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Annual Wages Summaries TDC 00098 1960-1971
Aorangi Drainage Board Cash Book HRC 00063 1897-1922
Aperature Cards & Transparencies of Plans from Town Planning Department PNCC 7/9/1 1880 (year approximate)-1993
Apiti Cemetery Register MDC 00394 1896-1963
Apiti Pohangina Rabbit Board Cash Books HRC 00197 1923-1963
Apiti Pohangina Rabbit Board Correspondence HRC 00203 1923-1963
Apiti Pohangina Rabbit Board Minute Books HRC 00189 1923-1963
Apiti Pohangina Rabbit Board Notice to Destroy Weeds HRC 00199 1937-1940
Apiti Pohangina Rabbit Board Notices to Destroy Rabbits HRC 00198 1940-1941
Apiti Pohangina Rabbit Board Photograph HRC 00214 1923-1923
Apiti Pohangina Rabbit Board Poison Stock Book HRC 00191 1934-1947
Apiti Pohangina Rabbit Board Rate Books HRC 00192 1923-1963
Apiti Pohangina Rabbit Board Rate Demand Book HRC 00202 1941-1942
Apiti Pound Registers MDC 00398 1897-1936
Application for Building Permits PNCC K3/17/5 1952-1973
Application Forms for licence to Store Dangerous Goods TDC 00158 1957-1974
Applications for Motor Driver's Licences RUA 00026 1950-1985
Applications for Motor Drivers Licenses RDC 00159 1953-1964
Applications for Registration of Premises TDC 00156 1949-1965
Appreciation from the NZ Returned Soldiers Association to The Mayor, Borough Councillors and Citizens of Pahiatua TDC 00627 1937-1937
Aramoho Cemetery Transcriptions, Cremation Records, Sexton's Records, Grave Plots Sold and Cashbooks. WDC 00436 1915-1988
Aramoho Motor Camp Registers WDC 00133 1945-1953
Archives Management Files PNCC 00075 1971 (year approximate)
Artefacts created for County Centennial HDC 00247 1985-1985
Ashhurst Cemetery Account Forms PNCC O3/16/12 1969-1980
Ashhurst Cemetery Board Cheque Book Stubs PNCC O3/16/10 1967-1969
Ashhurst Cemetery Receipt Book PNCC O3/16/9 1949-1973
Ashhurst Cemetery Trustees Cash Books PNCC O3/16/4 1901-1974
Ashhurst Cemetery Trustees Minutes PNCC O3/16/1 1942-1972
Ashhurst Cemetery Warrant Book. PNCC O3/16/16 1965-1971
Ashhurst County Town Committee General Correspondence PNCC O3/20/2 1958-1971
Ashhurst County Town Committee Inward Correspondence PNCC O3/20/4 1971-1975
Ashhurst County Town Committee Minutes PNCC O3/20/1 1958-1974
Ashhurst County Town Committee Outward Correspondence PNCC O3/20/5 1971-1975
Ashhurst County Town Committee Subject Files PNCC O3/20/3 1959-1970
Ashhurst District Community Council Agendas PNCC O3/21/1 1984-1989
Ashhurst Domain and Cemetery Board Correspondence PNCC O3/16/3 1926-1979
Ashhurst Domain Board Annual Reports PNCC O3/16/6 1966-1974
Ashhurst Domain Board Cash Books PNCC O3/16/5 1927-1979
Ashhurst Domain Board Cheque Book Stubs PNCC O3/16/11 1967-1976
Ashhurst Domain Board Minutes PNCC O3/16/2 1905-1972
Ashhurst Domain Board Receipt Book PNCC O3/16/8 1959-1974
Ashhurst Domain Management Committee Agendas PNCC O3/16/20 1983-1989
Assets Register TDC 00439 1973-1990
At Your Service Booklets WDC 00385 1998-2002
Audited Annual Accounts and Balance Sheets TDC 00037 1897-1989
Audited Balance Sheets HDC 00330 1909-1955
Audited Statement of Accounts [Balance Sheets] RUA 00052 1956-1979
Avenue Cemetery, Interment Warrants HDC 00275 1972-1989
Awahuri Hall Society Correspondence Files MDC 00452 1964-1984