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RUA 00083
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This series contains a set of folders of subdivision applications created by the Wanganui City Council in the course of their contract work for other councils.

It was common in the 1970s and 1980s for smaller councils to contract required expertise from companies or other larger councils. The Wanganui City Council offered Town Planning support services to numerous councils, including Marton Borough, Rangitikei County and Ohakune Borough. These folders contain subdivision applications forwarded to the Wanganui City Council for Town Planning advice by those councils.

Following the 1989 amalgamations the folders were inherited by the Ruapehu District Council, although a number of the applications contained are for properties outside that District.

The files were originally stored in ring binders, but in 2016 were rehoused into codafile folders. Copies of the spines of the original ring binders have been placed on file for reference purposes.

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created by (RiC-R027): Ohakune Borough Council
created by (RiC-R027): Marton Borough Council
created by (RiC-R027): Rangitikei County Council
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Other Area Subdivisions, 1-30 RUA 00083:1:1 1974-1978
Other Area Subdivisions, 108-130 RUA 00083:2:5 1979-1980
Other Area Subdivisions, 131-158 RUA 00083:2:6 1980-1981
Other Area Subdivisions, 159-180 RUA 00083:2:7 1982-1983
Other Area Subdivisions, 181-200 RUA 00083:3:8 1982-1984
Other Area Subdivisions, 201-215 RUA 00083:3:9 1984-1986
Other Area Subdivisions, 216-230 RUA 00083:3:10 1986-1987
Other Area Subdivisions, 231-250 RUA 00083:3:11 1987-1988
Other Area Subdivisions, 31-60 RUA 00083:1:2 1975-1977
Other Area Subdivisions, 61-90 RUA 00083:2:3 1974-1978
Other Area Subdivisions, 91-107 RUA 00083:2:4 1978-1979