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Abattoir - Claim re loss of meat RUA 00071:1:A18 1951-1952
Abattoir - Claims re Skins and Hides RUA 00071:1:A7 1947-1951
Abattoir - General RUA 00071:1:A3 1948-1952
Abattoir - Managers Reports RUA 00071:1:A2 1949-1950
Abattoir - Offal and Digester RUA 00071:1:A8 1948-1952
Abattoir - Stock Slaughtered in Borough RUA 00071:1:A9 1952-1952
Abattoir By-Laws and Meat Act RUA 00071:1:A6 1949-1951
Abattoir Contract - Andrews and Yates RUA 00071:1:A15 1945-1949
Abattoir House and Land RUA 00071:1:A5 1951-1951
Abattoir Manager Appointment - W Pilcher RUA 00071:1:A13 1948-1948
Abattoir Refrigeration RUA 00071:1:A11 1948-1952
Abattoir Runners - NZ Casing Co RUA 00071:1:A14 1949-1952
Abattoir Slaughtering Contract RUA 00071:1:A16 1951-1951
Licensing [Liquor] RUA 00071:2:L 1948-1952
Main Highways Board - Subsiders and Maintenance RUA 00071:2:M26-1 1949-1951
Mayor - honorarium and General RUA 00071:1:M26-2 1949-1952
Mayoral Robes and Chains of Office and Honours Board RUA 00071:2:M26-3 1949-1951
Mayors Relief Fund RUA 00071:2:M26-4 1949-1952
Members of Parliament RUA 00071:2:M27-1 1949-1952
Meteorological Department RUA 00071:2:M27-2 1949-1952
Meter, Deposits and refunds RUA 00071:2:M27-3 1949-1952
Milk Authority RUA 00071:2:M27-4 1950-1951
Milk Zoning Committee RUA 00071:1:M27-5 1950-1952
Miscellaneous RUA 00071:2:M27-7 1951-1952
Motor Drivers Licenses RUA 00071:2:M28-1 1949-1951
Municipal Association of NZ RUA 00071:2:M27-6 1949-1952
Notices of Meeting RUA 00071:2:N29-3 1949-1952
Notices of Motion RUA 00071:2:N29-4 1950-1952
Noxious Weeds RUA 00071:2:N29-5 1950-1950
NZ Institute of Engineers RUA 00071:2:N29-6 1949-1949
NZ Institute of Park Administration RUA 00071:2:N29-1 1951-1952
NZ Standards Institute RUA 00071:2:N29-2 1948-1952
Ohura South G Block RUA 00071:2:O30-2 1947-1952
Old Peoples Home RUA 00071:2:O30-1 1950-1950
Rabbit Rates, etc RUA 00071:2:R35-3 1951-1951
Racecourse Leasing RUA 00071:2:R35-7 1949-1952
Racecourse Purchase and Insurance RUA 00071:2:R35-6 1950-1952
Racing Club RUA 00071:2:R35-8 1950-1951
Railways - General RUA 00071:2:R36-3 1950-1951
Railways - Water, Lavatory, Electricity Charges etc RUA 00071:2:R36-1 1949-1952
Railways Stock Yards RUA 00071:2:R36-2 1949-1950
Rates - Accounts RUA 00071:2:R37-1 1944-1952
Rates - Consolidation Native Titles and Charging Orders RUA 00071:2:R37-2 1945-1948
Rates - Crown Section RUA 00071:2:R37-3 1950-1952
Rates - Education Board RUA 00071:2:R37-4 1948-1949
Rates - Government Subsidy RUA 00071:2:R37-5 1949-1952
Rates - Levying RUA 00071:2:R37-6 1949-1951
Rates - Native RUA 00071:2:R37-7 1949-1951
Rates - Refunds RUA 00071:2:R37-9 1949-1952
Rates - State Advances Corporation RUA 00071:2:R37-8 1949-1952