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Electrical Accounts and Finance etc RUA 00069:1:E11-1 1956-1962
Electricity Charges, including New Zealand Rail RUA 00069:1:E11-4 1962-1962
Electricity Complaints and General RUA 00069:1:E11-6 1956-1962
Electricity: Agreement, Winstone's Ltd RUA 00069:1:E11-2 1957-1957
Electricity: Awards RUA 00069:1:E11-3 1957-1961
Electricity: Departments Trucks and Electrical Engineer's Car RUA 00069:1:E11-7 1957-1959
Health Department: Inspector's Reports RUA 00069:1:H16-2 1957-1961
Health Inspector's Special Reports and General RUA 00069:1:H16-3 1957-1962
Health Regulations RUA 00069:1:H16-4 1957-1959
Health: Demolition Orders and Sub-Standard Housing etc RUA 00069:1:H16-1 1956-1960
Heavy Traffic: Applications for Licenses and General RUA 00069:1:H17-1 1956-1961
High School: Board of Governors RUA 00069:1:H17-2 1957-1961
Hospital: General RUA 00069:1:H17-3 1958-1961
Housing Construction: General RUA 00069:1:H17-4 1957-1960
Hydro Electric Cottage, letting RUA 00069:1:E11-5 1957-1958
Industrial Efficiency: Kerbside Pumps etc RUA 00069:1:I18-1 1956-1962
Industries: Promotion and Establishment RUA 00069:1:I18-3 1960-1961
Invitations: Mayor and Councillors RUA 00069:1:I18-2 1957-1961
Land and Income Tax Department RUA 00069:1:L20-3 1956-1961
Land Purchase: Gifts etc RUA 00069:1:L20-1 1957-1961
Land Sale of OSG Pt 4E1 RUA 00069:1:L20-2 1957-1961
Legislation: Local Bill, Special Rating Area RUA 00069:1:L20-6 1959-1961
Librarian's Reports RUA 00069:2:L21-4 1957-1962
Library Association RUA 00069:2:L21-2 1957-1962
Library: Application Library Staff RUA 00069:2:L21-1 1954-1961
Library: General RUA 00069:2:L21-3 1953-1962
Licences: Drivers (Motor) etc RUA 00069:2:L22-4 1957-1962
Licences: Food Premises, Piecarts etc RUA 00069:2:L22-5 1957-1962
Licences: Licenses in King Country RUA 00069:2:L22-7 1958-1962
Licences: Offensive Trades RUA 00069:2:L22-6 1957-1961
Licenses: Billiard Room RUA 00069:2:L22-1 1958-1959
Licenses: Boarding Houses and Hotels RUA 00069:2:L22-2 1958-1959
Licenses: Circuses, etc RUA 00069:2:L22-3 1957-1960
Loan Conversion: Local Government Loans Board RUA 00069:1:L20-4 1957-1961
Loan: Flood Damage loan, £15000, National Provident £10000, State Fire £5000 RUA 00069:1:L20-5 1957-1958
Local Authorities (Members Contracts) Act 1954 RUA 00069:1:L20-7 1961-1961
Rates: Accounts and General RUA 00069:2:R31-1 1957-1962
Rates: Consolidation Native Titles and Charging Orders etc RUA 00069:2:R31-2 1958-1961
Rates: Education Board RUA 00069:2:R31-3 1958-1960
Rates: Maori RUA 00069:2:R31-4 1956-1962
Rates: Staff Advances Corporation RUA 00069:2:R31-5 1957-1961
Sale of Dwelling: Rickards etc RUA 00069:2:S34-7 1956-1961
Saleyard: Lease and General RUA 00069:2:S34-2 1957-1962
Sanitation and Public Health: General RUA 00069:2:S34-3 1959-1960
Sanitation and Public Health: Nightsoil RUA 00069:2:S34-5 1959-1960
Sanitation and Public Health: Rubbish RUA 00069:2:S34-4 1959-1961
Sanitation: Nightsoil Operator RUA 00069:2:S34-6 1957-1957
Sewer Connections and Septic Tanks RUA 00069:2:S34-8 1957-1961
Sinking Funds RUA 00069:2:S34-9 1958-1958
Social Security Department RUA 00069:2:S35-1 1957-1960