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… Superintendent)   Cooper, Ropley Bennett and Thompson Town Planning Appeal; District Scheme; Hawkes Bay Farmers' Meat; … closure; Dannevirke closure; Application for planning consent; Rural housing loan Hydatid Control Fees H Rural … Harding R B; House Fire - Valley Road; Housing - County E; Hastings Regional Noxious Plants Commission; Harding K A and …
Identifier: TDC 00431:1:1
Created byWoodville County Council
Date1968 -1987
… on committee re Upper Wangaehu and Rakautaua Drainage District, clearing drains; Local Elections and Polls … National Provident Fund; house to be purchased subject to consent of Land Sales Court; R Dukeson Paid £25 in connection … to be enforced; Regulations to be enforced; Transport Ltd, Hastings Heavy Traffic Axle Loads Conference re limitations …
Identifier: RDC 00260:2:2
Created byRangitikei County Council
Date1932 -1955