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"Central City Short Haul: Electric Power, No Pollution" PNCC 6/3/1:1:1
"Clanger Book" PNCC 7/11/1:0:2 1990 (year approximate)
"Confirmation of Fax" and "Copy of Fax Transmission" Stamps PNCC 1/36/1:1:3
"Council and Community: 125 years of Local Government in Palmerston North 1877 - 2002" PNCC 00075:9:A65/5 2003
"Decanting Project" for Walding Street PNCC 7/6/40:1:1 1984
"Demography" PNCC 7/5/3:1:5
"Domestic Electricity" Booklet PNCC 10/5/1:1:4 1935 (year approximate)
"Domestic Electricity" Booklet PNCC 10/5/1:1:1 1935
"Early Pioneers" List PNCC 1/5/14:1:1
"Economic Activities" PNCC 7/5/3:1:9
"Filing" Stamps PNCC 1/36/1:1:2
"Fishbowl" Youth Centre PNCC 15/1/2:13:39 1982
"Friends to the Library" - Proposal to Establish. PNCC 3/3/3:5:27
"Keebles est" (ministry of defence) - Fitzherbert - S.H. 57 & camp Road PNCC K3/10/1:18:663
"Law and Renewal" PNCC 7/5/3:1:4
"Light Suspension Bridges" PNCC K3/17/1:5:25
"Manawatu Regional Water Way" PNCC K3/4/9:8:18
"Manawatu Urban Growth Strategy Study: Guidelines for Provision of Community Facilities" PNCC 7/5/1:1:5
"Manawatu Urban Growth Strategy Study: Part IIA Development Feasibility Study" PNCC 7/5/1:3:11
"Manawatu Urban Growth Strategy Study: Part IIB Proposals for Growth Management" PNCC 7/5/1:3:12
"Manawatu Urban Growth Strategy Study: Soil Resources of the Manawatu and the Expansion of Palmerston North City" PNCC 7/5/1:1:2
"Manawatu Urban Growth Strategy Study: Summary" PNCC 7/5/1:3:10
"Manawatu Urban Growth Strategy Study: Turning Point. What the People Said" PNCC 7/5/1:1:1
"Manawatu Urban Growth Strategy Study" PNCC 7/5/1:1:3 1977
"Manawatu Urban Growth Strategy Study" PNCC 7/5/1:3:9
"Manawatu Urban Growth Study: Landscape Assessment and Economic Costing of Growth Options" PNCC 7/5/1:2:7
"Manawatu Urban Growth Study: Landscape Assessment and Economic Costing of Growth Options" PNCC 7/5/1:2:8
"Map of the Country Sections in the District of Manawatu and Orewenua" PNCC 7/6/7:0:19 1842
"Municipal Bus Service Pass" PNCC 6/2/2:1:1
"Nockmor Estate" Sale Plan PNCC K3/14/4:0:12
"Palmerston North City Library 1879 - 1979" PNCC 3/2/1:1:3
"People, People" PNCC 7/5/3:1:2
"Point of View" - Radio Talks PNCC 7/1/4:12:3 1980
"Policies and Perspectives" PNCC 7/5/3:1:1
"Pride in Palmerston North" Competition PNCC 00075:10:A70/4/2 1990
"Residential Stability" PNCC 7/5/3:1:6
"Royal" Chairs PNCC 1/38/1:0:6
"Scenic Drive" Street Sign PNCC 7/7/1:1:1
"Te Anau" - photos (b/w prints) and notes WDC 00268:0:102
"Te Anau" (newspaper clippings) WDC 00268:0:83 1978
"The Banana Republic" PNCC 7/1/15:2:8 1984
"Tour Drivers Hand Book" PNCC 6/2/3:1:1
"West End Sewerage, Botanical Road to Awapuni". PNCC 4/8/13:8:5
"Bitumen for Hydraulic Works" PNCC K3/17/2:1:8
"Bituminous Surface Treatment of Rural Highways" PNCC K3/17/2:1:3
"Borough of Palmerston North 1909 - 1910" PNCC 1/17/1:1:2 1910
"Calendar for 1907 - 1908" PNCC 1/17/1:1:1 1908
"Ductile Waterproofing, Bonding and Metal Protection for Building, Construction and Maintenance" PNCC K3/17/2:1:10