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… a scheme statement, code of ordinances and district planning maps. … MANAWATU COUNTY DISTRICT SCHEME REVIEW No.2 … Scheme Gen era l Obligations Applications for Planning Consent Application of Requirements Where Uses or Areas … either or Any adverse effect on the environment will be minor. Granting the consent will not be contrary to the …
Identifier: HDC 00378:1:1
Created byManawatu County Council, Horowhenua District Council
Date1983 (year approximate) -1984-07-01
TypePublished Material
… 00374:1:1 … HDC 00374 … Full title: The Town and Country Planning Act, 1952 Shannon Borough District Scheme - Code of … es t nb lishraent for th e fu e lling , lubric e tion and minor servicing of mo tor v ehicles, not including engine or … only in the first partitions, and, except with the consent (by resolution) of the Council, development shall not …
Identifier: HDC 00374:1:1
Created byShannon Borough Council
Date1953 (year approximate) -1955 (year approximate)
TypeBound Volume
… 1916 Vlll. Relevant material from the Wanganui District Planning Scheme Third Review including the register of … Plans x1. The Legend of Tutae-Poroporo xii. Model Planning Policies and Ordinances for Conservation Areas xin. … area of Wanganui. At the initiative of the Director of Planning and Development a working group of organisation and …
Identifier: WDC 00363:0:48
Created byWhanganui District Council
TypePublished Material
… share half of expenses - Civic Reception; Charges for Town Planning discussed; Desirability to keep log on toll calls; … of cemetery, Returned Services' Association to do minor work, County Council also has responsibility to upkeep; … Centre is on - to be recommended as Crown Reserve; Consent regarding Community Centre and attached land; …
Identifier: TDC 00420:1:1
Created byWoodville Borough Council
Date1973 -1987
… Superintendent)   Cooper, Ropley Bennett and Thompson Town Planning Appeal; District Scheme; Hawkes Bay Farmers' Meat; … closure; Dannevirke closure; Application for planning consent; Rural housing loan Hydatid Control Fees H Rural … Crippled Childrens Society; Manawatu Evening Standard; Minor Works: sealing; Mabey A; Meat Amendment Bill; Mudford P …
Identifier: TDC 00431:1:1
Created byWoodville County Council
Date1968 -1987