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RUA 00013
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This series covers the correspondence file system for the Taumarunui Borough Council from 1963 to 1977. File cover are uniformly buff in colour.

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created by (RiC-R027): Taumarunui Borough Council
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Abattoir: Delegation RUA 00013:1:A1/1 1967-1976
Abattoir: General RUA 00013:1:A1 1968-1977
Access Lanes: General RUA 00013:1:A2 Pt1 1957-1965
Access Lanes: General RUA 00013:1:A2 Pt2 1971-1977
Access Lanes: Service Lanes RUA 00013:1:A2 1976-1976
Accounts RUA 00013:1:A3 Pt3 1972-1975
Accounts RUA 00013:1:A3 Pt4 1975-1976
Advertisements RUA 00013:2:A5 1972-1977
Advertising, Printing and Stationery RUA 00013:1:A4 Pt1 1962-1971
Advertising, Printing and Stationery RUA 00013:1:A4 Pt2 1972-1976
Aerodrome RUA 00013:2:A6 Pt2 1971-1975
Alien Registration RUA 00013:2:A13 1966-1967
Anzac Day RUA 00013:2:A7 1963-1976
Appeals: National RUA 00013:2:A8 1962-1977
Auckland Institute and Museum RUA 00013:2:A9 1961-1977
Audit RUA 00013:2:A10 Pt1 1962-1970
Audit RUA 00013:2:A10 Pt2 1971-1977
Automobile Association RUA 00013:2:A11
Awards: Employers Association RUA 00013:2:A12 Pt1 1962-1971
Awards: Employers Association RUA 00013:2:A12 Pt2 1972-1975
Balance Sheets RUA 00013:2:B1 1963-1977
Bank RUA 00013:2:B2 Pt1 1962-1967
Bank RUA 00013:2:B2 Pt2 1968-1977
Borough Leases RUA 00013:2:B4 1961-1977
Boundary Adjustments Maps etc RUA 00013:2:B3 1963-1976
Building: General RUA 00013:3:B5 1972-1977
Building: Manunui RUA 00013:3:B5/1 1972-1977
Bus Stops, Shelters, etc RUA 00013:3:B6 1962-1967
Bylaws RUA 00013:3:B7 Pt1 1959-1965
Bylaws RUA 00013:3:B7 Pt2 1967-1977
Cemetery RUA 00013:3:C1 Pt1 1962-1968
Cemetery RUA 00013:3:C1 Pt2 1969-1977
Chamber of Commerce RUA 00013:3:C2 1964-1972
Civil Defence RUA 00013:3:C3 Pt3 1971-1976
Civil Defence RUA 00013:3:C3 Pt4 1976-1977
Closing Orders, Demolition Orders etc RUA 00013:3:C4 1962-1977
Complaints: General RUA 00013:3:C5 1962-1977
Condolences, Congratulations etc RUA 00013:3:C6 1963-1977
Council Representation RUA 00013:3:C9 1962-1976
Debt Collection RUA 00013:5:D3/4 1975-1975
Decimal Currency RUA 00013:5:D3/3 1966-1966
Dogs RUA 00013:4:D1 Pt1 1962-1971
Dogs RUA 00013:4:D1 Pt2 1972-1976
Dogs RUA 00013:4:D1 Pt3 1977-1977
Domain Boar: Grandstand RUA 00013:4:D2/3A 1965-1969
Domain Board: Cherry Grove RUA 00013:4:D2/1 1963-1969
Domain Board: Rangaroa RUA 00013:4:D2/2 1955-1976
Domain Manunui RUA 00013:4:D2 1972-1977
Domain: Taumarunui RUA 00013:4:D2/3 Pt1 1972-1972
Domain: Taumarunui RUA 00013:4:D2/3 Pt2 1976-1977