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County Roads: Rangitira Road RDC 00065:34:R/4/1/73 1975
County Roads: Aldworth Road RDC 00065:34:R/4/1/74 1972
County Roads: Mangahowhi (Mangahoe) RDC 00065:34:R/4/1/77 1981
County Roads: Reynolds Road RDC 00065:34:R/4/1/78 1990
Receipts Cash Books WDC 00022:0:cp8 1960
County Roads: Ratana Road RDC 00065:34:R/4/1/79 1977
County Roads: Scotts Ferry RDC 00065:34:R/4/1/80 Pt1 1959
County Roads: Scotts Road RDC 00065:34:R/4/1/80 Pt2 1964
County Roads: Whangaehu Beach Road RDC 00065:34:R/4/1/81 1979
County Roads: Ruatangata Road RDC 00065:34:R/4/1/82 1977
County Roads: Cooks Road RDC 00065:35:R/4/1/100 1974
County Roads: Rowes Road RDC 00065:35:R/4/1/101 1976
County Roads: Westons Road RDC 00065:35:R/4/1/102 1976
County Roads: McIntyre Road RDC 00065:35:R/4/1/103 1965
County Roads: Rifle Ranger Road RDC 00065:35:R/4/1/104 1972
Plant: General RDC 00065:25:P/1/1 Pt4 1963
Plant: General RDC 00065:26:P/1/1 Pt5 1970
Plant: General RDC 00065:26:P/1/1 Pt6 1979
Plant: Winches RDC 00065:26:P/1/11 Pt1 1964
Plant: Winches RDC 00065:26:P/1/11 Pt2 1965
Taupo Quay extension. Pehi Street-Millward Street extension - grading and cross-section. WDC 00168:0:185
Plant: Two Way Radio RDC 00065:26:P/1/12 1965
Plant: Sale of Plant RDC 00065:26:P/1/13 Pt1 1966
Plant: Sale of Plant RDC 00065:26:P/1/13 Pt2 1976
Plant: Sale of Plant RDC 00065:26:P/1/13 Pt3 1979
Plant: Graders RDC 00065:26:P/1/5 1954
Places (Historic) - Allan Sutherland RDC 00065:26:P/2/1 Pt1 1951
Press Releases RDC 00065:26:P/2/1 Pt2 1978
Reports: Engineers RDC 00065:26:R/1/1 Pt1 1959
Reports: Engineers RDC 00065:27:R/1/1 Pt2 1955
Reports: Engineers RDC 00065:27:R/1/1 Pt3 1961
Plan longsections, cross-sections Guyton Street (between Purnell Street to railway) WDC 00168:0:676
Reports: Engineers RDC 00065:27:R/1/1 Pt4 1966
Reports: Engineers RDC 00065:27:R/1/1 Pt5 1975
Sundry Matters - Roads, 1940s-1950s RDC 00065:27:R/1/2 Pt1 1952
Reports: Overseers RDC 00065:27:R/1/2 Pt2 1972
Reports: Overseers RDC 00065:27:R/1/2 Pt3 1975
Reports: Building Foreman RDC 00065:27:R/1/3 Pt1 1952
Reports: Noxious Weeds Inspector RDC 00065:28:R/1/3 Pt2 1965
Reports: Mill Manager - Kakariki RDC 00065:28:R/1/4 Pt1 1966
Reports: Kakariki RDC 00065:28:R/1/4 Pt2 1975
Reports: Chairman RDC 00065:29:R/1/5 Pt1 1967
Contour Plan, Bristow St, Kent Road also Plan and Section of Sewer in Kent Road . WDC 00168:0:1435
Reports: Chairman RDC 00065:29:R/1/5 Pt2 1969
Reports: Chairman RDC 00065:29:R/1/5 Pt3 1975
Reports: Chairman RDC 00065:29:R/1/5 Pt4 1979
Reports: Financial RDC 00065:29:R/1/6 Pt1 1967
Reports: Financial RDC 00065:29:R/1/6 Pt2 1973
Reports: Monthly RDC 00065:29:R/1/6 Pt3 1976
Reports: Monthly RDC 00065:29:R/1/6 Pt4 1977