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… Includes scheme statement, code of ordinances and planning maps.  Original version compiled by the Otaki … 7Tf Pursuant to Regulation 32(4) of the Town & Country Planning Regulations 1978, please find enclosed a copy of … properties, the Borough Council staff shall, with the consent of the owner or occupier of the land concerned, …
IdentifierHDC 00379:1:2
Content typeRecord (RiC-E04)
Date1990-01-30 -1995-01-25
… Includes scheme statement, code of ordinances and planning maps. … ®~illIBLl W®IB®®® ill WLl~~IBLl@tf ~@W~ruJ~ … is not permissible as of right but requires the Council's consent. The application for consent must be publicly … consent. 1. 1 1 13 Ordinance Reference 3.9.2 To permit minor additions to existing buildings containing a …
IdentifierHDC 00379:1:1
Content typeRecord (RiC-E04)
Date1989-10-11 -1994
… Full title: The Town and Country Planning Act, 1952 Shannon Borough District Scheme - Code of … es t nb lishraent for th e fu e lling , lubric e tion and minor servicing of mo tor v ehicles, not including engine or … only in the first partitions, and, except with the consent (by resolution) of the Council, development shall not …
IdentifierHDC 00374:1:1
Content typeRecord (RiC-E04)
Date1953 (year approximate) -1955 (year approximate)