Card Index to Council Minute Books, L-N

RDC 00260:3:3
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Index to RDC 00009 Minutes to the Council Meetings.

Contains the following cards:

Card Title Notes
Labourers' Award  
Ladies Rest and Plunket Rooms Movement Centennial Memorial at Bulls
Lady Galway Patriotic Guild  
Lady Newall  
Ladley, H C N  
Lagah, Dullaram  
Laidlay, C E  
Laidlay, Sarah (Mrs)  
Laird, L J Mangahoe Road 
Lake Alice Mental Hospital deputation re tarsealing Pukepapa Rosd; Deviation of roads Plan WG; proclamation re taking of land for well site
Lake Alice Road re closing of portion of within Mental Hospital Area
Lake County Council Labour Legislation
Lambert, C F and others, petition re reconstruction of Rangitira Road
Lambert, J L Watershed Road fence; Deputation , stock paddocks; Watershed Road; requesting fifty corners be taken off Watershed Road; offering contributions for corners to be taken off; Watershed Roadmans' cottage to be repaired; Lease of Watershed Road Cottage for 21 years
Lambert, John Waterfall  Road [Watershed?]; Deceased
Lambert, L D Private Telephone Line
Land Adjoining State Highway Land adjoining State Highway, Railway Line and Turakina River near Turakina Bridge, Offer for sale
Land Drainage Act Rakautau Drains
Land for Dwelling Section 6 Block VIII Hautapu Survey District (Totmans)
Land for Dwelling at Utiku Metal Pit
Land at Kakariki Crushing Plant Improving; rented by A P Howard
Land Fund Account  
Land at Gower's Hill E L Briant, Estate of
Land Junction Ngaururu and Mangahoe Roads  
Land at Pukepapa Hill L M Richards
Land purchase E G Wicks, Bulls-Sctotts Ferry Road, Worker's Dwelling
Land for road purposes Dedication by William Bell of Rangiwaea; Dedication by Arthur Thoms; Dedication by A M Cook; Tutaenui Bridge, Crofton
Land for road purposes Road deviation Namunui Stream Crossing, Taihape-Mataroa Road
Land for Road at Bonny Glen Mrs M E Hansen
Land for Road at Bonny Glen F G Schwarz
Land for Road at Bonny Glen W W D Strombom
Land for Road near Bulls Bridge  
Land for Road Deviation at Bonny Glen and Metal Pit at Bonny Glen (R E Beckett); road purposes, Estate of R E Beckett
Land taken for road at Gower's Hill; near Greatford
Land taken for road at Hihitahi
Land for River Protective Works Bulls  
Land for River Protective Works Rangitikei River Bridge at Onepuhi
Land Sales Court objection to fee of £3-3-0 for reference of small sales; letter from NZ Counties Association
Land Subdivision in Counties Act W Ellery's subdivision, approved ; I N Goodrick's subdivision; C H Thorby reference to subdivision; I N Goodrick, subdivision approved; form Lands and Survey Department advising that Subdivsion for C H Thorby has been approved; Chief Surveyor Lands and Survey Department asking Council to waive the provisions of the Land Subdivision in Counties Act with regard to Subdivision of T Gleeson; The Council agreed to the above; Lands and Survey Department has approved above; from Land and Survey Department asking Council to agree to waiving provisions of Section 3 (1) of the Land Subdivision in Counties Act in connection with the subdivision by J F Mayo; Council agreed to above; Department of Lands and Survey asking Council to agree to the waiving the provisions of Section 3 (1) of the Land Subdivision in Counties Act in connection with subdivision by S E Gray; Council agreed to above; from Chief Surveyor, Lands and Survey Department approving subdivision by J F Mayo etc
Land Subdivision in Counties Act from Lands and Survey Department forwarding for approval plan of subdivision for T D Glasgow at Turakina; from Lands and Survey Department forwarding for approval plan of subdivision by A Henwood; The Council approved the above subdivisions for T D Glasgow and A Henwood; form Lands and Survey Department asking for comment on subdivision of Part Awarua 3B2H etc Hautapu Survey district for R J Gibbs; Council had no comment to make on the above subdivision for R J Gibbs; from Lands and Survey Department advising that subdivision for T D Glasgow has been approved; form Lands and Survey Department advising that subdivision by R J Gibbs haas been formally exempted from the provisions of the Land Subdivision in Counties Act; from Lands and Survey Department asking the Council for comment of subdivisions at Makohau School; Council confirmed action of County Clerk in approving subdivision at Makohau School; form Lands And Survey Department forwarding amended plan of subdivision by A Henwood etc; from Lands and Survey Department asking for comments of the Council on proposed scheme plan for subdivision of land at Ratana Pa; Council agrees to the above proposed plan of land at Ratana Pa; from Lands and Survey Department asking re Rangiwaea Scenic Reserve and Control; from Lands Andf Survey Department advising that Part Awarua 3A2C2 have been formally exempted from the provisions of the Land Subdivision in Counties Act; from Lands and Survey Department asking if Council has any objection to subdivision of Section 54 Block XII Pukeokahu Survey District
Land Subdivision in Counties Act from Lands and Survey Department plan of Ratana Pa subdivision as approved also copy of building line restriction; from Lands and Survey Department asking if Council has any objection to subdivision of Part Section 40 Block 1 Ruahine Survey District; Department of Lands and Survey approving exemption of subdivisions of Batleys Ltd and G L Brown; from Department of Lands and Survey asking for certificates re Bredins and Calico Roads and whether reserve is required in connection with the subdivision by C V North; Subdivision by C V North approved, Council request a cash contribution in lieu of a reserve; from Lands and Survey Department, list of men whose subdivisions have been accepted; from Lands and Survey Deparment asking for comments of Council on the following proposed subdivisions:- by M C Hammond etc, by A D Brooker etc, by C R Lilburn etc, by E Parkes etc; from Lands and Survey Department rreply to request for payment of cash in lieu of reserve in cases of subdivision and advising purpose for money is available; from Lands and Survey Departent advising that land suggested by D L Gibbs as available for reservation is not actually on title and can therefore not be reserved for purpose; Application be made Commissioner of Crown Lands for Grant for maintenance Silverhope Scenic Reserve
Land Subdivision in Counties Act from H M Goodrich re land for Building Sites; from Department Lands and Survey plans of subdivisions for comment of the Council List; from Chief Surveyor Lands and Survey Department advising that exemptions have been approved for C R Lilburn, E Parkes and Collier Estate; from Deprtment of Lands and Survey asking for comments of Council on subdivisions including Ratana Extension No 2, F C Deighton, Collier Estate, C V North and S C Andrews; from Commissioner of Crown Lands reference with payment of cash in lieu of reserves in cases of subdivision was again referred to the Meeting; from Lands and Survey Department advising that subdivisions by F C Deighton and S C Andrews have been exempted from the provisions of the above; from Lands and Survey Department, the finally approved plans of subdivsionshowing Building Restriction in case of Brookers also Building Line Restrictions in case of M O Hammond; from Department of Lands and Survey forwarding for comment of the Council plan of subdivision by W J Tripe; from Department of Lands and Survey advising that only £11.8.9 had been received by his Department on account of land Subvision in the Rangitikei County; from Department of Lands and Survey advising that application for £11.8.9 under Lands Subdivision in counties Act is being considered and that consideration will be given to the Councils further proposals when sections taken under Act are sold; from Lands and Survey Department advising grant of money for permanent improvements not maintenance as asked for Greystoke Scenic Reserve; from Chief Surveyor asking for comment on subdivision by A J Wasson and Lake Allice Store Ltd
Land Subdivision in Counties Act from Chief Surveyor asking for comment on subdivision Lots 1 and 2 Deeds Plan 184 Part Block VIII Rangitikei District Block III Rangitoto Survey District (Mrs D L Gibbs); form Lands and Survey Department advising no monies available for maintenance of Silverhope Reserve
Land Subdivision   consent requested by K A Williams re H S Harper, granted; consent requested re Councillor V Smith to subdivision of Taoroa property, granted; Mrs R M Mitchell, approved; proposed subdivision at Turakina by R D Squires; proposed subdivision at Crofton by L A Groves; proposed subdivision at Hunterville by T A Duncan; consent requested by K A Williams re R T C Scott, granted; subdivision of T A Duncan been approved; from Lands and Survey Department re Whangaehu Survey District; Rangitikei Co-operative Dairy Company; Whangaehu Dairy Company; from Lands and Survey Department
Land at Scotts Ferry Potts and Harris; and Boundaries of Manawatu and Rangitikei Counties
Lands and Survey Office see also Commissioner of Crown Lands and Chief Surveyor
Land at Turakina purchased for a Roadman's Dwelling
Lands and Deeds Registry Office Ohingaiti Roads; Legislation of Kapakapa
Lands and Survey Department see Department of Lands and Survey; Aerial Photography; Silverhope Scenic Reserve vested in Council for further 5 years; Proclamation of Road, Block II Ongo Survey District; Closing Road at kakariki; Closing of Road, Moawhango Native School site; grassing and fencing Waiouru-Taupo Road stock reserve
Land near Turakina Railway Bridge Proclaimed as Road
Land taken for Utiku Metal Pit  
Land at Wangaehu Bridge  
Land Valuation Committee Setting up and Representatives; H J Duigan appointed Council's Representative; NZ Counties Association
Lane, Reverend A C Shelters for Wayfarers
Langdon, H S Applicant for Noxious Weeds Inspector; Council's section at Bulls
Langstone, Frank Honourable Deputation re valuation of County; Stock Reserves, Waiouru-Taupo Road; Waimari County Electricity Supply Bill; re Deputation to meet Minister of Agriculture re Noxious Weeds; letter from re Land Subdivision Bill
Larsen, Captain Area Staff Officer, Home Guard, Wanganui
Laugesen, F A 10% penalty on rates; state of Lower Wangaehu Drains
Law, John E watercourse Taoroa property
Lawrence, J S interview for position of Overseer; Travelling Expenses refunded
Lawson C J Outstanding rates
Lawson Street Approach to Tutaenui Bridge at Crofton
Lawton, W A Makopua Road metalling; permission to  shift fence 28 chains from road frontage
Lawton, C Private Telephone Line; Metalling, Makopua Road
Laykold Ltd, NZ Contract No 701; Contract No 702; Contract No 731; Contract No 731A; Contract No 731B; Contract No 731C; Contract No 731D
League of Economic Democracy Sese also under "E"; letter from; booklet "Your Money"; booklet "Fooling the Wage Earner"
Leary, C Damage to car; Mangamahoe Road
Leary, C Mataiaiponga Stream Crossing on the Mangamahoe Road; Mangamahoe Road metalling etc; Claim for Stone; Claim for refund for timber carting
Leary, N E power line
Lease of Land at Bulls from Emily Bromley
Leave of Absence Councillors
Leave of Absence County Chairman
Leave of Absence Staff
Lee, H Retiring allowance; Letter for appreciation
Leersnyder, P J Appointed Assistant Engineer  
Legal Opinions re cattle straying on County Roads; Local Elections and Polls Amendment Bill and NZ Counties Association; Tutu being cut by Council's employees; re purchase of Machinery for use of land owners for drainage; flood damage to road adjacent to stream appointment of Officer; Bridge; Road Quarry; from NZ Counties Association legal opinion re leasing of roads, cattlestops and Catchment Board works
Legal Opinions Sesparate Rates and Catchment Board By-Laws; from NZ Counties legal oponions re:- Bylaws of Maori Tribal Executives, Irrigation from natural creeks, Land drainage, Fence and gate across roads
Legislation Waipuna Road; Vinegar Hill, Manganoho Road; portion Wanganui-Levin State Highways through Turakina; portion Horopito-Bulls State Highways between Wings Line and Railway Line; Turakina Streets; Morgan Road; Ohingaiti Roads or Streets; Onslow Street, Ohingaiti; Turkina Valley Road; Moawhango Bridge; re Mt Curl; Bruce, Glencairn and Waimutu Roads; Wherewhere Road; Ruatangata Road; Scotts Ferry Road (Parewanui Road)
Legislation Amendments Department of Internal Affairs re Amendments to Legislation affecting Countes passed during the recent session
Legislation  1933-34 Session; from Ministry of Works re Oninewairua Survey District
Legislation affecting Local Authorities passed last Session of Parliament; amendments
Legislation  State Highway; Surveyor General; Department of Lands and survey, surveying Mt Curl Road with view to legalising on correct  line
Legion of Frontiersmen, Marton Thanking Council for free use of Hall; thanking Council for use of Hall
Leicester, Rainey and McCarthy Solicitors, Wellington
Leper Appeal Makogai and Pacific Islands
Lepers Trust Board unauthorised collector
Lethbridge, B P (Mrs) Late; re house occupied by Council's Roadman
Lethbridge, D H Noxious Weeds
Lethbridge, G M Hospital Board and Commissioner of Crown Lands; asking Council to repair bridge on Dalvey Road
Lethbridge, H Y Illness; Death of; Letter from G Lethbridge
Lethbridge, late J P  
Lethbridge Street (or Cameron Street), Turakina
Level Crossing (Railway) Poroa Road; Union Line, Williamson's Line and Bonny Glen Railway Station; Neumanns Road; Williamson's Road; Schwarz; Ohotu, Torere and Utiku Post Office
Levy, Hospital  
Lewis, A G M Drainage  
Lewis, A S Working Building Foreman; 5% Cost of Living Bonus; "Away from home" travelling allowance; loss of tools; Illness; Application for increase in salary; Agreed to by Wages Commissioner; salary increase to £425 per annum; telephone rental charges
Lewis, A S Contract No 683; Contract No 695; Contract No 704; Contract No 710; Recent passing referred to by Chairman; Wreath for funeral; letter from Mrs Lewis thanking Council and Staff for Sympathy expressed; letter from Mrs Lewis thanking Council for gratuity
Lewis, A S (Mrs) Gratuity in terms of Section 6 of "The Finance Act (No 2) 1941"
Lewis, E M (Mrs) Thanking Council for message of sympathy also asking Council to give her opportunity to purchase house; Thanking Council for gratuity
Lewis, H G Trustee in the Estate of late A Young
Lewis, N Kakariki
Lewis, J H (Miss) transferred to Marton Office; tendering resignation; Resignation accepted
Lewis, R H interviewed re position of Overseer; appointed as Overseer for Northern end of County; travelling expenses paid; Appointed Ranger; telephones rental charges H W Whale; report on Cub Excavator at Utiku Ballast Pit; rent of Taihape House 25/- per week; salary increase; Loading Bank, Utiku Ballast Pit; damage to Makapua Road by E J  Meria; question of salary referred to staff Committee; Reference to passing away of Mr Lewis; Motion passed for same
Lewis, R H Increase in Salary; Council to pay Travelling Expenses to Conference in Christchurch; Ex Employee refuses to vacate Tiriaukawaa Cottage; Maytaroa Ssections; Wilkes entrance; 1months sick leave; thanking Coiuncil for leave of absence
Lewis, S J Soldiers Holiday Pay; superannuation
Licensing Control Commission Wholesale license be made available in Taihape; decisions in County
Licensing Headquarters transfer to Feilding
Liddicoat, C P be granted retiring Allowance
Light Motor-Truck  
Light at Ohingaiti  
Light on Pole at Ringiwaea School Home Guard training purposes
Lighting Restriction etc, National Service Department; Controller, Dominion; Restrictions, Emergency Regulations and portion of the County within 3 miles of Marton, Marton Borough Council
Light testing stand at Hunterville  
Light at Turakina  
Lilburn, J D Councillor; Metal Pukeroa Pit
Lilburn, R (Deceased) Ex-member of Council
Lindsay, D Deputation, Tar-sealing Ohingaiti Township
Linford Health Inspector Taihape
Lines, Muriel F Ohingaiti Drains
Linklater, D M (W M?) flooding of Tutaenui Stream; Noxious Weeds; Rangitikei Catchment Board re flooding; Ministry of Works re Pipe Culvert; Catchment Board not to proceed with new culvert; enlarging culvert to be clarified; Noxious Weeds; re Noxious Weeds; Clearing section at Greatford, £7
Linton James Returned Soldier, holiday pay
Little, T C extension of time to clear noxious weeds
Live Hedges  on road frontages; trimming
Livingston, D S state of Waiaruhe Road
Livingston, Eric Apprenticeship Contract; Soldiers Holiday Pay
Livingston, H J Private Telephone; Water pipe across Wareroa Road
Loan accounts Application made to transfer the following to the Sinking Funds:- Mataroa-Namanui-Kaweka £73-16-10; Mangahoe Road £24-17-10
Loading Bank, Utiku Utiku Metal Pit, Utiku (Grant No 23783); Letter from Overseer Mr Lewis; Railway District Civil Engineer
Loading Bins Mataroa Station
Loading Machine  
Loan Account Balances letter from Controller and Auditor General
Loans Aldworth Road and Vinegar Hill Bridge
Loan Bridges Reconstruction No 2, J H Francis giving terms; Government Life Insurance Office giving terms; Public trust Offices; State Advances Corporation has no funds; State Fire and Accident Insurance Office giving terms
Loan £10, 000, Bridge Construction; £11, 000; Poll of Ratepayers; Levying Special Rate; Sealing Resolution; Amount to be uplifted; Loan of £3, 000 on account; Interest to be increased to 4 1/4 %' Arra\nge issue Debentures totalling £2, 500; Proceed to raises £4, 000 on account by Table Mortgage if possible; see under Bridges for loan of £7, 000 Balance
Loan £2, 000, Makohine Valley Road North
Loan £400, Makopua No 2 Special Rating Area; Objections from J Ellison, D F Gorringe and P A Way; Agreeing to proposed Loan from F D K Hammond; Valuer-General, forwarding Valuation Roll
Loan (Proposed) £ 1650 Mangahoe Road; Loan No 2, Increase to £2000; Deed of Covenant; Execution of Debentures; S Order
Loan £2, 000, Mangaweka-Utiku Main Highway; reduced ro £14000 from Main Highways Board
Loan £1, 000 (Proposed) Mangaweka-Te Kapua Road
Loan Proposed Mataroa, Namunui and Kaweka Roads Loan £2000, £2, 5000; Objection, E A Broderick; Withdrawal of objection, E A Brodrick; Special Rate; Conditions offer Loans £2, 500 and £2, 000; Application; Deed of Covenant; Execution of Debentures; The Treasury; S Order; State Advances Corporation agreeing to take up loans; Accepting offer from State Advances Corporation
Loan £8, 000, Papanui Special Rating Area
Loan Pukeko Road, Metalling
Loan £300 Pukekoa Road (Otairi Road), metalling; and Mortgage Corporation ; Public Trustee; Local Government Loans Board; Gazette consenting
Loan £10, 000 Reconstruction and Sealing Main Highway Wangaehu-Bulls; Interest and Repayment charges; Mangaweka-Utiku Main Highway
Loan £4, 500 Reconstruction with approaches the Turakina River Bridge at Turakina on Auckland-Wellington via Taranaki Highway , to Hau hau Stream Bridge on the Hau Hau Road, Feilding-Hunterville Main Highway and Leading to the Rangitikei River Bridge at Vinegar Hill, with a water tunnel and embankment or filling
Loan Ruanui Riding Redemption £3, 000
Loan of £10, 000, Rural Housing Act; Rural Housing Loan No 1; Order in Council; Approving of the granting of loan of £10, 000 to the Council for Rural Housing subject to legal formalities being complied with; Confirming Special Order; Levying Special Rate; Execution Debenture and Appropriating Special Rate etc; Authorising sealing of all documents; Banking Account; Security over Crown Leaseholds; Payment Credit Council's Account
Loan £1, 000, Toe Toe Road; Northern; Special Order; see separate card, Toe Toe Road No 2 Loan
Loan Turakina Bridge , Whiskey Creek Water Tunnel etc; Balance of Loan
Loan £2, 5000, Vinegar Hill Bridge-Diversion unexpended balance to bridge over Porewa at Huntervile; Balance of Loan
Loan £750 (Proposed) Wairepo West Road
Loan £1, 000 (Proposed) Watershed Road; and Section 45 Finance Act 1933 (No 2)
Loan, Bridges Reconstruction no funds available from State Advances Corporation; offers from Public Trustee and J H Francis; J H Francis's offer accepted; Programme submitted and loan of £50, 000 to be raised; Government to be asked for £1 for £1 subsidy
Loans Conversion Local Body; Consolidation
Loans Conversion Public Trustee
Loans Conversion Orders 1935 Nos 1 to 7
Loans Conversion Orders 1935 No 1
Loans Conversion Orders 1935 Nos 2 to 7
Loans Conversion Order 1935  No 2; Premiums Loan of £1, 515; Additional amounts to be paid into Sinking Fund
Loans Conversion Order 1935 No 3
Loans Conversion Order 1935 No 4; Premiums Loan of £2, 185; Additional amounts to be paid into Sinking Fund
Loans Conversion Order 1935 No 5
Loans Conversion Order 1935 No 6; Pukeroa No 2 Loan
Loans Conversion Order 1935 No 7
Loan Finance J H Francis and Co Ltd  
Loans from Government for Public Works  
Loans National Expenditure Adjustment Act
Loans Inscribed
Loan Interest Accounts, Ruanui and Erewhon Ridings; from Main Highways, Interest Reduction; Interest Rebate
Loan Kakariki Metal Pit, purchase Debentures out of balance of subsidy paid under Section 45 Finance Act (No 4)
Loan from Main Highways Board for purchase of machinery
Loan Moneys Diversion of from Vinegar Hill Bridge to Toe Toe Road; transferred; Unexpected balance; Diversion from Vinegar Hill Bridge to Porewa Stream Bridge, Huntervile
Loan Poll and Unimproved Rating Proposal
Loan £5, 000 (reduced to £4, 000) Worker's Dwellings, Erection of; Special Meeting; Sanction of Loan (£4, 000); Asking Local Government Loans Board to agree to Loan of £5, 000 for a term of ten years; Special Meeting, Special Order, Loan £4, 000; confirming Special Order authorising the raising; Application for uplifting; Prepare Plans and Specifications and call tenders for four cottages
Loan, Workers Dwelling No 4, Estimates of Cost of building from T and J McIlwaine; Application made to Loans Board to be secured by Special Rate; offer of Government Life Insurance Department to lend £2, 400 at 3 1/8 %; Loan sanctioned by Local Government Loans Board; Government Life Insurance Department re Interest in Principal; Special Meeting passing Special Order for making and levying Special Rate
Local Authorities Handbook  
Local Authorities Public Risk Insurance Public Works Department
Local Bills and Local Legislation Bill  
Local Bodies Amalgamation Makara County Council
Local Bodies (Amalgamation Schemes) Bill  
Local Bodies Driver's Award  
Local Bodies Drivers' Dispute  
Local Body Elections Department of Internal Affairs; NZ Counties Association
Local Bodies Finance Act 1921-22 Applicaion be made to overdraw the Councils Bank Account by £7, 000
Local Body Finance NZ Counties Association
Local Bodies (Rural Section) Labourers' Dispute Labourers Union
Local Body Labourers' Award Increase 4th October; copy of claims being made for Amendment; Consideration of isolation allowance; from NZ County Council Industrial Union of Employers re payment under award
Local Body Officers' Award notices of new Award under consideration; proposed awards
Local Body Officers Industrial Union of Workers Proposed agreement for an Award; Dispute; New Awards re Local Bodies Drivers, Labourers and Carpenters
Local Elections and Polls Amendment Act re protesting against the introduction of; circular from Hawkes Bay County Council; letter from Minister of Internal Affairs acknowledging receipt of objections; Civil Servants to act as D R O; forwarding amendments for Local Elections; from NZ Counties Association re Elections and Polls Act
Local Elections and Polls Amendment Act Temporary Amendment Bill; Act; Department Internal Affairs re above and Postal Voting Regulations; from Hawkes Bay County Council asking for opinion concerning the X System of voting and concerning Local Elections and Polls Act; Reply
Local Government Amalgamation (Scheme ) Bill Report of Conference; Honourable The Minister of Internal Affairs
Local Government Commission boundary adjustments; Annual Report; Waimarino County Boundary; Annual Report;from above forwarding for consideration a questionnaire on rating problems; form above acknowledging receipt of letter re rating
Local Government Committee Report received
Local Government Loans Board  
Local Government Officers re Refresher Course
Lock, R and Hurley, J E Piece of land, purchase
Log Hauling R E Jackson
Logan, J Eatinghouse License
Lord and Maegaard Contract No 704; Contract No 705; Contract No 709; Contract No 720; Contract No 722; Contract No 723; Contract No 742-Section A; contract No 742-Section B; Contract No 743
Lorry purchase of; International, purcase approved; Bedford No 3, to be disposed of by tender; Bedford No 2, to be disposed of by tender; Hire-Purchase Agreement with Main Highways Board to be cancelled
Lot 19A Part Section VII Rangitikei District, Block III Rangitoto Survey District Burnside Metal Pit, Canteen Street
Lounge Tearooms account passed for payment, farewell S A R Mair
Lourie Fence, Ongo Road
Lourie, A Objecting to Mangahoe Road Loan Proposal
Lourie, A C Private Telephone Line
Lourie, D Fence on Turakina Valley Road; compensation re Makohau Road Deviation; letter to Mr D Lourie from Council thanking him for loan of wire; Makohau Cottage water pump and electricity
Lourie, E E Mrs Access to her property; Private Telephone Line, Warren Road
Lourie, G W  remove trees opposite house of J Lourie
Lourie, Keith complaining about Makohau Road
Lourie, Nigel re horse in drain and suggesting recompense for damaged saddle, motion lost
Lourie, S D Objection Mangahoe Road loan proposal
Loveday, A F Contract; Contract No 717
Lovelock, G R Refund Deposit; Onepuhi Bridge Reserve
Lovell, L Compensation for erection of cowshed and tank Rongoiti Cottage
Lovett, F W Assistant Noxious Weeds Inspector; appopinted Noxious Weeds Inspector; refund on telephone rental; appointment of an officer; tendering resignation; Resignation accepted
Lower Interest Rates  
Lower Wangaehu Valley Drainage see Rakautaua Drainage District card
Lower Rangitikei River Protective Works  
Lowry, R W H Branch Road off Taihape-Napier Road; Asking that Erewhon Riding property be rated on a "lower basis"
Lowry, T C Erewhon Riding Rates; Land for Stock paddock, Moawhango; complimenting Council on work on Bald Hill Road and suggesting erection of a few culverts
Luke, A J Damage to car, Bulls Bridge
Luoni, G A Conditional License
Lurajud, P Overhead Expenses; Drain at Crofton; fence and wandering stock
Lynch, A C Gate on Baggetts Road
Lynch, R C metal supply; Contract No 805; tender for Contract No 806; termination of Contract No 805 subject to the signing of a new contract; Balance payable on Metal Carting Contract; Flood Damage Work; Hiring of County lorry; claim from R C Ongley; re completion of his contract; Maintenance metal for Hiwers Pit; Paid immediately and sub-contractors be paid also; transferred to Omatane; Account of R C Lynch be written off
Lyndon, Mrs C Agreeing to amended Loan Proposal for Mataroa-Namanui-Kaweka Roads
Lyon and Wallace Gorse hedge on private land
Maata Kotahi Estate forwarding £150 through Abraham and Williams Limited for metalling of Makokomiko Road to be proceeded with
Machinery Workshop Committee deal with machinery; Minutes of Meeting read to the Council; purchase of one Power Grader; purchase one Motor Lorry
Machinery Shed, Bulls  
Machinery Reserve  
Machinery  Replacement Reserve, motion by Councillor Smith; £5, 000; Reserve Account
Machinery  Tyres on; Disposal of; Second-hand Light Truck; Third Light Truck; New Truck and New Grader; Trouble; New Motor Cycle; Bedford Motor Truck; Auto-Patrol Caterpillar Power Grader
Machinery No 1 Bedford Motor Lorry, Increased Passenger Risk Inurance; Purchase of Lorry from Keats; Tenders received for new machinery
Machinery Motor Taxation; New; No 3 Grader; Collett Stone Crusher; New Cars; Cars, exchange of; New Bedford Truck and trade in No 1 Leyland Truck; New Graders; New Motor Truck; Repair work, Kakariki; Disposal of Crushers; New Motor Car for Engineer; Motor Car (Plymouth) for Engineer's Department; 
Machinery Purchase Two Dump Trucks and three Tractors; 2 Bedford Trucks and 2 International Trctors and Committee empowerd to purchase a third Tractor for the Northern end of the County from the Main Highways Board; Diesel Tractor; Priestman "Cab" Excavator; 2 Drawn Graders; McCormick-Deering Wheeled Tractor; Winch and Drag-line; 2 McCormick-Deering Industrial Tractors; 2 Standard Graders; 1Barber-Greene Excavator, C A Willis (NZ Laykold Ltd); Second-hand Motor Truck; Second-hand Stone Crusher from Lyttleton; Loading Machine
Mackay, R re Purchase of gravel pit from Wicks; Mrs E B Campion and 10% penalty on rates; Moanaroa Beach; N B Allen, Noxious Weeds; Moanaroa Road
Mackenzie County Council  
Mackenzie and Duncan  
Mackintosh, late Duncan  
Mackintosh, H G, Estate of Otaihape Valley Road  
Mackintosh, L A sympathy expressed for loss of his son
Mackley, G H General Manager, NZ Railways, Retired
Maclean and Kincail  
Macleay, I A Mangahoe Road metalling, objecting to pay Special Rates
MacReynolds, J L Contract No 692; Contract No 707; Contract No 719; Contract No 714C, Section "C"; Council's Account owing
Madden, H re Rates on Old Marton Borough Waterworks Reserve
Madge Char-a-banc Motor Company Load Limit; Picnic Parties, Kakariki
Magistrates Court, Taihape re Court Fines
Magistrates decisions in two recent cases, circular letter from NZ County Councils Industrial Union of Employers
Magnetic Trucks if privately owned not subsidised by Government
Magnetic Unit Service letter from D J McNicol re magnetic unit services 5/- per mile
Maher timber to be puchased from property
Maher, Ralph Bulldozer for sale
Mahoney, Mr R Proposed Tar-sealing of Wing's Line; two years £4-18-0  per week, £19-12-0 for Soldiers Holiday Pay
Mail Boxes and Milk Can Stands on Roadside Southland County Council
Main bridges gross weight and axle weights
Main Highways Council approved action of Engineer in altering line of the new Highway at Moawhango; Council approve action of Engineer in letting contract for fencing at the new formation at Moawhango to D McConachie; Council conmfirm action of Engineer in substituting Heart Rimu for hand rails at Moawhango Bridge; from Ministry of Works advising National Roads Board considers wooden truss bridges in NZ not being maintained as they should be and Board will take into account quality of maintenance when considering renewal subsidies; form Ministry of Works advising consideration be given to limited extension Main Highway System and forwarding forms for application
Main Highways Allocations not likely to be required by 31st March; proposed additional Main Highways; application for additional Main Highways; Funds to Board likely to be limited; Authority for expenditure on Main Highway; Bulls-Scotts Ferry Road an additional Highway; re allocation funds for Highway Sealing and Bridge Renewal, Hobson County Council; Minister of Works acknowledging letter re increased funds; Authorities for Main Highways from Main Highways Board; Council to adopt schedule of Main Highways Estimates; form Ministry of Works letter re transfer of maiintenance authority; from Ministry of Works asking Council to accept delegation of authority from the National Roads Board to deal with wandering stock on Highways; Engineer instructed to seal the Junction of the Makirikiri Road and the State Highway
Main Highways Annual Report; purchase of 2 Bulldozers and Motor Truck; Purchase of Ford Tip Truck
Main Highway Auckland-Wellington Highway, Great North Western Road, re Survey; Plans; Proclamation (part)
Main Highway Auckland-Wellington, Pukepapa Road Corner (Dr Dicks' Corner); and R J Moore
Main Highway Taihape-Mataroa-Murray's Track Main Highway; Taihape-Napier Main Highway; Bulls-Te Kuiti State Highway; Bonny Glen-Norwood Corner formation and metalling Contract 802; from Ministry of Works asking Council to consider reducing length of Parewanui Main Highway; Council confirms its decision that Parewanui Road should be Main Highway for 12 miles
Main Highway Bridge Designs; Board, Rangitikei River Bridge at Bulls
Main Highway Boundary between County and Bulls Town Board
Main Highway Bulls-Taumarunui; Maungaraupi Stream Bridge, Bulls-Taumarunui, Approaches to; Mangaone Bend; Otara Road; Condition between Marton and Utiku; Bulls-Scotts Ferry as Main Highway in lieu of Bonny Glen-Norwood Corner; Curls Bridge-Upper Tutaenui Main Highway; Greatford-Ashhurst Main Road; Cliff Road-Feilding Main Highway
Main Highways Subsidy and Public Works Grants, Authorities from Ministry of Works
Main Highways Advance for Purchase Machinery; Junction of Bulls-Horopito and Moawhango Valley Roads in next year's estimates, recommendation of Makirikiri Road as Main Highway deferred; 12 and 18 foot sealing widths not approved; Main Highways Authorities
Main Highways Calico Line, Inspection, Survey of road from Ngawaka Junction to Mataroa Hill; from Ministry of Works Highway Estimates for 1955; letter from National Roads Board with list of Authorities for Main Highways
Main Highway Curls-Bridge-Upper Tutaenui Main Highway, Marton-Upper Tutaenui section; Curls Bridge; Authority £2, 300 (£3 for £1); Authorised to procure tar required for sealing of Curls Bridge-Upper Tutaenui Main Highway; Parewanui Road; vote for £5, 000 reduces to £3, 700; authority for claims outstanding 31/3/48; authority reduced from £6, 581-16-2 to £5, 350; tenders for sealing
Main Highway Feilding-Cliff via Stanway (La te Onepuhi, see under "O"); Feilding-Cliff approaches and Porewa Stream Bridge
Main Highways Balance of Subsidies owing; from Ministry of Works re extension of Highways; District Highways Council maintenance of Highways; Parewanui Road
Main Highways Construction; Construction Estimates
Main Highways Finance and Estimates; Construction Estimates; Maintenance and Construction Estimates; Estimates (1945-46); Estimates; Appropriations; letter from Ministry of Works re Te Moehau Road Junction
Main Highway Greatford-Ashhurst, Westhoe Hill etc; removal of trees; Deviation at Kakariki Bridge and Mataroa Township, tarsealing; Authority for Grant; report of Inspection from Ministry of Works
Main Highway Jubilee Avenue
Main Highways Liabilities connection with Main Highways works; Liabilities at 31st March 1934
Main Highways Loan, Interest Reduction; Loan, Interest Rebate
Main Highway Mangaweka-Utiku (Loan reduced to £1400 from Main Highways Board); Engineering Survey; Reconstruction Proposals; Proposed Deviation ; Advance £2, 000 (Reduced to £1, 400); Taihape Borough Council; Council's Contribution
Main Highways Matters
Main Highway North of Taihape, fencing
Main Highway Onepuhi; now Feilding-Cliff via Stanway (see "F")
Main Highway Ongo-Kilmister's Corner (Contract No 728)
Main Highway Otara; Classification
Main Highway Plimmerton-Paekakariki Deviation
Main Highway Proposed Devation W Glasgow's property, Turakina, Deviation at Rata; Deviation at Kakariki; Taihape Borough Council
Main Highway Rata, Application to seal about 10 chains of Main Highway opposite Cottages adjacent to Rata Dairy Company's Factory
Main Highways Rates payable for use of Plant; Loan (4th Instalment of £1, 000); Loan (5th Instalment of £1000 )
Main Highway Reconstruction - Turakina-Bulls; Deviation at Jas Glasgow's etc; Deviation at W Glasgow's, Turakina Bulls Contract 686
Main Highway Subsidies; Maintenance Authorities
Main Highway Reconstruction and Sealing Wangaehu to Bulls; Sealing Contract; Preparation for Sealing and Sealing Works
Main Highways Reports number of men employed
Main Highways Signposting on
Main Highway Straightening through Turakina (W Glasgow's)
Main Highway Taihape-Erewhon
Main Highway Taihape-Mataroa-Murray's Track; no provision in Estimates for sealing; reconstruction be confirmed; from Ministry of Works forwarding copy extract NZ Gazette varying declaration of Main Highway from Taihape to Moawhango
Main Highway Taihape-Napier; Taihape-Napier, reinforced Concrete Culvert and Embankment at Moawhango, tenders; consideration be given after review
Main Highway Te Kuiti-Bulls, metalling and surfacing from Maungaraupi to Rata
Main Highway Turakina-Cliff Line, Gower's Hill Deviation
Main Highway Turakina-Cliff Road; Mrs M E Hansen; W W D Strombom; Reconstruction and Sealing
Main Highway Turakina-Marton
Main Highway through Turakina Township
Main Highway Tutaenui, realignment and sealing from Marton Borough boundary to the Power Board Depot, Marton
Main Highway at Vinegar Hill, Opposite Mrs Weston's Gate
Main Highway Wages on; Subsidisable Wages
Main Highway Wangaehu-Bulls, Timber Carting on; Standard Survey; Reconstruction and Sealing and Main Highways Loan Expenditure
Main Highway Wangaehu-Bulls travelling Expensess of Clerk of Works
Main Highway Wangaehhu-Turakina
Main Highways Accounts  
Main Highways Annual Review Bulls-Scotts Ferry Road
Main Highways Amendment Bill  
Main Highways Authorities Greatford-Ashhurst Road (£3 for £1)
Main Highways Authorities Transfers; Sealing Curls Bridge-Upper Tutaenui; Maintenance; from Main Highways Board; from Main Highways Board for £188 re Griffin's Pit Road Deviation; Turakina Footpaths £80, £1 for £1; Balance; Ohingaiti Footpaths; Onepuhi Bridge and Bonny Glen-Norwood Corner
Main Highways Board Te Moehau Road; Turakina-Cliff Road Te Moehau Road; Report year ending 31.3.53; asking for name of representative on No 8 District Highways Council, Mr Smith to represent County
Main Highways Board Payments by Results; Traffic Tallies on Highways; Decisions in regard to certain Main Highways Expenditure; Subsidy on Bridges; Road Junctions; Standard Specifications; Standard Specifications "Dust-laying Seal Coat"; authority for £78 Onepuhi Bridge Test Foundations; Subsidy on Award Rates paid to Foreman; Authority for repairs to Onepuhi Bridge
Main Highways Board Reports from Traffic Inspector; Report; Heavy Motor Vehicle Regulations; Paengaroa Stream Tunnel; re additional highways; ; Authorities, Ongo Main Highways and Taihape-Murrays Track Main Highway; Main Highways Estimates
Main Highways Board Visit of Inspection; Plant Hire Charges; Bulls Bridge; Railway Department Crossing at Greatford; Traffic inspection of Rural Highways etc; Disposal Employees, Plant, Houses etc 
Main Highways Board Grant, Onepuhi Bridge River Protective Works; Grant, Ohaumoko Road; Grant, Ongo Main Highway
Main Highways Board Superrelevation, Standard
Main Highways Board Public Risk Insurance; 13th Annual  Report; Report year ended 31st March 1948; increased maintenance subsidy for Dunsinane Norwood Corner Section; Bulls Bridge; Flooding Linklaters
Main Highways Board Fourteenth Annual Report; Annual Report
Main Highways Board Advance for Main Highways, Construction; for return of unexpended highways balances; authority grant £75 Turakina Footpaths; application for additional Main Highway; will meet representatives in Marton on 22nd April 1947; Schedule Main Highway Appropriation; Hire-purchase agreement; Chairman appointed representative on No 8 District Highways Council; Hire Purchase Agreement Ford V8 Lorry (No 14); Hire purchase agreement Galion Power Grader
Main Highways Board purchase of Machinery on Council's behalf, Agreement; purchase "Bedford" Truck; Plant and Loan Finance; Annual Review; Purchase 2 Bedford Trucks, 2 International Tractors and a third Tractor for the Northern end of the County to be dealt with by Committee appointed; Diesel Tractor (Machinery Purchase); 2 Drawn Graders; McCormick-Deering Wheeled Tractor; 2 McCormick-Deering Industrial Tractors; 2 Standard Graders
Main Highways, Bonny Glen-Norwood Corner and Bulls-Scotts Ferry Road; Contract No 802; Main Highways Board Authority for £400; exchange with Parewanui Road; reconstruction between Dunsinane and Norwood Corners; Ministry of Works acceptance of A E Evans tender of £13363-17-8; reduction of vote from £3000 to £2500
Main Highways, Bonny Glen-Norwood Corner detour to be removed at Dunsinane Corner; the Board be asked for increased maintenance subsidy not forwarded; authority for £6212-11-5 (£3 - £1); from Fullerton-Smith and Co re Greystoke Settlement; £2, 500 be given to estimates; A H Hammond; Russel Matthews tender of £3116.13.4 has been accepted; Parewanui Road; Application for change of Main Highway to Te Moehau Road to be brought before National Roads Board
Main Highways Claims etc Balances owing; and Rates of pay of drivers of plant operators
Main Highways, Classification  
Main Highways, Classified Weights  
Main Highways Construction Subsidies Wangaehu-Turakina
Main Highways Council  
Main Highways, Declaration  
Main Highways Loans for Machinery and Main Highways Construction
Main Highways, Maintenance  
Main Highways, Maintenance Subsidies  
Main Highways Subsidy Hautapu Bridge at taihape; and approaches Sealing; List of Main Highways subsidy approved for 1953-54
Main Highways Subsidies and Authorities; Rec T-Bulls; Main Highways Authorities, Cancellation of; Transfer; Main Highway Subsidies, Maintenance
Main Highways Subsidies and Publc Works Grants; Liabilities at 31.3.1939; Liabilities 31/3/40; Liabilities 31/3/41
Main Highways Subsidies Corners; Consulting Engineers; Claims; and wages; Additional Subsidies have been agreed to
Main Highway Turakina-Bulls, Sealing; Survey; Surfacing; Warrant
Main Road Through Turakina  
Main Street Bridge, Hunterville Engineeer to negotiate with F L Browning for erection of Main Street Bridge at Hunterville
Main Trunk Boys and Girls Agricultural Clubs  
Main Trunk Railway request from Taihape Retailer's Association to support protest against diversion through Wanganui and Taranaki; request from Taihape Borough Council as above
Mair, A D Councillor; Travelling Expenses; Witness affixture of Seal to release of liens; Staff re-organisation; Additional travelling Expenses to Staff Committee Meeting
Mair, S A R Reports; Permits under Heavy Motor-vehicles Regulations; Silver Jubilee Medals; Increment; Travel Expenses from Hunterville to Marton; to act with Assessors in Industrial Matters affecting local bodies; Rakautaua Drainage District
Mair, S A R, continued Report, Water Supply Schemes; Superannuation; New Motor Car; 5% Cost of Living Bonus; Appointment Noxious Weeds Inspector; Representative on the Advisory Committee; "Key" position Home Guard
Mair, S A R, continued Main Highways Estimates; 70th Birthday; Welcome back to Council Chamber; to retire in 1946; salary increase; information re retiring allowance from National Provident Fund; granted leave to attend celebrations Whangarei, salary and pension; donation of specimens, cabinet to be obtained for same; farewell function; waited on Council, expressed appreciation
Mair, S A R, continued use of Plymouth Car until January 1948; Rata Farm Settlement; Gower's Hill
Mair Brothers  
Major, A C resignation as Chairman of Turakina Hall Committee; late A C Major; Major, H B, Appointment as a Leasee of Turakina Town Hall
Major, Harold Binning Turakina Town Hall Committee
Major and Major request for lease of Road Reserve to Anderson Brothers; regret expressed that request not granted
Makara County Council Local Bodies Amalgamation
Makino Scenic Reserve fencing
Makirikiri Farm Settlement Road known as Gowers Road
Makirikiri Road re consent to alignment; see under Road, Makirikiri
Makirikiri School  
Makirikiri Stream Clearing of Willows, G Glasgow; Obstructions, Scotts Road and Turakina Native Reserve Road
Mako, N claim on behalf of Mako; Barnett and Cleary; Barnett and Cleary, claim on behalf of Mako; Warrant to defend under seal for case; Case has been ssettled out of court; Has been paid £4033.14.10
Makogai and Pacific Islands Leper Appeal  
Makohau Deviation Council gives its approval to the plans as submitted and amended by the Marton Borough Coiuncil for the above Deviation at the Reservoir
Mako, Heta Release for shearing purposes
Makohau Road letter to Mr Duncan Lourie thanking him for loan of wire; see Road, Makohau; Water drive lined with concrete; Makohau Water drives to be sealed
Makohau Road Deviation and Water Tunnel; Compensation to be arranged with Lourie; subsidy £3 for all £1 by Minister of Works; Compensation to Mr D Lourie, letter from Christensen and Stanford; Compensation paid; four feet to be cut off corner subject to gorse being first removed; leter to Mr Duncan Lourie thanking him for loan of wire; condition of Cottage; Deviation be included in 1950/51 estimates; F D K Hammond concerning metalling; form Ministry of Works re Deviation; Smith and Short Contract 862; Wanganui Education Board, grading; Wanganui Education Board asking Council to reconsider question of grading etc; Left with Councillors Stewart and Engineer
Makopua Roadman's Section request for lease by E J Smith
Manawatu Asphalts Ltd Contract 790 Greatford-Ashhurst Main Highway Sealing £1, 663-17-0; Contract 792 Curls Bridge-Upper Tutaenui Main Highway Sealing £3, 471-13-4; Contract 807 Parewanui Road Sealing; declined
Manawatu Automobile Association Opening of new Bulls Bridge; Account for expenses for opening of new bridge passed for payment Public Revenues Act
Manawatu County Council  
Manawatu Goods Transport District Representative, Councillor K W Dalrymple
Manawatu-Orion Motor Cycle Club re Road Safety Campaign
Manager, Kakariki G F Robinson; Works' Cottage
Mangh, W G Makirikiri Road
Manchester Unity of Oddfellows hire of Coronation Hall
Mangahoe Cottage  
Mangahoe Road Damage to trees by fire; Transfer from General Account to the Mangahoe Road Government Grant and Loan Accounts; N Sutherland, re deviation through N Sutherland's Property; Deviation at Cameron's; Government Grant Formation and Metalling; paying off final instalment due
Mangahoe Junction Culvert be proceeded with as soon as possible
Mangahoe Special Rating Area No 2 Loan £2, 000; Special Rate; Application; Proceedings in order and terms etc; Special Rating Renewal
Mangaohane Station Limited Cattle stops; reserve at Mataroa Bridge
Mangaohane Road Reserve  
Mangaone Stream Bridge Main Highways Authority
Mangaonoho Drains application to be made to Rangitikei Catchment for subsidy; labour to be obtained
Mangaonoho Pit clearing; purchase from F H Powell; Land Subdivision in Counties Act
Mangonui County Council History of Hospital Rationing question
Mangarere Bridge and Road Council to Report to next meeting
Mangaweka Crushing  Plant purchase of
Mangaweka Town Board Jubilee Celebrations; Noxious Weeds; Motor-driver's Licenses, Issue of 1938/9; Bridge Repairs; Motor Drivers Licenses
Mangawhero Stream  through Rakautaua Block
Maori Girls College and Nga Tawa School  
Maori Land Board Aotea, Exemptions of Native Lands under Rating Act 1925; leases on Charging Orders and Rates written off
Maputahi 1B1 Block rating claim No 54
Marumarunui, Mrs M D asking Council to enforce sale of Section
Mardon, C N rates  
Married Men's Camp and issue of boots
Marks, M B appointed Sanitary Inspector; Repot for quarter
Marshall, A H Deviation, State Highway, Rata Flat; Late J W Marshall
Marshall, A T  
Marshall, F B Private Telephone Line; drains
Marshall, G L Councillor; Travelling Expenses; on Committee to deal with appplcation of A P Howard to acquire title of land above Kakariki River; on Committee re Upper Wangaehu and Rakautaua Drainage District tenders
Marshall, G L Deputation; Home Guard, Wanganui Locality; Zone "M" Patriotic Committee at Marton, Representative; Special Committee, Representative on Evacuation Scheme for Marton and District; re Bank Overdraft
Marshall, G L Witness the affixture of the Council's Seal to the memorandum of renewal of lease of the Turakina Town Hall; Signing Contract No 733B; Signing Contract No 733C; Representative for Wanganui Rural Goods Transport District; Signing Contract No 763; Native Rates Claims Committee; Representative Council on tranport Conference
Marshall, G L Witness affixture of Seal to Rural Housing Loan Agreement with M S Grice; on Committee to deal with matters arising from Kakariki Ballast Pit; Committee to deal with Dogs at Ratana; notice of resignation; retirement
Marshall, Hugh Killed in Action; G M Marshall, Killed in Action
Marshall, H J H Stock Paddock at Taoroa (Part Section 5 Block IV Hautapu Survey District
Marshall, Izard and Wilson re Bateley's outstanding rates; Deviation Turakina Valley Road at Whiskey Creek; Ruatangata 1C1B and 1C 1C, T W Ratana and Others; Land for road purposes, Dedication by William Bell; Lethbridge Street Side Road adjacent to Turakina School grounds
Marshall, Izard and Wilson offer to sell house in Turakina to Council
Marshall, Izard and Wilson Kapakapa Road; Morgan's Road, on behalf of J Rogers
Marshall, J W late
Marshall, J W (Mrs) late
Marshall, R W Private Telephone Line; Leedstown Road
Marshall, W  
Marton Ambulance see Ambulance for Marton
Marton Cemeteries re Marton Borough Council
Marton Borough Council re Noxious Weeds; Tutaenui Stream; Foreign Special Rates; Silver Jubilee Celebrations of His Majesty The King; Coronation Celebrations; Curls Bridge, Upper Tutaenui Main Highway, North of Marton Borough; reservoir, gorse
Marton Borough Council Marton Borough Old Waterworks, rates on
Marton Borough Council Home Guard expenses; rer Lighting Restrictions, Emergency Regulations and Portion of County within 3 miles of Marton; re visit of Honourable W A Bodkin; Mr Dalrymple to represent all local bodies on Rehabilitation Committee at Marton; Copy of Minutes, Central Emegency Precautions Scheme Committee; Council share of Emergency Precautions Scheme Expenses; Acknowledging resolution re Mt View Cemetery; Mr Robinson has been Appointed Noxious Weeds Inspector; Opinion on Loans; from above advising that the Council is considering calling for tender for construction of footpath on Tutaenui Road; to meet members of Council to consider action to be taken re Calico Line Bridge; His Worship the Mayor waited on the Council to advise them that it was intended to set up a Milk Authority in Marton District; The Council was in agreement with the intention of setting up Milk Authority; regarding water pipies along Tutaenui Road and their depth in ground
Marton Borough Council, continued Nightwatchman; Stock Paddock, Newman's Line; Boundary Roads; Physical Welfare and Recreation Act 1937; Centennial Park; Upper Waterworks Reserve; Evacuation British Children; Calico Line Water Main renewal of 1926; forwarding statement of burials at Mt View Cemetery; Council approve of £34.15.5 on Expenditure to cemetry; Contribution for Mill Street and Pukepapa; Calico Line Water Main; Pukapapa Road; Asking "nominal occupier" Borough Electoral Roll; asking to lay water main along Tutaenui Road, also referrring to new road being made around catchment area; Councils Solicitors to draw up an agreement with the Marton Borough Council concerning water main along Tutaenui Road, position of new road to be discussed
Marton Borough Council, continued proposed works on boundary roads; Catchment Board Election; Marton Hospital; report of Mt View Cemetery; thanking Council for Grant £15 for Mt View Cemetery; requesting contribution towards Cemeteries Funds; free Library Services for County Residents; Pollution Tutaenui Stream; consenting to agreement being drawn up concerning water main etc; from above forwarding plan of Road proposed to be taken and closed in connection with new Reservoir, also asking expression of opinion; Whole of Makohau Road be closed; Council agreed to draft of agreement with the abve local body concerning the pipeline on Tutaenui Road; Letter from above advising that their representatives will meet the Counties to discuss the proposed new road and pipe-line; from above re Tutaenui Road pipeline and also acknowledging receipt of letter of the 10th June and tabulating alterations to Makohau Deviation plan; Letter from Borough Council re Tutaenui Pipeline be received and that Council reaffirms the Statement that it accepts no responsibility for damage
Marton Borough Council, continued Mt View Cemetery; Tutaenui Bridge on Makohau road; Noxious Weeds on Reservoir Reserve; No men available to clear gorse and Blackberry; Septic tank; £50 for Noxious Weeds Inspectors; Medical Officer; re Cash Estate; Civil Emergency Reserve
Marton Borough Council agreeing to closing of Makohau Road at Reservoir; Mr W Meads was interviewed by the Council asking permission be given to place the fence near the road formation on the new road at the Reservoir; Councillor Stewart drew the attention of the Mayor to the Chamber on the curves of the new road; His Worship stated that the Borough Council is not prepared to meet the Health Department re the Concrete channelling at the present time; from above asking Council to support its application to have Pukepapa and Nga Tawa roads declared Main Highways; letter from above asking for comment of Council to changing of names of two streets in Marton; The Council views with alarm the proposal to construct concrete water-table along new road at the reserve instead of the customary culverting etc; Common Seal of Council to be affixed to agreement re Water Main on Tutaenui Road; from above accepting all conditions laid down by County concerning the new road deviation at reservoir; Motion re disposal of storm water on new road at reservoir and both Councils to approach Health Department; Asking Council to place reflectors on the Tutaenui Bridge Calico Line; Advising that the Borough Council wishes to leave the new road for 6 months before asking a final decision re Concrete water-tables
Marton Borough Council continued re Tutaenui pipeline resulting from inadequate coverage of pipeline; from above acknowledging receipt of letters re Old Peoples Home and Hospital Representation; Deputation by his Worship the Mayor to ask that the concrete channelling on the new road at Reservoir be left for a period; Motion was passed agreeing to hold over the question of concrete channelling on the new road at the Reservoir etc; Question of the Tutaenui Bridge on Makohau road and payment for metal due by above be held over in the meantime; from above acknowledging receipt of letter re termination of Agreement re Noxious Weeds Inspection and thanking Council for favours enjoyed in past also advising that a Committee has been appointed; for Town and country Planning; no charge to be made against Marton Borough Council for use of yard, workshop and labour in connection with Army and water supplying; Thanking Council for assistance with Army Trucks during water crisis
Marton Borough Council continued Council to write off account against above for use of lorries in connection with water shortage; from above thanking for writing off account; Deputation with regard to represntative on Marton Milk Committee and new road at reservoir; Council agree take over new road at reservoir when Engineer satisfied Health Department given approval to culverts being put in and subject road put in order by grading                            
Marton Borough Old Waterworks Reserve rates on; Marton Upper Waterworks Reserve
Marton Centennial Memorial Park  
Marton Chamber of Commercr Water Supply Scheme; Nightwatchman; Mt View Cemetery; Stock holding paddock; Rehabilitation Advisory Committee; Deputation re tar-sealing Pukepapa Road from Henderson's line corner to the Bulls-Turakina Road; J C D Hancox and State House; transfer of Electoral and Licensing Headquarters to Feilding; Council to tar-seal Pukepapap Road and declare a Main Highway; Curls Bridge; Pukepapa Road; Marton Court House
Marton Childrens Home Footpath; letter from above asking Council to provide a footpath
Marton Cottage see House for Assistant Engineer
Marton Dairy Factory Drainage  
Marton District High School Typewriters
Marton District Road Safety Organisation asking Council to fix appropriate signs at the Makirikiri Road railway crossing; asking Council to deal with trees obscuring the view of the railway line on Neumann's Line
Marton District Road Safety Council Notice of Meeting Annual; Hoarding on Turakina-Marton Main Highways; from above, letter re Pound; Council is not in favour of Pound
Marton Dwelling rent fixed at 30/- per week
Marton Engineering Works Repairs to Cub Excavator
Marton Free Kindergarten requesting donation; opening ceremony
Marton Girl Guides Coronation Hall
Marton Home Guard Committee Orderly Officer; Council's Offices as Battalion Headquarters
Marton Hospital request by Wanganui Hospital Board to meet them; Council suggesting restriction of voting; Council opposed to erection at £50, 000; Borough Council requesting representation of this Council at Meeting; Council in committee, no resolution
Marton Jockey Club Tarsealing of Wing's Line
Marton Junction Progressive Aassociation Tarsealing of Wing's Line; re wandering stock
Marton Junction Section Claim to be made to Railway Department for taking of land; form of acquittance from Land Officer NZ Railways
Marton Junior Chamber of Commerce Ambulance for Marton; Pukepapa Road; Asking Council for contribution towards cost of booklet for 75th Anniversary; £10 granted; Offering to instal conveniences in Coronation Hall if Council supply materials; Agreed to supply materials
Marton Meat Company Piggery; Slaughterhouse Licences; Health Inspection re piggerys
Marton Milk Authority and Committee Marton Borough Council asking Council to nominate representative as member of Marton Milk Committee; from NZ Milk Board forwarding copy Marton Milk District Constitution Order; Deputation re representative on Marton Milk Committee, H W Gudopp appointed
Marton Motor Services Limited from Evans and easther re amended timetable for above
Marton Motor Services   
Marton Office Zip Heater
Marton Plunket Society Thanking Council for use of shed for Nurses Car
Marton Sash Door and Timber Company Limited E H Simpson purchase of land; R S Fullerton-Smith purchase of land; Hardwood for bridges; from Evans and Easther asking Council for resolutions exempting from provisions of Section 125 of the Public Works Act area of land being acquired by above from G L Marshall and e D Grant; copy of resolutions re above passed
Marton Railway Station taking of land by the Railway Department; Claiim to be made to Railway Department for taking of land
Marton Scottish Society free use of Coronation Hall
Marton Volunteer Fire Brigade  
Marton Workshop  Repairs; Report; Mechanic; to be re-opened; back wall to be extended; to be registered as factory; application to Loans Board re new workshop; Loan has been accepted; Loan be withdrawn; Plans be at the next meeting; tenders to be called; tenders received for construction of workshop; Coleman, Hawken and Engineer be committee to deal with the workshop; Northern wall to be plastered
Marton War Loan Committee  
Marumaru, Heoroa grant to clear hemlock requested; to be applied for next year; native rates
Marumaru, H T U Private Telephone Line
Masters, C Hautapu Bridge Contract; Cottage on road (Hautapu Sawmill Syndicate)
Masters, C J 10% penalty on rates  
Masterton County Council Roadmen, travelling allowance; thanking Council for reception
Matamata County Council Subsidy on General Rates; Motor Spirits Tax and Highways Finance; Remits to Counties Conference and suggesting full time Secretary of Association; Stockholding paddocks on Waiouru-Taupo Road; County Townships
Mataroa Camp No 13 Scheme C C Mickleson, Murray's Track, request for refund of balance
Mataroa Domain Board shifting fence
Mataroa Cemetery and Trustees; List of Trustees for term of seven years
Mataroa Metal Stacking Site Railway Department to be given notice that Council wishes to terminate agreement re metal stacking site; from Railway Department advising re above being cancelled as terminated on  31/8 /54
Mataroa Metal Depot Mataroa Stacking Site; forwarding lease for sealing by the Council
Mataroa, Namunui and Kaweka Roads proposed Loan £2000; Special Rate; Application; Additional Authority; Authority for balance of Government Grant; payng final instalment
Mataroa Section  
Mataroa School Committee Road Signs; whether on Main highway; Asking Council to seal road in front of above School; Request agreed to
Mataroa Stock Paddock to repair fence of Mataroa Stock paddock
Mataroa Station loading bins; metal loading
Mataroa Township tenders for sealing; Ministry of Works not prepared to subsidise sealing; Enclosing list of Crown Sections; Assertain Rent of Sections I, II, III block IV Mataroa Township; Crown Lands re sections at Mataroa; from Chief Surveyor re Township; Offering to sell some land, letter from Bain and Flemming; Taxi Stand at Mataroa; Land taken for Housing at Mataroa; from Lands and Survey Department asking if Council has any objection to revoking of reservation of Section 11 Block IV Mataroa Township for Public Hall; Council not Interested
Materials Council to purchase from A Irwin sheets of corrugated iron
Matson, R S Contract No 694
Matthews, G grant of £5 for collecting rates at Kauangaroa Pa; Kauangaroa Pa; Dogs Registration; Motor Drivers Licenses; Registrar of Dogs; Grant; Agreed to collect rates from Kauangaroa Pa; Grant to be paid to Mr G Matthews for assistance rendered in connection with rates at Kauangaroa Pa
Matthews and Kirby Contract No 714A, Sesction "A"; Contract No 714B, Section "B"; Contract No 749; Contract No 750; Contract no 754
Matthews Russell and Co Account written off; Contract No 765, declined; Contract No 765, deposit; Contract No 807, accepted; Contract No 819, accepted; Contract No 820, accepted; Pukepapa Road; Bitumen on site on Puorino Road
Maud, Kirk Machinery Ltd Purchase of Pegson Roller Bearing 21 inch x 9 inch Jaw Crusher
Maungarapa Road (Maungaraupi)  
Mawson, J W  
Mayo, W H Private Telephone Concession; Lower culvert on Whale's Line
Mayor of Christchurch "The Waimari Bill" booklet
Mayor of Feilding NZ Centennial Exhiibition
Mayor of Marton Centennial Celebrations; deputation, Mount View Cemetery
Mayor of Wanganui Telegram re Death of H H Richardson
Mayor of Wellington NZ Centennial, Wellington Province
Mayor of Westport  
McLean, Logan West Road
Meads Brothers Permits under Heavy Motor Vehicles Regulations  
Meads, F Stock Paddock, Leedstown
Meat Act  Suspension Emergency Regulations
Meat Amendment Bill from NZ Counties Association asking for comments on the Proposed Meat Amendment Bill. L K McBeth and M P Watson were in attendance while this was being dealt with
Mechanic Marton Workshop  
Mechanical Shovel inspection to be made, resolution not carried; Engineer empowered to purchase; Tenders
Mechanical Worker's Award  
Mechanics' Institute, Utiku  
Mechanised Land Clearing in Ohakune District  
Medical Attendances Kakariki and Utiku
Medical Officer of Health Palmerston North, Advising present names of Trustees of Mataroa and Tiriraukawa Cemeteries; Tutaenui Stream and Septic Tanks
Medical Officer of Health Wellington, re Plumbing and Drainage Regulations; Camping Ground Regulations; Proposed Water Supply; re Epidemic Committees; Dr T C Lonie to succeed Dr Cook as Health Officer in Palmerston North; Burial Regulations; contributions towards cost of health inspection; offensive trades; Cemeteries; advising M B Marks to be Sanitary Inspector
Meetings of Council Meetings, future 1933
Meetings of Council  
Meetings of Council (Future) continued  
Meeting Termination of
Meeting of Works Committee  
Melville, A P ten percent Penalty on rates; Application for telephone concession
Member of Parliament proceedings against
Memorial Hall and Bathing Pavillion at Petone Beach NZ Centennial
Memorial to Pioneers Proposed Memorial on Mount Stewart
Mental Hospital neaar Bulls Water Supply; Lake Alice, deputation re tar-sealing Pukepapa Road
Menteath, Ward and Evans Scott Claiming refund Rates; Waiouru Runs; Rates on Ass. No. 2/119/439 and 2/124/227; re Rates paid by Forest Farms and Products Ltd on S G Run No 4; refund
Meria, E J damage to Makapua Road
Mercer, E W Contract No 703
Meredith, M refund Heavy Traffic Fees
Meria, E J timber carting royalties
Merwood, R M and thirty four other ratepayers, re Taihape-Mataroa Road
Metal Contract R C Lynch; A H Hammond; R C Lynch
Metal Carting from Waimarino County council requesting Council pay for the Account of Harrisons Ltd for metal delivered at the Werakohuru Bridge approaches; Engineers Action in arranging with Noble and Oulsnam to cart metal for Te Kapua Road was confirmed
Metal Carting Taihape; tenders of Ryan Brothers, A A McDonald, S W Keats and W B Parkes Ltd declined; tenders; tenders from pit in the Tutaenui Area; private lorries; from R Harding letter asking for additional payment of one penny per mile or one shilling and three pence per yard mile for carting metal on account of increased wages; Engineer to consult R Harding and report back to next Meeting; R Harding to be paid 1/3 per yard mile for carting metal; from L S Rae advising that he would purchase a lorry if given an assurance that he would be given a share of metal carting in the Taihape Area; Mr Rae to be informed that Council cannot guarantee regular carting work; The Council to support the application of R Harding for another Transport License; Overseer to ask C E Harrisons and Sons to reduce charge  for metal carting on Waiaruhe Road etc; Chairmans action in accepting Byford's tender for 5/9 for quarrying and loading and 2/7 carting per yard mile for metalling on Taihape-Napier Road be confirmed; from Waimarino County Council letters agreeing to permit the Council to remove balance of the original request of 5000 cubic yards by means of 3 yards Trucks until end of April
Metal Carting Marton Turakina Valley Road
Metal Railway Department given permission to take metal from Galpin's Pit
Metal New Metal and Subsidy; Maximum Royalty on; programme of road works; track to Moanoaroa Township; Balance on Metal carting Contracts; Engineer solely responsible; Engineer to report on the provision of metal to the whole County; Special Report; metalling be carried out on contract system for present year; Establising Crushing Plant on Upper Whangaehu River Area; Estimated cost of £1235 for metalling Koukoupo Road be agreed to
Metalling Left with Engineer contact Ministry Works re maintenance of Loop Road off State Highway at Olivers; Council accept offer of Byford and Son to deliver 200 cubic yards metal on "Gentle Annie" Hill at approx £1 per cubic yard; Petition from 25 Ratepayers and Residents of Leedstown Road requesting Council metal and seal road soon as possible; increase of royalty on metal from Toogood's from 4d to 6d and variation of contract resulting from the increase
Metalling from Byford Brothers asking Council to pay £27 for bulldozing and £4 for standing time required to obtain metal from the river at Taruarau; Account passed for payment less two hours standing time; Work on Ngawaka road to be proceeded with; from Waimarino County Council withdrawing permission to remove metal from Ross's Pit on the Whangaehu Valley Road at Karioi; B Bullocks tender was accepted fro metalling of list of Erewhon Riding roads; Harrison and Sons tender for metalling of Koukoupo Road was not accepted and new tenders to be called; the balance of Harrison and Sons account for metalling to be paid; Noble and Oulsnam's tender for unscreened metal delivered on Potaka Road was accepted subject to conditions; Engineer action was confirmed for metalling of Fern Flats and Makohau Roads; Council accept tender of A H Hammond for metal on Makirikiri Road; also giving prices; Council confirm action of Engineer in arranging with B Bullock and Co for hire of portable dragline at 50/- per hour to obtain metal for Kumuiti and Mangatipona roads; Metalling of Colenso Road held over until next year; No Action taken re repairing damage to Wairepu East Road; 200 cubic yards metal be placed on Taihape/Napier Highway from Rangitikei River by Byford Brothers at 5/9 per cubic yard for loading £2/7 yard mile for carting; 100 cubic yards metal out of Kawhatau River be placed on Potaka Road at estimated cost of 11/0
Metalling Ratana Road Extension; Ngawaka Road; Hautawa Road; Te Kumu Road; Kotukuraeroa Road, South end; Tricker's Road; Upper Turakina Valley Road (Rangiwaea  to Tangiwai); monthly Statement required showing where metal supplied in County; V Hyde be paid 1/- per cubic yard for metal; Byford Brothers be engaged to do necessary patching on Matawhero and Pukeokahu Roads; Further 50 cubic yards of metal to be puy on Matawhero Road; Engineer to bridge down a comprehensive report of commitments for metal and also on the possibility of getting a crusher in the Pukeokahu District; Summary of tender of A H Hammond for metalling; Engineer to enquire price and possibility of metalling Pukeokahu Road; O'Callaghans Road to be metalled; Inspection to be made of Waiaruhe road and Totman's Bluff
Metalling Murimotu, Kiekie, Agnew's and Watershed Road, A H Hammond's tender accepted; Metal from Griffins Pit; Metal to be delivered on Pungataua Road; 400cubic yards metal to be delivered on Goldings Line; A H Hammond, Mangahoe and Aldworth Road; Turakina Valley Road ; metal Owhakura Road commencing about 15.2.53; A H Hammond, tender; Accept tender of Bullock and Co for metalling Makopua, Omatane North and South, Potaka and Gorge and Smith's Roads; Accept W Peters tender for metalling of roads; Engineers proposal for rationing of metal among ridings be given three months trial; D L Gibbs, asking Council to metal 7 chains of Poroa Road; Chairman and Engineer to arrange with Mr Gibbs for subsidy towards cost of metalling Poroa Road; Ratepayers asking Council to metal Wairepu East Road, Engineer to report to next Meeting; Tender of B Bullock and Co Ltd for contract 884 be accepted; Tender of R Harding be accepted for delivery and spreading of top course metal on Taihape-Murray's Track Main Highway; Livingston Pit be opened and work commenced in metalling the Turakina Valley Road from Braemore to Livingstons
Metal Loading at Mataroa
Metal Pits Mrs Stoney offered £75 for royalty of her metal pit at Moawhango
Metal Pit   Kakariki, committee and discussion, see under letter "K" for previous matters); sale of , Special Order Bulls Racecourse Metal Pit; Hiwera, metal free of charge; purchase of hut for; Agreement for right to take metal; Dalziell's or Cameron's, authorising sale of; Dalziell's or Cameron's Pit, sale of; Crofton, offer to A Phiffen; sale to be authorised; Arkwrights Pit; Galpins, Council confirmed the action of Engineer in permitting A H Hammond to take up to 2000 cubic yards of metal from Galpins Pit at a Royalty of 6d per cubic yard; from Mr Jones and Mr Mazengarb forwarding for transfer memorandum of transfer of portion of the Pungataua Pit Reserve to Kotu Estates Ltd
Metal Pit   at Blacks; at Wings on Makirikiri Road; Section 14 Block XVII Marton Extension; Crabbs (Ross) Upper Tutaenui, Sale of; Miss M Nisbet; Nga Tawa Road; at Manganoho; Bonny Glen and Land for Road Deviation at Bonny Glen (R E Beckett); Button's
Metal Pit continued at Calico line; Wellington Road; R Burrell; H G Payle Junior, Turakina Valley; Nga Tawa Road, sale of; Burnside, Canteen Street; at Wicks', Parewanui Road; Waiouru; Ireland's, Upper Tutaenui
Metal Pit Grants, Turakina-Bulls Road
Metal Pit Galpin's Road; to; clearing of Mangaonoho
Metal Pit Poukiore transfer of and right of way to Sarah I E, Dalziell
Metal Pit (Cliff Road) Arkwrights Pit
Metal Pit at Otairi, question of opening new metal pit at Otairi be held over for consideration at next Meeting
Metal Pits, continued Mangaonoho, F H Powell; Tutaenui; Galpins; Jeffersons; Sale of Crofton Pit to D F Follet; Lands and Survey Department; Hunterville Area
Metal Pit Pukeroa; set aside as a reserve and vested in the Council; from K R Hindman applying to lease and area adjoining Metal Pit
Metal Pit at Upper Tutaenui, Sale of to S Coleman; sale of, Special Order
Metal Pit at Utiku, Crusher; Land for; Salaries; Fencing
Metal Pit at Raumai
Metal Reserve L A J Mickleson, to be let
Metal Supply tenders  
Meyer, A H  
Mickleson Brothers transfer of Heavy Traffic Licenses
Mickleson, C C Trustee, Tiriraukawa Cemetery
Mickleson, Estate of F L Watershed Road  
Mickleson, F L Utiku Metal Pit, Water supply
Mickleson, L A J rental of Metal Reserve
Mickleson, R Private Telephone Line
Miles Copycat for reproducing plans
Military  Camp; Training; Traffic on roads and Main Highways
Milk Authority His Worship the Mayor waited on the Council to advise them that it was intends to set up a Milk Authority in Marton District; The Council was in agreement with the intention of setting up Milk Authority
Milk Thistle (Silybum) see Variegated Thistle
Milking Shed adjacent to Road
Miller and Knuckney Contract No 724
Miller and Springhall Ltd Cyclostyle and Typewriter
Miller Timber reserve Tiriraukawa, Williams
Millson, B E Applicant for Noxious Weeds Inspector
Milne, S H  and nine other ratepayers, Rangitira Road
Milne, James offensive trade
Milson Aerodrome letter from Palmerston North City Council for support to make Milson overseas aerodrome
Mines Department Quarryman's Certificate for J A Tate
Minister of Agriculture re Flock House Rates; Noxious Weeds, Saffron Thistle; Noxious Weeds infestation of Ragwort and Variegated Thistle; Noxious Weeds Amendment Bill; gazetting special order re Hawthorn; agreeing to subsidy for £1 for £1; weeds on Railway Land; Noxious Weeds
Minister in Charge Valuation Department  
Minister of Civil Defence use of sirens and emergency fire service; Emergency Precautions Scheme matters
Minister of Defence Enrolment of Civil Reserve for Air Defence of NZ; Military Training; Waiouru-Napier Militery Highway; Temporary release from Military Service, L L Jones, no recommmendation
Minister of Employment  
Minister of Finance re War Loan of £35, 000, 000
Minister of Health unable to agree with Council re Hospital Board
Minister of Housing Rural Housing Act 1939
Minister of Industries and Commerce fencing wire
Minister of Internal Affairs Council's Application for permission to overdraw Bank Account
Minister of Justice  
Minister of Labour Statutory Half Holiday; Statutory Closing day
Minister of Lands  
Minister of National Service  
Minister of Native Affairs Rates on Owhaoko Blocks D7 and D7A; Noxious Weeds on Native Land; letter form re Noxious Weeds
Minister of Public Works    
Minister of Public Works, Acting  
Minister of Railways Noxious Weeds on railway lines; re transfer of Turakina-Wangeahu old Railway line; Department being responsibility in regard to Noxious Weeds; Survey of Turakina-Whangaehu Railway line has beem completed; re Noxious Weeds; Makirkiri East Road Railway Crossing; Taking land at Msarton Junction
Minister of Rehabilitation invitation to opening of Carpentry Training Centre in Wanganui; re Otaihape Valley Road subsidy metalling
Minister of Stabilisation Salary Increases, Female Staffs
Minister of Supply Building Controller; Concrete Products
Minister of Transport Acting
Minister of Unemployment Work carried out by relief labour
Minister of Works proposed road formation Turakina-Wangaehu Railway line; advising that Cabinet has granted £3784
Ministerial replies to Remits  
Ministry of Housing Pinus Radiata
Ministry of Supply Building Emergency Regulations and Amendments
Ministry of Supply fencing wire
Ministry of Works subsidy re Makohau Road Water Tunnel; A Wilkes forwarded copy of letter from re culvert on road; report on operations of; to visit Taihape; Bridges Subsidies; Flood damage grants;Report Public Works Department activities to; Ohingaiti Hotel; Makopu Road metalling grant; forwarding copy of letter from Chief Civil Engineer NZ Railways; Rangitikei River at Kakariki; Flood Damage
Ministry of Works Rangitira Road; Annual Report; Kaweka Road
Ministry of Works Transport Department
Ministry of Works, continued legislation of State Highway between Wings Line and Subway; Report of Inspection of Greatford-Ashhurst Main Highway; Grant for Moawhango Bridge Taoroa; Rata Soldier Settlement Mellington Road; Rangitira Road; Subsidy on Award Rates for Foreman; re extension of Highways; Proclamation re Lake Alice Road; Curls Bridge Upper Tutaenui Main Highway; Amending Building Control Regulations
Ministry of Works, continued Main Highways; Power Lines north Mangaweka; Public Works Grants 1948-49; Ohingaiti footpaths; Main Highways Estimates; Curls Bridge Upper Tutaenui Main Highway; Pukeroa Bridge, authority for £2066 (£1 for £1); Legalisation Turakina Streets; Plant Hire Rates; Bonny Glen-Norwood Corner; painting of Vinegar Hill Bridge; Horopito-Bulls State Highway; Land taken for Cottages; Wairepu East Road; Land taken on Horopito-Bulls State Highway; Cattle Stops; Santoft Farm Settlement; Gates and Cattlestops; Public Works Amendment Bill; Makohau Road Deviation; Gowers Road
Ministry of Works Building Controller, Amendment to Buiding Control Policy; Sending copy of lease re Office Accomodation; re Road votes; enclosing report for year ended 31st March 1950; Advising that Main Highways Board would be in Marton on 25th October; Engineering Services been increased to 4%; fee subsidisable for Unregistered Engineers; Mellington Road as County Road; closing Waiouru-Taihape Main Highway; Horopito-Bulls State Highway; Road Closed in Ohinewairua Survey District; forwarding authorities for grants; Santoft Roads; gravel pit on Cliff Road (Arkwrights Pit); Rangitira Road; Parewanui Road; Bridge Replacement Scheme; Manawatu-Taranaki Area traffic flow; Onepuhi Bridge; authorised subsidy for Parewanui Road; Noxious Weeds; Report for year ended 31st March 1952
Ministry of Works Proclamation re taking of land for well site Lake Alice Mental Hospital; copy of proclamation re Main Road, Ohingaiti; Mataroa Tar Sealing; Public Works Grants; lease of office Transport Department; W M Linklater; Metalling Wairepu East Road; Metalling remaining four or five chains at Greatford; Plan re Okapea Farm Settlement; Colemans Road and Patikipapa Road; Legalisation of Rangitira Road; Advising that tender of Russell Matthews and Co has been accepted; Council to nominate representative on No 8 District Highways Council; Copy of Bulls-Horopito State Highway; from Ministry of Works asking Council to consent to the closing of various areas of old roads
Ministry of Works Advising that authorities had been cancelled and stating which ones; from above extract from Gazette re land taken for Hautapu Rabbit Board; Extracts from Gazettes (2) re land for road Santoft and Flock House; Annual Reports
Ministry of Works Authorities for Curls Bridge Upper Tutaaenui, reseal Turakina Cliff Road; re Callendar-Hamilton Bridge over Moawhango River; proclamation of land taken for road in part Awarua 4C11 (Winiata Deviation); resident Engineer copy of circular re Town and Country Planning; Commissioner of Works copy of Engineering Instruction for timber bridge decks; Advising National Roads Board unlikely to subsidize any amount of expenditure in excess of 10% above estimated cost; Approving improved Plant Hire Rates; National Roads Board will subsidize (£1 for £1) safety footpaths on Main and State Highways; Advising Authority for £2013 (£3 for £1) for reseal of Gower's Hill; from above asking roading authorities to actively pusue policy of painting of white centre lines on all sealed road surfaces; from above letter re District Road Votes and Backblock Access Roads Votes; from above re junction of Makirikiri Road and State Highway advising the Council has neither delegated power [n]or authority to encroach on State Highway without permission also that Council is perpetuating permanent hazard; forwarding plan of proposed deviation of State Highway at Rata
Ministry of Works Housing Division, asking permission to take clay and topsoil from road at Hunterville; regarding Rangitikei River Protective works at Kakariki; Designing of proposed Onepuhi Bridge; re Stop Bank at Kakariki; T and J McIlwaine Tenders; Statement of Ministry of Works for year ended 31.3.52; Steel bridge at Ongaroto; Makohau d eviation; Arkwright Pit; proclamation re State Highways
Ministry of Works Estimates  
Miscellaneous Emergency Precautions Scheme
Miscellaneous Accounts Writing off; McKenzie and Swan, P Broughton, PakI Brothers; W Whitefield, and T Harvey; Written off, E Hobman, W A Jellyman; I Kendrick; T O'Dea, J Cooper, H W Tapson; A E Pierson, rent, and Coronation Hall, rentals; Written off, J A Cornfoot, E Cameron, T Hiroti, A Macnab, J L MacReynolds and P Waitere
Missing Receipt Book Kakariki Ballast Pit  
Mitchell Brothers Gates on Ohaumoko Road
Mitchell, J C Contract No 745A
Mitchell, W F  
Moanaroa Beach request from R Mackay to make road; Engineer to report on Moanaroa Beach Road
Moanaroa Beach Road see Road, Moanaroa Beach
Moanoaroa Township metal track
Moawhango Camp P M Butler
Moawhango Cottage new stove and hot water service required; electric power to be installed
Moawhango Native School site Closing of road; wire fence for road; letter from Education Board re Road; plan for readjustment of road approved by Council; Proclamation rer land taken (Public Works Department); closing of road etc; legalising road; request that Council delay action concerning roads and matter referred to Engineer
Moawhango Rabbit Board Inspection; Rabbit Board at Kuripaponga; Whaka Road Rabbit Proof gate
Moawhango Social Club  
Moawhango Roadman's Cottage (Old Police Reserve)  
Mobile Crushing Plants  
Moir, D Contract No 687; Contract No 711; Contract No 758; granted tender for Rata Coronation Hall; refund of deposit Contract 764
Moir, Miss Daphne appointed to staff; increase in salary; recommendation for salary increase £20 above Award Rate; Tendering her resignation as from 10th February
Mohammed Ali collision with County Lorry, claim for damages
Mokau Coal Fields re Gift of Coal Royalties
Monk, G A for information re deputation to Minister of Agriculture re control of Noxious Weeds; Ward 4 conference at Palmerston North; successor to be appointed; letter of appreciation of services; presentation donation; acknowledging letter of appreciation
Monrad, Oscar  
Moore and McKinnon  
Moore, A T Outstanding Rates; 10% Penalties, writing off; Makokomiko Road extension; electric power for Matawhero and Pukeokahu Cottage
Moore Brothers Rates
Moore, G F  
Moore, J L  
Moore, R J  and Pukepapa Road Corner (Dr Dick)
Moore, W refund of Heavy Traffic Fees
Morgan, J I Glencairn Road
Morgan Roadman; Mrs A R Morgan
Morgan Road Legalisation and Upkeep; connection with legalisation; from Evans and Easther asking for certified copy Resolution consenting to proclamation of Morgan Road
Morpeth, Gould, Wilson and Dyson Solicitors, Auckland, NZ Institute of Technology, offer to Council to accept certain amount in full settlement for payment of gravel etc
Morris, A Utiku Metal Pit
Morris, Geo  
Morris, G W D to S C Andrews, transfer Slaughtering License; and Others, Petition re Okanagon Road
Morrison, J A Member Hospital Board; Late
Morrison, S W "Overhead" Expenses
Morrison, W G be appointed Consulting Engineer for Onepuhi Bridge; Onepuhi Bridge; bridges replacement; Bridges replacement scheme; Onepuhi Bridge
Mortgage Corporation Finance Legislation  and Local Bodies Rates; Mortgage Corportation Bill, liability for Rates
Mortgage Corporation of NZ  
Mortgage Finance and Local Rating
Mortgagors and Leasees Rehabilitation Act 1936 and County Rates
Mortland, A A Permission to shift fence nearer road at Moawhango
B K Morton Proprietary Ltd Noxious Weeds Killer
Morton, J D E Worker's Dwelling and Stock Paddock. Tutaenui Road
Mosen, W H Order
Moss Hallet and Others Trevelyn Street, Crofton
Motor Camp Park, Taihape  
Motor Car (Plymouth) C P Liddicoat, Enineer's Department, Purchase; A W Trotter's; purchase of second hand car; purchase of Model T Ford; and Independent Mechanic be requested to inspect car; second hand car for Noxious Weeds Inspector, Offer not accepted; new V8 to be used by Assistant Engineer;Purchasing an A70 Austin Car and an A40 Austin 15cwt Truck
Motor Car Number Plates High Commissioner's Car
Motor Cycle New; Taihape; Taihape, matter of sale of; Taihape and Tyre Press; Rangitikei Motor Races agreed by Commissioner of Transport; Turakina Valley Road for speed trials; Commissioner of Transport agreed to closing road for trials; Patikapa Road for Sunday 31st August
Motor Drivers' Licenses appointment of C E Harrisons and Sons (Waiouru) as agents for collection; re above; from Transport Department advising that Regulations are being framed to authorise retention of the present forms for issue of above; from Transport Department re Heavy Traffic and Motor Drivers' Licenses over 5 year plan; 1954-55 licenses be issued for 1 year only; above to be issued for periods up to five years
Motor Drivers' Licenses, continued Acting Clerk to introduce new system; all testing be done by Government Traffic Inspector; re Central Register; G Matthews fees; C G Burkinshaw's fees; Gargill and Bell authority to issue; Captain Slade-Jones and R M S Marby authority to issue; collection test fees
Motor Drivers Regulations Amendment No 3 (license to be carried at all times); Amendment to 1940 Regulations Postal Renewal; Comments on suggested new system for Motor Drivers Licenses
Motor Drivers Licences , continued New "L" signs; regulations re Motor-cyclists; New Regulations; Authority for all permanent officers to issue Motor drivers licenses; Statistics; Fees, NZ Counties Association; to "Enemy Aliens"; Motor drivers Licenses; ages of 70 to 75 renewals; provisions for abbreviated form of application for the renewal of
Motor Drivers Licences  Relief Workers, Amended Regulations; Public Revenues Act; and Testing Officers; Transport Department; 1938/39; Return; Commissioner of Transport; Town Clerk, Mangaweka; copies to be forwarded to Transport Department
Motor Fuel Account, Benzine Stolen; for Councillors; shortage at Taihape Office written off
Motor Lorry Purchase of
Motor- lorry Regulations Waipa County Council
Motor Mechanic  
Motor Mechanic A M Howard
Motor Mechanics Award Amendment received
Motor Mechanics Dispute  
Motor Regulations Copies for distribution; Special Types
Motor Shed, Marton Yard Sale to Wanganui Hospital Board
Motor Spirits Tax and Highways Finance Matamata County Council
Motor Taxation and Highways Finance; letter from Automobile Association
Motor Trials letter from G B Bensemann asking Council to seriously consider the question of Motor Cycle Zpodfz Meetings on Sunday; from Rangitikei Motor Club asking permission to conduct "hill climb" competition on Patikipapa Road on 18/9/55
Motor Truck Purchase of
Motor Vehicles Warrants of Fitness; Speed Limit through Turakina; for conveyance of Council's workmen
Motor Vehicles Purchase of
Motor Vehicle Controller S A R Mair nominated as Representative on Advisory Committee
Motor Vehicles Importers' Association letter from explaining shortage motor-vehicles
Motor Vehicle  Impressment Emergency Regulations and Advisory Committee, S A R Mair Representative
Motor Vehicles Insurance  
Motor Vehicle Regulations Proposed Consolidation and Amendment and Act
Motor Vehicles Emergency Regulations Farmers Trucks
Motukawa 7A Block Road access, Mrs S V Burridge; Motukawa 2B 7B, Subdivision William Family; Motukawa 2B 17A, Release of Charging Order; Native Rates, 50% basis of compromise Settlement; Motukawa 2B 15A, arrears Native Rates (Charles Bennett)
Motukawa 2B 4A Rating Claim Release; Motukawa Part 2B 13A, Te Ngu Kingi; 2B 5A, Rating Claim Release; 2B 16B 2C and 2B 16B 3, Rates; 2B 16A, Rateson, Native Land Court; Rating Claim Release; 2B 16B 2C
Motukawa Land Co applying for Telephone concession
Mount Stewart Memorial from Committee minutes of Meeting held on 21st March 1954
Mount View Cemetery Marton Chamber of Commerce; Marton Borough Council and Cost of maiintenance; donation; deputation from Mayor etc; Marton Borough Council; from Marton Borough Council forwarding copy of letter from NZ Monumental Masons Association, re Mt View Cemetery
Mount View Faarms Ltd T C Lowry, complimenting Council on work on Bald Hill Road and suggesting erection of a few culverts
Moye, J Kakariki Metal Account; Contract 
Muir, T W and 3 Others (Loan Proposal)
Mulvay, K H Mulvay, A O, re right to fell bush; Gray Mulvay and co, timber carting royalty; agreement with
Municipal Association of NZ  
Municipal and General Workers' Union Union fees
Municipal Composting at Dannevirke  
Munro, A M (Mrs) Rates
Munro, Peter Representative, Wanganui Rangitikei Electric Power Board
Murdoch, A C E (Mrs)  
Murimotu Sawmilling Co  
Murray, G T Ex District Engineer Public Works Department, visiting County; to be entertained at luncheon
Murray Roberts and Co, Wellington Collier Family Rates; Mr and Mrs F G Rogers; Estate H and J M B Collier, Owhakura Road metalling, Contri[b]ution
Murray Tracek M Davane
McAlley Brothers  
McBeth, L K Slaughter License  
Mc Calman, A R Rates Outstanding; Dog Nuisance at Ratana
McCarthy, T J Appointment of Trustees for Tiriraukawa, Mataroa and Ohingaiti Cemeteries
McCartin, J Ten per cent on rates
McCaul, M G C 49 hour week
McChesney, W increase in salary  
McClymont, J D Gate on Ruatangata Road; 10% penalty 1939-40 rates; Estate rates written off, £1.19.4; Estate rates wrtten off, £3-16-3
McCoard, L M Kawhatau Valley Road, Kiwitea County, Deputation
McColl, Charles William  Town Clerk of Bulls; Authority to issue Drivers Licenses; Dogs Registration
McConachie, A J asking for new stove and hot-water service for Maowhano Cottage; electric power installed
McCormick, D R Utiku Crusher metal carting
McCormick-Deering, T D 6 Trac-tractor and McCormick-Deering Hamilton Angle dozer
McCrone, Robert Health Iinspector, Taihape
McCulloch, F M Accident Insurance; Account for Medical Attention; Appointment Manager Utiku Crushing Plant; Resignation; Holiday Pay; from his Wife expressing message of sympathy
McDonald, Archibald  A Junior Taihape Office; Salary increase; Leave of absence, Naval Forces, Salary; return as Council employee; reinstatement; Holiday Pay; Allowed further Three months to make arrangements; tender for metalling Otaihape Valley Road declined; carrying business at Utiku
McDonald, A C Road fence
McDonald, John and New Car; Motor drivers Licenses; Salary; Increment; Dog's Registration; Appointment Testing Officer and Traffic Inspector; Illness; Ranger
McDonald, John, continued Appointment, Inspector of Reserves; Superannuation; Travelling Expenses; 5% Cost of Living Bonus; Appointment, Noxious Weeds Inspector; J H Dalrymple ten per cent penalty on rates; increase in salary refused by Wages Commissioner
McDonald, John, continued information re retiring allowance from National Provident Fund; all damage to be reported to Engineer in writing; prepared to remain on Staff for longer period; retirement to take effect on 30/9/47; re lease of Ohutu Reserve by A A Wilson; to be farewelled by outside Staff; invited to attend next meeting of Council; letter from C Irwin re farewell
McDonald, John, continued presentation to Mr J McDonald; retiring allowance; payment of £400 on account of purchase of Taihape house, repairs to car
McDonald (Mrs) J E Increment; Resignation
McDonald, J S Metal Pit, Burnside, Canteen Street, Sale of
McDonald, N P and I D Fence, Taurimu Road
McDonald , R J Fence on Glencairn Road, removal of
McDonald, T E Roadman, Rent
McDonnell, James 10% penalty  
McDowell Brothers application for telephone concession
McFarlane, A B Private Telephone Line
McFarlane and Co Ltd replacement of lost cheque
McGaffin and Blair Contract 692
McGaffin, R Contract No 702; Contract No 719
McGhee Insanitary Dairy farm
McGinnisss, A H Utiku Ballast Pit
McGovern, T L Deputation re Watershed Road
McGregor, Estate, Evan flooding from Mangara Stream
McHardie's Bluff fence
McHardy, Mrs I state of Upper Turakina Valley Road; Puwehea Road
McHardy, James Councillor; Travelling Expenses; death of; letter from widow
McIlwaine, D Junior Typists etc appointment; Motor Drivers' Licenses etc; Salary increase; Salary, Memorandum of Settlement; Leave V A D Training, Special Leave; resignation received and accepted
McIlwaine T  J Contract No 705; Contract No 709; Contract No 710(2); Contract No 708; Contract No 720; Contract, Porewa Stream Bridge at Hunterville; Contract No 725; Contract No 727; Contract No 737; Contract No 738; Contract No 741
McIlwaine T  J, continued Contract No 742 Section C; Contract No 742 Section B; Contract No 743; Contract No 744; Tender declined (Rata Coronation Hall)
McIlwaine Ltd,  T and J Contract 779B for culvert on Curls Bridge, Upper Tutaenui Road; Contract 794, Pukeroa Bridge; estimates of costs of building cottages; Contract 821, declined; Contract for culverts; permission to cart logs over Watershed Road; claim for extra cost of constructing culverts at Leedstown and Union Line; Fullerton Smith and Co forwarding copy of agreement re timber carting; final payment to above for Whangaehu Beach Road Culvert be paid forthwith
McIndoe North and Co Tender for Contract 821 accepted
McIndoe, Andrew Contract No 708A
McIntyre, Charles, Estate of Drain, opposite J Hammond's property, Statutory notice to clear out; bequest; re Estate of C McIntyre; Public Trust appointing custodian; lease of farm for 12 months; H McIntyre agreed to take back the land for another 12 months; lease extende to 31st March 1952; R Perry; leased to H J McIntyre and R Perry; T K Evans wanting definite instructions with regard the above Estate; from Public Trustee Administration Account; Extension of lease McIntyre Bequest; Publis Trust, affidavit; agreement to extension; H J McIntyre and Mrs E A Coleman Verses Public Trust; Acceptance of compromise for full property bequeathewd; Public Trust Office asking for instructions re sale of above; Council of opinion that should be sold by Public Auction, Amendment That it be a recommendation to Public Trust Office that be sold by private tender; from Evans and Easther forwarding copy of judgement in the case re above Estate; letter from R E Perry asking if he could be permitted to remain on his 60 acres of above Estate till June 1954; from F H McIntyre asking if he could be permitted to purchase the balance of above property etc
McIntyre Estate Mr H McIntyre be informed that an agreement was made with the mover to return the cropped land to grass and aasking him to do so; Council to apply immediately to have fencing of MCIntyre Estate completed as soon as possible; from Public Trustee giving result of survey of McIntyre Estate; Council to accept new surveyed areas of land on the above Estate; from Evans and Easther copies of letters from A D McRae, concerning the alterations of areas of sports grounds from McIntyre Estate. The Council can see no justification in the reducing of the areas of Sports grounds from McIntyre Estate. Also the Council recommends NZ Farmers Co-Operative Distributing Co Ltd to handle the sale of the McIntyre Estate; Action of Councillor Duncan in fixing a reserve on the above estate of £52.10 per acre; letter from R R Perry protesting against action of Council in letting the grazing of its portion of the McIntyre Estate without calling for public tenders and making an offer for the grazing of the portion reserved fro football; letter to be written to J Henderson, Ohingaiti regarding the above Estate; Mr Henderson also to be interviewed re drainage of McIntyre property; Trust Board to be informed to administer the Ohingaiti property; from Public Trust Office re allocation of revenue from McIntyre Estate
McIntyre Recreation Reserve from Public Trust re allocation of revenue from McIntyre Estate; Area to be known as "The McIntyre Recereation Reserve"
McIntyre, Honourable W M Death of, Sympathy expressed by Council; NZ Counties Association, acknowledging sympathy
McIntyre, Taylor and Seddon re MacReynolds account
McKegg Ltd, W R tenders for Curls Bridge, Upper Tutaenui Road accepted by Public Works Department
McKelvie, J F (Estate) from Fitzherbert, Abraham and Crossley asking Council to sign withdrawl of caveat affecting area, part Canarvan Township in title of above Estate; Council agrees to lifting of caveat
McKenzie, Alexander (Mrs) late Mr Alexander McKenzie, late
McKenzie, A F Taihape, Contract 695
McKenzie, Clutha Director of the Jubilee Institute for the Blind
McKenzie, J S Slaughter License  
McKenzie, R F A Salary; Increment; Scale Rate; Memorandum of Settlement; Leave of absence, Overseas, Salary; Late Mr A McKenzie; Holiday Pay, released from Military Forces; Salary to be raised to £467-10-0; to be Acting Treasurer during absence of Treasurer; increase in salary; recommendation for increase of salary £25 per annum; Increase in salary; Leave of absence
McKinnon, C Kawhatau Valley Road, Kiwitea County, Deputation
McKinnon, J Portion of unused road near Kakariki Bridge; Closing of Road; deposit refunded; closed road vested in
McKinnon, L B  
McLachlan, D V re Dogs at Ratana; Ratana Road; old road grader
Mclean, J H Estate of, Outstanding rates; Mrs O J McLean
McLean and Kincaid taking of land Utiku Ballast Pit and A H McGinniss
McLean and Todd  
McLean, Logan Hautawa Road (or West Road), gate on
McLean, Logan Murimotu West Road; Gate on West Road; Appointment Trustees Hunterville Cemetery; West Road
McLeay, A Kapakapa Road; Private Telephone Line, Taurimu Road
McLeay Brothers Deputation re road access over Turakina River adjoining their property
McLeay, John, Estate of Bridge over Turakina River
McLeay, John, Estate of Agreeing to Mangahoe Road loan Proposal
McLennan, George Roderick Appointed Registrar of Dogs and Officer for issue of Motor Drivers' Licenses
McLeod, Michael Nicholas apppointed Registrar of Dogs in Ratana area
McManaway, C F Chairman, Ratana Coronation Hall Committee; Deputation
McMillan, A W interviewed for position of Overseer; travelling expenses paid; two days wages paid
McMillan Brothers Contract 708
McMillan, J D Pamphlet "Tell the People"
McNicol, D J Magnetic Unit Service
Nagel, G Roadman, applying for telephone concession
Namunui Stream Water Tunnel and Realignment, authority; Namunui Stream Crossing
Napier Chamber of Commerce Taihape-Napier Road
Napier-Taihape Road Maintenance , Grant (Free) £290
Napier-Waiouru Military Highway  
Nash, W , Honourable re late P Fraser
Nathan, B W H Assistant Works Manager (Kakariki)
National Art Gallery and Dominion Museum Report and Balance Sheet; Report
National Council for Reclamation of Waste Material  
National Expenditure Adjustment Bill; and Act  
National Federation of General Labourers  
National Insurance Company Damage to H Bosher's Car
National Patriotic Fund Board National Patriotic Council
National Peace Council of NZ  
National Provident Fund Superannuation of R Dukeson increased by £52 per annum from 1st December
National Reconstruction Association  
National Roads Bill Chairman referred to the above bill which will result in considerably increased subsidy being available to the Council
National Roads Council The above Council's attention to be drawn to the state of the road at the dip near the Putorino Railway Crossing; Also their attention be drawn to dangerous state of the road at the Junction of Makirikiri Road and the State Highway; Approved Estimates for 1955/56; Letter from National Roads Board acknowledging receipt of letter re the Onepuhi Bridge; from Ministry of Works advising National Roads Board considers wooden truss bridges in NZ not being maintained as they should be and Board will take into account quality of maintenance when considering removal subsidies; Refund £62.8.0 be made National Roads Board for overpayment of subsidy on rates; Council to make application to National Roads Board to pay half cost restoring loop roads on State Highway to reasonable condition
National Rose Show  
National Relief Fund for Spanish Children  
National Savings Scheme War purposes; Wanganui Chronicle Account; War Loan 1945
National Service Department Home Guard and Emergency Precautions Scheme Organisation; Benzine for Emergency Precautions Scheme; Lighting Restriction etc; Home Guard, Establishment and Maintenance Expenses; Capitation Grant for Home Guard Unit Expenses; re Blood Transfusion Service; Aliens; re Survey of Medical resources; Warning Signals and Lighting Restrictions
National Service Department, continued Representative on the Advisory Committee, S A R Mair; Emergency Reserve Corps Regulations; S E Wason appeal in case of call up for military work; letter re co-operation in rehabilitation of ex-servicemen; essentiality of Kakariki Crushing Plant to be revoked on 15/10/45; revocation effected
National Service Department, continued Home Guard and Emergency Precautions Scheme  
National Weeds Conference at Massey College to be held over; Advising that conference will be held at Lincoln College
Native applicants for relief work  
Native Department Hira Hinekura, Ruatangata 1E 1B; Registration Native Dogs; Ruatangata 2D4 Block, access; Oruamatua-Kaimanawa District, leases; Noxious Weeds; Land Exemptions under Section 104 Rating Act 1925; Now changing to Department of Maori Affairs
Native Land Noxious Weeds on; exemptions under Rating Act
Native Land  adjoining road Turakina-Wangaehu
Native Land Court Onepuhi Bridge Protective Works, Reu reu Block, Land proposed to be acquired; Rates on Motukawa 2B 16A; Full Release; Compensation for land taken, Onepuhi Bridge and River Protective Works; E A Anderson and Family, Rates; Rates on Tawaroa 1C3
Native Land Court remitting portion of rates due Tawaroa 1C4 Block
Native Minister Owhaoko Block D7
Native Rates Proceedings to be taken for recovery as follows, Whai Pine; J F Logan; W Gray or Mayson Brothers
Native Rates Arrears written off, Waipu 4A3E3A No 1 £23-12-3; £26-4-11 in full settlement of liens on Wainui 2B2; Arrears written off, Part Awarua 4A 3C No 4H Block XIII Ohinewairua Survey District; arrears written off, Awarua 4C15F1G £37-2-0, Awarua 4C15F1A2B £30-8-3; Arrears written off, Awarua 4A3C4B4; on Motukawa 1B, Block 1V Maungakaretu Survey District; Part Awarua 3C 13 L Block VII Ohinewairua Survey district; £48-4-6 Balance Arrears on Waipu 4A 3D1 Block XIV Ikitara Survey District written off; Arrears written off,  Awarua 2C12C1 and 2C12E; Kauangaroa Pa rates be written off; Requesting Council to accept rates due on Ruatangata [1]A[1]A4; re leins on Oroua Matua, Kaimanawa [1]D [1]B, 2A, 2B and 2C[1]; Arrears be written off, Ruatangata [1]A[1]A4, Awarua 2C12C[1], 2C12E; written of Lien No 269A; requesting Council to accept rates due Awarua 4C 13F 1A2E, 15F1D; H Ruru asking for commission on amount of arrears
Native Rates Be Written off on Motukawa 2B4C1 and 2Sub A Blocks VI, X Ohinewairua Survey District
Native Rates Arrears Kauangaroa Pa for 1948-49 written off £49-4-4; £51-1-1 in full settlement of arrears of rates on Rangiwaea 4A2B; H A Glasgow £12 in full settlement of arrears of rates on Native land at Turakina; £80 in full settlement of all arrears due on Part Taraketi 2F1B, H Ruru; The Councils Seal to be affixed to Release of Rating Liens on Motukawa 2B 15C, Lien No 114, 114A, 144B; The Chairman and Councillor Chrystll to witness the affixture of the Councils Seal to the following release of Rating Liens;- Awarua 2C15B Lien No 51; Awarua 2C15B1 Lien No 51J; Balance of arrears of rates owing on Motukawa 2B15C Block V, Ohinewairua Survey District be written off
Native Rates Council's seal to be affixed to release of Charging Order on Ohingaiti 6A2 Block XVI, Tiriraukawa Survey District Order No; £82.7.11
Native Rates, continued Rates written off on Part Motukawa 2B 11A Block V, Ohinewairua Survey District etc; Rates written off of Hospital Rates charged to the Crown for year ending 31.3.54 etc; from Maori Affairs Department offering amount in full settlement of all rates and arrears due on Awarua 2C13J7; Accepted above; Seal of Council affixed to the release of Rating lien on Taraketi 2F2 for £52.15.5; The Councils Seal was affixed to releases of Rating Liens on Awarua 2C13J7; Native Rates written off for Awarua 2C13J7 Block VII Ohinewairua Survey District, Owhaoko D5 No 2 Blocks IV, VII Taumata Survey District and Owhaoko D5 No 3 Blocks IV, VII Taumata Survey District; Grant £28.19.0 be paid Mr G Matthews for assistance rendered in connection rates at Kauangaroa Pa; Amounts of rates owing on Kauangaroa Pa sections 1952/53 and 1953/4 be written off
Native Rates Arrears Te Ngahoa family; Ngohenhohe te Whaaro and full settlement; Horiana te Whaaro and full settlement of rates due; Charles Bennett, full settlement of rates due; Part Motukawa 2B5B2 Blocks V and IX Ohinewairua Survey District balance of arrears written off; the same but 2B5B1; Part Awarua 2C2C1 Blocks V and IX Ohinewairua Survey District written off 3/-; arrears of rates on Ruatangata 1A1A1
Native Rates Arrears, continued £55 offered in full settlement of recoverable arrears to 31st March 1945, accepted; £40 offered iin full settlement of arrears amounting to £78-12-8 on Rangipo-Waiu B6 C1 Block; Ruatangata 2D1 £84-12-6 to 31/3/45; Ruatangata 2D2 £21-0-9 to 31/3/45; £3-18-3 in full settlement to Mrs Ngaae Pine on Awarua 2C15B; £100 in full settlement to 31/3/46 on Taraketi 1F and 2F1B; half arrears on Kaititahi and other sections on Turakina Beach Road accepted in full settlement
Native Rates Claims Sitting of Court to hear Claims for Rates; Release of Parewanui-Paeroa A and Parewanui 10A (Karetu 10A); Release of 33A and 33B on Raketapauma 2B3, 107, 107A and 107B on Rotomapua 5B, 167 on Te Kopiro 3B; partial Release No98D and No98E; Release of Rating Claim No 269 £57-6-1; Release of No 286 £14-16-3; No242A £15-16-8
Native Rates, General, card 1  Rates Claims; Lands Rates Committee; Rating Claim, Release; Rating; Native Minister; Rating Liens, Ngahoa te Whaaro; Rates Committee, Mr Fenwicke's appointment
Native Rates, General continued, card 2  Receivers; Outstanding; Liens Release; Claims; Release of Charging Orders; Parewanui 5B; Karetu 10A (2/137/268); Parewanui-Paeroa A written off; Parewanui VB Outstanding; Te Riwai Block written off; 33A and 33B on Raketapauma 2B3 released 107, 107A 107B on Rotomapua 5B released, 167 on Te Kopiro #B released; Rake tapauma 2B3, Rotomapua 5B, Raketapauma 2B9 Block VIII Maungakaretu Survey District written off; Raketapauma 2B6 Block VIII Maungakaretu Survey District written off
Native Rates, General continued, card 3  Mr Fenwicke to supply each Councillor with list; Release of Liens Awarua 4C 15F 1C and Awarua 4C 15F 1A 2F; Release of Orders , Section 34 Parewanui Native Reserve (6 acres, 3 roods 4 perches); Release of Orders, Raketapauma 2B9 in Block VIII Maungakaretu Survey District (3 acres 0 roods 22 perches); Release of Rating Claims No 163 and 164; Release of Rating Claims No 282 and 282A
Native Rates, General continued, card 4  Lowry, Williams and Kettle Ltd, Oruamatua-Kaimanawa 2K, 2Q1, 2Q2 overvalued; Ruatangata 1A1A2 and part 1A1A3; Part Ruatangata 1B4C1 and 1B4C2; Parts Waipu 2A 1B, 2A2B3, 2A3B3, Ratana Family; Rata Area; Pohe; P K Waitere; Whai Pine; Lot 2 D P 10652, Part Ruatangata 1B4C2/2 £107-17-4 balance of arrears written off; £107-17-4 in full settlement of arrears. £33-11-3 current rates by Hiroti Brothers
Native Rates, General continued, card 5 applications to be made for Order-in-Council for exemption of lands from liability for rates; £85 from Maori Land Board to be accepted in full settlement of arrears of rates on Wangaehu Development Scheme; G Matthews appointed agent to collect £50 per annum on Kauangaroa Pa area, arrears to 31st March 1945 to be written off, 5% commission payable on collection; ; Oruamatua-Kaimanawa 2K2Q1 and 2Q2, values as whole wanted from Mr Stewart; Mr Fenwicke to negotiate with Oruamatua Station Ltd in connection with arrears and valuations
Native Rates, General continued, card 6 negotiations to be made with Mr Fernie re rates on Owhaoko Block; proceedings for recovery of rates on Ohingaiti No 6 Block to be taken; consideration of rates on Oruamatua is to be held over; Oruamatua-Kaimanawa 2K2Q1 and 2Q2 Blocks inspected by Councillor Mair; £10 accepted in full settlement of arrears and current rates on Te Raumanga; Councillor Mair to interview A Fletcher re rates on Awarua 4C 15F 3A; Mr Fenwicke to deal with rates on Ohinewairua Station and Owhaoko Station
Native Rates, General continued, card 7 50% on secured rates on Paewhare 1B 2B2 amounting to £19 accepted in full settlement; arrears written off; report; rates on Ohinewairua Station; rates on Owhaoko Station; Parewanui B5, Mr Fenwicke authorised to accept £25 in full settlement; 5B Parewanui N R Block XIV Rangitoto Survey District £40.3.121 arrears written off; £198 current rates om Owhaoko offer accepted, Fernie Brothers and Roberts, arrears as charge against land; accepted; monthly reports to be furnished by Mr Fenwicke; Released on Rating Liens on Rangipo Waiu B Part 4 in Block XV Moawhango Survey District
Native Rates, General continued, card 8 W R Pohe and others compensation for land; collection of rates by G Matthews at Kauangaroa Pa, comp[ensation £5; colllection of Native Rates by Dairy Companys; Solicitor to be appointed in Taihape to deal with certain Native Rating Cases; £8 paid in full settlement on Taraketi 1G5 and 6; G Matthews Kauangaroa Pa; Downes and Hartley; £20 in full settlement on Waipu 4A 3E 3A; Currie, Jack and Davis asking Council to accept compromise in settlement of rates; from R C Ongley offering Council settlement of rates due on Owhaoko D 5 No 2 and No3; Offers accepted; Affixture of Common Seal of Council to Rating Claims on Owhaoko D5 No 2, No of Liens and amounts etc; Affixture of Common Seal of Council to Rating Claims on Owhaoko D5 No 3, No of Liens and Amounts etc; Geo. Matthews payment for collection of rates at Kauangaroa Pa; Rates Written off for year ending 31st March 1954 sections etc; Councils Seal affixed to release of Rating Liens on Motukawa 2B 11A Lien's No and Amount etc
Native Rates, General continued, card 9 Mrs R Takarangi; G Matthews, 20% commission
Native Rates, Claims Release of Waipu 4A3E3A (No 1); Release of Waipu 4A3E3B4 No186C £5-16-0; Release of Waipu 4A 3E 3A No1 Block XIV Ikitara Survey District; Release of Rtating on awarua 2C 13 Claim 120, 120A, 120B; Release on Claims No 115, 115A, 115B, 115C, 115D on Motukawa 1B; Release on Waipu 3A 3D1 Claim No 149 to 149D
Native Rates Liens Release on Part Awarua 2C 13L LienNo 61, 61A 279, 279A 279B 2314; Release on Part Pouwhakarua 1E2B; Release on Awarua 4C 15F 1A1; Release on Awarua 4C 15F 1A 2G
Native Rates, Release of Rating Claims, card 1 Claim No 239 £18-14-9; Claim No 239A £17-16-0; Claim No 266 £8-8-5; Claim No 266A £3-18-10; Claim No 268 £16-19-1; Claim No 268A £15-15-10; Claim No 137 £1-14-2; Claim No £2-4-4; Claim No 13 partial £7-17-1; Claim No 13A £2-8-2; Claim No 13B £2-8-11; Claim No 267 £16.11.5; Claim No 267A £15.8.7
Native Rates, Release of Rating Claims, card 2 Claim No 281 £12-6-5 (Partial); Claim No 281A £12.6.10; Claim No 45, 45A, 45B, 45C, 45D, 45E, 45F; Claim No 3, 3A, 8, 8A, 8B, 8C, 8D, 8E, 8F, 8G, 8H; Claim No 283 £21-8-5, 283A £12-16-5; Claim No 284 £49-15-8, 284A £30-4-3; Claim No 5, 5A, 5B, 5C, 5D, 5E, 5F; Claim No K435, K3271, K3272; Claim No 265, 265A, 46G partial; 88F partial, 3G partial; Claim No 27 £7-3-9, 27A £1-8-5, 27B 9/6d. 27C 14/5d, 27D 11/9d; Claim No 12 £1-1-0 satisfied 10/6, 51 £1-4-6 satisfied, 51A 9/11 satisfied 4/11, 51B 19/3 satisfied 9/7
Native Rates, Release of Rating Claims No 101 £19-12-6; No 240 £21-0-8; No 240A £19-10-7; No 240B £25.7.5; No 241 £8.17.6; No 241A  £8-6-4; 241B £10-15-11; No 27 Claim £7-3-9 satisfied £3-3-6; No 27A Claim £1-8-5 satisfied £-11-9; No 27B Claim 9-5 satisfied 4-10; No 27C Claim 14-5 satisfied 5-10; No 27D Claim 11-9 satisfied 5-5
Native Rates, Release of Rating Claims as under continued; 51C 16/8 satisfied 8/4, 51D £1-4-11 ssatisfied 12/6, 51E £1-12-0 satisfied 16/-, 51F £1-16-5 satisfied 18/2, 51G £2-3-9 satisfied £1-1-11; 429 £76-13-8, K407 £81-9-1, K3269 £93-16-0; 99 £1-5-11, 99A £3-12-3, 99B £23-15-0; 44 £8-17-6, 44A £3-15-3, 44B £7-2-6, 44C £6-3-3; Taraketi 1F £125-12-1, Taraketi 2F1B £85-6-3; 2254 £10-14-1, 254A £10-2-2, 254B £12-7-10; 255 £29-3-4, 255A £27-16-9, 255B £33-14-10; Taraketi; 83 £1-18-2, 145 13/10d, 145A 16/9d, 145B £1-15 10; Taraketi 1G6
Native Rates, Release of Rating Claims as under continued; Taraketi 1G5, 83 £1-182, 144 16/8d, 144a £1-0-1, 144B £2-5-8; Taraketi 1G4 143B £5-15-6; Part Awarua 2C18B, Waipu 4A3B4, Wairua No 1 and 2, Kahikatea-Wairua (Wairua No 3) Wharepu No 1A, Pokaikahawai 1B, Kaititahi-Turakina Native Reserve; Motukawa 2B 16B 1B in Block V Oniewairua Survey District; Taraketi [1]G2 No 294 1.16.3, 294A 1.13.10, 194B 2.12.8
Native Rates Report M C Fenwicke
Native Rates, written off continued, card 1 Estate Burridge, Rangipo Waiu B Part 4 Block XV moawhango Survey District 1940-45; Christine Craigmyle and Tizard requesting further action re Hitori Brothers be withheld until 1st February 1946, granted until 1st December 1945 only; Wangaehu Cooperative Dairy Company Ltd concerning rates due by Turakina and Wangaehu Farmers; appointment of Receiver for Rata Area recommende by Council; Kapakapa 3A 8/5, Maputahi £1-3-5, Matatera 1B1 £53-7-3, Matatera Part 1E 3A £11-4-4
Native Rates, written off, card 2 £27-9-8 balance of arrears on Ruatangata 1B2B1 Block XII Ikitara Survey District; £51-2-5 balance of arrears on Ruatangata 1B2B3 Block XIIi Ikitara Survey District; £18-10-9 balance of arrears on Raunanga Parewanui Native Reserrve comprising 6a.2r.16p; £13-16-8 balance of rates year ending 31st March 1946 Kaua[n]garoa Pa area; £30-19-2 balance of arrears on Paewhare 1B2B2 Block V Wangaehu Survey District
Native Rates, written off, card 3 3/- 10% penalty, Navy, Part Sub1 of Sections 3 and 4 Blocks IV and VIII maungakaretu in name of Crown; £32-1-8 balance of arrears Part Waipu 2A1B 2B3 and 3B3 Ikitara Survey District; £44-8-10 balance of arrears on Part Rakautaua 1A2B3; £37-15-3 balance of arrears on Ruatangata 2D4 Block [I]X Wangaehu Survey District; £44-2-2 balance of arrears on Ruatangata 1C1B Block XIV Ikitara Survey District
Native Rates, written off, card 4 Part Awarua 2C13J4 and 2C13J5; Part Railway Reserve at Mataroa; 5B Parewanui N R Block XIV Rangitoto Survey District; Kauangaroa Pa £28-10-11; arrears (half) on Awarua 2C 15B; balance of arrears on Rangipo Waiu B 6C 1 Block XVI Moawhango Survey District £39-7-8; Taraketi 1G6 £6-19-10 balance of arrears; Kauangaroa Pa £22-16-2; Waipu 4A3E3B4 £9-1-3; Pokaikahawai 1B £6-108; Wairua No £6-13-9
Native Rates, written off, card 5 continued, Wairua No2 £4-11-2; Kaititahi-Turakina Native Resserve £42-10-1; Kahikatea-Wairua (Wairua No3) £5-5-4; Wharepu 1A £6-5-6; Waipu 4A3E3B4 Block XIV Ikitara Survey District 8/-; Taraketi [1]G2 Block IX Ongo Survey District; A G Whiteman's money accepted and unsecured rates written off, 1937-38, 1938-39, 1939-40
Native Trustee Rates, Motukawa 2B 16B 3 and 2B 16B 2C; Raketapauma 2B 1A, 2B1B and Motukawa 2B5A
Navy Department Special Rates refunded
Neal, G NZ Municipal and General Workers' Union
Needham, F tender painting Taihape Office declined
Neilson Brothers offer of £25 for old tyre press accepted
Neumann, E appointed mechanic; to attend a refresher course in Wellington
Neumann's Line Draining
A Newbury and Others re drainage lagoon opposite Hombersley's , Wangaehu Valley
Newton, F M fence on Potaka Road; re surface on his road
Newton, F M  
Newton Hood, C F  
New Concrete Culverts, Uni[o]n Line  
Newland, Edmund Tuhoe Road
Newman, Edward Waaste Metal collection; Death; Wreath
Newman, Late Mrs Edward  
New Metal Council to contribute 25% of cost up to £400
New Motor Car purchase of
New Plant Tract-tractor
New Plymouth Borough Council Heavy Traffic License, B R Blackhall
New Rates Subsidisable Wages on Main Highways  
New Road at Reservoir letter from Marton Borough Council asking that the barbed wire be left on the fence by the new road at the reservoir; letter from R P Worley, Consultant Engineer of Marton Borough Council complaining of the manner in which above road was graded; letter from Mr Worley concerning the new road at Reservoir and the grading was read by the Engineer but no action taken; Council to take over the new road at Reservoir from Marton Borough Council subject to approval of Engineer and to installation of another culvert; from Marton Borough Council enclosing copy letter from Department from Department of Health approving installation of culverts across new deviation road at reservoir; from Marton Borough Council confirming action Mayor in authorising grading road
New South Wales Interest Reduction Act  
New Zealanders Awake! Pamphlet, T F Simpson L1 M
NZ Centennial Memorial Hall and Bathing Pavilion at Petone Beach
NZ Centennial  Committee "Zone E"; Organisation
NZ Centennial Exhibition Photographs; Publication, Historical; Wellington Provincial Court; Payment of Contributions; Executive
Ngaheke Teko Family Charitable Aid
Ngahoa te Whaaro family Native Rating Liens
Ngahuia te Tomo Damage to property Te Reu Reu No 1 Block
Ngapire Pine settlement of rates owing
Nga Tawa Girl's College Closing of portion of Calico Road opposite Nga Tawa School for Girls
Ngawaka School House  
Nicols, Campbell Makohau Road Deviation
Nicols, Campbell Fence on Road
Nicol, F L Honeymooning 9th May 1934; Salary; Increment; Acting Treasurer; Signing Cheques; 5% Cost of Living Bonus; Resignation, appointed Clerk to Whangaroa County Council and Secretary of the Whangaroa Hospital and Harbour Boards
Nicol, F L, continued telegram  desire to return if required; offered position  of held by Mr Brown; Accept position of assistant County Clerk etc and expects to commence duties on  20th March; Appointed Assistant County Clerk and Rate Collector; also Returning Officer in event of Mr Fenwicke (at present appointed) unable to carry out his duties; Authorised to sign and endorse cheques; Acting County Clerk; Represent Council at sitting of Native Land Court
Nicol, F L, continued Acting Treasurer; Appointed Acting County Clerk and Treasurer for one year as from 1st September; to attend Coiunty Clerk's Conference; Acting Secretary Rangitikei Catchment Board; appointment for 12 months rescinded, appointed County Clerk, travelling expenses refunded; salary to be raised to £750; to attend County Clerks' Conference; salary raised to £800 per annum; increase in salary; be paid £70.7.0 for being Returning Officer
Nielsen Brothers  
Nightwatchman Borough of Marton
Nisbet, M (Miss) Metal Pit  
Nitschke, E C refund Heavy Traffic Fees
Nitschke, R H Refund Deposits Scheme 5
Nissen Hutts Letter from Barr-Browns Ltd re manufacture
Niven and Co, Jas J Increasing trade  with United Kingdom
Nobel Proprietory Ltd Ragwort
Noble, late purchase of Crushing Plant worked by
Nominal Occupier Council's properties  in Marton Borough; in County; in Taihape Borough
Non-Statutory Separate Accounts in Balance Sheet  
North Island  (NZ) Motor Union  
North  Island Motor Union  Insurance Company
North Island Noxious Weeds Inspectors Association  
Northern Co-operative Investment Trust Company  
No 2 Licensing Authority  
No 8 District Highways Council Annual Report and Minutes
Notices on Bridges  
Notices to be placed on Stock Paddocks, Gates etc; Fern Flats Road, against fires and removal of trees
Notice of Motion Abolition of Ridings; Revaluation of County; Meetings of Council; Withdrawal by Councillor Deacon; Estimates, Kakariki Metal Pit; re £5000 investing of Councils funds held over to next meeting; Flooding Bulls-Scotts Ferry Road; Bonny Glen-Norwood Corner Main Highway; Rescinded; Declaring Gorse to be a noxious weed throughout the County (Carried)
Notice of Motion, continued Bonny Glen-Norwood Corner Main Highway and Bulls-Scotts Ferry Road, Motion not passed; S A R Mair and salary; Councillor Smith, Bridge Replacement and Machinery Reserves; agreement with Catchment Board re Staff be terminated; application for a temporary loan to the Loans Board
Noxious Weeds  Exterminator, Sorich; Killer, B K Morton Proprietary Ltd
Noxious Weeds control assumed; on Rilaways; eradication of Ragwort; Hemlock; Variegated Thistle; and Sodium Chlorate; Act; Amendment Act; on private land, cost of clearing; in Boroughs and Town Districts
Noxious Weeds Ragwort at Mataroa; Tokaanu District; Vote on Estimates; Eradication and Control; Act; Administration; Inspectors etc; Inspection; Abstract of Duties
Noxious Weeds Taihape Boriough Council; Neighbouring Counties; Hunterville Rabbit Board; Marton Borough Council; Bulls Town Board; Mangaweka Town Board; Barberry proposed; Rangitoto Rabbit Boar
Noxious Weeds I W Turner; Ruatangata 1E 1B Block; Tiriraukawa, Anderson's Estate; J H Perrett; Declaring Barberry (Berberis Vulgaris) to be a Noxious Weed; NZ Farmers' Union, Wanganui , Appointment two Councillors, Conference; Control, Atlacide; State Forest Reserve, Raketapauma District
Noxious Weeds Control; Ekatahuna County Council; Wanganui County Council; Tauranga County Council; Waimarino County Council; Inspection, Moawhango Rabbit Board; Ammendment to Act; Agriculture Deparment allocation of £125 for control of Noxious Weeds
Noxious Weeds On certain Native Lands in the Moawhango District; E C Batt; Gorse and Broom, recommending; Thorn Apple (Datura Stramonium) Application placed on Third Sschedule of Noxious Weeds Act 1928; Unemployed Labour; Foxglove; Ragwort; Poison
Noxious Weeds, continued E B K Gordon and Minister of Agriculture, communication; Hunterville Town Board, Inspector Trotter to act as Inspector in the Hunterville Town District; Engineer bring down proposals re travelling exe; Inspector, residence in Hunterville; Allocation of £75 for 1944-45 season
Noxious Weeds, continued Control; Legal Steps; Karam; declaring gorse to be a noxious weed throughout the County; Inspector of Stock re Control of Taihape; Declaring Gorse to be a Noxious Weed; Albert Whale given final notice
Noxious Weeds  
Noxious Weeds Gorse, Blackberry and other Noxious Weeds growing on Railway Lines; Employment of Rabbit Board Inspectors; Conference to be held on 17th April 1945; Rangiwaea Reserve and Public Works Department; on Native Land; Taihape Borough; Gorse, Steps to be taken
Noxious Weeds road frontages; Delegates Patea County to Conference; Conference; Properties infested with Noxious Weeds; Awarua 2C 13J7 Block Vii Ohinewairua Survey District Owners, Pine Family; Part Owhaoko C3B, Owners, 41 Natives; between Pokaka and Raurimu on Railway Line and Erua on the State Highway; letter from Minister of Native Affairs; letter from Public Works District Engineer re Noxious Weeds on Main Highway; requesting definite action to be taken
Noxious Weeds P R Jones, requesting extension time for removal of gorse; Grant of £300 for year ended 31/3/46; Minister of Agriculture to receive deputation; Wanganui County Council agreeing to proposals re Conference; requesting appointment of trustee for Maowhango for control of; Broom to be declared noxious weed; Broom declared Noxious Weed; re Proposed conference; Ruanui Station Ltd; Broom; Native Lands infested; final notices to be sent; Order-in-Council re Wild Onion or Garlic, Wild Teasel and Winged Thistle
Noxious Weeds, continued Ragwort on Reu Reu Block; Wanganui County Council and Milk Thistle (Silybum); Railway Department to be given final notice to clear gorse; Allium Triquitrum (Garlic) declared a Noxious Weed; final notice to M Ratana M P and A Hiroti to remove noxious weeds; enquiries if can procure large American flamethrower; None available; Mrs Adna Perry, clearing gorse; allocation of £280 for 1947-8
Noxious Weeds, continued application to be made for increased grant in 1948 for Rangitikei River Bed; spread from Wanganui and Waimarino Counties; Flock House Estate; Ruanui Station ; John Robinson, certificate of appointment as Inspector; Notices through Press; Tutaenui Stream, clearing; W M Linklater; Okapea Soldiers' Farm Settlement, gorse
Noxious Weeds, continued grant for 1948-49 Season; E A Escott; agrozone Weedkiller; extension of time for W B Gray, H Theed, C L Wood and R Mackay on behalf of N B Allen; Hunterville Town Board; extension of time for H J Cameron; Mrs R M Baldwin; extension of time to 31st March 1949 fro R G Smith; Saffron Thistle
Noxious Weeds, continued Variegated Thistle and Ragwort; Minister of Agriculture re infestation of clean land in the County by neighbouring Counties; Conference with Wanganui and Waimarino Counties; consideration of National Weeds Conference at Massey College; Waimarino County Council Stock Inspector to take action; extension of time to clear blackberries asked by W M Linklater; H G Whittaker given reason for delay in clearing gorse; from Department of Scientific and Industrial Research re Tutsan
Noxious Weeds, continued Extension of time to clear gorse given to Ian D Cameron; Minutes of Conference with Wanganui and Waimarino Counties; extension of time to clear variegated thistle given to H Theed; extension of time to clear noxious weeds given to C L Wood and J M F Johns; Grant for £560 and £70 for 1949-50; extension of time for T C Little; Cawthron Institute re beetles to destroy tutsen; Subsidy on Noxious Weeds control; extension of time to clear thistles given to C L Wood; extension of time to clear weeds given to P M O'Neill; C F Connors appealed against prosecution for failure to clear weeds; Collier Estate Turakina, pressure brought to bear on clearing of gorse; Railway Department, grant to clear gorse from Railway Line between Marton and Hunterville; Attention of Railway Department be drawn to regrowth of weeds on railway lines
Noxious Weeds, continued Inspector authorised to buy 50 spray nozzles for distribution to ratepayers; Inspector authorised to purchase 24DT and 24D concentrate for sale to ratepayers; Marton Borough Council, Marton Borough Reservoir Reserve; Inspector given leave to attend Conference at Cambridge on 6th December; Kiwitea County Council taken over administration of Noxious Weeds; Noxious Weeds Inspector of Marton Borough; Inspector to Mangaweka Town Board, Hunterville Town Board, Marton Board Council, Taihape Board Council; Maori Land Court; Department of Agriculture, free grant available; Mr Jurgens, use of sprays; Spraying efficient dealing with Noxious Weeds;Minister of Agriculture; Ward IV gives Association support; Conference to be held in Palmersston North on 29th November; H Theed and C L Wood
Noxious Weeds, continued Weeds on Railway Line; Horowhenua County Council; D J Cottrell asking for extension; Kiwitea County Council; F H Cash; Kiwitea County Council; re Containers; Marton Borough Council gorse at Reservoir; Ivon Watkins Ltd concerning Sweet Brier; W M Linklater M P Doyle asking for extension of time for clearing; W M Linklater advising unable to meet cost of clearing his land; Administration for current year; Meeting with neighbouring County Council to decide on Noxious Weeds Policy; Hawkes Bay County Council detailed information on plant used by Council for Control of Noxious Weeds; R S Allomes asking Council to spray gorse; R W Buckleton asking Council to purchase Hormone Spray in bulk and make available to ratepayers; Noxious Weeds grants allocated
Noxious Weeds, continued Bulls Town Board; Railway Department; Hormone Sprays; Control Noxious Weeds Scheme; Noxious Weeds Control on Highways in the Cunty; W M Lin[kl]ater, clearing Section at Greatford £7; R G Buckleton, re Hormone Sprays price; Railway Department and spraying of above by Christmas; Rangitikei Catchment Board agreeing to reduce cost of clearing gorse Kakariki; I V Aldworth asking Council to cancel notice to clear gorse; Railway Department, letter from District Engineer NZ Government Railways authorising Council to charge Department up to £100 for treating Noxious Weeds; I V Aldworth, letter advising about clearing of Noxious Weeds this year; form W Kapea asking for extension of time until April to clear Noxious Weeds; Council agreed to the extension of time for W Kapea; No more Grants be appled for to cover cost of clearing weeds on Te Mahanga Estate; Council to cease clearing weeds from Te Mahanga; from Department Agriculture allocation of £700 for control of above 1954/55
Noxious Weeds Expenses incurred in connection with Noxious Weeds Control, Railway Department; Report from Hawkes Bay County Council on Noxious Weeds Conference held there; Bulls Town Board, Noxious Wweeds on Town Board Reserves; Mrs W D Marumaru, sale of Section; Inspector to approach Railway Department with view of getting action taken regarding Noxious Weeds; from Stuart R Story asking for extension of time until 31st March to clear Ragwort; Extension of time from L R Vile; from State Forest Service explaining why weeds on State Forest No 46 has not been done; from Honourable Minister of Agriculture concerning Noxious Weeds on State Forests and other Crown Lands referred to Honourable Minister of State Forests, also reference to Railway lines; from Railway Department advising that £200 has been allocated for Noxious Weeds in Marton Area; from NZ Weed Control Conference Committee giving details of arrangements for Annual Conference; re State Forests, Noxious weeds due to change of voundaries; Noxious Weeds Inspector to  meet representative from State Forest Service re above; Council approved the action of the two Inspectors in working private time, also commended them for
Noxious Weeds, continued Sixth Annual Conference NZ Weeds Control Conference Inspectors, to attend; Subscrition NZ Weeds Control Conference Committee; Mr Lovett tendering resignation; Resignation of Mr Lovett accepted; Applications be called for position to replace Mr Lovett; Contract has been let for clearing gorse on land owned by Miss J L Wilson, left with Noxious Wedds Inspector; P N O'Neill granted extension of time to clear Noxious Weeds; F W Lovett with reference of Account of Rangitikei Catchment Board for clearing of Noxious Weeds at Kakariki; Rangitikei Catchment Board Account to be investigated; Noxious Weeds Inspector given authority to prosecute any cases where notices have expired; Noxious Weeds Inspector be empowered to lend pump etc to ratepayers; Chairman make temporary arrangements with the Noxious Weeds Inspector concerning rates of pay for weed work with suggestion that it be 5/6 per hour; Council satisfied with work on properties of Bartrum Hughes and the Marshall's; Railway Department applying for Grant to clkear Noxious Weeds; Noxious Weeds Inspector authorised to take action against offenders who fail to comply with notices
Noxious Weeds helping Railway Department out of difficulty; from Conservator of Forests agreeing to meet representative of Council re Noxious Weeds; Programme of Conference; Inspector given permission to spray area at Curls Bridge; re replacing of Inspectors car; Special Meeting to be held on 9th September to pass Special Order declaring Water Hyacinth a Noxious Weed; Council confirmed the order declaring Water Hyacinth a Noxious Weed; New Camera to purchased for Noxious Weed Inspector; from Department of Maori Affairs with a lengthy statement of reasons why Noxious Weeds are not being dealt with at a Native Property at Parewanui; letter from Massey College advising that a course of instruction on weed control is being arranged between 19th April and 10th May; letter from R I Hare advising he cannot complete spraying required by the Noxious Weeds Inspector within the tiime allowed; letter from K T Hiroti explaining why he has not completed the work asked for by the Noxious Weeds Inspector; from Waipu Farms (Cowper and Marshall) asking the Council to withhold prosecution and to consider calling a meeting of all owners of coastal land for joint action; letter from Rangitikei Catchment Board advising that it cannot accept responsibilty for control of Noxious Weeds on the Rangitikei River Bed
Noxious Weeds State Forests from Minister of Forests advising that Conservator will get in touch with Inspector and arrange inspection of areas infested; Inspectors to be empowered to act as Rangers etc; Mr I G Hunt appointed an Official of the Council; Inspector reported on first discovery of Water Hyacinth in County; Water Hyacinth declared Noxious Weed by Council from 15th day of October 1954; form Railway Department agreeing to provide money to treat Noxious Weeds on railway line between Marton and Taihape; from O'Neill family asking extension of time; Extension of time granted; Noxious Weeds Inspector complimented on the job in progress with spraying on Railway and River; Noxious Weeds Inspector given authority to prosecute all occupiers who have failed to comply variegated thistle, Hemlock and Fennell; Public Notice to be given that broom must be cleared; Special Order declaring Water Hyacinth a Noxious Weed; from NZ National Weeds Conference asking Council to forward subscription of £1; letter from NZ Forest Sservice reporting on Inspection of State Forest at Pukeroa with steps taken to deal with ragwort
Noxious Weeds The Marton and Taihape Boroughs are to be notified that this Council cannot see its way clear to continue the agreement after 31st March 19555, for control of Noxious Weeds on account of the ammount of work involved; List of cases for prosecution were approved; from NZ Weed Control Conference advising Annual Conference to be held in Hamilton on 27th to 29th July; from North Island Association of Inspectors of Noxious Weeds asking that Inspectors be permitted to attend Conference in Palmerston North on 27th and 18th May; from Department of Agriculture with further information re course on Noxious Weeds; letter from Ohinewairu Station asking Council to waive notice to remove broom; from NZ Weed Control Conference, programme for Conference and asking for subscription of £1; Inspectors Robinson and Hunt were granted leave to attend Conference; letter from NZ Railways advising that £200 has been allocated fro control of Noxious Weeds on Railway Land between Marton and Waiouru; Special meeting to be held 8/9/55 to pass Special Order amending Council's Bylaw Clause 7(3) by eliminating word "allows"; No action be taken against Joyce L Wilson but other cases to be proceeded with; If truck cannot be made available by Engineering Department, one to be purchased for Noxious Weeds Department
Noxious Weeds Applications to be made for grants to clear following Reserves:- Utiku, Bruce Park and Simpson Park; Application be made to Agricultural Fdepartment for grant to clear weeds on Omatane Scenic Reserve, estimated requirement £200; Council confirm action of Councillor Friedrich in authorising proceedings against Ian McDonald for leaving plough in dangerous position on Parewanui Road
Noxious Weeds on State Highways; D H Lethbridge; Scheme; Cottony Cushion Scale for the eradication of gorse; Hunterville Branch Farmers' Union advising re spreading of Variegated Thistle
Noxious Weeds Act To enable a plant to be declared a noxious weed in a portion of the County only; New amendments to be made; Council to consider draft; urging that Act as amended be proceeded with; presentation of Bill; Noxious Weeds Amendment Bill
Noxious Weeds Amendment Bill Minister of Agriculture; Mr Robinson attending Conference; NZ Counties Association; before Parliament this session
Noxious Weeds Grants from Department of Agriculture advising that a further £400 has been allocated for control of Noxious Weeds on Rangitikei River Bed; from Agriculture Department advising allocation 1955/6 Noxious Weeds Control Scheme £1100 Crown Lands, £150 Maori Lands
Noxious Weeds Inspector's Reports Reports continued 
Noxious Weeds Inspectors Use of Councils Noxious Weeds Inspectors by Internal Boroughs and Town Districts
Noxious Weeds Inspector, Assistant application be called; appointment of Noxious Weeds Inspector; F W Lovett resignation accepted; applications be called; Mr I G Hunt accepted as Assistant N W Inspector; Applicants interviews for above position
Noxious Weeds Inspectors Association Asking for leave for Inspectors to attend Conference; North Island Noxious Weeds Inspectors Association , advising that the Annual Conference will be held in Hamilton also dates; Noxious Weeds Inspectors granted permission to attend Conference
Noxious Weeds and Rabbit Boards  
NZ Counties Association Local Authorities Sinking Funds; Amalgamation of Local Authorities; Executive Meeting; Remits; Conference
NZ Counties Association 10% penalty; copy of Minutes; Motor Taxation; Additional General Rate; Main Highways, Tools used on; Individualising of Native Lands; Roads other than Main Highways; Executive Meeting continued; Hospital Rating etc; forward
NZ Counties Association Remits, continued; Loans 3 1/2 %; Extrravagant Expenditure State Highways; Main Highways Policy; Powers, Rights, Duties of County Councils re Roads; Chairman of County
NZ Counties Association, continued Employees and Military Service; Traffic Control and Motor drivers' Licenses; Lega Opinion re Rural Housing Act and priority of mortgages to the Crown; Asking suggestions re proposed statistical returns of motor drivers licenses for the Transport Department; Forest and Rural Fires Regulations; from President NZ Counties Association circular letter re neew roading legislation; from NZ Counties Association:- 1. Recent Amendments to legislation, 2. Copy of the proposed Heavy Motor Vehicle Regulations, 3. Legal opinion re extraordinary traffic, 4. Government decisions re Conference remits
NZ Counties Association, continued 1942; 1943; 1944; 1945; 1946; re Land Subdivision in Counties Bill
NZ Counties Association Loans from Main Highways Board; Drivers' Dispute; Engine Drivers Award; Carpenters and Joiners Dispute; Industrial Matters; "Standard" Newspaper; Main Highways Amendment Bill
NZ Counties Association Memorandum of Legislation affecting Counties passed during 1936 Session; Anzac Day 1937; Miss E A Freeman v Ekatahuna County Council; re number of Carpenters in Council's employ; King's Birthday; Award, Local Body Officers Union of Workers; Native Rates; Industrial Union of Employers; Ministers Address; 5 day week; Local Bodies (Amalgamation Schemes) Bill
NZ Counties Association Mortgagors and Lessees Rehabilitation Act 1936 and County Rates; NZ County Councils Industrial Union of Employers; A H Dickinson; General Insurance Scheme; Road Classification Conference; Opinion re liability for construction etc footpaths on State Highways; Defaulter's List, Mortgagors and Lessees Rehabilitation Act 1936; By-law, Crossings over drains and watercourses
NZ Counties Association Insurances; County Councils' Insurance; Rates; President's Address and Speech of Minister of Internal Affairs; Variation of Contracts; Heavy Traffic Fees on Farmers' Trucks; Transport Law Amendment Bill
NZ Counties Association, continued Plan Hire Allowances; Counties Insurance Scheme; Legislation affecting Councties; Motor drivers License fees; Contribution; Searching Titles, Rural Housing; Relief Fund; Amendment in Act
NZ Counties Association Minutes of Meeting of Emergency Committee; Biennial Conference; Mr Talbot, President; Rivers Control and Catchment Boards; Injuries to Home Guardsmen while proceeding to or from parades; Compensation for injuries; Soil Conservation and Rivers Control Bill
NZ Counties Association Noxious Weeds Act; Legal Opinions (887-905); Charges for Metal; checking of Speedometers; Legal Opinions (934-953); Legal Opinions re Cattle straying on County Roads; Legal Opinions, Local Body Elections and Polls Amendment Act
NZ Counties Association Heavy Traffic License Fees, Additional Petrol Tax in lieu thereof; Noxious Weeds Control; Annual Conference; Increased annual subscription; Taihape Transport Control District; Minutes of Meeting of Executive of NZ Delegate to Conference and re Hotel accomodation
NZ Counties Association Constitution; Loss of stock in stock-holding paddock; Conference; Executive and Ward System of Election; War Loan; Derating Farm Lands; Post War Reconstruction; Local Body Reform
NZ Counties Association Drivers' Federation; Remission penalty 1934-5 rates; Validating expenditure re farewell to Lord and Lady Bledisloe; Remits, Ministerial replies;Control of Roads; Honourable R Semple, Minister of Public Works; Section 155 of the I C and A Act 1925; National Federation of General Labourers; Stay Orders, Rural Finance, Unpaid Rates; Balance Sheet 
NZ Counties Association Main Highways Finance; re Charges for Road making materials; Local Elections and Polls Amendment Act; re Stock Paddock at Kakariki; Parliamentary Committee; Parliamentary Committee and order of reference; re H Amos appointed Secretary in place of Colonel Pow; re resignation of Colonel Pow and requesting donation for pressentation
NZ Counties Association Presentation to Colonel Pow; Whakatane County re Ward System of electing members; Acting Clerk to attend Counties Conference
NZ Counties Association Circular on various matters; advising dates of executives and Directors Meetings; Dogs Registration to be referred to Executives Meeting; Minutes of Executive Meetings, also of Insurance Company and Union; Circular re various matters; Ward 4 Conference at Palmerston North on 13th March 1946 to be attended by Chairman and Clerk; re legal opinion re gates on Pukekoa Road
NZ Counties Association, continued Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting; Various matters; Gates on Pukekoa Road; Hospital Rating ; Executive Meeting; Land sub-division and Cunties Bill; circular re increased subscription, Engineer's Registration etc; Ward 4 Conference in February; Impounding Act etc and Counties Conference; Noxious Weeds Committee 1945-46
NZ Counties Association, continued Minutes of Conference; Land Sub-Division in Counties Act; contributions towards Health Inspection; conference at Christchurch 16th to 18th July; Clerk given leave to attend; Amended Constitution of Association and Minutes of Executive Meeting; Internal Affairs Department and pollution of rvers; Dairy Companys collecting Native Rates
NZ Counties Association, continued Noxious Weeds Inspectors Report; Various matters; Rabbit Control; Cemetery Contributions; Minutes Executive Committee Meeting; Service Occupancy Agreement, to be referred to; handling industrial matters; Civil Servants as D R O; Engineer to attend meeting; Foresst and Rural Fires Bill; schools available for elections
NZ Counties Association, continued President's report; circular letter from President; Catchment Board Flat Rate; County Engineers' Salary; United Nations Appeal for Children; Minutes Executive Committee Meeting at Rotorua; History of County requested; Minutes Executive Committee Meeting 2.9.48; plant costing and amendment to Noxious Weeds Act; legal opinion re dangerous plants on roads; Opinion re Catchment Board Powers; amendment of Impounding Act this session
NZ Counties Association, continued County Engineers' Salary Scale; Road Maintenance and Minister of Finance; County Conference at Rotorua; appointment of Inspectors; amendments to Counties Act and Land Subdivision in Counties Act; Ward 4 conference; Wards 3, 4, 8 and 9 Conference; central organisation for hire and purchase of plant and equipment; remits for conference; Rotorua Conference
NZ Counties Association, continued legal Opinion; re Payment of "Fifths"; Conference at Dunedin June 1949; Dog Registration; Legal opinion; Plant; re Catchment Board Uniform Rate; Oppossum Control and Magpies; copies of Buiding Permits; Riding Accounts; Road Grading; Rural Fires Act; Annual Report; Catchment Board Rates
NZ Counties Association, continued asking for 1950 requirements of Graders etc; Axle Loading; Road Classification; Letters from Prime Minister re Hospital Levies and Maori Rating; Reduction in Road Works Programme and Incorporation of Association; Agenda for Conference and Reports; timber from old Bulls Bridge is for sale; Rates on Temporary tenancies; Noxious Weeds Amendment Bill; Regulations and Proposed legislation
NZ Counties Association, continued Rating of power lines and transmission lines; Conference of Ward 4 delegates; Draft By-Laws and Petrol Tax; Counties Conference; Highways and Public Works Grants; letter of sympathy to W H McInty[r]e; Mileage on State and Main Highways; Rates of pay for Fire Fighters; Chairman's Honorarium
NZ Counties Association, continued 1947; 1948; 1949 Annual Repport, Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting; Details of Timber available for sale from Lower Hutt City Council; Minutes of Meeting, also copy Constitution; Contribution towards cost of British Bursary; J C D Mackley granted Brtitish Council Bursery; Contract, NZ Institute of Architects; Agenda, Annual Conference in Auckland, Presidents Report for Conference; Circular letter from Association; Reports required by Council ; Re Npoxious Weeds Inspectors Scheme; Why Councils letter was not referred in Minutes of Executive Meeting; enclosing Minutes of Executive Meeting; 1951 Conference be held in Christchurch from 27th to 29th June; Opinions re rates on Drainage District
NZ Counties Association, continued Land Valuation Committee; Traffic Control near schools; Economic Stabilization Commission re Staff; Legislation and Price Control; Council on priority list for Caterpillar 212 Power Grader; Presidents views on District Highway Council; Circular letters; Prefabricated Steel Bridge now exempt; J C D Mackley's Report; Unwanted school sites being transferred to the Crown; Statement of Motor-Vehicle taxation, Council has been allocation Caterpillar 212 Power Grader, Finance purchase of plant by County Councils, re land and Income tax; asking names of Delegates for conference; forwarding "Local Government Trends in Australia"
NZ Counties Association, continued Chevrolet cars being available for back Country users; Hydatids Control; Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting; Resealing Highways; Counties Conference; Counties Travelling Allocation; Heavy Motor Vehicle Registration; Graders, Lorries etc; Rangitikei Catchment Board, use of County Vehicles; Minutes of Executive Meeting; Steel supplies for Motor cars; purchase of plant by temporary loan; Average Value Rating; State and Main Highways, Building By-laws, Calico Line Water Main; Minutes of Meeting held on 4th October 1951; Report on work since June; Conference to be held in Napier in June 1952; Circular letters on five subjects
NZ Counties Association, continued Railway Lines; Railway Crossing signs; Roading Investigation Committee; Maintenance of State Highway; Motor Races; Legal Opinions; Road Investigation Committee; Five letters; Plant; Minutes of Executive Meeting; 1. Report and Balance Sheet of Finance Section, 2. Circular letter re land subdivision, loans for Public Health purposes and Records, 3. Presidents Repot for Conference, 4. Agenda for the Annual Conference; from above circular letter re 1955 Conference in Christchurch legal opinions re underground cables, Councillors contracts and the Impound Act; Legislation Amendments, re Amendments to legislation affecting Counties passed during recent session; Circular letter re Roadside hoarding; re Registration and licensing of semi-trailers; re Proposed Heavy Motor Vehicle Regulations 1955; Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting 20/10/54; re Cartage of Livestock
NZ Counties Association, continued Share Conference Expenses; Water Supply Marton Borough in County; Five items; reresidential; properties proposed legislation; report of Roading Investigation Committee; Minutes of Executive Committee; Main Highways Board concerning Subsidy for cost of compiling Route Data Sheet; re Access road and Native Rates; Minutes of Executive Committee Meetings; Minutes of Executive Committee Meetings also Government Decisions regarding roading schedule of proposed subsidy from National Roads Fund; from above asking for names of Delegates; Minutes of Meetings; Advising that light 15 cwt Chev trucks are now available; possible County requirements 1 truck ; Transport Department re speed for old model cars being reduced to 40 mph (maximum speed); Transport Department re speed (maximum) Heavy Motor Vehicles increase to 40 mph; Dominion Sawmillers Federation offering assistance in bridging programme; from National Roads Board circular re pot-holes on sealed roads; Dominion Motors Ltd offering Dodge Station Wagon; circular re revaluations, fire services and travelling allowances etc; Legal opiion re drainage and improvement of stream
NZ Counties Association, continued from above forwarding copy of letter from Commissioner of Transport re Transferability of Heavy Traffic Licenses Weekly Heavy Traffic Licenses; from above Minutes of Meeting of Executive Committee disclosing that Mr W A Lee has been re-elected as President of the Association
NZ Counties Association from above copy of Presidents Report and report of Finance Section
NZ Counties Association Minutes of Executive Meeting continued; Local Body Reform; Contracts, Sanctity of; Local Government (Amalgamation Schemes) Bill; Local Body Elections
NZ Counties Association Rates on Land occupied by Crown; Insurance Councillors; Hospital Rating, continued; Delegate; Supreme Court Judgement re Heavy Traffic License Fees
NZ Counties Association Miscellaneous matters; remits to Executive Meeting; re proposed Ward System
NZ Counties Co-Operative Insurance Company Ltd Company's business will be managed by State Fire and Accident Insurance Department; re Council's application for shares in Company; re preliminary Insurance procedure; allotment of shares; Motor Vehicles Insurance
NZ Counties Co-Operative Insurance Company Ltd balance sheet for year ended 31/3/46; Annual Meeting to be held 25/7/47; J F Stapples; Public Risk Insurance; Annual Report and Balance Sheet; Bonus rebate; transfer motor vehicle insurance; Schedule of Allocation bonus rebate; Insurance Policy covering Catchment Board; Annual Meeting to be held 7/6/49 in Dunedin and Annual Report and Balance Sheet; Forest and Rural Fires Act
NZ Counties Co-Operative Insurance Company Ltd Manager would be in Marton on 29th August; Report and Balance Sheet 31st March 1951; removing guards from Engines; Cash rebate and unpaid share; Plant; Advising that Company is not liable for disability to W H Keeble; Balance Sheet for year ended 31st March 1954 with notice of Annual General Meeting to be held on 17th June
NZ Counties Co-Operative Insurance Company Ltd Bonus Rebate of £80; Amendment to worker's Compensation Act; Claims up to £25 increase; Notice of Annual Meeting in Auckland; Report and Balance Sheet; Insurance of Power Graders; Insurance of County Vehicles; re Insurance premiums and cash rebate on them; from above giving Council' share of Bonus Rebate Distribution; from above advising that Motor Vehicle Insurance includes cover while vehicles hired out; from above Annual Report and Balance Sheet
NZ  County Councils Industrial Union of Employers Agreement; Subcription; Workers' Dwellings; Rents; Executive Meeting; Workers' Holidays and Special Subsidised Workers; Subscription to Union and Employers Federation; Local Body Officers' Dispute; Industrial Disputes; Ruling as to the classification of members
NZ  County Councils Industrial Union of Employers, continued Resignation of Secretary; Balance Sheet; Rural Local Authorities Labourers' Dispute; Local Bodies' Labourer Union Contribution; Labourers' Award; 5 per cent bonus, cost of living; Minutes of Disputes Committee; Minutes of Meeting of Executive; re Local Bodies Labourers' Dispute etc
NZ  County Councils Industrial Union of Employers Annual Meeting; Payment for Xmas Day 1937 and New Year's Day 1938; NZ Local Bodies' Drivers' fresh Award; Unemployment Scheme 13; Citation of Employers; Wages, Fitters and Blacksmiths; General Meeting
NZ  County Councils Industrial Union of Employers Social and National Security Tax on allowances; Award Rates of Pay, Fractions; Essential Industries; Christmas and New Year Holidays; Local Bodies' Labourers Award; Copy of Minutes of Executive Committee of Union; renumeration County Councils Female Administrative Employees; Annual Report; re Annual Holidays Act
NZ  County Councils Industrial Union of Employers, continued Magistrates decisions; Employees' travelling allowances; County Clerks Salary Scale; Concrete and Pumice Workers Dispute; handling industrial matters; Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting; Local Body Drivers Dispute, Drivers and Local Body Officers awards; Local Body Labourers' Union, isolation allowance; Statement re Court Order increasing rates of remuneration
NZ  County Councils Industrial Union of Employers Minutes of Executive Meeting; Annual Report and Balance Sheet and New Awards; NZ Local Bodies Drivers Industrial dispute, settlement arrived at; "Smoko" for employees agreed to; Engine drivers Award and Amendment to Motor Mechanics Award received; Circular re Drivers Holiday Pay; Circular re Minimum Wage Act; Minutes of Annual Meeting; 1. Notice of Annual Meeting, 2. Annual Report for presentation to the Conference
NZ County Council's Industrial Union of Employers, continued  Report submitted to Executive Meeting; Minutes of Executive Meeting; re Isolation Allowance; Local Body Labourers Award; Annual Meeting to be held in Dunedin and Annual Report; Minutes of Meeting; Notice on Annual Meeting and Balance Sheet ended March 1950; Minutes of Meeting and Copy of Industrial Report; Annual Meeting in Christchurch 28th June; Minutes of Meeting held on 4th October 1951; Minutes of meeting held on 20th March 1952; Annual Meeting held on 12th June in Napier; Minutes of meeting 18th September; Minutes of meeting held 10th March; Minutes of Meetings; Minutes of Meetings  also report and letter from Industrial advisory Board re productivity payment scheme; Minutes of Meeting of Executive Committee held on 20/10/54; Minutes of Executive held on 28th March and copy of Report
NZ Crippled Chidrens' Society Report and Balance Sheet; Donation made to above Society; Report and Balance Sheet 1954; Donation made to above Society
NZ Defence League Opinion, Compulsory Military Training; Opinion, Universal Compulsory National Service
NZ Distributors for Caterpillar Tractors  
NZ Electrical Journal Manawatu Electric-Power Board verses Palmerston North City Council
NZ Employers' Federation Engine-drivers Dispute; Local Body Officers Union, Agreement; Local Body Labourers, Builders, Contractors and General Labourers' Dispute; Concrete Workers Dispute; Drivers' Dispute; Dominion Local Body Drivers' Dispute
NZ Employers' Federation Local Bodies' Officers' Dispute; Memorandumof Settlement; Motor Mechanics Dispute; Annual Holidays Act; Electoral Act 1927; Statutes Amendment Act 1946; Local Body Officers' Award; Concrete and Pumice Works Dispute
"NZ Engineer" Service of Consulting Engineers
NZ Farmers' Union General Rate; Wanganui Provincial District, re cartage rates and conditions in regard to contracts; "Unjust Taxation"
NZ Farmers' Union Hunterville Branch re spreading of Variegated Thistle
NZ Farmers' Union Taihape Branch and Rangitikei A and P Association; Auckland Province; Wellington Central Provincial Executive, Stock holding paddocks for travelling stock; Weights on certain bridges; Noxious Weeds Eradication; Hunterville Area; Hunterville Branch and Vinegar Hill Bridge
NZ Farmers' Union Taihape, re stare of roads in nothern end o County; Rating
NZ Federated Drivers' and Related Trades etc  
NZ Federation of Health Camps Health Stamps purchase of,  £5
NZ Federated Labourer's and Related Trades Industrial Association of Workers, proposed concrete and Pumice Workers Award; Local Body Labourer' Award
NZ Federation of Local Bodies Employees, Builders, Contractors and General Workers Awards
NZ Financial Times  
NZ forest and Bird Protection Society deputation to Commissioner of State Forests
NZ Forest Products from the Above Limited forwarding invitations to the opening of the Kinleith Mills by the Right Honourable The Prime Minister
NZ Forest Products Ltd  
NZ Forest League  
NZ Forest Service asking names of County Fire Officers, names supplied; from above detailed report on County plantations at Hihitahi and Rata
NZ Government Booklet of Wartime addresses of Honourable P Fraser, selections; Order-in-Council re Wild Onion or Garlic, Wild teasel and winged thistle
NZ Industrial Union of Employers  
NZ Institute of Architects Proposals of reconstruction , Earthquake danger zones zones
NZ Instiute of Engineers re Engineers to attend conference in Wanganui; Postponement of Conference; requesting Engineers to attend Conference; requesting Engineers to attend conference and leave of absence granted; conference in Auckland 21st and 26th February 1949; leave of absence to attend Conference granted Engineer; re Engineers Conference in Christchurch from 6th to 10th February 1951; Engineers conference in Dunedin from 4th to 8th February 1952; Annual conference on 16th to 20th February 1953; Engineers Conference
NZ Institute for the Blind  
NZ Institute County Clerks Welllington Branch; Revision of Heavy Traffic Licenses
NZ Institute of Horticulturists  
NZ Institute of Surveyors  
NZ Institute of Technology  
NZ Insurance Company Ltd Accident Austin Car; Additional Liability, Motor Vehicle Owners, Part V Law Reform Act 1936; Seting forth conditions in Council continuing its insurance policies with the company; Motor Vehicle Insurance; Dmage to H Bosher's car; comprehensive policies for power graders; Mohammed Ali
NZ Labour Party Ratana Branch
NZ Laykold Ltd Contract No 731; see below, C A Willis; Contract No 731A; Contract No 731B; Contract No 731C; Contract No 731D; Barber-Greene Loading Machine; Contract No 753; Contract No 754
NZ League for the Taxation of Land Values Booklet re Unimproved Value Rating; re Rating anomalies
NZ Library Association Financial Assistance
NZ Lightcrete and Concrete Ltd reinforcing steel bars
NZ Local Bodies Drivers Industrial Dispute Settlement arrived at
NZ Loan and Mercantile Agency Co Ltd 10% penalty on James McDonnell's rates; Japanese Sodium Chlorate (Noxious Weeds)
NZ Local Bodies Drivers' Award Fresh Award
NZ Military Forces Rates, Waiouru Runs, Forest Farms and Products Ltd; ten per cent penalty added be written off (1942-43)
NZ Motor Vehicle Importers' Association importation of new cars
NZ Municipal Association Noxious Weeds in Boroughs and Town Districts
NZ Railways Right-of-Way near Utiku; Water-pipe leading to Utiku Metal Pit; Public Level Crossings, Turakina Valley and Ratana Roads; Kakariki Metal Supplies; Kakariki Ballast Pit private siding; damage to roads by Lorries; Turakina Wangaehu Railway Line; loading bank at Utiku Ballast Pit; Walkers Pit; pipeline for road at Mataroa
NZ Railways Land Officer Water-pipe, Utiku Metal Pit; Wings Road opposite Railway Settlement; Dedication of strip of railway land; Land near Turakina Railway Bridge, proclaimed as road
NZ Red Cross Society  
NZ Road Transport Alliance  
NZ Road Transport Alliance asking permission for deputation of Taihape carriers re Bridges
NZ Social Credit Movement Local Body Elections
NZ Standards Institute specification for light timber construction; Fire Prevention By-Law; By-Laws for Chimneys; Draft By-Laws; Standard  Code of Building By-Laws; forwarding drafts, General By-Laws; Circular re conditions of Tender
NZ Standards Institute Town Planning; Standard Code Building By-Laws; Bucket Pumps; Stretchers; White traffic paint; NZ Emergency Standard Code for Raid Shelters and forwarding Draft copy of Plumbing and Drainage By-laws; Emergency Standard Specification, Code of Practice for Protection against Flying Glass; Specification for the regeneration of lubricating oil; By-Laws for fire resisting construction; Standard Specifications for Septic Tanks and Rat and Mouse poisons; adoption of builing by-laws; By-Laws Chimneys
NZ Society of Civil Engineers Annual Conference
NZ Statutes Reprint
NZ Town Planning Institute  


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