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"Sale of First Class Sections" PNCC 7/6/7:0:15
“Manawatu”, Promotional Film PNCC 11/22/1:8:1 1980
Gasworks Subdivision PNCC 7/1/2:10:6 1981
Invitations Declined PNCC 15/1/3:2:1/5 1989
PNCC vs Batchelar - Accretion Northern Boundary PNCC 4/8/15:2:1
Subdivision File: Oxford Street, Levin, Kentucky Fried Chicken HDC 00372:20:LS 61 1991
Subdivision File: ST Richardson, Manakau North Road, Manakau HDC 00372:69:RS 310 1993
Summary of Wastewater/Water Quality Data Held by MWRC - Turakina and Whangaehu Catchments HRC 00462:1:90/INT/6 1990
Summary of Wastewater/Water Quality Data Held by MWRC - Coastal and Misc Streams HRC 00462:1:90/INT/8 1990
Summary of Wastewater/Water Quality Data Held by MWRC - Rangitikei Catchment HRC 00462:1:90/INT/5 1990
Summary of Wastewater/Water Quality Data Held by MWRC - Saline Coastal Waters HRC 00462:1:90/INT/9 1990
Summary of Wastewater/Water Quality Data Held by MWRC - Wanganui Catchment HRC 00462:1:90/INT/7 1990
- Estimates and Authorities (Main Highways) PNCC K3/17/1:11:63 1958
-Town & County Planning - Subdivision - Rongotea MDC 00024:48:6 1962
?O.S. Durie re ability to attend meeting of electors held at Phoenix Hotel on 25 July 1862 (signature almost illegible) WDC 00262:0:1
'I am Backing the City Buses Club' Certificate PNCC 6/4/1:1:1
'Origin of Names of Streets in Palmerston North'. Compiled by by A G S Bradfield 1953 PNCC 1/5/14:1:2
'The City Corporation: What is it and what it does', information pamphlet PNCC 1/17/6:1:2
'The Manawatu Economy' and 'Palmerston North 1970-80: a decade of achievement' PNCC 00062:8:3 1981
'What's the Big Picture?' - 2018-2028 10 Year Plan - Summary of Submissions PNCC 00051:17:2018-2028 B
'What's the Big Picture?' - 2018-2028 10 Year Plan Consultation Document PNCC 00051:17:2018-2028 A
" Anna Kristine " WDC 00326:0:139
" Polarborg " at Castlecliff. WDC 00326:0:216
"50 Years" Commemorative Booklet MDC 00022:5:142 1944
"A - Z" PNCC K3/4/2:2:1 1976
"A Bibliography of the Manawatu: Supplement 1978 to 1982" PNCC 3/2/1:1:6
"A Bibliography of the Manawatu" PNCC 3/2/1:1:5
"A Method of Analysis of the Changes in Population Age Structure in Palmerston North City" PNCC 7/1/5:1:5
"Centenary of Electricity: 100 Years of Electricity in NZ" PNCC 10/5/1:1:2
"Central City Short Haul: Electric Power, No Pollution" PNCC 6/3/1:1:1
"Clanger Book" PNCC 7/11/1:0:2 1990 (year approximate)
"Confirmation of Fax" and "Copy of Fax Transmission" stamps PNCC 1/36/1:1:3
"Council and Community: 125 years of Local Government in Palmerston North 1877 - 2002" by Ian Matheson PNCC 00075:9:A 65/5 2003
"Decanting Project" for Walding Street PNCC 7/6/40:1:1 1984
"Demography" PNCC 7/5/3:1:5
"Domestic Electricity" Booklet PNCC 10/5/1:1:4 1935 (year approximate)
"Domestic Electricity" Booklet PNCC 10/5/1:1:1 1935
"Early Pioneers". List of names taken from Rate Books 1879, 1886 and 1896. PNCC 1/5/14:1:1
"Economic Activities" PNCC 7/5/3:1:9
"Filing" stamps PNCC 1/36/1:1:2
"Fishbowl" Youth Centre PNCC 15/1/2:13:39 1982
"Friends to the Library" - Proposal to Establish. PNCC 3/3/3:5:27
"Keebles est" (ministry of defence) - Fitzherbert - S.H. 57 & camp Road PNCC K3/10/1:18:663
"Law and Renewal" PNCC 7/5/3:1:4
"Light Suspension Bridges" (paper read at meeting of Taranaki Branch of New Zealand Society of Civil Engineers, by C.H. Lawn, 13/5/1919) PNCC K3/17/1:5:25
"Manawatu Regional Water Way" PNCC K3/4/9:8:18
"Manawatu Urban Growth Strategy Study: Guidelines for Provision of Community Facilities" PNCC 7/5/1:1:5
"Manawatu Urban Growth Strategy Study: Part IIA Development Feasibility Study" PNCC 7/5/1:3:11
"Manawatu Urban Growth Strategy Study: Part IIB Proposals for Growth Management" PNCC 7/5/1:3:12
"Manawatu Urban Growth Strategy Study: Soil Resources of the Manawatu and the Expansion of Palmerston North City" PNCC 7/5/1:1:2