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RUA 00020
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created by (RiC-R027): Ohakune Borough Council
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Accounts General RUA 00020:1:A1 1955-1973
Accounts Section: Banking RUA 00020:1:A1/2 1972-1974
Annual Accounts and audit RUA 00020:1:A1/3 1966-1973
Applications for Council Housing, Health Department and Rangitikei County Council: Pensioner Flats and Plans RUA 00020:2:P5 Pt2 1971-1973
Catchment Board RUA 00020:1:C1 1971-1973
Cemetery RUA 00020:1:C2 1969-1973
Commissioner of Crown Lands RUA 00020:1:C7 1952-1955
Health: General RUA 00020:1:H1 1972-1974
Housing RUA 00020:1:H2 1963-1974
Investment RUA 00020:1:I2 1967-1974
Leases RUA 00020:1:L7 1954-1956
Library: Plans on New Library RUA 00020:1:L2 1967-1973
Licensed Hotel RUA 00020:1:L11 1955-1956
Loans RUA 00020:1:L4 1971-1974
Mountain Road Development Mt Ruapehu RUA 00020:2:P4/7 1960-1973
National Roads Board RUA 00020:2:R5 1972-1974
No title [Lease of Christie Park] RUA 00020:1:A1/4 1970-1970
Objection-Town Plan RUA 00020:1:P4/1B 1973-1973
Pensioner Housing: Letters Owing RUA 00020:2:P5 Pt1 1969-1973
Proposed Change in Administration RUA 00020:1:A2 1972-1972
Railway Overbridge 127; Redecking, Bridging and Culverts (Road Section) RUA 00020:2:R5/2 1964-1973
Roads: National Roads Board, and Roads Council Circulars RUA 00020:2:R5/1 1972-1975
Sale of Sections RUA 00020:2:S22 1939-1956
Seminar: Town Planning and Development RUA 00020:1:P4/1A 1971-1974
Staff: General RUA 00020:2:S2 1972-1973
State Housing (Promotion and Town Planning Section) RUA 00020:1:P4/5 1966-1973
Statistical Data and Returns RUA 00020:2:S5 1972-1973
Subdivisions RUA 00020:2:S13 1954-1956
Subsidies; Water and Sewerage Claims RUA 00020:2:S3 1971-1977
Town Plans RUA 00020:1:P4/1 1972-1973