Card Index to Council Minute Books, S-Z

RDC 00260:5:5
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Index to RDC 00009 Minutes of the Council Meetings.

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Sadler, L A Manager Kakariki Crusher; intends to return to NZ March 1948; expects to arrive NZ in May; leaving England 27th April 1948; return to N Z; Paid £20 for motor of Barber-Greene; Increase to £600 per annum; Leasing of land at Kakariki; to attend Meetings while report being read
Sadler, Shirley Miss Clerk to Kakariki Office; Two Weeks leave of absence on full pay
Sadler, Mrs Clerical Assistant at Kakariki, £200 per annum
Saffron Thistle Noxious Weeds; Minister of Agriculture
Salaries and Wages Clerical Staff; Female staffs; Noxious Weeds Inspector, J Robinson; incrreases agreed to by Wages Commissioner for Mrs Christopher and Miss McIlwaine; Recommendations of Staff and Executive Committee re salaries and wages was agreed to
Sale of Council's Sections at Bulls  
Sale of Draught Horse  
Sale of land Potts and Harris, Lower Rangitikei
Sale of Lorry No 3 Bedford to be sold by tender; No 2 Bedford to be sold by tender
Sale of Rata and Turangarere Roadmen's Cottages and Crofton Bridge
Sale of Metal Pit Crofton to D F Follett
Sale of Unused Metal Pit Marton Extension (Burnside)  
Sales Tax  
Salmond, Dr Kenneth re W Edge
Sampson, G W Public Works Department; Wanganui County Council re presentation
Sandford, K W Appointment as Assistant Engineer; rent of house fixed at 30/- per week; to attend Conference in Auckland 21st to 26th February 1949; authority to sign cheques on behalf of the County Engineer; increase of salary £50 per annum; tendering his resignation as from 312st November 1950; Be paid for two weeks leave of absence; offering Council section at Rira Street
Sanders and Sons, Robert Contract No 719; Contract No 714B, Section "B"
Sand Dune Afforestation Plantation Camp; Plantation and T A Duncan; Stabilisation
Sandford, W H Raetihi, Presentation Mr Mabbott
Sanitary Inspector, Marton Appointment, J V E Flowers; Report; M P Watson, Slaughterhouse; Department of Health; Copies of four requisitions issued under Health Act; Copies of Requisitions; advising the need of conveniences at Turakina Library; Copy of Requisition
Sanitary Inspector, Wanganui Report and etc
Sanitary Inspector, Taihape Appointment, J F Dimes; continued; Appointment of L R G Franks
Sanitary Inspectors Conference leave of absence to be granted to Inspectors to attend
"Santoft" Workers Equipment; Farm Settlement, Road; Access road on Santoft Estate; sand drift has been inspected; Asking Council to name roads through Santoft Farm Settlement
Santoft Settlement Road from Ministry of Works asking Council for a decision re accepting maintenance of above Roads
Santoft Farm Settlement Lands and Survey Department; Roads completed by Ministry of Works to standard except for two small culverts; Councillors to inspect Santoft Roads and report to next Meeting
Saturday Work  
Saunders and Sons Ltd, R Contract 719
Savage, Henry Dog Collars
Savage, M J, Honourable, Prime Minister Death of
Savell Dunsinane Corner compensation
Sawyer Ltd, Arthur tender for Contract 778 to be declined
Sawyer, W A Postmaster, Marton
Scenic Reserve Rangiwaea; South of Utiku; Hautapu; Silverhope; 62 Block XIV Ohinewairua Survey District; (Rangiwaea Reserve) 22 Block II Maungakaretu Survey District; Taihape, Main Road North of Taihape; Hihitahi; P T Becker's tenancy has been cancelled; Silverhope and Rangiwae
Scenic Reserve Taoroa Suspension Bridge Fencing; Lands and Survey Department
Scheme No 13 see under Unemployment Scheme
Scenic Area  
Scollum, Wenzl Rates; Forest Farms and Products Ltd; 10% penalty, 1937/38 rates
School Chidren Excursion to Exhibition
Schultze Farm Settlement Hospital Rates
Schultze, James and Schultze Road Corners, State Highway and Makirikiri Road
Schwarz, F G Road, Schwarz, Bonny Glen
Scoon, K Deputation re Stock Paddock near Marton
Scott, D Telephone Concession; Requesting formed road access to one of his sections near Taihape
Scott, K H  (Mrs) Right-of-Way to Utiku Metal Pit; forwarding objection to the taking of lands at Utiku under the Public Works Act for Gravel Pit
Scott, R T C Public Revenues Act; Land Subdivision in Counties Act; Upper Tutaenui and Calico Road
Scotts Ferry Accretion  
Scrivens, A Roadman, Pohonui; Roadman's Cottage at Pohonui; asking if Council will rent several road reserves etc near Utiku to him
Sealing Contracts  
Sealing Curls Bridge-Upper Tutaenui Main Highway  
Sealing Debentures  
Sealing Mataroa Township Road, Petition
Sealing Programme  
Sealing Waiaruhe Road to be done immediately; Mataroa Road to the foot of hill to be sealed in coming Season; Pungataua Road be given another seal coat in coming season; Road to Mataroa to be sealed before any sealing done past Mataroa; Estimates Mataroa-Ruanui Road to be considered when next year's estimates are dealt with; Deputation requesting Council seal at least three miles Raumai Road; Engineer be authorised seal railway crossing at Rata; Metalling and sealing of further mile Bulls-Scotts Ferry Road withheld until after 31/3/56; Petition from 25 Ratepayers and Residents of Leedstown Road requesting Council metal and seal road as soon as possible; County Overseer supplied list motor drivers who speeded through section of road being prepared fro sealing. Moved that Council take action against all offenders during tar sealing operations on Tutaenui Road
Sealing Russell Matthews and co, bitumen on site on Putorino Road; Council to confirm action of Engineer in arranging with Russell Matthews to rrepair sealing; Russel Matthews to complete sealing on Pungataua Road; Council to proceed with sealing of 2 miles of Makirikiri Road
Sealing Roads opposite Schools; at Mataroa; Waiaruhe Road; Pukepapa Road, completion of 10 chains Parewanui Road; tenders from Russell Matthews be accepted; The Engineer be given authority to experiment with small patches of various types of sealing; Russell Matthews tenders for Contracts be accepted; from Taihape Co-operative Dairy Company asking Council to seal road in front of factory at Utiku
Sealing at Utiku  
Searching Titles Rural Housing
Seator, T L and F R H Brice State Fire and Accident Insurance Office, Propossed County Council's Insurance Scheme
Second-hand Car purchase Clerk of Works
Second-hand Light Truck  
Section  Section at Bulls, Disposal of; Section at Turangaarere Township
Sections 26 and 27 Finance Act 1931 (No 4) Section 28 Finance Act
Section 45 Finance Act (No 4) 1931 Rebate 12 1/2% on Rates
Section 45 of The Finance Act 1933 (No 2)  
Part Section 5, Block IV Hautapu Survey District Stock Paddock at Taoroa  
Sections 2, 3 and 7, in Blocks V and VI Hautapu Survey District Road through Part Section 3, G G Toms, Manui
Section 23,  Block VI Hautapu Survey District Manui, Dwelling on
Section 27, Block VI Hautapu Survey District  
Section 6 Block VIII hautapu Survey District Totman's, Land for Dwelling
Part Section 3A Block XII Mangawhero Survey District R R W Lock
Sections 29 and 30 Block XII Mangawhero Survey District  
Section 14, Block XVII Marton Extension Metal Pit, Lease; J Fitzgerald
Suburban Section 15 Town of Mataroa  
Section 4 Block IV Maungakaretu Tree-planting at Hihitahi
Section 22, Block II Maungaretu Survey District Rangiwaea Scenic Reserve
Sections 2 and 6, Blocks I and V Ohinewairua Survey District  
Section 6A, Block XIII Ohinewairua Survey District  
Section 6A (formerly 15) Block XIII Ohinewairua Survey District  
Section 104, Block XIV Ohinewairua Survey District Stock Paddock (formerly Part Section 62) Taihape Scenic Reserve
Section 36 Parewanui Rating Claim Release
Section 47 Pohonui Village Settlement Access to
Sections 8, 10, 11, 12 and 13 Block V Pukeokahu Survey District Roadmens Cottage purposes, proposal
Sections 1A1 and 3A1 of the Raketapauma Block Foxglove and Ragwort, Noxious Weeds
Section 107 counties Act 1920 Officers of the Council
Section, Marton Junction from Christenesen and Stanford on behalf of Mrs J Whitford
Section of Main Highway Section of Main Highway on Boundary between County and Bulls Town District
Section 28 Pohonui Village Settlement  
Sections 29/32 Pohonui Village J E Hurley
Semple, Honourable Robert  Motion of sympathy re the passing of the above
Service Occupancy Agreement to be used in connection with all Council's houses; draft copy from Fullerton-Smith and Co.'s; to be referred to ward 4 and Executive NZ Counties Association; copy used by Railway Department and Raglan County Council
Servicemen's Settlement and Land Sales Act 1943  
Sewerage disposal problems  
Sexton, W Temporary Assistant, Taihape Office
Shand Brothers Kubit Crusher for Kakariki Ballast Pit
Shannon, G T Lands Subdivision in Counties Act
Shannon, Pearce T Rangatira Road
Shaw, R E Heavy Traffic License; Rebate on Heavy Traffic License Fee paid in respect of a motor-lorry which went down a gorge 600 feet
Shaw, W Representative Ohingaiti Rehabilitation Sub-Committee
Shed  Shed for Bicycles at Marton; shed for Grader near Bulls
Shell Company of NZ Ltd Motor fuel; Petrol Pump; Benzine Drums; Bulk Motor spirit deliveries
Shepherd, L B Permission to cart logs; re Reserves
Shepherd, H S 10% penalty on rates; and Others, Petition from Ratepayers in the Erewhon Riding that they are dissatisfied with the Government Valuations and wish for a revaluation
Shepherd, T repairs to fence
Shergold's Metal Pit otherwise known as Papakai Road Metal Pit, application for purchase by W L Shergold; special meeting to be held accordingly; Motion passed for purchase by W L Shergold; Transfer Sealed; confirmation of sale; special order
Shergold, W L application for purchase of Shergold's Metal Pit (Otherwise known as Papakai Road Metal Pit) for £9; meeting to be held accordingly; motion passed for purchase of Metal Pit; Transfer Sealed; confirmation of sale; special order
Sherriff, L A P Complaint re state of roads in northern end of County; private telephone concession
Shovel, mechanical see under Mechanical Shovel
Show, Agricultural and Pastoral Marton and Taihape
Sicely and Duncan R C Lynch; A H Hammond
Sicely, A C M re Morgan Road; re Bulls-Scotts Ferry. Old road at Parewanui; re Rangitikei River Accretion, Jamieson; re Standard Survey, Wangaehu-Bulls Main Highway
Siggs, P R and D W H Jurgens Pukenaua Road
Signal, J H Refund Deposit; Late
Signing of Appointments of Noxious Weeds Inspectors Additional
Signing of Cheques in absence of Treasurer; as Treasurer, A V Brown; any two Councillors including the Chairman; on behalf of Treasurer; K W Sandford on behalf of Engineer
Signs, Roads Fern Flats Road; Level Crossing, Turakina; Signposting on Main Highways; Ministry of Works be written to requesting warning sign on top of Whangaehu Hill; re above action taken by Ministry of Works; Sign Posts on County Roads, Automobile Association Wanganui; Letter to be written to District Commissioner of Works thanking him for the Road Sign placed at the top of Whangaehu Hill; Signs on Pukepapa Road, Automobile Association; A request re 30 miles per hour sign be moved to North side of Chldren's Home on Tutaenu Road; The Council to make a recommendation to the Transport Department to have the sign moved to the North side of the Home; Letter from Andersons Store, Hihitahi asking permission to eract sign re Bowser on Section 9, Block VIII Maungakaretu Survey District; from Automobile Association suggesting Otairi School Committee and other such bodies should not be permitted to erect own signs on roads; From Automobile Association drawing attention to dangerous state Hautawa Cutting near Otairi School; from Automobile Association requesting Council make contribution instead subsidy for signposting
Signing Contracts  
Signing Rate Books 1935/36; 1938/9; 1943-44; 1944-45; 1946-47; 1947-48; 1948-49
Silver Jubilee Medals H H Richardson and S A R Mair
Silverhope and Rangiwaea Drain  
Silverhope Railway Station drains
Silverhope Scenic Reserve Unused road adjoining; re fencing and flood gates; removal of 2 pine trees; Control of reserve further 5 years; Control of reserve further 5 years; from L J Laird drawing attention of Council to bad state of boundary fence between his property and above reserve; from Lands and Survey Department asking if council is willing to take control of above Reserve for further 5 years; from Lands and Survey Department acknowledging receipt of letter re control of above also suggesting council approach adjoining owners re fencing; Council to control the above Reserve for another indefinite period; Application be made commissioner Crown Lands for Grant for maintenance Silverhope Scenic Reserve
Sim, K C re Kakariki Ballast Pit and clause in "Washing-up Bill"
Simmonds, Robert H letter from requesting permission to lease portion Road Reserve; granted; Road Reserve at Te Kapua Road
Simpson and Bate River Erosion Ohinepuhiawe 141A2 Block
Simpson and Bruce Parks Simpson Park, declared rateable
Simpson, A G McC K Simpson Appointment Trustee Hunterville Cemetery
Simpson, A G (Mrs) late
Simpson, D D Representative on Wanganui Hospital Board
Simpson, E H Sale to Marton Sash, Door and timber Co Ltd
Simpson, Joseph Outstanding Rates  
Simpson, J W Private Telephone Lines
Simpson and Ritchie Contract
Simpson Street, Turakina legalizing part of
Simpson, T Grass Seed Cutting Rights, Written Off
Simpson, T F (Li M) Pamphlet "N Zers Awake!"
Simpson, Walter E Land near Bonny Glen for road alignment purposes
Simpson, W J entrance to his property
Sims, A M Piggery at Turakina
Sinclair, D J Letting of Turakina Section to
Single Men's Camp, Papanui  
Sinking Funds Sinking Fund Investments; Interest 3 1/4 %; Loans for Mataroa North Road, Whaka Road, Mangahoe Road
Sirens for Power Graders
Site for Roadman's Cottage Whareroa Road; Lower Rangitikei
Skelton, G Account for wreath
Skerman, Dr S Skerman, Late Mrs
Skin and Hide Drying Works James Milne
Slaughtering Licenses  
Slaughtering of Stock on Unlicensed Premises at Turakina  
Small Bird's Nuisance  
Small Scoop to be inspected at Palmerston North by Engineer
Small, D F metalling Warren Road West
Smiiiie, J, late  
Smith, A Application re Petrol Pump Installation; Building at Rata
Smith Brothers, A E and J D portion of Smiths Road to be legalised
Smith Brothers   Makohau Road Pit Metal
Smith Brothers Royalty on Metal; offer to sell land to Council
Smith, C C Deceased
Smith, C F Marshall Engineer's Assistant Temporary; Salary; Departure
Smith, E J request for lease of Makopua Road and Section, granted; application for telephone concession
Smith, Frank Widening Wings Road; and Smith, R A
Smith, F and F H Cream-stand; Power Lines
Smith, L B agreeing to amended loan proposal for Mataroa-Namunui-Kaweka Roads
Smith Ltd, Frederic W re Cleveland Tractors
Smith, P H late
Smith, R (Mrs) Overhead Expenses
Smith, R G asking extention of time to clear Noxious Weeds; Council to accept responsibility for Gorse and Blackberry on Frontage
Smith, R W Agreeing to amended loan proposal for Proposed Mataroa-Namunui-Kaweka Roads
Smith, R W Road to R W Smith's and T G Taylor's properties, Namunui Valley
Smith, S Private Telephone Line  
Smith, Sam Contract 695
Smith and Smyth Contract No 717; Cancellation of Contract to J Young
Smith, Stephen Tender for Council's Sections at Bulls and acceptance of tender
Smith, Walter Campbell Appointment of; Appointment of Registrar of Dogs etc; requesting increase of remuneration and granted; above grant rescinded and another made
Smylie, R death of; Hurst Brothers
Smyth Brothers and Boryer Private Telephone concession; Permits under Heavy Motor Vehicles Regulations
Smyth Brothers and Boryer Timber Carting  
Smith V to represent Council at Ward 4 Conference in Palmerston North; Travelling Expenses to Staff Committee Meeting and Ward 4 Conference; Acting Chairman; represent Council at Counties Conference; Travelling Expenses to Ordinary and Special Meeting; Expressing sympathy to his recent bereavement; letter from Mrs Abraham (his daughter) acknowledging message of sympathy; Elected County Chairman
Smith V Councillor; Travelling Expenses to Wellington; A E Rayner, land acquired by Council; Leave of absence; Represent Council Special Meeting Wanganui Hospital Board re building programme; Travelling Expenses to Napier; subdivisional of land at Taorao; Staff committee
Snellgrove, A C Charitable Aid; Snellgrove, K (Miss), Charitable Aid
Social Credit, Political Lead from above letter re Social Credit
Social Credit Association  
Social Security Hokianga County Council
Social Security Department Scheme No 13; and Medical Profession
Sodium Chloride for Noxious Weeds and Atlacide
Soil Conservation and Rivers Control Bill Boundaries of Hawkes Bay Catchment District; 20th May first election of the Hawkes Bay Catchment District; Chairman's Report; Catchment District; Bulletin No 1; Acknowledging receipt of resolution and expressing thanks to Council and staff
Soil Conservation and Rivers Control Council, continued date election; Treeplanting Scheme, Turakina; planting coastal sand dune country; Protective Works at Kakariki; appointment Engineer Rangitikei Catchment Board; Catchment Board Election; films in Wanganui
Soldiers Civil Establishment League  
Soldiers Holiday Pay A T Dickinson; H Blockley; J Dwyer; A A McDonald; S J Lewis; F W Jones; G J S Welsh; L L Jones; E F Walker; G W H Whale; M W Winchcombe; R Mahoney; Douglas Bryant
Soldiers Holiday Pay to be paid to servicemen up to 31st March 1946 except under exceptional circumstances
Soldiers Settlement Kotuku, metalling of road; Okapea Farm Settlement; Rata , name of Road
Soler, F J telephone concession
Solicitor in Taihape to deal with Native Rating cases
Sollitt (Mrs) S E Increment; tendering resignation, one months salary payable; increase in salary
Sorich Noxious Weeds Exterminator  
Soufflot, Mrs R  and Estate M Wing, subdivision of land; price of house on Wing's Line
South British Insurance Co Webb and Stokes Contract 676A
Southland County Council  
Sowman, Mrs E M Private Telephone Line
Spanish Refugee Chidren Relief Fund  
Special Bridge Subsidies  
Special Deposit J M McKinnon to be refunded
Special Legislation affecting Local Bodies  
Special Meetings Kakariki Ballast Pit; Town and Country Planning; Metalling Contracts
Special Meetings Estimates; Kakariki Ballast Pit; Special Order making Building By-Laws; Calico Line Water Main; to consider the balance sheet; to consider Special Report of County Engineer; to consider Estimates for; Making Building By-laws; Sale of Land; Building By-laws; Special Meeting to be held on 20th January 1953; Special Meeting held on 11th February 1954
Special Order declaring Hawthorn a Noxious Weed; levying Special Rate for Workers Dwelling Loan
Special Order Rural Housing Loan No 1 1940 £10, 000; confirming Special Order; Gravel Pits, sale of; Wangaehu Valley Drainage District; Hawkes Bay Catchment Board; Wangaehu Valley, confirming; Whangaehu Valley Drainage District; Separate Rate; Rangitikei Catchment Board; Drainage By-Laws; Sale Metal Pit Crofton; Lake Alice Well Site
Special Rates Navy Office, Maungakeretu Survey District; Navy Department refunded; Workers Dwelling; Controller and Auditor General; 1953/54
Special Rates Ruanui Riding Loan; Rate 1935/36, Ohaumoko Road; Erewhon Riding (1938-9); Flock House Property; Levying Special Rate, Rural Housing Loan £10, 000; Toe Toe No 2
Special Works Rate Pukeokoa Special Rating Area; Watershed Road
Speed Limits on Roads Speed Limits on Roads; Speeding and Overloading; Speed limit through Turakina; 30 miles per hour at Whangaehu; Parent and Teachers Association
Speedy, H C Petition from 14 Settlers re condition of roads in the Rangiwaea area of the Ruanui Riding
Spence, R  Deceased; Wages due , payment of
Spershott C N interview for position of Overseer; Travelling Expenses; appointed Overseer; rent on House to be 30/- per week; Ranger; concrete tank a house to be installed; resigning from position of Overseer
Spilman, A K asking permission to put Water pipe through culvert on Crofton-Curls Bridge
Spoil on Kilkern Road  
Spooner, E W refund Deposit Scheme 5
Spooner, S W Private Telephone Line
St Helen's Hospital  
Squires R D Land Subdivision in Counties Act
Springvlae Ltd Rangitikei Hill
Staff Moved that consideration of motion concerning appointment of Assistant Engineer be held over for consideration at next ordinary monthly meeting on 9/2/56
Staff Increments; salaries; Engineering, Report on; Reorganisation; Miss V B Gatchell, temporary Assistant at Taihape office; Wages Commissioner, Misses Rawson, Wasson and Raine; Miss Wasson Special leave of absence; Miss Raine Special leave of absence; re-organisation of ; re payment to Marton Office Staff for extra work done during year ended 31st March 1945; Minutes of meeting
Staff, continued increases of salary for Mrs Christopher and Miss McIlwiane, bonuses; reorganisation Committee; retirement of Mr S A R Mair, additional work in Marton Yard for Mr R Dukeson, wages increase for Dukeson and J McDonald and S A R Mair, A A McDonald to recommence in Taihape Office, increase in salary for Mrs S E Sollitt and the Misses V and C Rawson; Permission granted by Wages Commisioner to increase of salaries of S A R Mair, R Dukeson, J McDonald
Staff, continued Dukeson and McDonald, increase refused by Wages Commissioner; Co-operation with Rangitikei Catchment Board; recommendations of Committee; position of neew Engineer, Wages Commissioner; Engineer to interview I W Franklin; A A McDonald allowed further three months; report of committee meeting and conference with Rangitikei Catchment Board Committee; conditions of appointment of Engineer; matter to be held over till next meeting; Junior Female Assistant, applications to be called for
Staff, continued resignationof Miss D McIlwaine received and accepted; resignation of Mr J H Tiffen received and accepted; resignation of Mr L L Jones received and accepted; Miss Marjorie Banks appointed to staff at salary of £195 per annum plus cost of living bonuses; Mr S A R Mair salary and pension; increase J Robinson as from 1/1/1947; increases to all members of Staff; Messers. Dukeson and McDonald to be farewelled by Outside Staff; position of accountant to be advertised at £400 per annum
Staff, continued R Dukeson presentation by Councillors and retiring allowance etc; F L Nicol salary raised to £800 per annum ; second assistant engineer and engineering cadet to be engaged; accountant to be appointed; mechanic for workshop to be appointed; applications for Assistant Engineer; R P Boyyes appointed as Accountant; increase in salary Utiku Crusher Manager; staff increases asked for; R H Harris appointed to engineering staff; 10/- increase in salaries
Staff, continued Mr P R Boyes congratulated on passing the Professional Accountants Examination; Agreement with Rangitikei Catchment Board to be terminated; Main Highways Board subsidy for above the Award Rate for foremen; Not agreed to ; letter from Director of Stabilisation approving increase of salaries; Application to be made to the Director of Stabilisation approving increase of 4d a day for working Foremen; G Campbell's Resignation accepted application for a new Overseer called for; Twelve applicarions for Overseer received, three invited to attend next meeting; Certificate of appointment, J Robinson; Half cost of H M Paynes Telephone be paid by the Council; Resignation from Mrs Z Hill; 7/- bonus be paid to staff not covered by awards; re Counties Employees use of County Vehicles; from Catchment Board re R W Harris; annual Conference of Engineers to be held in Christchurch on 6th to 10th February; Miss E Fabling be appointed on the staff in the Taihape Office and Miss J Lewis be transferred to the Marton Office; Applications for assistant Engineer; Increase in J Robinsons salary to £575
Staff, continued salary of Accountant increased; increase salary County Clerk; J A Tate; increase salary Engineer, H M Reid; G Campbell increase; R H Lewis; leave of absence to marry granted Miss M G Banks; ; resignation on account marriage Miss C E Rawson; Mrs M G Bishop, resignation as from 24th December 1948 accepted as from 17th January 1949; Applications for increases for Staff; leave of absence, special, in May granted Mr P R Boyes
Staff Minutes of Meeting held on 21st February 1949; W J McChesney received 2 weeks retiring allowance; increase of salary for working foremen; increase of £50 per annum for K W Sandford; question of salary referred to Staff Committee of R H Lewis; Amended Contract with Rehabilitation Department for E J Hill; increase in salary for R F A McKenzie, P R Boyes and R H Lewis; Miss D M Moir's resignation; Miss M M Bailey applying for position; Increase of salary:- H M Payne £25 per annum, J Robinson £25 per annum, R W Harris £50 per annum, leave of absence , special, granted to E J Hill and Z M Wildbore for two weeks; C N Spershott £500 per annum; Clerk and Engineer £35 per annum; Sandfords House be reduced to £1.5.0 per week; F W Jones applying for leave of absence on his approaching marriage; Miss E S Christie tendering her resignation; Miss E S Christie be given leave on pay
Staff, continued K W Sandfords resignation be accepted with regret; Miss S Sadler be paid two weeks leave of absence; Mrs Sadler be paid £200 for Clerical Assistant; L A Sadler's salary be increased to £600; R W Harris's salary be increased to £700 ; Salary increases to R F A McKenzie £650, P R Boyes £600, F W Jones £550; J Robinson be paid special Travelling Allowance of £6; Chairman and Engineer to consider applications for Assistant Engineer; J W Gandell be appointed Assistant Engineer; Council's Cars used privately; Insure County Vehicles with State Fire Insurance; J W Gandell to commence in the new year; Assistant for R H Lewis; H M Reid be given 1 months leave of absence on full pay; A Y A Pickford increase in salary; R H Lewis one months sick leave; C N Spershott resigning from position; Miss E A Fasbling tendering her resignation as from 23rd May; Assistant Engineer; R F A McKenzie granted two months
Staff, continued K W Sandford be paid for two weeks leave of absence; Staff Minutes were read; Salary increases to :- E J Hill, H M Payne, H Cannon; 15% granted other than to H M Ried and Mrs Sadler; Engineers salary £1250.0.0; Increase in salary to F L Nicol and H M Reid; H M Payne tendering his resignation and he be paid one months leave of absence; H M Reid tendering his resignation as from 28th March; application for Engineers Assistant; Staff committee meeting to be held on 22nd February 1952; application for an Overseer to be advertised; Minutes of meeting held on; Advertising for Assistant Clerk for Taihape Office; J A Tate appointed temporary overseer; Miss J Olsen appointed Assistant at the Taihape Office; Engineer's Assistant at £750 per annum; Mr J A Tate's position be permanent
Staff Cannan, H, salary to be increased subject to consent of Stabilisation Commissioner; bonus payments; Miss M M Bailey asking for leave of absence to be married in April-May; The Council approved the action of the Chairman and Engineer in appointing L Vincent as Overseer at a salary of £750 per annum; Mr Tate to be paid full salary up to the 30th June such payment to include all holidays due to him; Assistant Engineer be appointed at salary of £800 per annum; Telephone be obtained for the Overseer's house in Russell Street; T Daubney to be advised Salaries to be discussed sometime this month and his letter will then be dealt with; Adopt recommendation Executive Committee and place E Neumann on salary of £900 as from 2/7/55; Resignation Mrs M Downie accepted with regret and she be given 2 weeks leave of absence on full pay; Retiring allowance of 13 weeks pay to Mr Frank Ellery; from Frank Ellery thanking for retiring allowance; Council agree to give remote allowance of £1 to roadman at Old's house as from 10/10/55; Councillor Stewart gave Notice to move at next meeting That "Council's opinion appointment of additional Engineer's Assistant not justified and resolution authorising appointment be rescinded"; Certificate appointment Sydney Wright, Taihape as Sanitary Inspector and Officer authorised to issue Closing Orders; Confirm appointment Miss S Wilson as Clerk-Typist at £550 per annum; Accepting resignation of Miss C Henderson and granted leave of absence to 31/1/56; from J W Reardon be paid retiring allowance equal to 8 weeks pay including holiday pay
Staff, continued Mr McKenzie leave of absence; P J Leersnyder be appointed Assistant Engineer; Minutes of meeting read for information of the Council; Resignation of Miss Pickford; men on Overtime; Minutes of Staff Committee Meeting; consideration of salaries of Engineering and Noxious Weeds Staff; E J Hill engaged for one year; Employment be arranged with Mrs Leersnyder; appointment of Margaret Stevens; Minutes of Staff Committee Meeting; Overseer Taihape appointment; C Irwin, H Cannon salaries; Mr Lovett tendering resignation; Miss J H Lewis tendering resignation; Miss M Stevens tendering resignation; The appointment of Miss Mona Evans as Junior Clerk be confirmed; Miss L Hasle be appointed Clerk for the Engineering Staff at salary of £366 per annum; Staff and Executive Committee meet 2pm on 16th October; C Irwin salary increased to £700 per annum retrospective to date of appointment as Overseer; Overseer J A Tate given more territory to cover; Bonus for T Daubney and S J Lewis; Back payment of 10 per cent of salaries confirmed; Increase in salaries maximum £1.4.0
Staff Mr Jones increase of £40 be made retrospective to 1st April 1953; Mr Rofe's salary be £600 as from 1st September to include overtime; Resignation of Miss J M Olsen accepted and Clerks action of appointing Miss Joan Brogden in her place confirmed; Overtime; Use of private car for County purposes; Staff matters held over till 11/11/54 Meeting; Miss Henderson was thanked by Council and commendation on the fine work she did in producing the Annual Balance Sheet; Twopence per hour added to all rates of pay; Mr A M Bergen be employed in Marton Office as Junior Clerk as from 1st February 1955; Salaries of all male members of the Staff be increased by five per cent as from 1/11/54 , including H Cannan; Bonus be paid to T Daubney, S J Lewis and E L Neumann; Mr Gandell and Mr Leersnyder and Mr Irwin were in attendance while salaries were being discussed; letter from Mrs Sadler tendering her resignation; letter from Miss Joan Brogden tendering her resignation; letter from S J Lewis and verbal messages from E L Neumann and T Daubney thanking Council for bonuses; the action of the chairman in arranging for Miss B Deadman to take the place of J Bogden at Taihape was confirmed
Staff C Irwin's retrospective payment of salary be made from 1st June 1953; E J Hill tendering resignation as from 11th June 1954; Applications be called for Engineer's Assistant; bonus to be paid to Miss J Brogden
Staff, continued Edgar J Hill engaged under Rehabilitation Scheme; Miss V C Rawson to be married, granted leave of absence, resignation as from 31st March 1948; granted 2 weeks absence on full pay; H M Payne to be married, granted two weeks leave of absence on full pay; application for increase in salaries; salaries to be paid before 31/3/48; appointment of Miss Daphne Moir; salaries; Sadler's return; Articles of Apprenticeship, Payne, Harris, Hill; increase for Kakariki Manager; E J Hills services be retained; E J Hills salary be paid at £625 plus £62.8.0 per annum
Staff Committee Chairman, Councillors Coleman, Smith and Mair
Staff, Outside Application for P G Driver to replace F Ellery; S J Lewis thanking Council for bonus; A new wage scale was recommend by The Chairman and itemised in minutes; Overtime payments to be based on the rates of pay before the addition of 10%
Stamp Duty on Interest on Loans Refund of
Standards Institute egress from buildings by-laws; Standard Specifications for brick building; Annual Report of Standards Council
Standard Insurance Company Ltd Personal Accident Insurance, Councillors; War Risk, Council Chambers, Marton
Standard Traverses Standard Traverses along roads and streets; Standard Survey, Wangaehu-Bulls Main Highway; Standard Surveys; Standard Specifications, Main Highways Board
Standing Orders  
St Andrews Presbyterian Church, Marton maintenance of Tutaenui Cemetery
Stantiall's Corner Deviation on Cliff Road
Staples, J F NZ Counties Co-operative Insurance Co Ltd
State Advances Corporation of New Zealand Housing Loans; re Loan Finance; Conditions under which Corporation would offer Loans £2, 500 and £2, 000 for road metalling purposes, Mataroa, Namunui, Kaweka and Mangahoe Roads respectively; Loan £5, 000 (reduced to £4, 000) Workers' Dwellings; Rural Housing Loans, rate of interest increased
State Advances Corporation of New Zealand, continued Loan of £11, 000, Reconstruction of Bridges; Rural Housing Act 1939, forms; Legal opinion; Application forms and booklets of designs; Loan £10, 000, Debenture; P A Chapman, advance £1, 000, consent; Mrs G Dunford; Building Subsidy, recent amendments to Rural Housing Act; Rural Housing Loan, payment credit Council's Account of £1, 000 part of Loan £10, 000; C M Broughton, advance £950, approval
State Advances Corporation of New Zealand, continued Rural Housing Loan, Extension of time for further six months for uplifting of monies under the Rural Housing Loan; Council's Loan commitment for Rural Housing still open and can be operated on; Rural Housing Loan; Loan Account Balances; no funds available for Bridges Renewal Loan No 2; approval of Loans Board prepared to renew rater of interest the balance of loans; Rural Housing Loan
State Advances Office  
State Fire and Accident Insurance Office Employers' Indemnity Insurance; Bridges Reconstruction Loan No 2; Report for year ended 31st March 1950
State Forest Service re Noxious Weeds on State Forest at Pukeroa; from Conservator of Forests agreeing to meet representative of council re Noxious Weeds; from above advising that Commissioner of Crown Lands had received complaints from Ratepayers concerning State Forest No 46 (Pukeroa) and arrangements being made for joint Inspection; from NZ Forest Service asking for information re Hihitahi plantation
State Fire Insurance State Accident Insurance Office; Annual Report; C H Clapshaw; Office Continued; County Council's Insurance; Stock on Rangitikei River Bridge, Bulls; Profit sharing scheme; Compensation for W Edge ; Public Risk Insurance
State Forests Presesrvation Rangitikei A gricultural and Pastoral Association; Petition; Letter from NZ Forest Service reporting on Inspection of State Forest at Pukeroa with steps taken to deal with ragwort
State Forest Reserve Ragwort; Raketapauma, Noxius Weeds; form Minister of Forests advising that Conservator will get in touch with Inspector and arrange inspection of areas infested; NZ Forest Service letter reporting on Inspection of State Forest at Pukeroa with steps taken to deal with ragwort
State Highway Bulls-Taihape, Gorse on Railway lines etc; Waiouru-Taihape Road; County does not approve of taking over State Highway; Horopito-Bulls; from Ministry of Works, proclamation of land taken for road on the Waiouru-Bulls State Highway 9, J W Sinclair; from Ministry of Works asking Council to agree to closing portions of State Highway fronting Motukawa 2B15A and 2B6; from Minstry of Works 5 Proclamations taking land for Waiouru-Bulls State Highway; Council agree take over Loop Roads on Bulls-Waiouru State Highway
State Highways Classification Auckland-Wellington via Taranaki and Bulls-Te Kuiti via Taumarunui Main Highways
State Highway Horopito-Bulls, Alteration; Deviation at Hihitahi; between Waiouru and Taihape; Horopito-Bulls via Taihape, proclamation; Turakina, legalisation; Between Wing's Line and Railway Line, legalisation; Bulls-Taumarunui, legalisation between Wings line and Subway; maintenance of deviations on State Highway between Te Moehau and Turanga Arere; Certificate under seal Ohingaiti State Highway is Public Road; Copy of Proclamation; Bulls-Horopito State Highway and first corner both places north of Deacons Road corner; Section of H H Meads at Rata; proclamation
State Highway Deviation Information, deviatin on State Highway; from Ward IV considering maintenance of State Highways
State Highway Land taken for road in Block VII Ongo Survey District; Maintenance of State Highways; from Ministry of Works asking Council to agree to closing portin of Highway at Norwood Corner and to take over portion closed for £10 (including survey charges)
State and Main Highways road width; from Minister of Works re keeping standards reasonable
State Highway Mangaweka-Utiku section Advance Main Highways Board £2000 (Reduced to £1400)
State of Roads in Hunterville District  
State Hydro Electric Department Engineer's action in sanctioning erection of Transformer Station by above on McIntyres Road endorsed; The above Department to be told of the condition of Kotukuraeroa Road as result of work done in course of line construction; from above Department, letter re damage done by Department on Kotukuraeroa Road
State Hydro Electric Department Transmission Line, Torere Cottage; Wanganui-Rangitikei Electric Power Board; J M B Collier; F Howie
State Trading Costs and Profits  
Statement of Expendiure on Roads Maintenance  
Statement of Receipts and Payment  for six months ending 30th September 1949
Stationery Conserving  
Statistics, Motor Drivers  
Statutes Amendment Act 1939 Finance Act (No 2) 1939; Statutes Amendment Act 1946
Statutes Reprint  
Statutory Meeting  
Statutory Half Holiday letter form Department of Labour and Employment
Statutory Closing Day Gazette proclamation from Minister of Labour
Stay-Orders Rural Mortgagers Final Adjustment Act  
Steel Bridges Reconstruction Taupo Totara Timber Company
Steel Girders Steel Stock; Engineer to order steel
Steel Supplies Motor Cars; McLean and Todd
Steel Truss Bridge purchase of
Steele, W S Appointment Sanitary Inspector; Report; Hawke's Bay Health District
Steers Cecil Thanks expressed to Mr Steers for his good work done with regard to Wanganui Chronicle Paper and the Council over a period of fourteen years
Stent, David Ohingaiti Cemetery Trustee; Representative Sub-committee Rehabilitation Mangaweka; on his passing away, sympathy be extended to his family; Mrs Stent and Family acknowledging message of Sympathy
Stent, Charles Ohingaiti Cemetery Trustee
Stephenson's Hill, Mangaonoho Protective fence be erected
Stevens, Miss M appointment; tendering resignation; Resignation accepted
Stevens and Co, W H Slaughtering License
Stevens, N A Morgan's Road; legalisation Smith's Road
St Stevens Church Reverend Joblin inviting members of Council to service in Church and Memorial Garden
Stevenson and Sons, W Contract No 676; Contracts 676a and 685; Contract 690; Contract No 701; Contract No 702; Contract deposits; Contract No 731
Stewart, G T Reg. C E
Stewart, Henry Gordon Councillor for Wangaehu Riding; on Committee to deal with matters arising from Kakarirki Ballast Pit; Committee to deal with Dogs at Ratana Pa; Represent Council Special Meeting Wanganui Hospital Board re building programme; Additional Travelling Expenses in connection with Committee Meetings; travelling expenses for Special Meetings
Stewart, L  Roadman  
Still, Alex  
Stinkweed or Camomile enquiries to be made by Noxious Weeds Inspector
Stock Engineer to purchase Red Birch from McGinniss and to be delivered in yard
Stock Accounts  
Stock, F  
Stock Inspector, Raetihi  
Stock Inspector, Taihape  
Stock Paddocks Mataroa; Moawhango; Mangaweka-Te Kapua Road; Leedstown; Near Marton; Newman's Line; Polgreen;s Hill; Polgreen's Hill water supply; Taihape Scenic Reserve, Main Road North of Taihape; Gates etc, Notices to be placed on;
Stock Paddocks, continued Concrete Ford, Otairi and Kilmisters; Kakariki; Section 104 Block XIV Ohinewairua Survey District; liability of ; Ohotu Road, Taoroa; Report upon; Holding Paddocks, charges etc; Taoraoa (Part Section 5 Block IV hautapu Survey District); Holding paddock between Bulls and turakina; Holding Paddock, Blacks Metal Pit; Holding Paddock, South west of Marton; Stock Paddock at Kakariki
Stock Paddocks, continued Kakariki, fencing of; Concrete Ford gate to be repaired; proper maintenance; at Mataroa, tenancy terminated; between Taihape and Marton; at Utiku and Mataroa; Ohingaiti Branch Federated Farmers report; Collier's Junction fencing; Section being transferred to Mrs N M Nation; Pukeroa; TeMoehau Junction; Contract of Rongoiti Stock Paddock; fencing of Stock Paddock at Mackays; Tenders be called for fencing Rae's Stock Paddock; Inspection t be made of Blacks Pit Stock Paddock and report; Action of Engineer in purchasing Red Birch battens from Abraham Seed Company for Stock Paddocks was confirmed; from Taihape Branch, Federated Farmers asking council to arrange for Stock Paddock adjacent to Utiku Railway Station; Enquiries to be made re possibility of acquiring Section 4 Block VII or Section 5 in Block III Potako Township for above
Stock Paddocks, continued South of Taihape; adjacent to R Dean; Hunterville, fence; Utiku; Braemore Bridge; Water Supply for Braemore Bridge; Council to acquire Stock Paddock at Pungataua; Proceed with fencing of Wainui School Stock Paddock; J Ratima's tender for fencing Wainui Stock Paddock accepted; Engineer to report on Black's Pit and Stock Paddock to be locked in meantime; fencing of Stock Paddock at Kakariki to be attended to ; from Farmers Co-op. Dist. Co. Ltd stating that company did not consider Blacks Pit Stock Paddock advantage to farming community; Engineer to report to next Meeting of the Council on a Stock Paddock site on Te Kapua Road, Mangaweka; K Beyer be offered an ammount not exceeding £40 for work done at Wainui Stock Paddock; C Irwin empowered to emply a fencer to complete fencing of the Wainui Stock Paddock; Doole and Brock be paid £4.10.0 per chain for fencing of Wainui Stock Paddock
Stock Paddocks, continued from Department of Maori Affairs suggesting Council contact W I Munro re lease section  4 Block VII Potaka Township; from W I Munro offering sell fro £200 lease which expires 31/12/65 with continual rights of renewal for 21 years; Engineer to interview W I Munro re acquiring Section 4 Utiku for Stock Paddock; Authority given to proceed wih fencing stock paddock at Kakariki; Black's Pit be left open for travelling stock from 1st September to 30th April and kept locked for rest of year and key left at Lake Alice Store; Engineer reported W I Munro offered to Council his lease Section 4 Block VII Potaka Township (Utiku) and give freehold of quarter acre section on Poroa Road as site for crusher Manager's Cottage in exchange for Utiku Metal Pit Area, council to retain metal rights also access and working priveleges as at present; letter from Ministry of Works advising transfer land at Norwood Corner be completed shortlly. Councillor Howard and Engineer given power to deal with fencing stock paddock and to bring down report on possible sale of portion of land to next meeting
Stock on Railway Line between Wangaehu and Turakina; letters (3) from Railway Department
Stock on Roads W H Gill; Wandering on Ruatangata Road; A A Zohs
Stock Reserve Section 28 Pohonui Village Sesttlement; Polgreen's Hill; Ongo Road; Reserves, Waiouru-Taupo Road
Stone Crushers Kakariki; Stone Crusher, Second hand, Authority to purchase
Stop Watches  
Stores Record Auditor-General
Store Shed side Ratana Road  
Storm Damage repair; to Private Property; Water drain at Ohingaiti, J F Dimes, Sanitary Inspector's Report
Strachan, C Rangiwaea-Ruanui and Hihitahi Roads
Stratford County Council  
Street Lighting Marton; G Pritchard
Street Light Turakina; and Ohingaiti
Stretchers NZ Standards Institute
Strombom, W W D Sale of land
Strychnine small bird's nuisance
Stuart, A re Rates Rebate (1932/3); Subsidy on Roads other than Main Highways; Appreciation of services as Member of Parliament for Rangitikei; Retirement from Council; Deputation re Stock Paddock near Marton; Stock-holding paddock between Bulls and Turakina; The Council expressed its sympathy in the passing of the above named; letter of thanks from Mrs Stuart
Studebaker Car to be disposed of; sale of
Studholme Estate Okapea Farm Settlement
Subdivision  of E B Campion's property agreed to at request of W A Wheeler; request by W A Wheeler for affixture of Seal to plan of subdivision of E B Campion's property and same granted
Subsidy Claims Main Highways  
Subsidy Claims Main Highways and Other Works
Subsidising Engineering Services in connection with Public Works and Main Highways
Subsidy, Flood Damage  
Subsidy on Drainage Farm Development  
Subsidy on Hautapu Bridge  
Subsidy, Lorry Hire Braemore Bridge
Subsidy on Rates Subsidy on General Rates Limit of £2, 500
Subsidy on Roads On Roads other than Main Highways; form G K Carpenter and eleven other Ruanui ratepayers offering to contribute towards cost of reforming and sealing Mataroa-Ruanui Road
Subsidy, Road Approach Tutaenui Stream Bridge at Crofton
Subsidy on Traffic Inspector's Salary  
Subsidisable Wages Men on Main Highways; New rates of pay
Subway at Hihitahi  
Superannuation from National Provident Fund giving details of payments due on Account of E J Hill for Supperannuation; Council agred to pay half of the arrears due on Account of Superannuation for E J Hill
Superior Oil Company of NZ Ltd  
Surfacing McQuarries Hill; Bulls-Turakina Main Highway
Survey Charges  
Sutherland, Alan Information re memorials and historical sites in the County
Sutherland, Alan Mangahoe Road; N. Estate, fencing Mangahoe Road; N. Estate Deviation; A Objecting to the use of road grader; Mangahoe Roadman's telephone; fencing; Mangahoe Road Deviation
Sutherland, W A Inspector, Rangitoto Rabbit Board
Sutherland, W A Report, Noxious Weeds
Swainson, G E and S Skerman Closed Road, Silverhope
Sympathy from Miss Dalrymple, Mrs R Dalrymple, K W Dalrymple, Mrs E A Bird and Miss Pufflet; W J Park; M C Fenwicke and Mrs E M Theed; Mrs W J Park; Mr H E Crosse; Colenel Pow; R R Dawson; Mrs N Dwason; K W Dalrymple; Mrs R Semple; L F O'Callaghan
Table Mortgages Public Trustee
Tabor, F C Fence
Tabor, M Mrs Pagets Road, Mangaonoho
Taihape Abbatoir R D McRae asking permission to build a skin and hide house etc
Taihape Abattoir District extension from Wairoru to Ohingaiti; Waiouru and Naval camps included in Abattoir District
Taihape Accounts  
Taihape Accounts  
Taihape Benzine Bowser Shortage  
Taihape Borough Council Hautapu Bridge; Metal off Kaka Road; Main Highway North of Taihape, fencing; Noxious Weeds; Jubilee Celebrations; Testing Officer (continued); Camping Site, Road to; tree adjacent Papakai Road; Cattlestop across road leading to Motor Camp site
Taihape Borough Council, continued Camping Grounds; Camping on Public roads adjacent to camping grounds; Conference, Local Government (Amalgamation Schemes) Bill 1936; Resting place for travelling stock; Fence on old roadway, Taihape Scenic Reserve and Motor Camp Park
Taihape Borough Council Utiku-Mangaweka Main Highway; Declining to declare Barberry to be a Noxious Weed; Taihape Cemetery; Scenic Reserve Main Road North of Taihape, fencing; suggested Testing Officer; Hospital Levy 1943-44
Taihape Borough Council Heavy traffic Licenses Fees Apportionment by Minister; Patriotic Committee, Taihape District; Emergency Precautions Scheme; Home Guard expenses; Grant towards Taihape Cemetery Maintenance
Taihape Borough Council Zone "E"; Zone "G"; re Emergency Precautions Services, Four Northern Ridings amalgamated and Councillors of such Ridings appointed to the Central Committee at Taihape; Applications for subsidy on proposed Emergency Precautions Scheme expenditure; Share of cost; Taihape Cemetery; re Accounts for Emergency Precautions Scheme and Home Guard
Taihape Borough Council Rehabilitation Committee; Share Emergency Precautions Scheme Expenditure; Councillor Doole to represent Council on Committee; requesting grant maintenance Taihape Cemetery; Visit of Governor General; free Library Service
Taihape Borough Council, continued construction of footpaths out of loan, supervision of Engineer requested; requesting contribution towards cost of maintenance of Taihape Cemetery; £15-15-0 voted; thanking Council for increased contribution towards Taihape Cemetery; asking Council to combat efforts of Wanganui Chamber of Commerce to divert Main Trunk Railway through Taranaki; asking this Council to support its representation to have the State Highway north of Taihape improved; from above drawing attention of Council to fact that entrance to the yard at Taihape has not been replaced with six inch concrete as requested; from above Council Official notice that a Scheme under the Town and Country Planning Act is being prepared; Drawing attention of Council to entrance to yard at Taihape
Taihape Borough Council, continued letter for contribution towards Maintenance of Taihape Cemetery, grant of £15 made; acknowledgement; Taihape Cemetery; tree planting near Taihape cemetery; extension of Taihape Abattoir district; letter for contribution towards maiintenance of Taihape Cemetery, grant of £25 made; Road through G E Gibbs property and Bridge on Borough Boundary Otaihape Road;  £50 for Noxious Weeds Inspectors providing subsidy of 50%; contribution for cemetery; speed restriction in Utiku; County yard entrance; men working on WaterMain being paid 1/- extra per hour; letter from several people re transfer of their land to County; from above advising that Council is prepared to enter into discussion with County concerning boundary adjustment by several Ratepayers; from above advising members of Library Committee would wait on Council, Deputation; from above asking whether Council would assist with plant in removing two very dangerous corners in Borough. Left with Engineer and Overseer
Taihape Borough Council treeplanting reserve 2349; acknowledging contribution towards cemetery 2367; Support of council regarding Hospital Board 2376; Minister of Health unable to agree to support of Council re Hospital Board 2380; Thanking Council for support re Hospital Board 2381; 4 Separate Contracts have been substituted to one 2387; requesting donation for cemetery 2425; renewals of outlet pipes be done at expense of property owners 2458; pipeline on Taihape-Mataroa Main Highway 2458; Taihape-Mataroa Road 2489
Taihape Bowser  
Taihape Branch of the NZ Farmer's Unioin  
Taihape Cemetery  
Taihape Centennial Taihape Centennial Committee, Donation £50; Taihape Centennial Rest Room Memorial
Taihape Cheques S Keats; Credit
Taihape Chamber of Commerce re improvement to Taihape-Napier Road; re Speed Restrictions in Utiku
Taihape Co-operative Dairy Company cream stand insurance
Taihape and District Home Guard Committee application for erection of a light on the pole at Rangiwaea School for Home Guard training purposes
Taihape Fire Brigade  
Taihape Free Library  
Taihape Garage Accounts  
Taihape Hospital Radio
Taihape House rent 25/- per week, R H Lewis; tender for alterations etc received fromn J S Cherry, declined
Taihape Locality Home Guard Committee Councillors Doole, Mair and Smith
Taihape Motor Cycle Club  
Taihape Museum  
Taihape Office Staff; Motor spirit shortage written off; Rehabilitation Department and rear rooms; purchase of furniture; painting of; County yard entrance; Advertise for Assistant Clerk; Chairman, Councillor Chrystall and Engineer to consider purchase of Section behind County yard at Taihape; left with County Engineer and Overseer to report to the next Meeting on the Taihape Section; Council offer Miss Goodrich sum £90 for 15.64 per behind Taihape Office Section; from Miss Goodrick requesting £300 for section; from Miss D M Goodrick advising offer of £120 for section at Taihape not Acceptable
Taihape Retailers Association Association Statutory closing Day; requesting support of protest against diversion of Main Trunk Railway through Wanganui and Taranaki; visit of Minister of Works to Taihape, Councillors Doole and Smith appoited to meet Minister
Taihape Saleyards  
Taihape Times  
Taihape Transport Control District  
Taihape Unemployment Committee  
Taitie Tarei Release of Rating Claims Native Rates
Takehanga-Pounamu Takehanga-Pounamu 2 and Toingowhiti-Parewanui Native Reserve, Rates; Takehanga-Pounamu 4G, Release of Rating Claim
Takapuna Borough Council  
Take-a-Vite Packing Co letter re Rat Poison
Taking over State Highways  
Talbot, C J President, NZ Counties Association; Late
Tangiwai Disaster Chairman's reference to the above
Tank, County Offices, Marton  
Taoroa Cottage re compensation for improvements by L R Dean; £20 approved for improvements
Taoroa School Committee  
Tarsealing  Flock House; Mataroa, Ridley Brothers
Taraketi 1G2 Rating Claim, Partial release; Taraketi 1G4 Rating Claim, Partial Release; Taraketi 1G4 Rating Claim, Full Release; Taraketi 1G4 Rating Claim, Full Release
Tarsealing  Taihape-Mataroa-Murray's Track Main Highway; form a committee to consider tarsealing
Tate, J A increase in salary; leaving end of April and request to stay in house, complimented on success in obtaining steel and wire; appreciation of services; months leave on full pay; months leave plus holidays; thanks expressed for leave of absence; payment to Mines Department for Quarryman's Certificate
Taumarunui Goods Transport District Representative
Taupiri Drainage District and River Board Tender for Mechanical Shovel; Arrangements to purchase Priestman's Cub Excavator
Taupo Totara Timber Co Ltd purchase of Company's bridge at Atiamuri; Bridge for sale; Steel Bridge
Tauranga County Council Rates Rebate; Circular letter and Paper re Loan Proposal of £124, 245
Taverner, L G M Private Telephone Concession
Tawaroa 1C3 Outstanding Rates  
Taxation of Land Values letter from NZ League for the taxation of land Values re Rating anomalies
Taylor, A J Lost Cheque
Taylor, C D A re C J Lawson's Rates Outstanding
Taylor, L Miss Scriven's Cottage
Taylor, T G Appointment, Trustee Hunterville Cemetery
Taylor, W S  and Salary, Increase; Resignation
Te Aroha Patriotic Society Patriotic Funds
Teasel see Wild Teasel (Dipsacus)
Te Kapua No 2 Married Men's Camp D S Nielsen; Disbandonment
Te Kopriro 3B (167) Native Claims released
Telegraph Engineer removal of trees Turakina Valley
Telegraph Lines Damage to; and Telephone Loines, Notifications of Road Widening or Deviations; Turakina Valley Road; Notification from Postmaster, Hunterville disconnecting phone 183X
Telegraph and telephone Poles removal of; Crofton Bridge
Telephone Charges and Installations; Charges, Council agreeing to pay half cost of phone rental in Pukeokahu Cottage; Applications for telephone installed in Rongoiti Cottage; Copst of Phones to Roadmen and Foreman; Council pay whole cost of telephone at Hunterville Cottage; council agree to pay half cost of telephone to be installed for Power Grader at Buills
Telephone at residence R Coleman, Roadman, Braemore; J Robinson , Taihape; H W Whale, A S Lewis; Mangahoe Roedman; E G Hawkin, Roadman; Approval given installation extension telephone Engineer's house
Telephone Concession D Scott; J Jones; Smyth Brothers and Boryer; R S Watts; C Lawton; L T Coleman; F L Coleman; J Chapman; F J Soler; A D Fullerton-Smith; R E Hurley; A C Birch; Lyell R Reilly
Telephone Concession, continued application re E R Flannagan; application from G R J Wyley; Ararua Farm Settlement approval; G Woollaston agreed to; application for telephone concession by C L Wood and same granted; application from G V Olliver; A P Melville; applications from Motukawa Land Company and B E Gibbs; application by Agricultural Department for Flock House; application A Parsons (Tiriraukawa School Committee); application for G Nagel (roadman); Council to pay half the cost; Okirae Cottage; Telephones be listed in name of County
Telephone Concessions, continued application by J F Avers; application by L E Peed; application by E J Smith; application L Driscoll; application by A M Barton; application by Erewhon Station Ltd; application by A W Troter; application by I McK Bull; application by H D Callaghan; application by W R Duncan; application by Black, P M, H G Schroeder, R J Williams and G L and F A Brown; application by E K Thurston; applicatio by H C and H W Collier
Telephone Underground Cables  
"Tell the People" Charter Organization of N Z
Temporary Assistant, Taihape Office  
Temporary Loan  
Temporary Meeting Room, Coronation Hall  
Temporary premises for storage of records  
Temuka Borough council  
Tenancy Agreements question of Tenancy Agreement and rent of single mens huts was held over for consideration at the next meeting
Tenders  Tenders received prior to next meeting; Grants Pit; Metal Contracts; P N Excavators etc
Ten per cent penalty on rates see also Rates, Ten per cent penalty on
Ten per cent penalty on rates, continued J McCartin; Awarua 1D 2B; A R Potaka; Wenzl Schollum, Forest Farms and Products Ltd; J T H Whisker; J W Duggan; J D McClymont; A and R Whenuaroa; Rowe Brothers; Part Waiouru Run; Mrs E B Campion; for year ending 31st March 1954 on rates not paid before 18th March 1954; for year ending 31st March 1955 on rates not paid before 17th March 1955
Ten per cent penalty on rates, continued written off, B B Johnstone; written off, Crown; waived, Estate W J Bremner
Ten per cent penalty on Rates M S Chambers; A O P Bately; Mr and Mrs F G Rogers; L V Donovan; R H Old; Moore, A T and J L; James McDonnell; C J Masters; F G Rogers; Papanui Estate Ltd, written off; C S Hammond; F A Laugeson; J A Ennis
"Tenths" Timber Royalty; Rangiwaea-Tangiwai Road, Waimarino County Council
Tenancy Act Council to take action re unoccupied house at Turakina
TeNgahoa Waimarei re Native Rates  Arrears
Te Ngu Kingi Motukawa Part 2B 13A
Tennis Court, Turakina School  
Territorial Force Camp  
Te Uaua No 3 Block Release of Charging Order
Te Whaaro, Horiana (Mrs) Outstanding Rates, offer
Thames Borough Council  
Theed, A M  
Theed, H Noxious Weeds
"Thirds" Proposals for Expenditure; Omatane Road; Lower Turakina Valley Road, Scheme 13; Tukes Road; Waipuna Road; Land Fund Thirds
"Thirds" Ordinary
"Thirds" in hands of the Treasury, unexpended balance
"Thirds" "Fourths" and "Fifths"  
Thirds Makopua Road; Waiaruhe Road; Omatane Road South; Waipuna Road
Thistle see Variegated Thistle (Silybum); Winged Thistle (Carduus tenuiflorus); Milk Thistle (Silybum)
Thompson, E No 1 Power Grader
Thompson, L storage of potatoes in Ohingaiti Plantation
Thompson, D and family  
Thompson, L J Paget's Road, Mangaonoho; Deviation Main Highway at Rata; G E Agnew 2 gates on Pukekoa Road; Hunterville Extension Streets, Loan Money; Gates on Pukekoa Road, need for by-law; referred to Counties Association solicitor for opinion; Native Rates Downs and Hartley
Thoms, Arthur Land for road puposes, Dedication; late
Thoms A G Water Scheme
Thoms Brothers and opening of Creek Road
Thoms, N A Private Telephone Line
Thorn Apple (Datura Stramonium) Noxious Weed, Third Schedule
Thorpe, J H and Others Paddocks at Mataroa
Tidy, B Compensation in Connection with Curls Bridge upper Tutaenui Road
Tiffen, J H appointment as Temporary Assistant Engineer; salary rate of £500 a year; resignation received and accepted and granted one month's leave of absence on fullpay; compensation Dunsinane Corner
Timber Council confirmed the action of Engineer in purchasing 20, 000 super feet of timber for cutting into 8 x 4 decking
Timber at Baxters to be inspected; to be purchased from Maher's property 5/-; from Akatarawa Timber Company; 6000 super feet bridge timber purchased; 20, 000 birch timber  purchased; Council to purchase timber from Marton Sash Door and Timber Company 60, 000 super feet
Timber Carting Upper Kawhatua by Norman Dernbusch; Colenso Road to Utiku by Mr Williams
Timber Carting Royalty Marton Sash Door and Timber Company claiming that firm is under no obligation to pay above for extraordinary damage; No action taken by Council re above
Timber Carting on Main Highway, Wangaehu-Bulls; objections to charges on logs; Smyth Brothers and Boryer; Ongo and Mangahoe Roads; Mangatipona and Ohaumoko Roads, Wanganui Sash Door and Timber Company Ltd and A H Nagel; R Ross, Awarua Riding; Power and Pagan, Solicitors, Feilding; from Mokai Station by D A Honore; royalties, E J Meri; D A Honore; Mulvay, Gray and Co; River Road and Keilwarra; Engineer arrange for bond of £500 to be obtained from firms for timber carting to cover damage to roads; Resolution Rescinded; Fullerton Smith and Co forwarding copy of Agreement with T and J McIlwaine Ltd; from Public Trust asking Council to consider strengthing Bridge on Te Kapua Road also to enable timber to be carted
Timber Carting Revenue Notice of motion by Councillor L E Deacon
Timber growing Waipuna Road  
Timber Royalty Native and Exotic sawn timber; to be placed before Ward conference
Timber Royalty. "Fifths"  
Timber Royalty. "Tenths"  
Timihanga Block Ragwort Control
Tirikatene, Honourable E G Dogs at Ratana
Tiriraukaua Culvert Main Highways Authority
Tiriraukawa Cemetery Trustees; T Devane
Tiriraukawa School Committee Private telephone concession
Toe Toe Road No 2 Special Rating Area; see 901 Special Order
Toe Toe Bridge See Bridge, Toe Toe
Tolley, E W permission to take metal from Grants Pit
Toms, G G, Manui Building site; Road through Section 3 Block V Hautapu Survey District
Toms, Late J G Roadman, Killed on active service; Holiday Pay
Tomsett, K Contract No 729
Tong and Co and Pipe Making Plant
Tools lost by Bridge Foreman A S Lewis
Toogoods Pit  
Tooley, Max Bitumen pre Mix Plant
Torere Cottage  
Totara Timber Company purchase of Steel Truss Bridge
Totman's Bluff the above job to be referred back to Engineer for amendment and further consideration with view of reducing the cost and that the Engineer interview owner with view to acquiring the land necessary for the road line; Mr Totman thanked for offer to be responsible for earth work on above and permission given to proceed with the work on above deviation; Letters of thanks be sent to Mr Totman for his assistance at Totman's Bluff; Council confirm action of Eengineer in employing W E Peters on hourly rates to complete the widening of above Bluff
Totman, R B  
Toulmin, V F Deputation, Stock Paddocks
Tour of County Southern Ridings
Tour of Ridings lower ridings
Town Clerk, Feilding  
Town Clerk, Mangaweka Motor driver's Licenses
Town Clerk, Marton Emergency Precautions Scheme Evacuation Scheme, Marton and District
Town Clerk, Wanganui Wanganui, (Wellington Provincial Patriotic Council, Zone "C", Wanganui)
Town Clerk, Wellington  
Town and Country Planning Act from Lands and Survey Department drawing attention to the above Act 1953; from Ministry of Works drawing attention to certain aspects of above Regulations; Left with Chairman to report to next Meeting; from Institute of Professional Town and Country Planners drawing attention of Council to services available through its practising members; Ministry of Works copy of circular re above; form NZ Instutute of Professional Town and Country Planners list of firms available for consultation; cuncil to proceed with obligations under the above Act and that the Scheme prepared in section; Consultant to interview the Council at its March Meeting; letter from Marton Borough Council advising that a Committee has been appointed to meet the Council and the Consultant with a view to co-operating for Town and Country Planning; Mr A L Gabities, Town and Country Planning Consultant waited on the Council and briefly outlined the scheme for Town and Country Planning. Mr Meads and Mr Tillick were also present; from Marton Borough Council advising that a Committee has been appointed for above; Mr Gabites, Town and Country Planning consultant waited on the Council and submitted a report with recommendation for proceedure under the Town and Country Planning Act 1953; 
Town and Country Planning  from Taihape Borough Council Official notice that a Scheme under the above Act is being prepared; from the District Commissioner of Works explaining the need for a scheme under the above Act; Messers Proctor and Austin from Ministry of Works waited on the Council to explain reason for the adoption of a scheme under the above Act; letter from Ministry of Works advising that the Department is not in a position to deal with a planning scheme for Waiouru Township and stating that this is a matter for the Local Authority; Plan to be prepared for Waiouru Township; from Ministry of Works approving scheme in 2 sections; from Ministry of Works drawing attention that scheme for diverting State Highway at Waiouru would affect land in Waimarino County; from Taihape Borough Council forwarding list suggestions for consideration; from Marton Borough Council advising co-operation would be appreciated in planning scheme; Area committee arranged; from Marton Borough Council advising it had no objection to sale of sections at corner Bredin;'s Road and Calico Line for business premises. Agreement for sale and purchase signed and cheque in mail; Waiouru Ratepayers association advising of resolution "That Council be requested to concentrate on Improvement of existing State Highway and take no further action re diversion", Now proposed to widen road at South end of triangle, and plan tabled; from Taihape Borough Cpouncil advising it had prepared a district scheme and inviting proposals from County. Council's Town and Country Planning Committee and Engineer to consult with  Taihape Borough Council in preparation of district scheme
Town Planning Institute Circular and requesting membership; D G Porter
Tractors on County Roads  
Tractractor and Loaderdozer  
Traffic Census on Main Highways  
Traffic Control Transfer of Inspector; Heavy Traffic and Motor Driver's Licenses; transfer of Inspector Horniblow; letter from Inspector Horhiblow expressing thanks for co-operation of County; Restrictions be imposed on Roads during winter months; Utiku Township 30 miles per hour Discs
Traffic Discs Ltd  
Traffic Inspectors W C Shaw; advising that Traffic Inspector Shaw will remain in Marton; Report for quarter ended 30th November 1951; Traffic Officer Kay be retained in Marton
Traffic Inspector's Reports H J Fowler; C Horniblow
Traffic Inspector M J Hartigan (Reports)
Traffic Inspector's  Salary, Subsidy on; New Car; H J Fowler appointment to Levin
Traffic Inspector's Uniforms  
Traffic Inspection re Case taken by W C Shaw in Wanganui
Traffic Inspector's Conference  
Traffic Inspector, Hunterville Town Board  
Traffic Inspector, Taihape Borough Traffic Officer, Taihape
Traffic Regulations and Road Safety  
Traffic Restrictions  
Traffic Sign Regulations Road Intersections
Traffic Tally Pukepapa Road
Transfers  transfers from Erewhon and Ruanui Riding Accounts to Interest Accounts
Transfer Loan moneys Unexpected balance of loan of £2, 500 Rangitikei River Bridge at Vinegar Hill and known as "The Rangitikei County Vinegar Hill Bridge Loan £2, 500 1926" and also unexpected balance of the Loan of £4, 500 Reconstruction with approaches the Turakina River Bridge at Turakina on Auckland-Wellington via Taranaki Highway and called "The Rangitikei County Tursakina Bridge Loan of £4, 500 1928" to the purpose of providing the council's share of the cost of replacing the Hau Hau Stream Bridge on the Hau Hau Road, Feilding-Hunterville Main Highway and leading to the Rangiikei River Bridge at Vinegar Hill, with a water tunnel and filling or embankment
Transom, J R road to wool shed; re-open 5 chains clay road passed woolshed
Transom, V re right to fell bush
Transport Conference  
Transport Co-ordination Board  
Transport Department Goods, Appeals; Draft Regulations; Speed Limits under By-laws; Warrants of fitness Motor Vehicles; Motor Drivers' Licenses; H J Hartley, goods-service License; Denlair Camp
Transport Department Road Safety Campaign; Motor-horns; Heavy Motor Vehicles amendments; Traffic Signs Road Intersections; Accident Fern Flats Road; Accident Bonny Glen Overbridge; Road Safety, Motor Cyclists; Road Safety; Accidents to Bicyclists; Regulations re Motor Cyclists
Transport Department Traffic Control, Camera; Motor Drivers' Regulations; Pedestrian Crossing and Safety Zone Regulations; Heavy Motor Vehicle Regulations; Motor Drivers' Regulations; Statistics; Part-Time Traffic Inspectors; Vehicular Traffic Road Closure Regulations
Transport Department Drivers' License Fees; Motor Drivers' License to "enemy aliens"; Traffic Regulations; Petrol Conservation; Heavy Traffic License Fees apportionment by Minister of Transport; Motor Drivers Licenses continued; Motor Vehicles Emergency Regulations, Farmers' Trucks
Transport Department Motor Divers' Licenses Renewals (1941-42); Exemptions, Legislation, Vehicles used for Home Guard or Emergency Precautions Scheme Work; Increased loading on classified road, January and February 1942; Motor Drivers' Licenses, Heavy Traffic from Pool, Abandoned Motor Vehicles etc; re abbreviated form of application for renewal of Motor Drivers' Licensses; re Fires on Bulls-Scott's Ferry Road
Transport Department, continued establishment of central register of Motor Drivers Licenses; 50% reduction in Heavy Traffic fees for farm tractors and trailers up to 5 tons each; copies of Motor Drivers' Licenses required; Inspector Horniblow; Motor Drivers Licenses; Uniform Road Markings; Heavy Motor Vehicle Regulations
Transport Department re purchase of new Motor Truck; Motor Drivers Regulations 1940 Amendment No 3, protest against; Annual Report; Universal speed limit; re council's opinion of Mr Shaw; Reduction of Heavy Traffic Fees for "Farmers" Trucks; Circular letter from Commissioner of Transport Road Safety; Bridge Load Restrictions; advising that Inspector Shaw will remain in Marton
Transport Department re accommodation in Office; Heavy Motor vehicles regulations 1950 come into force from 1st June; Copy of Lease of Room to Department; Copy of lease to be signed; professional tutors of driving; Traffic Control, Wings Line; re accommodation; from Transport Department advising that representative from Department would meet council to consider 30 miles per hour on Tutaenui Road
Transport Department Reports from Mr W C Shaw report for April; Report for year ended 31st March 1951; Comments  on suggested neew system for Motor Drivers Licensess; Traffic Officer Shaw letter of thanks; lease of office for five years; Explaining reasons for transfer of Traffic Officers Shaw and Kay; Report for year ended 31st March 1953; from Transport Department notice saying that Council has been appointed to collect extra Heavy Traffic fees in the Hunterville Town District and Taupo County; Taupo Town Board suggested by Council to collect fees for Board; Taupo county; from Commissioner advising that Hunterville Town Board has been appointed to collect Heavy Traffic Fees; from Commissioner advising that extension of 30 miles per hour speed limitation area on Tutaenui Road has been gazetted; Report year ended 31/3/54; from above requiring use of Office for above, for further term of 5 years; letter asking for comments on maximum speed of old model cars; letter asking comments on suggestion of maximum speed of Heavy Vehicles
Transport Fixation of Routes; Brakes and Lights; Clerk of Works
Transport Licenses Enforcement Officer; no objection to application by Palmerston North City Council for additional licenses
Transport License H G Hartley
Transport Licensing Regulations etc and Act; Act 1931; Goods-Service Regulations 1936; Price Schedule for the Wanganui Road Transport District; Motor Car Registration Plates; Variation of Conracts
Transport District No 5 Transport District Licensing Authority; and Sittings
Transport Motor Vehicle  
Transport News  
Travelling Allowances to Grader Drivers; to Roadmen; to Council Officers required to spend night away from home; NZ Councties Association drawing attention to travelling expenses
Travelling Expenses Applicants Noxious Weeds Inspector; Noxious Weeds Inspectors
Travelling Expenses Staffs; Clerk and Accountant to Napier for Conference; letter from Controller and Auditor General advising that the above expenses could be refunded on basis of actual expenses or on a daily allowance; Council passed resolution re above letter
Travelling Expenses Chairman's  
Travelling Expenses  of Councillors; to attend sitting of Native Land Court; Special Meeing of Kakariki Committee; to Wellington for O B Hawken; Ordinary and Special Meetings; re special meetings; to Napier for Messrs Hawken, Neumann, Sadler and Engineer; Special Meetings; of Councillors
Treadwell, Gordon and Treadwell and Haggitt; on behalf of I A Macleay, Mangahoe Road metalling, objection to paying special rates; Ten per cent penalty rates owing by estate A Duke written off; Assessment Court and Estate E C Batt; legalisation of Morgan's Road
Treasurer Balance sheet for year ended 31/3/43
Treasurer's Reports  
Treasurer's Reports, continued  
Treasury Loans £2, 500 Mataroa-Namunui-Kaweka Roads and £2, 000 Mangahoe Road; letter from re Bridges Reconstruction Loan balance of £7, 000; Collection of Native Rates by Dairy Companies; Workers Dwelling Loan; Calico Line Water Main
Treasury Loans; Unexpected Balances Thirds, Fourths and Fifths; Stamp Duty on Interest; Interest on Loan Reduction; Land Fund Account; Loans Conversion; Loans Consolidation; Subsidy on General Rates; Certain provisions of Finance Act 1934 relating to finances of local bodies
Treasury Loans form Government for Public Works; Gazette notice consenting to Council advancing £300 for Pukekoa Road; Loan £4, 000 for Workers' Dwellings; Loan£11, 000 Bridges Reconstruction , Interest to be increased to 4 1/4 %; Order in Council; Special Rates on Flock House Property; Rural Housing Act 1939; Flood Damage Restoration Loan of £5, 000'; Hawkes Bay Roads Loan; Turakina Bridge Loan Account
Treasury 12 1/2 % Rebate 1934/35 Rates; 12 1/2 % Rebate 1935/36 Rates (Proposed); Loans, Aldworth Road; Loans, Vinegar Hill Bridge; Inscribed debt
Treasury Remittances  
Tree Nursery at Utiku Metal Pit
Trees on Roads P and T Department; Trees on North side of Greystoke Bush; from J E Balthorp and Son on behalf of Messrs Natzke, McDougall and Houghtan re removal of trees planted on their road frontages; from Hunterville Consolidated School drawing attention to danger caused by overhanging branches on Hou Hou Road; Inspection to be made of trees on Te Hou Hou Road; from Evans and Easther advising that council cannot compel Ratepayers to remove trees growing on property at Bonny Glen; The Council protests to trees on road sides being destroyed and Roadmen to be advised; Engineer and Inspector Robinson to report to next Meeting of the Council on the trees growing on the roadside at Bonny Glen; Messrs Kincaid and O'Connor take action against Mrs B Thurston for not complying with notice re overhanging trees
Trees  Removal Greatford-Ashhurst Main Highway, " Westoe Avenue"; Pukepapa Road, removal off
Tree-Planting and Eradication of gorse; Sowing of Pinus Insignis and Macrocarpa seeds; Utiku Metal Pit (Tree Nursery); experimental, Rangitikei Catchment Board; on hill country, letter from G M Newman; on Oroumatua Deviation; Bonny Glen; Makoahu Road; Officer of Forestry Department asked to give report on all County plantations
Tree-Planting Returns; at Hihitahi (Section 4 Block IV Maungakaretu); by Local Authorities; Taihape-Napier and Oruamatua Road, Section 1 Block XIII Motupuka Survery District; on Highways, Public Works Department; in State Forests and Plantations
Tree-Planting by Unemployed Treeplanting Scheme; Rehabilitation; Protective fencews for plantations; Tree-planting near Taihape Cemetery; Firebreak at Hihitahi Plantation be ploughed
Trespass of Stock on Railway Line
Trevelyn Street, Crofton Request from Moss Hallet and others to grade and metal 
Trevana, J Slaughter License
Trewby, H Electrification of Main Trunk
Triangle of land Triangle of Land retained in road area on Cliff Road at Stantiall's Corner, A P Howard's frontage
Tricker's Road flooding of by Tutaenui Stream; letter from W A Wheeler asking Council to sign certificate on plan of subdivision of Tricker's Farm property re the alignment of Tricker's Road
Trimming Hedges  
Tripe, W J Contribution metalling Ohaumoko Road; Rural Housing Loan 1944; petition asking Council to seal portion of the Kauangaroa Road
Trotter, A W  Registrar of Dogs; Rangership, Appointment; use of Council's land near the Turakina River Bridge at Turakina; Appointment, Inspector of Reserves; Inspector to act in Hunterville Town District
Trotter, A W  Applicant for Noxious Weeds Inspector; Appointment, Permanent; 5% Cost of Living Bonus Leave of Absence, Territorial Military Camp; Leave of absence, Military Service; Car; Resignation; termination of lease, Turakina section; Application for private Telephone Concession granted
Trotter, A W  Report, Noxious Weeds; Travelling Expenses; and Salary; Telephone at residence; Annual Leave; Appointmernt as Hunterville Town Board Inspector
Trotter, A W  Reports continued; Turakina Town Hall Committee
Trotter, R H late
Truesdale, B J Ten pounds be written off and charged to Road Maintenance
Truth about Erosion  
Tucker, T A Private Telephone Concession
Tuhoe Road Survey and Legalization
Tui Ihaia and Others Private Telephone Concession
Turakina Beach various sections of road to be put in order
Turakina Bridge Loan Whiskey Creek Water Tunnel etc; balance to be credited to Bridges Reconstruction Loan Account; application to be made; advice from Treasury that certain provisions to be complied with first; application to be made to Controller and Auditor-General accordingly; authority received from Audit Office to transfer balance to Sinking Fund of Conversion Loan No 2, balance to be transferred accordingly
Turakina Cemetery Trustees Overhead Expenses; contribution towards cost of maintaining cemetery; K E Reynolds; Thanking Council for Grant
Turakina Court House Control
Turakina Domain amount available; property required to be marked on sketch plan sent by Lands and Survey Department; letter from Lands and Survey Department re land to be taken; letter from Commissioner of Crown Lands; letter from Lands and Survey Depatment; letter from Wanganui Education Board; members of proposed Domain Board; boundaries and levelling; site to be investigated; O B Hawken to succeed G L Marshall on Board; cost of levelling; Lands and Survey Department
Turakina Domain, continued land offered by Reverend N Williams; Lands and Survey Department; Anglican Archdeacon of Rangitikei; from the Board thanks for assistance given; asking assistance surveying and taking levels for Football field; asking council to metal portion of Cameron Street
Turakina Footpaths letter from Turakina School Committee; authority for Grant; work to proceed; to be repaired; Contract 801; Grant £80 (£1 for £1); repairs; Contract No 801
Turakina Library Conveniances at Library; from Returned Soldiers Association letter offering to paint and repair Turakina Library if Council would provide materials
Turakina Lights new light for street
Turakina Presbyterian Church Congratulations on Centennnary
Turakina Railway Crossing £2 for £1 subsidy
Turakina River Bridge  at Papanui; at Braemore
Turakina-Wangaehu Railway Line Minister of Railways; Railway Department Plans being prepared for disposal of land
Turakina Returned Soldiers Association asking for title to or control of Library; use granted at rental of £1 per year
Turakina School Committee Tennis Court, Sealing; letter from re state of footpath; drainage Cameron Street
Turakina Section Termination of A W Trotter's lease; let to D J Sinclair
Turakina Streets Simpson and part Cameron Streets to be left in the hands of Councillor Marshall and the Engineer re legalizating; held up pending completion of plans by Lands and Survey Department; widening of Franklin Street; Cameron Street legalization; legalisation; asking permission to remove trees
Turakina Town Hall Lease; Sanitation; Tenders for alterations and additions; Cinematograph Box and Verandah etc; A C Major, Resignation as Chairman; H B Major, Leasee; Committee retiring from office; Rent written off; Public Meeting; Agreement of Lease; Statement of Accounts
Turakina Town Hall, continued, and Library acqusition of titles by Council; alteration to Turakina Town Hall; affixture seal to application for transmission; Library;- R S A asking for title to Library or control of Library; use granted at rental of £1 per year; statement of receipts and Payments for Hall for 1945-6
Turakina Town Hall, continued balance owing for alteration; Councillor Hawken to represent Council on Committee; Burnett and Palmer on behalf of George Podjursky complaining of work done by the Committee; Street light be erected at Town Hall; Balnce sheet year ended 31st January; advising members of the committee; Council approved the Annual Election of the above Hall Committee instead of Triennial
Turakina Town Hall and Library deputation re question of financial assistance in connection with cost of improvements, £1 for £1 up to £60 granted; letter from expressing appreciation of generous grant; Turakina Scout Group complaining of administration of Above Hall
Turakina Township Footpath
Turakina Valley tree interference with telegraph lines; to be left to individual subscribers to settle matter with P and T Department
Turakina Valley Road Fernies Culvert
Turakina-Wangaehu Railway Line Conversion of; proposed purchase from Railway Department; letter to Mr Ratana to arrange meeting; letter from District Civil Railway Engineer; letter from Minister of Works not approving grant; proposal to purchase to be dropped; Land being transferred to adjoining owners; from Lands and Survey Department advising that the line is crown land; Survey has been coimpleted; plans been forwarded; forwarding Order-in -Council
Turangaarere Township offer from Public Trust Office to sell section owned by Estate of T M Wilford
Turner, E J Re Wangaehu Drainage Contract 998
Turner, I W Cows on Road; Milking Shed; Wangaehu Valley Road; Noxious Weeds; Culvert in front of house
Turner, R C J forming road
Tutaenui Bridge at Tricker's  Approach
Tutaenui Cemetry maintenance; Regrading Road to Church
Tutaenui Pipeline letter from Marton Borough Council re above; Motion of Council that it reaffirms its statement that it accepts no responsibility for damage done to above due to inadequate coverage
Tutaenui Social Club Tutaenui Hall
Tutaenui Stream Tutaenui Stop Bank North of Marton; Tutaenui Stream below Curls Bridge; Tutaenui Stream Bridge at Crofton and Gough Street Exchange; Tutaenui Stream and approaches; Flooding; Tutaenui Stream Bridge, Crofton, compensation Payments
Tutaenui Stream Damage, Mrs C S Potts; above Makohau Road
Tutaenui Stream, continued Straightening from below Marton; Tricker's Road covered during flood; D M Linklater, flooding at Curls Bridge; pollution of; clearing of Noxious Weeds
Tutaenui Stream Bridge at Crofton Bridges Reconstruction Loan Account; Approach to Tutaenui Bridge, Crofton, Lawson Street; Proclamation
Tutsan Noxious Weeds; Department of Scientific and Industrial Research re Noxious Weeds
Tutu on Roadline liability of Council; Outside Staff informed that it must be carted away and destroyed; legal opinion
Tutupapa Road request to use bulldozer
Typewriter New, British Imperial (Marton ); New, British Imperial, Hunterville; Demountable; Miniature Gothic type; New Imperial Brief; "Bijou Gothic" Imperial Typewriter
Typewriters Marton District High School; in Council Chambers
Unauthorised Expenditure Account passed for payment and charged to above expenditure; The Clerk to be authorised to b[u]y wreaths when necessary; Evans and Eather advising payment for sickness would come under heading Unauthorised Expenditure; Confirmed payment of £1 for wreath
Unclaimed Moneys Engineer's Suspense Account; Norman H Bell; J Quirk (E Johnson)
Underground telephone cables Bonny Glen-Marton and Marton-Cliff Road sections
Unemployment Accident Insurance Scheme 5; Accident Insurance, Married Mens' Camps; Levy; Wages Tax; and Emergency Charge; Levy, Refund; Stand-down weeks Scheme 5; Palmerston North; Compensation Insurance; Annual Reports
Unemployment Board  
Unemployment  Camps; Relief Workers' Jubilee Bonus; Relief Workers', revised Basic Daily Rates of Pay; Relief Workers, Maintenance Orders; Eradication of Ragwort and other Noxious Weeds by Relief Labour; 5 circulars
Unemployment  Charitable Relief
Unemployment Commissioner  
Unemployment Committee, Taihape  
Unemployment moneys payable to Board  
Unemployment  Relief Works Camps; Holiday Pay and Travelling Allowance; Relief Workers; Railway Fares; Papanui SingleMens' Camp; Compensation; Relief Workers, Rates; Farmers and Relief Work under Scheme 5; Cost workers proceeding to camps; Married Mens' Camp at Ruanui; Single Mens' Camp, Insurance; Grass-seed harvesting; Te Kapua No 2 Married Mens' Camp, D S Nielsen
Unemployment Scheme 4B Inspections; Contracts; Gorse and Broom
Unemployment Scheme 5 Allocations
Unemployment Scheme 5 Amended scale of wages; Amending Rules; Revised scale of relief; Revised scale of wages etc; and Sustenance; I C and A Act Awards; Award Rates of Pay; Witnessing payments to Maoris
Unemployment Scheme 5 Time lost Through sickness; Tree planting by local authorities; Preparation and checking of vouchers; Camp workers returning to town; Insurance etc Scheme 5 "over the fence"; Revised Rules, Rates of Pay, Workers hours etc, Workers' Compensation etc; and Wages Tax
Unemployment Scheme 5 Holidays; Labour Day; Easter and Anzac Day; Kings Birthday; Xmas and New Year; Time off for Election Day; Christmas Bonus Men on Relief Works; Payment relief workers and County employees, Coronation Day
Unemployment Scheme 5 E Peters; Overspent; Labour Department
Unemployment Scheme 5 and 4A "Over the Fence"; "Overhead" Expenses
Unemployment Scheme No 11 Rabbit pest
Unemployment Scheme No 13 "Thirds"; Lower Turakina Valley Road; Materials; Termination and Re-engagement; Temporary continuation; Statutory and Other holidays; Withdrawal of single men from Scheme 13 works; Workers and Military service; Conveying thanks to settlers; Social Security Department; Noxious Weeds; Worker, absent; Vouchers; 10 married men for 13 weeks
Unemployment Scheme No 13A Clearing Ragwort; Transport of men
Unemployment  Vegetable Growing; Seeds; Eradication of Ragwort; Native applicants for relief work; Relief workers working boots; Structures on Main Highways; Blankets; Relief Pay; "Ex gratis" payments and compensation insurance
Unexpended Balances Thirds, Fourths and Fifths  
Uninproved Value Rating NZ League for Taxation of Land Values; Poll for unimproved value Rating
Union Fees J Evans
Union Line New Concrete Culverts; deviation at Glasgow's
United Nations Appeal for Children Thanking Council for help iin Campaign; asking for contribution
United Nations Association of N Z booklet "World Affairs"; United Nations Flag Posters
United  Nations Flag Day  
Universal speed limit Council not in favour of
Unregistered Dogs  
Upper Hutt Borough Council Allocation of Hospital Levy
Upper Turakina Valley Road Report upon; Rangiwaera to Tangiwai, Vote £100 on Estimates 1939-40; Maintenance Resolution
Upper Tutaenui Cemetery See Cemeteries
Upper Wangaehu Valley Drainage Rate Claassification; District Drainage By-Laws; District Drainage Rate
Upper Wangaehu and Rakautaua Drainage District tenders for
Use of Farm Tractors and Traction Engines on sealed roads  
Utiku Ballast Pit Financial Statement; application for revision of metal prices; pit carting ; lorry to be purchased from S W Keats; approval of purchase given; further particulars required re revision of metal charges; consideration postponed until end of financial year; increase in price of Utiku Metal; Railway Department; Utiku Reserve Account charged with cost of No 2 Austin H T
Utiku Ballast Pit, continued trading accounts for six months ending 30/9/47; See Utiku Metal Pit
Utiku Metal Pit Crusher; Land for; and Site; Cottage; Gravitation Water Supply at Utiku Crushing plant; fencing; land from Mr A H McGinniss
Utiku Metal Pit, continued Land for Gravel Pit; NZ Railways, Water Pipe leading to; Priestman "Cub" Excavator; Portion Awarua 4C No 6 Block and closed road; Loading Bank, Utiku; Financial Statement; Balance Sheet; letter to Price Tribunal re increase charges of metal
Utiku Metal Pit re removal of Power Poles; balance sheet increase for Manager; trading account for six months ending 30/9/47; increase in metal charges; Cub Excavatopr; statement of case required; balance sheet; loading bank; Accounts; Trading Accounts for the year ended 31/3/49; Royalty on metal (NZ R ); re Private Sale of metal from Utiku Ballast Pit
Utiku Metal Pit closed for repairs; Trading Accounts for six months ended 30/9/49; Price of Metal; from Railway Department re W I Munro; from Railway Department copies of lease of land at Utiku; Sub-lease ground Utiku, W I Munro; No overtime to be paid at the above Crusher and Crusher to go back to normal hours immediately; Engineer to survey metal Pit and report on amount procurable; Ministry of Works to be advised Council unable to supply quantity of metal from Utiku Pit; Engineer to investigate possible further supply of metal at Utiku and report to next Meeting of Council also that requests for supply of metal from present pit be held over in meantime; Engineer repoted WI Munro offered transfer to council his lease of Section 4 Block VIII Potaka Township (Utiku) and give freehold quarter acre section on Poroa Road as site for Crusher Manager's Cottage in exchange for Utiku Metal Pit area, Council to retain metal rights also access and working priveleges as a present; "That Deputy Chairman and Treasurer be appointed trustees to operate accounts in P O S B in name of Rangitikei County Council , Kakariki Ballast Pit Reserve Account and Utiku Ballast Pit Reserve Account"; Engineer reported approximately £40, 000 required by December, 1956 for reconstruction of plant at Kakariki. Moved that £25, 000 of Reserve Accounts be placed with National Provident Fund Office for investment; Council accept offer of £165 for electric motor at Utiku Ballast Pit
Utiku Bridge Special Rating Area  
Utiku Crushing Plant Appointment, F M McCulloch, Manager
Utiku Footpaths  
Utiku Mechanics' Institute  
Utiku Sections Section 6 and 7 Block II Potaka Township
Utiku Township Commissioner of Transport; Speed restriction at Utiku; "Reduce speed signs"; E R Whitehead; Utiku School Committee asking Council to metal footpath from School to Store
Vacuum Oil Company Ltd requesting share of Council's petrol business
Valuation Department and assessors to Assessment Court and Counties Association; Appointment of Assessor; letter form re E C Batt
Valuation of Land Act Amendment 1933 Section 5  
Valuation Department   also see under "Revaluation of County"; Revision of Rolls; Rangitoto Riding; Erewhon Riding; Annual Summaries; Annual Summaries; Minister in Charge; Te Kapua Riding; re Estate late S G Fullerton-Smith; Cost of revaluation of County; Councils cost of revaluation; land transferred to Manawatu County; Valuer General advising County to be re vaued; from the Valuation Department advising that the Department could supply subdivisional plans; The council to purchase from the Valuation Department sixty-nine subdivisional plans; Plans supplied were for own use; Account for Valuation expenses could be held over if desired; letter from above Department asking whether the council desires the Department to continue dealing with applications from sports bodies for relief of rates
Valuation Department   Offering to supply four Northern Riding duplicate Valuation Rolls to our Taihape Office
Valuations Reductions by 25%
Valuation  Reductions etc received after 31st March 1932; 1941; Erewhon and Te Kapua Ridings; Reduction in valuations , W L Britton; Valuations, objection to valuations (amended) of proerties in name of Estate E C Batt
Valuation Rolls Council's Properties
Valuation Roll  Applications for change of name on
Valuation Roll  Applications for change of name on, continued
Valuer-General Nominal Occupier Council's properties in Marton Borough; Taihape Borough; Servicemen's Settlement and Land Sales Act; Hawkes Bay Catchment District; Simpson's Park declared rateable; Assessment Court; re-valuation of County
Valuer-General and Special Rates in Ruanui Riding; Rangitoto Riding; Otairi and Te Kapua Ridings; Electors' Roll, Hunterville Town District; Flock House Property; Valuation Charges; Revaluation Erewhon Riding
Valuer-General, continued Subdivisional Valuations and forwarding Valuation  Roll, Rakautaua Drainage District; Potts and Harris, Diversion Rangitikei River, Scotts Ferry
Variegated Thistle (Silibum)  
Vehicle Allowances to County Employees; A Horton
Vernon, T, deceased application for advance towards funeral expenses from Wanganui Hospital Board
Vickers Viking Aeroplane report on trip by Councillor V Smith to South Island
Victoria University College Appeal Committee asking for funds; £20 be donated to University for Union Building Fund; from above requesting donation to the Corron Prize in Geology
Vincent, H Contract No 730
Vinegar Hill Bridge Loan (Unscribed); J D McConachy's tender for planting of above bridge be declined and deposit refunded
Voco Petrol  
Voss, W A A Stokes, J V E Flowers, Sanitary Inspector recommending closing order
Vote £100 Estimates 1939-40 Upper Turakina Valley Road, Rangiwaea to Tangiwai
Wages Work on Main Highways etc (Subsidisable); Surfacemen, Lorry-drivers, Gradermen, etc; Outside employees, Increase; Roadmen and Casuals; Drivers Powers Graders and Trucks; Drivers, Xmas Day and New Year's Day; Fitters and Blacksmiths
Wages Commissioner   re Council's permission to increase remuneration of female staff; re J Robinson increase in Salary; re J H Tiffen; re Misses Rtawson, Wasson and Raine; re discrepancy in Salaries of Civil Service and Local Bodies
Wages Commissioner, continued bonuses, salary increases for Mrs Christopher and Miss McIlwaine; agreeing to increase of salaries of S A R Mair, R Dukeson, J McDonald; inquiry into difference in increase of salaries for Civil Service Engineers and Local Authority Engineers; further increase to Dukeson and McDonald refused
Wages Commissioner, continued re position of new Engineer; approving increases in salaries of County Clerk and Working Foremen and commencing salaries of Assistant and Accountant; increase in caretaking contract; 10/- increase staff salaries; bonus payments to foremen
Wages Dispute, Kakariki  
Wages of employees on military service Grey County Council; also
Wages Tax  
Waiapu County Council Native Rating
Waiaruhe Road see Road, Waiaruhe
Waikato Hospital Board and Hospital Taxation 
Waimari Power Board letter from Chairman with booklet "The Waimari Bill"
Waimarino County Council Noxious Weeds Control; "Tenths", Rangiwaea-Tangiwai Road; Catchment Board Election; Noxious Weeds; Land occupied by Waiouru Military Camp; County Boundary; metal; Noxious Weeds; Noxious Weeds Inspectors; Boundary Adjustment; from above letter re metal carting; from Waimarino Council withdrawing permission to remove metal from Ross's Pit on the Whangaehu Valley Road at Karioi
Waimarino County Council Order-in-Council adjusting boundaries of both Counties; Power Board
Waimea County Council Public Risk Insurance
Wainui Social Committee Insurance Renewal notice for hall; Wainui Social Hall, widening road at the Wainui Social Hall
Wainui School Wainui Social Club maintenance of old Raukura School building; Widening road at the Wainui Social Hall; from Wainui Social Committee advising they have completed addition to Hall costing £210 and asking that insurance be adjusted
Waiouru Bulls State Highway from Ministry of Works request for consent of the Council to proclamation as a road of 16.3 perches being part 1 of Section 3 Block IV  Maungakareu Survey District; Motion passed consenting to above
Waiouru Runs (Forest Farms and Products Ltd) Wenzl Schollum and Mentaeth Ward and Evans-Scott, Rates owing
Waiouru Runs (Part) Rates on
Waiouru Runs  Rates on
Waiouru, Metal Pit  
Waiouru-Napier Military Highway  
Waiouru-Taupo Road Stock Reserves
Waiouru W/T Station Proclamation from Public Works Department re Defence
Waiouru Township Railway Department asking to have road repaired to Waiouru Station; from Lands and Survey list of Crown Reserves in above Township which people now wish to acquire; left with County Engineer to report to next Meeting of Council on reserves in Waiouru Township; from Ratepayers Association forwarding copy proposed constitution
Waipa County Council Motor-lorry Regulations
Waipoua Forest protest against cutting of Kauri; attendance of Engineer at Forest by invitation from Commissioner of State Forests; deputation to Commissioner of State Forests; Mr S A R Mair to attend ; Preservation Society; Annual Meeting to be held on 15th May
Wairano Road Tunnel see Road, Wairano Tunnel
Wairarapa South County Council Thanking Council for hospitality extended to members on visit
Wairepu East Road Culvert Pukenaua Culvert; form Ministry of Works; confirm action of Engineer to letting contract to W Peters; Tender for above be left in abeyance; from L G McNeill and 18 Other ratepayers strong objecting to closing of Wairepu East Road
Wairepu Farm Settlement private telephone concession; re deviation of Road; Mangaweka Raod; Ministry of Works
Wairepu and Mataiaponga Roads Inscribed Loans
Wairewa County Council Lower Interest Rates
Wairoa Harbour Board  
Wairoro 3B Block Release of
Waitemata County Council Power Poles; Hospital Rating
Waitere, Peter Rakautaua Drain, Maintenance of drain Contract
Waitomo County Council  
Waitotara County Council Valuation of Farm Lands; Amalgamation of Local Bodies; Allocation Heavy Traffic Service Licenses; Ragwort Control, Sodium Chlorate; Conference re Industrial matters; Heavy Traffic License Fees for farmers lorries; Specifications for new roading schemes
Waitotara County Council Deteriorated Lands
Waitotara Lime company Ltd Ragwort control
Walker, E F Soldiers Holiday Pay 5 1/2 years £53-18-0
Walker, J E Building Sites at Bulls; death of; subdivision of small section
Walker, L and Annebell, N Contract No 683; Contract No 663
Walker, L G Contract No 713
Walker, Mrs M surrender of lease of Walker's Pit
Walker's Pit surrender of lease; from Railway Department re Crossing
Wall, Bogle and Payne Lethbridge Street, Turakina; The Terrace Raod, Ohingaiti; Turakina streets; Wherewhere Road; Moawhango Valley Road; Where Where Road
Wall and Co  
Wallace County Council Advocating the re-instatement of 48 hour per week
Wallace, S L Borough Barber-Greene for £250
Walley, R G Private Telephone Line
Wandering Stock State Highways and appointment of Rangers; State and Main Highways; on roads in Railway Settlement; a Ohingaiti (R R Perry); on Kauangaroa and Okirae Roads, complaint by J Campion and Co Ltd; on roads action to be taken; On Beach Road, Whangaehu; Inspectors requested to attend to wandering stock on Kauangaroa area immediately; from J I and D I McNaught explanation re colliding with cow; Council to apply for legal opinion concerning liability for damages caused by wandering Stock; from B H Cash letter giving explanation re complaint of stock on road; Ministry of Works forwarding instrument of delegation of powers for County Rangers etc to act on State Highway; from G P King drawing attention to danger wandering stock on Rangitane Road, Inspector Robinson to take action; from A N Sutherland protesting against victimisation by Inspector Robinson; Special Meeting to be held 13/10/55 to pass Special Order amending By-laws with regard to Wandering Stock
Wangaehu Beach Road see Road, Wangaehu Beach
Wangaehu Branch of the New Zealand Farmers' Union  
Wangaehu Dairy Co Outstanding Rates, T Hiroti; Gate on Ruatangata Road at entrance to Mr McClymont's property; L V Donovan's Outstanding rates; J W Duggan, Rates; W B Connor's Rates; Creamstand insurance; Lands Subdivision in Counties Act
Wangaehu Development Scheme £85 accepted in full settlement of arrears of native rates
Wangaehu Drainage Contract Wangaehu Valley Drains, Mrs M A Pemberton; J S Ivey; Scheme 13 (Upper Valley): Connors Brothers; Wangaehu and Rakautaua Drainage Districts, Maintenance of Drains; Wangaehu Drains, tenders for
Wangaehu Drains dead sheep and stock; application for subsidy form Rangitikei Catchment Board; application for subsidy forwarded to S C and R Control Council; complaint by F A Laugeson re state of drains
Wangaehu River Proposed Stop-Bank
Wangaehu River Bridge at Kauangaroa Construction Account
Wangaehu School Committee  
Wangaehu School Committee requesting tarsealing of frontage
Wangaehu Sea Beach Raod Straightened through old station yard
Wangaehu Valley District Confirming Special Order
Wangaehu Proposed Valley Drainage Lower District; M Cavanagh; Petition; A L Peffers; Tenders for clearing and Maintenance Contracts; Levying drainage Rate; permission to levy drainage rate; Drag Line equipment for drain
Wangaehu Valley Drainage Rates P R Jones; Haunui, Separate; 1946-47; 1948-49; 1950/51; 1951/52; 1952/53
Wangaehu Valley Drainage Separate Rate  
Wangaehu Valley Drains Meeting of Ratepayers concerned; improvements to; application to be made for subsidy; from Rangitikei Catchment Board
Wanganui Automobile Association Bulls Bridge, Signs at; Offering reward; requesting contractors to replace A A Signs; Street light be erected at Turakina Town Hall; signs at Hihitahi School are sufficient
Wanganui Automobile Association Gates on Taihape-Napier Road; Headlight Testing; Driving stock on roads at night; Wandering stock on roads at night; Wandering stock on Highways; Bulls Bridge
Wanganui Chamber of Commerce Meeting re afforestation; Meeting re Railway Transport; Transport Conference
Wanganui Chronicle  
Wanganui Chronicle A Way, Departure from Press Table
Wanganui City Council Share Heavy Traffic fees from Pool; Conference, Allocations; Heavy Traffic License Fees Apportionment by Minister; re Heavy Traffic Fees from Pool; Allocation
Wanganui City Council, continued requesting prompt payment of Heavy Traffic Fees; Conference re allocation Heavy Traffic Fees 9/9/46; Statement of Allocation; forwarding lists of Broadcast concerning Local Government; allocation of Heavy Traffic fees; Heavy Traffic Fees
Wanganui City Council Ministerial Allocation; Heavy Traffic Fees; United Nations Appeal for Children; from above advising that they have some spans of Callender-Hamilton Bridging for sale; from above 2 Invitations to Aero Pageant at opening of runways at Airport and to opening of Demonstration Houses and Homes week Exhibition
Wanganui City Council Home Guard, Wanganui Locality, G L Marshall; Emergency Precautions Scheme Wanganui; Appointment of Delegates to Conference; Hospital Levy; Heavy Traffic Fees from Pool
Wanganui County Council Control of Noxious Weeds; Proposed Wangaehu River Stop-Bank; agreeing to prposals re Noxious Weeds Conference; Heavy Traffic Axle Loads; be asked to grade the Kaunagaroa Road; Council's Noxious Weeds Circular; from above, asking Council to bear half cost of signs; Deputation, Consideration to erection of bridge over Whangaehu River north of Kauangaroa; from above advising Councillor Polson and Engineer appointed to meet committee from this Coiuncil to discuss bridge over Whanganui River; Councillor Stewart reported on Meeting with Committee  of above at Kauangaroa
Wanganui County Council Noxious Weeds
Wanganui County Council Local Elections and Polls Amendment Act; G W Sampson, presentation
Wanganui District Sand Dune Afforestation Committee  
Wanganui and District Development League  
Wanganui District Free Ambulance Committee  
Wanganui District Search and Rescue Organisation Appealing for funds; to be reffereed to Ward 4 Conference
Wanganui Education Board Special Rates; Bell's Junction; Architect; Lethbridge Street, Turakina; Cameron Street; (Road Exchange), Turakina; Road adjoining Turakina School; requesting donation to Boys' and Girls' Agriculture Clubs; letter re domain at Turakina; Requesting Council to repair far end of TeHou Hou Road; Requesting to repair Mt Curl Road; Closed Schools; Watershed Road School Site; Footpath, Bulls School; re grading of Land adjacent to Makohau School; Letter re metal for work Makohau School
Wanganui Education Board, continued Grant's Pit
Wanganui Electors Association  
Wanganui Employers' Association Engine Drivers' Dispute; continued
Wanganui Furniture Company Carpet New Council Chamber
Wanganui Herald Newspaper  
Wanganui Hospital Board Balance Sheet; Levy 1933/34; Levy 1934/35; Charitable Aid, Mrs G H Whitfield; T W Vernon deceased; Mrs T Coleman; Levy 1935/36; Outdoor Relief Recipients, Christmas Bonus
Wanganui Hospital Board Estimates; Levy 1937/38; Levy 1941-42; Levy 1942-43; Major Works; Opening New Isolation Block; Capital Expentiture; Hospial Rating; Accommodation for military population; A S Coleman, D G Gordon and D D Simpson; Levy 1943-44; Levy 1944-45
Wanganui Hospital Board Motor Shed, Marton Yard, Sale of; Hospitals and Treatment for Soldiers; First Aid Posts Equipment; Hospital Levy; Building Programme; Hospital Levy; Levy 1943/44; Copy of accounts for year ended 31st March 1944; Balance Sheet for year ended 31st March 1945
Wanganui Hospital Board Hospital at Marton; Buiding Programme; K W Dalrymple. A S Coleman, J R L Hammond, V Smith, H Stewart; Raetihi Borough council protesting re Building Scheme; Estimates; Levy for year ending 31/3/47; copy of Report and Balance Sheet; Health Department asked to consider autogyros for back-country accidents; Estimates for year ending 31st March [19]52; Statement of Accounts for the year ended 31st March [19]51; Statement of Accounts for year ended 31st March 1953; Forwarding copy of Financial Statement; The Chairman referred to the proposed change of representation on the Wanganui Hospital Board; letter to be written to the Health Department and the Wanganui Hospital Board suggesting that instead of the proposed two member for the combined District of Rangitikei and Waimarino Counties etc that one member be appointed
Wanganui Hospital Board levy for ensuing year and Estimates; Statement of Accounts 31/3/47; Statement of Accounts and Estimates 31/3/48; Copy of Balance Sheet for year ended 31/3/48; Statement of Accounts and Estimates 31/3/49; Copy of Audited Accounts 31/3/49; Requesting support from Ciuncil regarding Elections; Minister unable to agree with Council; Representation of County on Hospital Board; Forwarding copy of letter from Director General; Balance Sheet and Statement for year ended 31st March [19]50; County representation on Hospital Baord; Estimates for ensuing year; Invitation to Chairman
Wanganui Hospital Board Statement of Receipt and Payments also estimates for ensuing year
Wanganui Hospital Board List of Hospital representation from above Board; also advising that Local Bodies will have ample time to consider changed the Government may decide upon; The Council approves the suggested scheme for representation; Letter from above re Old Peoples Home in Marton at "Strathaven"; Mayor and Mr Coleman present while being discussed Council do not think it sound economic proposition to use "Strathaven" as Old Peoples Home
Wanganui Hospital Board Copy of Balance Sheet for year ended 31/3/54; Copy of financial Statement and Estimates
Wanganui Hospital Board Elections inclusion of Bulls Hunterville and Mangaweka Town Districts with County Election 1943
Wanganui Hospital District Representation; Proposed amalgamation Bulls and District in Palmerston North Hospital District
Wanganui Justices Association  
Wanganui-Levin State Highway legalisation of portion through Turakina Township
Wanganui Loan, Finance and Investment Company Private Telephone Line
Wanganui and Main Trunk Boys' and Girls' Agricultural Clubs Annual Report; Financial support
Wanganui Motor Racing Club Asking permission to use Turakina Valley Road from the Railway Crossing to Bruce Raod for acceleration tests one Sunday in March; Permission not Granted
Wanganui Rabbit Board Noxious Weeds Inspector 
Wanganui-Rangitikei Electric Power Board Representative; Removal Poles; Roadman's Cottage, Taoroa; Loan Proposal; Guarantees, Roadmens Dwellings in the Taihape District; Roadman's House at Moawhango, Guarantee; Trees on Pukepapa Road; Rehabilitation; Power Board Inner Area; Roadman's Cottage Moawhango supplied with power; Street lights re Rata Hall
Wanganui-Rangitikei Electric Power Board Special Order re Loans Conversion; Representative; Successor to R G Dalziell; John Charles Revell appointed as above; inclusion of whole County in Board's inner area; inclusion of Outer area in Board's District; Gazette Proclamation; Erection Transmission Lines north Mangaweka; Erection of Transmission Lines to Supply J Blackler and F H Smith; Extension of Transmission Lines to Supply R G Gibbs and J E Collins; from above letter inviting Council to be represented by a Speaker at the laying of the Foundation Stone to new building in Wanganui
Wanganui-Rangitikei Electric Power Board, continued electricity for Moawhango Cottage; Erection of power lines on Pukepapa Road and Pukeohau; Erection of Transmission lines on Scotts Ferry Road; Extension of Transmission line along Turakina Road; Extension of Transmission line from Gower's Hill to Makirikiri Farm Settlement; extension of power lines along Potaka Raod; Extension of transmission line along Owhakura Road; little prospect to erect line to Chirnsides Cottage; Permission to erect transmission line to ratana; Requesting permission of line along Taoroa Road; requesting extension of transmission line along Cemetery Road Bulls; route of Pukeokahu powerline to be altered; Chirnsides cottage; guarantees on cottages be reduced; F R H Brice, O B Hawken; Extension transmission line Rongoiti Road; asking if whole of Waouru area included in power board district; supply of power to Braemore and Chirnsides cottages guarantees of £30 and £37.10 will be required
Wanganui-Rangitikei Electric Power Board re Boundary adjustment; letter from L G Nation and other Pukeroa Ratepayers asking for Survey of District for provision of Electric Power; supplying of power to Pukeroa District in 1954/5; Advising power is available for Chirnsides Cottage etc; The above to be asked to erect three more light at Ohingaiti proving the cost does not exceed £3.10.0 per light; from above, Form of guarantee for signature re powersupply to Makopua Cottage; from above advising that guarantee for Chirnsides Cottage has been reduced
Wanganui Regional Planning Committee submitting draft copy of resolution with schedules; notice of first meeting; Councillor Coleman appointed delegate to first meeting in absebence of Councillor Dalrymple; copy of Minutes of recent meeting and re representatives' expenses; short supply material; projected work for 1948-9; "reverted lands" to be brought into production; Sand Dune Stabilisation; Engineers Report;  meeting on 2nd July; Notice of Meeting
Wanganui Regional Planning Council Notice of Meeting and Minutes of Meeting held on 28th May
Wanganui Rural Goods Transport District Representative, Councillor G L Marshall
Wanganuiu Sports Motor Cycle Club  
War Assets Machinery to be inspected by Engineer
War, Cessation of  
War Damage Insurance on Buidings  
War Funds Statement on
War Loan £35, 000, 000; £2, 000 Investment; application for Certificate of title; Co-operation in Victory Loan Campaign; 1945
War Memorials letter from Minister of Internal Affairs re Government Subsidy on same; Council's Policy; War memorials and community centre subsidy; Subsidies on War Memorials
War Risk Insurance County Council Chambers, Marton, Standard Insurance Company
Warbrick, M  
Ward 4  [NZ Counties Association] Conference to be held in February 1947; Conference to be held in Palmerston North on 18th September; copy of minutes received; Conference to be held in September 1949 at Palmerston North; Copy of minutes re Draft By-Laws; Chairman and Councillor Smith to represent Council at Conference; Remit re Petrol Tax; Minutes of Conference held in Palmerston North; Notice of annual meeting; Minutes of Meeting; advising Minister of Works  to be in Palmerston North; notice of Meeting held in Palmerston; Advising that conference will be held in Palmerston on 5th September; Minutes of Annual Meeting; considering Maintenance of State Highways; Noxious Weeds Inspectors Conference; Minutes of Conference held on 29th November; Annual Meeting on 25th February 1952; Minutes of Meeting held in Palmerston North; Special Meeting on 18th May; Notice of Annual Meeting 22nd Febraury 1954 and asking for remits; List of remits to be referred to the Conference; Minutes of Annual Meeting 2nd February 1954; Advising that the Annual Meeting will be held in Palmerston North on the 28th February 1955; Minutes of Annual Meeting held on 28th February
Ward 4  [NZ Counties Association] letter from re Conference; resolution re County Councils taking over maintenance State and Main Highways; successor to G A Monk to be appoited; classification of roads; service occupancy agreement, to be referred to; remits to conferenc; conference; Minutes of meeting, Palmerston North 24/8/48; Notice of Annual Meeting and report on Special Meeting; Minutes of Annual Meeting at Palmerston North 22/2/49; levy of £1-10-0 be paid; and charged to Public Revenues account; Notice on Annual Meeting; Minutes of Meeting held on 23rd August; Copy of letter from Waitotara County Council; Support to Noxious Weeds Inspectors Association; Roading Investigation Committee; Notice of Annual Meeting; congratulations V Smith being made Chairman
Ward 4  [NZ Counties Association], By-Laws Remit sent to Conference
Ward, D Accounts written off
Ward Motor Ltd Foreman Dukeson's Car
Warning Signals and Lighting Restrictions National Service Department
Wartime Addresses Peter Fraser, selections from
Warrant Tuhoe Road, Public Works Department; Porewa Stream Bridge, High Street, Hunterville; from Ministry of Works dated 19/8/55 re warrants for allocation of cost of boundary bridges again considered. Moved that Ministry of Works be advised Council of opinion that existing warrants are out of date and should be abolished
Warrants Fitness Motor-vehicles
Wasps Council to procure supply of cyanide
Wasson, S E Temporary Staff Assistant, Salary; Appeal; Notice to remain in Councils sservices; Special leave of absence (Honeymooning); Now Mrs Sollitt
Waste Material Reclamation; Waste Paper
Watercourses powers vested in Rangitikei Catchment Board
Watercourse Obstruction W B Connors
Water Hyacinth Declared Noxious Weed by Council from 15th October 1954; Mr Robinson reported on find of first Water Hyacinth in County
Water Main Tutaenui; Calico Line
Water Pipe across Santoft Road, Heaton Park H Welsh
Water Pipe etc Putorino Road, C J Craig; R G Carter; On land (Railway) near Utiku; Parewanui, D W Wilson; Turakina Valley Road, P A Chapman; A K Spilman asking permission to put water pipe through culvert on Crofton-Curls Bridge Road
Water Pump to be purchased
Water Supply at Rata Farm Settlement and Schultze Farm Settlement
Water Supply Scheme Utiku Crushing Plant; Utiku Metal Pit, W J Beckett Senior; Utiku Metal Pit, F L Mickleson; Upper Tutaenui, W B Fantham; Between Rata and Turakina; Rangiwaea-Taihape Road; Mental Hospital (Marton); ratepayers to be supplied in urgent cases
Water Supply Scheme Deputation; Committee Meeting; G W Sampson; Medical Officer of Health
Water troughs stock paddocks; Turakina J M Jermy
Water tunnel Collier's Junction, Estimate £600; Otupae
Watershed Road  Special Works Road 1953/54
Watershed Road  Special Rating Area; Contributions, Metalling; Special Works Rate 1938/9
Watershed Road School Approach Board requiring school; Education Board will not transfer school site
Watkins, A C Private Telephone Line
Watkins, D M Gate removal from off Rangitane Road, T H Ireton
Watkins, Ivan Conference of Noxious Weeds Inspectors in New Plymouth on 15th and 16th March
Watson, Cannon and Others re piggery on Tutaenui Road
Watson, M P Slaughter License; Slaughterhouse, Sanitarry Inspector Flowers; Official notice from Inspector Grylls
Watson, W Deputation, Tar-sealing Ohingaiti Township
Watt, Mrs I O Appointment; Letter re G A Watt Death; Relinquishing temporary appointment
Watt, G A Appointment; appointment Dogs Registration; Additional remuneration; Death of
Watt, Currie and Jack Legalization, Toe Toe Road; Rates Outstanding, Raketapauma 1I2A and 1I2B; Rates owing on Raketapauma 2B 1C Block(46a 3r 34p); Rakautaua 1A2B transferred as public road; Re Native Rates on Part Awarua 4A 3C 4H; Rakautaua Drains through K and J Paki's property
Watts, R S Private Telephone Line, Makirikiri
Way, Arthur Welcome back after six month's world tour; Departure from Press Table of Wanganui Chronicle; death of
Way, A, Mrs (late)  
Way, P A Objecting to proposed Loan of £400 Makopua Road
Waymouth, H N Building site for G G Tom's Farm, Manui
Webb and Stokes Contract
Webby, Clive purchase of old Studbaker Car
Webster, K C Rates; and Posts; Section 5 Block IV Maungakaretu; Refund Rates overcharged
Webster, T C C N Mardon Rates outstanding
Weekes, O A Tiriraukawa
Weigh Bridge Installation of Weigh Bridge; Resolution passed September 1951 rescinded
Weigh Bridge E C Nitschke on behalf of Marton Federated Farmers
Wellington Central Provincial Branch of  the NZ Farmers Union protesting re weights on certain bridges
Wellington City Council re Local Bodies Officers' Union Claims; Waste Material, Reclamation
Wellington Clerical Workers Industrial Union of Workers  
Wellington College and Girls High School Memorandum of Lease; Land is now Crown Land
Wellington Diocesan School for Girls Trust Board  
Wellington-Hawkes Bay Health District  
Wellington Local Bodies Labours Union Representatives (Messrs. Kay and Arthur) re Vehicle Allowance to County Employees
Wellington Labourers' Union classified list of Council's permanent and other employees, also list of workers employed under Scheme 13
Wellington Land Board Election Election of a Member
Wellington Local Bodies Officers Award  
Wellington Local Bodies' Officers Industrial Union of Workers Office hours; List Council's employees; application to amend Award
Wellington Provincial Council NZ Centennial Organisation, Memorial on Petone Beach; Also under Letter "C"
Wellington Provincial Centennial Memorials Publication
Wellington Provincial Court  Centennial Exhibition
Wellington Provincial Council NZ Centennial Exhibition
Wellington Provincial Patriotic Council Zone "E"  
Wellington Provincial Branch, Farmers' Union  
Welsh, Harry Water Pipe across Santoft Road, Heaton Park
Westminster Abbey Appeal letter from Acting Prime Minister asking support of Council for Westminster Abbey Appeal; Honourable Prime Minister thanking Council for assistance
Westoe Avenue Trees, Kakariki Road
Wet Weather Clothing  
Whaka Road No 2 Loan Application be made to Local Government  Loans Board; from Local Government Loans Board acknowledging receipt of application; Local Government Loans Board forwarding sanction to borrow above Loan etc; from The Treasurey copies of Order-in-Council consenting to raising of above loan; Conditions and Authority for the Whaka No 2 Redemption Loan 1953 of £675; Passed at Meeting 11th March
Whaka Road Rabbit Proof Gate Moawhango Rabbit Board
Whakatane County Council re proposed action in regard to Local Elections 1943; Ward System of electing member of the Counties Assistant Executive; re Catchment Boards work
Whakatane Borough Council  
Whale, A T spoil on Kilkern Road; gorse on road; gorse on road frontage
Whale, C Wing's Road, Widening; Replacing Culvert in different position on Makirikiri Road. In The hands of Solicitors
Whale, E H  
Whale, G W H Soldiers Holiday Pay 3 years £30-11-6
Whale, H W Roadman, Re house accomodation; telephone rental charges
Whale, Estate of Richard Land at Pukepapa Hill for straightening Pukepapa Road back to origanal line
Whangaehu Valley Separate Drainage Rate Notice of intention of the County to make and levy on a uniform scale a Separate Drainage Rate etc; 1954/55; 1954/55; Approval from Minister of Internal Affairs
Whare be transferred to Bruces Road
Whangaroa County Council  
Wheat Research Institute  
Wheeler, S and Others Drainage, Lower Wangaehu Valley
W A P Wheeler J E Walker, asking approval of survey plan of prposed subdivision of portion of his land; sub-division of E B Campion's property agreed to; requesting affixture of Seal and same granted to plan of subdivision of E B Campion's property
Whenuaroa, J C 10% penalty
Whillans, R Appointment as Paymaster etc Turakina
Whirokino Bridge Official Opening Invitation from Manawatu County Council
Whiskey Creek Bridge and site, Turakina Valley; and Tunnel etc
Whisker, P R clean drains through property; Drains through property and Bulls Golf Course
Whisker, J T H Outstanding Rates; Estate of, letter from Graham and Reed re Home Guard Trench
White, Messrs D T B, K and A D tranfer of Reserve Section 10 Block III Tiriraukawa Survey District from A K Hodder
White, E A Cows grazing
Whitfield, G H (Mrs) Charitable Aid
Whitehead, A R Transfer of lease of road reserve from A C Piper; permission to shift fence; Utiku Streets
Whitford, J (Mrs) Marton Junction Section
Whittaker, H G (Whittaker and Olsen) clearing of gorse
Whittle, Jas. Roadman's Paddock, Oruamatua
Wickett, F J Contract No 713
Wicks, E G Purchase land, Bulls-Scotts Ferry Road, Worker's Dwelling; Site and Road fronting same (Raumai Cottage); Sale of Metal Pit at Wick's, Parewanui Road
Width of State and Main Highways  
Wigglesworth, F W Contract No 682
Wigglesworth, Miss Christensen and Stanford
Wight, J F re tender for Rata Coronation Hall declined
Wight Brothers Contract 
Wild Garlic or Wild Onion (Allium Triquetrum) declared a Noxious Weed
Wild Teasel (Dipsacus) declared Noxious Weed  
Wilford, Estate of T M section at Tuangaarere Township
Wilkes, A Condition of Culvert on road line; Report to be forwarded by Public Works Department; letter from offering to remove gate and fence, also enclosed letter from Ministry of Works
Wilkie, D J Ruatangata Drainage District
Wilkinson, C A Shop legislation
Willard Home, Palmerston North  
Williams, A A Refund Deposit Scheme 5
Williams   Milling Timber, reserve Tiriraukawa
Williams, K A Rata-Silverhope Road; W Dickson; deputation re tar-sealing Pukepapa Road; subdivision of land by H S Harper; Model Piggery, Eagan and Corrigan purchase of land from M Whale; on behalf of R T C Scott
Williams, Reverend Nigel Turakina Domain
Williams, W J re Mataroa Cemetery
Williams, Dr Ulric Hospital Finance
Williams and Kettle Ltd Ohinewairua Station and £100 in lieu of rates
Williamson, A, Estate of Acquiring land for improving road corner at junction of Bonny Glen and Fern Flats Road
Williamson, J C Contract No 727A; Contracts 739 and 739A
Williamson, J C Contract No 736; Contract No 739 and 739A
Williamson, R D West Road
Willis, C A NZ Laykold Ltd, Contract No.s 731A; 731B; 731C; 731D; Barber-Greene Loading Machine
Willis, D and late Major Willis Proposed Memorial Reserve
Willis, M K (Mrs) Private Telephone 
Willis, T R, Estate Rangitikei River stop bank
Willis, T R   Old map of Rangitikei; Roadman's Cottage Site, Whareroa Road
Willis, W D re Rangitikei River at Kakariki; account written off
Wilson, A A lease of Ohotu Reserve
Wilson. B S M C L Wood and Offer to buy Mangahoe Cottage
Wilson, D, Honourable Emergency Precautions Scheme Matters
Wilson, C W  
Wilson, D W Parewanui, Water-table; Parewanui Raod; Raumai Drains
Wilson, Eva (Miss) Small-bird's destruction
Wilson, G Hamish Kakariki Bridge, sheep protection
Wilson, H N Tender Trees Westoe Avenue; Heavy Traffic License Fees; Heavy Traffic; Heavy Traffic License fee rebate
Wilson, H N Rebate on Heavy Traffic Fees
Wilson, J B J L MacReynolds
Wilson , Nancy (Miss) the council expressed its congratulations for the honour bestowed on the above named by The Queen; from above letter of thanks for congratulations
Wilson, Ormond, Member of  Parliament Flood Damage; Section 155 I C and A Act 1925; Lower Wangaehu Valley Drainage; Government Control of Noxious Weeds in Boroughs and Town Districts; Gorse on  Railway Lines etc; Loan Finance; Appreciation of assistance during three years in Parliament
Wilson Portland Cement Company Ltd  
Wilson and Co, R A Motor Fuel
Wilson's (Rangitikei) Ltd Sodium Chlorate
Wilson Street, Bulls  
Wilson, W (Mrs) Eating-house License
Wilson's Section M N Comrie, advising terms of sale; purchase not continued with
Wilton, A J Fence, Ongo Road
Wilton, J Account written off
Winch, Kakariki Plant  
Winchcombe, M W no action to be taken re Soldiers Holiday Pay
Windelburn, J W F Approach to Crofton Bridge, Compensation payment
Windust, W P Dog Collars; Year 1937; Year 1938; Year 1939; Year 1940; Year 1942; Year 1943; 1944
Wing, John Land for metal pit
Wing, Estate of M and Mrs R Soufflot subdivision of land
Wings, Misses Wings Road further widening
Wing's Line proposed Tar-sealing of about 500 yards
Wing's Line opposite Railway Settlement; Dedication of strip of land (Railway)
Winged Thistle (Cardus tenuiflorus) declared a noxious weed
Winiata, Wilson and Hou Hou Road, fence
Winiata, Wirihana Private Telephone Line
Wire Distributors Ltd fencing wire
Wireless Set Married Men's Camp
Wirihana, T Contract Clearing Drains, Lower Wangaehu
Women's Division Farmers' Union Koeke Branch; Wangaehu Branch; Taihape Branch; Ohingaiti Branch
Woods, C L application for telephone concession and same granted; offer to buy Mangahoe Cottage; cottage not for sale; Noxious Weeds
Wood, P H Assessor; late P H Wood
Woodhill, Mrs Drain, Wangaehu
Wollaston, G re Tutupapa Road, bulldozer; Metalling from gate to bridge; purchase of pull-grader for £20; offering to do work on Tutepapa Road
Woolven, Charles Ranger
Woolwash Bridges I Bold, M Kidston termination of employment
Work carried out by Relief Labour  
Worker's Accident Insurance  
Worker's Compensation Act Amendment
Workers' Dwellings Rentals; Engineer's report on; Raumai Road and Section at Bulls; Turangarere; Sold to Crown; Rata; Sold to Crown; Turakina; and Stock Paddock, Tutaenui Road, J D E Morton; Rangitikei Glof Club, Bulls; Bulls; Lower Rangitikei; E G Wicks; Union Line, M V Groves
Workers' Dwellings Loan £5000 (Reduced to £4, 000); Council's; Sanction to raising of Loan of £4000 for period of five years; asking L G Loans Board to agree to Loan of £5000 for period of ten years; Special Order-Loan; Special Rate 1939-40; Application for uplifting; Plans and Specifications etc; Loan for £2, 400; Council to consider at its next Meeting a resolution to make application to the Local Bodies Loans Board for authority to raise a loan of £12, 000 for Workers Dwellings; No further action to be taken regarding application for above Loan of £12, 000
Workers' Dwellings Rentals, continued; Purchase of house in Hunterville; erection at Kakariki
Workers' Dwellings Loan 1949, Sanctioned by; Local Government Loans Board; Special Order making a Levying Special Rate; Authority application for loan; Special Order making a Levying Special Rate; £6000 Loan 1950
Workers' Dwellings, continued Regional Planning; from State Advances Corporation advising they would give sympathetic consideration to application for loan for Workers' Dwelling
Workmen, Appeals  
Workmen   enlisting in Defence Forces
Working Buiding Foreman A S Lewis
Workshop to be re-opened in Marton yard; back wall to be extended; Estimates for erection of new Workshop; Machinery for new workshop; A D Paterson's tender be accepted for plastering workshop; Machinery Committee be appointed; A D Paterson Ltd, Extras on the Account; council [ac]cept no liability for payment of balance of Contract to The Patterson Con. Company; A D Patterson Company payments for construction New Workshop; from Department of Labour and Employment requesting certain alterations to Sanitary arrangements in workshop; Left with Engineer to deal with; Account of Easther and Evans for contract of A D Paterson and Co for £7.7.0 be paid; from Department of Labour and Employment drawing attention to requirements at  pipeworks and Marton workshop. Referred to County Engineer; Engineer to investigate possibility of employing man in workshop for greasing etc
World Affairs letter from United Nations Association of N Z
Wreath J Grant, Public Revenues Act; A V Brown, Public Revenues Act
Wright, Stephenson Co Ltd Contribution Owhakura Road
Wyley, George R J telephone concession on Okirae Road
Wylie, Dr re D Bromley and sick leave 
YMCA Permits under Heavy Motor Vehicles Regulations
Young, Alex, Estate re Road at Papanui Junction
Young, Arthur Employment Promotion Work at Parewanui, River Protection Work Balance deposit refund
Young, D Charitable Aid
Young, J P Metal carting and Quarrying on Pukekoa Road; Contract No 717, Ohaumoko Road; from Smith and Smyth; Metalling Haumakariri Road; Metalling (Contract No 726) Mataroa, Namanui and Kaweka Roads; Contract No 728; Contract No 732
Young, J P, continued Contract No 734; Contract No 734 Section A-B; Notice of Attatchment Order
Young, Mrs M E Secretary Crippled Children's Society, request for donation; donation of £2-10-0
Young NZ League  
"Your Money" booklet from League of Economic Democracy and circular
Youths' Afforestation Camp  
Zip Heater for office
Zohs, A A Objecting to amended loan proposal to increse to £2, 500 for Mataroa-Namunui-Kaweka Roads; Stock on roads
Zohs, A N  
Zone "E" Patriotic Committee  
Zone "G" Patriotic Committee  
Zone "M" Patriotic Committee Marton, Representatives, Councillors Brice, Coleman and Marshall


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