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created by (RiC-R027): Taumarunui Borough Council
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Advances Electricity Installations RUA 00072:4:E11 1925-1929
Applications for Licenses RUA 00072:9:L17 1928-1948
Applications for Licenses - Carriers RUA 00072:9:L17F 1928-1936
Applications for Licenses - Circus RUA 00072:9:L17E 1925-1936
Applications for Licenses - Hawkers RUA 00072:9:L17B 1928-1934
Applications for Licenses - Inspectors RUA 00072:9:L17H 1932-1947
Applications for Licenses - Milk Vendors RUA 00072:9:L17D 1928-1948
Applications for Licenses - Second Hand Dealers RUA 00072:9:L17C 1930-1934
Applications for Licenses - Theatre Halls RUA 00072:9:L17A 1935-1939
Audit RUA 00072:1:A27 1919-1942
Automatic Level Recorder RUA 00072:23:W46H 1933-1935
Bank of New Zealand RUA 00072:1:B4 1920-1941
Benzine Supplies RUA 00072:1:B32 1927-1940
Billiard Rooms RUA 00072:1:B8 1921-1948
Bishara Ltd RUA 00072:2:B48 1939-1942
Board and Council RUA 00072:1:B10 1922-1922
Boarding House Licenses RUA 00072:1:B9 Pt1 1921-1939
Boarding House Licenses RUA 00072:1:B9 Pt2 1939-1948
Borough Correspondence RUA 00072:6:F24 1935-1948
Borough Engineer Reports RUA 00072:2:B46 1943-1947
Borough Houses RUA 00072:2:B53 1936-1946
Borough Leases RUA 00072:1:B11 Pt2 1946-1948
Borough Leases RUA 00072:1:B11 Pt1 1936-1945
Borough Leases - D Marks, Rent and Rates RUA 00072:1:B38 1928-1940
Borough Manager RUA 00072:2:B50 1943-1943
Borough Staff - Salary etc RUA 00072:1:B14 1923-1948
British Empire Cancer Campaign 1940 RUA 00072:2:B47 1940-1940
Building Permits RUA 00072:1:B17 1941-1948
Bus Stops RUA 00072:2:B52 1944-1948
By Law Committee Recommendations RUA 00072:1:B20 1921-1939
Camping Ground RUA 00072:2:C31 1930-1948
Cart Crossings (Footpath Crossings) RUA 00072:2:C1 1921-1938
Cash Register RUA 00072:3:C39 1935-1947
Cemeteries RUA 00072:2:C2 1937-1945
Cemetery Exhumation RUA 00072:2:C26 1929-1933
Census 1945 RUA 00072:3:C48 1945-1945
Centenary Celebrations RUA 00072:3:C36 Pt2 1935-1940
Centennial Celebrations RUA 00072:2:C36 Pt1 1939-1947
Chamber of Commerce RUA 00072:2:C20 1928-1940
Cherry Grove (purchase of) RUA 00072:2:C30 1931-1948
Child Welfare Officer RUA 00072:3:C43 1939-1948
Clerk of Works (reports) RUA 00072:23:W46I 1934-1935
Collections by Solicitor RUA 00072:2:C4 1929-1940
Commissioner of Taxes RUA 00072:3:C37 1923-1948
Commonwealth of NZ RUA 00072:3:C42 1939-1945
Community Centre RUA 00072:3:C47 1944-1946
Contracts - Road Construction RUA 00072:3:C50 1948-1948
Coronation RUA 00072:3:C38 1938-1939
Coroner RUA 00072:2:C33 1935-1935
Correspondence with Loan Board RUA 00072:22:W46B 1930-1940