Correspondence files [1st sequence]

RUA 00126
Descriptive Note

This series contains the first correspondence files of the new Taumarunui County Council, covering 1956 to 1962.

The sequence is missing some files, these are assumed to have been carried over into the new file system established in 1963.

The files were originally stored in folders, but were removed from these in 2017 due to damage caused to the papers by the folders. Copies of the original covers were placed with each set.

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created by (RiC-R027): Taumarunui County Council [II]
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Records in Correspondence files [1st sequence]

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Accounts, A RUA 00126:4:D/1/A 1957-1961
Accounts, B RUA 00126:4:D/1/B 1958-1962
Accounts, C RUA 00126:4:D/1/C 1957-1962
Accounts, D RUA 00126:4:D/1/D 1957-1962
Accounts, E RUA 00126:4:D/1/E 1958-1962
Accounts, F RUA 00126:4:D/1/F 1958-1962
Accounts, G RUA 00126:4:D/1/G 1956-1960
Accounts, H RUA 00126:4:D/1/H 1957-1962
Accounts, I RUA 00126:5:D/1/I 1958-1960
Accounts, J RUA 00126:5:D/1/J 1960-1960
Accounts, K RUA 00126:5:D/1/K 1959-1961
Accounts, L RUA 00126:5:D/1/L 1958-1962
Accounts, M RUA 00126:5:D/1/M 1957-1962
Accounts, Mc RUA 00126:5:D/1/Mc 1960-1960
Accounts, N RUA 00126:5:D/1/N 1957-1962
Accounts, O RUA 00126:5:D/1/O 1957-1961
Accounts, P RUA 00126:5:D/1/P 1958-1961
Accounts, R RUA 00126:5:D/1/R 1960-1962
Accounts, S RUA 00126:5:D/1/S 1958-1962
Accounts, T RUA 00126:5:D/1/T 1958-1961
Accounts, U RUA 00126:5:D/1/U 1961-1961
Accounts, W RUA 00126:5:D/1/W 1956-1962
Accounts, Y RUA 00126:5:D/1/Y 1957-1960
Administration Staff RUA 00126:9:F/1/B 1959-1962
Agreements to Take Land for Roads RUA 00126:8:E/6/Z 1957-1961
Amalgamation matters re fees and boundaries of Taumarunui Borough RUA 00126:1:B/9/B 1956-1960
Amalgamation matters re rating in Taupo County RUA 00126:1:B/9/C 1955-1955
Appointment of County Engineer RUA 00126:2:B/10/T Pt2 1959-1962
Appointment of County Engineer RUA 00126:2:B/10/T Pt1 1956-1957
Appointment of Ranger RUA 00126:10:F/5/D 1957-1959
Auctioneers and Hawkers Licences RUA 00126:9:F/3/D 1957-1961
Awards RUA 00126:2:B/10/Q Pt2 1959-1962
Awards RUA 00126:2:B/10/Q Pt1 1957-1958
Back Block Access, Taringamotu RUA 00126:7:D/10/M 1957-1957
Boundaries of Kaitieke, Ohura, Taumarunui and proposed amalgamation RUA 00126:1:B/9/A 1925-1961
Building Permits RUA 00126:7:E/4/A Pt1 1957-1959
Building Permits RUA 00126:7:E/4/A Pt2 1959-1962
Bylaws, Hoardings RUA 00126:7:D/10/O 1957-1961
Camping Ground Licences RUA 00126:9:F/3/F 1957-1957
Cemeteries (including Matiere) RUA 00126:1:B/6/Z 1957-1962
Certificate to Issue Warrants of Fitness for Motor Vehicles RUA 00126:1:B/7/Z 1955-1955
Chairman's report and correspondence RUA 00126:3:C/4/A 1957-1962
Comparison of valuation figures for each riding RUA 00126:4:C/7 1959 (year approximate)-1959 (year approximate)
Contract payments RUA 00126:3:C/2/D 1960-1961
Contributions to Bridges RUA 00126:7:D/10/Mc 1957-1960
Correspondence with Ratepayers, A RUA 00126:6:D/9/A 1958-1962
Correspondence with Ratepayers, B RUA 00126:6:D/9/B 1957-1962
Correspondence with Ratepayers, C RUA 00126:6:D/9/C 1956-1962
Correspondence with Ratepayers, D RUA 00126:6:D/9/D 1958-1962
Correspondence with Ratepayers, E RUA 00126:6:D/9/E 1957-1961