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2005 Report on Progress on the Implementation of the Regional Land Transport Strategy for the Manawatu-Wanganui Region HRC 00461:61:2005/EXT/640 2005-2005
A Commentary on Agricultural Sources, Transport and Impact of Phosphorous in Surface Waters: Knowledge Gaps and Frequently Asked Questions HRC 00461:87:2008/EXT/997 2008-2008
A Fish Index of Biotic Integrity (IBI) for Manawatu-Whanganui Regional Council HRC 00461:110:2015/EXT/1463 2015-06-2016
A Framework for an Environmental Education Strategy for the Manawatu-Wanganui Regional Council HRC 00461:29:98/EXT/311 1998-1998
A Framework for Managing Non-Point and Point Source Nutrient Contributions to Water Quality - Technical Report to Support Policy Development HRC 00461:74:2007/EXT/792 2008-2008
A Guide to Instream Habitat Survey Methods and Analysis HRC 00461:86:2009/EXT/989 2008-2008
A Long-Term Monitoring Programme to Assess the Effectiveness of Two Stream Restoration Projects in the Manawatu Region HRC 00461:106:2014/EXT/1366 2014-01-2015
A Periphyton Monitoring Plan for the Manawatu-Wanganui Region HRC 00461:81:2008/EXT/878 2008-2008
A Potential Ecosystem Map of the Manawatu Whanganui Region HRC 00461:0:2019/EXT/1656 2019-2019
A Preliminary Assessment of Barriers to Fish Passage in the Upper Kahuterawa Catchment HRC 00461:99:2012/EXT/1233 2012-2012
A Preliminary Assessment of Potential Barriers to Fish Migration in the Manawatu River Catchment, North Island, New Zealand HRC 00461:82:2008/EXT/898 2008-2008
A Prioritisation and Site Selection Process for Forest Fragments in the Manawatu-Whanganui Region HRC 00461:97:2011/EXT/1174 2011-2011
A Review of Available Information for the Open Coastal Waters of the Manawatu-Wanganui Region HRC 00461:115:2018/EXT/1567 2018-2018
A Review of Feral Goats as Contributors to Erosion and the Benefits of Goat Control HRC 00461:111:2016/EXT/1479 2016-05-2017
A Review of Land-Based Effects on Coastal Fisheries and Supporting Biodiversity in New Zealand HRC 00461:89:2009/EXT/1031 2009-2009
A Review of the Literature relevant to Madeira Vine (Anredera Cordifolia) HRC 00461:0:2005/EXT/614 2005-2005
A Summary of Submissions to the Application for a Water Conservation Order for the Mangatainoka River HRC 00461:1:90/EXT/2 1990-1990
Across the Region 1999 HRC 00461:32:99/EXT/347 1998-2002
Across the Region: MWRC Official Information Directory HRC 00461:28:98/EXT/300 1998-1998
Activity Management Plan Tararua Scheme HRC 00461:115:2018/EXT/1587 2018-2018
Advice on a Monitoring Programme to Assess the Ecological Effects of Phormidium on Macroinvertebrate Communities HRC 00461:108:2014/EXT/1412 2014-11-2015
Aeolian Lake Outlet Report HRC 00461:0:2020/EXT/1687 2020-2020
Agricultural Statistics for Horizons Region HRC 00461:83:2008/EXT/913 2005-2005
Air Emission Inventory - Taumarunui and Taihape 2010 HRC 00461:95:2010/EXT/1129 2010-2010
Akitio River Scheme – Management Plan and Rating System Report (Final) HRC 00461:76:2007/EXT/811 2007-2007
Akitio River Weir Removal Monitoring Framework HRC 00461:0:2020/EXT/1686 2020-2020
Akitio River: Investigation of Flooding and Erosion Potential (Second Draft) HRC 00461:61:2005/EXT/636 2005-2005
Akitio Scheme Audit HRC 00461:102:2013/EXT/1299 2013-2013
An Assessment of the State of Forest Fragments in Tararua District using Horizons Rapid Ecological Survey Data HRC 00461:106:2014/EXT/1371 2014-05-2015
An Economic Analyis of the Mangatainoka Scheme Review HRC 00461:8:92/EXT/100 1992-1993
An Evaluation of PM10 Concentrations and Meteorological Conditions in Taumarunui from 25 to 30 March 2016 HRC 00461:111:2016/EXT/1491 2016-06-2017
An Evaluation of the Capacity of Andesitic Tephra from the Ruapehu District to Remove Dissolved Phosphorus from Municipal Wastewater HRC 00461:103:2013/EXT/1331 2013-08-2014
An Instream Flow Assessment for the Kiwitea and Makino Streams HRC 00461:35:99/EXT/379 1999-1999
An Instream Flow Assessment for the Upper Manawatu River HRC 00461:35:99/EXT/378 1999-1999
An Instream Flow Assessment of the Upper Manawatu River Tributaries HRC 00461:41:2000/EXT/423 2000-2000
An Investigation of Opportunities for Combined Land-Water Discharge of Dannevirke Wastewater HRC 00461:102:2013/EXT/1296 2013-2013
An Investigation of Opportunities for Combined Land-Water Discharge of Feilding Wastewater HRC 00461:105:2014/EXT/1354 2014-02-2015
Analysis of Suspended Sediment Yields from Rivers in Horizons Sediment Monitoring Programme HRC 00461:101:2012/EXT/1284 2012-2012
Analysis of the Marine Climate of South Taranaki Coast HRC 00461:0:2019/EXT/1655 2019-2019
Animal Pest Monitoring Report 1995-1996 HRC 00461:23:96/EXT/257 1995-1996
Animal Pest Monitoring Report 1996-19997 HRC 00461:27:97/EXT/293 1996-1997
Animal Pest Monitoring Report 1997-1998 HRC 00461:31:98/EXT/335 1997-1998
Animal Pest Monitoring Report 1998-1999 HRC 00461:36:99/EXT/387 1998-1999
Animal Pest Monitoring Report 1999-2000 HRC 00461:42:2000/EXT/435 2000-2000
Animal Pest Monitoring Report 2000-2001 HRC 00461:47:2001/EXT/485 2001-2001
Animal Pest Monitoring Report 2001-2002 HRC 00461:50:2002/EXT/522 2002-2002
Animal Pest Monitoring Report 2002 -2003 HRC 00461:55:2003/EXT/570 2003-2003
Animal Pest Monitoring Report 2003-2004 HRC 00461:58:2004/EXT/602 2004-2004
Annual Compliance Audit Report King Country Energy Mangahao Hydro Scheme HRC 00461:0:2013/EXT/1289 2013-2013
Annual External Reports, March and June 1990 HRC 00461:1:91/EXT/12 1991-1991