Card Index to Council Minute Books, D-K

RDC 00260:2:2
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Index to series RDC 00009 Minutes to the Council Meetings

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Dalgety, C F Telephone Concession  
Dalrymple, J H Dogs Registration; Ten per Cent Penalty on rates; Ten per Cent Penalty written off
Dalrymple, K W appointed to meet Bulls Town Board re Stock Route through Bulls; to be paid Chairman's Honorarium; Paid tribute to his [past] services; Presentation to be arranged; The Council expressed its congratulations for the honour bestowed on the above named by the Queen; form above letter of thanks for congratulations
Dalrymple, K W represent Council re Wanganui Hospital Board building programme; Witness Affixture of Council's Seal to release of liens on Awarua 4C 15F 1C and Awarua 4C 15F 1A 2F; re Barber-Greene Machine; to attend Ward 4 Conference in Palmerston North; attend Conference Rangitikei River at Kakariki; Leave of absence; has been re-elected Chairman
Dalrymple, K W Bulls Locality Home Guard Committee; Elected as County Chairman; Native Rates Claims Committee; on committee to deal with application of A P Howard to acquire title to land above Kakariki works; on committee re Upper Wangaehu and Rakautaua Drainage District, clearing drains; Local Elections and Polls Amendment Act; thanks to the Councillors for their co-operation through the year etc
Dalrymple, K W County Chairman; Nominal Occupier, Council's properties; signing Rates Books 1939-40; County Chairman to exercise voting powers on behalf of the Council, election of a Member to the Weliiington Provincial District Land Board; Representative for Manawatu Goods Transport District; Elected November 1911; Acting Chairman 4th July 1929; Appointed Chairman 1st August 1929
Dalrymple, R O Private Telephone Concession; Council passed vote of sympathy of his passing away
Dalziell's or Cameron's Gravel Pit authorising sale of; sale of
Dalziell, K G from R M S Jones re section
Dalziell, R G  Councillor; Leave of absence; Chairman of Meeting; Representative Hunterville Emergency  Precautions Scheme Central Committee; Rata Coronation Hall Committee; Representative Council at Farmers' Union Meeting in protest against passing of Local Elections Bill; Represent Council on Huntervile sub- committee rehabilitation
Dalziell, R G  Councillor (continued); Passing of; Wanganui Rangitikei Electric Power Board rrequesting Council nominate successor to; letter from Mrs R G Dalziell acknowledging expressions sympathy
Dalziell, Sarah I E Metal Pit Poukiore
Damage to J M Russell's Car Govett, Quilliam, Hutchen and Macallan
Damage to Telegraph Lines  
Dangerous Goods Licenses Application be made to have the Rangitikei County Council appointed a Licensing Authority for the issue of Dangerous Goods Licenses; Letter from Chief Inspector of Explosived supplying information re the issue of dangerous goods licenses
Dangerous Weeds on Roads liability, question of
Daniel, S interview re position of Overseer; expenses refunded and one days wages
Darvill Printing
Darvill, C E Public Risk Insurance  
Davis, H Koeke Reserve; Lease of
Davies, F S Roadman's hut
Davies, T S Rates  
Dawson, R R Sympathy
Dazzling Headlights  
Deacon, L E  
Deacon, L E Councillor; Travelling Expenses to Meetings; Patriotic Committee, Taihape District and Petrol supplies; Withdrawal of Notice of Motion; Representative for Taumarunui Goods Transport District; On Native Rates Claims Committee; Regret at leaving Council and appreciation of cordial relations etc; Release of Native Rates liens Raketapauma 2B6
Dean's Cottage re Compensation for improvements to Taoroa Cottage
Death of Councillor Doole's Mother  
Death of King George V  
Death of Charles Way  
Debenture Account Bank of Australasia
Decisions  in regard to certain items of Main Highways Expenditure
Deed of Indenture E W Franklin
Deem, J S L (late) Deem, Dr Helen
Deighton, K M Outstanding Rates  
Deighton and Purnell from Rupert Mackay and Christensen and Stanford asking Council to supply certificate under seal that Road Reserve shown on title of above has never been regarded road and rates ever been paid; Motions passed on above letter after Council had been in Committee; from Rupert Mackay regarding transfer of land South of Road Reserve to the future owner of land to the North of alleged road; Council consented to land being transferred from South of Road Reserve to owner North of land
Demonstration Area Federated Farmers of NZ (Wanganui Branch)
Dempsey compensation Dunsinane Corner
Demurrage to be charged on all Railway trucks not unloaded within eight working hours
Department of Agriculture from above re course at Massey College on Noxious Weeds
Department of Agriculture, continued Noxious Weeds Grant increased by £200 if broom declared Noxious Weed; Council to be responsible for Slaughtering Licenses; Slaughterhouse licenses; Allium Triquitrum; Telephone concession, Flock House; allocation of £280 1947-48 Season; Noxious Weeds, Waimarino County; Noxious Weeds, Grant for 1948-49 Season; Flock House Rates; Noxious Weeds, Grant for 1949-50 Season ; Noxious Weeds; Main amendments of Noxious Weeds has been passed; Noxious Weeds Act; Noxious Weeds Grant; Noxious Weeds; Slaughterhouse license
Department of Agriculture Primary Production; Meat Act Suspension; Emergency Regulations; Noxious Weeds Control; Strychnine, small birds; Noxious Weeds allocation of £75; Gorse, Noxious Weeds and Special Order; Noxious Weeds Conference; Allocation of £300 for Scheme
Department, Audit  
Department, Defence L L Jones
Department of Health and Health Inspector's Salary; Cemeteries; W De Roo; W H Roy; Tuberculosis; Rebate on Current years Hospital Rate; COuncil's objection to being combined with Town Districts for election of Representatives on Board; Sanitary Inspectors' Conference; Requisitions; Appointing L G R Franks as Sanitary Inspector in Taihape; Requisitions sent to Railway Department; Requisition sent to J McDougall; Advising that Mr Franke haas taken up his position as Health Inspector at Taihape; Septic Tank; Health Inspectors charges have increased; Report for Quarter, M B Marks
Department of Health, continued Dr C N Derek-Taylor; L R Franks report for quarter; Levy for Health Inspection to be £91-7-2
Department of Industies and Commerce  
Department of Internal Affairs  
Department of Labour  
Department of Labour Statutory Closing-day for Shops in the County; NZ Local Bodies (Rural Section) Labourers' Aaward; Statutory Half-Holiday; Requsition under Factories Act, KakarikiB P; Workshop, Marton to be registered as a factory and certain work to be done; Statutory half holiday; Council to take action with regard to unoccupied house in Turakina; Kakariki Ballast Pit
Department of Labour Scheme 13 and claims for subsidies; Delay payment wages; Workmen enlisting in Defence Forces; Statutory Closing-day; Statutory Half-Holiday
Department of Labour Unclaimed Moneys (Relief Workers); Scheme 13, Materials; Scheme 13 and Single Men; Statutory and Other Holidays; Statutory , Temporary Continuation; Withdrawal of Single men from Scheme 13; Social Security Charge and Easter Holidays and Anzac Day; Scheme 13 and Military Service; Scheme 13 and Farm Development Work; Scheme 13 and Vegetable Production 
Department of Labour Noxious Weeds Eradication and Control; Combating Rabbit Pest; Christmas Bonus; Christmas Holiday and Transport arrangements for Relief Workers, Special Fultime Works under Scheme 13
Department of Labour Scheme 5, time lost through sickness etc, Revised Rules, Rates of Pay, Working Hours etc, Workers' Compensation etc; Amended Regulations; I C and A Act Awards; Award Rates of Pay; Witnessing payments made to Maoris; Christmas Bonus Men on Relief Works; Re Easter Holidays for Relief Workers; King's Birthday; Engine-drivers' Firemen and Greasers' Award - Wages
Department of Land and Income Tax Road works contributions not decided
Department of Lands and Survey Resting place for travelling stock, Poukiore Domain; Rangiwaea Scenic Reserve, Warrant; Greystone Bush; Section 28 Pohonui Village Settlement as an Agriculture and Stock Reserve; Silverhope Scenic Reserve; Crown Lands Guide; exemption of part 54 Block XIII Whangaehu Survey District; Awarua 2C13E; I N Goodrick subdivision approved; uplifting of reservation Sections 3, 7, 19, 24 and 41 Torere Village; Council Assume Control of Makino Scenic Reserve; Held over till next Meeting
Department of Lands and Survey Rangitikei River Diversion at Scotts Ferry and Assessments affected thereby; Part Section 27 Block VI Hautapu Survey District; Closing portion of Makopua Road; Building Site, G G Toms' Farm, Manui; "Thirds"; Roadman's Reserve, Turangaarere; advising that £517-3-1 available for purchase of Domain at Turakina; installation of telephone line at Awarua Farm Settlement
Department of Lands and Survey, continued reforming Kaimatawi Road; widening of Franklin Street; expenditure of "Thirds"; subdivision Bulls Ext. No 4; refund of rates; Rangatira Road; subdivision section belonging to Miss E Cox; Legislation of Toe Toe  Road; Hospital Rates; Expenditure of "Thirds"; Lands subdivsion in Counties Act, J A C Anderson; re vesting of Rangiwaea Scenic Reserve
Department of Lands and Survey, continued Mataroa Section; Railway Line from Turakina to Whangaehu now crown; enclosing an Order-in-COuncil re metal pit; Greystoke Scenic Reserve; Survey required on both Colemans and Patikipapa Roads; re land subdivision in Counties Act; asking if Section 9 Block1 Hautapu Survey District could be used as a metal reserve; Legislation of Toe Toe Road; Land Subdivision in Counties Act; Wairepu East Road; Land subdivision in Counties Act, N G Glasgow; any objection to 29, 30 Block XIII Mang. Survey District; Road on Gowers Hill to be recognized as public Road; Land subdivision in Counties Act, Section 3 (1); Council to suggest name fof Road from Gowers Hill
Department of Lands and Survey, continued Asking if Section 9 Block 1 Hautapu Survey District could be used as a metal reserve; re fencing Greystoke Scenic Reserve; Block IV Mataroa being placed before Land Settlement Board; Pokaka Farm Settlement; Land subdivision in Counties Act re Whangaehu Survey District; Land of E G Freiddrich; forwarding plans of Rangatira Road; asking Council's comments re Mataroa Township; Plan of subdivision in Mataroa been approved; Awarua 2C 13E Awarua Block to be waived; enclosing expenditure of thirds; Ruakura School; Reserves; provisions of Section 3 (1) to be waived 44 Paraekaretu; Section 21 Block XIII Ohinewairua Survey District; Turakina-Wangaehu Railway Line; P T Becker; Pukeokahu Domain; Raukura School Site; Scenic Reserve, Taoroa; Pohonui Village Settlement, Domain and Cemetery
Department of Lands and Survey, continued Pakaka Farm Settlement; Land Subdivision in Counties Act
Department of Lands and Survey Greystoke Reserve; Greystoke Scenic Resserve; Braemore Settlement Deviation; Reserves
Department of Lands and Survey, continued Expenditure of "Thirds"; Turakina Domain; Fencing and grassing Stock Reserves Waioru-Taupo Road; Expenditure of Land Fund Thirds; Turakina Domain; "Thirds" acrued; Land Subdivision in Counties Act; Proclamation of Johnston Road; straightening Wairuhue Road; Expenditure of Land Fund Thirds; re legalization of Simpson and part of Cameron Streets, Turakina; Land Subdivision in Counties Act; Reserves
Department of Lands and Survey, continued Land Subdivision in Counties Act, Rangitikei Dairy Company ; Awarua 4C 15F 2G Block; Laird Brothers; C McKinnon; C J Morrison; Mrs M R Mitchell; Bulls Town Extension; Turakina Domain; Reserves, Papanui Village; Rangitira Road, Turakina Streets, Makirikiri Farm Road; Okapea Farm Settlement; K M Hammond; Reserves; Section at Utiku; Santoft Estate; Legalization of State Highways; Wherewhere Road; Lands subdivision in Counties Act; Reserves; Greystoke Reserve; Land Subdivision in Counties Act
Department of Lands and Survey, Chief Surveyor State Highway Ohingaiti; Land Subdivision in Counties Act by L A Groves at Crofton; Land Subdivision in Counties Act by T A Duncan at Hunterville; Legalise road through land owned by G B Chrystall; Wairepu Farm Settlement; Requesting Council to except land at Ratana for Dental Clinic; forwarding plan for extension of Koitiata Domain Township
Department of Maori Affairs £20 in full settlement of Native Rates on Waipu 4A3E3A No 1; £24-4-1 in full sttlement of Native Rates on Awarua 4A 3C 4B4; £11-0-11 in full settlement of Native Rates on Motukawa 1B; £26-4-11 in full settlement of rates on Wainui 2B2; Metal Road on property of Taami Potaka; £52-11-9 and £47-13-3 full settlement on Waipu 4A3D1 and 4A3E3B3 S M Greene and H Marumaru; accept full settlement of arrears of rates on Ruatangata 1A1A1; Requesting Council to accept rates due on Ruatangata 1A 1A4; Accept arrears on Rakautaua No 6; Ngawaka Road
Department of Post and Telegraph see Post and Telegraph Department
Department of Public Works Alteration subsidisable wages rates; Subsidy on Foremen's salaries
Department, Railway Customs Clearance; Railway Crossing at Greatford; Greatford Township and new Railway yard; Level crossing and cattle stops on road; water-pipe onm Railway land near Utiku; Noxious Weeds on lines receiving attention; Erect and repaint Railway signs; Turakina-Wangaehu Railway Line; Compulsory Stop signs; Putorino Road Crossing; Utiku Ballast Pit; Noxious Weeds; Utiku Ballast Pit
Department, Rehabilitation see Rehabilitation Department
Department of Scientific and Industrial Research Rat Poison; Hill County Demonstration Area; remedy for the eradication of Tutsan
Department of Transport see also under Transport Department
Deposits Under Scheme 5; Contracts; By Rangitikei County Council; Return to D Moir for Contract
Deputy Chairman Election of
Deputation Sand Dune Afforestation; Use of Farm Tractors and Traction Engines on Sealed roads; re Fires started on Bowen and Turakina Valley roads; Variegated Thistle; Tar-sealing, Ohingaiti Township; Hunterville Rabbit Board; re Kaweka, Mataroa and Otaihape Valley Roads
Deputation, continued re Road Classification and Live-stock Motor Transport, C E Robinson and S McDowall; Lower Wangaehu Valley; Stock Paddocks, mrs W E Barnett, J L Lambert and V F Toulmin; Water Supply; re Stock Paddock near Marton; re Kawhatau Valley Road, Kiwitea County
Deputation, continued Rangitikei Scenic Preservation and Treeplanting Society; Consisting of Councillors Doole, Hammond, Mair and Marshall wait on the Minister in charge of the Valuation Department; Two Representatives of the State Advances Department, Dwelling on Section 23 Block VI Hautapu Survey District; Mr Mahoney, Railway employee, Proposed tersealing of about 500 yards on Wing Line; Consisting of Messrs. K Armstrong, W B Connors, J Cavangh and D Wilkie re Proposed River Stopbank, Lower Wangaehu Valley
Deputation, continued Emergency Precautions Scheme Organisations in the County; Consisting of Messrs G F Haar, A Ireland, E Pickford, A H Rhodes, P G Rhodes, E O Pryce and C Turner re Rata Coronation Hall re-erection; Consisting of F R H Brice, W S Hawkins and J B S Dudding re Bonny Glen-Norwood Corner Main Highway and Bulls-Scotts Ferry Road; Consisting O B Hawkin re Ratana Road; Consisting of Captain H F Arkright and Squadron Leader Carr re Coronation Hall
Deputation, continued Mr J V Flowers and Dogs at Ratana; Lake Alice Mental Hospital re tarsealing Pukepapa Road from Henderson's Line Corner to Bulls-Turakina Road; Marton Meat Company per N S Eagan (Manager) re Piggeries on Tutaenui Road; Griffin's Road Deviation; Mt View Cemetery; Pukepapa Road Ratepayers; Advisory Committee of Rakautaua Drains; T L McGovern re Watershed Road; G Haar, Koitiata Road
Deputation Mcleay Brothers re access to bridge over Turakina River adjoining their Property; Stock Routes; His Worship the Mayor waited on Council asking that the Makohao Road from Galpin's Road and Small's Road be closed immediately as the Borough wish to construct a concrete apron across the road within a few days; Makohoe Road and Galpin's Road to Small's Road to be closed
Derating of Farm Lands  
De Roo, W Health Department; Inspector
Deteriorated Lands, Conference  
Detour Roads  
Devans, Timothy Tiriraukawa Cemetery Trustees; erection of fence on Whaka Road
De Winter, J Application Private telephone line
Deviation Chubbins Hill, Ongo Road; at J Glasagows etc Turakina-Bulls; at William Glasgows, Auckland-Wellington Main Highway; Taihape-Napier Road at Oruamatua; Deviation at Maungaraupi on Te Ngei and Porewa Roads; Makopua Road; Rata Main Highway; Prop. Te Kuiti-Bulls MAin Highway at Rata; Deviation at Whiskey Creek, Turakina Valley Road
Deviation Road at Gower's Hill; Plimmerton-Paekakariki Main Highway; Toe Toe and Poroa Roads; Taihape-Napier Road between Ngamatea Station gate and Taruarau Hill; Greatford-Ashhurst, Westoe Hill; Bonny Glen (R E Beckett); at Kakariki-Greatford - Ashhurst Main Highway
Deviation Pukepapa Road; Calico Road, Nga Tawa School; Waipuna Road (Motukawa 2A No 6 Block); Road, Block VI Hautapu Survey District; State Highway, Rata Flat, A H Marshall; at Sutherlands, Mangahoe Road; Mangahoe at Cameron's; Horopito-Bulls State Highway, Deviation at Hihitahi
Deviation Glasgow's (Union Line fencing); Turakina Valley Road; Railway Ruatangata Block; On State Highways; Braemore Bridge; Makohau By-Pass; Colliers Junction; Braemore Settlement deviation
Diamond Jubilee of the County  
Dick, W S R (Dr)  
Dickie, J Noxious Weeds Inspector, appointment
Dickie, John Report, Noxious Weeds
Dickson, A H NZ County Council Industrial Union of Employers
Dickinson, A T  Holiday Pay while on Active Service
Dickinson, E J Objecting to amendedd Loan Proposal to increase to £2, 500
Dickson, W (Carrier)  
Dictionary and Official Year Book  
Dillon Brothers State Farm Road
Dimes, J F Appointment Council's Sanitary Inspector; and condemned building at Mataroa owned by Mrs M J O'Connor; Storm water drain at Ohingaiti; Mrs Hammond's house at Ohingaiti
Director of Civil Defence  
Director of Forestry  
Director-General of Agriculture  
Director General of Post Office  
Director of Housing  
Director of National Service  
Director of Stabilization approving increases of salaries; increase of fourpence a day for foremen to be asked for
Directory, NZ Manufacturers  
Disabled Soldiers' Products Ltd, Dunedin year 1939; year 1940; year 1941; year 1946; year 1948 dog collars, tender accepted
Disabled Soldiers' Civil Re-Establishment League  
Disfranchisement County Ratepayers  
Disposal Employees, Plant, Houses etc Main Highways Board
District Controller  
District Controller , Emergency Precautions Scheme  
District Controller of Oil Fuels  
District Health Officer Dr T C Lonie
District Highways Council Representative; Declaration further Highways; Report; re statement of Main Highway Board's liabilities to Council in respect of expenditure incurred and subsidised; re limited extension of Highways; Traffic Census taken in August 1950 and January 1951; No 8; asking Council to nominate a representative for  the said Council; from Ministry of Works advising it will be nacessery to appoint new District Roads Councils, no action is being taken to approve appointment to District Highways Council; Recommendations of Executive after tour of District; Blundells Bridge be considered, other matters will receive attention
District Highways Council Minutes; Main Highway Authorities, transfer; Main Highways allocations; Classification of Roads; Chairman appointed representative; Main Highways; Authority Curls Bridge Upper Tutaenui Main Highway reduced
District Land Registrar  
District Manpower Officer Lettter re co-operation in rehabiltation of ex-servicemen
District Medical Officer of Health re conditions at Ratana Pa
District Public Trustee, Palmerston North Te Ngu Kingi, Motukawa Part 2B 13A; A E Russell's Estate, Weston Road; Conversion Loans Nos 2 and 4, Sinking Funds; Rangitikei River, T R Willis Estate
District Railway Engineer F G Schwarz, Railway Level Crossing; re Private Siding, Kakariki; Flooding of Porewa Stream at Kaikarangi; Conversion of Railway Line, Turakina-Wangaehu
District Road Council from Ministry of Works requesting Council to nominate representative on above Council; Chairman appointed to represent Council; Chairman reported on Meeting of above he had attended; Council to draw the attention of the above Council to the dangerous state of the overhead bridge at Hihitahi; from Ministry of Works plan with suggestions for improving the Junction of Makirikiri Road and the State Highway; from Ministry of Works asking if Council hs any recommendations to make for exchange of Highways
Diversion Loan Moneys from Vinegar Hill bridge Loan to Toe Toe Road; from Turakina Bridge Loan to Whiskey Creek Bridge; from Vinegar Hill Bridge to Porewa Stream Bridge, Hunterville
Dixon, R O Papanui Estate Access and Relief Work
Dodds, H G Private Telephone Line
Dog Collars Year 1932; year 1934; year 1937; year 1939; year 1940; year 1941; Dog Collar No 1640 written off; Dog Collars 1935 written off; Dog Collars 1937 written off; Dog Collars 1939 written off; Dog Collars 1940 written off; Dog Collars 1941 written off, Taihape and Marton; Dog Collars 1942 written off, Taihape
Dog Collars, continued year 1941; Badges for Dog Collars; year 1942; Dog Collars; year 1943; year 1945; year 1948
Dog Collars purchase of for year 1945; advised by Disabled Servicemen's Products that delay in 1946 collars due to shipping space; matter to be referred to NZ Counties Association; Collars lost in transit between Marton and Taihape
Dogs at Ratana; at Kauangaroa, letter from C D Hamilton re nuisance
Dogs Registration Flock House; J O'Leary; J H Dalrymple; and Controller and Auditor-General; 1935, writing off collars and labels missing (John McDonald); Native Dogs; Rabbit Dogs; George Matthews, Kauangaroa Pa collector; T Tarry; resolution for Dog Registration for year ending 31st December 1954; Mr George Roderick McLennan was apppointed Registrar of Dogs and Officer for issue of Motor Drivers' Licenses; Michael Nicholas Hoga  was appointed Registrar; Mr Robinson appointed Registrar; Mr Robinson commended for work done with regard to above; action to be taken against three offenders who have failed to register dogs in year 1954; Resolution for Dog Registration for year ending 31st December 1955; the Prosecution for not registering dogs be withheld till after the collars are available and the advertising has been done for 1955
Dogs Registration, continued Uniform Registration Fee for Rabbit Dogs; C G Burkinshaw's Fees; G Katthews fees; Amendment to the Act:- all sheep, cattle and rabbit dogs to be 3/6d every other dog 11/-. Marton Office, Taihape Office, Hunterville Rabbit Board, Bulls Town Board Offices and the residence of G Matthews, Kauangaroa as Registration Offfices for 1949; John Robinson and W C Smith, C G Burkinshaw and G Matthews be appointed Registrars for 1949; Fixing Registration Offices and Officers for dogs; advertised; UNregistered dogs at Marton Junction; Collars written off and Receipt Book lost also written off from Ratana Pa; from COntroller and Auditor-General accepting explanation re missing receipt book; Ratepayers given up to 31st July to Register Dogs; Owners of Land prosecuted in any case of non-registration of dogs, one each riding
Dogs Registration, continued amendment to receive consideration of Internal Affairs Department, but present Act not thought anomalous by it; Amendment favoured by F Langstone Member of Parliament; Letter from Department of Internal Affairs that unable to depart from requirements of the Act and that Council review scale of fees within the limit of the Act; R Dukeson, John McDonald, C W McColl, J Robinson, W C Smith to be appointed Registrars for 1946, Taihape Office, Huntervile Rabbit Board and Marton Office appointed Registration Offices; and Bulls Town Board
Dogs Registration, continued Controller and Auditor-General; Department of Internal Affairs; Action to be taken after end November in cases of unregistered dogs; requirements of Act to be observed, required by Controller and Auditor-General; to be referred to NZ Counties Association Executive Meeting
Dogs' Registration Amendment Act 1937; 1938; 1942
Dolan and Co, O J Contract; Contract No 709; Contract No 720; Contract No 744
Dominion Bridge Co Ltd  
Dominion Lighting Controller 5; 2; 3; Black-Out Screens
Dominion Settlement and Population Association  
Dominion Local Body Rural Section , Labourers' Dispute
Donaldson, J and C Slaughter License
Donghi, E J Contract 700
Donavan, L V 10% penalty on rates; Outstanding rates
Doole, A H Access to Mangaone Valley Road
Doole, J and Others  
Doole, William Represesntative on District Highways Council; Refund Deposit Scheme 5; Councillor; Chairman of Meeting; Travelling Expenses; Represesentative on Taihape Rehablitation Committee
Doole, William, continued On Native Rates Claims Committee; Native Land Court meeting; Closing of Road Moawhango Native School site; Staff re-organisation; nominal occupier Hawkes Bay Rabbit Board; letter wishing him a speedy recovery; welcome back; death of; wreath
Doole, William and K Outstanding Rates
D'Ott, L A Private Telephone Line
D'Ott, L A Road Reserve, Pukeroa
Dornbusch, O A requesting Council to pay half cost of improvements for Rangirane Road; Council to pay 2/- per cubic yard
Dornbusch, Norman repairs to Bridge decking and Road
Doughty P A McHardies Road; Reads Road; agreeing to pay half for 12 foot pipes
Dougan, J M superannuation
Douglas, D H Poundkeeper
Douglas, George petition re Pohonui Road; re sheepdip on Pohonui Road
Dowell, S Feilding, H G Hartley
Downs, H M , late Rates
Downs, Kotahi Native Rates
Downs, Mary (Mrs) Application under the Rural Housing Act
Drainage and Plumbing Regulations Adoption; shall appply to whole of County from 1st June 1953; Department of Health forwarding copy of Regulations 1953/84  with also extension notice; from Inspector H D McLeod asking to prosecute a Plumber for breach of the Plumbing and Drainage Regulations
Drainage By-Laws 1949  
Drain Putorino, through G Haar's property; Wangaehu, Mrs Woodhill's property; Ohingaiti, J Hammond's property; Rakautaua, Maintenance, Peter Waiters; Raimai Estate, condition, Bettridge; Amon's and Flock House; F B Marshall's; Silverhope Railway Station; F B Marshall; Mrs G Dunford and Wilson; Muriel F Lines, Ohingaiti, blocking; Drains, Raumai clearance of; Dunford's property; Rakautaua Drains and Connors Brothers; Raumai, Official Notice to D W Wilson; Pukehoa Road, W M Persson; Raumai, D W Wilson derives no benefit from clearing drains; Pukeokaku, shortage of labour to clear drains; Engineer to report on Drain on Ironworks Road
Drains Pukehou, Notice of Drainage Act on behalf of W M Persson
Drainage Turakina Beach Road
Drainage Lower Wangaehu Valley; Wanaehu Valley and Rakautaua Drainage; Lagoon Opposite Hombersley's Wangaehu, Inspection; Storm-water at Ohingaiti; Wangeahu, tenders called for cleaning; at Rata Hall; Rates held over; Wangaehu, subsidy, state of; Lower Whangaehu, re W B Conners at £30 per annum, also Rakautaua Drains; Contract No 813 be confirmed
Drainage District Manawatu County  
Draper, V A and Co Tender for Mechanical Shovel
Drink facilities in Stock Paddocks  
Driscoll, L application for private telephone concession
Drivers' Federation Drivers' Dispute
Drivers'   Award; Holiday Pay
Driver License No 7 Lorry
Drivers' Licenses issued free to Members of the Armed Forces returned from service overseas
Driving Stock on roads at night Wanganui Automobile Association
Drydan, B and ten others Improvement of Corners on the Mangahoe Road
Due, E J asking Council to repair Kawatau Road
Dudding, J B S refund Deposit; Objection Road Loan proposal
Duggan Crown Leasehold, Rates
Duggan, J W Rates outstanding; 10% penalty
Duigan, Herbert J Appointed Council's Representative on Land Valuation Committee
Duke, A (Estate of) re Rates written off
Dukeson's dwelling see House for Asssistant Engineer
Dukeson, R Salary; Increment; Appointment, Testing Officer and Traffic Inspector; Ranger; Appointment, Inspector of Reserves; Travelling Expenses; 5% Cost of Living Bonus
Dukeson, R Dogs' Registration; New Car; Salary; Apppointment Trustee Hunterville Cemetery; Superannuation; Appointment, Noxious Weeds Inspector; additional work in Marton Yard; increase in salary
Dukeson, R, conitnued increase in wages redused by Wages Commissioner; information re retiring allowance from National Provident Fund; house to be purchased subject to consent of Land Sales Court; R Dukeson Paid £25 in connection with issue of benzine; to be farewelled by Outside Staff; retiring allowance to be increased to £208 per annum; presentation by Councillors; retiring allowance; compensation Dunsinance Corner
Duncan, Cotterill and Co Reserves
Duncan, E H Private Telephone Concession; Elected Councillor for Otairi Riding
Duncan, J H T Private Telephone Concession (Across Moawhango Valley Road); subscriptions available to widen Hiwera to Gilberts; Hiwera Road to be completed before March; Forwarding cheque for work done on Hiwera Road and complaining about work one
Duncan, Mr and Mrs T A Hospital Trust Board, rates refunde; Congratulating them on their bestowal; Acknowledging message of congratulations
Duncan, T A and W McA Indemnifying Council (Santoft Property); Regretting reappointment Trustee Hunterville Cemetery
Duncan, W Hiwera metal pit
Duncan, W McA Taihape-Napier Road
Duncan, W K gorse on Ruanui Station
Duncan, W R Contribution, Metalling Kotukuraeroa Road
Dunedin City Council  
Dunford, Gertrude (Mrs) Application for a Rural Housing Loan of £500; condition of drains in adjoining property
Dunham, Beuck and Hulena Roadmen
Dunn's Road (Waitoka Road) see Road, Waitoka
Dunsinane Corner  
Dunsinane Corner see Road, Curls Bridge, Upper Tutaenui
Dwellings at Kakariki see Houses at Kakariki
Dwelling  and Land fronting Union Line, Puchase for a Worker's Dwelling; on Section 23 Block VI Hautapu Survey District
Dwelling at Marton see House for Asssistant Engineer
Dwelling at Mataroa Mrs M J O'Connor see under "O"
Dwelling at Ohingaiti  
Dwyer, J Soldiers Holiday Pay
Eagan, N S Marton Meat Company and Piggeries
Early Settlers Ribbons
Earth Bins Kakariki Ballast Pit
Earth-Movers Ltd Contract No 728A, forming Kilmisters' Hill, Ongo Main Highway; Contract No 716; Contract No 743A
Eaarthworks Ltd H M Reid
Easter Holidays  
Eating House Regulations E G Grylls
Eating-house License Mrs W Wilson; J Logan, Moawhango; period of issue
Eaton, N E N Temporary Assistant, salary; Resignation, application re service for Armed Forces being accepted; Resignation accepted and Salary paid for further four weeks
Economic Conference on Roads and Travelling Expenses
Economic Democracy, League of letter from; booklet "Your Money"
Economic Stabilisation Commission Salary increase for Working Foremen; £35 peer annum increase in salaries of County Clerk and Engineer; agreeing to increase in salaries of R F A McKezie, P R Boyes and R H Lewis
Economic Stabilisation Commission Assistant Engineer's salary; approving salaries for County Clerk, Working Foremen, Assistant Engineer, Engineer's Assistant and Accountant; increase in salary for Utiku Crusher; application for increase staff; increase salary Kakariki Crusher Manager; increase salary County Clerk; increse salary Engineer; increase of Contract Caretaker
Economic Stabilization Emergency Regulations premission to increase salaries; appointment of T H Tiffen Assistant Engineer; 10/- increase in staff salaries
Edge W Compensation ; Gratuity; Be granted a retiring allowance
Edge, W and M Kidson thanks for salvaging Council's gear at Kakariki during the flood in the Rangitikei River; thanking Council for retiring allowance
Edgar Allen Crusher sold for £150
Education Department Road at Moawhango Native School site
Educational Films  
Edwards, T A Report of collision between lorry and motor car
Ekatahuna County Council Public Risk Insurance; Noxious Weeds Control
Election Day 27th November 1946, Council Offices closed
Election of County Chairman  
Elections, County Councils approval of Polling Places for 1953 County Elections; Councillor Mair not standing; Council confirm action of Returning Officer with arranging additional Polling Places etc; Election of Councillors by Returning Officer; Wanganui Hospital Board Election; Wanganui Rangitikei Electric Power Board Election; Catchment Board Election; Returning Officer be paid £75 in connection with recent election
Elections Fees; Hospital Board and Power Board nominations
Election, Hospital Board  
Election, Member Wellington Land Board  
Election, Rangitikei Catchment Board re booth at Greatford
Election, Power Board  
Electoral Act 1927  
Electoral Headquarteers transfer to Feilding
Electoral Roll C Osborne objecting to name being removed
Electors' Roll Hunterville Town District
Electric Cables under Roads  
Electric-light Poles removal of
Electric Power Board District whole of Rangitikei County included in the Board's District; Gazette Proclamation
Electricity  in Council's Dwelling, installation; Roadman's Cottage, Okirae (Arawhata); Roadman's Cottage, Tiriraukawa; Roadman's Cottage, Moawhango
Ellery, F Council to make ex-gratia payment to above to cover travelling expenses incurred from accident
Ellery, Miss K increase in salary
Elliott Crown Leasehold, Rates
A E Ellis, GM Thanking Council for message of congratulations the Award of the George Medal
Ellison, J Outstanding Rates; Objecting to Loan proposal of £400 Makopua Road
Emergency Aerodrome, Marton  
Emergency Field Defensive Works  
Emergency Hospital Buildings  
Emergency Precautions Scheme Taihape Borough Council; Evacuation Scheme, Marton and District; Hunterville Town Board; Organisation, Lower end of County
Emergency Precautions Scheme  Matters
Emergency Precautions Services Taihape Borough Council; Four Northern Ridings be amalgamated  and Councillors for such be appointed to represent County onCentral Committee at Taihape; Similar action as above for six Lower Ridings of County; Share of Emergency Precautions Services Expenditure at Taihape; Emergency Precautions Services Committees to remain in Office; from Minister Internal Affairs concerning measures for Emergency
Emergency Reserve Corps Expenditure  
Emergency Traffic Police  
Emergency Unemployment Charge  
Employees aged 60 and over  
Employers Federation Annual Holidays Act
Employment Bureau, Wanganui Scheme 13, transport of men
Employment Promotion Work at Parewanui, A Young requesting refund of deposit balance; further particulars required by Controller and Auditor-General
Employment Scheme 13A Clearing Noxious Weeds
Engineer's Suspense  Account Unclaimed Moneys  
Engineering assistance  
Engineering Block County Offices, Marton
Engineering Cadet to be engaged
Enforcement Officer Transport Licenses
Engine-drivers', Firemen and Greasers' Award Terms; Dispute
Engineer Conditions of appointment of New Engineer to be d rawn up by Chairman; Conditions of Appointment submitted; matter of appointment for dual position to be held over in the meantime; to be held over until next meeting; letter from Director of Stabilisation approving salary £900; conditions appointment read and considered; applications to close; position advertised; Section 5 of conditions altered; report of Staff Committee on joint appointment for County Council and Catchment Board to be adopted
Engineer, continued Increase in salary
Engineering Expenses, Main Highways  
Engineering Instruments left in hands of Engineer to purchase
Engineering Staff Report on
Engineering Survey , Main Highway Mangaweka-Utiku
Engineer's Assistant salary approved by Wages Commission; applications to be referred to Staff Committee; Annual conference in Wellington on 7th September; D C Stringfellow applying for position of Engineer's Assistant
Engineers' Conference attendance requested and leave of absence granted; attendence requested for conference re axle-loading and road classification
Engineer's Estimate Williamson Road, Railway Level Crossing
Engineer's Holiday  
Engineer's House purchase of house for
Engineer's Office  
Engineer's Report  
England, W F K Cottage for Roadman on Murimotu Road
Ennis and Oakley re transfer of Reserve Section 10 Block III Tiriraukawa Survey District from A K Hodder to Messrs Whites D T B, K and A D
Ennis, J A Outstanding Rates
Ennis, H H sale of Plant
Entertainment Public Revenue Act; allowance
Entrance to Mrs Harris' Land Wamutu Road
Equipment A Second Hand calculator be purchased for Engineering Staff from Luke Brothers
Eradication of Ragwort  
Erewhon Riding Account; Revaluation
Erewhon Riding Special Rate
Eerewhon and Ruanui Riding  Loan Interest Accounts
Erewhon Station Ltd Private Telephone Line; Private Telephone Concession
Erickson, James Harold Turakina Town Hall Committee
Escott, E A Noxious Weeds
Essential Industries  
Estimates 1933-34; 1934-35; 1935-36; 1936-37; 1937-38 Amendment; 1938-39 Revised; 1939-40 Preliminary; 1940-41; 1941-42; 1941-42; 1942-43
Estimates, continued 1943-44; 1943-44; 1944-45 Amended; 1945-46; 1945-46 Main Highways Estimates; 1946-47 read and dealt with; Main Highways Estimates approved; special meeting to consider estimates; 1947-48; 1948-49; Special Meeting to consider Estimates; Estimates be based on a General Rate of 6 3/4d in the pound on Unimproved Value
Estimates, continued Special Meeting to consider Estimates; money available for metal; Rangitira Road taken off; Amended for year ending 31/3/50; Main Highways Estimates 1950/51; 1950/51; General Rate £110, 000; Raising Loan; Main Highways Estimates 1951/52; Highways estimates been approved; Proposed expenditure; 1954/55; 1955/56
"Europa" Petrol and "Zip"
Evacuated British Children  
Evangelistic Meetings  
Evans, A E Contract No 785, Griffin's Pit Road Deviation; Contract 802, Bonny Glen-Norwood corner
Evans, F vehicle allowance and maintenance
Evans, J Union fees
Evans, J E Dog Collars Year 1939; Dog Collars Year 1942
Evans, Mona Appointment to Staff
Examinations Foremen and Road Overseers  
Exemptions Legislation, Vehicles used for Home Guard or Emergency Precautions Scheme Work, Transport Department
Experimental Tree-Planting Rangitikei Catchment Board requesting co-operation
Extension of Life of Parliament  
Extravagant Expenditure State Highways NZ Counties Association  
Executive Committee Minutes; Purchase Farmall Tractor
Extraordinary Traffic form Ministry of Works advising that the National Roads Board will relieve all operators of payment of levies of tolls for above traffic
Extraordinary Damage Marton Sash Door Timber Co claiming that they are under no obligation to pay Timber Carting Royalty for Extraordinary Damage; No Action taken by Council; Engineer to charge H A Nation for damage on account of extraordinary traffic on Turakina Valley Road
Fabing, Eleanor (Miss) Appointed on staff at the Taihape Office
Fair Rents Amendment Act 1947  
Famine Emergency Campaign collection of fats; circular re production and c.; re saving of coupons
Fantham, F B  
Far-East Relief Fund  
Fargo Truck purchase of
Farm Lands in Borough Councillor Stewart on Committee
Farmers Lorries Heavy Traffic Fees
Farmers' Union Marton Branch, protesting against action taken against Railway Department
Farmer Union Meeting Representatives from Council to protest against passing of Local Elections Bill; Councillors Coleman, Dalziell and Hammond to representative at above meeting
Farm Lands   Derating of; in Borough, rating of
Farquhar, H R protection of road at Okanagon
Farr, G C Culvert Blockage
Federated Farmers of NZ, Hunterville Branch Bridge Load Restrictions; acknowledging disposal of dead sheep letter
Federated Farmers of NZ, North Taranaki Branch watering travelling stock
Federated Farmers of NZ, Provincial Executive rural housing requirements; McCormick Deering TD-6 Crawler tractor not now required; farmers to be requested to burn or bury all dead carcases; Farmers receiving manure later than others
Federated Farmers of NZ, Ohingaiti Branch stock paddocks and drovers' accommodation
Federated Farmers of NZ Inc, Taihape Branch stock paddocks at Utiku and Mataroa; Colliers Junction fencing; stock paddocks south of Taihape; stock paddocks at Utiku; stock paddock at Taihape; wandering stock on Turakina Valley Road; stock paddock at TeMoehau Junction; Blanket restriction on Buildings
Federated Farmers of NZ Inc, Turakina Branch state of roads
Federated Farmers of NZ Inc, Wanganui Branch Accommodation paddocks; stock paddocks between Marton and Taihape; demonstration area in Wanganui District
Federated Farmers of NZ, Wellington Branch re dead sheep
Feilding Borough Council Centennial projects; Centennial Committee Zone "E"
Feilding Chamber of Commerce  
Fell, Putman and McAndrew land subdivision at Turakina by R D Squire
Female Administrative Staffs salaries; Assistant; appreciation of services; rendered in connection with collection of rates; Junior Female Assistant applications called for
Female Members of Staff and War Work  
Fence Taurimu Road, see under "Road"; McDonald Brothers, Watershed Road; Moawhango Valley Road; Old roadway bounding portion Taihape Scenic Reserve and Motor Camp Park, Taihape Borough Council; Ross' Metal Pit (Crabbe's); Ruatangata Road, fence, J D McClymont; Council's Section at Bulls; Otairi or Pukekoa Road, G E Agnew; Warren Road, Jenkins Brotheers; Scenic Reserve Main Road North of Taihape and Taihape Borough Council; Stock Holding Paddocks; R Cleaver
Fence, continued D Lourie, Turakina Valley Road to be removed from off; F C Tabor, asking permission to erect fence across a small road branching from off Ironworks Road, Mangaonoho; asking permission to erect road fence along Watershed Road frontage on the edge of the road for a distance of about one mile, A E Russell Estate; Wainui Road
Fences  on Roads; on Road, Campbell Nicols; Fencing the Scenic Reserve at Taoroa Suspension Bridge; fencing Makino Scenic Reserve; fencing Mangahoe Road, N Sutherland's Estate; fencing Omatane Bridge; fencing Blacks Metal Pit as a Stock Holding Paddock; A C McDonald, Turakina; W Winiata and Hou Hou Road; fencing Wire, urgently required by farmers in Northern end of County; Wire Distributors Ltd
Fences on Roads, continued Evan McGregor Estate ( K E Reynolds); F M Newton shifting on Potaka Road; Mchardie's Bluff; J D Banks, erection of fence edge Ridge Road; Letter from Green Estate (Te Miro) per K D Walker, asking permission to shift fence onto edge Te Kapua Road; fence at Jonson's Vinegar Hill; Fence between County plantation and property Estate A L Welsh; Letter from Armstrong, Latham and Barton on behalf of Mrs Wilson asking Council to re-erect immediately the fence on her property at Beach Road, at Whangaehu, which was pulled down by Council; ffrom L J Terry asking permission to move fence on to edge of formation on Gorge Road; from J Thompson protesting against encroachment on Herekeketangi Road by fence; from Kincaid and O'Connor on behalf J Thompson, that Council insist on Gresson erecting boundary fence on correct line; form Kincaid and O'Connor on behalf James Thompson that J V Gresson be compelled to put road fence back to line agreed upon; from R H Nitschke requesting Council open Henersons Line from Williamson's Road to Union Line; Moved that J J McCartin be notified Council requires fence line on South side of Section 39 Block III Hautapu Survey District on PukeRoad to be shifted back to correct line within 12 months from date and willows be removed before 1/5/56; Moved Council accept tender of W E Peters of £1090/5/- for Contract No 925 for deviation of Ongo Main Highway at Mangahoe Junction subject to checking iem 9 re fencing, price for metal carting in addition by W B Parkes being £693/5/-
Fencing Pukekoa Road, T Hammond and G Agnew
Fenwicke, M C C Appointed Returning Officer for County; Electoral Officer to Council; Renumeration; empowered to engage temporary assistance; re assistance Home Guard had received from Council; List of Polling places; Temporary appointment; re supply to each Councillor list of Native Lands and Rates due in his Riding; Aotea District Native Land Court; expressing sympathy on the loss of his Mother
Fenwicke, M C C, continued additional £10 paid to in connection with collection of Native Rate
Fernie's Creek Culvert tenders received from Hegglun; Fletcher and Parkes; above tenders declined; call tenders; work to be proceeded with as soon as monetary authority received; to be gone on with; Turakina Valley Road , Public Works Department Grant 1948-49
Fernie, W D Taihape-Napier 
Ferry Resserve, Kauangaroa  
"Fifths" Waiaruhe Road
Fighting Services Welfare Fund  
Filing Cabinet  
Filing Cabinet for Engineering Department
Finance Act  1934; 1941; 1949
Finance Committee Councillors Coleman, Dalziell and Smith; whole Council with quorum of three
Finance Flood Damage; Bay of Islands County Council re County Finance
Finance See under Accounts passed for payment
Financial Policy of Council  
Financial Statement  
Finch (Mrs) Charitable Aid
Findlay, W McD Telephone Concession; Section 27  Block VI Hautapu Survey District
Fire Officers from State Forest Department
Fire Insurance transfer to State Fire and Accident Insurances; NZ  Counties Co-operative Insurance Company, Fire Insurance; Fire re-insurances left in hands of Engineer
Fire Prevention By-Law NZ Standards Institute, draft copy of specifications
Fire Prevention Scheme request by Hawkes Bay Catchment Board for co-operation
Fire Services Fire Services re-organisation; from Bulls Town Board asking Council to meet them re above on 22/11/54; Council to offer to Taihape Fire Authority 10/- per house in area to include Utiku and Mataroa conditional on the Brigade being able to carry water; Council to offer Hunterville Fire Authority for Fire Services within a five mile radius by road of 10/- per house on condition that Brigade is able to carry water to fire; from Taihape Fire Board advising Board cannot burden Ratepayers with costly new machine and the onus of supplying water is on property owners; Offer be made to Hunterville Town Council of £218 for fire services within 5 mile radius for 4 years and failing acceptance the Council pay turning out fee; from Hunterville Town Council, does not consider 10/- per house fair offer and setting out new scheme; from Taihape Fire Board forwarding draft of agreement; from Hunterville Fire Authority inviting representive of Council to attend meeting at Hunterville to arrange purchase Fire Engine; from Hunterville Fire Appeal Committee asking donation purchase of new fire engine; from Hunterville Fire Authority consenting to terms of Fire Services Agreement; Chairman and Councillor Chrystall authorised to witness affixture Common Seal of Council to Fire Services Agreements with Marton and Taihape Authorities; Fire Services Council advising Marton and Taihape Fire Service Agreements to be considered at meeting to be held 8th December; from Hunterville Town Council returning Agreement for amendment Clause 5 concerning responsibilty for water. Council not prepared to amend
Fire Services Council agrees to pay the Bulls Fire Authority the sum of £26 for fire services fro each of the years ending 31/3/56; Council agrees to pay the Marton Fire Service Authority the sum of £150 for fire services within a radius of five miles for the years ending 31/3/54 and 55; Taihape Fire Authority asking for record of houses; advising on behalf of Fire Committee that offer of £150 for fire sservices has been acceptd; from Taihape Fire Authority account for £30 for attending fire at Moawhango and request for Agreement for Fire Services; Deputation Messrs Gordon, Meeds and Hill of Huntervile Fire Authority waited on the Council asking for agreement for Fire Service and for donation toward cost of new plant
Fire Services Amended Agreement Hunterville Town Council agreed to; Year's contribution Taihape Fire Brigade £83.10.0; Agreement Bulls Town Council; Authorising payment contributions due Fire Service Agreements; New Fire Brigade Committee to be elected Bulls, Engineer to arrange with Taihape Fire Board for joint inspection and count houses in Taihape Rural Fire District; Appointment members Bulls Fire Committee; Government Representative and Local Authority Representative Bulls Fire Authority; Chairman and Clerk to arrange Capital Expenditure and Depreciation  Fund Account for Bulls Urban Fire Authority; N P F acknowledge receipt £50 Bulls Fire Brigade Depreciation Fund; Taihape Fire Board forwarding account attendance Scrub Fire Tuangarere
Fitches, H Slaughtering License
Fitchett, Donald and George Hartley Contract No 783 and 784
"Fitness Week"  
Fitton, E Contract No 700
Fitzgerald, J Metal Pit lease, offer to puchase; purchase
Five-year Bridge Programme all bridges under plan to be subsidised £1 for £3 by Public Works Department; meeting with Minister of Public Works to be arranged by P Kearins Member of Parliament; subsidies £1 for £1 approved
Fixing Riding Boundaries  
Flags P and W Henderson Ltd Union Jacks and NZ Ensigns for sale
Fletcher, Angus Otaihape Valley Road; Account written off
Fletcher and Parkes tenders for Harris's Creek and Fernie's Creek Culverts; tenders declined
Flock House River Protective Works, balance of £447 required by Public Works Department; balance of £62 required by Public Works Department; improvement of drains; telephone concession; Tarsealing; Noxious Weeds; metal pit; Noxious Weeds control; new roadway and culvert
Flock House Property Estate Rates
Flock House Trustees Dogs Registration; McKenzie Road; River Protection Works
Flood Damage Finance; 1915; Grants; appreciation of services after flood; application to be made for subsidy; deputation to interview Minister of Works re Grants; Grants; Flood Damage Account; letter from Ministry of Works; Conference be held all interested parties;- National Roads Board, Railway Department, Rangitikei Catchment Board, Rata Co-operative Dairy Company; Local Residents and Council to consider problems at Rata resulting from Diversion of State Highway and necessity for replacement Porewa Bridge
Flood Damage Estimated cost £7, 649; Councils application for flood damage will receive consideration; Cabinet approved of Grant for £3784; Engineer to proceed with repairing of flood damage; repairing of flood damage at McColls and McCartens by W E Peters; Engineer to arrange repair of flood damage at Melvilles and Beards Bluff; flooding on Main Highways; flood damage; subsidy; application; Grant; Authority; Restoration £5, 000 Bank Overdraft application , Department of Internal Affairs; Tutaenui Stream; restoration of bridges
Flooding Porewa Stream through Simpson Park, R E Walker and C T and A H Chisholm
Flooding Hunterville-Poukiore Road; Murimotu Road
Flourescent lighting draughting room
Flowers, J V E Apppointment Sanitary Inspector; Reports
Flowers, J V E, continued Annual Leave; W A Voss, A Stokes recommending Closing Order; Taking over duties in Northern end of County; Storm-water drainage at Ohingaiti; Deputation re Dogs at Ratana; Report on Ratana Pa; transferred to Thames; Housing Improvement Bill to Ratana; Makahau Cottage; Piggery; Pollution Tutaenui Stream
Floyd, L H Refund deposit
Follett, D F Crofton Metal Pit
Food Relief Fund United Kingdom and Holland letter from Prime Minister asking for active support
Food for Britain Fund request by Miss Isobel Cameron for contribution
Food Premises License from M Rixon objecting to conditional license issued by Council for Waiouru premises
Food Premises, Ratana  
Foote, A H boundary hedge; Greystoke Scenic Reserve boundary fence
Footpath  on Main Highway at Bulls; Turakina Township; at Ohingaiti Hotel; fronting Bulls School; Marton-Upper Tutaenui section Main Highway; in front of Ohingaiti Post Office etc; along Onslow Street; Ohingaiti footpaths ter-sealed; sealing at Marton Junction; Utiku footpaths; Turakina; Ohingaiti; Rata; Bulls
Ford Light Lorry  
Ford, R K  Returned Soldier, holiday pay; wiring of washhouse in Winiata (No 1) Cottage; Retiring Allowance; letter thanking Council for Allowance
Fordell Battalion Home Guard
Foreman Examination of Road Construction; salary increase; overtime bonuses; payment outstanding subsidy by Department of Works
Forest Farms and Products Ltd Rates on Waiouru Runs; Rates on Ass. 2/119/439 S G Run Part No 4 and Ass. No 2/124/227 Part Pastoral Run No 1 block 15 and 16 Kaimanawa Survey District; Rates on S G Run Part No 4, Refund
Forest and Rural Fires Bill re appointment of Fire Officers, Engineer appointed; Forest and Rural Fires Act 1947:- Insurance Scheme; Rates of pay for Fire Fighters; requesting Council to appoint J S Bertram as Assistant; Fire Officer
Forest and Rural Fires Regulations  
Forest Fire Prevention  
Fowler, H J Enforcement Officer, Transport Licenses
Fowler, H J Reports
Fowler, H J Salary; Increment; Family Bereavement; Traffic Inspector appoint to Levin and Ford V8 Coupe; Old Fox Typewriter; Appreciation; Late H J Fowler; Wreath
Fowler, K H re Death of H J Fowler  
Fowler and Co, John (NZ) Ltd  
Fox Typewriter old
Frampton, A Roadman's Cottage
Francis, J H J H Francis and Co Ltd loan finances; exeption to balance sheet; Bridge Renewal Loan No 2; Application for new Government Loan
Franke, D G Taurimu Road, trees on, planting; letter from re yard on roadside
Franke, H Contract No 700
Franke, William Contract for maintenance of Frankes Road
Franks, L G R Sanitary Inspector, Taihape; use of part of County Office in Taihape; Report for February and March; Report for quarter ended 30th September
Franks, G H  
Franklin, E W to be interviewed by Engineer and if satisfactory, to be engaged; Deed of Indenture
Franklin Street Extension, Turakina widening of
Fraser, Honourable P, Prime Minister  
Fraser, Margaret J E Junior Typist; increase; Resignation
Frederick, D F Raukautaua Drains
Free Library Service Taihape Borough Council; Marton Borough Council
Freeman, E A (Miss) verses Ekatahuna County Council
Freeman, S Contract No 718; Contract No 730
Freight written off, Patea County Council
Friedrich, P M (Councillor) welcomed to Council
Friedrich, P M  deputation re Pukepapa Road
Fuel (Petrol) Supplies  
Fuller, E G Audit Inspector
Fullerton-Smith, A Calico Line culvert and road access
Fullerton-Smith, A D telephone concession
Fullerton-Smith, F A Private Telephone Line
Fullerton-Smith, R S Sale to Marton Sash Door and Timber Co Ltd
Fullerton-Smith and Co Land for road purposes, Dedication by Arthur Thomas; Land for road purposes, Dedication by Harold Watson Smith and Miss Rhoda Esther Wing, Wing's Road Widening; Taking land under Public Works Act for Gravel Pit, Utiku
Fullerton-Smith and Co Makirkiri Road, W G Managh; Metal Pit (Wicks), Parewanui Road; Deviation, Pukepapa Road at Pukepapa Hill; Gravel Reserve, Heaton Park Estate, W B Rhodes Trust; River Protective Works at Onepuhi, Acquisition Land
Fullerton-Smith and Co Sale of Council's Section at Bulls; Stock Paddock at Polgreen's Hill, H L Gower; Rentals, Workers Dwellings; Agreement, purchase of property at Union Line from Mrs M V Groves; Nga Tawa Metal Pit; Motor Insurance Council's vehicles; Land for road purposes Bonny Glen (R E Beckett's Estate)
Fullerton-Smith and Co, continued NZ Counties Co-operative Insurance Co Ltd; Kakariki Metal Pit and A P Howard; Union Line Deviation at Glasgow's; Galpin's Road Metal Pit purchase; re stock at Ratana; Land Sales Court agreed to sale of land at Kakariki; Service Occupancy Agreement; Mrs W M Brice, Waimutu and Fern Flats Roads
Fullerton-Smith and Co, continued Marton Sash, Door and Timber Co Ltd, R A Poppelwell; Turakina Street; Re Noxious Weeds at Gower's Hill Deviation; Lands Subdivision in Counties Act, G H Shannon; Cameron Street, turakina; Sale of W M Archibald's house; Legislation Morgan Road; Otaihape Valley Road and Bridge, G E Gibbs; Drft copy of Drainage By-Laws
Fullerton-Smith and Co, continued Account for legal expenses for transfer of Cameron Park, Turakina; letter to Council re Greystoke Settlement; Forwarding increased fines for By-Laws; Jefferson's Line, claim for damages on Ngawaka Road; transfer of land from H F to J H Arkwright; Road Legalisation; Waikakahi Road legalisation ; H F and J H Arkwright; Road Legalisation, Bruce's Road; Colliers Junction Deviation; By-Laws; Motor Races; By-Laws
Furber, P re Culvert in water-table
Furlong, C R exception to balance sheet
Future Meetings see Meetings - Future
Gahan, W J West Road; Otiwhiti Station Private Telephone Line
Gair, T J Rates on Part Railway Reserve at Bonny Glen written off
Gaisford, R Compensation for Land taken Curls Bridge, Upper Tutaenui Road
Gaisford, R H removal of Barber-Greene
Galion Power Grader see Power Graders; Plant, purchase of
Gallagher, Charles Mataroa-Naumunui-Kaweka Roads, Objecting to amended loan proposal to increasse Loan to £2, 500
Galpin, R C Private Telephone Line; Pipe Mangahoe Road; repairs to Taurimu Road
Galpin's Road Metal Pit  
Galpin, W to repair Taurimu Road
Galpin, Estate W T Taurimu Road and fencing
Gandell, J W Appointed Assistant Engineer, salary to be £700 per annum; Commences in the new year
Gamble Ltd, John Miles Copycat Machine, particulars of
Ganderton, H L Dog Collars  
"Gannow" Crusher  
Gardeners', Concrete Workers and Drainlayers' Awards  
Gardiner, T Compensation for land taken at Dunsinane Corner
 Garlic Wild Onion or Wild Garlic (Allium Triquetrum); see under Wild Garlic
Garmonsway, H F and 16 other (Rangiwaea) Meeting of Ratepayers re Wairuhe Road
Gas Producers Gas Producer Plants
Gatchell, Miss Valerie B Temporary Assistant Taihape Office; increase in salary and to be put on permanent staff; increase in salary
Gates on Roads from Ministry of Works asking permission to erect gate and cattlestop on Poroa Road; letter from C J McHardy applying for permission to erect a gate on Makopua Road; letter from McBride and Lusk on behalf of F D K Hammond asking that any authority given to Mr McHardy to erect a gate be limited to a short period only to enable him to fence the road where it passes through his property; Permission granted to Ministry of Works to erect gate and cattlestop on Poroa Road on condition that the Department complies with the requirements of the Public Works Act; from C S Pettis application to erect 3 gates Makopua Road; from McBride and Lusk objecting on behalf of F D K Hammond to Mchardy and Pettis applications to erect gates Makopua Road; Deputation re above; from McBride and Lusk stating he advised Mr Hammond to obtain 5 signatures of ratepayers objecting to gates on Makopua Road; from McBride and Lusk forwarding petition requiring removal gates on Makopua Road; from McBride and Lusk asking Council to reconsider question of gates on Makopua Road, to be advised Council prepared to make legal but of opinion that cattle stops would provide satisfactory solution
Gates   on Ohaumoko Road; on Taihape-Napier Road (Rabbit-proof); on Baggotts Road; on Cooks Road, removal; on Ridge Road; on McKenzie Road; Removal of West Road (Hautawa Road); Entrance to Mr McCLymont's property, Ruatangata Road; on Taurimu Road; on Otairi (Pukekoa) Road; T Hammond and G E Agnew
Gates, continued on Pukekoa Road, G E Agnew; on Bell Street, Ohingaiti, R R Perry; A N Dempsey, application to erect fence and gate Main Street
Gate and Cattlestop Death's Road, D J Crabb's Estate
Gaudion, E asking for increased allocation of metal carting in the Taihape Distict
Geange, G E Petition from 14 Settlers re conditions of roads in Rangiwaea area of the Ruanui Rding
General Award or Agreement for all County employees  
General Election  
General Labourer's Dispute  
General Rate Additional (Legal Opinion); Farmers' Union; R Smith complaining; Notice of Intention of Council of making and Levying General Rate for year ending 31st March 1954; 1954/55
General Rate Farmers' Union; 1946-47; 1948-49; 1949-50; 1950-51; 1951-52; 1952-53; R Smith protesting to increase in General Rate; Notice of intention to levy General Rate for year ending 31st March 1954; 1953-54
Georgetti, late James expressions of sympathy to relatives
Gibbs, B E  letter from re metalling Otaihape Valley Road, last 20 chains; application re telephone concession; contribution of £50 towards cost of metalling Otaihape Valley Road
Gibbs, D L Private Telephone Line, Toe Toe Road; Asking Council to metal 7 chains Poroa Road
Gibbs, E C re Telegram on behalf of Utiku Ratepayers re death of H H Richardson
Gibbs, G E Kincaid and O'Conner re section at Taihape; property  at Taihape and Bridge on the Borough Boundary; transfer to Council section at Taihape free of all costs
Gibbs, J H exempting portion Bryces Line from provisions of Section 128 Public Works Act
Gibbs, R G Extension of Transmission Lines
Gibbs, Stan Leedstown Road  
Gibson, R L Application on behalf of J D McCLymont for remission of 10% penalty on 1939-40 rates; Application on behalf of Estate J D McClymont for Council to write off rates due
Gieson Ltd, G L Sodium Chlorate
Gifford, Norman Feilding, appointed Assessor Estate E C Batt
Gifford, Moore, Ongley and Tremaine  
Gilbert, E D Private Telephone Line
Gilbert, E K Public Works Act Section 125
Gilbert, T and others Petition from ratepayers in the Erewhon Riding they desire a revaluation of their properties
Gill, R L Wages; Assessor, Drivers' Dispute; Death of Mrs Gill
Gill, W H Section 19 Mataroa Taihape; Stock on Roads
Gillies, G T and Sons Tender for Mechanical Shovel
Girl Guides Marton; Camp, Porewa
Glaring headlights on motor-vehicles  
Glasgow, A Native Rates 1944-45 and current rates; arrrears Native Rates; and Sons, refund Heavy Traffic Fees
Glasgow, H A Native Rates
Glasgow, N G Land subdivision in Counties Act  
Glasgow, Robert Estate of, Notice to clear stream on Union Line
Glasgow, T D Contract No 727A
Glasgow, W Clearing of Willows, Makirikiri Stream
Godfrey, D R Overhead Expenses; refund Heavy Traffic fees
Goile, J L Account for Medical Attention
Golding's Line Tar sealing of
Golding's Line Tar sealing of
Golf Club House, Bulls  
Goodall, N G  
Goodrick, H M Metalling Ngawaka Road, contributions; School Bus Service
Goodrick, O L  
Goodwin, R Watershed Road fence
Gordon, Don G removal of fence
Gordon, D G Member Wanganui Hospital Board; re state of roads in the northern end of the County; Re Hospitals and Treatment for Soldiers
Gordon, E B K Noxious Weeds Amendment Act; reply of Prime Minister
Gordon, E B K Deputation; Rates, Waiouru Runs, Forest Farms and Products Ltd; Noxious Weeds Act; Ratana Pa Property; Petition to Commissioner of Forests re Conservation of State Forests in Rangitikei County; Local Elections and Polls Amendment Act 
Gordon, E B K Stock Reserves, Waiouru-Taupo Road; Waimari County Electricity Supply Bill; Subsidy for Bridge Renewal; enclosing letter from Minister of Works; £1 for £3 subsidy; £1 for £3 subsidy Makohau Road Water Tunnel, Minister of Works; letter from forwarding copy of Local Elections and Polls Amendment Bill; letter from re petition Auckland Drainage Board; deputation to Minister re flood damage; Ohingaiti Hotel; Flock House Rates
Gordon, I F Private Telephone Line, Toe Toe Road  
Gordon, R A Hunterville sub-committee Rehabiltation
Gorringe, D Roadman's Cottage, Upper Kawhatau; Objecting to Loan proposal of £400, Makopua Road
Gorringe, F H R re Pukehou Estate
Gorse  on Roads; on Railway Lines; Gorse Hedge, T T Bartlett; on banks of Rangitikei River; on Railway land between Marton and Rata; declaring a Noxious Weed; Declared a Noxious Weed; Eradication of in metal pits with "Best" burner
Gorse  Notice of Motion taking steps to have it declared a Noxious Weed; Eradication, Cottony Cushion Scale, Mr H H Holland; on Ranui Station; W B Gray; Okapea Soldiers' Farm Settlement
Gorton Street, Bulls R Mackay, Bulls
Gough, Gough and Hamer Motor Graders; Power Grader
Gould, H J Surveyor, Marton; Survey Charges; Tender; Survey Tuhoe Road; Site new Bridge at Bulls; Union Road Deviation at Glasgow's
Government Audit Inspector  
Government Life Insurance Department Loans Conversion, Makohine Valley Road North; Superannuation Scheme; money available for loans at 3%; terms for proposed Bridges Renwal Loan No 2; Workers Dwellings No 4 Loan; Bridges Renwal Loan No 2; offering to lend £20, 000 at 3 1/4 % for term 25 years
Government Loans Board Calico Line Water Main
Government Printer  
Government Statistician  
Government Traffic Inspector  
Governor-General's Relief Fund  
Governor General to visit Taihape  
Govett, Quilliam, Hutchen and Macallan Damage to J M Russell's Car
Gower, C H Overhead Expenses
Gower, H L  Stock Paddock Polgreen's Hill, land for
Gower, R A Ohingaiti Cemetery Trustees; H G Gower advising that Trustees of Estate of R A Gower wish £500 to be invested for benefit of Ohingaiti Cemetery
Gower's Hill Relief Works; Deviation; Land taken for; Noxious Weeds; Old Road on Hill recognised as Public Road
Grace and Ealam Accounts written off
Grader Shed near Bulls  
Graham and Reed W D Willis; Estate J T H Whisker and Home Guard Trench
Grant, Mr A P Engineer, re Catchment Board; Passing of
Grant, E D Metal Pit, Turakina-Bulls Road; Requesting Council to erect Cattlestop at entrance
Grant, J G offering £85 for Otupae Bridge
Grant, John late  
Grant £40 (Portion of grant of £150) for clearing Barberry, Department of Agriculture
Grant Completion Maungaraupi Stream Bridge; Erection Taurimu Stream Bridge, Lower Turakina Valley Road; Mangahoe Road, £914.2.0 (£3 for £1) Contract No 716, E E Owen; Sealing footpath through Turakina; Hau Hau Stream Bridge (Tunnel and Embankment); Balance of Government Grant, Mataroa-Namanui-Kaweka Roads
Grant Ngauinga Road; Waimutu Stream; Haumakariri Road; Pukekoa Road; Owhakura Road; Mangahoe Road Metalling; Ongo Stream Bridge, Turakina Valley; Completion of Porewa Stream Bridge on Porewa-Onepuhi Road
Grants Government
Grant's Pit Wanganui Education Board; a report each Month; re Carting metal from Grant's Pit; Grants Pit be re-opened; tenders for metal hawling; J A Tate thanked for his work; Council to erect Cattlestop at entrance
Grants Makohine Valley Road North; Mangatipona and Ohaumoko Roads; Toe Toe Road; Mangaweka -Te Kapua and Wairepu West Roads; Watershed Road; Toe Toe  Road; Whiskey Creek Water Tunnel etc; Backblock Roads
Grantham, W G (late) Wreath (Public Rev Act)
Grass Seed Cutting Right T Simpson, written off; Accounts; collect 5/- per road for cutting grass seed
Gratuity W Edge; S Bridgeman; T Huffreys; N Anderson's widow; R H Lewis's widow; C P Liddicoat
Gravel Pit adjoining Bulls Racecourse, transfer from Council; "Cameron's" or "Dalziell's"; in Block XI Rangitoto Survey District Public Works Department proclamation
Gravel Reserve at Santoft Rhodes Trustees; Ohotu, Mrs A Arms; Glencair Road; Ohotu, C J Clark
Gravitation Water Supply  at Utiku Crushing Plant
Gray, W B Noxious Weeds; Culverts on Road
Greatford Junior Social Club  
Greatford School Committee Account  
Greatford Tennis Club Use Tennis Court at Kakariki; thanking Councillor for use
Greatford Township and new Railway Yard  
Green, C G Drain Dug on Main Road at Rata
Green, E Pigs, Wangaehu, Nuisance
Greene, S M Native Rates
Gregory, W and Son Boiling down works license etc
Grey County Council Wages of employees on military service
Greystoke Bush and Boy Scouts; trees on North side of Greystoke Bush; Mr A H Foote, Notice to fence the boundary between his and the Greystoke Scenic Reserve; account of any revenue received; Council to accept control for a further 5 years; re fencing etc on Greystoke Scenic Reserve; approving sale of Macroarpa and Pinus insignis; Control being accepted; re control of reserve from Department of Lands and Survey; R Stafford and S Wright; Commissioner of Crown Lands; Commissioner of Crown Lands asking Council to retain control of above for a term of another 5 years and drawing attention to certain features including grazing lease of portion to S Wright; Reserve to be inspected and report back to next Meeting by Councillor Howard; Mr S Wright be asked to put a gate on the road fence at the above reserve also seven battens between posts and a style on the bush fence; from Lands and Survey Department advise that the control of the above Reserve has been vested in the Council got a period of five years; also asking to be advised when fencing of front portion is completed
Greystoke Scenic Reserve from Lands and Survey Department asking to be advised when the road fence on the above is completed; Council accept 30/- per annum from S Wright for rent cleared area; Lands and Survey Department advising grant of money for permanent improvements not maintenance as asked for Greystoke Scenic Reserve; Lands and Survey Department advising Ministry of Lands approved grant £10 for maintenance reserves in County with special reference to Greystoke Reserve
Griffin, J W  
Griffin's Pit Deviation road to be dealt with; Contract No 785 approved, A E Evans; £188 available from Main Highways Board; Contract No 785 signed; Authority for £188 received; deputation re state of; fence replacement
Groshinski , F Private Telephone Line
Grice, M S Turakina Bridge at Kapakapa; Rural Housing; Rural Housing Application for loan; repairs to Kapakapa Bridge
Group Life Insurance T and G Coy; Group Insurance Scheme for Council's Employees, Australian Provincial Assurance Association Ltd
Group Traffic Inspector  and Marton Borough Council
Groves, (Mrs) M V Cottage and Land fronting Union Line, purchase for Worker's Dwelling
Groyne Rangitikei River opposite Kakariki Crushing Plant
Grylls, G E appointment as Health Inspector; for Reports see "Health Inspector, Reports"; copies of Requisitions; re Maori Family at old Whangehu Railway Station; sent letters to Connor's Brothers and M P Watson; Drainage at Kauangaroa, refuse on Ratana Road and Piggerys on Onepuhi Road; Eating House Regulations; Copies of Requisition; Report for quarter ended 31st March and Requisitions; Report for quarter ended 30th September; relinquishing position of Sanitary Inspector 
Guardian Trust and NZ Investment Trust Ltd; for Burridge Estate to pay Native Rates; 8/- overpayment of rates refunded
Guiulford, J L Charity Aid
Gum trees on Makirikiri Road to be removed
Haapu, Tio Contract No 733B, clearing Upper Wangaehu Valley Drains
Haar G Gift of ash trays for Council table
Haddon Brothers Councils Seal to be affixed to demolition order to be served on Haddon Brothers; from Inspector L R Franks forwarding copy of requisition issue to Mrs Joseph Butler in connection with Haddon Hall
Hagan, L J Audit Inspector, Palmerston North, Councillors travelling expenses to meetings, Councillor Deacon
Haggitt, B Estate E C Batt
Hakopa, K H requesting delay of action concerning roads at Moawhango Pa and matter to be left in hands of Engineer
Hales Track  
Hall Pukeroa, Metalling parking area
Hall, Raine W Photographs, NZ Centennial Exhibition
Hall, Rex refund Heavy Traffic License
Halse, L (Miss) Appointment to Staff
Hamilton, C D Dog Registration Kauangaroa Pa
Hammond, A H tender for Curls Bridge-Upper Tutaenui Road accepteed by Public Works Department; order in favour of Richaardson, McCabe and Co Ltd accepted; adjustment to Contract No 779A; metalling Rangitira Road; metal supply tender declined; tender Murimotu, Kiekie, Agnew's and Watershed Roads accepted; Tender for Contract 806 declined; Tender for Contract 808 declined; Adjustment on Contract No 826; metal supply to Ongo Road; Tender for Mangahoe and Aldworths Road; requesting fortightingly payments; terminating his contract and arranging for another
Hammong, C G Stock-holding paddock between Bulls and Turakina
Hammond, C S 10% penalty 1933/34 rates
Hammond, F D K Makopua Road
Hammond, J Drain  
Hammond, J P C re threat by fire to Ohingaiti Plantation and suggesting precautions; acknowledging letter from Council
Hammond, J R L Councillor; Appointment, Rata Coronation Hall Committee; Traveling Expenses; Representative Hunterville Emergency Precautions Scheme Central Committee; Representative at Farmers; Union Meeting to be held in protest against passing of Local Elections Bill; Leave of absence
Hammond, J R L on Committee to deal with matters arising from Kakariki Ballast Pit; Represent Council Special Meeting Wanganui Hospital Board re Building Programme; Additional Travel Expenses; Attend Noxious Weeds Conference on the 9th May; Acting Chairman at Meeting to consider Rangitira Road; Leave of absence
Hammond, K complaining of state of road near his home; re Kakariki metal; re Kakariki metal account
Hammond, Mrs house at Ohingaiti
Hammond, T Gates on Pukekoa Road, G E Agnew; Fencing, Pukekoa Road, G E Agnew
Hancock, J Russell price list of Road Signs
Hancox, J C D State House and Chamber of Commerce
Hansen, M E (Mrs) Turakina-Cliff Line Main Highway
Hardie, Major and Captain Larsen Home Guard Expenses
Harding, R  
Harding, Thurston and McDonald metal carting be increased; metal carting rates
Harding, W N Contract No 741A
Hardy, Junior, B Cheque gone astray
Hardy, R Deceased, Accident,  State Fire and Accident Insurance Office
Hardwood Timbers Opunake Harbour Board; NZ Forests Service; Council to sell to E K Lourie 95 pieces of Hardwood at cost price at Kakariki
Harper, H S land subdivision , letter from K A Williams asking for Council's agreement
Harre, G J Putorino, Private Telephone Line
Harris, A G Contract No 713
Harris, George Contract No 763
Harris, H H  failure to eradicate Ragwort
Harris, H W Council's Consulting Engineer to come to Marton re Kakariki Metal Pit and A P Howard
Harris, J A Deputation
Harris, R W appointed second assistant engineer; Articles of Apprenticeship; purchase of house and telephone; £50 increase of salary; increase of salary to £700
Harrison and Son Ltd (Waiouru) Appointment for Agents for Motor Drivers Licenses
Harris's Creek tenders Hegglun, Fletcher and Parkes; tenders declined; tenders called; work to be proceed with as soon as monetary authority received; to be gone on with at once
Hart, F E Private Telephone Line; Trickers' Road
Hart, S E Account passed for payment
Hartigan, M J Traffic Inspector; Report; re Uniforms and torches for Emergency Traffic Police
Hartley, C Engineer's report on road access to property at Turakina; Council agreeable to legalising at half chain width
Hartley, George and Peter Waiters Contract No 733C; and Fitchett, Donald Contract No 783 and 784; Wangaehu Drains Contract No 797 and 798
Hartley, Mrs G will accept current rates and half arrears
Hartley, G T  
Hartley, H Offering £64 in full settlement of rates on Ruatangata 1A 1A2 and Part 1A 1A3 and Council's acceptance
Hartley, H G Transport License; Contract No 736
Hartley, H J Goods-service License, Transport Department
Haselden, F H  
Hathaway, A D  
Haunui Drains Contract No 798; Contract 809, George Hartley £186-11-6
Hautapu Bridge at Taihape; and Subsidy; Hihitahi
Hautapu Bridge at Utiku  
Hautapu River Bridge at Jacobsens
Hautapu Rabbit Board from Ministry of Works extract from Gazette re land taken for Cottage for above Board
Hawken, O B Conversion Railway Line Turakina-Wangaehu; new member for Otakapu Riding; to succeed G L Marshall on Turakiuna Domain Board; Leave of absence; additional travelling expenses; on Committee of Turakina Town Hall; travelling expenses for special meetings
Hawkes Bay Catchment Board Administrative Rate; Rates (1946-47); Minutes annual Meeting; Fire Prevention; copy of by-laws; Rate (1947-8); Special Order Administrative Rate; Administrative Rate; Amendment to the by-laws; Administrative Rates; Special Order directing levying of a rate of 1/15th of a penny on Capital Value; Balance Sheet for year ended 31/3/54; from above forwarding copy Special Order directing Council to levy administration rate
Hawkes Bay Catchment District first election 20th May; re Special Order; administrative rate; Special Order re Rates
Hawkes Bay County Council Taihape-Napier Road; Hospital Levy Increases; Local Election and Polls Amendment Bill; Aerodromes; Kuripaponga Rabbit Proof Gate; Report Noxious Weeds Conference
Hawkes Bay Health District W S Steele
Hawkes Bay Joint Counties Average Values
Hawkes Bay Rabbit Board requesting nomination of member; Rabbit Gate on Kuripaponga Bridge; Bridge been completed and want £75 donation; statement of expenditure on Gate at Kuripapongo; from M S Chambers asking Council to place a cattlestop at the rabbit gate on Taihape-Napier Road near the Ngamatea Station; advising it has no authority to remove rabbit gate on Taihape-Napier Road but Board has removed notice re closing gate
Hawkes Bay Roads Loan  
Hawkestone Golf Club  
Hawkins Ltd, C R "Rotex" Mailing Machine
Hawkins, H D gate on Ridge Road
Hawkins, W S gorse hedge
Hawkins, W S requesting that Warren Road be widened
Hawkins, Estate J W replacement of fence
Haworth, Sewell and Haworth W B Connots, outstandiing rates
Hawthorn Special Meeting to pass Special Order declaring Hawthorn to be a Noxious Weed; Special Order declaring Hawthorn to be a Noxious Weed
Health Camp Campaign Financial Assistance, Health Stamps purchase; Stamps purchased
Health Department Cemeteries; W De Roo; Health Officer's Salary; Health Inspector, Accommodation; Milking Shed By-Laws; Hydatids Remedy; Appointment Inspector J F Dimes as Council's Sanitary Inspector; Tuberculosis; Duties in Northern end of County taken over by Inspector Flowers; cost of Health Inspection; re appointment of Inspector Linford to Taihape; Copy Health (Burial) Regulations; resolution re Autogyros; Hydatids Remedy; Health Inspectors; pollution of Tutaenui Stream; E G Grylls appointed in place of J V Flowers; Copy Health (Drainlayers registration) Regulations; Health Inspection; from Health Department; advising their contribution toward Inspectors' salaries; from Sanitary Inspector asking that in view of the unsatisfactory state of food premises at Waiouru conditional licenses be issued; Report for quarter ended 30th June
Health Department, continued see Department of Health; re appointment of Inspector Llinford to Taihape; Copy Health (Burial) Regulations; resolution re Autogyros
Health, Department of (continued) cost of Health Inspection; re appointment of Inspector Linford to Taihape; copy Health (Burial) Regulations; resolution re Autogyros; Hydatids Remedy; Health Inspectors; pollution of Tutaenui Stream; E G Grylls apppointed in place of J V Flowers; copy Health (Drainlayers) Registration Regulations; Health Inspection; from Health Department advising their contribution toward Inspectors' salaries; from Sanitary Inspector asking that in view of the unsatisfactory state of food premises at Waiouru conditional licenses be issued; Report for quarter ended 30th June
Health, Department of (continued) Council's contribution towards two Inspector's Salaries; Copy of Requistion; E R G Grylls Report; Food Hygeine Regulations; Reports from E G Grylls and L R Franks; Appointment Sanitary Inspector M B Marks;Report for Quarter from M B Marks; M B Marks Report for Quarter; H McLeod report for Quarter; from Director General of Health advising that there will probably be increases in contributions toward Inspectors Salaries; Salaries; from above advising contributions toward cost of Inspector's salaries; from Inspector H D McLeod giving report on house at Rata owned by Mr T Potaka; Inspector to take necessery proceedings to have house closed at Rata; Report; Inspector McLeod report of inspection quarter ended 30thSeptember1954; from Inspector L R Franks report of inspections to 30/11/54; Mr James Hurley to be charged £2 for disposing of beast on Pohonui Road; from Inspector H D Mcleod, report for quarter ending 31/3/55 for whole of County
Health Inspection from Sanitary Inspectors reports of inspections for quarter ended
Health Inspection rates of contributions; letter from Department of Health; copies of Requisitions to houses in the County; from E G Grylls copy of Requisition ; from E G Grylls re Maori Family at old Whangaehu Railway Station; Leo Campion's Septic Tank; copies of letters to Connors Brothers and M P Watson; Drainage at Kauangaroa, refuse on Ratana Road, Piggers on Onpuhi Road; Requisition sent to P T Shasnnon; Report for February and March; Reports of Inspectors; Notice be inserted in paper re disposal of dead animals; Minister of Internal Affairs be asked for a ruling on the control of Ratana Pa; Council to give Health Inspector authority to take proceedings with regard to pigs of which notice has already been given; L R Franks to be instructed to take proceedings to have demolition order made against Haddon Brothers if notice to remove is not complied with; Inspector to inspect and make report on house at Rata-Putorino Road, Railway crossing
Health Inspectors Reports
Health Inspector Taihape Report; Pluming and Drainage Regulations; Duties in Northern end by Inspector Flowers; re appointment of Inspector Linford (Taihape); Report; by V J Flowers; J Linford advising that he has been transferred to Masterton
Health Inspector, Wanganui re Plumbing and Drainage Regulations
Health Stamp Campaign (Marton)  
Health Stamp Campaign Taihape Committee
Heating New County Chambers
Heatley, C B and Owhaoko Blocks, rates on
Heavy Traffic H N Wilson; NZ Railways Lorries; Mickleson Brothers Transfer of license; Refunds for K H Smith and D A Honore; Roads to be closed during May to September; Roads to be closed to Heavy Traffic; Appointment of Postmasters Mangakino and Taupo County; Schedule of allocation of above fees for month of March 1954; from NZ Counties Assciation forwarding copy of letter from Transport re Transferability of Heavy Traffic Licenses and Weekly Heavy Traffic Licenses; refund to M F Redman; letter from Public Trust Office on behalf of C B Heatley Estate asking that Heavy Traffic Restriction on the Taihape Napier Road between the two properties of the Estate be uplifted to enable supplies to be transported; Deputation Carriers of Marton waited upon Council for their application for extension of llicenses to enable them to operate in the Wanganui District; Heavy Traffic fee for £2.7.3 refunded to A T Whale
Heavy Traffic From NZ Counties Association advising that all Heavy Traffic fees collected after the 31st March will be paid to National Roads Fund; Notices to be sent to varios Stations giving notice that Taihape Napier Road will be closed to Heavy Traffic on 1st May etc; from Wanganuni City Council statement of allocation of Heavy Traffic Fees for Quarter ended 28thFebruary; List of Roads to be closed for Heavy Traffic agreed to
Heavy Traffic By-Laws to be enforced; Regulations to be enforced; Regulations to be enforced; Transport Ltd, Hastings
Heavy Traffic Axle Loads Conference re limitations
Heavy Traffic Discs 1935/36; 1936/37; 1936-37
Heavy Traffic License Fees Apportionment; Share form Pool; Heavy Traffic Services Licenses, Allocations; Heavy Traffic Fees - Confrence - Allocations; Transferred to General Account; Allocation; Restriction on Heavy Traffic on Taihape-Napier Road; Restriction of Heavy Traffic on Mangatipona Road; Closures; Maximum load on Taruarau Bridge be restricted to 2 ton; from Transport Department advising that Council has been appointed to collect Heavy Traffic fees in the Hunterville Town District and Taupo County; The Council suggested that the Tauipo Town Board might collect for the Taupo County; from Hawkes Bay County Council agreeing to close portion of the Taihape-Napier Road to Heavy Traffic during winter months; Refunds of Heavy Traffic Licenses approved by Council to M E Bland and R Greenlees
Heavy Traffic Fees Farmers Lorries; B R Blackhall; Rebate H N Wilson Ltd; O'Neill Brothers refund; F Jeeves refund; Rebate on H N Wilson; O'Neill Brothers refund; R E Shaw; refund to E C Nitschke; refund to D R Godfrey; refund to A Glasgow and Sons; William Bell and Son; Refund to Rangitikei Co-operative Dairy; Refund to Rex Hall; Overloading of roads and bridges; Refund to C B Heatley;refund to Erewhon Station Ltd; Heavy Traffic Fees Statement; Refund A R Cook and L E Deacon; from Wanganui City Council schedule of Heavy Traffic fees for quarter 31.8.53; from Wanganui City Council schedule of above fees for Quarter 28th February 1954 
Heavy Traffic License Fees Hunterville Town Board; Extension of the license year; granting of short term license and period date for expiry of ordinary traffic license; Rebate vehicles impressed by Government; 50% reduction in farm trailers and tractors up to 5 tons each; 
Heavy Traffic License Fees apportionment by Minister of Transport; Addional petrol tax in lieu thereof
Heavy Traffic Fees Allocation fromPool; statement of allocation for quarter ended 28th February 1950; Wanganui City Council agreeing to allocation of Heavy Traffic Fees; Heavy Traffic fees allocation; Wilson Road (Bald Hill Road); allocation of Heavy Traffic Fees from Wanganui City Council; be considered again by Minister of Transport
Heavy Traffic Fees refund to H A and T D Glasgow; refund to A T Whale; refund to W Moore; refund to Rex Hall; statement of Heavy Traffic Fees for quarter ended 30th November; refund to M Rogan; Refund to H J Tod; Wanganui City Council; Smith and short refund; Wanganui City Council statement of allocation of Heavy Traffic fees for quarter ended 30th November 1953; refund to Parangahau Transport Company of Heavy Traffic for 5 months; refund Heavy Traffic Fees Johnston Brothers and H J Dewe Ltd
Heavy Traffic Fees Apportionment from Pool continued; Allocation of ; Ministerial allocation of; Allocation by Wanganui City Council; prompt payment to Pool required by Wanganui City Council; Allocation from Pool; Alteration re allocation suggesteed by Wanganui City Council; not thought necessary; allocation of at Conference in Wanganui 9/9/46; Chairman appoited Delegate; report of Conference; Allocation from Pool; allocation
Heavy Motor Vehicle Regulations Amendments; Abatement of License Fees; Amendments; Reduction of Fees for "Farmers" Trucks; Notice in paper re Tractors on County Roads; restriction on Taihape-Napier Road; Rotorua Transport Department
Hedges Trimming  
Hegglun, C Contract No 708; Contract No 713; Contract No 737; Contract No 738
Hegglun, E P tenders for Harris's Creek and Fernie's Creek Culverts; tenders declined
Hemi, Jimmy Tender for Upper Wangaehu and Rakautaua Drainage Districts
Henderson, Jack Contract No 708C
Henderson Ltd, P and W Flags for sale
Herd, R H Gower's Hill Deviation, Noxious Weeds
Herkt, A J Mrs Car and Truck, dismantled
Heron, W Returned Soldier, Holiday Pay
Hickey, J  Utiku
Hickford, G E interview for pposition of Overseer; Travelling Expenses
High School children, visit of  
Highway at night Protection of School Children
Highways Subsidies return to Main Highways Board of unexpended balances
Hihitahi  Scenic Reserve; Plantation, firebreak to be ploughed
Hikaia Amohia Contract No 741A
Hill, Alice (Mrs) Bulls Bridge Protection Works
Hill Brothers Permits under Heavy Motor Vehicles Regulations; Damage to Public Trust Bridge
Hill, Edgar James to be engaged under Rehabilitation Scheme as Civil Engineer trainee; Articles of Apprenticeship; Amended Trade Training Contract with Rehabilitation Department; Special Leave of absence for 2 weeks; Increase in salary
Hill Brothers and Bartlett Tender removal trees Westoe Avenue; Contrat No 712
Hill, J C re fatal accident W Grantham
Hill, Miss Zeta increase in salary; leave of absnce for two weeks; Tendering her resignation
Hill's Carrying Company Ltd Contract No 747
Hill County Demonstration Area  
Hineiti Arani claiming royalty for metal
Hira Hinekura Native Department, Ruatangata 1E 1B
Hire Barber-Greene Loading Machine to John Cummins of Napier at Rate of £25
Hiroti Brothers rates on Rakautata £a 5B and 5C2; Christie, Craigmyle and Tizard requesting further action re rates be withheld until 1st February 1946 - granted untik 1st December 1945 only; Christie, Craigmoyle and Tizard offering £125 offered by solicitors in full settlement of arrears and current rates in view of misunderstanding, £125 plus half current rates acceptable by Council
Hiroti Brothers, continued matter then left to Mr Fenwicke to negotiate with Hiroti Brothers; settlement reached; settlement of outstanding rates
Hiroti, A final notice to remove noxious weeds
Hiroti, T Outstanding rates
Historical Pamphlets  
History of County NZ Counties Association
History of Wellington Province  
Hoardings By-Laws; on Roadsides; from Ministry of Works requesting Council to make Bylaws similar to Matamata County Councils for control of Hoardings
Hobson County Council making representation to Honourable Minister of Works re Highway Sealing and Bridge Renewal funds
Hodder, Alan Keith Reserve Section 10 block III Tiriraukawa survey District transfer to Whites
Hodder and Tolley Timber Carting Upper Kawhatau Road by Norman Dornbusch
Hodge, E R Architect, Wanganui Education Board; Specifications New County Offices
Hokianga County Council Social Security
Holben and Kirk Central Heating, New County Offices
Holiday Pay W Heron, Returned Soldier; Discharged Soldiers; Employees on Military Service; Employees released from Military Forces; James Linton, Returned Soldier; W D Jackson; J P Clarke; R K Ford; R F A McKenzie; A T Dickinson
Holidays Staff
Holiday Engineer's  
Holiday Labour Day, Relief Workers
Holland, (Mrs) A G  
Holland, H H C Contract No 679
Holland, H B re McKenzie Road; re Burn Road, Private Telephone Line
Home Defence and National Service  
Home Guard Wanganui Locality, G L Marshall; Bulls Locality, K W Dalrymple; Taihape Locality, Copuncillors Doole, Mair and Smith; Hunterville Locality, Councillors Dalziell and Hammond; Marton Locality
Home Guard and Emergency Precautions Scheme; Marton District , Representatives, A S Cloleman and County Engineer; Benzine for Instructors' Cars; Council willing to pay up to 50% of the expenses of the four Local Committees of Home Guard - Marton, Bulls, Hunterville and Taihape; and Engineers("Key" positions)
Home Guard Hunterville Town Board; Do, Expenses; Motor Insurance Council's vehicles; Fordell Battalion; Expenditure at Taihape
Home Guard Compensation for Injuries
Home Guard Light on Pole at Rangiwaea School; Lighting Expenses; Trench and Estate J T H Whisker
Home Guard Area Commander, Wanganui Benzine for Instructors, Account
Home Guard Headquarters, Wanganui Contribution  
Home Guard Headquarters, Marton  
Homes, J L and Clark, H O D Slaughter License W-9
Homes, Rex Parewanui Road
Honrary Scenic Inspectors  
Honore, D A timber carting from Mokai Station; offer to purchase breast bench in Taihape Yard received
Hope Gibbons Ltd M B E Silver Jubilee Celebrations of His Majesty the King
Hopkins, Julia Estate of, Reserve 1 Block X Ruahine Survey District
Horowhenua County Council  
Horniblow, C W tranfer to Thames; letter to expressing satisfaction at way he has carried out his duties; reply from Transport Department re appreciation
Horse, Dray and Harness (New)  
Hersley, H G  
Horton, A Vehicle allowance; Retiring granted; Acknowledging letter of appreciation, also be served more than 10 years; Details of service with the County
Hospital Board Election re objections to County being combined with Town Districts for election of Representative on Board
Hospital Facilities at Marton  
Hospital Finance Kairanga County Council; Dr Ulric Williams
Hospital Levy 1943-44; 1943/4; 1944-45; 1945-46; 1949/50; Upper Hutt Borough re Allocation
Hospital Levy Increases Hawkes Bay County Council; Waitemata County Council
Hospital Maintenance Tauranga County
Hospital Rate 1938-39; 1939-40; 1940-41; 1941-42; 1942-43; 1943-44; 1946-47; 1949-50; ffrom NZ Counties Association; on Soldiers Settlement; 1951/52; 1952/53; Notice of intention of Council of making  and levying Hospital rate for year ending 31st March 1954; 1953/54; 1954/55
Hospital Rating  
Hospital Rating and National Health Insurance
Hospital Taxation Waikato Hospital Board
Hospitals and Treatment for Soldiers  
Hotel Accommodation at Ohingaiti  
Hotter, F Contract No 686
House for Assistant Engineer Mr Dukeson's purchase of subject to consent of Land Sales Court; rent fixed at 30/- per week; repairs and alterations to be proceeded with
House   at Kakariki; Houses at Kakariki; and Land at Hunterville, purchase; for sale, to be inspected by Committee in view of purchasing; at Kakariki, additions and alterations to Campbell's Cottage; at Hunterville, urgent repairs
House at Rata offer made by Council to purchase for £300
House at Taihape John McDonald's, £400 to be paid on account
Housing Circular letter from Minister of Housing; Circular letters and booklet from Minister of Housing; letter from Minister asking Council to consider adoption of Uniform Housing specification; Specification to be pplaced at the disposal of the ratepayers; from Minister acknowledging letter re housing specification and suggesting Council adopt Standard Code of Building Bylaws and Uniform Housing Specification; form Minister of Housing asking Council to consider question of land purchase and subdivision to assist with housing problem; form Minister report on housiing for year ended 31/3/54; letter from Minister of Housing advising that responsibility for the group housing has been delegated to the State Advances Corporation; form Minister of Housing asking Council to Consider possibility of erecting houses in smaller towns for school teachers etc also housing bulletin
Housing Loans  
Howard, A M Motor Mechanic
Howard, A P Kakariki Ballast Pit, Council intends to take 113 acres under Public Works Act; Engineer to survey land to be taken; Council gives notice that it intends to take 32 acres 1 rood 16 perches; Draft Agreement considered; consent of Land Sales Court granted at £750; Kakariki Protective Works; rent of land; rent of land at Kakariki
Howard, A P purchase land at Kakariki for Foreman's Cottage; to acquire river accretion title to land above Council's works at Kakariki; Council's Solicitors lodge a Caveat against; Kakariki House Building Scheme, Engineers Report; Conditions as to sale; objection to acquisition of accretion waived
Howie, F R re conditions of Upper Turakina Valley Bridge
Hudson, F H re Parliamentary Committee Conference and represesntatives; Ward 4 Conference at Palmerston North
Hughes, W Rangership
Hulena (Mrs) and Hulena, M B Pukeokahu Cottage; granted £10 towards cost of building at Pukeokahu Cottage
Hulena, Dunham and Beuck Roadmen
Humffreys Acknowledging receipts of grant to T Humffreys
Humffreys, T gratuity of four weeks granted; M E Humffreys acknowledging grant
Humphrey, L Chairman, Boy Scouts Committee
Hunt, E J claiming £55.16.0 for cattle lost on Omatane Road; Unable to compensate for loss of stock
Hunt, I G the above's appointment to an Official of the Council
Hunterville Building Company Ltd tender for Rata Memorial Hall £205 accepted
Hunterville Catholic Church shifting building
Hunterville Cemetery Trustees  
Hunterville Chamber of Commerce Rangitira Road
Huntervile Emergency Precautions Scheme Committee  
Hunterville Domain Council Staff's assistance in connection with alterations
Hunterville Express  
Hunterville Extension Streets certificate under Seal re loan money, L J Thompson
Hunterville Fire Brigade donation; thanks expressed; Donation be granted; thanking Council for donation Requesting Donation; Donation granted
Hunterville Locality Home Guard Committee Councillors Dalziell and Hammond; Do, Central Committee, Councillors Dalziell and Hammond
Hunterville Office John Klue offer to buy; offer declined
Hunterville Pound repairs
Hunterville Public Library  
Huntervile Rabbit Board Deputation; Noxious Weeds Insp[ectors etc; Notice of meeting; Circular letter re its activities; The Chairman congratulated above on excellent report; asking if Council would be prepared to maintain the road at Ohingaiti giving access to Section 29-35, 110 and 111
Hunterville School asking Council to repair bridges Putorino Road etc
Hunterville Town Board re Noxious Weeds; Hunterville Branch Farmers Union; Traffic Inspecor; Bridge over Porewa at Hunterville; Silver Jubilee Celebrations of His Majesty  the King; NZ Centennial Wellington Province; Council's Weed Inspector be permitted to operate in Hunterville Town District
Hunterville Town Board Conference, Local Government (Amalgamation Schemes) Bill; Electors' Bill; Coronation Celebrations; Public Pound; Heavy Traffic License fees; Home Guard Expenses; advising amended values of Councils land in Hunterville; requesting use of Power Grader once monthly; thanking Council for use of Power Grader; refund on rates at Water Works; Bridge inspection by Engineer and for him to represent the Board on the No 8 District Highways Council; construction of bridge on Main Street; Kotukutuku Road Bridge; repairing Main Street Bridge ; thanking Council for assistance for Main Street Bridge; reconstruct Rangatira Road
Hunterville Town Board Noxious Weeds Inspection, appointment of A W Trotter; Emergency Precautions Scheme, Representatives on Hunterville Emergency Precautions Scheme Central Committee; re Noxious Weeds Conference and declaring Hawthorn, Gorse and Broom to be Noxious Weeeds within the TOwn District; Maintenance of Kotuku tuku Road; Noxious Weeds on Road Frontages; new valuations; Bridge Inspection by Engineer; Kotukutuku Bridge
Hunterville Town Board Main Street Bridge, Power Grader; Kotukutuku Road; thanking Council for Power Grader; Main Street Bridge; Main Strret Bridge, deputation of Hunterville Town Board; I V Aldworth; first one built if plans approved; asking for contributions for Coronation Celebrations; Approval  arrangement Main Street Bridge; thanking Council in connection with Coronation Celebrations; offer of £218 for fire services within 5 mile radius for four years and failing acceptance Council pay turning out fee; Stating it does not consider offer  of 10/- per house per annum fair and setting out new scheme
Hunterville Town Board Main Street Bridge, asking permission to have Mr J Robinson appointed Ranger for Town District; Approval given for above; asking the Council to give some attention to Marshall Road and forwarding letter from 5 Ratepayers
Hunterville Volunteer Fire Brigade
Hunterville War Memorial County Engineer to prepare plans for Memorial
Hurley, E J Appointment Trustee Hunterville Cemetery
Hurley, J E Section 28 Pohonui Village Settlement, appying for refund of rates; purchase of Sections 29/32 Pohonui Village 
Hurst Brothers Estate R Symlie deceased
Hurst, J Mataroa Cottage
Hutcheson, Wilson and Co Ltd Flags etc for Coronation Celebrations
Huts from Waiouru purchase of
Hutt County Council Drainage Ohingaiti
Hydatid Disease Remedy  
Hyde, J H Secretary Local Committee, National Production Council, Ohingaiti
Hypothecated Thirds agreement by Auditor-General to transfer balances to Ordinary Thirds Account on repayment of loans
Ideal Auto Mobile Crushing Plants  
Illston, B Rata-Silverhope Road
Illston, F W and Others Private Telephone Line
Imperial Chemical Industries NZ Ltd Opening cermony of alluminium bungalow
Imperial Chemical Industries NZ Ltd Noxious Weeds Killer
Impounding Act from NZ Counties Association, copy of Impounding Bill for consideration; from NL Shelton advising that he has forwarded comment on the Impounding Bill to the Minister of Internal Affairs; from Evans and Easther advising Section 33 of Impounding Bill at present before Parliament would obviate need for amending Council's By-laws
Impounding Fees Bulls Public Pound; Impounding of Stock
Impressment Vehicles  
Imprest Account Opening of; to esablish an account for £1, 5000; to be operated upon by Treasurer and one other responsible officer; Mr Mckenzie to sign cheques in absence of Engineer; letter form Controller and Auditor-General; P R Boyce to sign; Application to be made to Controller and Auditor General for authority to operate Imprest Account of £2, 500; letter from Controller and Auditor General giving approval for Imprest Account £2, 500; from Controler and Auditor General, approving Imprest account being operated by Treasurer and one other responsible officer
Improvements, Council's Properties  
Increasing Primary Production Department Agriculture 
Increaessed loading on classified road January and February, Transport Department
Increments, Staff  
Indication Discs Heavy Traffic Licenses
Industrial matters Committee
Industrial Roads from Ministry of Works advising that the National Roads Board will relieve all operators of payment of levies of tolls for above traffic
Inglewood County Council  
Inland Road, Omatane Flat Subsidy
Insanitary Dairy Farm McGhee
Inscribed Loans  
Insignus Pine Timber  
Isolation Allowance letter from NZ  C C Industrial Union of Employers
Inspection of Factories  Wages, Drivers Power Graders and Trucks; Delay payment of wages
Inspector of Noxious Weeds Taihape etc
Inspector of Reserves Appointments
Inspector of Stock, Feilding  
Inspector of Stock, Feilding and Wanganui; Noxious Weeds
Inspector of Stock, Taihape Recommending Gorge and Broom to be noxious weeds; re Control of Noxious Weeds
Installation Electricity  in Council's Dwellings
Installation telephone  in Engineers' private residence
Institute of County Clerks  
Institute for the Blind  
Instruments for Engineering left in hands of Engineer to purchase
Insurances from NZ Counties Co-operative Insurance Co Ltd explaining why Public Risk Insurance premiums are based on wages paid and quoting cost of increased cover for single claims
Insurance Claim from R C Ongley claiming on behalf of N J C Byford carrier of Taihape the sum of £143.4.2 on account of sheep lost when bridge on Ngawaka Road collapsed; P L R Abraham advising that client G A Herford is holding Council responsible for damages suffered as result of accident with COunty lorry
Insurance on Dwellings Insurance money, Okirae Cottage Transfer to separate account
Insurance Fire, Business; proposed County Council's; Passenger Risk Policy; Fire, transfer to State Fire and Acccident Insurance Office; Cream Stands on roads
Insurance, Motor Vehicles  
Intake Works Water Supply for Mental Hospital, Ohinepuhiawe
Interest on Loans to be paid out of General Fund
Interest Account Balances  
Interest on Loan Reduction Under the Local Authorities Interest Reduction and Loans Conversion Act
Internal Affairs Department see Department of Internal Affairs; from above advising steps are being taken to preserve Local Body Records by NZ Library Association
International Harvester  Company Galion Power Grader
International Lorry purchase approved
Investment in War Loan £2, 000
Ireland, A J Half year's rates to 31.3.1936
Ireland's Metal Pit, Upper Tutaenui Sale of
Ireton, T H D M Watkins removal gate from off Rangitane Road
Irwin, Cliff Acting Foreman; Salary increased to £390 per annum; J McDonald farewell; bonus payment; Appointment as Overseer
Isolation Allowance Local Body Labourer's Union, for Roadmen
Italy's Capitulation re Holding National Parade
Isherwood, Bellam and Co Contract No 681; Contract No 685
Ivey, James S Contract No 689; Contract No 700; Extra Allowance; Contract Wangaehu Valley Drainage District
Jackson, R E Log Hauling
Jackson, W D Salary; Death of his Father; Holiday Pay, Returned Soldier
Jacobs and Grant Pukekaka Farms Limited
Jacobsen Brothers Taihape
Jacobsen, Mrs L A Ngawaka Road; Hautapu Bridge
Jamieson, Mrs Bredin's Road
Japanese Sodium Chlorate  Noxious Weeds
Jacques No 1 Crusher sold to E Jensen
Jaw Crusher purchase of
Jeeves, F Heavy Traffic License fee refund; re terms of employment
Jeffery, A missing cheque for £5.3.7; thanking Council to replacing lost cheque
Jefferson's Line proclamation gazetted concerning land taken from Jefferson's Line
Jefferson, Oswald and Sons Slaughtering LIcense
Jenkins Brothers Fence, Warren Road
Jenkins, late E G Widow of late E G Jenkins
Jensen, C M Private Telephone Line; Adjustment Commission
Jenson, E C Contract No 806, tender accepted; Contract No 808, tender accepted; Offer accepted for Jacques No 1 Crusher; No more metal carting on Contract No 806; Balance payable on Metal Cartiing Contract; signing of Contract 806; Contract No 806 terminated and new Contract entered into , Mechanical Shovel hired for Council
Jenson, J H Contract No 691; Contract No 708; Contract No 708A; Contract No 713; Contract No 708C; Contract No 737; Contract No 742 Section A; Contract No 742 Section B; Contract No 744; Contract No 758
Jensen, R F asking Council to provide access to Motukawa 2B3D Block, by proclaimation under the Public Works Act; Council to take under the Public Works Act the land for road to give access for R F Jensen; Council to give approval to taking of the above strip of land; from R F Jensen agreeing to pay all survey and other reasonable expenses connected with acquiring access road to Motukawa 2B3D; R C Ongley objects to road for access to Motukawa 2B3D being taken through property of H M Goodrich; has come to arrangement re access to Awarua 2B3D
Johns, J M F Noxious Weeds
Johnson, E and John Quirk  
Johnston Road Fee simple of Marton Borough Council; letter from Marton Borough Council consenting to take necessary action to legalise
Johnston Street, Bulls  
Johnston, F land at Wangaehu Bridge
Jones, F W Engineering Staff, Increase in Salary; Appointment to the Permanent Staff; Salary (Basic Wage); Salary Increment; Salary, memorandum of Settlement, Opinion; Salary; Military Camp and Superannuation Contributions and Salary; Cable re H H Richardson's death; Soldiers Holiday Pay £48-16-8; Salary to be maximum allowed under Award; authorised to endorse cheques; congratulations by Coun cil for being mentioned in despatches; leave of absence granted to attend Local Government Officers Refresher Course; Increase in salary to £550; Granted 2 weeks absence for his marriage; Increase in salary
Jones, F W, continued increasse in salary; recommendation for Salary increase £12 per annum; Increase in Salary to £700 per annum; Increase of £40 to salary of Mr Jones be made retrospective to 1st April 1953
Jones, Jeffrey Telephone Concession
Jones, John and Sons Contract; Contract No 704; Contract No 705; Contract No 709; Contract No 720; Contract No 708A
Jones, L O Marton Workshop, Temporary Mechanic
Jones, L L Salary; Increase; Scale Rate; Memorandum of Settlement; Bonus; Leave, Military Camp, Waverley; Leave to be married; Military Camp and Superannuation Contributions; Applications for release from Military duties; re release from Air Department
Jones, L L, continued salary to be maximum allowed under Award; resignation received and accepted and granted by way of gratuity amount equal to two months salary; retrospective increase in salary
Jones, P Contract No 682
Jones, P R Tender Contract No 733, declined
Jones, P R Wangaehu Valley Drainage Rates; request for extension of time for removal of Noxious Weeds
Jones, R A application private telephone concession
Jones, R M S Order, W H Mosen; Gates on Otairi (Pukekoa) Road; Rates Outstanding, J A Ennis; re damage to C M Fletcher's car; T Hammond and G Agnew re fencing Pukekoa Road; Agnew, gates on Pukekoa Road; Walker's Pit lease surrender; K G Dalziell to T G Palmer; copy of Resolution re legislation of Onslow Street, Ohingaiti; Pukeroa Pit; H H Meads Section at Rata
Jones, T S sale of land from E K Gilbert
Jordan, A Contract
Jubilee Avenue of Trees Wangaehu-Bulls Main Highway
Jubilee Celebrations His Majesty the King  
Jubilee Institute for the Blind  
Julian and Son, J T Liquidator
Jull, A E  Member of Parliament; late
Junior Chamber of Commerce see Marton Junior Chamber of Commerce
Junior Typists etc  
Jurgens, D W H and P R Siggs Pukenaua Road
Jurgens, F C and H F Outstanding rates
Jurgens, G H C Noxious Weeds, Gower's Hill Deviation
Jurgens, R B Contract 727A
Justices Association Justice Department
Kahurauponga and Makirikiri Streams  
Kaiapoi Borough Council  
Kaimanawa Runs  
Kairanga County Council Hospital Finance
Kaitaia and District Progressive Society (Inc) forwarding petition for Parliament re beer bottles, for signature
Kakariki Ballast Pit Accounts written off; charges for metal increase; Private siding; temporary fence; erection of Workers' Dwellings; Committee's Report; Engineer's report house Building Scheme; missing receipt book; A P Howard's title to accretion; objection waived; meeting to be arranged with Catchment Board
Kakariki Ballast Pit, continued revocation of Declaration of Essentiality; Protection works, H W Harris's account; Financial Statement; Report adopted; special meeting to be held in January 1946; survey for housing to be proceeded with; Pea Gravel reduced to 2/6d for Ratepayers; Protection Works
Kakariki Ballast Pit estimate re Plant Mix; application to be made for revision of metal prices; re A P Howard, Council to purchase 19 acres and 13 acres; A P Howard, intention of Council to take 13 acres under Public Works Act; Enineer to survey land to be taken from A P Howard; Installation Hot-Mix Plant; Installation Hot-Mix Plant and extension concrete works (Amended resolution) Council gives notice re taking 32 acres 1 rood 16 perches from A P Howard; and A P Howard draft Agreement; Mr Sadler to attend Meetings of Council while report being read; from Railway Department agreements re Siding Access at Kakariki; Sum of £3, 818.7.0 fransfered from above Reserve Account to General Account; Kakariki Committee endevour to get an option over five or six acres of land at Kakariki; Mr Sadler be paid for travelling expenses including his private car; Council went into Committee to discuss the Kakariki Crushing Plant; Special Meeting of Kakariki Committee to be held; A secondary crusher be purchased for Kakariki Ballast Pit
Kakariki Ballast Pit application to Price Tribunal for permission to increase charges for metal; further particulars required; consideration postponed until end of financial year; Land purchase and A P Howard consent , to sale , of Land Sales Court; Balance Sheet for 1946-7; enquiries re new primary crusher; old 50 horsepower electric motor to be traded in; increase in number of Railway trucks requested
Kakariki Ballast Pit construction of houses; trading accounts for six months ending 30/9/47; temporary crusher to be installed; one dwelling to be erected; visit to; No 2 Kubit Crusher to be ordered from Clyde Engineering Co; increase Manager's salary; increase in price of chips declined by Price Control Director; Balance Sheet
Kakariki Ballast Pit, continued Kubit Crusher; A P Howard, rent of land; increase in price of metal; accounts; requisition under Factories Act; repairs to Railway siding; trading Accounta for year ended 31/3/49; New earth bins also fencing and planting; Engineer authorised to order a new speed winch; Railway Ballast at Kakariki; Aadd porch to Cottage at Kakariki; dump waggons; Council visit Kakariki; increase in prices of metal; Special Meeting on 12th September; Department of Labour and Employment; Drag Line winch; Committee to be held in the last week in January; River protaction work at Kakariki Ballast Pit
Kakariki Ballast Pit, continued Account £6-12-0 A B Nitschke to be written off; Trading Accounts for six months ending 30/9/49; Price Control for metal and pipes; Price of Metal; consideration of purchase of winch; new screen to be fitted where necessary; Price of Metal; regfarding new Pit; price of Metal; Ministry of Works re grading of metal
Kakariki Ballast Pit Winch; re purchasing new crusher; Prices of metal to be risen; Structural Repairs at Kakariki; Inspection of Kakariki Ballast Pit; Special Report on Roadstone Mill dy Engineer; Leasing of land to L A Sadleer; Rent of land at Kakariki to L A Sadler; Railway Siding at Kakariki to be repaired soon by Railway Department, cost to be £24; A P Howard asking for permission to plough and resow paddock at Kakariki; Council agreed to Mr A P Howaards request to plough and resow paddock at Kakariki; Further Cottage to be built; from Railway Department agreement for private Siding at Kakariki; Old motor and winch from above to be sold to Esk River Shingle Company; Fletcher Construction Company to be advised Council is unable to supply quantity of metal required; J M McKinnon offering £15 for old derelict swing bridge at Kakariki; Air Compressor purchased for Kakariki Ballast Pit; Oil Circuit Breaker plus three fuses be erected at Kakariki Ballast Pit
Kakariki Ballast Pit Money to be refunded to Mr Collier if posts cannot be supplied; Further report on the Kakariki Ballast Pit to be made by the Executive Committee to the March Meeting; Council to sell the Dumptor Waggon and purchase 4 x 4 GMC Truck; Account against NZ Railways for £3.7.6 written off by Council; Minutes of Meeting of Kakariki Committee were read for information  of Council; Engineer to report on construction of permanent up-to-date work at Kakariki and list of ways which were to be given particular reference to; The Council approved the recommendation of the Executive Committee namely:- Engineer and Works Manager to inspect other work and acquire as much additional knowledge as possible and to draw up a plan as already outlined by the Engineer for a new system at the works. That the Engineer be given authority to order the necessary plant as outlined in report. Installation to be on a permanent basis and Engineer to purchase on GMC Truck immediately; form Kakariki Sand and Gravel Company Ltd, asking the Council to give consideration to the price of sand and concrete gravel from Crusher; Engineer given £1200 to purchase 4 Trucks from Army for Kakariki; Mr Sadler to purchase a one room Whare from T J McIlwaine Ltd; Engineer authorised to obtain an option over the land north of Kakariki Bridge on the left bank
Kakariki Ballast Pit Letter from Kakariki Sand and Gravel Company Ltd advising prices the Company will be charging as from 1st June; letter from Rangitikei Catchment Board drawing attention of Council to the alteration in the course of the Rangitikei River at Kakariki and asking for comment; Council defer its decision on Kakariki Crushing plant for 1 month to give Executive Committee opportunity to meet Catchment Boerd; Mr Harris, Engineer explained Catchment Boards Scheme for river at Kakariki; Catchment Boards recommendation for building of a stop bank at Kakariki was adopted; Engineer to erect a temporary slack line above mill; Engineer asked to submit plans and cost before works buildings at Kakariki are proceeded with; Engineer and Mr Sadler given authority obtain Mast for Dragline; Engineer be authorised the necessary rope and conveyor belting; Council approved purchase four 8 foot x 4 foot vibrting screens; from Rangitikei Catchment Board advising stop bank at Kakariki esrimated to cost £4, 756 and application been made for £5 for £2 subsidy; letter from Railways Department asking whether Council preparsd to contribute £83 (1/3 of unsubsidised cost of £250) for protective work on South side Railway ridge at Kakariki. Railway advised unable to see way clear to contribute; from  Department of Labour and Employment drawing attention to requirements at pipeworks and Marton workshop. Referred to County Engineer; " that Deputy Chairman and Treasurer be appointed trustees to operate accounts in Post Office Savings Bank in name  of Rangitikei County Council , Kakariki Ballast Pit Reserve Account and Utiku Ballast Pit Reserve Account"; Engineer reported approximately £40, 000 requireed by December 1956 for reconstruction of plant at Kakariki. Moved that £25, 000 of Reserve Accounts be placed with National Provident Fund Office for Investment
Kakariki Crushing Plant Purchase of new Hecla Bulldozer; re Clause in "Washing Up" Bill left in hands of Sim K C; re appointment of Manager; purchase of new Plant (Crusher); Balance Sheet and Financial Statement; essentiality to be revoked on 15/11/45
Kakariki Gravel Pit  
Kakariki Metal Pit Separate Account; Salaries; G F Robinson, Works Manager; Cruching Plant; Winch; Assistant Works Manager, B W H Nathan; Winch and Drag-line; Engineer bring down Estimates; Application to have Metal Pit and Crushing Plant declared essential in industry; Essential Industry
Kakariki Metal Supplies; charges for; revision of prices
Kakariki Metal Pit, continued Committee and discussion re river accretion title; supplies, re rendering  Public Works Act Accounts; and A P Howard; Councillors Marshall, Coleman, Stewart Hammond be sub-committee to deal with matters arising; re quarterly returns of River Protection works be supplied to Council; Report of Kakariki Ballast Pit Committee
Kakariki Bridge G Hamish Wilson on condition of fence on northern side of approach
Kakariki Committee comprised of five southern members; Sadler's return; comprised of six southern members; Report on the river at Kakariki
Kakariki Cottage rent 12/6d per week, Campbell
Kakariki Housing Engineer to submit plans and proposals; tenders called for erection of four houses; rent of Campbell's Cottage (Kakariki Cottage)
Kakariki Luncheon balance of 12/7 to paid to F P Gould
Kakariki Private Siding Right (No 2815); shunting etc; proposed alterations; renewal for another 5 years; agreement NZ Railways; Damage by fire ; Renewal
Kakariki Protective Works Catchment Board's suggestions; Rangitikei Catchment Bpoard confirming arrangement agreed to by Southern Works Committee; groyne to be erected considered by Rangitikei Catchment Board to be temporary measure; Soil Conservation and Rivers Control Council to be asked to inspect work; Soil Conservation and Rivers Control Council to engage a Consulting Engineer
Kakariki Protective Works, continued to be ascertained when land available for houses; Report of Soil Conservation and Rivers Control Council's Engineer, Kakariki Committee given power to act accordingly and to meet Southern Works Committee; Report of Special Meeting; full plans to be submitted to Catchment Board Meeting; Rangitikei Catchment Board's conditions
Kakariki Protective Works, continued Kakariki River Grant; subsidy in connection with diversion and protection of river; Public Works Department; A P Howard; pile driving for groynes; control work
Kakariki Tennis Court  
Karatau, A asking Council to reconsider his case
Karetu 10A (Parewanui 10A) Release of Claims
Kauangaroa 3G 13A Release of Rating Claim
Kauangaroa to Keilawarra Grant
Kauangaroa Natives Pa Rates
Kauangaroa School etc Ferry Reserve; Iinspection of Drainage by E C Grylls
Kawhatau Valley Road Kiwitea County, Deputation; Timber Carting Norman Dornbusch; Council to repair Road; L B McKinnon
Kawhia County Council  
Kauri protest against Government's policy of cutting in Waipoua Forest
Kaye, I G damage on Onepuhi Bridge to car
Kealey Mr re sale of Motor car, Model A Ford
Keats, S Salary; Increase; Resignation; Tender for Otaihape Valley Road metalling accepted; Thanking Council for treatment received and advising that business is now in the name of Harding and Thurston
Kearins, P to arrange meeting with Minister of Public Works; hopeful that Minister wil increase subsidy on Bridges Reconstruction Scheme; Minister of Works and Bridges Subsidies; Flood Damage Grants; Makopua Road Metalling Grant; Noxious Weeds, Ragwort and Variegated Thistle
Keesing, H M  
Keilawarra Ltd Mangahoe Roadman's telephone
Keillor and Others, B E Pukeokahu Road
Keller, P District Engineer, Public Works Department
Kelsey, R T protesting against amount charged for work done by bulldozer on Bryce's Line, matter left in hands of Engineer and Councillors Coleman and Stewart; account of £12 to be written off, £2-10-0 charged R  T Kelsey and £2-10-0 A C J Poppe
Kendall, J Roadman, sudden death, vote of Sympathy forwarded to his Widow
Kendrick, D and Miss M B Nisbet Private Telephone Line
Kenzie, D Tender trees Westoe Avenue
Keohane, T M Council's section near Turakina Bridge
Kiernan, W  
Kilkern Road Council to give subsidy of up to £90 towards cost of metalling; see Road, Kilkern
Kilmister, A Land at Utiku Metal Pit
Kilmister's Corner Ongo Main Highway, Contract No 728; Kilminster corner and Ongo Road be surveyed
Kilmister, G T Piggery at Utiku
Kilmister, G T Utiku Metal Pit etc; Objection to land being taken for purposes of a Gravel Pit at Utiku; Taking land under Public Works Act for Gravel Pit, Utiku
Kincaid and O'Connor Mataroa Camp No 13 Scheme, Murray's Track (C C Mickleson) refund of balance; G E Gibb's section; sale of land from E K Gilbert to T S Jones; behalf of E J Hunt
King, K W withdrawing his application for the position of County Engineer
King, T C Wandering Stock on Beach Road, Whangaehu
King's Birthday Holiday
King George V Memorial Fund Marton Health Stamp Campaign asking support; Health Stamp purchases for County to be £17
King George VI Coronation Planting (Royal Record) Resolution is expressing sympathy; Acting Prime Minister acknowledging sympathy
Kinloch, D Claim for metal
Kiwitea County Council Vinegar Hill Bridge; Otara Bridge Road; Otara Bridge Approach; and River Protection Works , Onepuhi Bridge; Otara Bridge repairs to decking; agreeing to Noxious Weeds Conference between Local Bodies and various Government Departments
Kiwitea County Council, continued Otara Road; removal of metal from the Kawhatau River; re Onepuhi Bridge; Noxious Weeds; Onepuhi Bridge; maintenance of Mangarere Bridge was apportioned by warrant dated 10 May 1906; No action taken to amend present agreement
Klue, John Slaughter License; Appointment Trustee Hunterville Office Cemetery; offer to buy Hunterville Office declined; Ohingaiti  Footpaths
Knight, E G and others, petition to cmplete footpaths at Ohingaiti
Koeke Cottage erection of; Section to be completed
Korea 2 employees volunteered for service
Kotuku Soldiers Settlement roading
Knuth, H G Electric power Braemore Cottage
Koeke Reserve Mr H Davis to have use of; lease of
Koitiata Road see Road, Koitiata
Kotarera, M Ratana, re road leading into Ratana Pa
Kristensen, P K Sec (pro tem) Ohingaiti Cemetery Trustees
Krivan, M J T Applicant for Noxious Weeds Inspector
Kronast, E salary increased to £390 per annum; salary increase to Overseer while in that Capacity; retiring allowance; Cottage; re State House
Kronfeld, M Dr and F McCulloch  
Kubit Crusher  for Kakariki Ballast Pit
Kuripapanga Hotel Photographs  Kuripaponga Rabbit -proof Gate; re-erection; Rabbit Destruction Council; Hawkes Bay Rabbit Board


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