Correspondence files [2nd sequence]

RUA 00127
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This series contains a set of correspondence files for the first Taumarunui County Council.

The origins of these records is unclear. They may have been compiled by the County Clerk of the new Taumarunui County in 1956 as a record of  business of the prior council that was still active.

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Records in Correspondence files [2nd sequence]

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Amalgamation of Kaitieke, Ohura and Taumarunui Counties RUA 00127:1:28 1955-1956
Audit Inspector RUA 00127:1:16A 1956-1956
Balance Sheets and Accounts RUA 00127:1:11 1924-1956
Building Permits, Subdivisions, Bylaws, Town Planning RUA 00127:2:40 1955-1955
Department of Health RUA 00127:1:16F 1955-1956
Department of Internal Affairs RUA 00127:1:16I 1955-1955
Department of Lands and Surveys - Spencer and Smith, Metal RUA 00127:1:16B 1956-1956
Department of Lands and Surveys [Subdivisions and Metal Licences] RUA 00127:1:16K 1955-1956
Department of Statistics RUA 00127:1:16E 1955-1956
Elections and County Chairman RUA 00127:1:13C 1955-1956
Fire Services Council RUA 00127:1:16C 1955-1956
Fire Services Council, Rural Fire Protection RUA 00127:1:16G 1955-1956
Half Yearly Employment Return RUA 00127:1:16J 1955-1955
Land and Income Tax Department RUA 00127:1:16R 1956-1956
Licenses RUA 00127:1:17 1955-1956
Main Highways RUA 00127:1:29E 1955-1955
Ministry of Works RUA 00127:1:16L 1955-1956
Miscellaenous Correspondence (Alphabetical by name) RUA 00127:2:39 1955-1956
Monthly List of Government Publications RUA 00127:1:16D 1955-1955
National Roads Board RUA 00127:2:38 1954-1956
National Roads Board RUA 00127:1:16T 1955-1956
Newspaper Notice re Balance Sheet, County of Stratford RUA 00127:1:12 1954-1954
Noxious Weeds RUA 00127:1:18 1955-1956
NZ Counties Association RUA 00127:1:15A 1953-1956
NZ Counties Association, Town and Country Planning Appeal Board RUA 00127:1:15J 1956-1956
NZ Counties Co-Operative Insurance Co Ltd RUA 00127:1:15D 1955-1956
NZ Institute of County Clerks Inc RUA 00127:1:15B 1956-1956
NZ Railways RUA 00127:1:16N 1955-1955
NZ Standards Bulletin RUA 00127:1:16Q 1955-1955
Plant and Machinery RUA 00127:1:19A 1953-1956
Plant, Purchase of RUA 00127:1:19AD 1956-1956
Post Office RUA 00127:1:16O 1955-1955
Professional Engineers Association of NZ Inc RUA 00127:1:16S 1955-1955
Report on Office Alterations RUA 00127:1:19B 1955-1955
Roading, General RUA 00127:2:37 1955-1955
Roading, Specific RUA 00127:2:31, 32, 34 1946-1956
Staff Positions, Pay and Superannuation RUA 00127:1:13B 1954-1956
Stationary and Supplies RUA 00127:1:13D 1955-1956
Valuation RUA 00127:1:29K 1956-1956
Valuation RUA 00127:2:30 1955-1956