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Addenbrooke Terrace WDC 00021:0:A/2 1957-1965
Advertisements WDC 00021:0:A/3 1986-1988
Advertisments WDC 00021:0:A3 1953-1967
Advertisments WDC 00021:0:A3 1967-1974
Advertisments WDC 00021:0:A3 1974-1980
Advertisments WDC 00021:0:A3 1981-1986
Aerial Mapping WDC 00021:0:A/9 1956-1982
Afforestation WDC 00021:0:A/4 1961-1987
Agriculture WDC 00021:0:A/5 1983-1987
Agriculture (Grant Noxious Weeds) WDC 00021:0:A5 1957-1982
Agriculture (Grant Noxious Weeds) WDC 00021:0:A5 1953-1956
Ahu Ahu Road WDC 00021:0:A/6 1960-1988
Ahu-Ahu Road metalling WDC 00021:0:A6 1951-1957
Amalgamation Proposals Patea Waitotara County WDC 00021:0:B6/2 1972-1973
Amusement Devices WDC 00021:0:A/7 1976-1978
Anzac Day WDC 00021:0:A/8 1963-1986
Archives Amalgamation (see B/6/4) WDC 00021:0:A/10 1978-1988
Atene Dam (Wanganui River hydro project, formerly A/10) WDC 00021:0:R/11 1964
Audit Instructions WDC 00021:0:A/2 1983-1988
Award Wages General (formerly 11/0) WDC 00021:0:A/4 1949-1971
Babbage Place WDC 00021:0:B/1 1959-1984
Bank of New Zealand WDC 00021:0:B/2 1982-1987
Bank of New Zealand Correspondence WDC 00021:0:B2 1953-1982
Bason Botanical Reserve WDC 00021:0:B/18 1969-1970
Belmont Road WDC 00021:0:B/3 1961-1987
Blueskin Road WDC 00021:0:B4 1929-1986
Blueskin Road overbridge WDC 00021:0:B/4 1986-1988
Boundary Adjustments (Mosston/City) WDC 00021:0:B6 1962-1974
Boundary Adjustments (Springvale) WDC 00021:0:B6 1956-1959
Boundary adjustments - amalgamations general WDC 00021:0:B/6/4 1975-1976
Boundary adjustments Patea County WDC 00021:0:B/6/1 1961-1980
Boundary adjustments Wanganui & Patea Counties WDC 00021:0:B/6/3 1975-1983
Boundary adjustments Wanganui City WDC 00021:0:B/6 1974-1982
Bridges - weight and speed restrictions etc WDC 00021:0:B/16 1969-1987
Bruce Road WDC 00021:0:B/8 1956-1986
Brunswick Hall WDC 00021:0:B/10 1986-1988
Brunswick Hall WDC 00021:0:B/10 1953-1974
Brunswick Hall WDC 00021:0:B10 1974-1986
Brunswick Road WDC 00021:0:B/11 1975-1989
Brunswick Road WDC 00021:0:B11 1959-1975
Building Application and Other Building Matters WDC 00021:0:B/12 1986-1988
Building Applications and Building Matters WDC 00021:0:B12 1959-1969
Building Applications and Building Matters WDC 00021:0:B12 1969-1978
Building Applications and Building Matters WDC 00021:0:B12 1978-1986
Building demolition correspondence inward & outward (formerly B/17) WDC 00021:0:B/12 1969-1970
Building Research Levy WDC 00021:0:B/20 1970-1988
Bushy Park Road WDC 00021:0:B/13 1965-1986
Buxton Road WDC 00021:0:B/14 1959-1987
Bylaw Matters WDC 00021:0:B/15/2 1972-1986
Bylaws (Buildings and General) WDC 00021:0:B15 1960-1972