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Woodville County Council Building Permit Register TDC 00109 1990
Woodville County Council Inward and Outward Correspondence in Subject Files TDC 00026 1987
Woodville County Council Legal Documents TDC 00110 1966
Woodville County Council Minutes of meetings of the Council TDC 00430 1987
Woodville County Council Minutes of the meetings of the Finance Committee TDC 00089 1943
Woodville County Council Miscellaneous Inward Correspondence TDC 00025 1916
Woodville County Council Subdivision and Land Transfer Files TDC 00662 1963
Woodville District Council Agendas for meetings of the Council TDC 00030 1989
Woodville District Council Index to Minute Books TDC 00632 1989
Woodville District Council Inward and outward correspondence in subject files TDC 00023 1989
Woodville District Council Minutes of meetings of the Council TDC 00088 1989
Woodville Joint Dog Impounding Registers, Woodville Gasworks Sales and Rent Book, Woodville Borough Pay Sheet Book, Woodville Coronation Swimming Baths Register of Seasons Tickets TDC 00120 1988
Woodville Public Office Correspondence files TDC 00605 1995
Woodville Road Board Letterpress Copybook of Outward Correspondence TDC 00062 1901
Woodville Road Board Minutes of meetings TDC 00061 1901
Workers Compensation Claims PNCC 2/25/5 1955
Works Committee Agendas, Reports and Papers RDC 00080 1989
Works Committee Minute Book TDC 00176 1926
Works Committee Minute Books WDC 00026 1984
Works Committee Order Papers HDC 00103 1989