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"Council and Community: 125 years of Local Government in Palmerston North 1877 - 2002" by Ian Matheson PNCC 00075:9:A 65/5 2003
"Early Pioneers". List of names taken from Rate Books 1879, 1886 and 1896. PNCC 1/5/14:1:1
"Filing" stamps PNCC 1/36/1:1:2
"Fiths" MDC 00022:2:59 1935
"Friends to the Library". Proposal to Establish. PNCC 3/3/3:5:27
"Keebles est" (ministry of defence) - Fitzherbert - S.H. 57 & camp Road PNCC K3/10/1:18:663
"Light Suspension Bridges" (paper read at meeting of Taranaki Branch of New Zealand Society of Civil Engineers, by C.H. Lawn, 13/5/1919) PNCC K3/17/1:5:25
"Manawatu Regional Water Way" PNCC K3/4/9:8:18
"Old 'Land Subdivision in Counties' records transferred by Chief Surveyor on amendment to Countries Act": Scheme Index - Town of Awapuni and Ronberg and extensions (Sheet 1); Town of Pupoa (Sheet 39) PNCC K3/14/3:0:13
"Pride in Palmerston North" competition PNCC 00075:10:A 70/4/2 1990
"Royal" Chairs PNCC 1/38/1:0:6
"Te Anau" - photos (b/w prints) and notes WDC 00268:0:102
"Te Anau" (newspaper clippings) WDC 00268:0:83 1978
"Thank You" Poster, by Room 22 of Terrace End School PNCC 35/2:6:1 1989
"Thank You" Poster, Terrace End School PNCC 35/2:6:1 1989
"Tour Drivers hand book" (Reprint No 8) PNCC 6/2/3:1:1
“Civic Officer” (Newsletter of Local Bodies officers Union) PNCC 13/8/1:4:7/1 1988
“Electrical Times” Magazines PNCC 10/1/1:10:29
“Evening Standard” articles kept by K.A. North, PNCC 1/22/12:1:1
“Evening Standard” statements issued by K.A. North PNCC 1/22/12:1:3
“Filing Unknown”: Information on subjects that do not relate to any established files. PNCC 1/21/2:3:23 1986
“Fishbowl” - Youth Centre, Maori Battalion Hall PNCC 15/1/2:10:26
“List of those who have not yet contributed (as far as can be ascertained). PNCC 11/8/2:2:4
“Old Identities. Palmerston N. Jubilee 1877 - 1927” PNCC 1/30/5:1:1
“Plan showing extension of Brick Area” PNCC 1/30/5:1:3
“Presentation” Forms PNCC 14/2/1:1:2 1978
“Town and Around” magazine Noices and correspondence PNCC 1/22/12:1:7 1979
(1961) Untitled map showing Maori placenames of inland Manawatu with additional information. PNCC 7/6/17:0:2
(Condensed version) Scale 1: 43560 M.H. Johnson 1976 NOTE: Base transparency only. To be used for taking off other transparencies or prints. PNCC 7/6/3:0:15/M/3
(Damaged). Palmerston North-map showing areas from the schedule of residential lots subdivided from 1972-1975 in Palmerston North, (excluding Aokautere) 1 February 1976. PNCC 7/6/2:0:61/2
(Discussion Paper) Management and Disposal of Hazardous Wastes WDC 00041:0:38
(Sections on both sides of the river) 2 sheets (WCC 7142) WDC 00057:0:6/1/32
(Untitled plan (coloured ink on tracing paper), No signature, No date, Shows riverbank 1880 and 1919. Compare with W.D.E Murry's survey of September 26 1919 PNCC 4/8/15:2:4
(Wanganui) Port and Populace WDC 00041:0:15
(Willis Domain see 4/T/34). PNCC 7/6/3:0:4/T/38
[93] Fergusson Street, Strong Room MDC 00127:2:8 1916
[Accounts: General] RUA 00022:1:1/12 Pt1 1987
[Advertising] RUA 00022:1:1/13 Pt1 1988
[Advertising] RUA 00022:1:1/13 Pt2 1986
[Award Information] RUA 00022:1:1/6 1987
[By Laws] RUA 00022:2:1/16 1987
[Courses] Letters to Council RUA 00021:5:1/16/2 Pt2 1985
[Department of Labour - Dangerous Goods] RUA 00022:2:1/22 1986
[Dog Control] RUA 00022:2:1/24 1987
[Electricity Accounts] RUA 00072:4:E17 Pt1 1945
[Groundwater] Extension to a Resistivity Survey for W. Ridd, Feilding HRC 00449:3:3 1989
[Groundwater] Flow Test Report - Feilding Jockey Club Bore HRC 00449:3:6 1989
[Groundwater] Flow Test Report - Waitaki International Bore HRC 00449:3:7 1989
[Groundwater] Production Test Report Pacific International College HRC 00449:3:4 1989
[Groundwater] Report on Resistivity Survey for W. Ridd, Feilding HRC 00449:3:2 1989