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Opera House proposed extension to house grand piano WDC 00168:0:1432
Roads eastern Castlecliff suburban development (WCC 7105) WDC 00057:0:5/8/1
Plan of Durie Vale Road WDC 00168:0:182
Wanganui Roads (WCC 7105) WDC 00057:0:5/8/2
Durie Vale Road - plan showing grading. WDC 00168:0:183
Proposed extension to Wharf shed for cheese room (WCC 7293) WDC 00057:0:9/20/7b
Cheese room for Wanganui Meat Freezing Co (WCC 7293) WDC 00057:0:9/20/7a
Plan of parts of Reserve Block V Westmere (WCC 7126) WDC 00057:0:6/1/16a
Carlton Avenue sewer WDC 00168:0:61
Barrack Street sewer WDC 00168:0:59
Plan (Borough Reserve) Racecourse area 18/40 WDC 00168:0:675
Plan proposed road widening Purnell Street-Jackson Sreet corner. WDC 00168:0:1434
Contour Plan, Bristow St, Kent Road also Plan and Section of Sewer in Kent Road . WDC 00168:0:1435
Plan of Bell Estate showing encroachment of fence onto Great North road WDC 00168:0:679
College St Plan Showing Grading WDC 00168:0:187
English Church right-of-way sewer WDC 00168:0:65
Details proposed dressing shed Kai Iwi Beach WDC 00168:0:681
Plan of Cooks Gardens (block within Wilson Street, Ridgway Street, St Hill Street, Guyton Street). WDC 00168:0:1442
Plan proposed sites for Radio Tower, Drews Avenue, also sections. WDC 00168:0:1443
Hyltons pit, Aramoho - Contract plans for stripping WDC 00168:0:1444
Wicksteed Street sewer WDC 00168:0:66
1944-1951 WDC 00038:0:318b
Plan part of Wanganui Racecourse showing buildings WDC 00168:0:1445
Taylorville bank riverbank works WDC 00168:0:196
1934-1941 WDC 00038:0:318c
Sarjeant Street sewer WDC 00168:0:72
Water Turbine Driven Pumping Set (quotation) WDC 00069:0:345
Kaikokopu Road sewer WDC 00168:0:74
Ballance Street. Seddon Street. Terrace Street - sewers WDC 00168:0:75
Kelvin Street. London Street. Russell Street. Spier Street. - sewers. WDC 00168:0:76
Plan of Taylorville bank showing position of cross-sections WDC 00168:0:202
Plan and sections proposed sewer State Housing Block Harper Street. WDC 00168:0:1452
Helmore Street sewer WDC 00168:0:86
Proposed channel cut by dredging sledge (WCC 7231) WDC 00057:0:7/6/14
Plan and sections proposed extensions to Durie Hill Croquet Pavilion WDC 00168:0:1459
Wanganui River mouth area (WCC 7240) WDC 00057:0:7/15/4
Plan and sections proposed 6" sewer extension - Fitzherbert Avenue WDC 00168:0:1460
Plan and sections proposed regrading Gonville Avenue, Cambridge Terrace to Alma Road. WDC 00168:0:1463
Hakeke Street sewer WDC 00168:0:87
Plan Public Lawn Cemetery, Aramoho WDC 00168:0:1462
Duncan Street, Jellicoe Street, Boydfield Street, Young Street, Helmore Street sewers. WDC 00168:0:88
Roof over stage entrance Opera House WDC 00168:0:213
Plan showing proposed new bath - Central Baths WDC 00168:0:215
Wanganui East sewers, longitudinal sections. Shows a number of streets with former names crossed out, and replacement names. Undated, probably about 1908-1909. WDC 00168:0:89
Details of proposed new bath central baths WDC 00168:0:214
Nixon Street. Salisbury Avenue. Symond Street. Kawakawa Street. White Street sewers WDC 00168:0:91
Plan sections proposed ramp Wicksteed Place. WDC 00168:0:1467
Pile groyne for south spit (WCC 7245) WDC 00057:0:7/20/3
Nukumaru shell deposits proposed sidings (WCC 7401) WDC 00057:0:18/4/1
Pensioner Flats Walter Nash Place? WDC 00070:0:41/4