint re roads in Rangiwaea District
Bell, William Koukoupo Road; Land for purposes - Dedication; and Son - refund heavy traffic fees; Owhakura Road
Bells Junction Wanganui Education Board
Belton, W G County Council's Insurance Scheme; re meetings of County Council Ward; letter from, enclosing schedule Hospital Levies; Letter from, re Highways and Public Works Grants; Congratulating him on awarded the O B E; Thanking Council for congratulations, £2 donated for presentation
Bending, J Contract No 737
Bennett, Charles Arrears Native Rates Motukawa 2B 15A settlement of; written off
Benzine Written off; Taihape Bowser; Kakariki; Taihape Bowser continued; Marton Bowser; Bulls Depot; Hunterville
Benziine Attempted theft at Hunterville (Kronast Family)
Benzine  for Emergency Precautions Scheme; for Instructors to localities within the Rangitikei County but controlled by the Wanganui Home Guard Central Committee; for Home Guard - Account; for Councillors
Benzine Drums; Stolen - 10 gallons stolen from No 1 P G be written off
Benzine pump Hunterville
"Best" Burner purchase of
Bettridge, F J Raumai Road drain
Beuck, Dunham and Hulena Roadmen
Bicycles without light and reflectors etc  
Bidmead, L Pungataua Cottage electric wiring 
Bielski, H Compensation for Accident
Bignell, A N F Rates
Bignell, O  
Bergen, Alex M to be employed as Junior Clerk as from 1/2/55
Bird, W A Council moved vote of sympathy on his passing away
Birthday Honours  
Bishop, W A tenders for Dog Collars
Bitumen supplies; not to be used without consent of Main Highways Board
Blackburn, R Kakariki  
Blackett, C J Contract No 741A
Blackhall, B R H T Licence Fee
Black, P M (Mrs) Private Telephone Concession
Blackler, C H and Mrs Fanny Building on roadside at Rata
Blackler, Mrs I M conditions of Pukeokahu cottage
Blackler, J erection of Power Lines
Blacks Pit stock paddock; Farmers Co-op District Company do not think it any advantage to farming community; No metal to be taken out of the above pit until further notice
Black-out Bulls Area; Blind County Offices, Marton
Bland, M E Account - claim
Blennerhassett, T W Hospital Levy
Blockley, H Soldiers Holiday Pay
Blood Transfusion etc  
Blyth, W N tender for used Case Tractors Wheels accepted
Bogle, A H Contract Nos 696, 694, 704, 705, 709, 720, 722, 727, 743, 744
Boneham, M A Overhead" expenses; Gorse on Makohau Road
Bonny Glen Treeplanting
Bonny Glen-Norwood Corner Road Main Highway, if Parewanui Road not declared Main Highway exchange with Bonny-Glen-Norwood Corner to be arranged; reconstruction between Dunsinane Corner and Norwood Corner; see under Main Highways-Bonny Glen-Norwood Corner
Bonus to L L Jones  
Bonus to Staff Bonus" payments; 5% cost of living; Agreement by Wages Commissioner
Boobyer, John Contract No 700
Booker, P H Rent of cottage remittance; Booker P H late
Booklet Road structure; "change Step" from Rehabilitation  Department; on Unimproved Value Rating from NZ League for the Taxation of Land Values
Bosher, H Collision with Council's motor lorry near Mataroa
Boundary Fence K Paki
Boundary Manawatu and Rangitikei Counties Rangitikei River Diversion, Scotts-Ferry - Potts and Harris
Bourke, C Noxious Weeds Inspector - appointment
Bowen, Harry Parewanui - culvert
Bowler, J J Ngauinga Road; Private Telephone Line
Bowler, P j Objecting to amended Loan Proposal to increase to £2, 500 for Mataroa-Kaweka-Naumai Roads
Bowser Taihape
Bowyer M (Mrs) offer of land to the Council
Boys and Girls Agricultural Club from Wanganui Education Board appealing for funds
Boy Scout Jamboree at Marton 1933/4  
Boy Scouts Greystoke Bush
Boyd, R J Rangership
Boyes, P R appointed to position of Accountant; recommendation for Salary increase of £25 p a ; Special Leave of absence for two weeks; congratulated on passing the Professional Accounts examination; Increase in Salary; to sign Imprest account cheques
Boys and Girls Agricultural Clubs Annual Report; requesting donation; expressing thanks for donation; thanking Council for donation; from above Annual Report and asking for donation
Brace, Leo deceased Charitable Aid
Brakes and Lights Motor-Vehicles; Testing - enforcement regulations
Bramley, G N Kawhatau Valley Road, Kiwitea County deputation
Brant, Geo Death of  
Brant, H Death of
Brant, H (Mrs)  
Bray and Co Ltd, H  
Bremner, Estate of W J 10% penalty on rates waived on account of hardship, £10 from St. for special road works
Brewer, W N  Dog Collars; year 1939; year 1940
Briant, E L Estate of Land at Gowers Hill; Noxious Weeds - Gowers Hill Deviation
Brice and Co , F R H  
Brice, F R H  Private telephone line - Ratana Road; as Trustee W K S Cawood - purchase of metal pit - Nga Tawa Road; Representative - Wanganui Rangitikei Electric Power Board; Assessor for County; Deceased
Brice, J Councillor; signing Rate Books 1939-40; Leave of absence, Representative - Zone "M" Patriotic Committee at Marton; Signing Contract No 758; On Native Rate Claims Committee; on Committee to deal with A P Howard application to acquire the title of certain land Rangitikei River above Kakariki works; Rata Coronation Hall Committee; Upper Wangaehu and Rakautaua Drainage District Committee
Brice, J  Councillor continued; Committee re Stock Holding paddock at Kakariki; Death of
Brice, Mrs W M land being divided on Waimutu, Howie and Fern Flats Roads
Bridge, J Power Grader Driver be given £25 bonus
Bridge, Blundells  repairs
Bridge, Braemore  Subsidy - lorry hire; Sanding the deck of; Road Deviation
Bridge, Bulls Stock on bridge; Protests against length of proposed new bridge; diversion of traffic and possibility of damage to County Roads
Bridge, Colliers Damaged by Vehicle
Bridge, Concrete Ford, Otairi raising load limit
Bridge Construction Main Highways Subsidy from Unemployment Fund; Subsidy 5 year Bridge Renewal Plan; Meeting with Minister of Public Works to be arranged by P Kearins MP; Bridge Replacement Loan; Council accept tenders from Barwood and Son for Wairepu West Culvert Hand Rails to be replaced on bridges
Bridge, Curls Upper Tutaenui Main Highway (Marton Upper Tutaenui Section); Authority for £800; £174.17.1 balance for flood damage grant; Marton Chamber of Commerce
Bridge, Crofton Sale of; Cost of renewing; Approach to Crofton Bridge - J W F Windelburn
Bridge, Curls flooding of Tutaenui Stream - D M Linklater's property; Re flood Damage
Bridge , Fernie's Creek Public Works Development Subsidies £345-9-3
Bridge, Harris's Creek Public Works Development Subsidies £252-2-5
Bridge, Hautawa Stream at Otairi  
Bridge Hautapu at Taihape; Approaches Sealing, Hautapu at Hihitahi - temporary
Bridge over hautapu at Jacobsens  
Bridge Hautapu at Utiku
Bridge, Hihitahi from Ministry of Works acknowledgement of letter re the above bridge
Bridge, Hou Hou Tender of Feilding Construction Co for labour only for above bridge be not accepted; Settlers to be interviewed with regard to future of above bridge
Bridge, Kahuraupango repairs to be proceeded with immediately
Bridge, Kakariki sheep protection; condition of northern approach; re fire at above bridge and Marton Borough Council
Bridge, Kapakapa  repairs to, request by M S Grice; Notice limiting traffic; B G Grice
Bridge Replacement Programme Bridge Replacement Loan
Bridge Load Reconstruction  
Bidge, Makirikiri on Turakina-Bulls Main Highway; Government Grant £300 (£1 for £1)
Bridge, Mangahoe repairs
Bridge, Mangaone Stream  
Bridge, Mangaweka tenders for painting; F Needhams tender be accepted; Hardwood timber be ordered and set aside for Mangaweka Bridge; Authority for redecking Mangaweka Bridge; From Kiwitea County Council letter drawing attention of Council to state of the above bridge; from N L Shelton forwarding copy of letter complaining re Mangaweka Bridge
Bridge, Mangapapa Stream at Pukemapou; Hodders
Bridge, Mangarere Letter be written to Kiwitea County Council and disclaim responsibility for any share of maintenance of the above bridge; from Kiwitea County Council advising that the cost of maintenance of above bridge was apportioned by warrant dated 10 May 1906; Kiwitea County Council advising receipt of letter
Bridge, Mataiaponga Stream Public Works Department Subsidies £200; unsubsidised balance to be charged to Bridges Reconstruction Loan
Bridge Material and Kakariki B P Engineer empowered to order steel for next year
Bridge, Maungaraupi and approaches to
Bridge, Moawhango Taoroa Grant from Ministry of Works
Bridge, New Bulls Bridge Site Approach
Bridge, Ohotu  
Bridge, Old Bulls Bridge and Scotts Ferry  
Bridge, Omaha Stream  on Turakina Valley Road
Bridge, Omatane Fencing
Bridge, Onepuhi W G Morrison, New Onepuhi Bridge; re cost of Onepuhi Bridge for consideration with Mr Morrisons account; A fresh application be made to National Roads Board for authority for test piles for Onepuhi Bridge
Bridge, Onepuhi conitnued Picnicking Reserve - Lovelock; responsibility taken over by Public Works Department; additional running plank; Municipal Health Board authority for £78 test foundations; repairs; authority from Municipal Health Board for repairs; Designing of proposed new bridge; from Kiwitea County Council re Consulting Engineer; Engineer to Make enquiries to Main Highways Board; Petition 217 Residents and Ratepayers; erection of new bridge to be hastened; W G Morrison be appointed Consulting Engineer for the bridge; erection of new bridge; Kiwitea County Council; Deputation; A H Marshall; Earthwork on bridge to cost £3, 720-1501; Oroua County Council; Test-pile driving at bridge; test-pile for bridge have been cancelled; Oroua County Council
Bridge, Onepuhi Protective Works; Oroua County Council; Cheltenham Cooperative Dairy Co Ltd; Approaches; Classification; Kiwitea County Council; Land for Protective Works
Bridge, Ongo Stream Bridge (Braemore) Authority
Bridge, Ongo Stream (New) at Braemore  
Bridge, Ongo Stream Turakina Valley Grant
Bridge, Otupae tenders called for removal and purchase; sale of; J G Grant offering £85
Bridge, Otara Approach on the Kiwitea side; repairing decking of
Bridge  over Ahu Ahu Stream at Playles, Turakina Valley; Contract No 696; Grant
Bridge, Overhead at Greatford Ministry of Works, Transport Department, District Civil Engineer, re bridge at Greatford and Traffic Hazard; Council undertake metalling the remaining road at Greatford; A A re Cemetery Road extended; Improving Calico Line- Norwood Corner; Gorse be removed at Railway Crossing
Bridge over Puwehea Stream at McHardys - Bridges Reconstruction Loan Account
Bridge , over Porewa at Hunterville - Hunterville Town Board; Warrant; Contract - T J McIlwaine; Authority for Grant
Bridge, Paulins Protection Works  
Bridge, Porewa Stream Porewa Stream - Authority; Porewa Stream Bridge at Porewa; Refund to Public Works Department
Bridge, Pukeroa authority for £2066 (£1 for £1) from Ministry of Works; foundations lowered; Ministry of Works
Bridge Public Trust - Hills Brothers
Bridge, Pungataua over Moawhango River repairs
Bridge, Pungataua weight restrictions
Bridge over Rangitikei at Bulls above present bridge
Bridge, Rangitikei Bulls Limitation of weights and speed
Bridge, Rangitikei at Bulls and Protection Works; Conference of Local Bodies; Protective Works on Eastern Bank; Stresses; Protective Works - Land to be acquired from Mrs Hill; Decking; Approach proposed New Bridge - account (survey)
Bridge Renewals L O'Callaghan and Wairepu West Bridge; left with Engineer; The Council agreed to the additional payment to F L Browning on Account of McDonalds Bridge Contract etc; Council to purchase  one SS 70 Bailey Bridge in zinc spray finish; from Ministry of Works list of subsidies approved for bridge renewals on County Roads; F L Browning to be asked to submit tenders for following culverts:-Union Line (2) Pukepapa Road, Williamsons Line, Aldworth Road and at Lilburn's Turakina Valley; Chairman and Member for Riding to be empowered to deal with tender of Barwood and Sons for Mair's Culvert; The Council confirmed the action of Engineer in ordering R S J's from Mclean and Todd; List of arrangements made by the Engineer with Luke Brothers for erection of Callender-Hamilton Bridge at Moawhango; Deputation re replacement of Bridges in the Taihape area and the weight restrictions imposed; Council to consider at its next Meeting a resolution to make application to the Local Bodies Loans Board for authority to raise £5000 being 10% additional on Bridges Replacement Loan £50,000; Letter from J H Francis and Co offering to raise loan of £55,000 for Bridges and Culverts Renewal by public issue. This was not accepted
Bridge, Rangitikei at Kakariki and sheep protection
Bridge, Rangitikei River Protection Works above Bulls Bridge  
Bridge Replacement Scheme  
Bridge, Ross  
Bridges and Culverts Replacement Loan; Application for above loan to be made to the Local Government Loans Board
Bridges   Engineer to purchase 300 sleepers for 10s; Engineer given authority to proceed with repairs to Sutherlands Bridge; Engineer to report next meeting on cost of hand rails on bridges; Confirming action Engineer in arranging with contractor to hire drilling plant and operator for work in connection with Makohine Bridge; tenders of H E Barwood and Sons be accepted for reinforced concrete culverts; Council approve acceptance tender of G Wales for painting Vinegar Hill Bridge; Council approve acceptance of bridge tenders from F L Browning; Sale old bridge at Moawhango be left in hands Councillor Chrystall and Engineer with power to act; Tender of Barwood and Son for Contract No 817 on Mangaweka Road (Wairepu East) reinforced concrete culvert be accepted
Bridges Council accept tender of J Robinson for construction of small culvert on Taruarau Hill; Taihape Cooperative Dairy Co protesting against closing Black Bridge Utiku; Taihape Cooperative Dairy co given permission to carry empty lorries over Black Bridge; from Ministry of Works cancellation of Galpins Bridge authority stand for this year; The Council confirmed the action of the Chairman in accepting Barwood and Sons tender for construction of Whaka Road deck culvert also list of other tenders of Barwood and Son that were accepted; Engineer congratulated on the erection of Callender-Hamilton bridge at Moawhangi; Tenders to be called for new roading at Moawhango; Letters to be written to people who helped with erection of Bridge at Moawhango; Council confirm action of Engineer in putting additional piles on Galpins Bridge; Ministry of Works to be urged to subsidize cost of constructionof the bridge tabulated in letter dated 25th February 1955. Matter to be referred to the Minister of Works; Tenders of F L Browning for Whittles, Makokomiko and Kpuawhui Bridges were accepted; J Robertsons tender for construction of Kakatino bridge was accepted; Council approved action in letting H E Barwood and Son contract for construction of Papanui No 3 culvert and list of tenders from H E Barwood and Son which were also accepted; Tender of F L Browning for construction of Lilburns culvert accepted subject to investigation of the administrative charge of 5%
Bridges Calico Line - from Marton Borough Council wishing to meet members of Council to consider action to be taken re Calico Line Bridge; Plans to be approved and give Engineer authority to proceed with Bridge Works. List given of works. Pukepapa Road reformation, O'Callaghans Bridge etc; re account of F L Browning for extras on Mokai Bridge; Timber decking to be placed on bridges instead of concrete because of the urgency of the work; The Council to adopt the recommendation of the Engineer that Bridges be constructed in following order and giving lists; Engineer given authority to engage a consulting Engineer for design and plan of Bridges and giving list of bridges; Engineer to purchase a further 12 R S J's; Left with Engineer to arrange with T Daubney to erect Bridge at Kakakino; from Marton Borough Council asking Council to proceed with the construction of the Tutaenui Bridge on Calico Line; F L Brownings tender for Simpsons Bridge, Forests No 2 and Moawhango Bridge were all accepted; G Wales for painting Sutherland Bridge was accepted; F L Brownings for Aldworth Road Culveert at Mairs was left in hands of Engineer with power to act; Letter of thanks be sent to Mr L F O'Callaghan for his services in connection with re-erection of O'Callaghans Bridge
Bridges, Baynes be renewed
Bridges Chairmans idea of small bridge; consultation with Councillor for Riding where new bridge is contemplated; Taruarau Bridge load be restricted to 2 ton; Ministry of Works be approached with regard to Bailey or similar bridge at Taruarau; Bulldozer be employed to fill in culvert on other side of Rangitikei Bridge at Taihape-Napier Road; Tenders be called for construction of Mokai and Makino Bridges; Authority be given to build Makokimiko Stream Bridge as economically as possible; Browning and Co tender be accepted to build Guinea Pig and McDonald's Bridges
Bridges Reconstruction Testing foundations; T J McIlwaine claim for extra cost of construction culverts at Leedstown and Union Line; Builders Foundation Ltd cannot give starting date for work for another 4 weeks; Pre-cast piling for bridges, erection of two new bridges; Tenders be called for railing of Moawhango River Bridge, Te Moehau Road; Council accept tender of F L Browning of £800 for bridge on Rangatira Road, Rata; Left with Executive Committee to deal with tenders for Whittles and Makokomiko Bridges; Council confirm the order of 7 tons of reinforcing steel at 58s per cwt; Council accept tender of F L Browning of £1360 for construction of Abutments and "Pidstying" at Taora Bridge
Bridge Replacement Loan Ministry of Works forwarding authorities cancelled; Motion passed re above 1, 2, 3, 4; Extra payment to T and J McIlwaine for Contract; Council agree to amendment of contract for erection  of Mangawherero Bridge etc; Tender accepted for Hiwera Culvert, H E Barwood; Engineers action in ordering rolled steel joists and channel sections confirmed; Engineers action for boring for four bridges confirmed, Treasurer to uplift a further instalment of £5000 of above loan No 2; Mr C F McManaway and settlers be thanked for splendid job done in erecting bridge on Hou Hou Road; Council agreed to pay half cost of culvert on Potaka Road; Left in hands of Chairman etc to deal with tenders of Barwood for Mokai flat and inland Road culverts after clearing question of supply of materials; List of works to be asked to put in prices; Chairman, Councillor for Riding and Engineer be given power to accept tenders for small bridges etc; More Pinus Radiata (Insignus) to be used for bridge decking; £100 be offered to Messrs Robertson and Wells for constructing two abutments for the Kakakino Bridge; Council to purchase Bailey Bridge to replace one erected at Taruarau; F L Browning to be appointed for construction of 3 bridges on Aldworth Road and Mount Curl Road
Bridge Replacement Loan No 2 1950 from Government Life Insurance Office advising that office will lend £15, 000 for above loan for a term of ten years at 4% etc; Motion passed authorising application to be made to Local Government Loans Board for Board's sanction to Council's raising loan of £15, 000 etc; Rangitikei County Council to raise the sum of £15, 000 by borrowing the sum from The Government Life Insurance Department ( 5 portions to this motion); from Government Life Insurance asking Council to sign an undertaking to issue debentures for £15, 000 of the above loan when such securities are available; moved that application be made to National Provident Fund Board for Loan of £50, 000 to be raised at rate of approximately £15, 000 p a 
Bridge Replacement Loan No 2 1950 further instalment be made; Letter from NZ Government Life Insurance Office granted Loan stating terms etc; terms accepted by Council; from The Treasury forwarding Order-in-Council consenting to the raising of above loan; motion passed re above; Letter from NZ Government Life Insurance Office forwarding for sealing document covering advance of portion of the above loan pending printing and signing of debentures; Council to Seal the document re above; two resolutions re the above Loan, one concerning £15, 000 instalment of the above Loan be rescinded, the other motion of authority and conditions of loan etc; Treasurer empowered to uplift another loan of £5, 000 for Bridge Replacement Loan No 2; from Government Life Insurance Office asking the Council to uplift the balance of £5, 000 of the second portion of the above loan; Council confirmed the action of the Clerk in uplifting the balance of £5, 000 of the second portion of the above loan; Notice of intention to making application to raise loan of £15, 000 the balance of the loan of £50, 000; sanction to raising of final portion of £15, 000 of the above loan
Bridge Replacement Loan Special meeting to be held 8th March; subsidy for £1 for £1; £50, 000 been granted for Workshop; enclosing sanction to Replacement Loan, Engineer to make report re bridges; tenders for culverts; circular be sent to Ratepayers; Charging of any bridge of 20 feet or more to above; Local Government Loans Board advising that money for above is now available etc; letter from Luke Brothers Ltd forwarding Account for Callendar-Hamilton Bridging; Account passed for payment; Resolution re above account made
Bridge Replacement Scheme considering request for subsidy; making application to the loan Board; W G Morrison; Deputation regarding Moawhango Bridges at Moawhango and Taoroa
Bridges Replacement  Committee
Bridge Replacement T and J McIlwaine tenders; List of late tenders for Contract 907 Primes Culvert; H E Barwoods tender accepted for Contract 907 Primes Culvert; List of tenders for construction of Mokai Bridge, Contract 905; F L Brownings tender accepted for Contract 905, Mokai Brige; List of tenders for Makino Bridge, Contract 906; Tender of F L Brownings for Makino Bridge, Contract 906 accepted; Chairman and Councillor Chrystall to accept tender of Hiwera Bridge; Engineer authorised to proceed with cast-in-situ pile Bridge at Broughs. Chairman and Councillor Chrystall to consider tender
Bridge, small on Murray's Track near Devane's - renewal
Bridge, Stills  
Bridge, Toe Toe repairs to be proceeded with; H W Lankhow to repair bridge
Bridge, Taoroa to be referred to Minister of Works on visit to Taihape; P W D Grant £100 on account (£1 for £1); re rebuilding of Taoroa Bridge; Ministry of Works authority for £3, 000; Callender-Hamilton Bridge proposal from Ministry of Works; Luke Brothers Ltd giving details of Callendar Hamilton Bridges
Bridge, Taruarau old timber and steel work to H Stodard for £5; Council accept tender of J Robinson for construction of small culvert on Taruarau Hill; from NZ Road Transport Alliance protesting against weight restrictions on above bridge; from Hawkes Bay Stock and Station Agents Association re weight restrictions on above Bridge; The Council approved the action of The Engineer in arranging for the erection at Taruarau of a temporary Bailey Bridge followed by Callender-Hamilton Bridge; from Hawkes Bay Stock and Station Agents thanking Council for prompt action; Engineer to proceed with the erected of new Bridge
Bridge, Taraketi Stream  
Bridge, Taurimu Stream Lower Turakina Valley Road, erection
Bridge, Te Kapua Road from Public Trust Office asking to consider strengthing above bridge; confirming action Engineer replacing small Bridge
Bridge, Torere  
Bridge, Turakina at Kapakapa, M S Grice; at Pukeroa; at Turakina - Transfer of unexpended balances to Tutaenui Bridge at Crofton; at Braemore; at Mangahoe
Bridge over Turakina River Estate of late John McLeay
Bridge, Tutaenui, Calico Line The Mayor was asked to write concerning the replacement of the Tutaenui Bridge, which he agreed to do
Bridge, Tutaenui at Crofton Sum placed on Estimates and Gough Street Exchange; Tutaenui Bridge at Crofton and approaches; compensation payments; further authority; vote on estimates; proclamation
Bridge, Tutaenui at Makohau Road Marton Borough Council asking for reconstruction
Bridge, Tutaenui at Trickers approach
Bridge, Upper Turakina Valley Road re repairs to
Bridge Replacement Bayne Bridge be renewed
Bridge, Vinegar Hill Loan £2, 500 - diversion unexpended; Balance to bridge over Porewa at Hunterville; Transfer of unexpended balances to Tutaenui Bridge at Crofton; Hunterville Branch of the Farmers Union - decking of bridge at Vinegar Hill; Ministry of Works re painting; tenders for painting; J D McConachy reducing tender for painting of above bridge; J D McConachy's tender declined
Bridge, Waimutu Stream  
bridge, Wangaehu (New)  Land at; approach
Bridge, Wangaehu River at Kauangaroa construction account; from Wanganui County Council advising they have decided to erect new bridge over Whangaehu River at Wyley's asking Rangitikei County Council to agree to pay half net cost of bridge
Bridge, Wanganui  
Bridge Weight Constructions  
Bridge, Whareroa from H J Dewe Ltd drawing attention of Council to unsatisfactory condition of above bridge
Bridge, Whirokino Official Opening
Bridge, Whiskey Creek Turakina Valley and site and diverting Loan Money; Turakina Bridge Loan
Bridges destroyed by floods; report by Engineer; gross weights and axle weights of main bridges
Bridge Load Restriction to be attached to bridges through the County; Hunterville Branch Federated Farmers of NZ; re-classification and public notification; Load restriction Toe Toe Bridge be reduced to three yards of metal or maximum load of six tons and axle load three tons
Bridgea on Main Highways Consulting Engineers
Bridge Material   purchase of 30 rolled steel joists
Bridges Reconstruction Loan Fernie's and Harris's culverts; application to be made for £2, 000; work to be proceeded with as soon as monetary authority received; £2, 000 placed to credit of Council at bank on 1/12/46; unsubsidised balance to be charged re Mataiaponga Bridge
Bridges Reconstruction Loan Account £4, 000 - continued, series of debentures (1 to 50) inclusive; Pay out of General Fund the annual charges; Loan £7, 000 debentures forwarded
Bridges Reconsstruction Loan Account continued (see also card Bridges Reconstruction Scheme for Subsidies) Puwehea Strem at McHardys; Consent necessary to raise balance of £7, 000 loan; Makohau Road Deviation and Water Tunnel; application for balance of Turakina Bridge Loan Account to be transferred; application to be made to Loans Board to raise the balance of the Bridges Reconstruction Loan £7000; funds not available from State Advances Corporation; offer of J H Francis accepted; Loan 1938, balance of £7, 000; letter from J H Francis enclosing draft copy of debenture
Bridges, Renewal (continued) Engineer to bring down Estimates; tenders to called for renewals of culverts of culverts on Wairepu Road, Whangaehu Beach, Leedstown and Union Line Roads; Chairman and Engineer to go to Blenheim; thanking Marlborough County Engineer
Bridges Reconstruction Scheme, Bridge Renewal Scheme £1 for £3 subsidy; P Kearins and Minister of Public Works; tenders to steel joists
Bridges Reconstruction Loan bridges authorised (£10, 000) Mangapapa Stream Bridge on Pukemapou Road (Hodder's); (Grant); Turakina Bridge at Braemore; (Grant); Tutaenui Bridge at Crofton; (Grant); Porewa Stream Bridge at Porewa; Hautawa Stream Bridge at Otairi; (Grant)
Bridge Renewal Loan No2 J H Francis giving terms; Government Life Insurance Office; Public Trust Offices; State Advances Corporation has no funds; State Fire and Accident Insurance Office giving terms; Engineer to bring down report; Programme submitted by Engineer Loan £50, 000 to be raised; Government to be asked for £1 for £1 subsidy
Bridges, Renewal of Preparation of list to be made by Engineer; Reconstruction over 20ft span; Loan £10, 000; increased to £11, 000; do, levying special rate; do, Sealing Resolution; Do, amount to be uplifted; proceed to raise £4000 on account, table Mortgage if possible; reconstruction Loan Account; Scheme for replacement
Bridge Repairs labour for; Blundell's and Mangahoe Bridges
Bridge Replacement and Machinery Reserve Councillor Smith's notice of motion
Bulls Town Board County Grader on Moanaroa Road; Stock routes through Bulls; Council still maintain Johnstone; Wilson and Church Streets responsibility of Borough and Johnston Street responsibility of the Council; Constructing footpath at Church Street; Noxious Weeds; metal footpath; re metalling roads in town district; Noxious weeds; Fire Service; Parking facilities Johnstone Street; Culvert at junction Johnson and High Street, Bulls; from above asking Council to appoint "Nominal Occupier" for Bulls Town District
Bulls Town Board Section of Boundary between County and Bulls Town Board; footpath; Jubilee Celebrations; Buls Cemetery; Noxious Weeds; Rest and Plunket Rooms; Clerical Services - Relief Works; Telegram re H Richardson; Moanaroa Road; re Johnston Street; Council cannot undertake metalling streets in Bulls; asking Council to make provisions for Storm waters on Parewanui Road; Engineer to take action
Bridgeman, s gratuity of four weeks pay; letter expressing thanks
Brightwell, H P  
Brightwell, M metalling Kilkern Road
British Empire Christian Crusade  
British Pavements Ltd Contract 819, declined
British Petroleum Co of NZ requesting share of Council's business
British Pils Ltd  
British USA and South Pacific Wood and Coal Product Ltd  
British Relief Fund  
Britton, W L reduction in valuations
Brodrick, A complaining of condition of State Farm Road near Taihape
Broderick, E A Objecting to amended loan proposal to increase to £2, 500 for Mataroa-Namunui-Kaweka Roads; withdrawal of objection
Broderick, William Chairman Wanganui Hospital, death of
Bromley, D Roadman; sickleave
Bromley, Emily Lease of land at Bulls
Brooky Brothers Mataroa, Mataroa to Ngawaka; (Private Telephone Line)
Broom  growing on roadside; Notice of motion taking steps to have it declared a noxious weed; to be declared Noxious Weed at special meeting 1/11/45; Declared Noxious Weed at  special meeting 1/11/45; Acknowledgement of certified copy of order by Minister of Agriculture; and enclosing copies of Gazette notice
Brophy, K D arrears of rates
Broughton, C M  Rural Housing Loan; agreement; 5% penalty waived
Brown, A F V Salary; (Increment); County Elections; Acting Rate Collector; Endorse cheques etc; Returning Officer - fees voted; Native Land Court; Superannuation; 5% cost of living Bonus; signing cheques as Treasurer; appointment as Collector of Rates; National Service Appeal; Additional remuneration
Brown, A V loss of Sons-in Law; Searching Native Rating Titles; Signing of cheques for the Treasurer; death of; special meeting; Mrs A V - Compassionate Allowance; additional allowance
Brown, F A Private Telephone Line
Brown, late Robert  
Brown, T account written off
Brown, estate W H purchase of house
Brown, William tender for painting Pukeroa Cottage be accepted; repairs to Braemore Cottage
Brown, W J County Roadman
Browning, F L letter from R D Hatrick forwarding schedule of contract charges which he claims the right to vary; The Council agreed to an Additional payment to F L Browning on account of McDonalds Bridge Contract etc; letter from R D Herrick advising that items 3 to 6 on schedule of prices are to be increased; consideration of erection of shed for Browning held over; balance of F L Browning's establishment cost be paid etc; re account for extras on Mokai Bridge; Council accepts prices for standard single span one-way bridges supplied by above; recommendation of Staff and Executive Committee re above be approved and that it be left with the Committee to make final arrangements; Brownings Bridge plant be purchased for £6000 provided satisfactory arrangements can be made with receiver
Bruce and Simpson Parks  
Bryant, D Kakariki; Soldiers Holiday pay
Buchanan, A B  request for transfer of closed Road at Crofton
Bucket Pumps NZ Standards Institute
Building Blocks concrete - inspection by Engineer and Mr Dukeson
Building By-Laws protesting against Building By-Laws lead by F C Jurgens; Chimneys; appointing Inspectors, O D Bell, J A Tate, J W Gandell
Building By-Laws special meeting; By-laws to come into force; special meeting re by-laws; special meeting; deputation of Federated Farmers; Chimneys; Taihape Federated Farmers; Minutes of meeting from Federated Farmers; from Fullerton-Smith and Co; left until next meeting of Council; list of proposed amendments; "celcure" timber treatment; special meeting; clause 3 be amended; from Bulls Town Council requesting Council's Building Inspector to be permitted to act as Inspector for the Town Council
Building Construction Bill  
Biuilding Construction and Permits from NZ Counties Association
Building Controller (Ministry of Supply) Buildings etc being erected or contemplated - Public Works Department (Building Controller); Amendment to the Building Control Policy; Local bodies can proceed with work up to £3, 000; from Building Controller advising that all building materials are freed from control now
Building Controller   Stabilization of Doors; approving permit for erection of Coronation Hall at Rata; Control Notice - consent required from Main Highways Board to bitumen; Kakariki dwellings; amendment to Building Control Policy; permits for cement for footpaths; amendment to Building Control Policy; re Galvanised Corrugated iron
Building Emergency Regulations and Amendments Ministry of Works
Building Foreman  
Building at Rata  A Smith
Building Returns  
Building Reseerve Building Reserve Account to be closed and transferred to General Account
Bull, Lindsay Kingscote Granville appointment as Trustee - Hunterville Cemetery
Bulldozer purchase; purchase of two at £2000 each; estimates re purchase of Bulldozer; enquiries re acquisition of second bulldozer; rates for hiring; purchase of, from T E Harrison for £1650; new scoop for D2 to be purchased
Bulldozing Work bulldozing work to be paid by the hour and large jobs be submitted to the Council for approval first; Engineer to arrange for work at Pringles Slip and at Turakina Valley Bluff to be done by bulldozer and payment made by the hour; The Council authorize the payment of £150 to N Dornbusch for bulldozing; the balance of Harrison and Sons Account for metalling be paid
Buillock, B Contract No 729; explaining delay on contract No 828; Kauangaroa-Okirae road metalling; Plant
Bullock and Co, B Contract No 726 - metalling - Mataroa, Namunui and Kaweka Roads; Contract No 734; Contract No 736; Contract No 736(2); Contract No 730; Contract No 731; Contract No 716; Contract No 745B; Contract No 753(2); Contract No 743B; Contract No 744A; appreciation
Bulls Bridge Counties Association, advising timber and materials for sale; L F Homes re purchasing land at Bulls Bridge
Bulls Bridge Protective Works; and Native Land Court; Rabbits; Rights-of-way; Inscribed Loans; Opening of new Bridge; Account from Manawatu Automobile Association in connection with opening; Public Revenues Act; protest againsty H A Bartlett; Protective Works; John Reweti asking for lease or grazing rights; J Reweti, Council not prepared to lease land
Bulls Bridge at Rangitikei Conference Local Bodies, Land for River protection on Manawatu side of River above Bulls Bridge; Signs at; protest by Council to Public Works Department against unneccessary length of new bridge; more protests against length of new bridge; 
Bulls Cemetery Bulls Town Board
Bulls Centennial Memorial  
Bulls Patriotic Committee  
Bulls Public Pound impounding fees; upkeep
Bulls Racecourse Pit Sale transfer of
Bulls School Committee footpath fronting
Bulls Town Board re Fire Services and meeting on 22/11/54; from above asking that a power grader be made available when required
Bulls Town District re speed restriction
Bulmer, E H Deed of Assignment
Bunn and Sons Ltd Contract No 729   
Burkinshaw C G fees for Dog Registration and Motor Drivers Licences; Registrar for Dogs etc
Burgess, R O Papanui Single Men's Camp; W Burgess, Contract No 700
Burnett and Palmer for George Podjursky re the Turakina Town Hall; Cameron Park, Turakina; Roadmens Cottage - Estate J Balwin
Burns, John and Co Ltd tender for Mechanical Shovel; Calico Line Water Main
Burnett and Brown Estate of M Cavanagh; Drain - Lower Wangaehu Valley
Burrell, R Land for metal Pit Wellington Road (Curls Bridge-Crofton); Noxious Weeds
Burridge, S V (Mrs) Road access - Motukawa No 7A Block
Burridge estate offer of Guardian Trust to pay Native Rates; written off- Native Rates on Rangipo Wiu B Part 4 Blk XV Moawhango Survey District; Metalling from gate to bridge
Burridge, S V re Road approach to the bridge over the Moawhango River at Burridges
Bush, J A (Chairman) Fighting Services Welfare Fund
Butement, F J Private Telephone Line, Ongo Road
Butler and Carroll Ltd, Hamilton Contract No 731; Contract No 716
Butterworth and Co (Aust) Ltd  
Button's Pit Hand over to Public Works Department
Byford, N J C  from R C Ongley on behalf of above, claim for sum of money on account of sheep lost when Ngawaka Road Bridge collapsed; from R C Ongley giving formal notice of claim on behalf of above for loss of sheep and damage to lorry etc when bridge on Ngawaka Road collapsed
By-laws Hoardings; Keeping of Pigs; Revision; Rangitikei Catchment Board; Draft from NZ C A Ward 4; Draft from NZ Standards Institute; Maximum of £25 for wandering stock; Fullerton-Smith and Co forwarding increased fines; Drainage Bylaws; Federated Farmers By-laws minutes; Fullerton Smith and Co; considering at the next meeting; Fullerton-Smith and Co; F W Lovett; Clerk to bring down report on County Bylaws so as to bring them up to date; from NZ Standards Institute reference to the adoption of Standard Code of General By-laws; Special Meeting to be held on 11/11/54 to consider adoption of portions of the NZ Standards Code of General By-laws
Byrne, J (Roadman) paid board for workmen
Cabinet for specimen donated by Mr S A R Mair - cabinet to be obtained
Cairn to be erected on Mokai Road to commemorate Colenso Centenary
Caithness, J A  Temporary Assistant  - Engineering Staff - Salary; Resignation
Calico Line Drainage G M Runciman
Calico Line   Sealing; Reconstruction; Water Main
Calico Line Water Main Marton Borough Council concerning valves; Left with Engineer to make tests in regard to Calico Line Water Main; Pipes from Calico Line water Main work; from Diocesan School for Girls asking for a sluice valve be installed at end of pipeline; Arrangements to be made to install sluice valve; from Marton Borough Council advising that the valve asked for will be installed on the above main as soon as possible ; from Marton Borough Council advising that the Council has given its approval to water connection on Calico Line and Bredins Line for Messrs Stevens, Voss and Conrad
Calico Line Main Highway and State Highway Corner  
Callan refund for hire of motor shed
Cameron, A K S  
Cameron's or Dalziell's Gravel Pit  
Cameron, D A Morgan Road; use of trailer-grader
Cameron, H J Morgan Road; extension of time for clearing Noxious Weeds; Water pipe on Valley Road
Cameron Ian D Noxious Weeds
Cameron, Miss Isobel food for Britain Campaign
Cameron Park Camping Ground - Council to take steps to acquire title; legal expenses for transfer 
Cameron Street, Turakina Road Exchange - Wanganui; Education Board; legalizing part of; exempt from provisions of Section 128 Public Works Act; Fullerton-Smith and Co; Turakina School Committee re Drainage
Cameron, T Accident Insurance
Cameron, W S employment re clearance of road frontages
Camomile or Stinkweed enquiries to be made by Noxious Weeds Inspector
Campbell, late A Chairman Oroua County Council
Campbell, late Colonel F C Controller and Auditor-General
Campbell, G interview re position of Overseer; appointed to southern end of County; travelling expenses paid; appointed Ranger; rent of Kakariki Cottage; salary increase; resignation as from 30/6/49
Campbell, J B contribution Otupae-Mangahane Road
Campbell, J B  Taihape-Napier Road
Campbell's Cottage see House at Kakariki
Campion, E B sub-division of property agreed to; W A Wheeler requesting Seal to be affixed to plan - granted; request for 10% penalty on rates to be waived
Campion and Co J Applying for a rebate of half heavy traffic license fee; settlement of arrears Native Rates; complaint re wandering stock on Kauangaroa and Okirae Roads
Campion Leo Septic Tank near property
Campion, R Erection warning signs Kauangaroa Pa etc; Ohaumoko Road metalling
Campion, R J  Metalling - Kumuiti Road
Camping Ground Regulations  
Camping on Public Roads adjacent to camping grounds  
Cancellation Metal Depots Railway Department
Canterbury Centenary Celebrations  
Canterbury Progress League Motor Taxation and Highways Finance
Capital Expenditure  
Car new - Foreman McDonald; Traffic Inspector; Cars; Second-hand - Clerks of Works; New - Foreman Dukeson; New - Engineer; A W Trotter's; New - Foreman Dukeson , Purcase of confirmed; Model A Ford - purchase of; disposal of Studebaker and replacement; sale of Studebaker car; Overseer's Car, Taihape
Car parking without lights, Marton  
Caravan (Machinery Purchase); four-man Caravan; Caravan to be purchased
Caretaker, County Office, Etc Marton; (T C Rubery)
Cargill and Bell authority to issue M D Licenses
Carlile, Maclean, Scannell and Wood Rates on Awarua 1D2B
Carnarvon Township Letter from Lands and Deeds Registry Office
Carpenter Builder
Carpentry Training Centre in Wanganui invitation to opening
Carpenters, Drivers, General Labourers Disputes, Membership on Union etc Carpenters Award; Drivers Award; Labourers Award
Carpet - County Clerk's Room  
Cars Exchange of; repairs to McDonalds; Plymouth sold to Mr S A R Mair as from 4/12/47
Carson, W C and Geldard, G H  Contract No 743; Contract No 744
Carter, R G  Pouwhakarua Hill; Waterpipe
Carter, S Timber Carting
Cartwright and Drummond Contract No 801, Ohingaiti and Turakina footpaths
Case Power Grader alterations to be left in hands of Engineer; approving proposal for installing new tractor
Cash Estate no action to be taken
Cash, F H Kakewa Road; Noxious Weeds
Castles, R J and others Stock wandering on Ruatangaata Road; Gates on Ruatangata Road
Catchment Board Rate Notice of Intention of Council to levy Catchment Board Administration Rates etc; 1953/54; 1954/55
Catchment Board continued Insurance Policy for Council Staff; Rangitikei River at Kakariki
Catchment Boards proposed Rangitikei Board; proposed Rangitikei Board Election date; Election held on 17th March; re Booth at Greatford; Rangitikei, free use of Council Chambers Room; flat rate for Works purposes; Minutes and Appointment Engineer; Elections; re extension of powers to County Councils; left to Engineer con tact Catchment Board re legal position regarding dams and spillways
Carter, Thomas Private Telephone Line
Caterpillar Tractors and Mobile Crushing Plants  
Cattle on Roads (Old Index)
Cattle-stop on Road Camping ground, Taihape; Public Rads; Otupae Limited; purchase of rails for cattle-stops; Mangaohane and Taihape Roads; Drydale Brothers be paid £78.10.0 for each cattlestop; Mangaohane Cattlestop; Otupae Station; Drysdale Brothers money to be held for one month after completion of work; From Pukeokahu-Taoroa Rabbit Board, asking permission from Council to put a cattle-stop on the roadway on the Taihape side of the Rangitikei River at Mangaohane; from Fernie Brothers and Roberts requesting permission to erect cattle stop on Taihape-Napier Road at rabbit proof gate near first fingerpost to Ngamatea Station. To be considered at  next meeting
Cattle-stop   Death's Road (D J Crabb's); Ngamatea Station Ltd; Approval of cattle-stops from Ministry of Works
Cavanagh.Des Requesting Council to clear Water tables on Road Frontage on Whangaehu Beach Road
Cavanagh, M  Estate of Lower Whangaehu Valley Drainage, Rakautaua Road, Drain - Lower Whangaehu Valley
Cavanagh, P F (Manager for S A Andrews) dog nuisance at Ratana
Cawthron Institute Noxious Weeds
Cayley-Alexander, W E Ragwort
Celebrations Paris, Marseilles, Rumania; Brussels and Netherland; V E Day
Cemeteries Cemetery Trustees - Mataroa and Tiriraukawa Cemeteries; Cemetery Administration; approval of suggested contributions to Cemeteries; Maintenance; Grant asked for by Father Phillips refused; donation for maintenance Tutaenui Cemetery; Turakina Cemetery Trustees; Requesting donation for Taihape Cemetery; Marton Borough Council; List of Trustees of Cemeteries in County; Letter from Ohingaiti Cemetery Trustees and Taihape Borough Council asking for donations towards maintenance of cemeteries
Cemeteries £10 Grant Ohingaiti Cemetery, appointment of new Trustees by Councillor Chisholm; appointment of Trustees for the Tiriraukawa Mataroa and Ohingaiti Cemeteries; From Taihape Borough Council requesting donation for Cemetery; Grant of £25 was granted to Taihape Borough Council for maintenance of Taihape Cemetery; from Taihape Borough Council to increase its contributions for the Cemetery to £50; from Taihape Borough Council letter of thanks for increased contribution for the Cemetery; Bulls town Council asking contribution towards maintenance; Ohingaiti Cemetery Trustees requesting grant towards cost maintaining Cemetery and assisting with boundary fence
Census of County  
Census and Statistics Department  
Centennial Badges  
Centennial Celebrations and Memorial to Pioneers  
Centnnial Exhibtion (3); Centennial Memorial Publication
Centennial Exhibition Excursion from Hunterville - Donation
Centennial Memorial Committee, Bulls  
Centennial Memorial Park, Marton Contributions; Mt Stewart
Centennial Publication  
Centennial Subsidy  
Certifying Office, Marton  
Cessation of War  
Chairman - Deputy Election of
Chairman of County appointed Delegate Conference re Heavy Traffic fees
Chairman's Honorarium NZ C A advises £200 p a;£22.5.0 be refunded to Chairman
Chambers, M S 10% penalty on rates; Taihape-Napier Road
Chairman, Honorarium  
Chairman of Meeting  
Chairman, Election of  
Chairman's Report  
Chairman's Travelling Expenses  
Chairman of the Waimari Power Board Booklet "The Waimiri Bill"
Chambers, and Co, B of Erewhon Riding asking for a revaluation of their properties
Chambers and Son Ltd , John Motor Oils; Tender for Mechanical Shovel
Chamber of Commerce from Associated Chambers of Commerce annual report of Executive
Chapman, Tripp and co N Mako case; Case has been settled out of court
Chapman, P A Water-pipe - Turakina Valley Road; Rural Housing Loan; Rural Housing - Valuer-General's comment; Advance £1, 000 - consent to; agreement - sealing; Notice of Statutory Land Charge; Application for Subsidy; Uplifting of £1, 000 in March; £1.10.0 refunded War Risk Insurance
Charitable Aid  Accounts
Charitable Aid  Mrs Finch; D Young; J L Guilford; A C Snellgrove; Mrs T Coleman; Mrs A G Holland; Miss K Snellgrove; Mrs G H Whitefield; Leo Brace deceased; Ngaheke Teo Family
Charitable Relief Unemployed
Charles, A  Deputation - Tar sealing, Ohingaiti Township
Charter Organization of NZ "Tell the People"
Checking of Speedometers  
Cheltanham Cooperative Dairy Co Ltd  
Chequea Lost J Reardon; to be replaced
Cheques, signing of  
Cherry, J S  tenders for alterations etc to Taihape House declined
Chief Librarian  
Chief Surveyor  
Chirnsides Cottage installation of power; installation of power being agreed to and no objection to telephone being installed; A Sutherland be interviewed; Rent reduced to 12/6 per week
Chisholm, C T  Welcome to; letter from Returning Officer re election as Councillor; travelling expenses; to appoint new trustees Ohingaiti Cemetery; Leave of Absence; bequest of C McIntyre; Leave of abscence extending compliments of the season; tendering his resignation on account of ill health; resolution in appreciation of his services to his Riding (Otairi); Invitation to attend afternoon tea on 14th March; Mr E H Duncan re Ratepayers to clear Porewa Stream bed (send information to C T Chisholm); H E Shackletons cleared bed, correspondence about S A R Morris' time
Chittock, J F contribution on account Owhakura Road
Christchurch City Council programme of Canterbury Centenary Celebrations
Christchurch, Mayor Booklet "The Waimiri Bill"
Christensen, F J Deputy Chairman of Marton Fighting Services Welfare Fund; Solicitor for A P Howard
Christensen and Stanford purchase metal pit from R E Beckett and road purchase Bonny Glen; Claim for metal, D Kinloch; Miss Wigglesworth; Stock Paddock, Newmans Line; Section 128 of the Public Works Department not apply to portion of Bryce Road; A P Howard river accretion
Christensen and Stanford    Land for road widening - W W Strombom; compensation re Makohau Road Deviation and D Lourie; gorse on road A T Whale frontage; I G Kaye, damage to car on Onepuhi Bridge; J H Gibbs - Bryces Road; Section at Marton Junction; for Mrs J Whiteford; land at Kakariki, A P Howard; Legislation of Road at Bonny Glen; On behalf of A T Whale; A L Wheeler, Leedstown
Christensen and Stanford  (continued) Turakina Valley Road, Makohau Deviation; on behalf of C Whale re culvert on South Makirikiri road; sealing certificate for Leedstown Road; Putorino Road
Christie, Eslie S Tendering her resignation as from 19th November 1950; be granted leave on pay until end of November
Christie, Craigmyle and Tizard petition Kapakapa Road and Bridge
Christie, Craigmyle and Tizard requesting further action re rates and Hiroti Brothers be withheld until 1st February 1946 - granted until 1st December 1945 only; offering £125 in full settlement of arrears of rates re Hiroti Brothers; above thought by Solicitors to Hiroti Brothers to Include current rates, as this misunderstood by Council £125 plus half current rates will be accepted; matter then left to Mr Fenwicke to negotiate with Hiroti Brothers
Christmas Greetings, charges etc extended to Councillors, Staff and Pressmen
Christmas Party Donation of £10 from Council; Grant passed for £10 for above
Christmas and New Year Holidays  
Chrystall, G B Stop Watch; appointed to Council in place of William Doole - welcomed; travelling expenses; Leave of Absence
Christopher, O D (Mrs) Office Assistant; (Leave of absence - married); Presentation to Council and also Staff; "Bonus" payment; Increase in Salary; 5% cost of Living Bonus; Authority to indorse cheques; tendering resignation, two months salary payable
Chubbins Hill, Ongo Road  
Clark, C J Ohotu Gravel Reserve transferred from Mrs A Arms; permission to lay pipeline across Mangapapa Road
Citizens Emergency Reserve Thanking Council for co-operation; Marton Borough Council
Churchill, Winston  
Clapshaw, C H State Fire and Insurance Office
Clark, H re Malcolm Clark
Clark, Malcolm (Jubilee Home)  
Clark, H O D and Homes, J L Slaughter Licence W-9
Clarke, J P Returned Officer, holiday pay
Classification  Auckland-Wellington via Taranaki and Bulls-Taumarunui Main Highways as State Highways
Classification  Rakautaua Drainage District - James Craig
Classification of Roads  
Classification Wages of Local Body Clerical Staffs  
Classified Weights Main Highways Board
Cleaver, R erection of road fence; permission declined
Clerical Saff Salaries
Clerk of Awards Citation of the Council in the Concrete Pumice and Concrete Goods Workers Dispute; Citation of the Council in the Local Body Labourers, Builders, Contractors and General Labourers Dispute; 3/4 Drivers Dispute
Closed Road Silverhope - G E Swainson and S Skerman; Closing of Lethbridge Street, Turakina (adjoining Turakina School ground); Closed Road at Crofton request by A B Buchanan for transfer; List of roads to be closed for Heavy Traffic from 1st May to 30th September
Closing Road at Kakariki; Moawhango Native School site; at Kakariki; Lake Alice; for Heavy Traffic; Patikipapa Hill
Closing Order W A Voss - A Stokes; Taami Potaka, and Mrs Joseph Butler; Sanitation Inspector McLeod certifying by reason of state of disrepair and insanitary condition dwelling on Main Rd, Winiata on Section Awarua 4C15F1A1 in Block XIV Ohinewairua Survey District, occupied by Mahia Haddon , unfit for habitation and requesting Closing Order
Clyde Engineering Company "Beach" Twin=brush Roadliner; Tender for Mechanical Shovel; Oil burner
Coates, J G (Mrs)  
Coates, Right Honourable J G Death of
Cobbe, J G Honourable  
Mrs J G Cobbe, late  
B Cochran Deputation re Stock Paddock near Marton
Cohen, B S and Son County Council's Insurance; Insurance Assessor
Coleman, A S Appointed to Council; Councillor; Representative on Committee re Increasing Primary Production; Representative - Zone "M" Patriotic Committee at Marton; Representative - Home Guard - Marton District; Signing Contract 758; Signing Contract 733B; Contract 733C; Wanganui Hospital Board; Special Committee - Representative on Evacuation Scheme for Marton and District
Coleman, A S Witness of the affixture of the Council's Seal to the memorandum of renewal of lease of the Turakina Town Hall; Represent Boys and Girls Agricultural Club Meeting; signing contract No 763; on Committee to deal with A P Howard application to acquire land above Kakariki Works etc; Committee to deal with Stock Holding Paddock at Kakariki; representative Council at Farmers Union Meeting in protest to passing of Local Elections Bill
Coleman, A S  continued Representative Committee Rehabilitation Advisory; Signing of Rate Books; Represent Council at Transport Conference; on committee deal with Dogs at Ratana Pa; Represent Council Special Meeting Wanganui Hospital Board re building programme; re Barber-Greene Machine
Coleman, A S  continued Staff re-organisation; appointed delegate to First Meeting Wanganui Regional Planning Council in absence of Councillor Dalrymple; illness; represent Council at Conference Rangitikei River at Kakariki; Acting Chairman; attendance at Noxious Weeds Conference; elected Deputy Chairman; Expression of Sympathy at the Passing of Mrs Coleman
Coleman, F L Private Telephone Concession
Coleman, H B  Private Telephone Line
Coleman, L T Private Telephone Concession
Coleman (Mrs) M M and S L  Noxious Weeds on Marton Borough Council Reservoir Reserve
Coleman, R Roadman's Cottage; Telephone
Coleman, R T Refund Deposit  
Coleman, S Contracts 739 and 739A; Contract No 716; Sale of Metal Pit at Upper Tutaenui
Coleman, (Mrs) T Charity Aid
Colenso Centenary Cairn to be erected on Mokai Road
Collector of Rates H H Richardson resignation of the Office; Appointment of A F V Brown
Collector of Sales Tax  
Collerton, B Addis Road
Collett Crusher  
Collier Family Outstanding Rates; Collier - J M B and Estate of H - Contribution - Owhakura Road metalling; Collier Estate - gift to Council of Colliers Junction Cottage site
Collier, J M B Councillor; Leave of Absence; Conference re Noxious Weeds to be held on the 9th May; State Hydro-Electric Department draft license; draft being accepted; leave of absence, Expression of Sympathy to above and family in loss of Mrs Collier; Money to be refunded to above if posts cannot be supplied
Collier, J M B and Others Private Telephone line at Koukoupo Road
Colliers Junction Land Clerk to investigate cause of delay in obtaining title to land at Colliers Junction
Colliers Junction Water Tunnel £600 Estimate; Complete the survey
Collins, C W  Private Telephone Line
Collins, D N Moawhango Valley Road - fence
Collins, F L Taoroa School Committee
Collins, J E Extension of Transmission Lines
Collyer Roadman - Improvements to Papanui Cottage
Colonel Symon of Military Headquarters  
Commissioner of Crown Lands Hospital Rates on Soldier Settlement
Commissioner of Crown Lands - Thirds  
Commissioner of Transport  
Commissioner of State Forests Raketepauma 1A1 and 3A1 Blocks; Waipoua Forest
Commissioner of Unemployment  
Commissioner of Works copy of letter re Moawhango Bridge
Committee Meeting  
Committee   Chairman to make list; Chairman asking for instructions concerning Committees to be appointed; Election of; Committee appointed; A Committee to meet 26th March to pass Accounts for payment and consider adjustments; Kakariki Committee was appointed; Councillor Howard added to Machinery Committee; Meeting of Executive Committee to be held at 2pm on 19/11/54
Committee, Staff and Executive The Minutes of the Staff and Executive Committee were read for the information of the Council; The Council confirmed the action of the above Committee in letting contract for Forrests Bridge to F L Browning etc; Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting were read; The Council confirmed section of the above Committee in authorising transfers to reserve accounts and authorising purchase of steel; Council went into Committee to discuss financial position; The Council approved the recommendations of the Executive Committee which came forward at the Executive Meeting on 30th March
Committee Selection of carpet and other fittings etc for new Council Chambers - Councillors Brice, Coleman, Dalziell and Marshall; Finance; Parliamentary - Order of reference; re Stock Paddock near Marton; re revaluation of County; W M Archibald's house
Committee (Special) re re-organisation of Staff
Comminity Centres as War Memorials Department of Internal Affairs
Compassionate Allowance Mrs A V Brown; additional amount
Compensation W Edge; D Thompson; F Ellery; W H Keeble; from R M S Jones and Mazengard on behalf of Mr and Mrs Toulmin holding Council responsible for death of son and on behalf Mr Rina Hartley, responsible for personal injury and damage to vehicle; County Clerk reported of an accident to W Shindler and asked that consideration be given to fact that he was not eligible to receive compensation from Insurance Company; D F Pearson be paid sick pay for four days lost through diesel poisoning
Compensation for land taken Onepuhi Bridge and River Protective Works - Native Land Court, Wanganui
Complaints D J Wilkie complaining about Council's employees grading roads and throwing turf on roadside between watertables and fences making control of Noxious Weeds difficult; K Stone asking why Wherewhere Road is not maintained as other roads. Complaint already attended to; V Carroll drawing the attention of the Council to state of Te Kapua, Mangaweka area roads and asking Council to deal with no exit road through the property known as Blue Hills Limited; no work to be done on Zohs Road beyond the woolshed; from A A Coup re Brandon Hall Road; from Rangiwaea Branch of NZ Federated Farmers drawing attention of Council to Cantilever bridge over Rangitikei River and the Mangaweka Hill; from E J Due letter of appreciation; from S R Collier complaining of state of Turakina Valley Road; from Turakina Branch of Federated Farmers drawing attention of Council to potholes in sealing on Turakina Valley Road
Complaints Ohingaiti Branch Federated Farmers drawing attention of Council to state of Otara Main Highway; N W Amon complaining state of Parewanui Road; G P King complaining state of ragwort; H M Goodrich and eight other ratepayers asking Council to improve Pongaroa Road; C C Mickleson asking Council to widen bad cutting and take off some of the corners on Murrays Track; Inspections of these two places to be made and reported to next Meeting; from Mrs H Dorian complaining state of Turakina Valley Road; from Parewanui School; Committee requesting Council to seal 2 chains of road in front of School; Road to be sealed next season; Mrs Winiata complaining nuisance of caused by drainage from road onto her property; B Dryden complaining against grading during snow storm and requesting urgent metalling of Mangahoe Road; G N Matthews complaining bad state of Kumuiti Road also saying Cream lorry cannot use this road sometimes; Mrs E A Caldow asking Council to deal with drainage problem on her road frontages; Mrs Cowie, spoil dumped on her frontage; Miss Edward, Raumai Road; from E K Thurston drawing attention of Council to condition of portion of the Kotukuraeroa Road
Comprehensive policies for Power Graders  
Comrie, M N Wilson's Section - terms of sale; purchase not continued
Concilation Commissioner searching rating titles
Concilation Commissioner  
Concrete Blocks Engineer to visit Hamilton; Engineer and Mr Dukeson inspect house at Wellington; sale to Mr Ralfe
Concrete Culverts New - Union Line; Reinforced at Whittington's on Makirikiri Road; on Curls Bridge, Upper Tutaenui Road
"Concrete" Drain W B Conners and Others
Concrete Ford Mangaohane Stream; Stock Paddock Gate to be repaired; Over Turakina River to be reopened; opening not considered practicable
Concrete Mixer Purchase of
Concrete Pipes Concrete Pipes, Heavy Motor Oils Engines and Leyland Trucks - Wellington Concrete Pipe Company, John Chambers and Sons Ltd and Leyland Motors Ltd; Engineer authorised to sell second-hand
Concrete Pipe, Pumice and Concrete Goods Workers Dispute  
Concrete Posts Account, written off
Concrete Products  
Concrete Workers Award Concrete Workers Dispute; Concrete and Pumice Workers Award - proposed award; Concrete ad Pumice Workers Dispute
Conder, S H resignation; Relief Workers payment of wages etc
Conditional License G A Luoni
Conference NZ Counties Chairman reported on above Conference
Conference Local Body Representatives re Industrial matters
Conference  Traffic Inspectors; Local Government (Amalgamation Schemes) Bill; No 8 Highways District re Heavy Traffic License fees on Farmers Lorries; County Clerks; Noxious Weeds to be held on 17th April; Counties; Noxious Weeds
Confirmation of Minutes Minutes, confirmation of (continued)
Confirmation of Minutes  
Conners, W B  Watercourse Obstruction; Outstanding Rates; "Concrete" Drain, Wangaehu; Rakautaua Drainage; Contract No 812 Rakautaua Drainage Work; Improvement of Road affected by driving of cows
Conservator of Forests  
Congreve, J B  
Connell, K F Proof of Debt
Connor's Brothers Rakautau Drains
Conners Brothers Lower Whangaehu Drains; Rakautaua Drains; copies of letters from Inspector Grylls; Maintenance Contract Lower Whangaehu Concrete Drain
C F Connors Noxious Weeds
Certificates of Competency for Foremen etc  
Contracts The Council approved to the passing of the following extras on Contracts ;- F L Browning No 194,  F L Browning No 945; List of extras on Contracts with Council approved for payment. Contract No 896 and 945; N Dornbusch Contract £355 (Taheke Road); Extras on Contract Nos 114, 116, 118, 119 and 124 were passed for payment; Contract No 925 of McCurdy and Hutton was cancelled; List of Contracts whom Councillors Duncan and O'Callaghan are authorised to sign on behalf of the Council; Council to accept tender of D McCarthy of £375 for formation at the Deviation on Taihape-Napier Main Highway at Moawhango and tenders be called for the fencing; Council approve payment of extras to F L Browning No 947 and 960; Tenders of Manawatu Asphalt Ltd for sealing accepted; Tenders for metalling from A H Hammond accepted; Tender for H E Barwood and Son of £315/5/- for Okaka Road accepted; List of extras on Contract Nos 896, 945, 962, 963, ; Amended Prices and Prices confirmed on Nos 893, 916, 919, 920, 922, 923, 924, 956B; Councillors Howard and Duncan authorised to sign on behalf of Contract Nos 963, 965, 967, 4, 8, 9, 11, 12, 958, 959, 832, 960 and 962; Approve payment Contract Nos 11, 896, 947 and 952; Approving refund deposits to Russell Matthews Ltd agreeing payment on extras on Contracts. Councillors Chrystall and Collier appointed to sign contract - 4 for F L Browning, 15 Manawatu Asphalts Ltd; Confirming extras on Contract Nos 26, 24, 3, 5, 884
Contracts Action of Chairman and Engineer in letting Contract to H E Barwood for £133.10 for 24 inch diameter culvert at Utiku Crusher confirmed; List of Contracts let to H E Barwood and work to be proceeded with; Council confirmed the action of Chairman and Engineer in letting jobs for Watershed Road and Wairepu Road to W E Peters; Manawatu Asphalts Ltd tenders for Contracts accepted and giving list of Contracts; List of Contracts for which Councillors Hammond and Duncan signed on behalf of the Council; List of Tenderers accepted by the Council for Contract Nos 942, 941, 873, 943 etc; Council approved the payment of extras to F L Browning on Contract No 922; List of Contracts signed by A B Marshall and H G Stewart Nos 926, 927, 929, 933, 935, 896, 945; That tenders of F L Browning be accepted for the following bridges, construction only:- Kaikaranga, Galpins; Action of Engineer in letting Contract to H E Barwood for placing 70 foot pipe culvert on deviation at Omatane agreed to; Tender of K Beiger of £95 for fencing Wainui Accommodation Paddock accepted; Tender of McCurdy and Hutton for the Ongo Main Highway Deviation at Mangahoe Junction; Chairman and Councillor for Riding given authority to consider tenders from H E Barwood with power to act for list of culverts; Additional payment be made to Russell Matthews and Co on the following Contacts;- Utiku Sealing and Putorino Sealing; Council approves the payment of extras on Contract Nos 896, 956A, 956B, 960, 962
Contracts Council to approve payment to Russell Matthews and Co of extras on Contract No 892 and giving details of extras; Council to approve payment to C E Harrison and Son Ltd of extras on Contract No 889 and giving details of extras; Council accept tender of J R Ratima for fencing Ruanui Stock Paddock; Tender of N Dornbusch be accepted for Contract 913 Taheke Road; Tender of W Peters be accepted for excavation 1000 cyds. Rakanui Deviation; List of extras on Contracts which were approved by Council; List of Works of which Council had accepted tenders (Murphys Bluff Culvert etc); Culvert on Willis's Road be repaired; List of Contracts to be signed by Councillors Marshall and Friedrich; Contract let to H E Barwood for £145 confirmed; Contracts approved for payment for H E Barwood; H Barwood's tender for reinforced concrete culvert accepted; H Barwood's tender for culvert 10 feet by 6 feet, 20 feet long with wing walls and parapets on Ngawaka Road accepted; H Barwood's tender for culvert at Opaea on Ngawaka Road accepted; Palmerston North Excavator Ltd tender accepted for Pukepapa Hill Contract; Committee appointed to deal with tenders for Waiaruhe Road, Makirikiri Road and Putorino Road
Contracts Taihape-Mataroa Road - Fullerton Smith and Co
Contract No 663 reinforced concrete culvert, Taraketi Stream, Rata; (F Pepper); (2)
Contract No 664 Hautapu River Bidge at Taihape, F H Bastin
Contract No 669 reinforced concrete bridge, Maungaraupi Stream near Porewa Railway Station; (Walker and Annabell); (2)
Contract No 670  L H Nielson, Sealing
Contract No 672 cleaning Rakautaua Drains, Tame Teowhou Wirihana  and George Harris
Contract No 675 Sealing Turakina-Bulls Main Highway, NZ Laykold Ltd
Contract No 676 Reconstruction and Metalling 9 1/2 miles Auckland-Wellington via Taranaki Main Highway between Turakina and Bulls, W Stevenson and Sons
Contract No 676a Reconstruction and Metalling 9 1/2 miles Auckland-Wellington via Taranaki Main Highway (W Glasgow's Deviation etc); (Webb and Stokes); (2); (Deposit); (2)
Contract No 679 Painting etc, Kakariki and Okirae Dwellings, H H C Holland
Contract No 680 Reinforced Concrete Bridge over Makirikiri Stream on Auckland-Wellington via Taranaki Main Highway (John Jones and Sons)
Contract No 681 Preparation and Sealing 14 miles Wangaehu to Bulls Main Highway, Isherwood, Bellam and Co
Contract No 682 Wangaehu Drains, E J Turner
Contract No 683 Additions to Concrete Culvert near Rangitikei Butter Factory, Bulls; L Walker and N Annabell
Contract No 685 Bitumen Surfacing 8 1/2 miles Auckland-Wellington via Taranaki Main Highway (Turakina-Bulls)
Contract No 686 Erecting (only labour) about 58 chains fencing on Deviation of Auckland-Wellington via Taranaki Main Highway through W Glasgow's near Turakina (F Hotter)
Contract No 687 Erecting Roadmans Cottage on Whareroa Road near Braemore, Hunterville, D Moir; (2)
Contract No 689 Maintenance Wangaehu Valley Drains, James S Ivey
Contract No 690 Reconstruction and Metalling Auckland-Wellington via Taranaki Main Highway (Turakina-Bulls) W Stevenson and Sons
Contract No 691 Lining, Painting and Repairs to Turakina Public Hall; J H Jensen
Contract No 692 Surfacing 11 1/2 miles Turakina-Bulls Main Highway; J L MacReynolds
Contract No 694 Bridge, Whiskey Creek, Turakina Valley Road; A H Bogle
Contract No 695 Hautapu River Bridge at Jacobsens Road Taihape; F Pepper
Contract No 696 Bridge over Ahu Ahu Stream at Playles, Turakina Valley Road; T J McIlwaine
Contract No 699 Metalling Ngauinga Road, E E Owen
Contract No 700 Tenders for fencing Taurimu; J S Ivey
Contract No 701 Reconstruction and Metalling ab out 8 miles 38 chains - Turakina to Marton, Turakina-Cliff Road Main Highway; W Stevenson and Sons
Contract No 702 Bulls- Greatford Main Highway; W Stevenson and Sons Ltd
Contract No 703 Roadman's Cottage, Taoroa; Arthur and Kendall
Contract No 704 Porewa Stream Bridge and Approaches, Bulls-Te Kuiti Main Highway; F Pepper
Contract No 705 Omaha Stream Reinforced Concrete Culvert, Turakina Valley Road; F Pepper
Contract No 706 Metalling Haumakariri
Contract No 707 Surfacing 57 chains, Turakina to Bulls  - Auckland-Wellington Main Highway; John Fowler and Co (New Zealand) Limited
Contract No 708 Erection of Engineering Block, County Offices, Marton, J H Jensen
Contract No 708A County Council Offices, Marton, (Second Section) J H Jensen
Contract No 708B Central Heating, New County Offices, Holben and Kirk
Contract No 708C Erection Final Section New County Offices, Marton, J H Jensen
Contract No 709 Construction Three Reinforced Concrete Culverts, Bulls-Te Kuiti and Auckland-Wellington Main Highways; (Lord and Maegaard)
Contract No 710 Removal of Cottage at Kakariki
Contract No 711 Erection of Foreman's Cottage at Utiku
Contract No 712 Removal of trees on the Greatford-Kakariki Main Highway - Leslie Hill, Charles Kimberly Hill, Clarence Neil Hill and Carl Bartlett
Contract No 713 Alterations and additions, painting etc to the Turakina Town Hall
Contract No 713A Alterations and Additions to Town Hall, Turakina, A Pearson; (2)
Contract No 714A, B, and C Section "A" - Reconstruction Turakina-Cliff Road Main Highway (Calico Line section) Matthews and Kirkby; Section"B" - Sealing Turakina-Cliff Road Main Highway (Calico Line section) Matthews and Kirkby; Section "C" - Sealing Turakina-Cliff Road Main Highway (Turakina-Marton section) R Sanders and Sons; (2)
Contract No 715 Erection Cottage Mangaone Junction, H D Arthur
Contract No 716 Mangahoe Road at Sutherlands, E E Owen
Contract No 717 Trimming and Metalling Ohaumoko Road; (2) Smith and Smyth; Cancellation to J Young
Contract No 718 Trimming and Metalling Owhakura Road, S Freeman
Contract No 719 Turakina-Marton Main Highway - First Coat Surfacing approximately 8 miles 24 chains (Section B) Turakina-Bulls - Second Coat Surfacing approximately 57 chains (Section A); Robert Sanders
Contract No 720 Porewa and Maungaraupi Stream Bridges, Tututotara Road, T J McIlwaine; Extras
Contract No 721 Realignment and Water Tunnel - Namunui Stream - Taihape Murray's Track Main Highway; A Allen; Extras
Contract No 722 Ongo Stream Bridge and Approaches, Braemore; Lord and Maegaard
Contract No 723 Taihape-Napier Main Highway - Reinforced Concrete Culvert and Embankment at Moawhango; (Lord and Maegaard) Extras
Contract No 724 Erection of Roadman's Cottage, Timihanga, Taihape-Napier Road, Miller and Knuckey
Contract No 725 Erection reinforced concrete culvert, Calico Line, Marton, T J McIlwaine
Contract No 726 Metalling - Mataroa, Namunui and Kaweka Roads, E E Owen; (2)
Contract No 727 Reinforced Concrete Culvert at Whittington on Makirikiri Road, Marton; T J McIlwaine
Contract No 727A Realignment Makirikiri Road at Whittingtons, R B Jurgens
Contract No 728 Reconstruction and Metalling; Ongo Highway at Kilmister's Hill, Hunterville; J F Young
Contract No 728A Forming Kilmister's Hill (Ongo Main Highway)- Earthmovers Ltd 
Contract No 729 Metalling about 5 miles Mangahoe Road near Hunterville, B Bullock
Contract No 730 Trimming and Metalling 8 1/2 miles of the Upper Turakina Valley Road, Rangiwaea to Tangiwai; B Bullock and co; (2) Declined; Fresh Tender - R T Anderson's accepted
Contract No 731 Reconstruction and Metalling about 26 chains from Marton Borough to Power Board Depot - Curls Bridge, Upper Tutaenui Main Highway; This Contract now included in 731, Reconstruction and metallling 333 chains Curls Bridge-Upper Tutaenui Main Highway
Contract No 731 Reconstruction and Metalling 333 chains of Curls Bridge, Upper Tutaenui Main Highway; NZ Laykold Ltd; (2) see below(C A Willis); Now Contract 731A; Now Contract 731B; Now Contract 731C; Now Contract 731D
Contract No 732 Reconstruction and Metalling about 1 mile of Hautawa Road, Poukiore, near Hunterville (West Road) J P Young
Contract No 733 Maintenance Drains in the Wangaehu Valley Drainage District
Contract No 733A Clearing Drain known as "Concrete" Drain, Rakautaua Drainage District, William Bernard; Connors
Contract No 733B Clearing Upper Wangaehu Valley Drains; Tio Haapu
Contract No 733C Clearing Rakautaua Drains - George Hartley and Petere Waitere
Contract No 734 Trimming and Metalling approximately 108 chains of Ratana Road Extension, Wangaehu; J P Young
Contract No 734 (section A-B) Metalling Ratana Road Extension, John Proctor Young
Contract No 735 Trimming and Metalling approximately 80 chains of Ngawaka Road, Taihape, E E Owen
Contract No 736 Realignment (Clearing and Earthwork) of Mangahoe Road at Galpin's near Hunterville; H G Hartley
Contract No 736 Realignment of Mangahoe Road at Galpins
Contract No 737 Roadmans Cottage, Raumai, Bulls; Charles Cross
Contract No 738 Additions to Rata Coronation Hall; Charles Cross
Contract No 739 739A Re-alignment Williamson's Corner - Junction of Turakina-Marton and Fern Flats Main Highways, J C Williamson; (2)
Contract No 740 Widening, straightening and deepening 178 chains Mangahoe Stream, near Hunterville
Contract No 741A Forming and Metalling Approaches to Taurimu Stream Bridge, Turakina Valley Road, W N Harding; (2)
Contract No 742 section A Reinforced Concrete Culvert at Pep No 3/39 Cur;ls Bridge, Upper Tutaenui Main Highway, T J McIlwaine
Contract No 742 section B Reinforced Concrete Culvert at Peg No 6.61/6 2 Curls Bridge, Upper Tutaenui Main Highway, T J McIlwaine
Contract No 743 Reinforced Concrete Bridge over Porewa Stream at Onepuhi; Carson and Geldard
Contract No 743A Formation of Approaches, Porewa Stream at Porewa, B Bullock and Co Ltd
Contract No 744 Reinforced Concrete Bridge over Tutaenui Stream at Crofton; J H Jensen
Contract No 744A Formation of Approaches - Tutaenui Stream Bridge at Crofton, B Bullock and Co Ltd
Contract No 745A Constructing 270ft Water Tunnel, Hauhau Stream, Vinegar Hill Road, Hunterville, A Allen
Contract No 745B 34 Chains Road Construction and Embankment Hau Hau Stream, Vinegar Hill Road, Hunterville, B Bullock and Co Ltd
Contract No 746 Erection of Roadman's Cottage, Okirae, Fordell; (Charles Cross)
Contract No 747 Metalling Tricker's Road, Bulls, Hill's Carrying Company Ltd; (2)
Contract No 749 Preparing and Tar Sealing approximately 4, 000 square yards Footpath, Turakina Township; (Matthews and Kirby)
Contract No 750 Priming Cost of Hot Tar, 35 chains, Torea Street, Utiku Township; Matthews and Kirby
Contract No 751 Trimming and Metalling 130 chains Kotukuraeroa Road, Taihape; E E Owen
Contract No 752 Reconstruction and Metalling Mataroa Taihape Road including 90 ft Paengaroa Tunnel; E E Owen
Contract No 753 Trimming and Metalling 4 1/2 miles Mangahoe Road, Turakina Valley recommends E E Owen; NZ Laykold Ltd accepted; E E Owen's tender declined
Contract No 754 First Coat Sealing 333 chains Curls Bridge, Upper Tutaenui Main Highway, NZ Laykold Ltd; (2)
Contract No 758 Erection of Roadman's Cottage, Mangahoe Road, D Moir; (2)
Contract No 759 Erection of Concrete Ford, Mangaohane Stream Crossing, Otupae
Contract No 761 Delivery 1200 cubic yards Metal Turakina Valley Road
Contract No 762 Rakautaua Drainage District, Lower Wangaehu, Teowhou Wirihana, George Harris and Tane Kerei
Contract No 762 Clearing Drains in Rakautaua Drainage District
Contract No 763 Clearing Drains Haunui Drainage District
Contract A H Hammond, Metal from Griffins Pit
Contract 763 Haunui Drainage, George Hartley and Peter Waitere
Contract 764 Rata Coronation Hall; Refund to D Moir of Deposit
Contract 765 Second Cost Surfacing 42, 000 square yards o Calico Road and Curls Bridge, Upper Tutaenui Main Highways British Pavements (Canterbury) Limited
Contract 766 J Hami, Clearing Drains Upper Wangaehu Drainage District
Contract 767 J Hemi, Clearing drains Rakautaua Drainage District
Contract Nos 770 and 771 Wangaehu Drains
Contract No 772 Makohau Road Deviation etc , Earthworks Ltd
Contract No 775 Haunui Drains, W Arano
Contract No 776 Rakautaua Drains, W Arano
Contract No 778 Formation and Metalling 28 chains Taihape-Napier Main Highways at Moawhango; Earthworks Ltd, Arthur Sawyer and Co tenders declined; tenders received from Arthur Sawyer Ltd Palmerston North; to be approved for acceptance; A Sawyer Ltd's tender to be declined
Contract No 779 and 779A, 779B Formation and metalling 289 chains Curls Bridge-Upper Tutaenui Main Highway; W R McKegg, Earthworks. Declined; tenders received, to be left in hands of Committee and Engineer to act; 779 W R McKegg Ltd contract signed; A H Hammond contract signed; adjustment; T and J McIlwaine Ltd culvert
Contract No 780 Formation and Metalling 40 chains Greatford-Kakariki Road tenders received; Earthworks Ltd (£2382-15-2) tender to be referred to Main Highways Board; W R McKegg Ltd contract signed
Contract No 781 formation and metalling 46 chains Taihape-Murray's Track Main Highway (Mataroa Township) no tenders received to be left in hands of Committee and Engineer to act; no tenders received
Contract No 782 Otaihape Valley Road
Contract No 783 Clearing Wangaehu Drains , George Hartley and Donald Fitchett
Contract No 784 clearing Rakautaua Drains - George Hartley and Donald Fitchett
Contract No 785 Griffin's Pit Road Deviation, A E Evans; £188 available from Main Highway Board; Authority for £188 received
Contract No 787A Wairanu Road, formation
Contract No 789 tenders to be called; Greatford-Ashhurst Main Highway Reconstruction Associated Contractors £5, 009-15-6
Contract No 790 tenders to be called; Greatford-Ashhurst Main Highway Sealing to Manawatu Asphalts Ltd for £1, 663-17-0
Contract No 792 tenders to be called; Curls Bridge, Upper Tutaenui Main Highway Sealing
Contract No 793A Otupae Tunnel; increase in price for Contractor A Allen
Contract No 793B Otupae Tunnel Replacement, following extras be approved:- 1800 cubic yards at 1/- £90, stopbank 192 cubic yards at 2/9d £26-8-0
Contract No 794 Pukeroa Bridge, T and J McIlwaine; Signed by Councillors Hawken and Coleman
Contract No 796 Painting Mangaone and Taoroa Cottages
Contract No 797 Lower Wangaehu Drains, George Hartley at 8/6 per chain; Rakauataua Drains
Contract No 798 Lower Wangaehu Drains, George Hartley; Haunui Drains
Contract No 800 Metalling Waiaruhe Road
Contract No 801 Turakina and Ohingaiti Footpaths, Cartwright and Drummond
Contract No 802 formation and metalling Bonny Glen-Norwood Corner; E A Evans; Main Highways Contribution £3000 for this year; work to cease till September 
Contract No 803 Metallling Parewanui Road
Contract No 804 Metal Supply Kie Kie and other roads 
Contract No 805 alteration of Turakina Valley Road Metal Pit; R C Lynch's tender; amended; termination of Contract
Contract No 806 Metal Supply Tutaenui, Galpins, Warrens, Griffens, Makohau, Nga Tawa and Fern Flats Roads from Galpins Pit; Tenders received from R C Lynch, E C Jensen and A H Hammond; E C Jensen's tender accepted no more uncrushed metal be carted; signed by Councillor Hammond and Chisholm; E C Jensen's contract terminated and fresh contract entered
Contract No 807 Parewanui Road Sealing, tenders from Russell Matthews and Manawatu Asphalts; Tender Russell Matthews accepted
Contract No 808 Metal Supply Porewa Leedstown, Colemans Patikipapa and Wings Road from Jeffersons pit; Tenders from E C Jenson and A H Hammond; E C Jensons Tender accepted; E C Jensons tender held in abeyance; metal to be cartad to Pukepapa Road
Contract No 809 Haunui Drains; Acceptance of G Hartley's tender £186-11; signed by Councillors Coleman and Hawken
Contract No 811 Metal Supply Turakina Valley Road; Acceptance of W B Parkes tender; signed by Councillors Hammond and Chisholm 
Contract No 812 Rakautaua Drainage Work to W B Connors; signed by Councillors Hammond and Chisholm
Contract No 814A Leedstown Road culvert
Contract No 814B Leedstown Road culvert
Contract No 814C Union Line Culvert
Contract No 819 Reseal Curls Bridge Marton Borough Road; Tender of Russell Matthews and Co accepted subject to Main Highway Board approval
Contract No 820 Dust Laying Seal Coat, Mataroa Township; Tender Russell Matthews and Co approved subject to Main Highway Board
Contract 861 Makohau Tunnel
Contract 862 Makohau Deviation
Contract  Rakautaua Drain, Peter Waitere
Contract No 821 Overseer's House; Tender McIndoe and North accepted
Contract No 826 Metal Delivery, Pukepapa and Waimutu Roads; Portion of contract be cancelled and amended
Contract No 827A Delivery of Metal on Moawhango Road
Contract No 827B Delivery of Metal on Oturarei Road and Hirewa Road
Contract No 828 Metal Carting on Whangaehu Rise and Kauaugaroa Road; Carting of metal on Mangatipona Road; Ohirae Mangatipona and Ohaumoho Roads
Contract No 829 Replacement of filling Taoroa Road at Washout
Contracts tarsealing of 8 roads; contracts to be signed; Contract 825 be authorised; Contract 855 esaling Turakina Valley Road; Contract 857 Sealing Waiaruhe Road; Contract 861 Tunnel Makohau Road; Contract 864 Sealing Pukepapa Road; Contract 865 Drysdale Brothers Cattlestops; Contract 868 Metalling Putorino Road; Contracts in general; signing of contracts on behalf of the Council
Contract Rakautaua Drains, Richard Rogan
Contractor's Deposits  
Contractor's Plant  
Contracts Sanctity of , NZ Road Transport Alliance
Contributions Royal Humane Society forwarding report and request for donation; From Humane Society thanking Council for Donation; From Crippled Children's Society forwarding Balance Sheet and requesting donation
Control of Noxious Weeds Scheme Allocation of £300 for year ending 31/3/46
Controller and Auditor-General (continued) letter from re Imprest Account; re Balances of Loan moneys; re Special Rates and "The Finance Act 1949" ; Letter from above regarding Section VIII of Counties Amendment Act 1954, advising that they will take no action only if the transfer is excessive
Controller and Auditor-General  Stores Records; War Risk Insurance; Hypothecated Thirds; Dogs Registration; Makahau Road  Road Deviation and Water Tunnel; Dogs Registration; Refund to A Young; Transfer of balance of Turakina Bridge Loan to sinking Fund of Conversion Loan No 2
Controller of Man-Power Kakariki Works Essential undertaking
Conversion of Local Body Loans  
Conversion of Railway Line Turakina-WangaehuCook, A M Land for road purposes, Dedication
Cook Road Reserve Rent; Mrs M J Jonson
Cooksley, A J vacation of house and erection of hut on section available
Cooper, Rapley and Rutherford  Applications on behalf of Mrs Gertrude Dunford for a loan of £500 under the  Rural Housing Act 1939; drains adjoining Mrs G Dunford's property
Copycat" Miles Copycat for reproducing plans; reduced price
Coronation  H M Queen Elizabeth details of proposed ceremony; Hunterville Town Board asking for contribution towards celebrations; Internal Affairs Department forwarding Photo of Queen and Souvenir booklet; Congratulations to Staff for effort
Coronation Celebrations Hunterville Town Board; Photo available of Her Majesty The Queen for celebrations; Expenses; Complimenting Staff on effort made
Coronation Day Payment Relief Workers and County Employees
Coronation Day Marton; Temporary Meeting Room; Red Cross Society; use of by Amateur Transmitters Club; use by Manchester Unity of Oddfellows; fee to be 4s per night; Marton Players to be charged 14s per night; Marton Players to be charged 14s instead of 28s; from Marton Junior Chamber of Commerce offering to install conveniences if Council supply materials; Council agreed to the above; List of fees fro use of Coronation Hall; Junior Chamber of Commerce to use hall free for 12 months; NZ Amateur radio transmitters to have preference to Hall on Sunday evening; G Wale's tender for painting above hall was accepted; 50 Wooden Chairs to be purchased for above hall; Council approve action of Engineer in arranging with Jaycees to paint above hall
Coronation Hall, Rata see under letter "R"
Corpe, W J Feilding, Rates 10%, Rowe Brothers
Correction Engineers Report
Corrections to Valuation Roll and Rate Books Advices since 31st March 1932; Advices since 31st March 1933
Corrugated Iron Building Controller
CORSO Report for year; Asking Council to give moral support to the Dominion wide campaign in 1954
Cory-Wright and Salmon Tender for Mechanical Shovel  
Cost of Living Bonus, 5%  
Costs Accounts for machinery
Costing Accounts  
Cottages Murimotu; Chirnsides, A Sutherland, installation of power; Hunterville, E Kronast; Mangaone Junction Cottage, power; power to be installed in Braemore and Chirnsides; Hunterville Cottage; Taihape House, rent free for 3 months; J F Howie on behalf of Papanui School Committee asking Council to pay half cost of installing pump etc to supply water to the Papanui School and Roadman's Cottage; Motion passed re above; C H Toogood offering to sell house on Waimutu Road for Roadman. House not required in this locality; Council confirmed the action of letting contracts for the following cottages Pukokahu and Tiriraukawa also giving details of contracts; The action of Engineer in purchasing blinds and linoleum in the Taihape house was confirmed; left with County Clerk to obtain for purchase of Nesbitt's house
Cottages in all Roadman's Cottages be built from Loans in future; Tanks to be cemented where necessary; new houses; Tenders for painting of County Cottages; A T Horton and Doyle and Sons Tenders be accepted for painting cottages; Priority for new houses to go to, Whangaehu Riding, Otairi Riding, Tekapua Riding; Legal Executives on Cottage on Estate J Baldwin; Utiku sections available for cottages; application for £6000 to Loans Board; G M Douglas offering £10 for hut; Transfer from Estate of J Baldwin; from Ministry of Works forwarding Gazette; Telephone connection at Te Mahanga Cottage; Concrete tanks be lined at Roadmens cottages where possible; tender from Doyle and Son for painting of County cottages; Boracure NZ Ltd; Garage and Toolshed at Turakina cottage
Cottages from K W Sandford; Two Single men's hut be ordered; Tenders for painting cottages; Repair Pukeroa Cottage; Purchase of match lined hut on runners; Authority to purchase Cottage at Mangaweka; Horton and Wynne to not going to submit tender for painting of houses; left with Chairman and Engineer to deal with painting of houses in Taihape area; W R Electric Power Board advising power is available for Chirnsides Cottage etc; J B McGuinn offering to sell house at Koeke Junction for roadman; Tenders to be called for cottage at Koeke Junction; Balance of purchase Money for Mataroa Cottage to be paid to Mrs Dunham; Hut be erected on Road Reserve at Bald Hill Junction; Engineer authorised to proceed with purchase of six tanks for Cottages if necessary; left with Engineer to deal with papering of J Robinson's house with power to act; Kaweka Cottage to be dismantled and garages erected at Tiriraukawa and Rongoiti Cottages; W Garmonsway be given notice to quit Mataroa Cottage; Pukeroa Hut be rent free from beginning of pay period; No rent be charged to T Daudney for hut in Taihape Yard; no rent to be charged for Makopua and Otupae Huts
Cottages will be vacated by end of June; Engineer reported on water supply for Roadmen; Council to give guarantee for electric power supplies to the Makopua Junction Whare; Marshall's house Ngahina Street be purchased; from Wanganui Education Board advising they have found alternative way of supplying water to Papanui School; from R T Still asking Council to exchange Section Hunterville Village Settlement for another Section at Hunterville; Council agrees to exchanging of Section area for area etc; from Wanganui-Rangitikei Electric Power Board form of Guarantee of £10 per annum for power supply to Makopua Junction Roadmens Cottage forwarded for signature; from D Small letter asking Council to supply wire for installation of Telephone to Tiriraukawa Cottage; Mr Irwin to make report on Hut destroyed by fire while County employee occupying it; Cottage at Mataroa to be purchased from Mr Dunham; Council to rent Cottage from Mr Old; State Farm Road Cottage, rent; Rent to be fixed for Ngahina Street and Station Street Cottages by Engineer; From Wanganui-Rangitikei Electric Power Board advising that guarantee for Chirnsides Cottage has been reduced; Water supply to Timihanga Cottage
Cottages, County Hunterville cottage; installing power in Chirnsides cottage enquiry; A W Mudgeway to vacate Pohonui Cottage; power to Chirnsides cottage; no further action to be taken as far as the power is concerned; Harris Street Garage to be repaired; tenders for old Makohau Cottage; Chirnsides Cottage; Makohau Cottage sold to Hunterville Rabbit Board; W G Wade to build Koeke and Hunterville cottages; Chairman and Engineer to make enquiries into housing position Taihape area; Increase in cost of County houses over a period of years; Installation of Electric Stove and hot water service at Makohau Cottage, to be agreed to; J W Kreegher asking Council to let whole of house on Station Road to him; Held over; Letter written to Power Board asking that power be supplied to Chirnsides Cottage
Cottages Tenancy Agreement from Fullerton-Smith and Co forwarding draft
Cottage Pukeokahu Conditions of; repairs; Moawhango supplied with power; Rongoiti re compensation for cowshed and tank erected by L Lovell; Mr J McDonald's house at Taihape to be purchased; opening ceremony of aluminium bungalow; Pukeokahu guarantee for power supply; Braemore electric power installed; Omatane, F R O'Keeffe re repairs
Cottage Pukeroa, tender of £58-18-0 from W Brown for painting be accepted
Cottage J R Robinson's House to be repaired
Cottage on road See also Roadmen's Cottages; Hihitahi (Hautapu Sawmill Syndicate); Wairepu Road West; Taihape-Napier Road; Union Line work to be proceeded with immediately; Pohonui Roadman's Cottage to have telephone installed on condition he pays half rental; Mangahoe Road Cottage; Makahau
Cottage Kakariki; Braemore; Pukeroa; Utiku Metal Pit; New, Mangahoe; Junction Mangahoe and Ngaruru  Roads; Manui on Section 23 Block VI Hautapu Survey District; Marton
Cottage Kawhatau Supply of Power in Cottage
Cottage Makohau, re telephone; Tenders, W G Wade; W G Wade's tender be accepted
Cottages No rent to be charged for Huts at Onepuhi, Koeke, Winiata, (Irwin Junior) Kawhatau, Pungataua and Bald Hill; Tender of T L McDonald for painting etc in J Robinson's house be accepted; J Calkin to be employed as painter and giving conditions; County Clerk directed to obtain particulars re a Housing Loan for County Employees of £30,000 also concerning possibility and the cost of obtaining electric power for the Manui Cottage; from K V Orr offering to paint Pukeroa Cottage and paper it during weekends if the Council would provide material; Council to purchase house at Mataroa from G Tall; Rent of Dunham's Cottage (Mataroa No 2) be £2.8.6 per month; Engineer to arrange with roadmen to paint and paper cottages at Colliers Junction, Rangiwaea and Pukeokahu; Safe to be purchased for Bells Junction Cottage; Engineer to arrange for repair of Dunham's house; Whare to be purchased from Mr McGinniss for a roadman at Bald Hill; From Kincaid and O'Connor re house at Mataroa under offer from G A Tall advising that Owner is negotiating with Railway Department for an alternative house; Councillors Stewart and Friedrich, County Clerk and Engineer to be Committee to purchase a house in Marton for Overseer, with power to act; Additional Work at Leersnyders Cottage was approved; G Wale's tender for painting and papering Mataroa Cottage was accepted
Cottages Evans and Easther asking instruction concerning enforcing judging against W H Jensen for Rent etc; No further action to be taken regarding W H Jensen etc; W J Forrest asking Council to sign guarantee of £25 per annum for supply of power to Mangahoe Cottage; Council agrees to guarantee of power to Mangahoe Cottage; Engineers action in purchasing one 2000 gallon tank for Buckley's house was confirmed; Council confirmed action of Engineer in arranging painting of J W Gandells house and if job is satisfactory contract will be let for Leersnyder's and Eaton's houses; Council approved the action of the Engineer in employing Kooning and Hall to do repair work at Dunhams Cottage by day labour
Cottages, County Guarantee for Chirnsides Cottage electricity agreed by Council; Mrs Lewis given notice that house at Taihape required by January middle; Power grader driver given use of Whole of Station Street Cottage etc; Rent Cottage at Utiku from Mr Munro agreed to; Work set out by Engineer required at Inspector Robinson's house estimated cost £105 be carried out immediately; Tender of T and J McIlwaine for Koeke Cottage and shed be accepted with conditions; Council to purchase two roomed hut for Roadman to be placed at Koeke Junction; Tender of F Needham for repair work at Tiriraukawa Cottage be accepted; Tender of Davies and George be accepted for work at Pukeokahu Cottage; Tender be called for interior work at Parewanui Cottage; Inspection of Pukeroa Cottage to be made with power to act; from W J Munro letter agreeing to let house at Utiku; Wiring of Mr J Robinson's house left with Engineer; Taihape house to be let to J Birch; Further Cottage to be built at Kakariki Ballast Pit; Taoroa house to be repaired until then no rent to be charged for same; One roomed Cottage be purchased for Irwin Junior for erection at Winiata; Action of The Chairman in sub-letting portion of Station Street house to Mrs Spindler confirmed; Letter from Mrs Spindler giving assurance that the portion of the Station Street Cottage she is occupying
Cottages Letter from Byford Brothers offering to purchase from Council one acre of land at Winiata; Council confirm action of Housing Committee in purchasing a house in Russell Street, Marton. Also Account for same be passed for payment; Housing Committee be empowered to purchase house for Assistant Engineer, Council agree to the Taihape Borough Water being installed to Winiata Cottages at a cost of £6 per cottage per year; Council confirmed action of Engineer in arranging to have Hunterville Cottage painted for £81; Letter from L B McKinnon and give ratepayers regarding purchase of house for Roadmen on Potaka Road, Kawhatau Valley; Chirnsides Cottages to be prepared ; Tender of Houghton and Son for papering and staining Colliers Junction Cottage accepted; Tender of Alf Downs for Electrical Installation in Mangaone Cottage accepted; Wadey Brothers tender for plumbing work at Braemore Cottage accepted; 2000 Gallon Tank to be put in at Old's house; Council accept tender A J Hartley for fencing Manui roadman's cottage at £3 chain including supply of strainers; Engineer authorised to obtain 2000 gallon tank for Poukiore Cottage; from Wanganui-Rangitikei Electric Power Board forwarding for signature guarantee of £50 p a for Cottages in Koeke area; Chairman and Councillor Chrystall authorised to witness affixture Common Seal to form of guarantee for supply of power to Papanui and Koeke cottages and agreement be entered into if possible for £25 per year for supply of power to Pohonui Cottage; Left in hands of Engineer and Overseer to make arrangements for renting suitable cottage in Taihape for power-grader driver; Tenancy of W I Munro's cottage at Utiku be terminated; Accepting tenders of Hall and Keuning for repairs of Winiata cottages; Engineer to interview Mr Old re drainage at Ridge Road cottage with power to act; Councillor Chrystall and Overseer to arrange for repair of Te Mahanga cottage
Colliers Junction Cottage Telephone installation; fencing of Cottage Sections
Cotterill, F C Machinery Hire
County Clerk Car; Holiday; Leave; 50 years service; Death; Salary; refund of Travel Expenses to Napier
County Clerk's Conference  
County Chairman leave of absence
Counties Amendment Act 1949 signing of cheques; Amending Legislation
Counties Conference (continued) NZ C A re date; N C A re Remits; Councillors Dalrymple, Chrystall and Smith represent the Council
County Council Chambers, Marton War Risk Insurance, Standard Insurance Company; painting of roof; cleaning; oilburner; repairing Council chairs; Engineers Clerks office; Electric Polisher for the office
County Councils' Industrial Union of Employers  
Counties Conference   at Christchurch July 1947; at Rotorua 16th, 17th June 1928; Agenda, Presidents Reports and reports of other bodies; Councillor Smith to represent Council; report be Councillor Smith on Dunedin Conference; vote of thanks to be forwarded to Dunedin City Council and Mr H W Harris; Vote of thanks to members who attended; at Auckland 14th, 16th June 1950 ; Report of Conference held in Auckland; Thanks  be extended to Committee for the hospitality during the Conference; Hawkes Bay joint Counties; Tauranga County Council suggesting for curtailing delegations; from Rotorua County Council advising that Councils' share of recent Counties Conference expenses is £24.14.0
Coulls Somerville Wilkie Ltd Presentation Certificates
Council extraordinary meeting - vacancy left due to death of John Brice filled H G Stewart
Council's Section Sections at Bulls, Sale of; Section near Turakina Bridge
Councillors Travelling Expenses See Travelling Expenses, Councillors
Councils Worker Dwellings  
Councillors Travelling Expenses  
County By-Laws revision
County Councils' Insurance NZ Counties Association; State Fire and Accident Insurance Office; County Councils' Co-operative Insurance Scheme; Bennie S Cohen and Son (NZ) Ltd
Corrections to County Electors Roll  
County Electors' List Corrections to continued
County Electors' List Corrections to 
County Employees and E P S  
County Elections D R O or Poll Clerks; Date of; Date of nominations; postponement of; C Osborne objection to name being removed from Roll
County Engineer See under Engineer
County Engineer Salary Scale; Certificate giving gross weights and axle weights of main bridges
County Finance Bay of Islands County (Circular)
County Office, Taihape  
County Offices (New at Marton) Heating; Council Chamber - floor covering; Engineering Block; second Block - erection; carpet; Tank; Specifications - E R Hodge; Meeting of Committee; Alteration to Public Room; Final Section; Proceeds from sale of two cottages and application of money
County, Population of  
County Reserves Engineer to report upon
County, Revaluation of  
County Yard, Marton  
Country Telephone Line  
Court Fines  
Cows grazing E A White (Mrs)
Crabb, Estate of D J Cattle stop and gate on Death's Road
Crabb, L Overhead Expenses
Craig, C J Water pipe etc Putorino Road
Craig, James Lower Wangaehu Valley Drainage; Rakautaua Drainage District , Classification 
Craigmyle, J Rakautaua Drains
Craig and Lineham Duplicatists, Auckland
Cream-stand F and F H Smith
Cream-stands Insurance of Cream Stands on Roadsides; from NZ Counties Association asking whether Council of opinion legislation required to legalise erection of cream stands, calf yards etc in front of farmers properties. Council of opinion on further action required
Credit available at Taihape  
Crighton, W and Son permission for carting logs
Crippled Childrens Society 10 Councillors  be members; transfer 19 members to Marton sub-branch; Annual Report and Balance Sheet; Donation to fund; request from Secretary for donation - Mr M E Young; donation of £2-10-0; Report and Balance Sheet 31st March 1948
Crofton Metal Pit purchase by Amos Phippen; D F Follet offering £5 free of legal cost for metal pit; sale to D F Follet agreed to; Special Order re sale confirmed
Crofton-Greatford Road Railway Crossing, metalling of
Crofton Water Supply Petition from Crofton Ratepayers asking that their properties be connected to Marton water supply; Council to give favourable consideration to the above when the Borough see way clear to supply water to them
Cross-Arms, Level Crossing Turakina
Cross, Charles Contract No 737; Contract No 738; Contract No 746; Contract No 758
Croucher, W J Sec. Provincial Memorial to Pioneers
Crown Lands Guide  
Crown Properties Rates on
Crushing Plant Establishing Crushing Plant in the Upper Whangaehu River Area
Crushing Plant Mangaweka Purchase of; new primary crusher at Kakariki; particulars re obtaining new crusher
Cub Excavator  
Culverts 2 on Kakakino Hill, Taihape-Napier Road; Ruanui; Whale's line Culvert, W H Mayo; Turakina Valley Road Culverts, O'Neill family; Putorino and Rangatira Roads
Cummins, John Hire of Council's Barber-Greene Loading Machine; reduce half charge for hire of; to repair machine, return to Kakariki and pay amount of hire due; re repairs; Engineer re arbitration in Hawkes Bay re Barber-Greene machine
Cupboard in Council Chambers  
Curtis, M tenders for painting Mangaone and Taoroa Cottages accepted; tender painting Taihape Office accepted
Cutler, A J Contract No 746, declined
Cutts, F  
Cycle Road Race  
Cyclostyle and Typewriter  


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