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RUA 00128
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This series contains a set of correspondence files for the Kaitieke County Council.

The origins of these records is unclear. They may have been compiled by the County Clerk of the new Taumarunui County in 1956 as a record of  business of the prior council that was still active.

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created by (RiC-R027): Kaitieke County Council
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Accounts RUA 00128:1:1DA 1950-1956
Agendas for Council Meetings RUA 00128:1:3B 1953-1955
Alteration of Boundary between Kaitieke and Taumarunui Counties RUA 00128:2:5E 1955-1955
Balance Sheets RUA 00128:1:1B 1946-1956
Bridges RUA 00128:2:21 1955-1956
Building Controls and Street Lighting RUA 00128:2:5C 1955-1955
Building Permits RUA 00128:2:24 1954-1956
Charitable Societies RUA 00128:2:4C 1953-1956
Council Housing RUA 00128:2:10B 1955-1956
Dangerous Goods - Petrol Pumps RUA 00128:2:16B 1954-1955
Dangerous Goods and Food Premises Licences RUA 00128:2:5A 1955-1956
Drainage RUA 00128:2:4A 1954-1954
Estimates RUA 00128:1:1C 1935-1956
Fifths and Fees RUA 00128:2:4B 1951-1953
Heavy Traffic Licences RUA 00128:2:12 1953-1956
Housing Division of Ministry of Works RUA 00128:2:10C 1955-1955
Imprest Account RUA 00128:1:1DB 1941-1956
Insurance for Plant RUA 00128:2:17B 1947-1955
King Country Local Body Association RUA 00128:2:16C 1954-1954
Metal Pit RUA 00128:2:17C 1954-1956
Minutes of Council Meetings RUA 00128:1:3C 1953-1954
Noxious Weeds RUA 00128:2:16A 1953-1956
Noxious Weeds and Inspector of Health RUA 00128:2:16E 1954-1956
Outwards Correspondence RUA 00128:1:3A 1954-1955
Payment of Fees from Waitomo Licensing District and Payment of Fifths RUA 00128:2:11 1939-1956
Plant and Supplies RUA 00128:2:17A 1949-1955
Plant for Sale RUA 00128:2:17H 1955-1956
Proposal for Hunua Riding to join Taumarunui County RUA 00128:2:5B 1955-1955
Proposed Amalgamation of Kaitieke, Ohura and Taumarunui Counties RUA 00128:2:5D 1955-1956
Proposed County Depot at Owhango RUA 00128:2:17D 1955-1955
Rates and Valuation RUA 00128:2:18 1953-1956
Royal Visit RUA 00128:2:4E 1953-1954
School Committees RUA 00128:2:10A 1955-1955
Statistics and Revenue RUA 00128:1:1DC 1940-1956
Street Day Collection RUA 00128:2:10D 1955-1955
Street Lighting RUA 00128:2:4IB 1953-1954
Subdivisions RUA 00128:2:4H 1953-1956
Taumarunui Hospital Board RUA 00128:2:4IC 1955-1955
Taumarunui Library and Cemetery RUA 00128:2:4IA 1953-1954
Timber Industry RUA 00128:2:16D 1953-1953
Town and Country Planning Regulations, Flood Damage, Royal Visit RUA 00128:2:23 1954-1955
Truck Hire RUA 00128:2:17G 1953-1956
Trucks and Tools RUA 00128:2:17E 1954-1955
Water Pipe under Road RUA 00128:2:4F 1955-1955
Wild Pig Destruction RUA 00128:2:22 1952-1955